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Dr. Orly Taitz, the courageous immigrant from Russia,
the true American, can be seen and heard confronting
Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts,
at the conclusion of the Bellwood lecture at the
University of Idaho. Dr. Taitz is involved in multiple
lawsuits at the state and Supreme Court level that
state that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen
and is ineligible to be president. Orly Taitz has
enlisted numerous military officers and soldiers as
plaintiffs in her lawsuits.

Read more from Dr. Orly Taitz:


Raleigh Tea Party, NC Tea Party, March 21, 2009, New American Tea Party, Raleigh NC, NC State Capitol, Downtown Raleigh, Government bailouts, North Carolinians for the Preservation of the Constitution

North Carolinians for the Preservation of the Constitution will
be hosting a Tea Party at the NC State Capitol in downtown
Raleigh on Saturday, March 21, 2009. Here is the notice that
was posted on Good Time Politics:
Raleigh, N.C New American Tea Party Saturday, March 21, 2009

A message from William/NC State Director to all members of
North Carolinians for the Preservation of the Constitution
on The Patriotic Resistance!

Please spread the word to every American you know who is fed
up with government bailouts! We are hoping for a large turn out,
please check the facebook group page for the latest news.

Raleigh, N.C New American Tea Party
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2009
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: NC State Capitol (east side) downtown Raleigh
Street: Wilmington St
City/Town: Raleigh, NC
Phone: 9196122141
Email: raleighteaparty@gmail.com
Facebook group page:
link is posted in the Main NC Group.
Thanks Donna
Visit North Carolinians for the Preservation of the Constitution
Lets have a big group in Raleigh, NC, lets make our voice heard
loud and clear that we’re tired of our tax money being spent
Recent News

“Our permits have been approved and we will assemble on the East
Side of the State Capitol from 12-3 on Saturday afternoon
March 21, 2009.”

Facebook link