Rod Blagojevich impeachment trial, January 27, 2009, IL Governor impeachment, Obama ties, IL Health Planning Facilities Board, Bid rigging, Obama senate seat, Rezko, Levine, Weinstein, Criminal complaint, Blagojevich indictment, Patrick Fitzgerald

The impeachment trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois
began on Monday, January 26, 2009. Governor Blagojevich was
not present at the trial Monday, instead he continued his
road show antics of pleading innocence and being the victim
of a witch hunt. Anyone that followed the Tony Rezko trial,
read the indictments of Rezko, Stuart Levine, Dr. Robert
Weinstein and a host of others and compared those revelations
to the details of the Blagojevich criminal complaint knows
of Rod Blagojevich’s deep involvement in Chicago pay to play
politics. It is also clear that the case against Blagojevich
is not simply about selling Obama’s senate seat, but about
many years of corruption that ties Blagojevich to many Chicago
corruption figures as well as Obama.

One of the more flagrant cases of corruption involving
Blagojevich and Obama was their part in rigging the IL Health
Planning Facilities Board. Obama was in the IL Senate at that
time and was instrumental in reducing the number of members
from 15 to 9. Why is that important? Because the governor, Rod
Blagojevich, had the power to appoint up to 5 members.
Blagojevich, in cahoots with Rezko and Levine, appointed
members that would follow their wishes and consequently Obama and
Blagojevich received campaign contributions from the new
members. The board was involved in bid rigging.

Obama and Blagojevich and Health Planning Board rigging

Obama, Blagojevich and IL Teachers Retirement System
reveal more Chicago and Illinois corruption ties.

Obama corruption ties in IL TRS should lead to indictment

Blagojevich investigation should lead to Obama Indictment

Listen to Blagojevich Impeachment Trial


77 responses to “Rod Blagojevich impeachment trial, January 27, 2009, IL Governor impeachment, Obama ties, IL Health Planning Facilities Board, Bid rigging, Obama senate seat, Rezko, Levine, Weinstein, Criminal complaint, Blagojevich indictment, Patrick Fitzgerald

  1. zachjonesishome

    Short, Sweet, and to the Point! ‘Barack Obama Pitchen And Catchen (BOPAC) against facts that smell!


  2. Thank you CW, for keeping us abreast of all that is going on (go on, giggle), for helping us to keep some balls in our own court (tee hee), so that we may feel as though we have SOME control over what is happening in this country.

    Sorry about the tee hee stuff, I’ve been watching reruns of Will & Grace lately. Miss those guys!

    Thanks for the intelligently presented information and for providing us with a voice for our thoughts and opinions. Bless you.

  3. “Words, just words.”

    Words are what got Obama as far as he got.
    Words are what Pelosi used to convince the Superdelegates to choose Obama over Hillary.

    Words are what Obama is using now to convince OUR senators and reps to vote for his outlandish stimulus package which, without changes, give FOUR BILLION DOLLARS TO ACORN using the WORDS “neighborhood stabilization activities”!

    Please google NJ Senators and then google NJ Representatives (use your own state of course).

    Keep these addresses handy as I think we will need to send these people our words on a very consistant basis.

    Something is happening even as you are reading this that we need to write to our people about immediately ….. next post …..

  4. Come on Blago. Just spill the beans and crucify Obama so that we can all move on with getting him removed from office.

    All this babbling is just wasting time. If Blago wants to redeem himself, this is the best approach.

  5. I can’t see how they can go after Rod, and let Barry slide. Rod would be a fool to go along with the impeachment process, without taking barry along for the ride with him.

  6. Margie,

    I agree. He can cooperate and have the charges against him dropped. We’ll consider him to be a national hero for exposing the entire system and taking down the usurper at the same time.

    I have a feeling he might be ready to sing, provided he doesn’t mysteriously wind up in the obituaries.

  7. This is happening right now. Obama pulled up with his entourage (in the words of the churchlady “Oh isn’t that special” to meet with Republicans to persuade them to sign onto his stimulus package AS IT IS … uh oh … here come the words …

    And we need to fight fire with fire – or rather words with words.

    Call, email, fax, write to your Senators and Representatives (Dem or Rep, doesn’t matter) today to tell them how you feel about the stimulus package.

    FOUR BILLION DOLLARS would be allocated to “neighborhood stabilization activities” which Senator David Vitter (R-LA) this morning said would go directly to ACORN as a thank you for helping get Obama into office.

    Please tell them that this part of the stimulus package has got to go!!!

    A few copies of the same little letter sent to your state politicians takes very little of your time, yet receiving thousands of these WILL make them think twice about going along with Peter Piper’s wishes. OUR WORDS can make a difference. YES they can.

  8. I sure hope Blago spills the beans. He sounded pretty friendly towards O when asked directly by Geraldo(I think it was him) if Obama was involved in any bad stuff. Blago assured everyone that O was clean. Now that could be a smoke screen, but I’m guessing Blago will come out of this with a lot of nice prizes for keeping his mouth shut about certain people. Well, we can hope that he changes his tune as he seems prone to trying to do the unexpected. Gets him a lot of publicity and strokes his ego, or it may be a big false front to throw everyone off the hot trail to the bad guys. We shall see, but I think both Blago and Fitz are right in the middle of the clan and will do nothing to hurt their leader O. They are probably paid well.

  9. By the way, it seems Obama and Pelosi are rushing a vote on this stimulus package … like tomorrow!!! Apparently they don’t want citizens like you and me to have enough time to be able to let our voices be heard.

    CALL, email, fax, write today.
    See above about the 4 billion dollars in the package allocated to ACORN under different wording.

    You can make a difference. A few days ago the stimulus package contained tons of our money going towards contraceptives for young women. We shouted NO!!!!! THAT item is no longer in the stimulus package!

    That’s why Obama/Pelosi are trying to rush this through. Our words do make a difference. We must speak loudly and quickly. Please … this is a call to action. Don’t be silent.

    Your voting state politicians probably do not read this blog. The only way they know how you feel is if you write short powerful messages often! Call and say you are against 4 billion dollars going to “neighborhood stabilization activities” because it will go to Acorn.

    Please feel free to copy and paste parts of my messages about this today to place onto other blogs. The more people calling/writing Congressmen about this, the better.

  10. Janet,

    It’s not in the cards. This has been planned for years. Congress is a lost cause. They are part of this master plan to usurp and conquer the Patriots of this nation.

    We are the last stand against oppression and socialism. And we will be under attack soon if this continues to fester like it has.

    Congress is well aware of our distaste for their evil ways. We must find a different approach to making our voices heard.

    My suggestion is that we fight fire with fire. If they won’t let the world know our concerns, we must build a network to communicate with every American home. If Obama spent millions getting brochures to Americans, so can we.

    We must think big. REALLY BIG. A mailout to every American household with the truth will cost about $50M. I think patriots in this country could easily amass that kind of funding by donating just $50 (sound familiar?)

    We create a central hub with all the information they need to understand what’s going on. Our communication sends a signal that we’re serious enough to make it happen. It means WE MEAN BUSINESS.

  11. Right side of Life has our first list of RINO in office who voted for Geithner. I say we get a list of names who will be up for election on 2010 and go after them with our words.
    Calling your delegates now may not help deter them from voting but they are on notice that the citizens are watching them and pay back time will be coming soon. It worked the last time. We got a lot of them real frustrated if not scared. Keep their switchboard working over time.
    Blago will eventually sing just like Rezko. However, I do hope he will sing sooner than later. Just maybe he can bring all those skeletons hiding in Obama’s closet to the fore front soon.

  12. I do believe that although sending a mailing out to everyone in the country would help, I have been in advertising, marketing and direct mail for 20 years and believe me, when it comes to direct mail, repetition is what works .. so how many times would we have to mail? Only one half of one percent of direct mail ever elicits a response. Most unsolicited direct mail gets tossed without being read.

    However, my business is collective direct mail, meaning many advertising messages in one mailing. In other words, if we do send out a mailing, it would be the most effective and the most COST efficient to send out a magazine-type mailer that includes advertising from many sources – businesses, corporations, etc.

    Any direct mail course of action would take quite awhile to put together so the best course of immediate action is to blow out the switchboards and burn up the mailman paths by calling/writing to our Senators and Representatives, to Glenn Beck (FOX), to the Associated Press.

  13. From Mitchell Langbert’s blog:
    Is a New American Revolution Morally Justified?


  14. Janet,

    You are correct. If we can get advertisers to sponsor it, then it would be more like a publication and it could pay for itself.

    However, this does a couple of not-so-good things. It makes it seem like we’re out for money, which we aren’t. And it detracts from the message.

    We don’t expect responses. We expect to educate and inform. If anything we want to encourage those to learn more by visiting a central hub of information. This is the exact technique was used by the usurper during the election. If it worked for him, it will work for us. What got him into office will also get him out of office. Design it just like his site, right down to the “truth and false” items.

    I like:

    It hits home and is speaks volumes about what we are up against. If we play our cards right people will visit and learn more.

  15. I’ve got my creative juices flowing now. Imagine visiting the site with a flash presentation hone the home page.

    Pic of Iwo Jima Memorial
    Theme from Apolla 13

    “Millions of service men and women fought for our freedoms”

    Move to Jefferson Memorial

    “Our founding fathers faced death and imprisonment to create our great nation”

    Move to the White House

    “For centuries our nation has endured many challenges and endured”

    The glass cracks and the music stops

    Storm ensues and the White House is now under a thunderstorm.

    “That has all changed. Our nation is in a Constitutional Crisis”

  16. Hey FerneleyGirl!

    The link to Langbert did not work. Can you repost?

  17. The Usurper’s first formal tv interview. What a joke after 3 Pakistani children were just killed in that drone bombing. They’re our friends, alright. lol What an asshat.


    Obama cited his Muslim background and relatives, practically a taboo issue during the U.S. presidential campaign, and said in the interview, which aired Tuesday, that one of his main tasks was to communicate to Muslims

    “that the Americans are not your enemy.”

    Obama tells Arabic network US is ‘not your enemy’

    There’s a small thumbnail video of the Frost/Obama interview to the left of the article if interested. I wasn’t.

  18. JeffM

    I couldn’t get this link to work.

  19. truthbetold11

    This stimulus plan is a payback for your vote plan thats it!!!!!!! unions,teachers,universities,low income neighborhoods,acorn, this will not stimulate nothing but them to vote again in 4 years when the money runs out, we the people need to rise up and pound the phone calls day and nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. “Government of the People, by the People and for the People.”

    IS NOW

    “Government to the People, by the Government and for the Government.”

  21. Lurker,

    That’s because it hasn’t been created yet.


    would be better. I just registered all 3 (.net,.com,.org)

  22. CA Patriot: On iPhone. Can’t cut & paste, have to type in the whole URL. It’s the second article on:

  23. Gun control licensing legislation introduced.
    H.R. 45. Go to the click on legislation, enter H.R. in the drop-down box and 45 in the adjacent box.

  24. And, there’s also legislation being introduced for ammo identification. Use search term:
    ammunition accountability

  25. Janet 3:15

    Great insights on how to get the word out. What do you think of advertising in the Globe to direct people to other material, blogs,websites?
    Or how about a regular column by CW or Orly answering questions from readers.
    They could use a Fact Check style Q&A that breaks things down.

    It sounds like fun and could be used to shame BO , Pelosi, and others and to make people wake up to realize this mess is getting worse.

  26. Thanks JeffM,

    I’ll check out the other site.

  27. ** NOTICE **
    There are many discussions going on behind the scenes that I have not
    written about. None of us know how the lawsuits are going to turn out.
    If they fail, they were not in vain. They have at the very least heightened
    public awareness of this issue and provided us with critical information
    about the state of our country, the Constitution, Congress, our system
    of checks and balances, etc.
    As you know, there is a heightened sense of unity now in this country
    that we must harness into a united front to initiate the kind of change that
    we really need. There will be many opportunities to volunteer and contribute.
    Do not be overly frustrated. This wake up call could be one of the best things
    to happen to this country.

  28. Another AOL poll–Do you approve of how Obama conducted his first week in office?

  29. JeffM: Absolutely LOVED your ideas for the Home Page!!!!!!!

    Citizen Wells: Thanks, we needed that. I have been trying to think the same way and it’s difficult sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.

  30. David A:

    Today the idea appeared to me to start what is known as a Magalog. It is a cross between a catalog and a magazine, more magaziny though.

    Lots of articles – by drkate, JeffM, citizen wells, texasdarlin, and oh so many of the bloggers. We can copy and paste them right off the blogs with their permission. It could be a printed blog – a pool of many blogs!

    Interpersed would be ads and items for sale from different companies and corporations, ads by lawyers, too. There is nothing wrong with ads …… in fact, we would be promoting CAPITALISM!!!!!!!!

    Ads are great! People buy stuff – products and services – and businesses make money and with that money and what do they do? They buy stuff! We would be doing our part to stimulate the economy!

    I’m serious about this! What do you all think?

  31. twe wrote

    Another AOL poll–Do you approve of how Obama conducted his first week in office?

    hey I just voted no and got the results …. right now it is exactly 46% yes 46% no

    are you not shocked? I am.

    Please send this result to both of your state senators (I am sure they are not aware of how many people do NOT think Obama is the cat’s pajamas). This will take you 15 minutes and 84 cents. Please do it if you feel inclined. They need to know.

  32. The reason why I think it’s important to quickly let your 2 senators know the results 46%-46% for the question as to whether or not they think Obama is doing a good job is first week …

    … is because I think our politicians are convinced by Nancy PeLiarosi that the country and the world is totally behind Obama and therefore they should just go along with this 1.3 trillion dollar stimulus package without question.

    By the way, when you write to your Senators, please mention you don’t want any stimulus money used for Acorn under the strange wording “neighborhood stabilization activities”.

    And when you write to your Senators, please mention that you don’t want any stimulus money used to replace flourescent light bulbs while they are still lighting the world …… the wording should be “as light bulbs blow out, they should be replaced” otherwise it’s just throwing money in the street.

  33. If Blago blabs the right way about BO to cause him to have a jail sentence, I will be showing a new respect for that man.

  34. Evidence regarding Jeseph Cari being introduced.
    Ata and Cari have ties to Obama and IL TRS.

  35. Also remember, Rezko’s sentencing was delayed again.
    He can talk more.

  36. uh- uh- uh- bama said something today about being a one term president

    he knows he can’t hide behind his ineligibility issue next time around.

  37. OK, from the mouth of a female congresswoman — please take heed, i’m typing this as she is speaking:


    Those were the words just this very minute on Glenn Beck’s fox program – Rep Michele Bachmann Minnesota Congresswoman

    She said call tonight and through tomorrow — the time to call is now, it’s not too late —— that is the only way to get the Congress to tell pelosi – no, we do not want to be rushed into voting for this stimulus bill wednesday. NO.

    (please, please do as she says. I am, too)

  38. I think it slipped by you da verg, he meant one term ….. one L–O–N–G term. Kinda like Castro.

  39. Listening to Beck on Fox. He’s starting to sound like a leader for the cause of taking back America. Has some info on his web site. Congresswoman from Minnesota said for everyone to keep fighting that there are numerous reps that are against the stimulus plan. Today and tomorrow are very important to voice your objections because the Dems in power are trying to rush it through. Call, email and holler your heads off. She said there are many reps who are listening to us and to keep fighting and that’s why the stupid contraception crap got taken out because there was such an overwhelming response from us against it! So everyone, let’s get going. Time is of the essence. Mayybe we have more support than is apparent on the surface. I am energized again and I think Beck could be an ally in the media.

  40. CW,

    What do you make of the post on Orlys site about the subpoenas?

    Is Fitzgerald going after Obama????

  41. Jacqlyn Smith

    Oh My God—You have to watch Glenn Beck today!!! He is livid and I don’t blame him. He may be the one to help us fight the corruption. He can’t stand what is going on in America and with the media!!!

  42. JeffM wrote regarding a magazine that would be like a combination of blogs in print:

    “However, this does a couple of not-so-good things. It makes it seem like we’re out for money, which we aren’t. And it detracts from the message. We don’t expect responses. We expect to educate and inform. ”

    I guess having been in the publishing business for several years, I believe that a magazine WITH advertising accomplishes many many things in addition to educating and informing:

    1- It enables us to publish several times a year without constantly asking for money from bloggers.
    2- It shows that many companies and corporations feel as we do since they are supporting the effort to get the word out – this is powerful.
    3- It promotes capitalism – gets people to spend money, make money, spend money, make money … hmmm … this magazine sounds like it would accomplish more than and be even better than Obama’s stimulus package!

  43. Yes, Glenn Beck just said and I quote:
    “Our constitution is hanging by a string.”

    You would never hear those words on Morning Joe!

  44. I spoke with Orly about this during the holidays.
    As you know, I contacted Fitzgerald’s office earlier with my
    article on the IL Health Planning Board and why Obama should be
    indicted. One of my objectives was informing the public and keeping
    all acountable.
    Obama is the next logical choice to be indicted.
    To be continued.

  45. Janet,

    You may be on to something. Perhaps we really do need a magazine. Unless someone is already publishing something…

  46. It would be like reading several blogs all in one place. The ONLY thing I see as a problem is that things happen on a daily and even hourly basis and we keep up with it on blogs, but there is a long time between putting a magazine together and completion of printing.

    Newpapers are set up to come out daily or weekly on their printing presses, but magazines take longer. I would say the average time is a few days to over a week.

    But if we keep the articles about ideas, concepts, the Constitution, educating people, expressing opinions … rather than what just happened a few minutes ago … then it would work.

  47. truthbetold11

    Attention !!! Looking for hard working camera people for no pay! Sorry but the reward is saving America, the job requires a keen eye for watching our congressman and making sure their held accountable to the people because no one else will! please post all videos on youtube

  48. truthbetold11.
    I have a project in the works I want to mention to you.

  49. From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that nights Show is on! There will be thoughts and updates on the happenings of the day, plus some updates of things that just happened. All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics, updates and fun. We have a lot of things to discuss and updates. Please read the last paragraph as it is about our BRAND NEW UNLIMITED CHAT AND HOW TO GET TO IT!!

    Please post this on your Blogs, any Blogs you are associated with and send to everyone in your address book. Link, call in number and times for the Show is below!

    Call In # 317-565-1392

    5:00 Pacific Time

    6:00 PM Mountain Time

    7:00 PM Central Time

    8:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. Please join the new Chat room! It is on the top right hand side and it is GREAT!! It is free to join and there is NO limit as to the number that can be in there. You will no longer be kicked off when someone new is trying to come in, like in the old Chat because it only held 25 people. Also it has a nice cream background like the one at Blog Talk and people can choose the color or their font and add Smiley’s etc!!! The old Chat room is going away and so it the Live Chat button in the middle of the page. So please remember to Login in if you have already joined the new Chat and if not and Login and Chat away with us!!


  50. zachjonesishome

    Thanks for the Tip – Zach


    Fernley Girl // January 27, 2009 at 4:47 pm (edit)

    Gun control licensing legislation introduced.
    H.R. 45. Go to the click on legislation, enter H.R. in the drop-down box and 45 in the adjacent box.

  51. Burning up the phone lines is the best way to get their attention …. because it annoys the operators to have things close down …. and they get the message to Congress. And it demands some immediate notice – not the same with petitions/emails. That’s what got them moving to attempt to get involved with Terri Schiavo.

    Glenn also surprised Blago with a written order by Obama ordering no stimulus to go to IL until Blago is gone. Blago looked a bit taken aback – wheels moving in the head to perhaps remember that?

  52. truthbetold11

    Anyone want to go to the library of congress? We can take the constitution no one is using it. I can’t see why not! We are being hoodwinked one day at a time watch! So go to the library of congress and tell them that you would like to have the peoples constitution back!!

  53. truthbetold11

    My bad the original is at the national archvies

  54. Please google NJ Senators, then NJ Representatives (of course use your own state) for contact info and then ….

    CALL NOW and leave a message and CALL in the morning to tell them:
    “Do not vote for the stimulus package as it stands today.”

    Pelosi et al are pressuring the politicians to vote Wed. so that we won’t have time to learn about it and complain. Too bad, Pelosi, we DO know about the 4 billion for Acorn and all the rest of the wasteful spending.

    As they’ve been saying on TV all day today: “Burning up the phone lines” is the best way to get their attention. Please do it now.

  55. drudge has a big NO on right now…..i hope he is right. this will prove that obama is no W, who although turned into a complete fiscally irresponsible sell out at least got bills passed by both parties.

    here is preamble to new party i am working with group to start


    WE, the individual citizens of the United States of America, do now hereby join together in common purpose and resolve to establish the (Federalist Party of the United States of America), with complete reliance upon Divine Providence and an unwavering devotion to the Unites States of America as a Government of the people, by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a union of sovereign States in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those Divine Principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity, for which many thousands of American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. We therefore believe it is our sacred duty to our Country to love it, to adhere to, support, and defend its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag; and to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  56. () is subject to change once we get a name

  57. Zach,
    Also at from the soapbox section on the front page click on “U.S. Constitution”

  58. Thanks to Citizen Wells an others for the updates. Lots going on!

    Janet and JeffM

    A lot depends on the target market. I am new to the blogshere.
    So many people like me have relied on the now defunct MSM. They
    need to be pulled away toward something that is real. What do you think of
    a news print Q&A column with blog posts highlights to bring outsiders in.

    I want to scream at people to get Obama eligibility, hypocrisy into the open. But it takes a little coaxing or people think you nuts.
    What is it about Orly’s site that brings so many hits? Variety? Are people buying the Globe? Why?
    Kim 1/27 1:12 posted under Berg, from “Rules from Radicals”.
    These ideas make sense and can be applied to good radicals.
    I love this one:

    4 ) Make the enemy live up to his/her own book of rules.[BO LIES]
    8 ) Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions
    and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.[ECONOMIC MELT DOWN}

    Did the ad in the Cicago tribune accomplish any thing permanent? I sure liked it.
    I would love to see some updates published to keep drawing people
    out of the trance.
    How hard can it be to get people
    PO’d enough to want to dump BO when they hear where he wants to
    spend our money.

  59. The following are included in the ‘Stimulus Package’ that is about to be passed.

    $50 million to the National Endowment of the Arts to compensate for a slowdown in donations.
    $276 million to fix the technology at the State Department.
    $44 million for repairs at the Agriculture Department headquarters.
    $1.8 billion for National Park repairs
    $200 million to rehabilitate the National Mall and to put new grass at the Jefferson Memorial.
    $400 million to NASA for global warming research.
    $4.19 Billion for ACORN and other groups promoting ‘neighborhood stabilization activities.’
    $60 million for an organized crime museum in Las Vegas, NV.
    $2.5 Billion to upgrade low income housing
    $426 million to construct facilities at the CDC
    $800 million to clean up Superfund sites
    $150 million for the Coast Guard to repair bridges
    $6.7 Billion to renovate for energy efficent federal buildings
    $400 million to repace the Soc. Sec. computers
    $500 million for bomb detections at airports
    $600 million to replace older cars with fuel efficient cars
    $100 million for contraceptives.

    2% for clean energy

    150 different Federal Programs will get this money.

    They can’t give a number as to how many jobs will be created.

    None of this cuts taxes or puts money in the hands of the people.

    Only 3% will be spent this year. 13% the following year. Quick response that we must pass quickly in order to stimulate the economy?

    The links below take you to a website that includes activity on our Senators and Representatives sponsored legislation and speeches in the Congressional Record and YouTube videos. Keep track of what they are doing by adding these to your favorites.

    If you sign up, they will track Webb, Warner, and your Representative for you and send email updates as to what they are working on.

    Find your representative.

    Please forward this information to others that might be interested in what our government is doing.

    Government websites.
    Senator Webb .
    Senator Warner .

    The home page is for those not in Virginia.

    Let them know how you feel.

    Stay informed by checking out . See his show on Fox News at 5:00.

  60. Too funny, see

    Obama if bringing b ack the ‘freedom of information act’!!

    —-copy– This is the 19 minute SHORT version. To see the entire 1.5 hr. presentation go to:

    WTP Chairman Bob Schulz spoke in Denver Jan 14th presenting the plan for an historic national assembly of the People’s Delegates to discuss our Government’s sustained attacks on the Constitution and to develop bold but practical strategies the People can employ to fight back. Key to the proceedings will be the People’s enforcement of the little-known but profound First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances. Go to the website to learn more about CC 2009 and the profound power and history of the Right to Petition for Redress.«



  61. Is there anyone that can be contacted to get Obama’s picture off the US flag. To me, that is descecrating the flag. Please let me know–I will contact them.bkw

  62. Blago seems pretty happy with out a care in the world. It’s like he has a get out of Jail free card, Oh wait he does. I guess we have to wait and see if he has to use. Buwaahaahaha

  63. Woodward Suggests Future Scandal For Obama White House (VIDEO) Jan 26, 2009 …
    Appearing on the Chris Matthews Show Sunday, Bob Woodward offered a rather cryptic prediction of scandal that will plague the Obama White House …

    Sam Stein Jan. 26

    Bob Woodward Promises Sexy Obama Scandal
    By Pareene, 12:44 PM on Mon Jan 26 2009, 10,564 views

    Bob Woodward, the world’s most famous and talented and handsome reporter, dropped hints of scandal on the TV this weekend! Follow the money!

    Woodward was on Sunday’s Chris Matthews Show, where he said this:

    “This may be tantalizing but vague,” said the Washington Post scribe. “I don’t think the nanny or household tax problems and so forth are over for the Obama administration…”

    Matthews asked him to elaborate, and Woodward refused, saying, “it’s not over.” Great! Scandals! More taxes and nannies! Those are always interesting and important scandals that people care so much about, and of course it’s not like employing illegal immigrants and screwing up your taxes either intentionally or not are things that every single Washington elite is guilty of.

    Also Woodward, the famous journalist, has now perfected his reporting technique: whereas before it involved “reporting,” now it involves “being friends with politicians and hacks and waiting for them to tell me something interesting that may or may not pan out.” So, yes, the game’s afoot. Time to start fishing, America. Change has come!

  64. Canadian4Hillary

    Lots of great ideas here & wonderful to see people brainstorming. I like Janet’s idea about the magazine, the more information the better to get the word out. Also would be nice to have a site with all blogs in a central location.
    Fight back using the same tactics that the Ofest did. Get in their face, LOL, call, write, fax your reps, let them know you won’t put up with this nonsense!

    I saw Glenn Beck also today, he was going crazy over the stimulus plan/constituion issues. I am sending him email to tell him to keep up the great work, & to thank him for speaking out! Also Rush L & Hannity.

    Not sure whats up with this site, message says
    Due to complicated issues,
    Obama hub is now offline.
    Sorry for the Inconvenience

    They were trying to co-ordinate sites,obamacrimes, countryfirst etc

    This video is Megyn Kelly interviewing Vitter on $4.19 Billion for Acorn stimulus money.

    Found this great quote, to share with you, thought it was inspiring….by Anonymous

    “I am wounded, but I am not slain. I shall lay me down and rest a while, and then I will rise and fight again. — ”

  65. Canadian4Hillary

    Hey, CW, great post! My wish is that Blago keeps blabbing, lol, he is good at that…tell all he knows on O & others. The heat is on him & I hope he brings down the whole house of cards.

  66. This was posted on our blog originating from I think the BOPAC blog or something…check it out.

    written by larry, January 25, 2009 I am a retired (25) police officer and spent 26 years in the United States Air force as a MSGT in charge of Training for the 482 Security Police Squadron. Was in Vietnam and also served in the Gulf War. For the last year I have been watching this site on a daily basis not believing that Barack Hussein Obama has become our president. I coach a High School softball team and everyone of my players had to produce a birth certificate to be eligible to play through the state. I hate to say this, but we in a total crisis and something will happen if this man is allowed to continue to lead this once proud nation. I have never posted before but know many FBI, Secret Service Agents, CIA and many other Federal Agents who have told me they are not to discuss this issue about Obama or they will be terminated from employment. We all need to take a step back and pray that something will come out on all of these lawsuits. I spoke to the Supreme Court Justice in my state who advised that the US Supreme Court have been ordered to throw out any case that deal with the fraud President elect. May God Help us All (Emphasis added and typos corrected) Obama’s covered all the bases. Almost all.

  67. CW

    “”Obama is the next logical choice to be indicted.
    To be continued.””

    Can’t wait.

    Off Topic: ACORN stimulus package

    We need to get this off the agenda.

  68. Another name for Barry Soetoro used at Occidental College!

    ‘Kanye Blagojevich Obama’

  69. I wanted to post this on Dr.Orly
    From Sinclair

    Pakistan knows that Barack Obama does not legally hold the office of President of the United States, and Pakistan officials know that Barack Obama can be held accountable and arrested under a Pakistani warrant. This is one of many acts that Obama will be blackmailed over by other countries of the world. America needs Pakistan as a friend and Obama’s murdering of Pakistan children is not going to stregthen that friendship.I am writing appealing directly to the People of Pakistan and its elected officials to release the official immigration records and visa of Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama from his 1981 visit to that Country.

  70. Obama says his “recovery plan will include UNPRECEDENTED measures that will allow the American people to hold [his] administration ACCOUNTABLE” yet Obama refuses to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the same American people for his UNPRECEDENTED refusal to show his actual birth certificate.

  71. Glenn Beck has a breakdown that helps put this spending in perspective.

    I’m sure it has been said many times but this approach to fixing the economy is some weird cross between a Ponzi scheme and Pay to Play
    Someone should ask Jimmy Dean sausage if they would put up some backing to advertise this PORK FEST 09 and help save America

  72. I like what Michelle Malkin called it.

    The Stimulus Theft Act of 2009.

  73. OK, OK, OK, enough already, I can’t take any more hoaxes: First we have Al Gore’s global warming, next comes Obama being a constitutionally qualified President, followed by Obama’s stimulus plan, but now we have Robert Reich telling us why we need stronger unions. Are we heading for Saturday Night Live 24/7?


  75. Zach.
    Spread a little thin today.
    I was aware of the Judge and will pursue.

  76. Pingback: Dr Robert Weinstein, Guilty plea, March 5, 2009, Chicago Tribune, Obama, IL Health Planning Facilities Board, Rezko, Levine, Obama crime connection, Vote rigging, Weinstein Indictment, Chicago Medical School « Citizen Wells

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