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“People in hell want icewater.”…Unknown

To the readers and commenters of the Citizen Wells blog and Citizens of the United States.

The Ship of State is Sinking.

We must fix the leak.

Many of you will understand what I am about to write. To the rest, if this sounds like a lecture, it is.

We must stop the Ship of State from sinking.

What do I mean by this?

We are confronted with the following emergencies:

  •  Out of control spending and deficit interest payment service.
  • Weakened national security.
  • High unemployment.
  • The spectre of government run health care.
  • Leftist, socialist agendas forced on our families.
  • Threat of War in the Middle East.
  • China controlling our decision making because of our debt to them.
  • Our military being compromised in Afghanistan.
  • Lack of confidence in our government.

I have been surrounded by many personality types in my life. Some of the people around me have a more difficult time of prioritizing activities or jobs. They want to stop the ship from sinking and at the same time have it cleaned up, painted and ready for guests at the dock.
Those people are destined to go down with the ship.
The regulars on this blog are familiar with my reference to most choices in life being between the lesser of evils. This is a reality. It is not a perfect world. Once again I refer to the sinking ship. We have an illegal president with a far left socialist agenda and a out of control Congress. We have an emergency. We must stop the leak.
I am not referring to choosing the lesser of evils in the congressional races next year as an ongoing strategy. It is simply a strategy to keep the ship of state afloat.

Where is the most power concentrated in the Federal Government? Congress.

Do you want to remove the illegal POTUS, Obama? Change Congress.

Do you want fiscal responsibility? Change Congress.

Do you want to improve national security? Change Congress.

Do you want real health care reform? Change Congress.

No one in Congress, Dick Cheney or anyone in the US Supreme Court, stood up to demand that Barack Obama prove his eligibility to be president. Many people were fooled by the smooth talking devils of the Obama Camp. However, some of those in Congress do support the US Constitution and care about this country. We must salvage them. At the same time we must insist going forward that the US Constitution is followed as the rule of law and that congressmen do their job to protect America and the American public.
So, to all of you who think along the lines of all or nothing, plan to have Obama stay in office until 2012, hunker down in your bunkers and get out your life rafts. The ship will sink.


I want to thank Lou Dobbs for his statement on the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox last night. O’Reilly still refers to “birthers” in a condescending tone. When O’Reilly asked Dobbs about his so called defense of birthers, Lou Dobbs stated the question all real journalists should ask. Dobbs said he does not understand why Obama does not produce a real birth certificate.

O’Reilly, you can learn a thing or two from Lou Dobbs.

Bill O’Reilly, you can also stop making condescending comments about concerned, hard working, informed Americans. You are begininng to sound like Nancy Pelosi.