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Citizen Wells open thread, May 24, 2010, Articles, Announcements, Citizens news reports, Complete Blagojevich trial coverage

One size usually does not fit all. That concept combined with the launching of CitizenWells.com as more of a news platform lead to the following next step. This is a step in a new direction that is partly organizational, partly experimental and partly the necessity spawned from the “mother of invention.” As always, your cooperation is necessary and needed.

This open thread article will serve as a forum for any discussions or debates that you desire or that are not appropriate for on topic discussions. Try to stay as on topic as possible for the topical articles presented.

A possible discussion topic for the open thread is the Obama camp controlling the flow and content of information.

Here are some articles and announcements presented today.

Citizen News articles can be presented at CitizenWells.com

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Complete coverage of the Blagojevich Trial

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Later today.

Is the Huffington Post a paid arm of the Obama camp?