Philip J Berg press release, January 26, 2009, Obama not eligible, Obama not Natural Born Citizen, Berg has 3 cases, Berg will prove Obama ineligible, Berg vs. Obama, Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, GLOBE Magazine, February 2, 2009 issue

From Philp J Berg, January 26, 2009 Press release:

01/26/09: PRESS RELEASE – New Issue of GLOBE Magazine [Feb. 2nd] Highlights
Philip J. Berg, Esq. Efforts to Expose Obama not being “qualified” to be President.
Also, Berg states U.S. Supreme Court denied Injunction request but Berg has three [3] cases still open and Berg states he will prove Obama “ineligible” to be President

(Contact information and PDF at end)

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 01/26/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States and his cases that are still pending, Berg vs. Obama [2 cases – 1 under seal] and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama announced today that the new issue of GLOBE Magazine [2/2/09 issue] highlights his efforts to expose Obama not being “constitutionally qualified” and therefore, Obama should be removed from office.

Berg also stated that the U.S. Supreme Court denied his request for an Injunction from the Conference that was held on January 16, 2009. However, the case that was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court, Berg vs. Obama is still pending in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals where Berg just filed a Brief on 1/20/09. Berg said I had bypassed the Third Circuit hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court would hear our case on an expedited basis because of the significance of the case.

The two [2] other cases are in Federal Court and I will advise you shortly about the status of each.

Berg said, “This is the 5th time GLOBE Magazine has highlighted the question of Obama’s lack of ‘constitutional qualifications’ to be President. The new story about Obama is the center spread and two [2] other pages. More and more people are aware of the fact that Obama does not meet the constitutional ‘qualifications’ and that this is the biggest ‘Hoax’ perpetrated on the citizens of the United States in 230 years.”

Berg concluded, “I am proceeding for the 305 + million people in ‘our’ U.S.A., for ‘our’ forefathers and for the thousands and thousands that have died defending our Constitution with the legal fight to prove that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be President.”

Berg vs. Obama, Third Circuit Court of Appeals No. 08 – 4340
Berg filed Brief on 1/20/09

Berg vs. Obama, U.S. District Court
Case filed under seal on 11/07/08 – cannot be discussed

Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama,
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, No. 08-cv-02254
Response to Hollister Complaint due 1/26/09 by Soetoro/Obama and Biden

For copies of all Court Pleadings, go to

For Further Information Contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire           

555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12                                                     
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
(610) 825-3134
(800) 993-PHIL  [7445]
Fax (610) 834-7659
Cell (610) 662-3005    



76 responses to “Philip J Berg press release, January 26, 2009, Obama not eligible, Obama not Natural Born Citizen, Berg has 3 cases, Berg will prove Obama ineligible, Berg vs. Obama, Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, GLOBE Magazine, February 2, 2009 issue

  1. Someone better prove something FAST- LOOK where AMERICA IS HEADING–

    You’ve heard of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book? How about President Obama’s Little Blue Book? The History Company brings you all the wisdom you can fit in your pocket with this new digest of inspirational sayings and post-political insight from our very own Dear Leader.

    And don’t worry about losing your copy because this dandy only sells in packs of 10, all the better to spread the word!

    THIS IS FOR REAL!!! LOOK IT UP AT AMAZON.COM read the reviews. even the OBOTS are getting scared.

    Printed in a size that easily fits into pocket or purse, this book is an anthology of quotations borrowed from Barack Obama’s speeches and writings. POCKET OBAMA serves as a reminder of the amazing power of oratory and the remarkable ability of this man to move people with his words. His superb and captivating oratory style has earned comparisons to John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and this historic collection presents words that catapulted his remarkable rise to the American Presidency. It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.

    The little blue book includes themes of democracy, politics, war, terrorism, race, community, jurisprudence, faith, personal responsibility, national identity, and above all, his hoped-for vision of a new America. POCKET OBAMA is a portable, everyday primer for readers who want to examine the substance of his thought and reflect on the next great chapter in the American story.

    SAVE $10.00 on the purchase of this exclusive 10-copy pack.

    Jeff Hasselberger says:
    Caught wind of this yesterday and followed a link to Amazon. At first I thought it was from The Onion, but discovered it’s for real. Sent the link to one of my O-bot friends and even he was stunned. This kind of sickness will give a lot of Obama supporters second thoughts. Here’s the Amazon link. Some of the reviews are priceless.

  2. O-boy!
    I have never sat through a whole speech, since I had my impressions of his character from the Dem debates.
    I knew he is liar and arrogant ass, so why listen to this crap somebody else has written for him?

    Now they print this?

    Little reminder of BamBams speeches

  3. he is A liar

  4. This whole damn thing is Nightmare!

    I’ve seen him last night on a commercial at about 2:00 AM promoting himself or trying to get people to join his cult, etc…I had done one too many shots of Tequila to remember the commercial exactly, but i almost shot my TV with a pistol.

    He’s got to go!!!!!!

  5. The scariest line of the summary of Obama’s little book is:

    “It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.”

    Oddly enough, when I first read that line, I read it as “official requirement”. Hmmm … I wonder how many others will make that error? I said, “Huh?” and went back to see it actually said “unofficial requirement”.
    But don’t you think they did that on purpose? Normally a requirement would be official, not unofficial. Also, the words “and to carry this book at all times” is written almost like a direct order, or something a teacher or parent or army sergeant would say! Ah, the persuasive power of words (and unwords).

    Please keep writing to your senators and representatives to tell them you are NOT in favor of any laws or programs that are socialistic in nature and that you will not be voting for them to stay in office if they vote along socialistic lines. Keep writing, don’t give up.

  6. unclebluehorse

    We should buy several ten-packs they will be worth a bunch of money in 20 years.

  7. By the way, this link is no longer active. I am going to take a wild guess and say that A LOT OF PEOPLE WROTE IN COMPLAINING!!!

  8. Tell me, which country could we move to that would be better to live in than this one once Osocialism takes hold if it does?

    Not Italy. Not England. How about Switzerland? How about Australia? You world travelers need to chime in here. I am serious.

  9. Janet,

    There will be very few free places in this world which won’t be completely taken over by this upcoming New World Order initiative we’re seeing right now.

  10. Wonderful reminder . . ., January 25, 2009
    By WebSailor (Olympia, WA) – See all my reviews

    . . . of how intrusive the Obama administration will be. Put this in your pocket, and Obama and friends will be there all the time! Just don’t put your money in the same pocket, or you’ll see it redistributed.

  11. If you go to and type in Pocket Obama in the search bar, you will get it. The comments are hilarious.

    I wonder when Oprah will assign it in her book club. LOL.

  12. I sent the link to Drudge. More people should see this product and the comments.

  13. “michelle // January 26, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Someone better prove something FAST- LOOK where AMERICA IS HEADING–”

    This is absolutely sickening… Free thinkers saw this coming a long time ago! Let’s all hope the the ones who drank the kool-aid and our clueless government, wake up very soon.

    Less than 6 days in office and the corruption of America is in full swing! We must keep the pressure on… our efforts will be well worth it!

    Idaho Patriot.

  14. zachjonesishome

    Larry Sinclair has another post that will get BOPAC’s attention –

    Good Night everyone – Zach

  15. Here is the most positive comment on the Pocket-Obama:

    “Hope & Change!
    I bought this book and read some of it to my landlord. Guess what?! He said I didn’t have to pay rent any more! And when I went to fill up my gas tank, the service attendant saw my book, winked, and said, “No charge!” At the DMV, standing behind 30+ others, I held up my pocket Obama and was immediately ushered to the front of the line!”

    This really gives me hope that he is seen as the joke he is.
    I am just waiting that he puts on a fantasy uniform with a funny hat.

  16. I read that post a little earlier on Larry Sinclair’s blog and I have only one thing to say ….

    I’ve been reading his blog, he seems like an honest man, pretty smart, very determined and persistent, but this latest thing about Pakis, I am afraid for him. I hope he is watching out for himself. He is an innocent, incensed, patriotic man and I want him to be safe.

  17. and one glove

  18. I’d rather have Michael Jackson for President.
    More sanity.

  19. And he is really black, well, kinda, he used to, at least.

  20. O reaching out to the ARAB world from the oval office !!! Arab stations.Will have his first speech abroad in the Muslim world,most likely Indionesia!
    This spooky!! From his old home base!!!
    This imposter has to go!!
    Trying to be KING of the world!!!If people could see he has a very radical agenda!!!
    Hope America is outraged by this phoney!!

  21. Please copy and paste what is below this line and send it to your Senators and Representatives today. It is extremely important that they understand that the people who voted them into office are not all Obamabots and they’d better be careful which bills they vote for and against. Please mail it to them today. They are voting for the stimulus plan soon and they need to not simply be followers. They need to understand what people are really thinking, not what Nancy Pelosi TELLS them the country is thinking!

    Dear (Name),

    Many people are still under the impression that the country and the world are still gaga over Obama, but it seems that many are gagging over him now. You may be surprised by this but here are the reviews of his new little Pocket Obama book of his quotations as seen on Every single review comment was similar to these, every single one:

    This can’t be for real. Seriously people. Has to be a joke. Because if it’s not, we are in deep s**t.

    Why buy this book here? I’m sure it will be provided for free in the re-education camps.

    you are kidding me?? why not sell parts of hitler great speeches while your at it…good grief!!!

    I bought this book and read some of it to my landlord. Guess what?! He said I didn’t have to pay rent any more! And when I went to fill up my gas tank, the service attendant saw my book, winked, and said, “No charge!” At the DMV, standing behind 30+ others, I held up my pocket Obama and was immediately ushered to the front of the line!
    Wow! At just $5.95, what a great investment! It’s like an all-access pass and everything is free!
    Thanks, Mr. Obama!

    The last thing I need is a book full of his double talk. I refuse to worship Obama.

    Instead of Dear Leader’s quotes, just put this one in your pocket. I give it to you for free:
    “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
    The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”
    ~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931 – 2005

    (Before you read this reviewer’s comment, remember the name of Obama’s new security car, The Beast)
    Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (666)

    Oh happy happy joy joy! Now we can be automatons just like our brave revolutionary brothers and sisters of communist China. Those brave soldiers carry their little red books of Mao quotes everywhere they go. Now we can show the Obama Brigades that we are loyalists, too! If you are a true believer in the New World Order and the new communist revolution, you won’t want to be caught dead without this little Blue Book of Obama. Now if we can only muster up the resources to buy a plethora of train tickets to give those pesky, free-thinking American patriots and Christian zealots, we can send them to be re-educated (just as our socialist brothers in Germany did 65 years ago).

    Staggering, how people can project their hopes into such an empty suit, and expect it to hold its shape. The pages of this book should be blank. His words are just campaign rhetoric, people. He doesn’t mean any of it, he hasn’t yet accomplished anything to speak of, and he hasn’t yet lived up to any of his promises.

    First we had Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, and now we have Obama’s Little Blue Book? Add this to Obama’s Mandatory Universal Service Corp plans, and of course complete control over the media (after he institutes the Fairness Doctrine to make sure there is no dissent) and he has quite the little propaganda/brainwashing machine in place.

    How many other “Dear Leaders” have a little book for us to carry around and refer to? This little “book” should scare the crap out of people. The cover of this “book” should be red.

    People need to wake up and realize that we are being manipulated to fight against each other while ‘the powers that be’ rob us blind.

    Only the words he speaks will be the words I utter and what was once English, shall now be Obamlish! For his word is truth, the justice, the light, the hope.

    We are truly favored to witness in our own time the culmination of man’s achievement. Let us now celebrate with a glass of Kool Aid.

    Every single comment was similar to the ones above. Here’s one more comment sample about the new Pocket Obama little book of quotations sold on that just about sums it all up:
    “Wait and see. This is seriously a foreshadowing of things to come. Keep your eyes open and don’t be a little sheep being led to slaughter.”

    PLEASE DO NOT VOTE LIKE A SHEEPLE FOR ANY SOCIALISTIC BILLS. YOU CAN BE SURE WE WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR YOUR RE-ELECTION TO OFFICE IF YOU DO. Use your own thinking brain and your own heart. Do not be a follower. We hired you for your office to be a clear-thinking leader. Just because Obama says it does not necessarily mean it is right and good for our families and our country.
    What Nancy Pelosi says the country is thinking is not necessarily true, you don’t have to take her word for it. Do not lead our state and our country down the path of socialism. We are a democracy. Think about the oath you took to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

    When you vote for the stimulus bill or any other bill, we are counting on you to do the right thing for our state and our country.

  22. Sorry for the long post above. It took me almost an hour to keep going back and forth between here and amazon to choose the reviews that had might have the most impact on your congressman.

    The other day Pelosi told everyone in Congress that the country was 90% in favor of something or other in order to persuade them to vote a certain way and even the reporter on TV said “What?”

    Our Congressmen may not read this blog, but if you copy and paste my post above and MAIL it to your senators and reps …. hey, it will only cost you $2.10 to send it to five of them. Is our country worth it? Sure.

    It’s the post above with the reviews of Obama’s little quotations book.

  23. Michelle, – thanks for finding the story about the Pocket Obama. We’re going to have fun with this!

    In need of a little relief from this audacious insanity? I posted the story about the Pocket Obama over at another blog Here’s a couple comments that will at least bring you a smile.

    “In other words Barry won’t own one? It only a requirement for every “CITIZEN”

    “However, as excited as I am to be so honored and privileged TO BE ABLE TO PURCHASE ONE, I plan to wait (dear God, please hold the Brown Shirts off……) until the revised edition comes out, which will surely include these well thought out and timely statements uttered on the Friday of his (very short), first week in office;

    “I won” annnnnnnd “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”

    “Is that Obama in your Pocket or are just glad to see me?”

    I am going to wait for addition called “Big O’s thoughts from Behind BARS.”

    Thank you – we’re here all week – LOL.

  24. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. in barrys case its words he knows that until he is forced out these are just words and rumors and internet talk, unless action is taken he doesnt care what we put on the internet, How do you catch bees? With honey, he cant help himself he loves the camera. like the the last king of scotland movie. he loves the limelight and any attempt at questioning it is a threat to his world. Lets keep pressing him because he thinks this is going away but its only fueling the fire.

  25. obama has set up terrorist in building here aat summit towers who brings in laptop computer swaears at door rattling keys like he is going to come in do bodily harm,I have 8 editions to book on line paying royaltys titlwe obama stole from President Bush.i have 31 film festivals asll realtively mentioning the millions obama got from Bush and used the money to belittle him on national television,now saturday there was a hit man with the drug supplier to 2 wanna bes and the drug supplier s drug supplier pulled up obama could be connected after all its the drugaddict thief tonya roberts aunt margaret and henry the monitor who were instrumental in obam getting the diamond paperweights I had 9 cases of big ones God only knows how many small ones I can account for 4 cases ,now he has this terrorist stalking me bringing in laptop computer hacking my emails its really the lowest kind of humane behavor Ive encountered I thank God for the police force and firedepartment that keeps coming to my aid and my critically ill poodle who they had rotweiller pitbull attack dec16 3100 dollars pentagon has to speed pay next 14 monthas .shredded intestines,hole in stomach,broken leg my little 7 star major general victor a {7pound mini french poodle{bleui}}I never really new the word evil till obama

  26. Think About it..

    This Little Blue Book may be the perfect reverse psychology gift for those friends and relatives you have pressed so hard, tried to educate and they simply would not listen and still won’t.

    Write a short little sarcastic note like, “I thought you may need or would enjoy this” and send one their way. This little gem just may finally shock them out of their trance…. 🙂

  27. Wait! There’s more!! Now you can include this with your Pocket Obama…

    Someone…please make it STOP!!!

  28. Katie Katie Katie …. I am still laughing!!!

    Re Obama in your pocket:
    “I am going to wait for addition called “Big O’s thoughts from Behind BARS.”

    Actually it’s “edition” but that’s OK, I’m still giggling over that one.

  29. OMG, so many funny posts between CW and TD blogs tonight!!!

    Just visited chiaobama and it’s for real! I think! Here’s part of their sales pitch:

    “Can you grow one? YES YOU CAN.”

    Still laughing. Can you grow a couple! Yes you can! tee hee

  30. Thank you Janet. I will copy/paste and send to all of Wisconsin’s finest in Madison. The Chiaobama is fitting for Barry.


    Please read what Dr. Orly wrote about O’s new transparency edict and do what she asks at the beginning of the post.

    Here is some contact info to help you:

    Senator Boxer, Barbara – (D – CA)
    (202) 224-3553
    Web Form:

    Senator Feinstein, Dianne – (D – CA)
    (202) 224-3841

    I googled: senators california
    you can just google the same for your state
    it doesn’t matter if they are democrat obamaniks
    they STILL need to know that there aren’t quite as many sheeple as they thought.

    Just write something simple similar to what Dr. Orly wrote in her first paragraph in link above.

  32. These are the Senators to write to regarding how you feel about the Obama/Pelosi plan to spend almost a trillion of the American citizen’s dollars to try to fix the economy. Rather than go through the Congressional budget “line by line by line” as Obama promised during the campaign eliminating all the crap, he instead wants to throw good money we don’t have after bad and RUIN our country.

    Democrats Tom Harkin of Iowa, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Robert Byrd of West Virginia joined Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont and broke with President Obama regarding Treasury Secy Tim “tax cheater” Geithner’s nomination Monday.

    Senator Tom Harkin
    150 First Avenue, NE
    Suite 370
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
    (319) 365-4504 Phone
    (319) 365-4683 Fax

    Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin
    Washington, DC
    506 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510-4904
    (202) 224-5323
    Fax (202) 224-2725

    Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
    ooops, never mind, in locating his address I came across this: “first senator to be a self-described socialist” … forget him!

    But please write to the first two senators above and let them know you do not want them to vote for any socialist bills and tell them how you feel about Obama’s economic recovery package. That’s two 42 cent stamps and 20 minutes. Yeah, we’re worth it.

  33. Hi CW,

    When you get a chance could you please figure out why most of my comments go into moderation? I know I don’t post much, but I read here every day. It’s very frustrating when I do want to say something that my comment almost always goes into moderation. My last comment at 6:56 PM on the last thread is still hung up in moderation. Thank you.

  34. It’s getting better! Chairman Soetoro’s Little Blue Book is getting some attention from a CBS television station in the capital of North Dakota. They must feel it’s newsworthy; they quoted from a blog.

  35. To Lurker:

    Same here. I guess I expressed the wrong political point of view!

  36. From the Little Green Book of Paddy O’Bama —

    If you Dad’s little boys, and your younger brothers are NOT Americans, you just might not be a ‘natural-born Citizen.’

    ‘Trickle-up wealth’ — see ‘Maoism.’

    ‘Maoism’ — see ‘Chicago-style politics,’ ‘septic system,’ ‘big clods float to top!’

  37. zachjonesishome

    Australia comes through again –
    They changed my original title – I have sent an email about the typo –

    Chief Justice Roberts Disappointied U. S. Military Officer by denying court access on Obama eligibility issue

    I’ll be in and out today. Have a Great Day!

  38. You guys and gals gave me some much needed laughs today! Your links to chiaobama and Amazon,com were hysterical! Finding humor in a depressing or unfortunate situation can help to lift the spirit. One of my favorite sayings is “Sometimes ya gotta laugh to keep from crying”. The depression is beginning to lift! THANK YOU!

    I emailed the following to friends and family and others this morning:

    We all need a good laugh……………………………
    In honoring our 44th US President, the Chia Pet company presents this
    Special Edition Chia Obama

    You may be interested in this little book. BE SURE TO READ ALL of THE REVIEWS!

  39. “Barry was never legally a US citizen. His mother registered him as a foreign born American fraudulently. It is the same premise of fruit off the poisoned tree principle. He was born a natural born citizen of Kenya. When he was adopted or acknowledged by his mother’s Indonesian husband, he became a natural born citizen of Indonesia. His mother and he had to relinquish their US citizenship to live, go to public school, and work there. (It’s absolutely not allowed that non-citizens attend public schools in Indonesia.) Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenships. When he renewed his Indonesian passport at 18, he had to take an Oath of Allegiance, renouncing all other allegiances. That is an expatriating act in and of itself. (He never had a US passport until he became a state senator.) He is NOT a natural born US citizen.”

  40. Here’s an idea for the many aspiring writers and researchers out there. I believe there is a gaping knowledge/ understanding gap and it is one of the biggest assets to the bad guys.
    I received an email that was titled “ Course on the Arab Israeli Conflict “. It used a numbered outline of 20 single sentences to explain the most important points and helped me to feel confident enough to for an opinion.
    The idea is to take this eligibility issue and do the same type of outline. For example:
    1. Must be 35 years old.
    Answer: This has not been officially determined by the release of an official birth certificate.
    2. Must be a “natural born citizen of the US”
    Answer: In many people’s opinions this could be yes or no depending on place of birth but that is also in question pending review of an actual birth certificate. Others believe it is determine by parents citizenship.*[see footnote]
    3. What part of the US government has decided that Mr. Obama meets all requirements to be president?
    Answer: This might seem like a silly question after watching the Inauguration, but many people are asking that question of legal scholars, government officials, and judges, only to find it very difficult to get a simple answer.

    Back to the idea, this may seem like writing at a first grade level because it is. But that seems to be a grade or two above where many people are on this issue.
    I for one am very busy. Too busy to educate myself on all the important things and have time left for work and family. People need help. I guess this is a sort of citizen journalism.
    Along the same line, every time Mr. O opens his mouth to lie we could add another line into an ongoing “Black and Blue” book.
    1. Mr. O says: I am prolife and I support reducing abortions.
    Fact: EO#_ sends US money to promote increasing abortions WORLDWIDE
    2. Campaign finance…..
    3. Lobbyists in gov.……..
    4. Transparency………
    5. Government spending…….

    This {simple truth] could be a very useful tool to break down this denial / deception that shrouds this imposter.
    The people on this and other blogs are so far ahead of the general population it can be easy to lose that perspective.

    THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE if we use it

  41. redneck sympathizer

    I sent this to my free throw paper called the Leader.They will usually print my stuff:
    Dear Editor:

    Indeed,this was an historic election but for reasons willfully ignored.

    Ever wonder why the Founding Fathers bothered with the stringent requirements for the presidency,namely, the “natural born citizen” clause in article II section I of the Constitution?Lets examine this question.On November 5,2008 the Kenyan assembly was gathered and various politicians spoke in reference to the victory of Barrack Hussein Obama II,son of Barrack Hussein Obama I of Kenya.Here are some of the various excited comments:
    Ms. Odhiambo: “Mr. Deputy Speaker,Sir,the President-elect,Mr. Obama,is a son of the soil of this country.”
    Mr. Affey: “For the first time,we have a leader of a great country in this world whose blood is Kenyan.”
    Dr.Khalwale: On a point of order,Mr. Deputy Speaker,Sir.You have heard none other than the Leader of Government Business acknowledge that because of Obama’s win in the United States of America (USA),the House is crippled.Could we allow him to move a Motion for Adjournment so that we could also continue the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA? I humbly request!”
    In 1787,in a letter from John Jay to George Washington:

    “Permit me to hint, whether it would not be side & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born citizen.”
    By extension and precedent of the current situation, an American woman could bear a child of Akmadenijad of Iran and this child would be able to run the executive branch of the United States,provided of course they have a money pipeline and friends in the media.
    The ‘intent’ of the Framers was to keep the newly-formed nation free of foreign influence.It now appears that the globalists won another round against the nationalistic document known as the U.S. Constitution.

  42. Latest from Devvy at

    “Kenyan Parliament On
    Obama’s Birth There”
    From Devvy Kidd

    This is the official web site of the Kenyan Parliament:

    This is from a session November 5, 2008:

    Click to access 5.11.08A.pdf

    “Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the President-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country. Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates from should show the same excitement, pomp and colour. I, therefore, seek leave of the House that we adjourn to discuss the issue….”

    “What I have in mind is the famous Kennedy airlifts of the 1960s when many Kenyans were, due the friendship with the then Government and the late Tom Joseph Mboya, given the opportunity to travel to the United States of America as a result of [The Vice-President and Minister for Home Affairs] which we now have an African American of Kenyan origin being President-elect. This is momentous. At 4.00 o’clock this morning, Senator Barrack Obama called me at midnight and told me: “Mr. Vice President, could you make sure you sort out this problem?” I want to assure him that the problem has since been sorted out….”

    “Kenya is going to receive a lot of attention, but let it not be negative because we are the home of the President-Elect of the USA.”

    “Could we allow him to move a Motion for Adjournment so we could also continue the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA?”

    “..than a time when the Great America has a President-elect who has his roots in the great Republic of Kenya.”

    There is discussion about Obama’s “homecoming.”

    These records are somewhere on Orly’s site ’cause I’ve seen them:

    “Excerpts of Ca Assembly show Soetoro from Indonesia receiving foreign exchange student aid. Maybe AP should stop drinking Obama cool aid for a minute or two and start serious investigative reporting about him.”


    march for liberty and constitution, our friends at cbsmareketwatch community

    check it out

    to janet see post on suing pelosi on your post in previous thread

  44. BerlinBerlin—
    I ain’t goin to tell everybody “I told you so” I’m just going to say “SEE”. Now Obama is picking up the tab for all the abortions around the world. Guess whose money he is using. I feel like it is about time that all Americans moved together and cut off his funding. We refuse to pay income taxes for one year. If all Americans done this together it would bring him down. It would require that the entire population of the US would act. There would not be jails enough to hold 300,000,000 people. This action would also neutralize Congress as well. No money, no bail outs. What do you think?

  45. Devy’s article is a start, here is more food for thought.

    Take a look at this link another Kenyan Parliament official report from Jan. 20, 2009.

    Click to access 20.01.09.pdf

    This is why Presidents should be vetted and why the Commander in Chief needs to be loyal to only one country. If Kenya has an original BC they have our President by the short hairs and can force his hand if he does not do his bidding.
    This is the expectation of only one member.

    “Mr. Midiwo: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I also want to take this opportunity to
    congratulate Mr. Obama on his swearing in. I want to say that we, as Africans, not as Kenyans
    only, expect certain things from Mr. Obama. First, we do not expect handouts from America. We
    do not want handouts! We want Mr. Obama to help us reign in on African dictators and impunity.
    Mr. Obama can do it! We expect him to be a partner and help us us wipe out impunity, because in
    Africa elections can be conducted and won and a loser refuse to leave office. One case is Mr.
    Mugabe. I would expect Mr. Obama to, next week, even militarily oust him, because our people
    there are dying. That is my expectation from Mr. Barack Obama! ”

    Did you catch that. He expects Mr. Obama to militarily oust him.

  46. @oldsalt76
    I think it will be very hard to get this out to the average Joe, since the media is bought.
    My hopes right now are on Blagogate.
    Obama will do his part to piss everybody off, just by being himself.
    He has no clue and no heart.
    Then 2010 it will be a new game.
    btw. whatever happened to the investigation of the campaign donations?
    A very useful network could be the churches.
    Weekly meetings, later demonstrations.
    But I think the people have to be more upset to take action.
    It is very early in the game.

  47. It is obvious that posting viewpoints on Citizen Wells is not going to be an effective way to bring down our phony President. I am going to contact Phil Berg and see if he is willing to publish the alleged copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate in Globe. At least this would get some publicity. I think that if this is the genuine article it would soon be picked up by right leaning newspapers. Then soon after, many more news papers. Heavy publicity will eventually cause the SCOTUS to start behaving the way they are supposed to. Publicity is where we need to go with everything Obama. I beleive that there are still enough right leaning newspapers left in the US and that they would pick up any negative Obama news quickly. We need to keep publishing anything that we learn. Hopefully when the POE records are found they too should be published in all newspapers throughout the US who are willing to publish it.

  48. oldsalt76-

    Even having to pay income taxes has ever been totally legitimate.

  49. BerlinBerlin—
    Your right about it being a bit early in the fight. I personally think that given the BLOWHARD that Blago is, combined with being really P.O.d at his fellow(Chicago Mob) he might develop a very serious case of diarrhea of the mouth, and before the mob can administer a “CURE” he will have crapped out the entire history of his “associates” including their criminal history. You can be sure that if he does that there will be a Chicago GOON squad on his backside very quickly with orders to “Take him out”. The Chicago mob still operates as they did in the 20s. They just don’t do it in the streets anymore unless they are really desparate. New York,Chicago, LA are all TAMMANY Hall type government structure. If sombody appears to be questionable or does something really stupid they order a “CLEAN-UP”, if you know what I mean. You can expect Obama to operate in the same manner. Perhaps he already has (Sinclair). Just a guess!


    This kind of arrogance cloaked in the spirit of I know better than anyone else, and if they don’t see it my way it’s because their ideas are “bankrupt” will unleash such retaliative measures on the part of Al Quaeda that it is frightening. Obama really does not know his own arrogance and that is very dangerous. I

  51. ms helga—
    It has been said by some very knowledgeable people that the Federal Income Tax was concieved originally as a tool in bringing down Al CAPONE and his GOONS. Sadly other criminals in Government have perverted it to provide the Federal Government and it’s GOONS with a somewhat less than honest income. In nearly all cases far more than they deserve. Please pardon my viewpoints but I am really P.O.d at what is going on.

  52. Alinsky’s rules for radicals
    Obama’s mentor

    1 ) Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

    2 ) Never go outside the experience of your people. It may result in confusion, fear and retreat.

    3 ) Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear and retreat.

    4 ) Make the enemy live up to his/her own book of rules.

    5 ) Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    6 ) A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.

    7 ) A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

    8 ) Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

    9 ) The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

    10 ) The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

    11 ) If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.

    12 ) The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

    13 ) Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.

  53. AnotherFineMess


    What has Berg’s track-record been so far? I make it a grand total of zero wins. Berg will not win because all he has is a legal theory and no substantial evidence to back him up.

    His legal strategy makes no sense: He is bringing cases to the SCOTUS which at best will only be dismissed, and at worse will give Obama an un-overturnable Supreme Court victory. That means NOBODY will be able to dispute Obama’s citizenship status in any court in the land.

    As I have said before, Berg is a long-time Clintonite. Clinton is a loyal cog in the Obama machine. Is Berg still working for Clinton? That might explain why he is not working with the GOP.

    This obviously absurd case could be Clinton’s strategy for shutting down anybody who would care to dispute Obama’s eligibility in the court.

  54. oldsalt76, from what I’ve read it seems the income tax goes entirely to the federal reserve to pay the interest on the debt we owe them for making the paper notes that we think is money. Look at all their symbolism on the dollar bill. These paper notes belong to them, to enslave us. The government takes their slice by all the other taxes.

  55. Ali Ata is being discussed at Blago impeachment trial.
    He has ties to Blago and Obama.

  56. Thanks for the update, CW!

  57. Magna Carta @ 6:45

    I’m sure it’s just a WordPress problem. CW, welcomes everyones views, so long as they’re being civil.

  58. Venice-
    What we need to be really concerned with regarding AL Quada is the very serious potential of them acquiring nuclear weapons. Should this be ongoing or perhaps occur in the near future the US is NOT PREPARED for the probability of a detonation in the center of New York, Chicago, or LA. Such a detonation would kill hundreds of thousands initially, and perhaps a like amount resulting from ingesting the immediate Cesium 126 fallout, both orally,and into the respiritory system. The half life of Cesium 126 is over 30 years. Many thousands of people would also die from eating radioactive food, and drinking radioactive water. If Al Quada was to detonate 3 thermonuclear devices that were spread out equally,say 100 miles apart, and each one capable of generating about 15 megaton yeild , and all three were detonated in either rapid succession or near simultanewously the resultant cloud of radiation would travel eastward and in all probability spread HEAVY radioactive fallout over most of the United States. Most people would eventually die. Most food and potable water would be radioactive, and would not be consumable. Many more thousands would die from ingesting heavy radioactivity in the food and water. It is conceiveable that such a series of detonations would eventully cause the death of millions of people in a relatively short period of time. The radioactivity does not go away quickly, and if not manually cleaned up or disposed of will continue to emit gamma radiation. Other radiation would be from Alpha, and Beta particles. This mostly effects the skin,but is a relatively short duration. Also there is Strontium 90 to deal with. It is not looked upon as being particularly dangerous. There you have the basics. You now know what I know. Unfortunately only a tiny fraction of this knowledge would be useful in the event of such a disaster. Simply because “what is,” is. There will be little to no ability to fight the effects of such a detonation. If you survive the initial blast you will become heavily radio active,and you will need to immediately take a shower and scrub down until the radiation level on your body is less than 20 millirems. You will need an accurate device to read the level of radiation on your body. This is why I say that millions will eventually die from radioactive poisoning. In all probability only a handful even know what I know, and this is basic stuff.
    I learned much of this because I was only 40 miles away from the infamous BRAVO test at Eniwetok,in the Marshall Islands in 1954. This shot, resultant of several mistakes and miscalculations resulted in a yeild of over 15 megaton. It was projected to generate only 7 megaton. As aresult over 7000 sq. miles of the South Pacific was contaminated. This ranged Eastward as well. Several US Navy ships were heavily covered in Cesium 126 fallout. An 11 year old aircraft carrier had to eventually be scrapped because of the radiation it received. Some of it’s crewmen died early, and painful deaths. The carrier was CVE 115. The ship that I was serving aboerd was only moderately coated. Fortunately we were able to scrub her down with seawater and reduce the radiation below a harmful level. But we first had to steam to a place where the seawater was safe to use. (about 5 hours @30 knots).
    The above is an approximation of what potentially can happen to all of us if our fearless leader fails to see it coming. That is why we need a leader who is first a legal President, and in addition has a understanding of nuclear weapons, and the dire circumstances which the detonation of even one would produce . If anyone thinks this is all bullsh– then by all means wait until it happens then you will know for sure if I full of shi-. Hope you remember a little of what I said. Your life might hang in the balance.

  59. Kim-
    Have it your way. I learned a long time ago not to contradict the opinions of others. This is one of the reasons why this country is as great as it is. Everybody participates in it’s progress. That is until our recent President took office. I believe that it is his intention NOT to follow the Constitution, and in it with him is the entire us court system, both state and federal. We have only the 4th branch of government left. This has already been discussed by several knowledgeable people within this blog. I fully concurr with their observations. To me it sounds as though many have legal training, or might already be practicing attorneys.
    Any way that all of this is stacked it is obvious that we need to find a way to circumvent the SCOTUS. This leaves only the Federal Grand Jury, and the Court of Last Resort.( American People) via heavy publicity, in spite of the left MSM it is possible.

  60. jcd – this caught my eye:
    Excerpts of Ca Assembly show Soetoro from Indonesia receiving foreign exchange student aid.

    WHAT????!!!! Where is this? Where can we find it? We need to get this in writing and then send it to cable tv stations (MSNBC fools, CNN fools, FOX’s Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity) as well as the Associated Press, each and every one of your state Senators and Representatives and also the Attorney General of the United States.

  61. @Janet
    I think this was the one about M. Soetoro, remember?
    Guess it was Lolo in the 60s.
    Orly thinks there must be a similar one about Bambam.
    1981, Occidental or so.

  62. BerlinBerlin
    Yes now I do remember.
    I am working at my computer while writing on this blog and watching a soap all at the same time so I guess I’m not doing any of those things very well.

    Yes I hope there is a similar one about Bambam.

    In the meantime, I hope everyone is writing to their Senators & Representatives TODAY saying they DO NOT want FOUR BILLION DOLLARS allocated from the stimulus plan for “neighborhood stabilization activities” because that money will go directly to ACORN as a thank you for helping to get Obama into office.

    Obama/Pelosi is pressuring Republicans today and they want to rush a vote on this tomorrow. Call/write/email right now … please. Your words can make a difference.

  63. Have You seen this at Orly’s?

    Looks like Fitz is fulfilling Bush’s last order.

  64. No, BerlinBerlin,

    This is Orly’s service of subpoena on Patrick Fitzgerald and FBI in Chicago.

    The EO by its plain terms does not apply to elected officials.

    I am certain no one will comply with any of these subpoenas.

  65. Janet-
    Just put the complaint in the mail. I don’t use the internet when I mail something to our statehouse. I choose to make them throw it in their wastebaskets. They are so stinking lazy that recieving something in the mail would really upset them,just because he would have to transfer it to his left hand to throw it away. Good thing our governor isn’t in the US Maritime Service, he might have been “keel hauled “a long time ago

  66. Janet said:

    “WHAT????!!!! Where is this? Where can we find it? We need to get this in writing and then send it to cable tv stations (MSNBC fools, CNN fools, FOX’s Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity) as well as the Associated Press, each and every one of your state Senators and Representatives and also the Attorney General of the United States.”

    Here is the doc you are looking for:

    Click to access 8182vol1_10.pdf

    It’s HUGE. Try 18000+ pages. I OCR scanned all the way up to page 4200 and couldn’t find any mention of Barry anywhere. It’s not in text format so it is impossible to search. Perhaps we could get some volunteers to select 1000 pages and visually scan it (18 people)

    I had to quit temporarily as it’s extremely time consuming. But I was planning on firing the conversion back up.

  67. Thank goodness for you Jeff M, you seem to be a very intelligent, persistent citizen, thank you so much for all the information and all your thoughts.

    Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is saying on TV that “the Republicans don’t believe we can borrow and spend into a better economy. 200 million dollars to re-sod the national mall, for example, is not a big job creator. We feel that tax cuts for individuals and businesses is the way to get more money into the system.”

    He said that they are getting rid of the contraception millions because people have been writing in and calling! He said that it is imperative that people call and write their Senators and Representatives to express their feelings about the stimulus package.

    Just google: NJ Senators and then NJ Representatives (of course use your own state name) for their contact info. Please do this today. They need to know that we are completely aware of what is going on and this is how we feel about it.

  68. Janet,

    Thanks for the kind words! We’re all great patriots on here doing our civic duty. We will continue to contact our representatives.

    I have been unable to do so re. senators since my state lost both senators this term, one to retirement and the other to the usurper.

    Now I can move forward with our new senators.

  69. jeffM, can the 18000 page document be narrowed down chronologically to the dates approximate to when the aid would have been applied for by Barry.

  70. Yikes, inspirational quotes? From Obama?


    Kind of like when Hitler and Sadam became heros? I just really don’t know what to think of all this stuff… It’s unreal that so many people are dupped by this man.

    I live on the beach ( which I won’t say which one) lol, but they have festivals here a lot, and this last festival ( a couple of weeks ago) there was this booth that was actually selling African animals, and books, etc… Well, the guy was holding up an Obama sign that read ” Buy of piece of Obamas history”…

    Surprisingly enough though…. Nobody was buying anything…. Kind of like all of us…

    We’re not buying the fake material, we want the “real” thing!!

  71. save this link, somebody review it for accuracy. Seems that Pelosi obstructed the obstruction, and somebody may be trying to object, save this, and review it yourselves

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama vs World Leaders
    Front page / Opinion / Columnists
    19.01.2009 Source: Pravda.Ru

    January 8, 2009, the President of the US Senate, Dick Cheney and the US Congress failed to abide by the US Code of Federal Regulations by not calling for objections. You will see this failure on this video below, at the 20 minute point. Stay watching the video and you will see that as Dick Cheney is reading, some commotion happens on the floor of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House, jumps up and starts clapping hysterically and then you will hear rambunctious applause by Congress, for no apparent reason. As the camera pans the Congress members you will see that some are not clapping and there is one man with his arm up in the air. Click here to see the video or go to this URL:

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama vs World Leaders

    It may appear that an objection was raised and that whoever was attempting to make that objection was shouted down by the mob.

    By the inaction of the President of the Senate to call for objections, the certification of the Electoral votes was illegally obtained. This is another reason that makes Obama ineligible to be President, as well as neutering the US Congress.

    By Congress illegally certifying an ineligible person for President they have violated their oath to defend the American Constitution. They have proven that the highest oath they can promise to, means nothing to them. Their word, their promises, their oaths, their agreements and the existence of their lives are totally worthless to an honest society.

    A concern of all World leaders should be: “Are these the kinds of people we can do business with?” Where can trust be found amongst a group of people who do not respect and obey their own laws and rules? I accept that doing business with criminal organizations is a part of government function, but many World leaders have been embarrassed or removed for consorting with a liar.

    There are oven one dozen lawsuits against Obama, asking for proof that he is eligible to become President. To see them got to:

    Phillip Berg has a case before the US Supreme Court. All documents can be found at

    Dr. Orly Taitz has a case before the US Supreme Court and has any military people as plaintiffs. Her case can be seen here: Various well funded groups have vowed to continue suing him against every decision he makes.

  72. Who was the Rep. trying to object? From what state?

  73. OK, OK, OK, enough already, I can’t take any more hoaxes: First we have Al Gore’s global warming, next comes Obama being a constitutionally qualified President, followed by Obama’s stimulus plan, but now we have Robert Reich telling us why we need stronger unions. Are we heading for Saturday Night Live 24/7?

  74. “The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”- ABRAHAM LINCOLN (17 September 1859)

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