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Zach, of the Zach Jones is Home blog has written another hard
hitting article exposing the antics, hypocrisy and deception
of Obama and his Democrat cronies.

“The Obama Show – Vilification, Manipulation and Distraction

(“All this has happened before, and it will happen again” – Battlestar Galactica)
I’ve heard it said that there are only a handful of archetypal stories from which all variations come. Today, in politics, this appears truer than ever before. The same motivations are at play, the same goals and agendas, the same use of vilification and manipulation, the same attachments and vulnerabilities to draw out, the same diversions, the same subordination of truth – all to be used as “legitimate” means to the obtain the politician’s goals. Regrettably, the archetypal story of almost every politician today is the quest for power.”
“Power and manipulation! We all need to let that sink in and flow over us because in our regular lives we don’t think that way. Take a moment and say to yourself the words Hollywood, nothing is as it appears, the words mean nothing, the agendas are conflicting, all may be an elaborated distraction.
Now to American Politics 2009 –
This past week a poorly choreographed political theater has been taking place in the nation’s capital. It is the best example of political Kobuki theater we’ve had this year. We’ve had Pelosi and Barney Frank shrieking and pointing mephitic fingers at everyone but themselves. Senator Dodd, who has played a pivotal role in the entire financial mess, has been first denying knowledge of any AIG bonuses, kind of admitting the bonuses, admitting he wrote the amendment that exempted AIG so they could get the bonuses, and finally saying the Obama administration asked him to do everything. Timothy Geithner saying I didn’t know anything about anything until a few days ago and now a tape surfaces clearing indicating that he knew about the AIG bonuses at least by March 3, 2009. And finally, Obama saying I didn’t know anything about the AGI bonuses – which could be true since he was quickly planning a trip out of town to appear on the Tonight Show to talk about Special Olympics and his bowling skills.
The outcome of all the drama and CYA’ing was that the Congress of the United States, led by Nancy Pelosi, passed legislation attempting to tax anyone who received an AIG bonus out of any and all money. Congress decided that they must do “something”. Nancy was yelling and screaming, hell yes we’re mad and we are not going to take it, our voters are mad and we’re going to punish AGI employees who took these Congressional authorized bonuses. Oh my. The Kobuki result so far is that the House of Representatives have passed a likely unconstitutional bill of attainder in the attempt to cover their (not reading the original bill) tracks.”
“As entertaining as people with pitchforks can be; it’s now time to consider Mr. Obama’s actions.
Where was he? Was he bowling, picking his NCAA basketball teams, appearing on The Tonight Show? Why wasn’t he in Washington? I would suggest that it is/was part of the chorography that team Obama is executing to manipulate the public and maintain the Obama illusion. They want to try to keep Obama above it all, spouting lofty words and symbolizing calm.
During the Vietnam War, Nixon went to China. During this financial crisis, Obama goes to Hollywood and back to the campaign trail. It’s all diversion, manipulation and theater.”


Read more:

42 responses to “Barack Obama, bowling, NCAA basketball teams, The Tonight Show, Obama not in Washington, Zachjonesishome blog, Congress, Pelosi, Barney Frank, Senator Dodd, Timothy Geithner, diversion, manipulation and theater

  1. zachjonesishome

    Thank you CitizenWells. I’m glad you liked it. Australia picked it up as News.

  2. There is something satisfying about watching these rats point the finger at each other in hopeless desperation.

    As fascinating as the who- done -it is, one can only wonder how deep the scam will be as it unfolds and who will fall in it’s path.

    One big question now is WHY was this bonus money to the AIG insiders protected in the stimulus bill in the first place?

    What is the payoff system in place which prompts members of the BO gang to take the risk of protecting the bonuses?

    Who are the payers and who are the players?

    Mark Twain:
    Always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you said.

  3. This is a classic case of illogical behavour reaching its logical conclusion. If–God forbid–Obama lasts four years, the AIG Bonus “I-didn’t-know-he knew-they-knew-didn’t-know-drama will repeat itself consistently on every step, bill, plan, directive, inititive or any other maniacal scheme this cartoon group of thugs who call themselves “the government” choose to perpetrate.

    They are so full of it their eyes are brown. They can’t walk straight. The American public is far too soft on these gangasters. INstead of massive tea bag mailings in memory of the god old Boston Tea Party, the public should be sending them boxes of Fleet’s Enemas or Exlax. Do you think they will get the message?

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    These are not encouraging numbers for the Dems as “bipartisanship is critical for Obama’s success”.

  5. The cracks are widening…
    Check out this recent ‘Sunday Times’ article:
    “Democrat Anger at Obama Overkill”

  6. Love it! I wish more media would write like this.



  9. Has anyone here ever actually seen an authentic “Kenyan Birth Cert. from 1961” ?

    I wonder what it looks like.

  10. Evidently Obama is still hitting the crack pipe.
    There can’t be any other explanation, because nobody is truly this stupid.

    Read here:

  11. Troy,

    Here’s a good article that Lamecherry wrote, pertaining to Obama and his letter to Chirac.


  12. That is something Biden would do. Thanks for the laugh, Troy.

  13. Sharon in VA

    I guess after the playground CLOWN left, the bullies get bored and start fighting amongst themselves…the biggest bullies punish the smaller bullies, and THEN plan on punishing children who weren’t even ON the playground at the time. The CLOWN returns from his “other gig”….and tells the big Bullies what a good job they did.

  14. BerlinBerlin

    So he disses Brown and Sarkozy,
    what is he gonna do to Angela?

    (and btw. if the idiot is trying to play the Europeans against each other, he better rethink this. It’s not going to work, because we have respect for each other and this is going to turn Europe against him as a whole.
    But maybe that’s what he wants?)

  15. BerlinBerlin

    From Larry’s blog:

    “Forgive me as I was unable to catch the name of the lady I am referring to in this article. I just happen to catch a part of the “Factor” during its repeat and found what an Iranian woman had to say about Obama’s recent video to Iran. The fact that a woman states Obama is not a man is priceless.

    This lady said, “The Iranian leaders will take Obama’s video as a sign of surrender and weakness, an admission that “we cannot beat you” so we will appeal to you for cooperation.” She further stated that Barack Obama was not seen in his video as being “a man” or “manly” at all, and that “the Iranian Leaders immediately noted Obama’s failure to present himself as a man or manly, or a man’s man.”

    Well Iran at least will see what I have been stating for more than a year now. Barack Obama is not a man nor does he assert himself as one. The fact is that Michelle Robinson is more manly than Barack Obama ever has or ever will be.

    It is a fact that most all the world has slowly begun to see and realize. Barack Obama decided that he would attempt to get cooperation (or what might have appeared to be cooperation) from Iran by secretly offering to compromise the security of the US and its allies in exchange for Russian assistance in obtaining an agreement from Iran. That people is not diplomacy, it is and was an attempt to sell out the United States of America in exchange for a bragging right and photo op.”

    (I’m sure people in Iran read his blog too, Larry has this traffic thing and at least one time I saw a surfer from Iran, LOL!)

  16. BerlinBerlin,

    Here is the clip on FOX news with Brigette Gabrielle telling us that Obama made a HUGE mistake.

    This is the lady that Larry Sinclair is talking about.

  17. Atlas Shrugs has a good article showing O’s birth announcement to be a forgery, second article.

  18. Here is a link to a very new, very funny blog written by … get this … Obama’s teleprompter. The blogposts are good, but the comments are definitely LOL.


  19. This is all happening too quickly. How many faxes can one send to the White House?
    FAX: 1-202-456-2461

    How many letters can one send to our Senators and Representatives?

    The latest thing that Obama waited until Friday/Saturday to announce since it’s the least likely time of week to get reported and read — is that he now wants to limit the pay and bonuses of ALL bank employees.

    ALL banks. Yup, even the ones that did not give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them – which is MOST of them!

    This may lead us to believe that all of this has been manufactured so that Obama could get the people (with pitchforks) behind him to get rid of all capitalists.

    Why have money at all?
    Why do we not all just live in government housing with electricity, water, heat controlled – and he could feed us too. Low temps all winter would surely save energy (while he keeps the oval office like Hawaii).
    Dinner: 12 peas, arugula (of course), 4 oz meat, rice
    You see? All under his control and no one goes hungry.
    Or is it that we all go hungry?

    But not him. He just got a half million dollar advance on his next book – the one he’s writing for children to indoctrinate them early.

    And all our senators and congressmen just got a cost of living pay raise.

    Are you all feeling as overwhelmed as I am?
    What can we do about all this?

  20. BerlinBerlin

    The South,
    thank You for that link!
    She really got it right, Obama was sucking up to the regime instead of supporting the Iranian people.

  21. Thanks, Citzen Wells —


    ‘This is a serious slap by Barack Obama at the French people. It does not matter if someone voted for Mr. Sarkozy or not. It matters that the French Republic has just had it’s free elections which free Frenchmen have died for has just been negated by B. H. Obama.

    What B.H. has just done is worse than the humiliation he just heaped upon British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, his wife and their 2 children. Obama just negated the French elections by telling a person with no more power than Jimmy Carter he is going to be working with him.
    Chirac is an old Citizen of France and that is it.

    This is what is the breach in Obama has now antagonized the three most important allies America has in England, France and the Israeli state.

    These actions are deliberate by Mr. Obama to break the western alliance and supplant it with the central Europeans who started Obama’s original Marxist dogma which he laps upon.

    This is why I’m not so amused at this as this is not Obama being clueless, but Obama being deliberated. It is going to have horrendous terms for America and the rest of the world.’

  22. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is trying to sucker us again!

    Warning: Obama Administration Seeks to TAKE CONTROL OF ALL BANKS & LARGE COMPANIES

  23. Oh my goodness! Shame on me! I never even thought to question the authenticity of the circulated birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper! I guess that was because an announcement doesn’t necessarily mean a local birth.

    If this is indeed a forgery, this is simply too much!

    We truly need a mass gathering at the Hawaiian depsrtment of vital records! This is obscene!

    We need the military to show up there and DEMAND the birth certificate!

    I am with OldSalt. I believe the military, as usual, are our only source of hope considering the corruption of the three branches and the media.

  24. sandy,

    I don’t believe the military is our only source of hope. WE are our primary source of hope and they are here to assist. It is our duty to protect ourselves from an evil and tyrannical government, not our military. They are here to protect us from foreign enemies. WE are here to protect ourselves from domestic enemies. There are some specifics as to why this is the case, but I won’t go into that here.

    Our solution is called a well-regulated militia. The minute the federal government calls a “well-regulated militia” a terrorist organization or the “enemy” is when we are at FULL SCALE WAR against a tyrannical government.

    You see in the past, several organizations have claimed themselves to be a “militia”, but they are clearly not. The U.S. Constitution defines what a well-regulated militia is, and it is the only absolute requirement stated in the entire doctrine. This militia is regulated by state governors, has a clear structure, and is used to protect states at the state level. Some claim the National Guard to be this organization, but that is clearly an incorrect notion.

    State governments have left this precious organization fall into disarray or to “nostaligic” status. Shame on the states. They have given away the only real protection they have. We must demand our governors to re-organize our well-regulated state militias and get us back on track Constitutionally. When that happens you will see the U.S. government do one of 2 things. Go to war with the states, or clean itself up and get back on track.

  25. This is a bit off-topic, but I am piffed right now and really seeing red.

    The GIVE Act was passed by the House on 18 Mar 2009 and sent to the Senate. In reading through the GIVE Act, I see that the Obama modus operandi is still at work by putting crud in the middle of seemingly noble legislation.

    First remember that HR 2587 GIVE Act was introduced os 26 June 2007 and was NOT voted on in the House. The GIVE Act was reintroduced as HR 1388 on 9 Mar 2009 by the same sponsor as before, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D, NY-4] and 37 Co-Sponsors (all Democrat). The bill was voted on the house on 18 Mar 2009. The passage was by 321 aye votes (251Dem/70 Rep) and 151 Nays (104 Rep/1 Dem) and 6 Abstain (4 Rep/2 Dem). The bill now goes to the Senate — before it heads to the President.

    In the bill, Obama sets up the mechanics that he passed in the Stimulus Package for his volunteer operations — including setting up a government funded corporation with a Board of Directors and CEO. What is frightening is the tentacles that this will entail as all agencies need to create positions for these volunteers. Yada … yada .. I could go on as how he has tied his FEMA Scheme for the Civilian Security Defense Force into this legislation, but now they’re called “National Volunteer Reserve Corps.” This creates images of the Peace Corps, but it is something far more sinister. In addition, the legislation is targeting foster kids, disadvantaged teens and more specifically BLACK colleges and universities. Reading the provisions, it smacks of a program tailor-made for ACORN. It is a bill that has reverse discrimination all over it as it is NOT designed for middle-class Americans to benefit from — regardless of your race. But this is NOT what has piffed me off.

    The GIVE Act has 12 amendments. The one I am outraged over is House Amendment 49. It reads: “H.Amdt49 Pass Amendment to prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing.”

    If I read that right, your First Amendment rights of Free Speech just were legislated out the door.

    What really gets me irate is that it passed the House with 321 aye votes (251Dem/70 Rep) and 151 Nays (104 Rep/1 Dem) and 6 Abstain (4 Rep/2 Dem). Yes, it was BIPARTISAN.

    Can someone explain to me how our Congressmen — both Republican and Democrat — think We the People are so stupid that we cannot read their legislation?

    Hell, vote all of them out of office!!!

    Be careful when you say this couldn’t possibly pass. The President has said that he MAY use the “resolution” procedure to close the debate on the package — and pass it on the simple majority that the Democrats hold in the Senate.

    (Source: OpenCongress.)

  26. The right side of life web site is a gray screen. I wonder if obots went in and sabotaged that site.

  27. speedy // March 22, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    The right side of life web site is a gray screen. I wonder if obots went in and sabotaged that site.


    I’ve been getting the same thing all morning.

    There was a SITREP article I wanted to read but have been hitting a brick wall.

  28. citizenwells

    From Phil at the Right Side of Life:

    “There are apparently some MySQL (pronounced, “my sequel”) issues (back end database) to which I’ve alerted my provider. I’m not sure if others are able to get to the site, but if you aren’t, I am aware of the issue.”

  29. Bummer. I like the right side of life site. It has a lot of legal stuff in it and some good articles.

  30. Thank you CW for the update.

  31. Obama Goes To Hollywood? I like it – reminds me of 1980s band Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

    So can we expect a cover of Frankie’s “Relax (Don’t Do It)” from the Celebrity President Dude?

    Or would Frankies other big hit “When Two Tribes Go To War” be more appropriate.

  32. Thanks, CW. I was going to ask if anyone knew how to contact Phil.

  33. BerlinBerlin

    “When Two Tribes Go To War”

    What if Obama goes to war.
    and nobody accompanies him?

  34. citizenwells

    *** New post up ***
    It appears that Barnes & Noble removed my comment about Larry Sinclair
    and his book. They left the Obama thug lies and smears and only one positive
    comment. I am going to call them and get a straight answer. If I do not
    receive one, I am going to let them have it.

  35. At the end of Barry’s speech, to the Iranians, he says something in a foreign language, what language was it, and what did he say?

  36. bob s.,

    Probably something along the lines of “you’ll get your bailout money soon”.

  37. Air Force Brat

    JeffM — hopefully it wasn’t anything like “Allahu Akbar”.

    He needs to get the boot. And then he needs to be put on an outbound airplane. Maybe he can go live with his buddies in Iran.

  38. Air Force Brat,

    Based on the information we’re receiving, it sounds like he won’t even make it to Iran. He’ll wind up in a medium security prison somewhere in the U.S.

  39. JeffM // March 22, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Air Force Brat,


    I have the phrase he used but several different online translation services said that no phrase could be found. Even if I split up the words it doesn’t work.

    Wonder what he *intended* to say?

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