Obama and McCain debate, October 15, 2008, Obama lies, Obama and Acorn, Truth about Acorn, Obama socialist, Acorn ties to socialist parties, Community organizers use poor for political agenda

John McCain is an honorable man who has a long history of serving his
country and fighting for what is right.
As John McCain stated last night, Obama is eloquent and has a dubious
record. A large part of Obama’s record is tied to Acorn, the corrupt
organization that is deeply involved in voter fraud.

Do you want an eloquent speaker that panders to groups wanting government handouts and constantly lies?

Once again last night, Obama lied about his involvement with Acorn.
John McCain, the decent man and statesmam, brought up several Acorn
connections to Obama, but did not go for the jugular. I would have gone
for the jugular. Revealing the truth about Obama is not being negative.  It is Obama’s life that is so negative.

Compare what Obama said during the debate last night, Wednesday, October 15, 2008, to the following:

Report to Catholic Bishops reveals the true nature of Acorn.
Acorn uses poor for political Agenda. Obama and Acorn ties to
socialist parties.

The truth about Acorn, Obama socialism and community organizers

Obama lied about his connections to Acorn

Obama ties to Acorn

“ACORN’s alliance with the Democratic Party is at the root of the current financial meltdown. And Barack Obama has stayed true to ACORN’s ways.”

Mortgage crisis, Acorn, Democrats, Obama

FEC investigates campaign contributions, FBI investigates Acorn

FEC and FBI investigations

Recent Obama campaign payment to Acorn and voter fraud

Obama campaign paid $832,598 to Acorn


Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama

20 responses to “Obama and McCain debate, October 15, 2008, Obama lies, Obama and Acorn, Truth about Acorn, Obama socialist, Acorn ties to socialist parties, Community organizers use poor for political agenda

  1. Citizen

    Have a look at this. This article is referring to you and those like you who have worked so tirelessly to get the real journalistic information to the public that needs it so badly.

    There are 3 weeks left, but it will be the most interesting 3 weeks in this entire campaign.

    Thank you for your ongoing efforts. The impact is significant .

  2. It really bothers me that MSM keep using FACTCHECK.ORG to verify stories about Obama!!

    Factcheck.org is funded by ANNENBERG = AYERS = ACORN = OBAMA = FINANCIAL MELTDOWN !!!

  3. http://americaneedssarahpalin.blogspot.com/2008/10/supporter-acknowledges-obama-hasnt.html

    Wow, look at this, even Chris is questioning Obama. This is getting interesting.

  4. Thoughts that one must ponder…..
    Read a great perspective at

  5. venice

    papundits article uplifting in an odd sort of way…

    I’ve had my moments where I’ve wondered if McCain was THROWING the election, putting COUNTRY FIRST ?

    Meaning, if BO doesn’t win, there will be uncontrollable upheaval.

    Then, I wake up and realize that if McCain does not win, our Country may face some sort of revolution.

    And on Chris Matthews “turn around”… maybe he realized it was not a tingle running down his leg… it was a tinkle.

  6. I noticed in last night’s debate, that Obama gave a different answer regarding why he voted against the bill protecting children from botched abortions.

    In a previous debate he stated that he voted against the Illinois bill because it was in contradiction to a bill that was being voted on at the federal level. In the last debate he said he voted against the Illinois state bill because he felt it would have an impact on Roe V. Wade? It seems he can’t keep his lies straight.

  7. *FYI, the bill at the federal level had the exact same language as the one at the state level, so maybe he can keep track of his lies and had to come up with a better one hoping nobody would catch him.

  8. mrje,

    Take a look at this from the same author.


    Its true as the article states that McCain has had a light touch in this campaign. His self-respect depends on waging a respectful war. He learned it on the battlefield, knowing that war was the most dangerous and unpredictable of human
    conditions, and therefore required a code of conduct to minimize the risks. This is in his blood, so to expect him to now behave differently would be like asking him to shed his skin.

    Has this protected him from a rabid media? Perhaps, but I don’t believe that is his intention.

    Does it have the net effect that others have to wage this war on his behalf in other ways? Perhaps. Certainly bloggers and others have expressed frustation.

    But as in all matters that threaten us, a blunt instrument is not usually necessary. When a gazelle and her offspring are grazing in the fields, she is often alerted to the predator long before it is within reach of her young. And so it is with humans, that is, those whose radar is relatively intact or not broken beyond repair.

    This is why I was struck by Chris Matthews’ video. If he can start to sound the alarm, how many else will? And it is NOT too late.

    The question is how many American’s are alerted to the predator. According to the polls at least 45% are beyond reach. This is not 50% and it only takes 0.1%.

    My premise all along is that the public is more aware than they are telling. The same argument the above author makes.

    If this election is to be decided by the people, rather than Obama’s past catching up with him before the election, than all we can do is continue to influence those whose radar still functions, and hope that there will be enough to make the difference.

    If this election is predetermined like the primaries, then I’m afraid that an Obama win will lead to a turbulent period, of which the consequences is anybody’s guess.

  9. Anyone who followed HRC in the primary and was devoted knows the whole story about BO…. I am betting that McCain is banking on the PUMA Dems to cross him over the finish line. Have you noticed that they are not covering the PUMA movement any more? Well we are not gone and we are as strong or stronger than before! NO BO! HE STINKS!

  10. venice

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments regarding McCain and this nature of the beast… I truly understand…

    Our problem is that the “enemy” of OUR nature, could outnumber those who are honorable…. very easily.

    Then we sound like spoiled children, spouting “they cheated”… it is all so ridiculous.

    I hope some of you grasped the TACTICAL ploy that McCain used last night… forcing OBAMA to be the first to actually NAME Ayers… replay that part of the debate.

    I happen to have felt very alone, when I was proud that McCain won last night.

    You are astute to bring out that my thoughts were that “how can I be the only one thinking this way?”… and that is precisely how the communist separate their followers, from the nonconformists.

    Having said that… earlier a new gallup poll, McCain is only down 2points.

    I will end here with explaining that I have “never in my adult life” been so involved with the politics of my future. FEAR and ANGER had to motivate me into this arena here today.

    And I am glad for that.

  11. Nicely put, Wells.

    — Jeff

  12. I guess Sen. Mc Cain says, there’s a time to debate, a time to whoopde…, and a time to
    deliver a few punches to the jaw!!

    Well scripted!

    McCain Roasts Obama At Alfred E. Smith Dinner

  13. Sen. McCain sure knows,
    there is a time to debate,
    A time to whoopde……
    and a time to deliver subtle blows
    To the jawline!!

    Well scripted!! Tons of laughs/jabs!!

    See here:

    “McCain Roasts Obama At Alfred E. Smith Dinner”

    This starts at the top, but cuts away too early.

    Here you miss the top, and get the end section:

  14. Here’s some good news.
    Berg vs. Obama has the mainstream. Of course its Fox, but it’s an important start.

    Scroll half way down the link.


  15. I work at New Hanover Republican Headquarters , and had a disturbing day, concerning voter fraud.
    The phone started ringing, and people coming in, telling us of people coming in by the bus loads to Market Place Mall, for early voting.
    As I understand it, you do not have to show any ID, just name and address. They hand you a ballot. You vote, and are gone.
    These people were mostly black and college students.
    What keeps people from looking up names and addresses in the phone book, and using the information over and over.
    I called a number supplied to me of a voter fraud hot line in Raleigh. I was told that there was nothing they could do!
    I am beginning to doubt early voting. At least , on election day, I will go to my precinct and vote, with my name and address known to them.
    This early voting method is so corrupt, it makes me sick.

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