Kerchner v Obama and Congress, Update, February 23, 2010, Appeal, US 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, Philadelphia PA, Over Length Appellant’s Brief granted

Kerchner v Obama and Congress, Update, February 23, 2010

From Charles Kerchner, lead plaintiff in Kerchner v Obama and Congress.

For Immediate Release – 22 Feb 2010

There was activity today in the Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al Appeal before the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia PA.

The Appellant’s Motion for Leave to File an Over-Length Appellant’s Brief has been granted by Judge Michael Chagares, Circuit Judge, with the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia PA. The Appellant’s Brief is now past that technical hurdle and is thus fully accepted and before that court. This case at the Court of Appeals level will be judged by a three judge panel. You can see a copy of the Motion and the Order granting it at the below link.

Kerchner v Obama Appeal – Motion Granted for Appellants Request for Leave to File Over Length Brief:

You can read the entire Appellant’s Brief at this link:

We say in our original complaint that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” of the USA and thus is not eligible to serve as President in the Oval Office. Obama is a Usurper and must be removed to preserve the integrity and fundamental law of our Constitution and our Republic.

We say that we Plaintiffs do have standing and the federal courts do have jurisdiction to address the constitutional legal question as to what does the term “natural born Citizen” in Article II mean to “constitutional standards”. All citizens have the inalienable right under the 9th Amendment to stand up to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against usurpation. And Oath Takers such as CDR Kerchner have a duty to do so. The courts have the constitutional power to take and decide this case. It is part of the “judicial review” powers of the federal courts.  It is the courts duty to interpret the Constitution and all terms therein for cases involving the U.S. Constitution brought before it.

“We the People” will be heard on this matter! As the People in Massachusetts have demonstrated, “We the People” are the Sovereigns in this country. The Constitution is the fundamental law of our nation, not Obama, Congress, or the two Political Parties, or the Main Stream Media. We will not be silenced. The chair Obama temporarily and illegally sits in in the Oval Office is not his throne. It is the People’s seat. And Obama despite all his obfuscations to-date must prove to “constitutional standards” that he is eligible to sit in that seat or he will be removed by the People.

This is not going to go away until Obama stops hiding ALL his hidden and sealed early life documents and provides original copies of them to a controlling legal authority and reveals his true legal identity from the time he was born until the time he ran for President.

Obama at birth was born British via his non-Citizen, foreign British Subject father. Obama is a dual-citizen. He holds and has held multiple citizenship during his life-time. He’s been a Citizenship chameleon all his life as the moment and time in his life suited him. While living in Indonesia during his childhood he was an Indonesian citizen. Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” with singular and sole allegiance to the USA at birth and Unity of Citizenship at Birth to the USA as is required per the Constitution per the intent of our founders and framers of the Constitution and the meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” to Constitutional standards. The requirement to be “natural born Citizen” at birth is a national security issue since the President is the commander of our military. That is why the clause was put into the Constitution in the first place. Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” of the USA and is an illegal President and Commander-in-Chief and is a national security risk to this nation.

The next expected activity in the Kerchner v Obama & Congress lawsuit is for the Defendants’ to file their Opposition Brief. The Defendants previously had filed for an extension for more time to file their Opposition Brief, which the court had previously granted. As has been typical, the Obama side continues to stall and delay and obfuscate. They absolutely do not wish this case tried in court on the merits as Obama is NOT a “natural born Citizen” of the USA and that would be easily proven in a Court of law with discovery and presentation of the historical and legal evidence as to what the term “natural born Citizen” meant to the founders and in four U.S. Supreme Court cases.

In the end the truth will be told. It’s only a matter of time and the truth will come out. Obama’s hidden and sealed documents of his early live will be revealed, and he will either resign or be constitutionally removed from the office he illegally sits in. Obama has created a Constitutional Crisis of historic proportions. But We the People will resolve it. History will record Putative President Obama as a disgraceful moment in the history of our great Republic and put a gigantic asterisk after his name. But we will survive it. Our Constitution and We the People will win the day and protect our freedom and liberty for our children, grandchildren, and are great-grandchildren to come. Obama the illegal President will be removed.

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress


49 responses to “Kerchner v Obama and Congress, Update, February 23, 2010, Appeal, US 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, Philadelphia PA, Over Length Appellant’s Brief granted

  1. I am bringing this forward. I don’t want Inspector General Walpin to be forgotten.

    I hope Congress will not allow this:

    February 16, 2010, 06:00 PM ET

    Obama Nominates New National-Service Inspector General
    By Suzanne Perry

    President Obama said today he plans to nominate Jonathan Andrew Hatfield, deputy inspector general of the Federal Election Commission, as the new inexpector general of the Corporation for National and Communty Service…

    Inspector General Walpin’s lawsuit is not over yet.

  2. I like most of Mario Apuzzo’s analysis of the natural born citizen issue. However, as we have seen, they are up against long odds.

    I wonder the Hillary case gains traction will it bring attention to NBC issue?

  3. Morning, all…just to let you know, I’ve posted a piece about education at AMERICA’S RIGHT in which you may be interested.

  4. So Scott Brown, Mr. 41, voted WITH the dems for the jobs bill! The “stimulus” bill hasn’t even been spent in all it’s misappropriated glory, and he votes to extract MORE money from the taxpayers for more public sector jobs that are only more of a drain on the economy. I am so disgusted.

  5. I spoke to Larry Sinclair twice this AM.
    Good news.
    I will explain later.

  6. Excellent Mr. Wells! I look forward to your report. Zach

  7. **** Notice ****

    Beck and Hannity covered Acorn yesterday.
    It has been in the news due to their reorganizing (no pun intended) efforts.
    They are forming new entities.
    Will they cover the rest of the Blagojevich indictment & long time corruption with ties to Obama?
    If anyone hears them doing so, let me know.

  8. Patriot Dreamer

    Don in California // February 23, 2010 at 12:20 am


    Canadian citizenship hurdle to be U.S. president?
    Michigan governor pooh-poohs concern over dual allegiances
    And she thinks she is eligible to be President of the U.S. Could it be because obama got elected and he’s not eligible?
    Even if you stretch the definition of natural born citizen to include anyone who is a U.S. citizen at birth, then Jennifer Granholm would not be NBC. She was born in Canada, came to the United States at age 4, and was naturalized a U.S. citizen in 1980. She is not a U.S. citizen at birth and not a natural born citizen by any stretch of the definition.

  9. I would never read the following book, but if anyone does let us know if he talks about his citizenships and passports.

    New Yorker editor and best-selling author David Remnick has written a book about President Barack Obama that will publish April 6.

    The book contains interviews with Obama’s friends and former colleagues. His sources include not only members of the president’s team, but also the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bobby Rush, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bill Ayers….

  10. Patriot Dreamer

    I watched that interview. What struck me was that Chris Wallace quickly moved to next question.

    Where’s the media?

  11. Patriot Dreamer

    Zach, does the media not understand that there is a difference between “citizen” and “natural born citizen”? Yes, where is the media?

  12. WOW you all must hear this series of Videos on the Energy Non-Crisis, You have to listen to them in series BUT on Video #4 Lindsey Williams says that Bush senior setup Saddam with Kuwait invasion.

    This is the MOST revealing Video I have ever seen. You all MUST SEE IT.

  13. Patriot Dreamer – I believe the media does understand the difference or at a minimum that there is an issue in meaning. However, they feel empowered that they have effectively amended the Constitution by their misrepresentation of the issue.

    When one state requires proof of eligibility to run in 2012, Obama will not run.

    Just my opinion.

  14. I’ve got to go now. Have a great day! Zach

  15. Orly is appealing to the UN for protection from potential persecution from the USA (per her website). ….The UN….????

  16. Romney backs formal rival McCain for re-election
    BOSTON – Mitt Romney is endorsing former rival John McCain as the 2008 Republican presidential nominee faces a fight to keep his Senate seat.

    Romney said in a statement Tuesday that the Arizona senator’s “record of service and sacrifice for America is honored by all.”

    The former Massachusetts governor adds that it’s “hard to imagine the U.S. Senate without John McCain.”

    McCain is facing a Republican primary challenge from former House member J.D. Hayworth.

    McCain and Romney clashed bitterly at time in the 2008 race for the GOP nomination. After McCain pulled ahead, Romney not only endorsed him but energetically campaigned for him.

    McCain’s former running mate, Sarah Palin, is also backing him. She and Romney are potential rivals in the 2012 presidential race.

  17. OK…lets send JD twenty bucks.

  18. Socialized health care is one big step closer to forming a union and erasing sovereignty

    It’s a critical step and must happen if there is to be world governance by UN agencies over the world’s Unions. First it was the EU, then the South American Union and then the African Union and so on.

    Think of it like a puzzle .. each union must have its’ members all using the same model of government. In short, in order for the UN to become the world government, each nation must be using Socialism.

    The US Consitution is the only model of government and last of the free world to stop world governance by the same ole Billionaires who have spent their life wanting it to happen.

  19. #

    magna carta // February 23, 2010 at 10:18 am

    OK…lets send JD twenty bucks.
    Hayworth is a blow hard….already been in the House….wasn’t re-elected….support the tea party candidate…..

    Send your $20 bucks to…..

    Learn More About Jim Deakin…
    View More Protect Freedom

    * America should not have Czars
    * Win against Terrorism
    * Fight in Afghanistan not America
    * End the Patriot Act
    * The 2nd Amendment is NOT a Loophole

    View More Protect our Economy

    * Drill Here Drill Now
    * End the Fed
    * Free Trade is not Free
    * No Amnesty – Secure our Country

    View More Protect the Children

    * Let the States set education agenda without federal interference
    * Balance the Federal Budget
    * Eliminate Federal Debt
    * Pro Life includes not rationing Health Care

  20. Kim, Most of the posters at this blog were orgasmic over the election of Scott Brown. Unfortunately, they failed to see (i.e., they were gullible) that he was nothing but a RINO. It is unfortunate that anyone gets excited over a RINO, even if it’s in Massachusetts. RINOs are not conservative.

    It is time to think and not act on feelings. There are enough people in this country that choose not to think and just react with their emotions and feelings. We cannot save this country with our feelings, we must learn to think and strategize. We must have several contingencies planned and ready to execute. Otherwise we will be left crying and devastated because our alleged POTUS has punched us in the stomach with taxes, loss of our rights, and a sharp turn toward marxism. This is not a time to accept compromises, but it is a time to think and be smart.

    Another example, Beck is maybe one of the most emotive persons in the public eye. He understands how to manipulate the public by twisting their emotions on a subject. He is nothing more than an artful manipulator; in no way is he a conservative. If you are listening to Beck, he is manipulating you. A month or so ago, a military person called into his show and asked him to give a hoo haa or whatever they do. He refused to do this. This is just one example of a caller that exposed a chink in his armor, but how many people picked up on this. He immediately diverted attention to a different topic. He is not conservative and it is unfortunate when people give him any credibility, especially when he is hurting conservative causes.

    How many more RINOs will be propped up by people that get excited over what a politician says vs what a politician does. I’m sick of the political roller coaster ride based on how people feel about a politician. Start thinking and judging people on their actions and not their words!!! This applies to other politicians such as Romney and Palin.

  21. Carol 9:59am

    First, the UN will expose Obama internationally. But the world already knows.

    Second, it tells you where the real seat of power sits.

    Good cathch Carol.

  22. “catch”

  23. CW….could you please check out Jim Deakin for Senate in AZ and help advertise his website…..he is a Patriot and not a RINO like McCain and Hayworth…..both have had their time in DC….now is the time to send a true American Patriot from AZ….

  24. Crystal // February 23, 2010 at 10:42 am


    Crystal…I was not happy to see that Brown voted for the Reid bill either…..but…..the Worst Rino….is better than the best DemoCRAP…….Brown was the better choice over CROAKLEY…the other guy Kennedy didn’t have a chance……so the tea party got behind Brown…….also……one vote does not a candidate make…..let’s wait and see what else he does!!!

  25. Zach………………………………………..
    It would seem that Walpin would be justified in taking his case to the US Supreme Court if it is thrown out by the Federal Court crooked judges. They seem to be well distributed through out the entire US Court system. Apparently Soetoro is going to appoint a replacement today. That bastard never stops his criminal behavior. I pray to God that Walpin can somehow prevail, and Soetoro is FORCED to re instate him. I would dearly love to watch Soetoro EAT SOME OF HIS OWN MANURE. I am really angered

  26. Patriot Dreamer………………………………

    ………and take a look at the sorry condition the state of Michigan is in…….does that say anything about the MORON governor?

  27. We need to keep up both fronts on eligibility. Dual citizen and birth certificate. Everyone who thinks we’ll automatically win the dual issue if we can just get in the right venue is not looking at political realities. There are at least half the people, and judges, in this country who think the constitution is a living document. Which is to say, it means whatever they want it to mean. And they want it to mean that obama is eligible. And those type of judges will vote that way. That is the political reality. And we just have to hope we get the majority of the votes, but we have to at least consider the notion that we may not. Did strict constructionists get the majority on the interstate commerce clause. no. Did we get a majority on the general welfare clause. no. So that’s why we need to find out what’s on the birth certificate. If it shows he’s been lying, the living constitution types will have absolutely nowhere to hide. And obama’s not spending a fortune to hide his birth certificate because it supports the narrative his side has been giving out, either. To think he’s just hiding it to distract is, in my opinion, wrong.

    If the birth certificate shows that

    We need to keep up both fronts and anyone who thinks the birth certificate is just a distraction is

  28. TO:
    Crystal // February 23, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Kim, Most of the posters at this blog were orgasmic over the election of Scott Brown. Unfortunately, they failed to see (i.e., they were gullible) that he was nothing but a RINO. It is unfortunate that anyone gets excited over a RINO, even if it’s in Massachusetts. RINOs are not conservative.

    Lets not diminish the Scott Brown accomplishment IT WAS A HISTORIC MOUNSTROUS WIN, bigger and more historic in some ways than Obama.

    I knew what Scott Brown was and told ppl about it BUT a RINO is better than a 47 yr LIEBERAL EROSIONIST KENNEDY.

    He voted to move the bill forward NOT a Final Bill he may well vote against in the Final Bill. He is doing whhat he promised.

  29. Monday, February 22, 2010

    Can you hear me now?


  30. Below is an email I received from LaRouche

    Where Did All the Bailout Money Go?

    February 22, 2010 (LPAC)—Where did all the bailout money go? That is the question raised by the London Telegraph in a February 19 article, which claims that the Bank of England and the British government spent well over one trillion pounds (or $1.6 trillion) saving the British financial system. It asks, what did we get for our money? The economy remains at “dangerously low levels,” and bank lending continues to contract—just as it does in the U.S. The Telegraph, being a proper British propaganda sheet, never really answers the question, so we will.

    The first thing to understand is that the Bank of England does not make a habit of falling into the traps it sets for others, like the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. The British announced all sorts of grandiose bailout plans, mainly as a way of luring the Fed and the ECB into spending enormous sums to bail out the British-dominated global monetary system. The Fed and the U.S. Treasury did exactly as the British ordered, launching a nation-killing financial rip-off under the guise of bailing out the banks, while the ECB raped the governments and population of the financial dictatorship known as the European Union. The U.S. tossed in a staggering sum, estimated at $24 trillion by TARP Special Inspector General Neil Barofsky, while the ECB also kicked in trillions of euros of bailout funds. Meanwhile, the sharpies at the Bank of England laughed at the gullibility of their stooges, and did relatively little themselves.

    However, the question of how much money and where it went is also something of a fraud, as the perfidious Brits know well. Much of the money never really existed, being just computer entries into the accounts of the banks at their respective central banks, as a way of allowing the banks to pretend solvency. Another huge chunk was not cash up front, but took the form of government guarantees of financial paper of various sorts, under the dubious rationale that the markets would recover and the guarantees would quietly expire, without cost. The complaints about bank loans are a scam, since the purpose of the bailout was to plug the prodigious holes in the balance sheets of the banks, without letting that money out into the general economy, in the foolish belief that in doing so, hyperinflation could be avoided. The banks were never supposed to make loans with that money—as a matter of policy.

    However, the U.S. government has also become the lender of last resort in the real estate markets, either making or guaranteeing nearly every mortgage now issued. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac face enormous losses down the road, and will pass those losses directly to the taxpayer, and the same holds true for Ginnie Mae and the FHA. Plans are also afoot to try to bail out the commercial real estate market. It’s a bottomless pit.

    The devastation these criminal policies will cause cannot be fully measured in terms of dollars. How do you put a dollar value on the destruction of a nation, the destruction of its population, and the destruction of its future potential? The monetary cost is the least of it.

  31. I have a person who can help deliver a county here in Texas to Medina if I can prove that Perry is a globalist. I know he is, but don’t know the talking points, can someone here help me. THe county chair in this country is a Perry supporter because he says Perry is the most experienced. Well, sometimes you don’t want that experienced thief in charge of the hen house. I need help.

  32. Connie,

    That is a pretty big claim, but check out this website and see if this helps.

    All I did was google Rick Perry and Globalist, this was the second choice on the first page.

  33. Jacqlyn Smith……………………………………
    . There is a real simple answer to it all. It is only necessary for Congress to formally declare that ALL DEPTS OF ALL TYPES in the United States are PAID IN FULL. Yes it will be extremely painful,but a hell of a lot LESS painful than the SLOW deterioration that will end with the same action anyway. After all credit debt is legally deemed paid,we then print new money properly commissioned,and valued, and start over. This could also bring Health costs into maneagable proportions as well,if applied correctly. It would also eventually drive down the value of foreign money which is where it used to be. There are a lot of things that will need to change, but collectively this could work.

  34. Peter – I think the jury is still out on Scott Brown. My bet is that when it comes down to voting record – which is the only thing that matters, Brown will be liberal. He may, however, not vote for the healthcare bill and that would be good, but if the senate bypasses their rules and goes for the 51 vote reconciliation, then Brown will remain a closet liberal and the people will remain gullible while continuing to believe they are defending a patriot.

    The mind that alters alters all.

  35. Venice…..What these idiots don’t get is that the FRAUD has lost all credibility with the public because of his refusal to unseal all of his records….before it was just the base of the REPUBS that didn’t support him….now it’s nearly all Repubs and the Independents and even many DemoCRAPS who don’t trust him or believe a word that comes out of his mouth….even if the economy should recover….which I highly doubt……the trust is forever gone…..too much mystery behind the LIES!!!

  36. Don in California,2933,587217,00.html?test=latestnews

    1 Dead in Shooting at Luke Air Force Base
    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    A shooting and fatal car crash on Luke Air Force Base in Litchfield, Ariz., have left one person dead and another injured, KSAZ Phoenix reported.

    At 11 p.m. Monday night two individuals ran the main base entrance gate with their car, said Capt. Gonzales, a spokesman at Luke Air Force Base.

    A security forces officer reportedly confronted two men inside the car, previously reported stolen, said Officer Karen Gerardo, the public information officer at the Glendale Police Department.

    When the officer got out of his car to try to make contact with the two men, the car drove directly at him. The officer shot at the car, which then crashed, said Gerardo.

    One of the occupants of the vehicle was killed. His cause of death has not been determined.

    The other person in the car was injured and transported to a hospital.

    Investigators do not suspect terrorism, said Gerardo. They don’t believe the men were anything other than car thieves, said Gonzales.

    The base trains pilots to fly F-16s.

    Click here for more from


    Any bets on who the suspects turn out to be?? I do NOT trust anyone when they say that the suspects are not terrorists anymore. Lie to me once and you have to prove yourself after that.

  37. Prior to Obama becoming President, the American people were becoming united in their opposition against not only the Bush administration, but Congress and the government in general. Both the president and Congress were equally hated; the people were uniting. Since Obama became President, the people have been turned against one another: ‘conservatives’ blame the ‘liberals’ and ‘socialists’ for all the problems, pointing fingers at Obama (who is nothing more than a figurehead), while those on the left point at the Republicans and ‘conservatives’ and Bush, placing all the blame on them. The right defends the Republicans; the left defends Obama. The people have been divided, arguably more so than at any time in recent history.

    In dividing the people against each other, those in power have been able to quell resistance against them, and have continued to loot and plunder the nation and people, while using its military might to loot and plunder foreign nations and people. Obama is not to provide hope and change for the American people; his purpose was to provide the illusion of ‘change’ and provide ‘hope’ to the elites in preventing a purposeful and powerful opposition or rebellion among the people. Meanwhile, the government has been preparing for the potentiality of great social and civil unrest following a future collapse or crisis. Instead of coming to the aid of the people, the government is preparing to control and oppress the people.

    Processes undertaken in the American political establishment in previous decades, and rapidly accelerated under the Bush administration and carried on by the Obama administration, have set the course for the imposition of a military government in America. Readily armed with an oppressive state apparatus and backed by the heavy surveillance state apparatus, the ‘Homeland Security’ state is about controlling the population, not protecting them.

    The western world has been plundered into poverty, a process long underway, but with the unfolding of the crisis, will be rapidly accelerated. As our societies collapse in on themselves, the governments will protect the banks and multinationals. When the people go out into the streets, as they invariably do and will, the government will not come to their aid, but will come with police and military forces to crush the protests and oppress the people. The social foundations will collapse with the economy, and the state will clamp down to prevent the people from constructing a new one.

    Snipped from a long article, but worth the read:

  38. Campaign Obama Still In WH – Fails To Read Own Site! (This is funny)

  39. connie,

    Texas Governor Rick Perry is amongst the attendees at this year’s secretive Bilderberg Group meeting in Istanbul Turkey, but his visit could be a violation of the Logan Act, a 1799 law that criminalizes unauthorized U.S. citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.

  40. connie,

    Here’s a Google search page full of Governor Perry’s Bilderberg meeting/associations.

  41. Debra Medina speaks at Texas Pride BBQ Fundraiser.

    Part 1

  42. Part 2 …… This event was 2-22-10

  43. Larry Sinclair interviewed by WDBO radio this AM.

  44. A lot of people do not realize what happened in the original Federal District Court decision by Judge Simandle that is the subject of Mario Apuzzo’s Initial Appeals Brief in Federal Appeals Court.

    For those not aware (and whta would be most people) you should read the legal analysis:

    A Federal Judge takes 4 strikes!!!

    And if you then go to the Mario Apuzzo website and actually read the Initial Appeals Brief of Jan

    19, 2010, you’re in for a real eye-opener (as are the DOJ attorneys “defending” Obama using our tax money).

    That’s doubly ironic since these attorneys – and their bosses – took an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign AND

    domestic but they are now in the position of actually attacking that very document rather than defending it and are trying to

    get an obviously ineligible man to remain in an office he has never shown himself to be eligible to hold.

    The wonderful Apuzzo Brief is a primer on both Constitutional law, the meaning of it, the Founders’ intent vis-a-vis Article II

    of the Constitution and a forceful put-down of the lies and misinformation put forth by the Obama Flying Monkeys such as

    “smrstrauss” and others.

    I’d urge everyone to read the Initial Appeals Brief from Attorney Apuzzo’s website along with the many essays by both Mario

    Apuzzo AND his Lead Plaintiff, Charles F. Kerchner. While there, it would really help to donate even a small amount to the publicity/education fund presently used only for full-page newspaper ads in the

    Washington Times National Weekly Edition.

    The Brief gives a very good overview of the original action AND it puts the lie to the many false arguments by the Obot Flying

    Monkeys about why BHO is either (their words) eligible to hold the office he now occupies OR that it (their words) doesn’t

    matter that he is not eligible. Your understanding of the relation of the U. S. Constitution to We The People will be forever


    Actually, Obama’s whole life seems to be nothing but a work of fiction. The man has never shown himself to be Constitutionally

    eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    If you’d like to see something from a different point of view, watch the two short videos below which, even though they start

    slowly and have a bit of fun, contain a wealth of factual data – more than we’ve seen from Obama.

    In fact in the second video a famous senator is quoted speaking about someone that sounds for all the world like “Our Boy” and

    really strikes a chord.

    Only thing is the senator was the Roman named Cicero speaking in 42 BC – but the message is still very directed and pertinent

    for all of us:

    Three Little Words

    Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  45. Kim February 23, 2010 at 12:15 pm
    That’s a great article Kim, thanks. So much truth and insight.
    The Right/Left 2-party paradigm game plan has always been to divide and conquer the masses.
    Easier to control and creates distraction.

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