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Barack Obama became a curiousity in the news when he sought and gained a US Senate seat and spoke at the Democrat Convention in 2004. When Obama began his run for the presidency he, of course, became more news worthy. However, the one event and breaking story that probably gained the attention of more people and subsequently caused Obama to be scrutinized more by more people, was the YouTube video and allegation from Larry Sinclair of a drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. This was the catalyst for me and many others to examine the life, character and associations of Obama more closely. Not only did many more people get involved reasearching Obama, but Larry Sinclair’s websites became a gathering place for sharing information and and experiences with the Obama camp that varied from personal attacks and death threats to tampering of information on the internet and shutting down of sites questioning Obama.

We witnessed a new paradyme of news gathering and presentation. The MSM failed to report the truth about
Obama and Sean Hannity referred to this as the death of journalism. The internet began to take over as
the only place to find out about the real Obama. Of course the Obama camp tried it’s best to thwart the efforts by citizen journalists. This is where Larry Sinclair and many other bloggers and internet reporters stepped in. Despite the MSM not only ignoring the Larry Sinclair allegations and other important stories about Obama and along with the Obama camp trying to discredit Sinclair and anyone questioning Obama, Larry Sinclair and the internet news prevailed.

Larry Sinclair is publishing a book about his encounter with Obama in 1999 and the bigger story of his
experience trying to get Obama to be held accountable and making the public aware. This is an incredible
story that I have watched play out from a front row seat to my astonishment and disbelief. Up to this point
in my life, I have only read about experiences like this happening in other countries. However, despite
this all appearing surreal, it did indeed happen. As soon as Larry Sinclair produced his YouTube video,
he received personal attacks and death threats on his person and family, website attacks and eventual
incarceration in Delaware. This did not happen in the Soviet Union, Kenya or South America. This happened
in America.

I have followed, researched and written about the Larry Sinclair story probably more than any other source.
I can state with authority that Larry Sinclair could not have made up this story. I hope to write a book in the
near future and will elaborate on that and cover the other stories I have been associated with. However,
only Larry Sinclair can tell his story. Here is a quick statement that I sent to Larry recently for possible
inclusion in his book:
“The Larry Sinclair story was the catalyst for me and many others to begin questioning
the character and background of Barack Obama, a candidate that most of us knew little about.
Mr. Sinclair’s allegations appeared preposterous at first but captured my curiousity.
I began by examining the Official Illinois State Senate records for the period of November 3 – 8,
1999. I discovered that Obama was missing on November 4, 1999. I thought, “interesting.”
I then read the transcripts from the Tim Russert, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.
All three interviews asked Obama about his records during his tenure in the Illinois
Senate. Obama was consistently vague and evasive in his answers. This piqued my curiousity more.
One thing led to another and within a few days I knew that we had a problem with Obama. I had reached
the point of no return and could not in good conscience abandon my efforts. I continued to follow
the Larry Sinclair story and watched it play out in detail. I got to know Larry and we achieved
a level of mutual trust that soon became a precious commodity.
The Larry Sinclair story evolved into at least four large separate stories:
1. The initial encounter with Obama in 1999.
2. The Donald Young controversy.
3. The attacks made on Larry Sinclair, those following his story and anyone questioning
the “messiah” Obama.
4. The changing and withholding of internet information and attempts to prevent Larry Sinclair
and others from reporting the truth.
I have come to know Larry Sinclair as a person and not just a story. I admire Larry for his
persistence in the face of incredible odds, his integrity and his patriotism.”

If you want to know more about the real Barack Obama and what really happened during the 2008 election.
If you want to read a book about real events that are so surreal they appear as fiction, order a
copy of Larry Sinclair’s book here:

18 responses to “Larry Sinclair book, Obama drug encounter November 1999, Obama camp thugs, Sinclair YouTube video, Larry Sinclair story, Personal attacks, Delaware arrest, National Press Club, Donald Young murder, 2008 election book

  1. The most dangerous and devastating thing that could happen to the United States is an assassination of Barack Obama, while George Bush and Dick Cheney are still occupying the White House. This would mean that the greatest danger is the period between today and Jan. 20, 2009, when Barack Obama is to be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. The opportunity to create the kind of national emergency, from which American democracy would never re-emerge, is too overwhelming for our enemies to pass up.

    Who would benefit the most? To determine that we should look at the global financial disintegration which has been underway since July 2007. The Anglo-Dutch liberal system of globalization, free trade, and unfettered speculation is dead. What the British financial oligarchy and their assets in America fears the most, under these current conditions, more than anything else is an American revival of the policies last seen during the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Their hatred of FDR almost matches their hatred of Abraham Lincoln. And the British, as the official record even shows, at the minimum, had a heavy hand in the assassination of President Lincoln if not the actual implementation.
    From the earliest days of our republic the British have assassinated American republican leaders, beginning with the assassination of former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, at the hands of British East India Company traitorous agent Aaron Burr.

    The British know that an assassination of President-elect Obama, while George Bush is still in power, would tear the United States apart, and lay the basis for the kind of lockdown of the system, that would mean the end–after more than 200 years–of our Constitutional Republic. The AA community has foolishly participated in generating this scenario with the constant threats of violence during the election. The suspension of civil rights under Bush and Cheney following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon, is a taste of the kind of top-down repression that Cheney and his puppet George W. Bush would impose, under the conditions of chaos set off by an assassination of the President-elect.

    The British media has been floating the prospect of an assassination ever since election day to put them in an “I told you so” position outside the ring of suspicion.

    Let’s not add our own Reichstag Fire to our county’s history. (Reichstag Fire, incident in Germany in 1933 that provided the pretext for a state of emergency, the suspension of constitutional rights, and the suppression of opponents of the Nazi party)

  2. I ordered three books as I want to spread knowledge around this holiday season as Obama spreads the wealth! I have followed Larry’s stoy for over a year and believe it. If it wasn’t true Obama and his thug followers would’ve had him in lock down!

  3. The most astonishing thing I witnessed was watching Alan Keyes clean Obama’a clock during debates while they both ran for U. S. Senate in Illinois – only to have both the media and the Republican Party of Illinois then attack Alan Keyes!

    Obama began to refuse to appear with Alan Keyes.

    Only this last week I heard Obama report when he met George Bush (the first time in the White House), Bush told him that the one thing they had in common was debating Alan Keyes, saying something like “he’s some piece of work.”

    So, Obama placed his arms around the shoulders of the President, but that story told me everything I needed to know.

    Both of these political parties are in firmly in cahoots!

    So, now we witness Obama’s cabinets appointments — the Democrats got rich as Lobbyists of 8 years — so, they get to hold on to power for 8 years, while the Republicans go get rich for 8 years in the private sector, and then the wheel will rotate once again.

    However, we have something new to watch their antics, the InterNet — so I guess the next thing we have to watch is to see if they try to take that away!

  4. @ an observer

    I am really trying to get to the observer state myself.
    The emotions just hinder clear analysis.
    Thank You for Your input, I have come to the conclusions that in January the whole eligibility issue will come up. He is not eligible. Crisis.
    Still Bush and Cheney.
    Still riots.
    Still “national emergency”

    I really don’t know what legal difference it would make. between the two scenarios.
    This is for the experts here.

    To Citizen: I am really looking forward to read Your book about the The big election swindle.

  5. I believe Larry Sinclair, not because I’m “naive,” but because I am NOT.


    And yes, Alan Keyes most definitely cleaned Obama’s clock. Here’s a great debate Keyes had with Satan, oops, I mean Obama:

    I also noticed they (GOP and others) tried to make Ron Paul out to be a “kook” too. That’s how they discredit and taint truth so it won’t get out to the people.

    Sometimes the truth is just so unbelievable, the lie so despicable that people just don’t want to believe it. just like they’re doing with the Obama fake birth certificate and his dual citizenship, they [obama & the media] spread it around like it’s just a rumor started by “internet kooks.”

  6. CW….What do you know of this?Is this going to go anywhere in your opinion?

    **************** FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE UNCOVERED ****************

  7. I have been following this for months.
    Bottom line: If Obama had legal proof of eligibility, he would have presented it long ago.

  8. I do not WISH IT, but this guy has to have a huge bulls-eye on his back.

    Re: birth certificate. Does he enjoy “diss-ing” 48% of the population? (and at least 8% of what he CHEATED OUT OF A FAIR VOTE?)

    What a coup the government is pulling off on its citizens.

    I’m working my own way around this havoc.


    “of WHOM” he has cheated out of a fair vote

  10. Larry,

    I have many OLD posts to send to you.

    I wish someone could have managed a relationship with Donald Young’s family.

    I think they will WAIT until they realize that HOPE is an EMPTY SHELL.

    I will be here waiting.

  11. mrje,

    I agree with the 46% and 8%, mine were 46% and 7%. This has been a coup of inordinate proportions.

    I can hardly wait for the history books to reveal some of what has happened, because of course no one will ever get the full story.

    Can’t say we don’t live in interesting times, with economic, political, international, and social uncertainty. They all ultimately converge, but such complexity keeps all of us guessing.

    For example who murdered or had Donald Young murdered ? Was it the Chicago faction and their close ties to BO, were they orders from higher up, a combination of both, or a myriad of other possibilities.

    And then one might ask for what gain? To support the worst fraud perpetrated against the nation in its history? I’ve always wondered of all the more capable puppets they could have chosen why him?

    Maybe its easier to manipulate a fraudulent choice, there are more blackmail possibilities.

    But if you chose someone fraudulent, why one with such an obvious trail contesting the BC? There are so many credible leads to this story, its laughable, but more importantly incontrovertible.

    Now we have an “apparent” twist with a cabinet full of Clintonites. Some say BO is being savy. I say he is clever enough putting in charge those who will get something done, knowing full well he is incapable. Also I don’t believe he has much say in the picking any way except for his tight associates from Chicago.

    So where does this leave us? It may take us full circle, to a very well orchestrated coup against the nation to implement structural changes at the economic, international and political level.

    I’m still not sure BO will get to the oval office in January. It’s just a guess.

  12. that should be “savvy”

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  16. “They” always say, “What goes around comes around”. Obama ran for president not proving he is a natural born citizen. Can he? Evidently he can’t! Or else why would’t he? Will he sue Larry Sinclair? If he doesn’t The story is true! Obama ran for president NOT being an American citizen . He has it coming to him!

  17. Concerned Citizen

    To whom it may concern,

    President-elect Barack Obama is an extremely serious threat to the
    national security of the United States.

    He was not even born in the U.S. he was born in Mombasa, Kenya, in 1961.

    According to his paternal grandmother, she was there and watched his birth
    with her own eyes, as well as other members of his paternal family.

    Please read these links to see what the plans he has for the country and world,
    to see what I am referring to:

    New links: (Obama’s “mark of the beast” as mentioned in the bible) (President-Elect Barack Obama is really a
    Muslim, plus family history)

    Click to access obamapress.pdf (Watch the video attached to this article, it is an eye opener) (Listen to this phone call that Kenyan Ambassador admits
    Obama was born in Kenya..) (He was born in Coast Hospital, in Mombasa, Kenya, in 1961..)
    **************************************************************************** (President-Elect Barack Obama is really a
    Muslim, plus family history)

    Enjoy the reading, feel free to share your thoughts

    Have a good day,

    Concerned Citizen

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