Glenn Beck CPAC speech, Glenn Beck hypocrisy, Citizen Wells waiting on call, Beck insults Americans, You can disagree with me, Glenn Beck quotes Constitution attacks concerned Americans, Beck fair?

Glenn Beck CPAC speech, Glenn Beck hypocrisy

“There is an epidemic of shooting messengers in this country.”…Citizen Wells

Glen Beck spoke to the CPAC gathering on Saturday, February 20, 2010.
I was moved by the speech.
I do not dislike Glenn Beck. I despise his hypocrisy.

The words that Glenn Beck spoke were great. What prevents those words from going down in history as a great speech is that Glenn Beck spoke those words as platitudes and not his creed.
Glenn Beck, many months ago, I told those around me that I would love to meet you. Not because I am star struck, I most assuredly am not. But because I respected what you were saying and accomplishing. Now I still want to meet you, but for a different reason. To give you a scolding, to grab you by the collar, shake some sense into you and to tell you to shut up and listen.
Glenn Beck words, Glenn Beck actions.

Glenn Beck, call me, Citizen Wells, I am still waiting on a call

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  1. Awesome, Wells! Couldn’t have said it better!

  2. BHO received 69,456,897 votes
    since than 4,022,000 jobs lost.

    If you do the Obanomics Math it euqal to:

    One Job lost per 17.27 Votes for BHO.
    1 to 17.27 ratio

  3. Glennedict Arnold won’t call.

    He already has TOO MANY MASTERS to Obey and Too Many Demons to Combat.

  4. Monday, February 22, 2010

    Mark Levin Blasts Glenn Beck in Facebook Posting; Says Beck’s Approach will “Keep the Statists in Power for Decades”

  5. Linda from NY 4;44pm

    From previous thread.

    Linda did you catch the tail end of the discussion with K? Never mind the health debate, though admittedly it is important. K. decisively stated the O has given up on Iran, that he has been humiliated and that a nuclear attack is, from the sounds of, it a foregone conclusion.

    God help us.

  6. Sorry, here’s the link again.

  7. venice // February 22, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Yes, I did, but they just cut him off as if it was not important to the discussion about HC.

    Such is the danger of putting decisions in the hands of those who have little or no experience. As Krauthammer says, for pp it is theater only so when the chips are down, he returns to what he knows best.

    Unfortunately, for us, what is happening on the world stage requires strategic intelligence, not Sunday afternoon outdoor theater!

    The danger has always been…pp has no clue! He is a child in adult clothing playing with the WH toys!

    Thanks for catching that…Linda

    PS Yes…God Help Us!

  8. Thanks for all the info. Have you seen the latest Dallas tea party response? hopefully it will be added here soon. keep up the good fight for truth and honor in our politicans. God Bless America. * Natural born citizens are those born in a country to citizen parents.

  9. Constant White Heat Lightening

    Mr. Wells,

    Thank you for being an OUTSPOKEN MAN with truth, wisdom, courage, balls, spine, backbone, guts, and a spirit that is the kind like our founding fathers had.

    I myself happen to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (& spit out) weak, gutless, spineless, backboneless, de-balled, brain-dead & brainless men and women who are walking self- worshipping IDIOT ZOMBIES going over the CLIFF TO THEIR DESTRUCTION like Lemmings with Rabies.

    Thank you for saying, “Glenn Beck, many months ago, I told those around me that I would love to meet you. Not because I am star struck, I most assuredly am not. But because I respected what you were saying and accomplishing. Now I still want to meet you, but for a different reason. To give you a scolding, to grab you by the collar, shake some sense into you and to tell you to shut up and listen,” I thought, “Finally, someone with some truth, wisdom, guts, spine, backbone, and balls, and a faithful and true love and spirit for We The People and for America.”

    You are aware that Barry Soetoro/Obama, Beck, O’Really, Mathews, Murdoch, etc. have NO truth, NO wisdom, and NO courage, NO guts, NO spine, NO backbone, and NO balls, and NO faithfuland true love and spirit for We The People and for America, don’t you?

    They are TRAITORS who need to be shown that they are going to be removed by the Conservative Constitutionalists who will remove them off of their brain-dead, hypocritical, and overpaid self-worshipping brain-dead thrones ONE BY ONE.

  10. Linda from NY,
    Yes he is a breath of fresh air!Both sides are so corrupted ,when I found that site about him and the CParty it was like Now I know why the media hides him and no debates live with him either.All of its just so corrupted,we know the media has been bought out.Also reason to me no exposure is because they do stand for the Constitution and they are there for the people.I just hope America wakes up to the games!

    God Bless You to Linda,Thank you for everything you contribute here.

    Just so corrupt!I just shake my head!
    God Bless You also!

  11. Glenn Beck and the Fox Puppets Want to Repeal the 20th Century

    Newsweek ^ | February 22, 2010 | Jonathan Alter

  12. Could Glen Beck Be The Key To Pairing Losses For The Left? (Third Party Disaster)

    feb22 | CSN

  13. Can’t get help from the ‘right’? Go ‘left.’

    I repeated this story in class, correctly anticipating I would incur the wrath of some of my classmates, just as my conduct had outraged (and surprised) some of my co-workers. But I feared this disclosure could alienate my esteemed teacher. On the contrary; Professor Zinn, who would refuse to cross our picket lines, defended my decision.

    Walking alone across campus, I saw Professor Zinn engaged in animated conversation with a man I recognized as Professor Murray Levin. Howard was already a legend by this time; I had no pedigree. Speaking up in class was one thing; here, I had no classmates to act as buffer. But my presence on the path clearly had been detected; going around the two men would have made me even more conspicuous. Now, I would have to say something. So, living in my head, I practiced a polite “hello,” determined I could at least get that out, and then keep on walking. All would have gone according to plan except that as I was making my exit, Professor Zinn exclaimed, “Wait!,” reaching out his arm to draw me into their conversation. He turned to Professor Levin. “Murray, I want you to meet my star pupil.” I could have predicted at that time, I would never forget those words, or how special I felt when he spoke them, for as long as I live.

  14. Constant White Heat Lightening // February 22, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Welcome, I like your style.

  15. Linda from NY // February 22, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Krauthammer Warns Obama “Health Care Summit” is “a Trap” for Republicans – Video 2/22/10


    At approximately 6:31, amidst the HC discussion, Krauthammer says the following:

    “Obama won’t touch Iran, he’s given up on Iran, he’s humiliated himself with Iran, he’d never respond and he’s betrayed our values on Iran. The least we could have done was to speak up for the demonstrators.

    I think he’s written off Iran, I think he believes it’s going nuclear and they’ll have to use containment the way they did the Soviets. The Israelis aren’t waiting….”

    Anybody care to comment? Does this mean they will bomb the nuclear site the way they did with Hussein? Is this the prelude to another Mideast war? It’s starting to sound too familiar.

  16. OT…But this is funny!

    Hugo Chavez Demands Queen returns Falkland Islands to Argentina

    The Telegraph ^ | 2/22/10 | Tom Leonard

  17. Yikes!

    Obama’s Imperial Presidency Violates Constitution ^ | 02-22-10 | Ben Shapiro

  18. Constant White Heat Lightening, welcome! I look forward to more of your comments here.


    Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran.

  20. Welcome Constant White Heat Lightening!Please comment more,we need more like you!
    God Bless America!

  21. Media Matters mocks Glenn Beck’s charts with chart about Glenn Beck’s charts

    David Horowitz’s NewsRealblog ^ | Kathy Shaidle

  22. got this quote from an editorial at the post &email:

    “As far as being a student at Columbia University: Obama was more than likely in the School of General Studies, not Columbia University. The only requirement for entrance: a checkbook! By carefully selecting a course of study, one can actually get a Columbia degree. Bill Ayers, and his sister-in-law, a Columbia professor, were probably of some help there.”

    Might this be a reason he won’t release his “columbia” transcripts.

  23. Michael Savage wants Bachmann for POTUS/Romney Vice-president.

  24. Glenn Blech: “You can disagree with me.”

    Gee Glenn, thanks for the permission to disagree with you–sarc. But it’s too late as I don’t ask anyone’s permission to disagree with anyone…especially not you! Cuz ya just ain’t all that important, ya see? Get over yerself.

    Re: Larry Sinclair…Love his motto! You go Larry.

  25. Finally, FINALLY…

    Did I say FINALLY?

    Someone calls a Spade a Spade and an informed spade at that…I just need to teach him about the Portuguese Pushing the Mooslims all the way back to the Middle east out of Western Europe and most of Africa. BTW the Portuguese Discoveries including Columbus (Colom) Discoveries were mostly all to fund the War to rid the World of Mooslums and reconquer the Mother Church in Jerusalem.

    Anyway here is an answer that will IMPRESS YOU and without any Notes or Tripping Over Teleprompters.

  26. “I’m SPARTACUS”

    “I’m the Tea Party Leader”
    “I’m the Rea Party Leader”


  27. I’ll Play Michael Savage LOL

    Hey Michael You listening to me and copying me? It’s Ok I don’t mind it’s only one man’s opinion on a blog LMAO.

    I believe Palin/Bachmann with a special appointment for Romney Minister of Economy and Recovery (real recovery not the INSANTASY Recovery that we are not eexperiencing).

    Palin/Bachmann 2012.

    Prior to that Col West, Medina, and anyone else that will shake things back to the America our parents knew before Erosionists come in with their Psychotic Ideas.

    Mr Savage tomorrow you can use Neo-Commies, INSURGENCY PRESIDENCY, Photoshopped Presidency, INSANTASY, etc.
    🙂 🙂 🙂


    ACORN Crime Family Shutting Down Nationwide: Launching Renaming Effort
    by Matthew Vadum

    ACORN is attempting to perpetrate yet another spectacular fraud on the American people in order to keep tax dollars and foundation grants flowing into its coffers.

    With the fallout from the hidden camera videos last fall, congressional funding of ACORN’s election fraud and racketeering business is no longer guaranteed, so ACORN is trying to pass off various state chapters as ”new” groups

  29. Gas is going up again!By this summer over $3.oo a gallon!

  30. jbjd // February 22, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Can’t get help from the ‘right’? Go ‘left.’




    I’m not quite sure where to start… Perhaps an apology to you… After reading your recent article, I heard your heart, and I have realized you aren’t the opposition. We need more community organizers like you… How’s that for a twist?


  31. I don’t recall if anyone posted this here but I know many are aware of the Fox News holdings by the Saudi Prince….very good information from Joseph Trento…..

    Trento’s Take: Fox News Can’t Upset Murdoch’s Saudi Prince

    Last month I appeared on Fox News Network’s morning show, Fox and Friends, to talk about airline security. Normally such appearances end up as clips on the Fox News Web site. Granted, the Steve Doocy interview was hardly groundbreaking, but that is seldom a criterion for feeding the beast that is a major cable network news Web site. Curiously, I was quoted in a written piece on the site that got a fair amount of pick-up, but no video.

    It was not until a few days later that I learned what may have been behind the absence of a video clip on the Web site. I had said to Doocy that Saudi Arabian money was still financing Al Qaeda. Doocy did not react to my comment. But ten days later I learned that Fox’s parent company, News Corporation, was, at the time of my interview, negotiating with a Saudi prince to vastly increase his stake in the company.

    The notorious Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, nephew to the Saudi king, met with Rupert Murdoch in Hong Kong on Jan. 14. The prince issued a press release after the meeting stating that the prince’s Kingdom Holding Company had discussions that “touched upon future potential alliances with News Corp.”

    continued at…….

  32. GBAmerica // February 22, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Gas is going up again!By this summer over $3.oo a gallon!


    I just heard today from Pat Boone…..who is pushing to get this in the USA….the “air car”….yes…..already developed and working in Germany….that’s where it was developed….Tata Motors….the gentleman has been working on it for over 10years…other countries in Europe are using these cars now… runs on compressed air….can go 50-60 miles before needing a refill….only takes minutes to refill….like putting air in a tire……more information about it here….

  33. Levin and Bennett call out Beck. Let all Patriots continue to marginalize this clown who appears to be in it only for the money.

  34. Debra Medina LIVE online town hall meeting now!

  35. You decide

    Does the President’s Health Care Proposal Change Your Mind on Reform?

  36. Drill here Drill Now !! Do not want the air car.This is America,not Europe!!!

    Call Congress.Give
    Tell them to call her,she has docs on numerous s.s. nos.BHO has had.
    Has info on his spending about 2 million dollars,Taxpayer $$$$ I BELIEVE.on hiding his thesis,medical records,passport,student loans,college records.Need to get to the root of our problem,NOW
    Can’t afford to wait.
    Give them
    Say contact him ,he knows about the Chicago connections!!
    We have military loosing their lives and limbs blown off trying to protect our freedom!! WHILE WE ARE BEING TAKEN OVER IN AMERICA!How sick is this??????
    Call daily and tell them if this is a coverup this is an act of treason.Tell them they have been scamed or if they know this is an act of treason,according to the CONSTITUTION


  37. Nice to see new faces in here. Welcome.

  38. OT…but important…this is how we are getting robbed!

    Somthing’s up in the Gold Market, IMF and Treasury

    by DefendUSx February 22, 2010 13:02

    By JoAnne Mor

  39. Monday, February 22, 2010

    Beck vs. the GOP [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

  40. Linda 8:06pm

    Yes I read that article. It is compelling, except for one thing. The author assumes that the 108 billion the US. paid the IMF is somehow connected to the 105 billion worth of gold that the IMF will be placing on the market.

    In other words there is nothing there to assume the bailout of Citi is connected to the sale of the gold.

    Maybe somebody can explain this for me.

  41. Brown votes with the Dems for the jobs bill.

  42. venice // February 22, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    I know this is confusing but perhaps, this will explain how it works…

    So here’s the scoop:

    China sold our treasury notes to buy gold. Soros Al-Waleed (Paulson too) are selling the gold through citi, from IMF.

    Obama already gave IMF ‘$108 bil. The gold being sold is worth $105 Bil. We paid for it already. Soros, Al-Waleed & China make money off it. Looks like$3 Bil missing.

    If you connect the dots in those links, you will see the scam. Remember Rahm is Citi baby. He tanked it so Soros could buy cheap.

    So we gave IMF Money. We bailed out Citi. Obama’s handlers, Soros & Al-Waleed buy Citi cheap, buy Gold through IMF & Citi, Sell gold to China. China sold treasury notes to buy the gold.

    So now we don’t have Citi, money in IMF, treasury notes, or Gold.

    In the meantime we paid for all this twice and are still getting robbed.

    Hope this helps…Linda

  43. Scott Brown can only go down… a MA Senator he will have loads of pressure back here to be a RINO but at least it’s not all bad, at least it’s not a LIEberal or Kennedy.

    Not to excuse BROWN for his RINO vote but that Vote was only to Continue moving the bill along it is not a final bill.

  44. Here is a commentary about the Horrible Serial Career Criminal, the Illegal Alien Usurper Soetoro/Obama that says the truth and the facts here. Please read this, and send this to as many people as you can far and wide!!

    Lynn Stuter, is an contributing author at News With Views, and she writes, “The Obama Machine Affirms Fear Of Losing Office.” It is printed at this link here:

  45. Considering my Faux Obama Speech on previous thread – – –

    This is the logical conclusion of what will happen if Dr. Manning prevails on his current path.

    This speech covers everything – birth certificate, school records, SSN numbers, hawaii records, any number of suspicious bits of data.

    It is the only thing, so far, that makes any sense as to media going along with this.

    It also puts him squarely in the same boat as McCain and SR 511. Here is a hero that has served his country faithfully for MANY years and who – because of modern circumstances unforeseen by founding fathers – might otherwise be denied a chance to serve. “Surely the FF’s did not mean to do this”.

    If BHO were to make this speech – it would immediately quell all investigations, lawsuits, questions, etc. NOBODY would dare touch it. You think your complaints fall on deaf ears now? You ain’t seen nothin’.

    Notice carefully that I am not saying that this is true. I am only saying that BHO needs to say this and everything will go away.

    Now, let’s watch and see what happens.


    All Barack’s forged faked fraudulent historical pictures

  47. Linda from NY and Venice,
    I’ve been telling people something has been up with Citi since 2006!I can go on about Citi for hours!!They are corrupted!Everyone that is going through foreclosure with homes that I know are through Citimortgage!They have missapplied funds,charged outrages fees no reason!Took there payments applied to other accounts,can’t find payments don’t know where they have gone!They will not answer my friends Attorney at all!They have proof of all payments but will not apply them because they CAN NOT find them.What gets me the most of all of it,they were not behind,actually 1 andhalf months ahead and stop refusing payments from them!
    Forcing Foreclosure!!!!They can make there payments BUT THEY REFUSE!!This has been going on for awhile and thats not the only one!I have a couple neighbors who have them same thing!Hard working people paying there bills and they are refusing it!

  48. Massive Destruction Floods not seen in over 100 years on Portuguese Island of Madeira whe soccer’s best paid soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s is from.

    See the destruction it rained so hard in about an year that it washed cars, bolder, trees, mudslides. Incredible destruction in a short period of time, took out roads, bridges. Over 40people dead and over 100 injured. The clean up already started but major destruction of this famous resort island.

    Good Help Them! My sympathies to the families.
    Deus vos ajude, we are with you in your time of need.

  49. Madeira Island Floods.

    See other shorter videos that come up on you tube list to see more.

    Madeira, Funchal, Ribeira Brava, etc… God Bless we are with you.

  50. Linda from Ny and Venice,
    Everyone was TO BUSY looking at AIG but Citi news was very quiet in the media!Also if these banks would apply payments correctly half these people wouldn’t be going through this,better yet ALL of us.Take a guess where my friends and neighbors were getting calls from??

  51. SOROS is always at it with Profits and Destruction in mind.

    Soros: Euro’s Future in Question Even if Greece Saved
    Monday, 22 Feb 2010 07:18 AM Article Font Size

    A makeshift assistance should be enough to rescue Greece but bigger problems facing Europe would leave the future of the euro currency in question, billionaire investor George Soros said.

    Writing in the Financial Times, Soros said what the European Union needed was more intrusive monitoring and institutional arrangements for conditional assistance.

    He said a well organized euro bond market was desirable.

    “A makeshift assistance should be enough for Greece, but that leaves Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. Together they constitute

    Read ON:

  52. Here is a commentary about the Horrendous & Horrible Serial Career Criminal, the Illegal Alien Usurper Soetoro/Obama that says the truth and the facts here. Please read this, and send this to as many people as you can far and wide!

    Lynn Stuter, is an contributing author at News With Views, and she writes, “The Obama Machine Affirms Fear Of Losing Office.” It is printed here at this link:




    Wake Up Quickly, USA!! The Red Flag Warning Signs Are Everywhere About Barack Hussein Obama II / Barry Soetoro!! Please in the MOST HOLY NAME OF GOD – WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Wake Up Quickly America!! In The Holy Name of LORD JESUS CHRIST, GOD THE SON.

    Leave a Comment

  53. These are hard working people and they are losing there homes due to someones greed!
    Can’t someone do something about this???

  54. TO:

    Carlyle // February 22, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    Considering my Faux Obama Speech on previous thread – – –

    There is a little matter that you didn’t think of:

    AMERICANS hate to be suckers. If any of that is said it makes BO a FRAUD who used cover up, conspiracy and Fraud to steal an electionand undermine the Vote and the CONSTITUTION.


  55. Oil for Immigration ( posted an article about $1.5B in reparations for African-American farmers.


    He’s shameless.

  56. This is hilarious!

    Some foul language on screen narration, but funny as heck.

  57. As if Obama ineligibility was not known internationally it is now.
    They are trying to destroy Orly. She did one of the few things that she could do… – By Redd
    Posted on February 23rd, 2010 by David-Crockett
    Noted US Constitutional attorney, Orly Taitz, has applied to the UN for Protection from Increasing death threats and organized attacks.

  58. Carlyle–are you the same Carlyle who commented at Texas Darlin’ blog? If so, perhaps you’ll remember the CIA issue brought up then that Rev. Manning is bringing up now. What ever happened to Texas Darlin?

    Citizen Wells–the reason Beck and others at Fox won’t touch the birther issue is they believe it is their patriotic duty not to, based on Obama’s past work with the CIA.

  59. The South,

    I don’t know about anyone else. But watching Perry is almost a deja vu of Bush. Not quite but almost. And they want to make him the next president?

  60. Seems like everyday i wake up is like groundhog day! The dems are crazy and gops are trying to save face. the never ending battle.

  61. Obama’s healthcare plan gets chilly GOP reception
    GOP leaders on Capitol Hill criticize Obama’s healthcare plan, lowering expectations for Thursday’s bipartisan summit on the issue.

    “Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, in a statement, claimed the bill “slashes Medicare for our seniors,” raises taxes, fines those who “don’t buy the right insurance,” and “further expands the role of government” in personal decisions. ”

    House GOP leader John Boehner complained that “the president has crippled the credibility of this week’s summit by proposing the same massive government takeover of healthcare based on a partisan bill the American people have already rejected.”

    Mr. Boehner added that the Thursday summit between Mr. Obama and bipartisan congressional leaders, which is to be televised, “has all the makings of a Democratic infomercial.” He did not go so far as to announce a Republican boycott of the meeting, but that possibility remains.

    Republicans had wanted Obama to start from scratch on healthcare reform, a suggestion the White House rejected, or at least to adopt the GOP’s step-by-step approach to reducing healthcare costs.

    more . . .

  62. venice,

    Yeah, that Perry is just another Slick Politician, hell bent on selling our sovereignty to the highest foreign bidder.

    Texas Trans Corridor

    God, I pray Medina wins this race.

    She knows the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Federal Reserve System, etc.

    She says she’ll run the EPA out of Texas (How many politicians have you ever heard say that?)

    She says she’ll immediately get the abolishment of the property tax in the works.

    She says she WILL NOT ALLOW DC to come into Texas and F**K with Texans.

    She’s the real deal, there’s no doubt about it!

    If she wins, Texas will be on a fast track to teaching the other Governors around the nation what a true sovereign state looks like.

    This could get good!

  63. Seems like Beck saying he believes in global warming is a ratings ploy because of 100.000 or so viewers he lost no he needs to attract some globies to his circus. Puppet master

  64. Yeah, hope Medina stands taller than Brown!

  65. truthbetold11 // February 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    and we the people pay and pay and pay . . .

  66. Details of Obama’s Health Care Plan
    Posted by Kate Pickert Monday, February 22, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Read more:

    “Details on the plan are after the jump, but in essence, the Obama plan is the Senate bill with some changes that the Administration says can all be passed via reconciliation. Getting reform done would require the House to pass the Senate bill and both chambers to pass a reconciliation bill loaded with fixes, like those contained in the White House plan. The Obama plan would cost $950 billion over ten years and provide new insurance coverage for 31 million Americans.

    Democrats are still miles from the finish line. House Democrats are not eager to pass the Senate bill and Republicans have promised to obstruct a reconciliation bill in the Senate. Asked on a conference call with reporters if the House and Senate leadership have signed off on the Obama plan, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer said the plan was “informed by our discussions with House and Senate leadership…but this is the President’s proposal.” The thing is, the President can’t make laws by himself. ”

    Ummmm. Does he know that?

  67. Medina will not be a let down like the closet liberal Brown.

    Ron Paul is her mentor (she’s fully aware of the evil empire the Federal Reserve)

    She’s a regular on Alex Jones (she knows about the NWO)

    She says she’ll kick the EPA out of Texas, and she’ll with hold all gasoline taxes that would normally go to DC, and keep them in Texas.

    And, she’s hanging out with Sheriff Mac, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she eventually kicks the IRS out of Texas too.

    He’s been preaching for a long time that Sheriffs need to arrest IRS agents that come into their counties, but most of these spineless cowards just wont do it.

    She’s in good company, this could be one HOT potato in Texas if she wins.


    Latest Round-Up of Obama Poll Ratings by State
    Posted: 02/21/10


    SurveyUSA says 61 percent disapprove of the job Obama is doing while 35 percent approve, with 4 percent undecided. Independents, who make up 23 percent of the sample, disapprove by 75 percent to 21 percent.

    Public Policy Polling, Jan. 27-28

    PPP says 56 percent disapprove of the job Obama is doing while 37 percent approve, with 8 percent undecided.

    Rasmussen Reports, Jan. 20

    Rasmussen says 57 percent disapprove of Obama’s performance while 43 percent approve. Fifty-nine percent oppose the health care reform proposal he and congressional Democrats are pushing (with 53 percent strongly opposed) while 38 percent favor it. Forty-two percent believe the economy is getting worse, 29 percent say it is improving and 25 percent say it’s about the same.


    Rasmussen Reports, Feb. 1; Public Policy Polling, Jan. 29-31
    Rasmussen says that 66 percent disapprove of the way Obama is doing his job (with 59 percent “strongly” disapproving) while 33 percent approve. Fifty-six percent say their personal finances are getting worse, 31 percent say they are about the same and 11 percent say they are better.
    PPP says 58 percent disapprove of Obama’s performance while 38 percent approve, with 5 percent undecided. Sixty-one percent oppose the health care proposals he is advocating while 30 percent support them, with 9 percent undecided. Independents (32 percent of the sample) disapprove of Obama’s performance by a 68 percent to 28 percent margin and they oppose the health care reform legislation by 72 percent to 20 percent.

    And so on …

  69. At: “The Right Side of Life”

    (Near end of article.)

    “The Republican Party has a history of accommodating presidential candidates whose Constitutional eligibility is uncertain.

    * Chester Arthur — America’s first post-1787-born president whose parents were not both U.S. citizens — was a Republican.

    * George Romney ran for the Republican party nomination in 1968. He was born in Mexico.

    * Barry Goldwater was born (in 1909) in Phoenix, when Arizona was still territory, not yet a state.

    * Lowell Weicker entered the race for the Republican party nomination of 1980 but dropped out before voting in the primaries began. He was born in Paris, France.

    * John McCain was born in Panama, not the Panama Canal Zone as is widely believed. But regardless of whether he was born in the Panama Canal Zone or in Panama itself, he was, in either case, a Panamanian citizen at birth.

    * Bobby Jindal is a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012. He was born in the United States, but at the time of his birth, his parents were not U.S. citizens. (In a Southern U.S. state, immigrants’ son takes over)

    Given its history of eligibility-questionable presidential candidates, the Republican Party would be accused of hypocrisy if it were to challenge President Obama’s eligibility.”


    From: “Obama Presidential Eligibility – An Introductory Primer”


    It’s all just a game — the illusion of conflict.

    The agenda advances — more control/less freedom.

    Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by the politicians and MSM.

    Don’t become a Pbot, Bbot, Mbot or any other *bot.

    Trust no one.

  70. If any of you check out Rush’s site today, it seems he may’ve referenced some of Blech’s ideas without actually mentioning his name. He thinks it’s much harder than people realize for the Reps to stay together in opposition as they’ve done and it’s quite a change from a year ago. Saying we should give them more credit than they’re getting right now and that a 3rd party would just ensure the liberal agenda to win out the day.

  71. Truthbetold11, Am I understanding you correctly that Blech was complaining of losing alot of viewers?

  72. In fact, in reading more from Rush’s site(still haven’t seen Blech’s name specifically, but I do think he’s refrencing him) he’s none too happy about berating the Repub’s in the manner that it was done. I’ve been pretty ticked at R’s myself, but in contemplating this, I think Rush is making some sense.

  73. Linda from NY // February 22, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    venice // February 22, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    I know this is confusing but perhaps, this will explain how it works…

    So here’s the scoop:

    China sold our treasury notes to buy gold. Soros Al-Waleed (Paulson too) are selling the gold through citi, from IMF.

    Obama already gave IMF ‘$108 bil. The gold being sold is worth $105 Bil. We paid for it already. Soros, Al-Waleed & China make money off it. Looks like$3 Bil missing.

    If you connect the dots in those links, you will see the scam. Remember Rahm is Citi baby. He tanked it so Soros could buy cheap.

    So we gave IMF Money. We bailed out Citi. Obama’s handlers, Soros & Al-Waleed buy Citi cheap, buy Gold through IMF & Citi, Sell gold to China. China sold treasury notes to buy the gold.

    So now we don’t have Citi, money in IMF, treasury notes, or Gold.

    In the meantime we paid for all this twice and are still getting robbed.

    Hope this helps…Linda
    Hey guys, clarification if I may.
    Soros bought 94million shares IN Citibank (C)
    in Dec. of 09. He did not BUY Citibank (yet). Thought I’d better clear that up (stocks are my business) There are some who are panicking after reading her blog this weekend.

  74. Glenn Beck Dodges Incoming Plane at CPAC

    posted by Leslie Savan on 02/22/2010 @ 12:30pm

    From The Nation…

  75. Dean M. // February 22, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Carlyle–are you the same Carlyle who commented at Texas Darlin’ blog?

    Yep. That’s me. I remember you being the first to bring this up and “ride it”. While I never disagreed with you, I am on record many times as saying I don’t like Conspiracy Theories. I think we out to stop short of speculating and just ask questions.

    For instance, there is no disagreement that BHO’s shool records are locked up. Rather than guessing why that is the case, we should simply ask why and demand their release. We The People are sovereign and have a right to them.

    That being said, with Dr. Mannings recent insistance that he can prove CIA involvement, your theory is growing more likely.

    And I think you are absolutely right that Patriotic Duty could then come into play. Further in your defense, the CIA theory is the ONLY one that explains EVERYTHING.

    So maybe you are right!?

  76. Monday, February 22, 2010

    The Obama cultus continues

    “First Glenn Beck, the CPAC bonzo sat down for an interview in stating that he chose Mormonism, because it felt warm and fuzzy to his daughters. Good thing Beck didn’t choose Islam or his girls would be married to some 50 year old in a harem now.
    Beck also believes that some Mormon diety created the earth, but that man is the powerful diety heating earth up. Yes Beck is a leftist kook.
    Beck outlined his basic hatred for Republicans and his propaganda mantra that President Reagan drove debt.”

    Will the real Glenn Beck please stand up?

  77. Monday, February 22, 2010

    Obama Jarrett: The Communist Factor

  78. Don in California


    Canadian citizenship hurdle to be U.S. president?
    Michigan governor pooh-poohs concern over dual allegiances

    Posted: February 22, 2010
    11:26 pm Eastern

    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    The governor of Michigan has pooh-poohed concern over her allegiance to Canada – she was born there and has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada – and whether that would impact her candidacy if she chose to run for president.


    Wallace then pointed out that she would be unqualified to run, anyway.

    “We should point out Gov. Granholm is a Canadian and cannot run for president,” he said.

    “I’m American. I’ve got dual citizenship,” Granholm corrected him.

    After bantering about who she supports in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Granholm said, “I left Canada when I was 4. Come on.”

    The issue is one of the points of contention in some of the many legal challenges brought over President Obama’s eligibility for office.

    Attorneys have argued the framers of the U.S. Constitution excluded dual citizens from eligibility when they required a president be only a “natural born citizen.”
    And she thinks she is eligible to be President of the U.S. Could it be because obama got elected and he’s not eligible?

  79. The general public isn’t holding back anymore…the TRUTH is fast emerging and Freedom living and loving people can sense it. As Abraham Lincoln said, “You may fool all of the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

  80. To frikken funny about Jenny the Gov. of Michigan. She may have to do some time…now FBI investigating the ex Detroit mayor, his dad, the wife of Conyers, her helper ect…we have the laziest, corrupt justice system in the world.

  81. South, I was out in the country today and I saw many Medina signs. I am truly inspired when I hear her speak. I hope she wins too. If she carries the countryside she may just win.
    Have you seen any polls??

  82. Don in California

    Well, once again, good night my friends.

    May God bless you and this great country!!!!

  83. decentAmerican

    i usually agree wholeheartedly with you, but I still don’t understand the hostility toward beck. Yeah sure, he may not beliee in the BC issue, he may not have the same ideology or goals as you, he may not go after the same issues that you want him to……but he is the best we got! I mean, you have to admit he is a man of COURAGE….. despite the offal thrown at him by the left and the whitehouse, he still has the courage to deal with the tough issues…. Beck is the ONE who brought the corrupt Van Jones to light and caused him to resign…..Beck is the ONE who went after ACORN and got attn paid to them..

    Yes, he is not perfect, but why be so harsh to someone who has the courage to fight the corruption in the govt? If you’re going to use your energy against someone, how about you deal with the truly EVIL in the media, like that girl-freak Olberman, old and irrelevant matthews, crazy and stupid Maddow, or that stupid ugly disgusting skank Joy Behar?

    I say, compared to those disgusting pigs, Beck is an angel. And, for what he has accomplished so far, he is an American hero in my book.

    like I said, he is not perfect, but the best we got, at least for now.

  84. cALL REPUBLICANS,ASK WHY THEY VOTED FOR THE Jobs bill??Hear it is mostly for union jobs.DID THEY READ THE BILL??
    Looks like Dirty Harry got to Scott Brown.

    Need to call Brown’s office and fill them in on info and sites to investigate.Tell them Taitz has docs on numerpus s.s. nos Steve used and other docs and info.She has over 200 military as clients .Spoken worldwide and the world knows,so Scott needs to know.
    Suggest they call Orly and maybe he could become a plaintiff in her D.C. CASE.Claims he is basically an Independent.Am sure he does’t want his daughters growing up in a socialist/communist nation
    Give say call Citizen,knows all about the Chicago bad boys breaking news daily former classmate,says BHO WAS A MARXIST/LENIST AT OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE

    Listen to Mark daily pass on
    Mark will speak at the Regan Library March 4th I believe http://WWW.THEMARKLEVINSHOW.COM

    Brown’s no 202-224-4543 fax 202-228-2646
    Needs to get the Truth .before they indoctrinate him Retired Navy Commander suing BHO and Congress,ad this to list of info
    Tea Party people helped get him elected !!!!!
    This office needs Truth NOW

  85. TO:
    magna carta // February 22, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    50 things to know about Medina:

    The comments for 3 days on this articles are mostly 100% positive and the ratings mostly 100% THUMBS UP.

    Here are two clarification comments that I thougth interesting:

    Good article except for #7. In Debra’s own words, “I was trying to say to that audience, that was a militia kind of audience, hey people, we need to remember that revolutions are bloody. If you wanna go down the route of secession, yes, in fact, from time to time the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots, but let’s not forget: That’s a bloody war. Before you set us off on that course, how ‘bout we try nullification and interposition first? Because otherwise we’re gonna lose lives in that battle. And there are times when that’s a cost that we all pay, and willingly pay. But if we don’t have to, let’s don’t.”

    #7- She is NOT Pro-Secession. Her comments at the Tea Party were taken out of context here. She said that she knew that secession would lead to a bloody war and then went on to encourage the crowd to instead seek change through the 10th Amendment and the process of Nullification and Interposition. Other than that, this is a pretty decent piece. Go Debra Medina!

    #7 from the article:
    7. Her comments about secession might make Gov. Rick Perry blush. At one rally she said: “We are aware that stepping off into secession may in fact be a bloody war. We understand that the tree of freedom is occasionally watered with the blood tyrants and patriots.” Medina says she doesn’t support secession, though.

    FOR ME the eye opener was #31

    31. She became interested in politics after being shocked that deacons from one of her past churches helped defeat an anti-abortion resolution at a Republican county convention.

    The Catholic Church have been accomplices in their own sabotage and destruction. They almost 100% vote Democrat which is the party of murder, family destruction, vitcimhood, immorality, perversion, blithe, etc.

    Obama the most LIEberal member of CONGress and a huge supporter of Abortion was elected with huge Catholic support some say if not for the Catholic vote he would have lost.
    Most Catholics were brainwashed by the Kennedies. They sold their soul for Kennedy tax money crumbs and have been in irrelevancy and decline ever sense.
    I hope they WAKE UP and stop supporting their own destruction by political party they have staunchly supported, the party of Failure (divorce, abortion, welfare, poverty, homelessness, addiction, victimhood, perversion, immorality, destruction of the family and traditions, blithe, etc)

    WAKE UP CHRISTIANS . . . They are not our friends they are wolves in sheeps clothing. They are nto even for the poor as Jesus teaches. They don’t teach men how to fish, they hand out gov’t cheese and checks that keep you mired in hopelessness.

    WAKE UP support those that teach and encourages you to FISH adn work to support your family that you learn to build responsibly.

  86. White Americans need protection and should be put on the extinction watch list. Will we protect what Americans as well as Polar Bears? Or at least protect them half as rabbidly as they try to from Global Warming?

  87. From Newsmax TV

    A Democrat Pollster predicts massives losses in 2010.
    See interview of Doug Shoen

  88. Hi ! Dean, I remeber you telling us about the BHO and CIA thing. I’m glad your on CWs blog.

  89. Obama Concedes: Recovery Weak Despite Massive Federal Spending
    Thursday, 18 Feb 2010 10:06 AM Article Font Size

    The jobless got a hand. Taxpayers got tax breaks. And a sinking economy stabilized.

    But the public’s response to President Barack Obama’s recession-fighting policies has been increasingly dreary. And the reason is simple: six months of unemployment above 9.6 percent.

    “It doesn’t yet feel like much of a recovery,” Obama had to concede Wednesday, even as he sought to promote his year-old massive economic stimulus bill.

    Unemployment trumps all else. It provides a lens through which the public reads an economic narrative of bank bailouts, executive bonuses, expensive health care remedies and exploding debt.

    In that environment, gross domestic product growth is …

  90. From Lou Dobbs site:

    You Can’t Multiply Wealth by Dividing It
    “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” – Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931
    Posted by Lou Dobbs Staff at 12:00 AM

  91. DABIG // February 22, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Thank you for providing your expert opinion for us on this alarming development.

    IMHO, whenever the name Soros and the word Bank are in the same sentence, it gives me pause. After all, his claim to fame is the destruction of financial institutions such as banks. Even if he only owns a relatively modest share of Citibank, his motives will frequently be in question.

    Yes, the article did cause a stir, but I just wouldn’t put it past Soros or the current thugs in DC to continue to manipulate the markets to their advantage. So much taxpayer money has already been wasted to pad the coffers of the undeserving, and I suspect they have not as yet completed their dastardly deeds or their plans to bring this nation to its knees financially.

    Happy Day…Linda

  92. Comic Relief…

    Today’s Toons 2/23/10

    Qube TV ^ | 2/23/10 | pookie18

  93. Obama Beware: The Federal Grand Jury is the 4th Branch of Government & DOES NOT require the Courts

    American Grand Jury ^ | Jan. 22, 2009 | Leo C. Donofrio, J.D.

  94. ZACH.

    I believe you were looking for contacts for CONgress. Hope this helps.

    Courtesy &

  95. Oh, no!

    New Obama Logo/Islamic Crest DoD Patches?

    Department of Defense ^ | 22 Feb 10 | EC

  96. Rick Perry in this video reminds me of a Slickster he seems more like Bill Clinton than a Reagan.


  97. Venezuela’s ranchers warn against arming peasants

    Washington Post ^ | February 22, 2010 | Christopher Toothaker

  98. It is all a show that Obama has produced and directed. Obama gave Beck Van Jones to stay away from the BC issue. If Beck is the best we have we are diffently in trouble. I do not trust Beck or anybody at Fox. None of them will not touch Obama because they are too afraid even Bill O. I do not watch them anymore. I get all my news internet.




  100. “ObamaCare Cannot be Passed through Reconciliation”

    Red State Published

    by Dan Perrin

    “Micheal E. Hammond, former General Counsel of the U.S. Senate Steering Committee, is one of the preeminent experts on U.S. Senate procedure. Here is what he says about passing ObamaCare via reconciliation.

    February 22, 2010, 10:00 a.m. EST


    FROM: Michael Hammond
    RE: New Obama Health Care Draft

    As of this hour, there is an 11-page document on the White House web site outlining Obama’s newest version of ObamaCare. Before laying out a summary of the most recent Obama proposal,
    I would like to make a couple preliminary points:


    There are several reasons for this:

    First, you cannot get the bill through the House
    without “fixing” abortion, and you cannot do
    abortion on reconciliation in the Senate.

    Cao will not be the deciding vote. This means that,
    if absolutely nothing has changed, the current House vote count on the House bill is 217-216. But things have changed:

    -Public support for ObamaCare has continued to
    sink through the floor.

    -Between 10 and 12 “yes” votes would vote against
    the Senate bill based on its abortion language.

    -Many House Democrats are still uncomfortable
    about the “Cadillac tax.”

    But, under the Byrd Rule (which prohibits
    reconciliation language with budgetary implications which are only ancillary to the policy
    ramifications), you can’t fix abortion on
    reconciliation. We have asked Senate parliamentarian Alan Frumin concerning our ability to offer abortion amendments to reconciliation, and he has adamantly stood by the position that this is not allowed. And,
    to get around the Byrd Rule, the Senate requires 60 votes. Without an abortion “fix,” this bill cannot
    pass the House.

    Furthermore, the new provision to allow the
    government to set insurance rates is also a violation of the Byrd Rule.

    Also, the $60 billion union “fix” requires a $62
    billion offset. And the additional substantial costs
    of Obama’s proposal would also have to be offset.
    Assuming they take the entire $2.5 trillion package
    and pass the whole thing through reconciliation, they can pay for some of these costs with the phony $124 billion budget “surplus” contained in the Senate-passed bill. The downside of this is that the insurance “reforms” (preexisting conditions, limits on copayments, etc.) which form the core of the bill will be thrown out under the Byrd Rule.

    But, assuming they are using reconciliation for
    nothing more than a “fix,” they have to come up with a new set of offsets. The offsets on the Senate bill are unavailable to them. And it’s not like it has been easy to come up with the offsets they have.

    In order to comply with the 1974 Act, these offsets
    would have to make the reconciliation bill compliant with the reconciliation instructions during the first five-year window and revenue-neutral in every year thereafter. Thus far, NO VERSION OF THE LEGISLATION HAS BEEN

    Incidentally, Pelosi is now demanding that the Senate act on reconciliation before House members are forced to put their necks on the line again. But a Senate-initiated tax bill is unconstitutional, and would be “blue slipped” in the House.

    Incidentally, the 1974 Act allows an unlimited number of amendments to be offered, without debate, at the end of the 20-hour statutory time for debate. My recommendation would be that, if Senate Democrats decide to invoke the “nuclear option” and throw out the Senate rules in order to do reconciliation, that the first ten amendments be the pro-gun agenda.

    Finally, the Senate has failed to comply with the reconciliation instructions that mandated reporting by October 15. And, although they may get a pass on this, the production of a new concurrent budget resolution will extinguish this possibility unequivocally.


    What bothered the American people, as much as anything, was the perception that the Senate’s ObamaCare bill was produced by fraud, secrecy, corruption, bribery, and extortion. Rather than improve the process, the White House has actually made it more corrupt by –-

    -threatening to fraudulently take a process
    restricted SOLELY to deficit reduction and using
    it to pass the biggest deficit engine in human
    history; and

    -refusing to release legislative language, in the
    hope that controversies can be kept secret.


    The newest Obama proposal consists of the Senate bill, tweaked in the following ways:

    -Elimination of Ben Nelson’s Nebraska bribe, in favor of more generalized federal Medicaid aid to states
    which Nelson was demanding.


    -increase of the “Cadillac tax” threshold from
    $23,000 to $27,500;

    -increase of the Senate tax on “high-income”
    households by 2.9% for income from interest,
    dividends, annuities, royalties, rents, and
    trade and business income;

    -increase of pharmaceutical taxes from $23
    billion to $33 billion;

    -miscellaneous “loophole” closings dealing with
    biofuels and “unjustified tax shelters.”

    -An unspecified “series of changes” in the long-term care Ponzi scheme created by the bill.

    -Delay in the $67 billion assessment on health
    insurers -– and modification of the $20 billion fee
    on medical devices.

    -Full phase-out of the “donut hole” by (1) initially
    offering a $250 Medicare rebate to those who hit the “donut hole,” and (2) claiming to close the hole
    entirely by 2020 by phasing down the coinsurance
    requirement to the standard rate applicable to
    non-donut hole prescription drug expenditures.

    -Increase the Senate’s $8.5 billion for “community
    health centers” (theoretically benefiting Planned
    Parenthood and ACORN-type groups) to $11 billion.

    -Destruction of “grandfather clauses” allowing you to “keep the coverage you currently have” by adding a whole bunch of new mandates on the policies “you currently have,” including:

    -coverage of dependents to age 26;

    -federally mandated changes in appeals processes;

    -rescission prohibitions;

    -limits on copayments and deductibles;

    -bans on preexisting conditions;

    -mandated review of rates, conducted by states
    but in accordance with oversight by HHS.

    -Increase of the subsidies for families earning below $55,000.

    -A tweak of the penalties which Americans would have to pay if they refused to purchase government-mandated insurance by, inter alis, slightly lowering the Senate’s flat-dollar penalties by $55 (indexed by inflation) -– and also tweaks the formula for determining penalties imposed on employers.

    -Creation of a new Health Insurance Rate Authority to review rates –- and oversee state reviews in a way that would effectively give the federal government regulatory control over insurance rates.

    -Creation of a series of cost-control measures,

    -a database on sanctions which have been

    -a registration requirement for billing agencies;

    -broader access to a database concerning “quality
    control and peer review organizations”;

    -liability for Medicare administrative
    contractors who submit bills on behalf of non-
    eligible providers;

    -strengthened standards for community mental
    health centers;

    -limits on bankruptcy protection for “fraudulent
    health care providers”;

    -expedited analysis of claims data;

    -criminal penalties for sale of private Medicare
    beneficiary information;

    -a study on the benefits of the medical use of
    universal product numbers;

    -“profiling” of Medicaid prescription drug use;

    -tightened review of and cuts to Medicare

    -removal of current statutory limits on random
    medical review of certain Medicare payments;

    -establishment of a Medicare/IRS datamatch;

    -an expansion of FTC enforcement authority to
    limit payments for limiting development and
    marketing of generic drugs.”

  101. This is a MUST SEE SERIES of VIDEOS:

    Much EXPOSED HERE and much of what we suspected is CONFIRMED.

    Palin was RIGHT:


    They pump 1 billion of CF of Natural Gas per day in Alaska while extracting oil. Alaska has two oil fields that each is bigger than Saudi’s oil.

    Best way to see videos in order is here:

  102. Patriot Dreamer

    Biggest sign that White House deficit panel is a joke: O wants to appoint Andy Stern [SEIU union boss]

  103. Pingback: Larry Sinclair to Attend Congressional Candidates Meet & Greet – Natural Born Citizen – Dual Citizen Gov. Granholm Thinks She Qualifies – Update on Kerchner v Obama – Navy Seals Prosecution – Glenn Beck Hypocrisy –

  104. Pingback: Larry Sinclair to Attend Congressional Candidates Meet & Greet – Natural Born Citizen – Dual Citizen Gov. Granholm Thinks She Qualifies – Update on Kerchner v Obama – Navy Seals Prosecution – Glenn Beck Hypocrisy –

  105. **** New Post ****

  106. Pingback: Larry Sinclair to Attend Congressional Candidates Meet & Greet – Natural Born Citizen – Dual Citizen Gov. Granholm Thinks She Qualifies – Update on Kerchner v Obama – Navy Seals Prosecution – Glenn Beck Hypocrisy –

  107. Pingback: Larry Sinclair to Attend Congressional Candidates Meet & Greet – Natural Born Citizen – Dual Citizen Gov. Granholm Thinks She Qualifies – Update on Kerchner v Obama – Navy Seals Prosecution – Glenn Beck Hypocrisy –

  108. A MUST READ ARTICLE. Please email and share this far and wide with people: posted:


    By Lynn Stuter

    April 1, 2009

    “As of this writing, America is 70 days into the Also Known As (AKA) “Obama” Administration. People have sent me e-mails asking me to call this man our “president” or call him by his name,
    “Barack Obama.”

    I can do neither. AKA is not our legal president, he is a usurper sitting in the Oval Office, signing into law bills when he has not legal authority to do so, having failed to produce one shred of credible evidence that he is eligible to the office of president under Article II, Section 1, United States Constitution. As he is not our legal president, the laws he is signing are null and void, any money appropriated and spent under those bills constitutes criminal theft perpetrated upon the American body politic.

    As far as calling this man Barack Obama, that is not possible, either. As best we can ascertain, his real name is Barry Soetoro; there not being one shred of credible evidence that after being adopted by Lolo Soetoro sometime before January 1, 1967 that Barry Soetoro had his name legally changed back to Barack Obama. As such, his name is really Barry Soetoro, and Barack Hussein Obama is one of the many aliases by which he is known.

    In short, we have a usurper sitting in the Oval Office with every duly elected United States Senator and every duly elected United States Representative refusing to uphold their oaths of office and demand this man produce evidence of his eligibility, spouting forth such inanities to constituents as “he’s produced his birth certificate,” “he was born in Hawaii,” and “he was vetted by a vote of the American people,” all absurd banalities spewed forth from the mouths of individuals who obviously view their oath of office as a mere formality not to be taken seriously. And the people wonder why this country is in such a mess. Gee, I just cannot imagine, can you?

    Further evidence of the traitorous acts of Congress are the votes cast on the $787 billion piggy package of port barrel spending (H.R. 1) and the $410 billion piggy package of pet projects (H.R. 1105). Not being satisfied at having run this country over $1 trillion further into the hole, AKA produced a $3.6 trillion “proposed budget” that even the European Union president stated would “undermine the liquidity of the global financial market.”

    It is obvious that the intent of AKA is to run this country into the ground; a goal he has managed to further significantly in the span of 70 days!

    Then we have the “voluntary” community service bill (H.R. 1388) to establish the AKA “civilian national security force” otherwise known as the AKA brown-shirt Gestapo goon squad. Representative James McDermott (D-WA), member of the Progressive (read that Marxist) Caucus is right in the game, introducing HR 1444 to make “voluntary” mandatory, an oxymoron if ever there was one. He undoubtedly has received a pat on the head (or elsewhere) from the schmuck occupying the Oval Office.

    And not to be outdone, we have the good Republican Representative, Robert Latta (OH), who introduced H.R. 233 recognizing the contributions of the Freemasons to (the destruction of) this nation. Thanks, Representative Latta, for introducing this bill of such insignificance at a time when our nation is falling apart because you refuse to uphold your oath of office! Golly, we all out here in the hinterlands just feel so privileged to have you as one of our duly elected!!!

    And not to be outdone, we have the nine traitors sitting in their comfy chambers at our expense in the “halls of justice”. What a misnomer that is. Our illustrious justices would be more in tune with their actions if they spent their time as AKA’s court jesters; they have certainly proven themselves to be against the Constitution and Bill of Rights; they and AKA obviously sup at the same table of elitist skullduggery.

    And then there is the body politic of America who are rapidly waking up to the fact that AKA was not, and is not, what he portends to be; that his promise of “hope and change” does not align with our Constitution and Bill or Rights; that AKA is a Marxist from the word go.

    To try and squelch opposition, to try and keep his Marxist agenda from the public view, AKA is working feverishly to establish a pro-AKA goon squad to out-shout anyone who speaks the truth about his agenda to destroy America.

    This past week saw AKA turn his attention from sniping at the likes of Rush Limbaugh to the American body politic. If what follows does not tell people that something is decidedly amiss with the claims that AKA is ineligible to the office of president, nothing will.

    There exists, in Snohomish County, Washington, a man by the name of Stephen Pidgeon. Mr Pidgeon is an attorney and the attorney of record in the cause of Broe v Reed, an action dismissed by the Washington State Supreme Court as “moot” on January 9, 2009, carefully side-stepping the merits of the case brought by Broe, et al. Nothing new or surprising there. Washington State Supreme Court justices are no more or less corrupt than their equals in the United States Supreme Court. Should we be surprised that they would be too cowardly to take on AKA and the mighty Chicago machine that stands behind him?

    But Stephen Pidgeon is a man of God who believes that justice must prevail for the 360,000,000 legal Americans inhabiting this country. To that end, Mr Pidgeon has gone about the business of establishing a National Grand Jury, the fourth arm of the United States government afforded the citizens of this nation at times like this when their duly elected and appointed representatives refuse to uphold their oaths of office to protect and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; when the duly elected prove their cowardice in the face of what they perceive as political self-interest. Case in point, a non-American, a usurper sitting in the Oval Office and inhabiting the White House.

    On March 25, 2009, Stephen Pidgeon reported to various sources, the presence of “law enforce-ment” officers from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), complete in regalia to their black goon-mobiles, overtly positioned in proximity to his home. The DHS officials were joined by Snohomish County Sheriff Officers as well as Everett City Police Department Officers in following and hazing Mr Pidgeon, members of his family, employees of his law firm, and associates in an open show of harassment and intimidation.

    It seems, AKA., while desperately trying to give the appearance of ignoring the question of his eligibility to the office he has usurped, has, indeed, been paying close attention. It also seems that AKA has unleashed his goon squad against Mr Pidgeon in an attempt to find out what Mr Pidgeon knows about AKA that AKA does not want the American people to know and/or to put a damper on the perfectly legal National Grand Jury because it will effectively expose AKA for the illegal alien usurper that he is.

    The message of the AKA goon squad was made clear: we know where you live, cease and desist or bad things can happen. This stupid move on the part of AKA was nothing short of an open admission on his part that he is what the evidence shows: an illegal alien ineligible to the office of president; just has so many have stated.

    Are we doing to take this sitting down, America? Are we going to slink away like cowards or are we going to stand up and be counted?

    I, for one, will not slink away. I was taught that you never start a fight, but once one gets started, only a coward backs away!

    I sent the following letter to my three duly elected cowards in DC:

    “This is a formal complaint, regarding the harassment of a private citizen, his family, his employees and business associates, by goons from the Department of Homeland Security, obviously under the direction of the scumbag in the Oval Office who calls himself president.

    The Department of Homeland Security, it seems, has taken up following in a very open and intimidating manner, Stephen Pidgeon, attorney and private citizen, members of his family, his employees and business associates. As you may be aware, Mr Pidgeon has been instrumental in gathering evidence that Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Obama, is not an American citizen; that his candidacy was and is an act of fraud perpetrated on the American body politic, his entering the White House under the aegis of “President,” a usurpation.

    It seems now, that in an effort to protect the fraud he has committed against the American body politic, Mr Soetoro has unleashed his personal goon-squad, in the form of the Department of Homeland Security, to try and intimidate and harass Mr Pidgeon into ceasing his efforts on behalf of the American body politic.

    This is a formal complaint against the actions of the Department of Homeland Security.

    I fully expect that you will instigate a complete investigation of this harassment of private American citizens who has every right, under the Constitution, to be free from fear of government oppression/intimidation/harassment.

    I fully expect that any and all, involved in the harassment/intimidation of Mr Pidgeon, his family and law firm employees and associates, will be immediately relieved of their duties, including those under whose orders they so engaged.

    It is very apparent, from this activity, that Mr Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Obama, definitely has more than a little to hide.

    As such, I fully expect the full weight of the Congress to be brought to bear on Barry Soetoro; that he be forced to produce all documents relevant to his eligibility to the office of president inclusive of his medical records, school records, higher education records, selective service records, passport records, adoption records and the vault copy of his birth certificate held by Hawaii.

    Your immediate attention to this matter is required.”

    And because the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Everett City Police Department were also reportedly involved, I sent the following to my three state representatives:

    “As you are undoubtedly aware, there are serious concerns regarding the eligibility of Barack Obama to the office of president. A growing body of evidence points to the fact that Obama is not who he says he is; that he was, at birth, a citizen of Kenya; that the document he claims is his birth certificate is not a birth certificate, beyond that [it] is a forgery; that he was, at least in 1981, a citizen of Indonesia.

    Stephen Pidgeon, an attorney from Snohomish County, has been instrumental in gathering evidence pertaining to everything that Mr Obama has attempted to conceal from the American people concerning his birth records, education records, passport records, adoption records. Mr Pidgeon has also been instrumental in establishing a National Grand Jury, a right of the American people when those who took an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution fail or refuse to do so. What Mr Pidgeon is doing is both legal and lawful.

    On March 25, 2009, Mr Pidgeon, members of his family, employees and business associates were followed and intimidated/harassed by law enforcement from the Department of Homeland Security, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and the Everett City Police Department. That harassment was open, overt, and obviously intended to send Mr Pidgeon a clear message to cease and desist his quest for justice for the American people.

    I object to what amounts to jack booted thugs harassing citizens of this state, this country, in what amounts [to] an act intended to suppress the truth.

    The American people have pled with the courts and their legal representatives to do something about a man who does not appear to be eligible to the office of president under the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1. The courts and our duly elected representatives have failed/refused to comply with their oaths of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

    In so doing, they have left the American people no choice but to pursue this matter by other means. If our Constitution is allowed to be undermined by this man, as is happening, then our country is dead and our freedom is gone. Soetoro a/k/a Obama has been working as rapidly as possible to turn this nation into a satellite soviet state under the hammer of communism/fascism/Nazism.

    I am calling on you to lodge a formal complaint against the actions of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, the Everett Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

    Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are at stake.”

    If we are to retain “freedom, liberty, and justice” we cannot allow AKA and his goon squad to intimidate American citizens because those American citizens happen to believe in and support the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    And for anyone who thinks the harassment/
    intimidation of Stephen Pidgeon, his family, employees and associates is justified, remember that what these goons are allowed to do to others, they can and will do to you. That is the way of a tyrant.”

    © 2009 Lynn M. Stuter – All Rights Reserved.

    # # # #

    Many Millions of Sovereign American USA Citizens did NOT vote for Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama II, and MANY MILLIONS OF SOVEREIGN AMERICAN USA CITIZENS saw EXACTLY who Barry Soetoro/Obama was thousands of miles away, and what was coming into America was a hurricane-Mafia-Crime-Spree in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Lynn Stuter, Mario Apuzzo, Esq., Charles Kerchner, Stephen Pidgeon, Esq., Leo Donofrio, Esq., Phil Berg, Esq., Pamela Barnett, Stefan Frederick Cook, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., and millions of USA Sovereign American citizens have seen the DAILY open crimes of the Illegal and Unconstitutional Barry Soetoro/Obama who has brought his despicable Mafia Chicago-style Career Serial Criminal lifestyle to Washington D. C. as a puppet of the New World Order/One World Gov., Federal Reserve Illegal Criminal Banksters, Bilderbergers, Radical Islamic Muslim Totalitarian Dictators, and the Communist/Fascist
    /Marxist Dictator Criminals who are trying to Destroy the Sovereignty of our Great and Free Nation, the USA, right in front of our eyes!!

    We The People who are Faithful and True Sovereign American citizens must come forward now to save the USA, and to take the USA back. Gather everyone who believes in the Rule Of Law, The USA Constitution, The Declaration Of Independence, and the Bill Of Rights, and GOD ALMIGHTY – The Most Holy Trinity, in the Holy Name Of Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, the Faithful and True Savior Of Humanity.

    If you do NOT take a stand for our Great Nation, the USA, the Rule Of Law, the USA Constitution, and the Bible Of Rights, and for GOD in this world, the people who are evil criminals like Soetoro/Obama will skin you alive, and take verything you have from you, and leave you dead with all of your children and animals dead.

    Wake Up Quickly, America!! Wake Up Quickly ALL my brothers and sisters in the USA in Christ Jesus the Lord!!

  109. Good morning.

  110. Patriot Dreamer

    Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // February 23, 2010 at 6:58 am

    Taxpayers got tax breaks.
    Where? Everyone I know, their federal taxes are about the same (for now), but lots of other taxes are going up. Property taxes, in particular, are way, way up.

  111. I hope Congress will not allow this:

    February 16, 2010, 06:00 PM ET

    Obama Nominates New National-Service Inspector General
    By Suzanne Perry

    President Obama said today he plans to nominate Jonathan Andrew Hatfield, deputy inspector general of the Federal Election Commission, as the new inexpector general of the Corporation for National and Communty Service…

    Inspector General Walpin’s lawsuit is not over yet.

  112. GBAmerica // February 22, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    I’ve read these stories which makes me wonder why the Citibank credit card balance we have that we couldn’t make payments on last year for not having work, jobs, etc,…..has been slashed///

    They made a contract with us that if we could pay 1/3 of the balance in 6 months, it would be purged without hurting our credit scores and we have struggled/sacrificed to do that ……..wish more were forthright to settle debts….I was shocked at the Citibank deal, but who knows why they did it??

    I guess 1/3 is better than nothing???

  113. Patriot Dreamer // February 23, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // February 23, 2010 at 6:58 am

    Taxpayers got tax breaks
    Unbeknownst to me, with a minimum wage, part-time job during and before Christmas, the federal taxes were not withheld; however, the 2009 tax rate wasn’t altered/adjusted for this, so if you have no other household income, a husband unemployed, or a house of children, you don’t have to return it…I will be paying back 12 % or the refund will be less.
    A tax break??? I don’t think so.
    We also just received a notice that our water, gas, and electricity bills will be increasing.

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