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Blagojevich trial, Justice Dept, Obama eligibility, World turned upside down, Citizen Wells open thread, July 23, 2010

Blagojevich trial, Justice Dept, Obama eligibility, World turned upside down

We truly do live in a “World Turned Upside Down.”

The ballad  “The world turned upside down” was first published in 1643.

In 1649 after King Charles the First was beheaded, people declared “the world turned upside down.”

It is believed that the British played this tune when they surrendered at Yorktown.

From American Thinker.

“We truly do live in a world upside-down — whether we see it in the world of science, on the airwaves of Britain, or in the streets of America. An inversion has occurred: Ideology takes precedence over facts and lies trump truth. Even religion has undergone a radical change — and Phillips takes a brief foray into the world of “exotic” religions that seem to be proliferating at a rapid clip. But this points out the fundamental cause, as Ms. Phillips sees it, of why the world flipped around.
Judeo-Christian religions, based on the core values of Judaism, have been downgraded in our lives. The precepts that other generations have lived by have been cast aside, or perhaps cast onto the junk heap. These values are what provided a foundation for the scientific method and of rationality. Now they are disparaged by many (church attendance is almost non-existent in England). When that foundation was removed, what moved into the moral vacuum? Feelings and ideology, with a big slug of irrationality.
Paul Johnson, the English historian, wrote a fine epitaph of the final years of the 20th century that also served as a prophecy for how the 21st century would devolve:
One of the keys to understanding the twentieth century is to identify the beneficiaries of the decline in formal religion. The religious impulse — with all the excesses of zealotry and intolerance it can produce — remains powerful, but expresses itself in secular substitutes.
These are the zealots who control much of our world now and who are driving us down very perilous roads. These are the zealots that Melanie Phillips has done a superb job identifying and battling in her superb new book.”

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Hawaii discarded Obama birth certificate?, Lou Dobbs, CNN, July 23, 2009, Dobbs wants Obama to produce birth certificate

Did Hawaii discard Obama’s paper birth certificate eight years ago?

Lou Dobbs stated on his show on July 23, 2009 that the state of Hawaii discarded Obama’s paper birth certificate eight years ago. If that is true, then what did the Hawaii Health Department officials mean in their news release of October 31, 2008?