Larry Sinclair, Bill Clinton rally, Cleveland Ohio, Strawbridge Plaza, Mall, October 16, 2008, Obama, Sinclair brings banners

Live video of rally:

Larry Sinclair just called to say he is attending a Bill Clinton rally in Cleveland  Ohio for Barack Obama. Here is an article from The Cleveland Leader:

“Former President Bill Clinton will be making a return trip to Ohio today to campaign on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for the presidency. Clinton will make stops in both Cleveland and Columbus.

Clinton will hold a rally in Cleveland at Strawbridge Plaza, Mall C on Lakeside Ave. Gates will open at 4:00pm. It’s free and open to the public and tickets are not required, by you are encouraged to RSVP online at The event will take place rain or shine, and space is available on a first come, first served basis.”

Read more here:

Read more from Larry Sinclair:


12 responses to “Larry Sinclair, Bill Clinton rally, Cleveland Ohio, Strawbridge Plaza, Mall, October 16, 2008, Obama, Sinclair brings banners

  1. Effective for highlighting socialist agenda.

  2. Recordings and information leading to recent API story on Michelle Obama’s telephone call is now being cleared for release

  3. zachjonesishome

    Go Larry!


    If a guy who lunches with university professors didn’t believe until last night’s debate of Obama’s “Marxist” ambitions, there are many minds that will be affected by last evening.

    Watch the polls, they are already heading back McCain’s way.

  5. Thanks Danny.

  6. This is all well and good but I am more concerned about the Union members assaulting Larry! This is America isn’t it??????

  7. zachjonesishome

    Moma – I hope Larry is Okay. CitizenWells – I put the African Press International story up elsewhere. Thanks Danny for the heads up. Zach

  8. I just spoke to Larry Sinclair.
    He is fine.
    He is on the road.

  9. Fight the good fight everyone. We cannot allow this marxist to run our country. Thank you Citizen Wells for constantly relaying the truth that which the main stream media doesn’t have the courage to bring the American people. Bright Blessings!

  10. I’m very happy that Larry is okay. What happened to him is so typical of Obamabot thuggery. Where was the secret service when he was being assaulted? Larry, you should have screamed at the top of your lungs!! All MSM cameras would have surely been focused on you. Only God knows that I don’t wish for any harm to come to you, but if this happens again, Larry, MAKE LOTS OF NOISE!! Good luck and may God bless and protect you on the rest of your truth seeking journey.

    To all who want to see Berg v. Obama on the MSM. Please start flooding Sean Hannity with emails. One email here and there will not get noticed. I sent 50 emails in succession to him yesterday. I’ll send even more today, and will continue to do so every day. In the subject line I put: Berg v. Obama Reported on FOX Toledo!!!
    Make the letter body short and to the point, and be sure to include:


    Thanks for all you do. You have a great web site!

  11. Thanks and God Bless for all your hard work.
    We are united as concerned Americans.

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