Chief Justice John Roberts, Orly Taitz, Dr Taitz confronts Justice Roberts, March 21, 2009, YouTube video, University of Idaho, Bellwood lecture, Obama not eligible, Barack Obama not natural born citizen

Dr. Orly Taitz, the courageous immigrant from Russia,
the true American, can be seen and heard confronting
Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts,
at the conclusion of the Bellwood lecture at the
University of Idaho. Dr. Taitz is involved in multiple
lawsuits at the state and Supreme Court level that
state that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen
and is ineligible to be president. Orly Taitz has
enlisted numerous military officers and soldiers as
plaintiffs in her lawsuits.

Read more from Dr. Orly Taitz:

45 responses to “Chief Justice John Roberts, Orly Taitz, Dr Taitz confronts Justice Roberts, March 21, 2009, YouTube video, University of Idaho, Bellwood lecture, Obama not eligible, Barack Obama not natural born citizen

  1. This woman makes me proud to be an American!

    This article makes me proud to be a Georgian.

    Our Houseof Reps voted down a resolution to honor Ovomit because wording described him as having, “an unimpeachable reputation for integrity.”


    Of course the black members have dropped the race card as being the reason for the nay votes

  2. Here’s the video of Dr Orly at Justice Roberts’ speech:

  3. Sorry, I obviously didn’t get all the way down the article before posting. However, that is the You Tube link, in case people just want to send that along to others.

  4. Painfully, I have realised that no lawsuits against Soetoro will be sucessfully brought in front of the SCOTUS, now or in the future,by anyone . The only way left is to THOROUGHLY DISCREDIT,and otherwise embarrass him on a continual basis,until the world laughs at him, and will no longer even listen to him. This can be done, but admittedly will take some time. Although when we consider his present state of affairs, he has already gotten off to an excellent start to becoming the world laughing stock. Perhaps we should assist him in this effort, then he will fire the torpedo that sinks him, hisself. Until then we all should be trying to find the POE that his mother generated upon her return from Kenya. That document also has the potential to SINK him totally.

  5. I admire Orly’s persistence on this issue, however, the law suits she has filed will all be thrown out.
    The reason is that after the electoral college voted for him and he was inaugerated, separation of powers kicks in and the Judiciary cannot remove him. Removal must be done per the Constitution, as below.
    Under Fed statute in the DC District Court, usurpers (ineligible persons holding public office in DC, including the Pres) can be removed. Congress has delegated this duty to the DC District Court.
    The person who can bring this action is the US Attorney for DC District, Jeffrey Taylor. He needs to be convinced that he will have help from patriots in supporting him in this. He would bring the action with the United States as the plaintiff (no private plaintiffs such as military, thereby protecting them).
    Leo Donofrio at
    has all the details clearly explained on his site.
    It’s the only route that has a chance of success but patriots must unite and make some loud noise on this issue.
    I urge all of you to write and forward to every patriot you know.

  6. Dr. Taitz’ audience was hostile the moment she began. There was heckling in the background even as she asked for “leeway” given her efforts to arrive at her destination point. Ridiculing/humiliation seems to be a standard reaction and if you remember Alan Keyes when making statements about Obama being a usurper also said to the press “this is not a laughing matter” and continued with poise and coherence just as Dr. Taitz did in this appearance.

    While polite Justice Roberts is clearly dismissive and indeed does cut Dr. Taitz off. She politely accepts.

  7. zachjonesishome

    oldsalt –
    “Painfully, I have realised that no lawsuits against Soetoro will be sucessfully brought in front of the SCOTUS, now or in the future,by anyone . The only way left is to THOROUGHLY DISCREDIT,and otherwise embarrass him on a continual basis,until the world laughs at him, and will no longer even listen to him.”

    In that light, I have a new post up.

  8. old salt
    The only way left is

    ….ROAD TRIP (toga party?) ……

    you in

  9. Venice……….
    With regard to the verbal ridicule, and laughing,and other noise that was being generated it certainly appearred, and sounded as though she was DELIBERATELY being NOISED by a roomful of INCONSIDERATE A_HOLES who think that they are the only people on Earth. Probably Obama supporters!

  10. Old Salt I admire & appreciate your service to our Country and generally agree with most of your statements, however I disagree on the statement about the law suites. I have read in several places this morning about the Judge in Washington & Leo’s case. With his ruling he opened up a can of worms. They are going to fight his ruling and in doing so, they have the right to have the birth records produced, which is what Leo was seeking to begin with. If the judge vacates his ruling, he opens another can of worms, so were down to a catch 22 in that case. I truly believe that Leo or Dr. Taitz will be successful, but a united front is needed to prove that we won’t back down. Any thoughts of failure need to be kept out of public view, for that is Obama’s game plan. They want us to lose hope. There are things that I don’t totally agree with but I’m 100% behind Dr. Taitz and Leo. Have faith!!

  11. Zach,

    An eloquently written article that strikes at the core of Obama’s vulnerability. There is no degree of manipulation, vilification by the press or anybody else that can protect Obama. He is already standing on his own. I shudder at the outcome.

  12. Has anyone seen this yet? Posted at which also shows a screen shot of the site meter where it lists the IP address and United States Supreme Court. Whatcha think?

    (just an exerpt)

    WND Exclusive BORN IN THE USA?
    Supremes read Kansas blog?
    Focused on page dealing with claims of ineligibility
    Posted: March 21, 2009
    12:15 am Eastern

    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    A Kansas blogger who identifies herself as and writes on a wide range of topics recently was surprised to find through her monitoring software that someone from the U.S. Supreme Court
    was reading her site, which routinely gets several hundred visits per day.

    Then she tracked the page to her recent commentary about Orly Taitz, the California lawyer
    who is pursuing a number of challenges to President Obama’s eligibility to be president.

    Her commentary included Taitz’ recent interviews, on which WND has reported, with Justice Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice John Roberts.

    BTW Anyone seen/heard from jbjd lately? Hope all is well.

  13. zachjonesishome

    venice // March 21, 2009 at 12:19 pm (edit)


    An eloquently written article that strikes at the core of Obama’s vulnerability.

    Thank you. I’ll be back later today. Time to walk the dog.

  14. Daverg…………
    I would be there in a heartbeat, but the SHINGLES are still with me, and I need to stay in for awhile. These damn things, are about the most painful ailment that I have had in the last 20 years, except for a kidney stone. Aside from that while being a bit PORTLY I am fit as a slightly used fiddle. I qualified my M1 originally at 144. at 500 yds. Not exactly expert, but good enough to create a new anus for an enemy at 300 yds. Yeah, I love a good fight! I still have some of the souvenirs of some of by NAVY days adventures ashore. I qualified my M1 while in the Indiana National Guard, These were mostly WW2 rifles that had already seen some action. Some had bad rifling in them, and would have been useless if taken into hostilities where it was necessary to accurately return enemy fire. Yet I was able to garner a 144. (Marksman) rating. I pray to God each day that the inevitable will not occur, but my gut has been telling me to prepare for a fight!…………………..

  15. Can’t a campaign be started to impeach Obama?

  16. Joy…………..
    I am a 76 year old, and as such perhaps I now view things a little different than I once did. I now often write off ground that is questionable, or sometimes even ground that is being argued over. I tend to use an expedient in this view, and look at what I see as solid ground,as it would relate to any cases being heard by the SCOTUS. They are NOW committed to denying these cases, and it would take direct evidence, in full documentation, and backed up by some damning evidence against one or more of the justices for anything to get through to them I pray that they would. I believe that Orly has so far sounded as though she is determined. I stand behind her 100%.How you come across to people like Roberts, Scalia and the others is vitally important. If she should be lucky enough to be heard she needs to be clear of voice , no stuttering, or “ums”or “Ahs. Everything she says will need to be clearly stated, and in as few words as possible, yet enough to make the POINT. She has a slight waver in her voice that could be singled out to sound as though she is undecided. There is no place for indecision in a courtroom;especially SCOUTUS. Otherwise I hope like everyone else that she is able to pull it off.

  17. Heckling aside, Dr. Orly Taitz wrote on her website that after she left the room she had a number of people come up to her, commend her and ask how they could get involved and help.

    The secret service agent assigned to Roberts assured Orly the documents, would be given to Roberts and that he would read them.

    She is a true patriot and an inspiration to us all.

  18. Justice Roberts programmed for what??

  19. zachjonishome………..
    Went to your posting, read every word. I think it tells the story in full, about politics in general. Then the same thought takes me to DODD,.I have a special name for him, but sadly I can’t say what I would like to regarding him. I did however move him from about #5 position up to between REID and PELOSI. This gives him the distinction of being labeled the THIRD BIGGEST A HOLE on earth. He is only beaten by PELOSI, AND SOETORO himself.

  20. The elimination of capitalism, free enterprise, and a free market coming to a job near you. Get ready, America – this is what you asked for.

    “Obama will call for increased oversight of ‘executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies’ as part of sweeping plan to ‘overhaul financial regulation’, NY TIMES reporting Sunday, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE… Developing…”

  21. Katie……………
    They left something out…………….Their cut of the action. Sort of like “pay to play”

  22. old salt
    we just need 1000- 5000 people , vets like yourself to go to Hawaii

    also, I need a birth certificate from Hawaii dated 1961

    anyone have one?

  23. BerlinBerlin

    da verg,
    Orly has this one from 1963 on her site.
    Have You seen it?
    Or do You need exctly 1961?

  24. yes

    thank you, i saw that one from 1963, btw.

    as they say in most back east, upper east side, cities and on Soprano’s

    freeeeeee – king


    —song in the back ground —

    My daddy taught me
    In this county everyone’s the same
    You work hard for your dollar
    And you never pass the blame
    When it don’t go your way

    Now I see all these big shots
    Whining on my evening news
    About how their losing billions
    And it’s up to me and you
    To come running to the rescue

    Well pardon me if I don’t shed a tear
    Cuz they’re selling make believe
    And we don’t buy that here

    Because in the real world they’re
    Shutting Detroit down
    While the boss man takes his
    Bonus pay and jets on outta town

    DC’s paying out the banker
    As the farmers auction ground
    And while their living up on Wall Street
    In that New York City town
    Here in the real world they’re
    Shutting Detroit down
    Here in the real world they’re
    Shutting Detroit down

    Well that old mans been working
    Hard in that plant most all his life
    And now his pension plans
    Been cut in half and
    He can’t afford to dye
    And it’s a crying shame
    Cuz he aint the one to blame
    When I look down and see his
    Callused hands Well let me tell you friend
    It gets me fighting mad

    Because in the real world they’re
    Shutting Detroit down
    While the boss man takes his
    Bonus pay and jets on outta town

    DC’s paying out the banker
    As the farmers auction ground
    And while their living up on Wall Street
    In that New York City town
    Here in the real world they’re
    Shutting Detroit down
    Here in the real world they’re
    Shutting Detroit down

    and the neighorhoods all changing
    from right to wrong
    with all the people moving in
    from the wrong side of town

    broke into my house just the other day
    stole my tv, my mop, then ran away.
    raped poor my dog, spray painted the walls,
    gutless act with yellow balls

    and they shutin down detroit
    all i can say
    is leaving to the freakin’ mu lees
    time to move away
    time to move away

  25. Marty Didier

    Dr. Orly Taitz is on target and once she has more puzzle pieces she’s going to kick ass. When her and I meet soon and we solidify our relationship, I’ll give her a lot more puzzle pieces.

    Obama is linked in many ways to an International Drug system. He assisted with helping my ex-wife’s family setup their drug smuggling business in Florida (per the family). There is a lot more but only for Dr. Orly Taitz.

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

  26. hi guys,
    If I don’t post for awhile it’s because I’m getting
    “alert” (high) messages /security messages on
    my computer frequently. I’m doing a full scan
    now and will defrag after.
    The odd thing is I am ALSO getting txt messages
    and frequent l-distance calls on my cell asking
    for “John”. I have contacted Verizon and had
    the text mess. block and am to call them back
    to block up to 5 numbers. If worst comes to
    worst they recommend me changing my phone
    no. I do not text mess. and only have 2 area
    codes I call (which are not the ones that are
    The first thing I thought of was “obots
    harrassment”—which my husband wondered too
    but I have never put my cell ph. no. on the Net.
    Is this possible? Has anyone else had this
    happen, either the cell ph. calls or the
    high security alerts all of a sudden????

  27. zachjonesishome

    I love the folks in Australia- FRom Google News search of Larry Sinclair

    The Obama Show – Vilification, Manipulation and Distraction
    Australia.TO – ‎10 minutes ago‎
    … questionable campaign contributions, ACORN voter fraud, socialist affiliations, the birth certificate controversy, and Larry Sinclair’s allegations. …

  28. Joy,

    I would agree with you , we all get down and lose hope from time to time but must keep it to a minimum.

    This is Obama’s plan to discredit us ie. “birthers”
    Dishearten us , make us beleive we can not win out.

    Yes it’s hard day to day to keep hoping , and it can’t be the only focus because that in itself is a diversion for Obama to keep us from seeing the legislation that is being snuck by us into law.

    But we must perservere ..nothing of any worth comes easy.

    Time to shake off the disappointments and keep moving forward and never give up. 🙂

  29. Marty as another Illinoian I hope what you say is real and you can help.

    Everything you say makes sense, just hope its not another way to divert , create choas and cause false hopes .

    Why hasn’t Fitzgerald done anything with Obama , there sure seems more than enough to launch an official investigation , now but there has been for a number of years.

    Why do you think he won’t touch Obama?
    Obama was always more of a threat then Blago.

    Even John Kass (sp?) referred to Blago as a small minnow in a pond of very large sharks. (not exact quote )

  30. I never believe stringalongs like Marty.

  31. Obama dispatched Eni Faleomavagua to Indonesia to trade US interests in West Papuans safety and rights plus money to cover his Indonesian citizenship.
    He may have been born in HI, may not have, but the citizenship(s) are the REAL issue and I think like so many other things he does he uses diversions constantly. Insult Special Olympics to keep focus off $100billion money laundering to banks, mostly foreign ones, etc.

    Eni needs to be questioned, pursued. He’s in deep for Obama and knows everything.

    Article II allows NBC OR US Citizen, so the two cannot be seen as the same thing. A US Citizen may have other citizenships, but not a NBC. The 14th amendment does not infringe on Article II.

    Keep our eyes on that, and you will see OBama’s just playing us for the damn BC, but I do think he went to Occidental as a foreign student.

  32. Obama Writes to [Former] President Chirac

    “In a letter described by Chirac as “very nice,” Obama wrote, “I am certain that we will be able to work together, in the coming four years, in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world.”

    Let’s see how many times do I hear MSM and the Obama supporters talking about Obama being the most intelligent POTUS we have EVAH had??? OMG.

    And I beleive he did meet with the current POTUS of France during his European Rock Tour last summer , who btw was elected in 2007.

    And Another source for this story….

    Now do you think MSM will be reporting this and how about SNL or his comedy buddies.

    I know……I know ….he’s been working hard and needs a vacation poor guy. 😦

  33. Please don’t forget a key ingredient to this recipe. Leo Donofrio, and others, may be right that the constitution and separation of powers considerations prevent any court from directly removing a sitting president.
    We don’t necessarily need the courts to do that. We just need some hearings and some decisions. The most important thing is to get documents released. The “removing” would then take care of itself. What if a court would make a definitive ruling on the meaning of NBC? That would be HUGE! Even if a court heard a case all the way through and took judicial notice that the plaintiff was correct. Or that one of the state election officials, or the DNC, did not properly vet the candidate. Or that a forgery or perjury were committed.

    None of these things would directly and immediately remove the president. But they would move the issue from the shadows and fringes to front and center. It would open the floodgates for people to talk about this and maybe even some news coverage.

  34. nawanawanga // March 21, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    “Obama dispatched Eni Faleomavagua to Indonesia to trade US interests in West Papuans safety and rights plus money to cover his Indonesian citizenship.”

    You bring up a very good point I had forgotten about, how can we find something on this Eni to have him under investigation ? Is that even a possibility?

  35. Carlyle, BINGO.

    Several people have asked my opinion of Leo’s QW postings. I answered one of these inquiries, in length, on my blog, under the comments section to the current posting.

  36. I know Andy Martin is a controversial figure. I understand he is holding a national press conference in Washington D.C. April 3-4 re: both eligibility and his occidental records.

  37. should be Occidental College records


    This article is startling, Obama plotted to remove the Indonesian problem LOOONG before anything else, so I think THIS is the real issue.
    And remember it was during the EARLY campaign that someone broke into the passport files from a contractor’s office…the same contractor now working for Obama.
    The ONLY reason to do this was to hide the Indonesian passport, it’s highly unlikely he ever had a Kenyan passport.

    This has “INDONESIAN CITIZEN” written all over it.

  39. Absolutely , I think he was adopted by his step-father otherwise it would not have been able to attend either of the schools in Indonesia he went to since you had to be a legal resident for those 2 schools.

    And I beleive more and more he was a foreign student in Hawaii and all the way through college as well.

  40. I think he “admitted” to the Kenyan citizenship which “expired”, doing so unprovoked, as another distraction from the Indonesian citizenship. One may be a forgivable citizenship since he was a minor (never mind that this also makes him NOT a NBC because he knows Americans are ignorant of their own Constitution). The other, the proclamation as an adult via usage of an Indonesian passport, is a blatant proclamation that “I am NOT an American.” Knowing that even limited American political savvy would reject that direction, it had to be quashed, even though it is “just” as bad as the Kenyan citizenship Constitutinally-speaking.

    Let’s be real here, no matter if he was born in a manger ON Krypton, once he used that Indonesian passport as an adult he was a citizen of Indonesia legally. He could have been conscripted into the Indonesian army. By the time he was going to Indonesian schools his mother was proficient at lying about his birthplace even to the Indonesians (on his school registration it reads that he was a citizen of Indonesia born in Hawaii of Muslim faith).

    He goes to US schools as a foreign student with no visa, he is an illegal alien living in the US pilfering the best benies from his status and residences. He marries Michelle with no papers filed for naturalization because now he wants to pretend he was always a US Citizen, so he is STILL an illegal alien. Last Spring he is adopted by Crow Indians, finally becoming a US Citizen, but never was he ever a natural born US Citizen. His father was Kenyan.
    Now what if he’s withholding his birth certificate because he was born in Kenya? Easy answer to the masses; “he’s ineligible.” But how much money and influence does this guy have, that he may have doctored that by now. What if it shows he was the son of FMD born in Hawaii for example? What if he’s just jerking us around for something which may just be a colossal disappointment?

    So, “follow the money”…the earliest people paid off were perhaps assassins of his gay lovers at TUCC, then Eni Faleomavagua (Am. Somoa Congressman), then the contractors who infiltrated his passport files. These are his real fears.

    The Indonesian government needs to know that in cooperating with an illegal usurper it risks its future relationship with the United States. Obama is not a permanent fixture, and the short term payoffs a few in the Indonesian government received, are not worthy of the cost to the real international matrix for propping up this corporate puppet.

    “According to our Indonesian sources, “officials” who accompanied Faleomavaega were interested in acquiring any and all documentation or photographs of a young Barry Soetoro for America’s “national archives” and they were offering cash, lots of it. In a show of faith, Barack Obama’s childhood school would be one of the very first beneficiaries of this outpouring receiving thousands of dollars to upgrade the school and for the purchase of computer equipment, thanks in part to the benevolence of this visiting junket.

    “The challenge of course was securing Indonesian goverment records potentially damaging to Barack Obama’s candidacy for the US presidency as well as other records pertaining to a young Barry Soetoro and his family wouldn’t be so easy to acquire and secure, and for this, the visitors would need the assistance and cooperation of the Indonesian government.

    It’s not that getting Indonesian government help is difficult, it’s not. It’s no secret that Indonesia is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, but we’re not talking about the challenge of dealing with corrupt government officials here, but rather, dealing with the “true believers of change”. Convincing the Indonesian government that an Obama presidency will be able to deliver that “change” and that it was in the interest of both countries to see that Barack Obama was elected was nothing more than a fait accompli for Faleomavaega’s entourage. ”

    Indonesia should step up and realize the tide of sentiment in American is going to drown the left and those who helped this criminal activity domestically and internationally will pay and pay severely.

  41. maddie

    sounds like you got spam ware or virus
    on your system, not OBOT attack. Stay away from da voodoo and bad porno sites……

    Carlyle – there are other ways, like 5000 people going to Hawaii

    i need a 1961 hawaii birth certificate, anyone have one?
    a copy please

  42. Citizen Wells or anyone ; do you know what happened to RSOL’S WEB SITE , seemed to be blocked for several hours?

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