2008 Election Certificate of Vote, Electoral College Electors, California example, Secretary of State, US Constitution, Governor, Alan Keyes, Lawsuit, Obama not eligible, Citizen Wells, Democratic Disaster, December 16, 2008

“Ignorance is not bliss.”

“Knowledge is Power.”

The Citizen Wells blog and many other citizens have been busy for months
informing state officers, election officials, Electoral College Electors
and judges of eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama and reminding
those people of their duty under the US Constitution, federal and state
laws. Despite these warnings and reminders, the states have plodded along
based on tradition, ignorance and party politics. Numerous lawsuits in
state and federal courts as well as the US Supreme court should have served
as a huge warning that something was wrong. We need someone like Harry
Truman to remind everyone that “The buck stops here.”

The Electoral College met yesterday and the next step in the process is for
state officials to prepare a certificate of vote and send it to the US Senate
and other locations described below. This is a very important document and in
highest sense of the word a legal document. The format of the document is
left up to the states. Remember, all of those people involved in the election
process are sworn to uphold the US Constitution. However, some of the states
have wording in their documents as a reminder of the obligation to uphold
the various laws.

We will focus on California for multiple reasons.

The following is taken from the 2004 certificate of vote:

“pursuant to the Constitution and the laws of the United States
and the state of california, do hereby certify”

From the dictionary:

pursuant to

in conformance to or agreement with; “pursuant to our agreement”; “pursuant to the dictates of one’s conscience”  

Now consider the following:

Electoral College Questions and Answers

Citizen Wells letter to Electoral College Electors

The Alan Keyes lawsuit is still alive questioning the eligibility
of Barack Obama.

The CA Secretary of State was contacted by the Citizen Wells blog,
the Democratic Disaster organization and numerous other entities.

It is clear to even a casual observer that Barack Obama is not
eligible to be president and that Electors in CA and throughout
the nation, despite compelling evidence that Obama is not eligible,
plodded along and engaged in the worst kind of party politics, and
violated the US Constitution.

2004 CA Certificate of Vote


Electoral College Vote and subsequent procedures:

4.   Hold the Meeting of Electors
On the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December (December 15, 2008), the electors meet in their respective States. Federal law does not permit the States to choose an alternate date for the meeting of electors – it must be held on December 15, 2008. The State legislature may designate where in the State the meeting will take place, usually in the State capital. At this meeting, the electors cast their votes for President and Vice President.

If any electors are unable to carry out their duties on the day of the Electoral College meeting, the laws of each State would govern the method for filling vacancies. Any controversy or contest concerning the appointment of electors must be decided under State law at least six days prior to the meeting of the electors.

See Title 3, Section 6 of the U.S. Code
There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law requiring electors to vote in accordance with the popular vote in their States. Some States have such requirements.

5.   Prepare the Certificate of Vote
Federal law does not govern the general appearance of the Certificate of Vote. The format is determined under the law or custom of the submitting State. The electors must execute six Certificates of Vote. Federal law requires that the Certificates be prepared and authenticated in the following manner:
The Certificates of Vote must contain two distinct lists, one for President and one for Vice President.
The Certificates must list all persons who received electoral votes for President and the number of electors who voted for each person.
The Certificates must list all persons who received votes for Vice President and the number of electors who voted for each person.
The Certificates do not contain the names of persons who did not receive electoral votes.
Each of the six Certificates of Vote must be signed by all of the electors.

One of the six Certificates of Ascertainment provided to the electors by the Governor must be attached to each of the six Certificates of Vote.

Finally, each of the six pairs of Certificates must be sealed and certified by the electors as containing the list of electoral votes of that State for President and Vice President.
6.   Distribute the Paired Certificates of Vote and Certificates of Ascertainment
The six pairs of Certificates must be sent to the designated Federal and State officials as follows:
One is sent by registered mail to:
The Honorable Richard B. Cheney
President of the United States Senate
The Capitol
Washington, DC 20510

Two are sent by registered mail to:
Allen Weinstein
Archivist of the United States
National Archives and Records Administration
c/o Office of the Federal Register (NF)
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Two are sent to:

The Secretary of State of each State.

One of these is held subject to the order of the President of the United States Senate or the Archivist of the United States in case the electoral votes fail to reach the Senate or the Archivist.
The other one is to be preserved by the Secretary of State for public inspection for one year.
One is sent to:

The Chief Judge of the Federal District Court located where the electors meet.

It is held subject to the order of the President of the United States Senate or the Archivist of the United States in case the electoral votes fail to reach the Senate or the Archivist.
The statutory deadline for the designated Federal and State officials to receive the electoral votes is December 24, 2008. Because of the very short time between the meetings of the electors in the States on December 15 and the December 24 statutory deadline, followed closely by the counting of electoral votes in Congress on January 6, 2009, it is imperative that the Certificates be mailed as soon as possible.

We strongly recommend that the sealed pairs of Certificates be taken to the Post Office on December 15, or no later than the morning of December 16, to minimize delays that could occur during the holiday mail season. Some States may find it useful to alert their local Postmaster to the extraordinarily important nature of the mailing. When the paired Certificates of Vote and Certificates of Ascertainment have been delivered to the designated Federal and State officials, the States’ Electoral College duties are complete.

Prior to the election this year, the Legal Staff of the Office of the Federal Register will telephone Secretaries of State and other election officials to establish contact with the States and assure the smooth operation of the Electoral College process.

Read more here:




43 responses to “2008 Election Certificate of Vote, Electoral College Electors, California example, Secretary of State, US Constitution, Governor, Alan Keyes, Lawsuit, Obama not eligible, Citizen Wells, Democratic Disaster, December 16, 2008

  1. Just noticed that in the Washinton case “Broe v Reed.” Mr Broe has filed a motion for expedited discovery and authority to issue subpoenas in Washington State Supreme Court. The subpoenas are for obtaining admissible evidence in the case and would be sent to the Washington SOS and the Hawaiian Department of Health by Dec 28th.

    Gee, what evidence could they want from Hawaii???

  2. decentAmerican

    I am cautiously excited about Broe v. Reed too, but I am tired of getting excited for these things and to be sucker punched later on when truth and justice is denied.

    Documents are due from hawaii by DEc 28th. Hmmmm…..Obama is vacationing in Hawaii at the EXACT same time….coincidence? Hopefully someone will keep an eye on him so he doesn’t sneak into the records dept to commit forgery, I don’t trust this man any more than I can spit.

    CW…..have you talked to Leo at all? He has not reposted since his “comedic” post on his website, I sense this is a man who has worked his tail off to get justice for our country, only to see his own government betray his trust, and he is taking a deserved vacation.

  3. he needs more evidence than from Hawaii, he needs subpoenas from Columbia, Harvard, the universities in Californa, and the high school in California where OBAMA-Saotao allegedly attended to complete the whole picture/painting/puzzle. Yes , puzzle of the jigsaw pieces, all to come together for completeness.

  4. ok we punted on first possession of the ball –
    stay the election
    and punted on second possesion-
    stay the electoral college

    next up: emergency stay on Congress ratifying the vote?

    I am counting past that one, and the one that the SUPREME COURT actually has a given task in the CONSTITUTION- the SWEARING in by the Chief JUSTICE.

    Someone should file an emergency stay on that act. If the SC doesn’t take that one to bat, then you know something is up.

    Please someone file emergency stays on Congress ratification and on Swearing in.

    These are the next logically steps in process, no?
    What else?

    (I still like the idea of “mickey mouse” suing OBama to get back campaign contributions on grounds of running for president under false pretense(s) )

  5. Does anybody know where the funds are coming from to pay for Obies lawyer brigade?

  6. Can you detail for us laypersons here pls. Is the one state of CA votes enough to overturn the electors votes and get this deed done?? Thanks, NOO

  7. All it takes is one state. That state can have only a small quantity of electors.

  8. Thanks for all the information. Please do not stop fighting for the truth. God Bless you and America. I feel I need to do more to help. We need to build our own investigating team. CW let me know what I can do, besides give money.

  9. The Michael Gallagher Show aired this dilemna long enough to butcher our succinct points.One caller tried but was not articulate enough to explain the hard-hitting principles of Constitutional precedence amid Gallagher’s loud ramblings on all the confusing fragments from the Berg case. Although caller did lay into the NBC point he moved on to Horowitz who promptly identified this camp as equivalents to the Bush-derangement ala Bush-Gore and angry liberal fallout. I promptly attempted to pound down Horowitz via e-mail. We all need to contact Michael Gallagher who read aloud the fact the he was holding the Holy Grail BC right on the spot. He read aloud the time of birth,father,place… it was cited as a “Certificate of Live Birth”,then he proceeded to read the race “African”. Its too bad we do not have knowledge beforehand when they will air this controversy.
    I will post my response to Horowitz.

  10. My response to David Horowitz(Front Page Magazine) who abhors the connection of this movement to conservatives who just refuse to accept the election:
    Re: The Constitution and your contempt for those who wish to preserve it (DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is BELIEVING IN FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS)

    Dear Mr. Horowitz,
    I heard your interview on the Michael Gallagher.It was a real butcher job.It is obvious you did not do ample reading and study on this controversy before asserting your opinion. It is really not about both ineligible candidates.It is about the Rule of Law,the intent of the Framers with regard to the Natural Born Citizen clause (used nowhere else in the document) and damaging and dangerous precedent set by allowing this ineligible candidate of foreign descent to rule over American nationals. Obama could probably be considered a citizen with skillful attorneys and a proper birth certificate laid out for the public.By this I mean one that is a “Certificate of Live Birth” that does not list his race as “African” among other glaring problems.
    The Supreme Court really does need to rule on the correct definition of this term but as I comprehend it,the term really does delineate a “Supra-citizen” if you will, not simply a citizen that can be of foreign extraction and follow through with statutes to gain citizenship and participate fully in the life of this nation.
    Further, you stated that conservatives need to get over it,etc..what you fail to understand and be correct about is that Alan Keyes was never at the heart of this debate. He arrived later. This was started by an active Democrat from Philadelphia named Phillip Berg,however,the best suit from a legal perspective is Leo Donofrio’s case who is also a liberal/independent.Plenty of PUMAs are also activated on this issue and they are discontented Democrats who saw how Obama gamed the caucuses. Just so you fully understand this is a very bipartisan effort. The next suit lining up will include military members who do not wish to take orders from a usurper.If you think that this will settle down and the conservatives and affronted Democrats will rest on this I think you will be in for a big surprise.It will make the Bush/Gore fallout look like tiddledy-winks.You must let the concept of precedent SINK into your head.By permitting Obama to remain in power will allow any foreigner to come rule over us.Are you comfortable with that? I’m not!
    I will copy a response to another cynic explaining why this issue is drop dead serious and those of us who wish to seek remedy should not be given such contemptible treatment by conservatives who wish to selectively choose from the Constitutional menu.

  11. People, you know this issue is dead. You know it. And I know it. And yes, Citizen Wells, Texas Darlin, and Leo Donofrio know it. So why do you keep pressing it? You are wasting your time, while you could be going to change.gov and participating in the new democratic interaction that Barack Obama is building. Let’s finally come together. The election is over and all progressives are needed to work to expand health care coverage to all Americans, revitalize the middle class and build the energy economy of the 21st century, and finally save our planet from global warming.

    This citizenship thing never had a chance, so why not focus your energies on product ways to help your country. The Supreme Court will almost effortlessly continue to reject all of these frivolous suits and cause you to repeatedly get your hopes up, only for those hopes to be predictably dashed.

  12. don’t waste your time MSM ,opps LSM (lame stream media – NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and esp. MSNBC) are all in the tank for OBAMA!

    The neoSoviet style PRAVDA propaganda networks in USA. Ironic turn of fate, pravda mean truth, which is very much lacking in their reporting or agenda.

  13. Nice try.
    Just say no to the BO Kool Aid.

  14. Just exactly why is the orginal birth certificate so important?

    Let me tell you why, so that Gallagher and all the others can understand the issue. Tell them to forget everything else that they have heard. Obviously, its confusing them.

    Only if Obama were actually born “jus solis,” that is “on the soil” of Hawaii, can an argument be made (maybe) that U.S. law trumps British law, and Obama is an American citizen under the 14th Amendment.

    No one can make that argument, not even the Supreme Court, without documented proof that Obama was actually born on U.S. soil. At the moment, we have only Obama’s “assurances” that he was born in Hawaii, and on a form that is also issued to children born overseas.

    Still, after all that, Obama was only 50% American at birth (through his mother), and will never be 100% a ‘natural born Citizen’ as was intended by the Constitution.

    As things stand, without that proof, British law trumps U.S. law (because British citizenship descends from the father), so Obama is 100% British at birth (because British law makes no provision for the mother), and he remained under the care, custody, and control of his birth father until his parents divorced in January, 1964, when Obama was a little over 2 years old.

    Without the orginal, witnessed birth certificate showing the exact physical location in Hawaii where he was born, completed on the day he was born, Obama is 100% a British subject as of the date he was born.

    With the orginal birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii, Obama is a “dual or multiple national” as provided for in the State Department Foreign Affairs Manual.

    Why? Because his father was in the U.S. on a temporary student visa issued by the U.S. Emabasy in Nairobi, and his visit to the United States was supervised by the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. He never immigrated to the United States, and he never intended to.

  15. I was just thinking about Hawaii.
    Beside the BC they must also have the adoption papers, right?
    One thing I never understood was, the BC of an adopted child gets sealed, and another one with his “new” parent replaces it.
    Is the alleged COLB from the original one?
    Since it seems that Stanley Ann did not really have her act together, I doubt that she reversed this all. Like regaining Obamas citizenship and refiling the BC.
    Whatever, I don’t know enough about the whole legal process.
    Wasn’t this divorce delayed for many years?
    Long story short, what about the adoption and divrce papers in Hawaii?

    (also I hate the fact that I know so much about this guy, I don’t even have to look up the names etc. arrrggghhh!)

  16. Shannon…

    That was a good speech but you forgot to add that Obama is also going to Buy us all new cars, Lower the sea levels and pay our cable bills. I have a tingle in my leg already. Brrrrr….

    It’s not over until it’s over. Obama is not NBC.

  17. Shannon,
    What about those of us who do not want the MAFIA-LED government in our schools,banks,mortgage,car industry,perpetuating the global hoaxing while sliding their gypsy hands into our wallets? Do we not have a say here? Progressives want the government to choose what we can say,think,eat this nation was founded on individualism.It was courage to stand alone that forged the best of all nations. if you want constant government oversight by the criminals in government,helping you think and perform even basic every day operations why don’t you immigrate to Europe?

  18. Shannon,
    Oh so naïve and misinformed… I digress, some folks just refuse to look at the facts and apparent lack of concern in regards to the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America that this Great Country was founded upon.

    Not one dismissed case has been done so on the basis of evidence, simply the lack of standing to request such challenge. This subject is not going away until it is answered…

    Respectfully, I suggest you attempt to shift your thoughts enough to study the infinite amount of information available at the end of your finger tips and right under your nose

    This subject is not going away Best Wishes…

  19. Shannon….wake up to who this man is!

  20. First of all, Shannon, I challenge you to explain this little bit to all us “ignorants” here:


    Or, is it perhaps, that you are in fact one of them? All we are asking for is just a little honesty…

    Next, I ask if you (or anyone for the matter) is prepared for Dr. Vieira’s predicted scenario, if we get past Jan. 20th:

    “On some Monday not so far in the future, “President” Obama meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to announce that “Operation Sandblaster,” for a massive nuclear attack on Iran’s supposed “weapons of mass destruction,” will be launched on the coming Friday. The Joint Chiefs remonstrate, pointing out that such aggression will trigger retaliation by Russia and China, almost surely plunging the whole world into a thermonuclear World War III. “President” Obama, however, is adamant, and instructs the Joint Chiefs to have the necessary orders for “Sandblaster”—or their resignations—on his desk by Wednesday morning. Knowing that, if they resign, “President” Obama will simply appoint some unprincipled uniformed “yes men” to carry out his plan, the Joint Chiefs immediately order covert break-ins around the country to obtain his original birth certificate and other material evidence relating to his ineligibility for the Office of President. With these documents in hand, on Wednesday morning, accompanied by a contingent of heavily armed Marines, the Joint Chiefs confront “President” Obama with the evidence, arrest him as an usurper and all the Members of Congress as his co-conspirators, and appoint themselves a Military Commission to function as a “caretaker government” during the ensuing “national emergency.”

    Try all you may to shoot down Dr. Vieira as the “messenger.” He just has a mere four degrees from Harvard, 30+ years of legal experience, including arguing cases before SCOTUS.

    The next question and task on my mind, is email Dr. Ron Paul, and remind him that I do not wish to see him charged as a “co-conspirator” in Dr. Vieira’s scenario. I intend to specifically charge Dr. Paul to object to the certification of the vote on Jan. 6th on grounds that Obama is not a “natural born citizen,” under Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution.

    Even if he cannot get at least one senator to agree with his objection, then at least he is “on record” as to objecting to the certification of this election. I would hope that this “record” would exonerate him from any “conspiracy” charges leveled against him by the military court as a “co-conspirator” together with the entirety of Congress.

    As a “silver lining” to all this, I present this masterful montage as some hope for the future. We were warned some six years ago…

  21. @Brian,

    This subject has already gone away. You just don’t know it yet. It takes very little effort to dismiss each of these lawsuits, no matter how many you choose to bring. The idea that they are creating some political or legal “pressure” is pure comedy.

    @Neida Purge and Jerome

    You sound like you’re with the “Grand Ole Party,” so my message wasn’t aimed at you.

  22. Here’s the plea that’s been issued in the “Broe v Reed” Hawaii case.

    Plaintiffs seek an Order allowing plaintiffs expedited discovery by means of two subpoenas, one to be served on the Secretary of State of the State of Washington, to discover the following items: I) the Declaration of Candidacy of Barack Obama as filed in the State of Washington; 2) all records concerning the candidacy and disallowance of Socialist Worker’s Party candidate Frank Colero within the Secretary of State’s office; and one to be served upon the Director of the Department of Health in the State of Hawaii, to discover the following items: 3) the Birth Certificate of Barack Obama in Hawaii, and 4) all supporting documentation regarding the registration of the birth of Barack Obama in Hawaii. Plaintiffs seek an order which establishes the following schedule.

    Plaintiffs are to serve the Secretary of State of the State of Washington with a Subpoena in the form attached hereto as approved by the Court no later than the close of business on Friday, December 19, 2008, and responses shall be served upon Plaintiffs’ counsel Stephen Pidgeon no later than the close of business on December 28, 2008.

    Plaintiffs are to serve the State of Hawaii Department of Health with a Subpoena in the form attached hereto as approved by the Court no later than the close of business on Monday, December 22, 2008, and responses shall be served upon Plaintiffs’ ‘counsel. no later than the close of business on December 28, 2008.

  23. Does the Broe v. Reed case ask for the college records to be unsealed as well. After all, it won’t do any good if the birth certificate says he wasn’t born in Hawaii because Obama will say “my mother never told me” OR “my grandmother kept that a secret”. He will, once again, throw the women in his life under “the bus”. The only way to prove he KNEW he was not born in Hawaii is to release his college records. Many of us feel he applied as a “foreign student”.

  24. Why was the first case in Washington State dismissed?

  25. CW, Do you know how we can find out who the actual Electors are who signed the “Certificate of Vote” of CA yesterday?

    I believe that in the preparation to file the Keyes suit, it was discovered that Ilene Huber has been dead since 2001.

    I’m curious if someone by that name voted yesterday.

  26. Shannon,

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe some people don’t believe Global Warming is “Man Made?” Did you ever stop to think that maybe some people don’t feel it is the purpose of the Government to provide health insurance? Did you ever stop to think that that some people don’t think the Government should get involved in strengthening any particular class above another?

    Some people want Government out of there lives, not entrenched in it.

  27. Not yet, LadyHawke.

  28. American4America

    I was the first caller on Gallagher today, unfortunately my phone quite before I could finish.

    My issue was with Horowitz characterizing all of us as right-wing, republicans, and the like. I told Gallagher I am a registered dem. and dem. friends are, also, concerned with the up-holding of the Constitution and O’s eligibility; that O considers himself a citizen under the 14th Amendment; and, that even school childern know who qualifies and who DOESN’T qualify to be Commander-in-Chief; that the Founding Fathers intentionally clarified in Article II that no one with dual allegience could hold the office of CIC.
    Phone quit before I could finish—dammit!

  29. American4America

    P.S. Gallagher could’nt give a s___. His mind is made up to the ‘it’s just a technicality.’

  30. Margie,

    I think the best things WE can all do right now are:

    1. Write brief, factual, clear, concise letters to every Republican Senator and Representative urging them to understand that because Obama’s father was not a US citizen when he was born, Obama had dual citizenship at birth which makes him NOT a natural born citizen, therefore a USURPER if he becomes president.
    Urge them to vote against certifying Obama unless he provides proof that he is a “natural born citizen”.

    2. Do some research yourself. Try to find out if Obama, as Barry Soetoro, went to college as a foreign student on a foreign student scholarship.
    He went to Occidental, CA & Columbia University, NY. By the time he went to Harvard, his foreign benefactors were paying for it.

    Margie, none of these things cost any money besides stamps, phone calls, and emails are free.
    You never know what one letter can do until you send it.

  31. Pingback: 2008 Election Certificate of Vote, Electoral College Electors, Minnesota Certificate, Secretary of State, US Constitution, Twelfth Amendment, Governor, Obama not eligible, Citizen Wells, Democratic Disaster, December 16, 2008, Al Franken, Norm Coleman con

  32. Shannon, (and all other Obamanuts):

    YOU can go to change.gov and be sure to give the Obama team as much personal information about you as possible including your age so that if you are between 18 and 25 he will be able to make you go for 3 months of brainwashing, I mean training, in his new Civilian Defense team. Yes, he wants to make our college students into his little soldiers.

    He will also use your information to create a groundswell of supporters all through his tenure to encourage people to vote Democratic because his main goal is to eventually have only one party where HE would have no term limits.
    Then we can call him Barack Fidel Barry Soetoro Castro Obama. Why not, he already has quite a number of different names. But how would you know what his REAL name is since you’ve never seen his original birth certificate???

    And if you are not that age, but someone building a business, you can expect great changes, like changes in the tax code, so that much more of your hard earned money will be rewarded to lazy people who would rather play video games on the couch than work as hard as you do.

    And if you are a mother, you can expect wonderful changes when it comes to your children who will be responsible for paying taxes to a government who borrows and spends, taxes and spends, spends and spends until the deficit is so high that we have to default on our Chinese loans and our country is so weakened that the Russians can come in and take over.

    And if you are an American citizen, you can expect lots of changes when our country becomes more and more socialist as the days go by.

    You won’t see me on change.gov. You will see me writing letters and researching and keeping my eyes WIDE OPEN instead of wearing blinders. There are none so blind as those who will not see what a lying fraud this man is.

  33. I have a new article up on the MN certificate of voters.

  34. How can the Supreme Court make a ruling over something that hasn’t in fact happened yet, the election of Obama?

    He can not be elected until January 8, when Congress elects the President through certification of the electoral college. Right now (Dec 16) he isn’t even a Senator.

    So, the Supreme Court has nothing to rule on since the remedy to this potential issue is contained in the 12th Amendment.

    The time to challenge the election of Obama is between January 8-20, after he is elected and before he is sworn in. This all makes me seriously question the motives of these left field lawsuits from poker players. How could the Supreme Court rule on something that hasn’t happened???

  35. Amendment XX says “…if the President elect shall have failed to qualify…”. This implies that qualification is something the President elect must do, not something that is done to him. I hope the SCOTUS takes the same view. The onus must be on the person seeking office, not those who object. It would also make the case and revelation of documents much more interesting.
    This is a matter of principle regarding an unalienable right. It can never be taken away and can never disappear. It will always be with us. We did not create unalienable rights, nor can we eradicate them. The only question is if we have the integrity as a nation to enforce it.

  36. Shannon —

    Under the Constitution, the election only began yesterday. Up till now, everything has had to do with the several States.

    True, the effort has been to kick the can down the street, and see if that will wear everybody out. Looks like you are one of those who is bushed, and have sore feet, and don’t want to run any further.

    So, you’re telling everyone else to give up too.

    But, that’s not how it works. “Stays” were by law permitted, so that technique was tried, because in 1968 Eugene McCarthy used that technique, and used it effectively.

    Now, the election has entered the official stage. That’s to our advantage, because under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, the officials are required to follow a very high standard.

    While a State may get away by being a little slipshod and overlook a detail or two, that is not the case now.

    Congress cannot permit the slightest error, including on the “eligiblity” question. They must know a candidate is “eligible” before they can count the vote. If the candidate is not, then Congress will simply not count the votes. If no candidate has 270 votes for President, then Congress will elect our next President.

    Congress cannot violate the law. The Constitution, acts of Congress, and Treaties, are the “law of the land.” So, Congress is stuck.

    If they ignore the issue, they have broken the law; if they try to fix it, they have broken the law, because the only way that you can change the Constitution is by amending it. That requires the affirmative vote of three-quarters of the States. So, Congress is stuck.

    They have to address this issue head-on.

  37. Shannon,
    Oh Plz, I tried playing nice… spare me and the rest of us your BS… you won’t convince anyone here to drink the kool-aide you are drinking…

  38. apropos Shannon:


  39. Neida Purge . . . On Horowitz and our Election Derangement Syndrome — and Rush Limbaugh’s “Elections have Consequences. . .”

    I capitalized the word in both clauses that they have in common, “NO!”

    “Congress shall make NO law respecting . . .

    “NO person except . . .”

    I’ll let you guess where they come from, because you’ll probably score 100%.

    David Horowitz will probably scorce 0%.

    Can you begin to see the problem that conservative talk radio will have, if “NO!” is modified to mean, “SOMETIMES!”

    Right now, it means, “100% NO!” But, if Obama, who is no more than 50% American, becomes a 100% ‘natural born Citizen,’ then the clause “No person except . . ” (which at the moment means, “no exceptions”) will soon become “SOMETIMES no, 50% no person except . . .” And who defines “SOMETIMES?” Why do you ask, of course 67 million of us define “SOMETIMES!”

    Now, move ahead to talk radio — Gallagher, for instance, or maybe Hannity.

    The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make NO law respecting . . .” the free speech of conservative talk radio.

    But now, NO means “SOMETIMES no, 50% no!”

    So, with talk radio, the First Amendment now says, “Congress shall SOMETIMES no, 50% NO law respecting . . .” the free speech of convervative talk radio. And who defines “SOMETIMES?” Why do you ask, of course 67 million (53%) of us define “SOMETIMES!”

    So, you see, WE won’t be able to help preserve talk radio anymore, because there’s only 59 million (47%) of us, AND WHEN WE WERE ASKING FOR HELP TO PRESEVE THE WORD “NO!”, we were told by David Horowitz that we were 100% DERANGED! Why, because we could read that “No!” meant “100% No!” (at least for a little while still).

    As Rush Limbaugh says, “Elections have consequences . . . ”

    So my question to David Horowitz is this, “Why (because you think we are deranged) are you willing to sell conservative talk radio down the river?” Don’t you like Hannity, Gallagher, Limbaugh, and the rest? Huh? “Who’s going to let you spout anymore on the air, if they aren’t around anymore?” 100% no more!

  40. The Washington state courts do not have jurisdiction over the soverign state of Hawai’i. They will not issue that subpoena


  41. http://worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=83851

    more circular stories

    lawdawg // December 17, 2008 at 10:36 am

    The Washington state courts do not have jurisdiction over the soverign state of Hawai’i. They will not issue that subpoena


    >>>AHA , then that is when the SUPREMES get involved!! Maybe they have something NOW to referee a battle BETWEEN the STATES. Maybe we are making some progress in these cases.

    Lawdawg —- WHO ARE YOU???

  42. Maryanne Dattoli

    Members of the Electoral College are not chosen until the day of the National Election; this is per the rules. Why would an electoral college vote result be discussed prior to an election in which it shall have been chosen? How can it have been decided prior to the actual election in which names would have been chosen and prior to the December date in which the electoral college vote will have been cast? Were the months of the year reversed without my knowledge and consent?

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