, Larry Sinclair blog, Larry Sinclair will not be silenced, Startlogic suspended Sinclair, Obama Camp attacks, Obama thugs, Obama Brownshirts

Larry Sinclair has bounced back from another attempt from the Obama camp to silence him. Obama Campaign bloggers inundated the servers at Startlogic and they suspended Larry Sinclair’s sites. These evil Obama supporters, reminiscent of Nazi Brownshirts and “1984” Thought Police, have failed once again to silence Sinclair. What these children of darkness fail to recognize is that when they try to silence Sinclair, they are also attempting to silence the American public, and we will not allow that. We will not allow these modern day Nazi Brownshirts to do what they did in Nazi Germany.

Here is Larry Sinclair’s latest blog site:

If you want to prevent the US from becoming Nazi Germany, voice your concern here:


9 responses to “, Larry Sinclair blog, Larry Sinclair will not be silenced, Startlogic suspended Sinclair, Obama Camp attacks, Obama thugs, Obama Brownshirts

  1. don’t know what we’d do without you, cw..thanx for keeping us posted.
    am anxious to hear Biden’s loquerrhea…running off at the mouth aka oral squirts …it only stops when he sticks his foot in his mouth.
    i hope larry is able to show that the biden’s are in on this abuse and gets the case against him dismissed.

  2. Thanks Citizen Wells,

    http://discoverobama. com/news/eau_claire_is_a_state. htm

    Obama Gaffe: “Eau Claire” is a State

    I didn’t know that Eau Claire was a state, did you?

    Wonder when the new quarter will be distributed?

  3. The Fraud


  4. zachjonesishome

    I just got in. I’m glad Mr. Sinclair is up and running again. If you want to use my blog to relay important news and information, please let me know. If you need my password, I’ll be glad to share it with such a patriot as yourself. Zach

  5. Thanks, Zach. I will use your blog, eagerly!

  6. zachjonesishome

    Rockphish – I should have been more direct. My message was for CitizenWells. Let’s see some posts and the offer may get wider. Thank You. Zach

  7. Reality stranger than fiction. I hope someone is keeping track of this “chase”. I think it should be detailed in the opening statement of Larry’s screen play. OR, perhaps each chapter can be titled for each website. All these nazi’s are doing is creating a more wide-spread source of information for the rest of us. Thought police must be really scared.

  8. Just curious, How’s Mr. Berg (Attorney Phillip J. Berg) fairing with his filed-compliant, questioning whether or not Senator Obama is indeed eligible for the presidency? Is there anyway Mr. Berg could stall the election process with his compliant should his case not be heard before November 4, 2008?

  9. Edward Assati

    Mr. Sinclair:
    The very first time Obama burst onto the national scene as a presidential candidate, I said to my partner, Jed, “That guy is gay”.
    My gaydar is usually at 110% and I can tell/smell a gay man a hundred
    miles away. So I believe your stories to be true. What really upsets me is that (and I don’t know if you know this) but your book is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find!! I want to read it and it should be easy to obtain but I can’t find it anywhere and no library around here (Boston) owns it. Can it be that the Obama mafia are keeping it from being seen? Anyway, thought I would send a note of support. I do not support this man, his politics or his lies. He seems like he wanted to be president just so he can go on “The View” and “The Tonight Show” and be seen as a celebrity. I hope he doesn’t get in for a second term. Our country deserves better…..

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