Georgia gets F on anti corruption measures, GA courts prove corrupt in Obama ballot challenges, State Integrity Investigation, Ethics open records and disclosure laws

Georgia gets F on anti corruption measures, GA courts prove corrupt in Obama ballot challenges, State Integrity Investigation, Ethics open records and disclosure laws

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind ‘cos he was way behind and he was willin’ to make a deal.”…Charlie Daniels Band

We already knew that Georgia is a corrupt state. We learned this during the recent handling of the Obama ballot challenges in GA by the behaviour of the Secretary of State, other election officials and the GA courts. We now have independent confirmation from a recent study of state ethics, open records and disclosure laws.

From State Integrity Investigation.

“The tales are sadly familiar to even the most casual observer of state politics.

In Georgia, more than 650 government employees accepted gifts from vendors doing business with the state in 2007 and 2008, clearly violating state ethics law. The last time the state issued a penalty on a vendor was 1999.”
“The stories go on and on. Open records laws with hundreds of exemptions. Crucial budgeting decisions made behind closed doors by a handful of power brokers. “Citizen” lawmakers voting on bills that would benefit them directly. Scores of legislators turning into lobbyists seemingly overnight. Disclosure laws without much disclosure. Ethics panels that haven’t met in years.

State officials make lofty promises when it comes to ethics in government. They tout the transparency of legislative processes, accessibility of records, and the openness of public meetings. But these efforts often fall short of providing any real transparency or legitimate hope of rooting out corruption.

That’s the depressing bottom line that emerges from the State Integrity Investigation, a first-of-its-kind, data-driven assessment of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption mechanisms in all 50 states. Not a single state — not one — earned an A grade from the months-long probe. Only five states earned a B grade: New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, California, and Nebraska. Nineteen states got C’s and 18 received D’s. Eight states earned failing grades of 59 or below from the project, which is a collaboration of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity, and Public Radio International.

The F’s went to Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Maine, Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Georgia.

What’s behind the dismal grades? Across the board, state ethics, open records and disclosure laws lack one key feature: teeth.

“It’s a terrible problem,” said Tim Potts, executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Democracy Rising PA, which works to inspire citizen trust in government. “A good law isn’t worth anything if it’s not enforced.””

“Using a combination of on-the-ground investigative reporting and original data collection and analysis, the State Integrity Index researched 330 “Integrity Indicators” across 14 categories of state government: public access to information, political financing, executive accountability, legislative accountability, judicial accountability, state budget processes, civil service management, procurement, internal auditing, lobbying disclosure, pension fund management, ethics enforcement, insurance commissions, and redistricting.

Indicators assess what laws, if any, are on the books (“in law” indicator) and whether the laws are effective in practice (“in practice” indicators). In many states, the disconnect between scores on a state’s law and scores in practice suggest a serious “enforcement gap.”

In other words, the laws are there, just not always followed.”
“While there are many examples that highlight a lack of resources, others assert that political factors may also be at play.

Georgia’s legislature slashed the ethics commission’s budget, eliminating all investigative positions and eventually forcing out its two top staffers. The former executive director claimed the funding cuts came with ulterior motives; at the time, the agency was pursuing an investigation against Governor Nathan Deal for improper use of campaign funds and exceeding campaign finance limits. Deal said the cuts were in line with what happened to other agencies. The state’s inspector general followed with an investigation, but found no evidence to support the claim of the commission’s former executive director.

Political loyalties can be a potential problem, especially since many ethics agencies are staffed by gubernatorial or legislative appointments.”

“For state judges, it’s a similar situation. Nearly all states have rules, codes, or regulations outlining recusal requirements, but again they leave it up to the judges to decide their own impartiality.

“There’s a longstanding principal that no judge should be the judge in his or her own case,” said Charlie Hall, director of communications for Justice at Stake, a national organization that promotes a fair and impartial court system. “There’s a strong sense by many that if one party asks a judge to step aside, there’s something not satisfying by the judge saying, ‘I think I can be impartial. I can make the decision.’”

Nine states don’t require judges to disclose outside assets, making it almost impossible to determine if a judge has a conflict at all. And in states where judges run for election, the potential for conflicts to arise is even greater.

“Special interests have discovered judicial elections and the money is pouring in,” Hall said.

Spending on judicial elections more than doubled in the past 20 years. From 2000 to 2009, special interests funneled about $206 million into court elections, up from about $83 million in the previous decade.”

From above:

“In other words, the laws are there, just not always followed.”


Recent judicial corruption in Georgia.

“Corrupt Georgia Superior Court Dismisses Legal Appeal Of Obama Eligibility Ruling”

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  1. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Everybody – Keep “Googling” up –

    Is President Obama eligible to be President of the United States?

    I notice that we have dropped down to about 6th place from #1.


  2. I see a common complaint here, that being that we already have enough laws on the books concerning just about everything. These surveys should provide some fertile ground for questions when considering Attorney Generals when they are running for office. It also appears that there is a framework now in place for monitoring the efficiency of these offices.
    If nothing else, this presidency has made it abundantly clear the extent to which our legal system has been abused. The situation, as exposed here, shows the urgent need for a top-down war on corruption as opposed to the current bottom-up approach which, as any law enforcement officer will tell you, is not obligatory on their part.
    Dr. Kate posted an interesting video today concerning a group of veterans re-taking their town from corruption by force of arms, as it appeared they were left no other option..


    “This (prayer) is said over a place that’s infested with the evil spirit”

    By Tom Beyerlein
, Staff Writer
    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

  4. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Here is what came up from my last comment –

    The Constitution Of Our Forefathers: Ex-CIA General Paul Vallely … 17, 2011 – Is President Obama Eligible to be President of the United States? Most of congress does not think so but is afraid to act. Some members of the …




  5. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


  6. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


  7. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    From the article –

    Gen. Paul Vallely: Congress afraid to probe ‘possible felony’ over fears of ‘black backlash’

    Let me ask you a question – What will happen when it has been determined that one’s race has always been determined by the mother??

    Another fine mess you have got us into Stanley – and I don’t mean from Laurel & Hardy!!

  8. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    I notice we have come back one notch(#5) since I have made my statements.
    We will only win this battle by intestinal fortitude and perseverance.

    “Persevere and you shall bear thy fruit”

    Is President Obama eligible to be President of the United States?
    Is President Obama eligible to be President of the United States?
    Is President Obama eligible to be President of the United States?


    For my next few articles, I will focus on the elusive nature of paid political advertising campaigns. First, a riddle.

    Why did President Obama wait until April 27, 2011 to release a facsimile of his long form birth certificate indicating he was born in Hawaii?

    As you will see, the answer to each of these questions – why release and why release now – depends on whom you ask.

  10. Honor First
    Thanks for your comment on my Rhodesian comment. I had no idea that white farmers still had any land. They must have been allowed to keep some for production for domestic consumption. Well, there is at least one person here that understands how and why, what happened there, could just as easily happen here.
    Upon the political end of the military conflict in 1979, ZANLA and ZIPRA ( former Russian-sponsored communist [terrorist] organizations) began to take large blocks of parliamentary power and, when the tipping point was reached, a new prime minister was installed. This was the beginning of the first post-communist government cycle. Robert Mugabe, in a rigged election in the second election cycle, then became president for life, and has remained as such ever since.
    The country, as I remember it anyway, has, for the most part, been destroyed. Those who chose to leave the country were not allowed withdraw more than $1000.00 from their bank accounts to take with them. Everything in the entire country was nationalized. White farmland had to be turned over to black control. Agricultural production was essentially halted and commerce set back nearly to the stone age. Inflation became so bad that new money needed to be printed because you needed to carry so much around with you. Teachers were making $1,000,000,000.00 per year! I thought that might attract some from here.The new money was essentially worthless on the international economy.
    It wasn’t until very recently that foreigners were allowed back into the country.
    All of this the courtesy of your friendly, neighborhood U.N., and Henry Kissinger.

  11. 100% PROOF! Arpaio’s Investigation Is DEAD-ON! FREEDOM FRIDAY WITH CARL GALLUPS

  12. CW….help please…..I’m embedded in moderation because I have an embedded youtube. Never fails! Thanks.

  13. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    coldwarvet2 | March 19, 2012 at 6:47 pm |


    It wont be long before no one will be able to leave the country before you pay your individual share of the NATL. DEBT. $1,042.785.00.

  14. coldwarvet2…If I remember correctly, they were allowed to keep a small part of their land and I think they are in the process of getting the rest back. I will verify that next time I see those that introduced us to them.
    It was just after Obama was elected and I was fascinated visiting with them about their economy. I kept hearing about the nightmares of the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe and wanted to know first-hand on how things like that got started, etc.

    I asked them to bring me some Zimbabwe money on their next visit. Can be a very interesting conversation piece.

  15. Mr Bill
    You could have a point there…

  16. Honor First
    I believe Zimbabwe made the Weimar Republic look like just a hiccup in time.They began to be noticed when inflation was about 600%…
    Zimbabwe broke ALL records at 1,000,000%…proof of the insanity of dictators. Of course, Mugabe had an axe to grind with Rhodesia (similar to Obama with the U.S.). The first thing that happened under new rule was the retirement (with honors) of all Rhodesian fire forces with the exception of the Selous Scouts (for whom Mugabe had a personal hatred), who were unceremonoiusly disbanded, outlawed, and eventually left, en-mass, with all their equipment, for South Africa where they were assimilated into the Recce Scout units there. They would eventually pass into history and be remembered as one of the most effective special operations units ever conceived, with their legacy passing forward to the current day….”Pamwe Chete” mates…(Osprey 27 Alpha)…

  17. Okay guys and gals….seen this one?….predictions of another big earthquake on or about March 22nd due to calculations of the 188 day cycles of other earthquakes and this HMO, heavy mass object pulling gravity or something and planetary placements, etc. Well, it is the internet. And…another earth axis shift. These days….well, you can see and hear anything:

    Okay…the cover statement included in above link:
    Now this is only a possibility and not in any way a probability or prediction! but lots of sites speculating same for similar reasons!!

  18. Looks like the NEW HEAD HONCHO of has RECEIVED MUCHO PAYOLA. He has stated that is NOT GOING TO PURSUE THE ELIGIBILITY issue. Either that or HIS LIFE WAS THREATENED.

    BYE BYE ALL…….gotta check my rifle out.

  19. Whistleblower

    Must reads at RBO2

    #VetThePrez : Is history repeating itself? Obama, Rezko and Semir Sirazi

    #VetThePrez : Rezko-Auchi webscrubbing

  20. Jews are being hunted and killed in Europe again, and Obama is partly to blame, in my opinion. This will grow even worse if he is re-elected. The far left has become so anti-semetic, killing Jews is no big deal again to them.

  21. Fox was all over Ed Schultz tonight
    This guy makes me sick
    That Schultz has received $337,490 from unions since 2005, according to Labor Department records, hardly comes as a shock since he is one of the most vociferous shills for organized labor in the media. More problematic has been Schultz’s lack of transparency about this.

    Ed Schultz responded angrily to a March 9 NewsBusters post detailing how unions paid him nearly $200,000 in 2011, telling viewers of “The Ed Show” that night of receiving the money for speaking engagements and advertisements on his radio show website. All union speaking fees were donated to charity, Schultz claimed, as required by MSNBC policy.

    Read more:

  22. Whistleblower

    Your going to want to see this ! (Video)


  23. Well, we’ll see what comes of this. I hope that Mr. Hulton (postman) has some protection, and that he won’t have to leave his retirement home.

    We’ll also see if any of the talking heads pick up on it—Maybe, Sean Hannity, but Dr.Corsi will likely be sidelined. Hard to say, particularly with the video.

    It’s a Breitbart moment!

  24. CabbyAZ
    Bales deployed 4 times. In all probability his condition is one generated by the number of deployments………BATTLE FATIGUE. It has been present in every war we have ever fought.

  25. Most combat infantrymen eventually ADAPT to the way of life that they are involved with. Some need assistance (psychological). Some NEVER adapt, and it is from within this tiny number that a potential psychologically affected person could originate. However I in no way am passing judgement upon Sgt, Bales. I personally believe that there are extenuating circumstances involved where he is concerned,and the public has NOT heard his side of the story. It WILL get told. If not by the alleged leaders then without a doubt his comrads who surrounded him will tell it, and I doubt that they will MINCE words.

  26. Our country is plagued with foreclosures, unemployment and rising food and gasoline costs so the President’s 13 year daughter and 12 friends visit Mexico on our dime……….

    Obama’s daughter spends spring break in Mexico

    OAXACA, Mexico – The elder daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama is spending her spring break in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca in the company of 12 friends, a state police official said.,,,,

    ……Malia Obama and her friend are guarded by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police, the official noted.

  27. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    “Something stinks in Denmark”

    CW – Just out of curiousity I googled up –

    Is Rick Santorum eligible to be President of the U.S.?

    I had heard people say he wasn’t.


    Over 400 million articles for Santorum as opposed to 27 million for Obama!! Has Rick set himself up to be the “Sacrificial Lamb” to bring attention to our present predicament?

    Anyone – any answers or theories?

  28. “AFP story on Obama daughter’s Mexico trip scrubbed from Internet”
    Published: 8:24 PM 03/19/2012

    “An AFP report that President Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia, is spending spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico appears to have been completely scrubbed from the Internet news sites that first reported it. Pictures have appeared in Mexican magazine Quié allegedly showing Malia visiting Oaxaca.

    Since the story was first reported, it appears to have been scrubbed from a number of news outlets. The Huffington Post, International Business Times, The Australian, The Telegraph and Global Grind have all removed the article. AFP, which initially reported the story, now links to an unrelated story on “Sengalese superstar Youssou Ndour.””

  29. citizenwells

    Mr. Bill I have often wondered about Santorum using his status to bring attention to BO.

  30. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – We live in very strange times !!

    Glenn Beck is all over the scrubbing of the Mexican story of Obama’s daughter’s trip. He referred to the fact that our Government has warned us NOT to travel to Mexico and then he is willing to send his daughter with 25 other kids.
    “Do as I say, and not what I do!!”

  31. jacqlynsmith

    Presidential historian and author, Doug Wead is a lethal weapon.

    So Doug, You’re telling me that Romney and Obama are the Federal Reserve Candidates?

    Top 3 Obama contributors:
    University of California
    Goldman Sachs
    Harvard University

    Top 3 Romney Contributors:
    Goldman Sachs
    Credit Suisse Group
    Morgan Stanley

    Top 3 Ron Paul Contributors:
    US Army
    US Air Force
    US Navy

    Contributor Chart Romney vs, Ron Paul Obviously Goldman Sachs and company donate heavily to Romney not because they like his stance on the social issues but because he will continue the rigged game of crony capitalism. The revolving door from Wall Street (particularly from Goldman Sachs) to the White House will remain open and Goldman and company will maintain not only their rigged game but their influence.

    Who owns the Federal Reserve?
    JP Morgan
    General Electric
    First National Bank of New York
    Hanover National Bank
    National Bank of Commerce
    Bank of London….

    Romney is the GOP candidate for the private banking monopoly, FED/IRS Complex!

    Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:

    Rothschild Bank of London Warburg Bank of Hamburg Rothschild Bank of Berlin Lehman Brothers of New York Lazard Brothers of Paris Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy Goldman, Sachs of New York Warburg Bank of Amsterdam Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Reference 14, P. 13, Reference 12, P. 152)

    These bankers are connected to London Banking Houses which ultimately control the FED. When England lost the Revolutionary War with America (our forefathers were fighting their own government), they planned to control us by controlling our banking system, the printing of our money, and our debt (Reference 4, 22).

    The individuals listed below owned banks which in turn owned shares in the FED. The banks listed below have significant control over the New York FED District, which controls the other 11 FED Districts. These banks also are partly foreign owned and control the New York FED District Bank. (Reference 22)

    First National Bank of New York James Stillman National City Bank, New York Mary W. Harnman

    National Bank of Commerce, New York A.D. Jiullard

    Hanover National Bank, New York Jacob Schiff

    Chase National Bank, New York Thomas F. Ryan Paul Warburg William Rockefeller Levi P. Morton M.T. Pyne George F. Baker Percy Pyne Mrs. G.F. St. George J.W. Sterling Katherine St. George H.P. Davidson J.P. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life) Edith Brevour T. Baker (Reference 4 for above, Reference 22 has details, P. 92, 93, 96, 179)

    How did it happen? After previous attempts to push the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson’s campaign for President. He had committed to sign this act. In 1913, a Senator, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas when much of Congress was on vacation (Reference 3, 4, 5). When elected, Wilson passed the FED. Later, Wilson remorsefully replied (referring to the FED), “I have unwittingly ruined my country” (Reference 17, P. 31).

    Now the banks financially back sympathetic candidates. Not surprisingly, most of these candidates are elected (Reference 1, P. 208-210, Reference 12, P. 235, Reference 14, P. 36). The bankers employ members of the Congress on weekends (nickname T club -out Thursday…-in Tuesday) with lucrative salaries (Reference 1, P. 209). Additionally, the FED started buying up the media in the 1930’s and now owns or significantly influences most of it Reference 3, 10, 11, P. 145).

  32. Where does Obie get the authority to spend our tax dollars for family vacations?
    Judicial Watch is trying to get info about Mooch’s Spain vacation.

    Being pResident doesn’t give him permission to spend unlimited amounts of money sending his kids and their friends to exotic destinations at taxpayer expense…

    How do we get this under control… these folks think they are royalty…

  33. I know we “talked” about this yesterday…the Ayers’ postman…so I sent it to Drudge and….poof….there it is on Drudge today. At least the rest of the world might be shocked even if nobody cares here. Since it is on Drudge the poor mailman is in for a lot of hate “mail”. Sometimes I think you’re safer if the news is already out there….they seem to go after those they know just may share bad stuff sometime in the future. In this case it’s too late!

  34. citizenwells


    “the Ayers’ postman”

    “At least the rest of the world might be shocked even if nobody cares here”

    Did you read this on March 2, 2012?

    From the news conference:
    “We have a retired government employee who had a conversation in the eighties with Barack Obama in the front yard of the home of the mother of Bill Ayers.
    You all know Bill Ayers. During that conversation the mother of Bill Ayers introduced this government employee to Mr. Obama as a foreign student who they were assisting in getting education for in the United states. That also is around the same time frame that this selective service card was issued,
    purportedly issued. This individual is willing to come forward. That takes courage. There are too many things in the background that we cannot clear. And
    what I did tell the sheriff. I could not come to him and say he cleared a background to be an employee of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

  35. Whistleblower

    #VetThePrez / Lying Liars : ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’ Nadhmi Auchi, Illinois State Elites, the Obamas

  36. There’s a number Mr. Obama is trying desperately to hide from the citizens:


    Translated this number will read;

    Each citizen now has a share of the Obama debt that has been rolled up in the past three years.

    During this period, Mr. Obama racked up over 3.2 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt.

    This translates to $53,642.00 dollars that every citizen now owes to erase his stupidity and total transformation of our government.

    Simple math: 320 million citizens divided into 3.2 Trillion = $53,642.00.

    But, if the 12 million illegals+the 42 million on welfare+ the special interest groups (unions) +his family and friends ( unknown number not counting those in Kenya)….the amount the average citizen will have to pay will probably double to % 107,284.00….personally, I do not expect any listed in this group to pay their fair share. i DO EXPECT HOWEVER THEY WILL FIND WAYS TO INCREASE THE OVERALL DEBT WITH MORE (PIGFORD STYLE) GIVEAWAYS.

    To me……..107284 ………….is a more realistic number.

    This is how all that HOPE and CHANGE has worked out which we were promised folks back in 2008 from that snake-oil salesman from Chicago!

  37. jacqlynsmith

    The masses are in for a RUDE awakening… least the ones STILL asleep anyway or TOO self absorbed to learn the truth…….SOME RESIDE at this blog….

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012
    return to constitutional government, mass arrests, ending fiat currency
    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    Reader sends material discussing a return to constitutional government, mass arrests, ending fiat currency, etc.
    Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 20-Mar-2012 11:38:31

    This is from the same reader who sent material I posted previously:
    I have not listened to all of the audio material but it appears to discuss a mechanism allegedly being implemented for a transition to a constitutional government (including mass arrests), ending fiat currency, etc. I have no way to evaluate whether this is pie-in-the-sky or not.
    From reader Paul:
    Hello again Mr. Fusion,
    Recently one of our spokespeople was authorized by high sources to begin a slow disclosure process to prepare the American People. I am sending this to you in an effort to expose more to this. I believe that it ties in with a lot of other talk from different sources I see posted on your site.
    *A Messege For AMERICANS 3/15/2012*
    We are in a time of great change. America’s currency was captured in 1913. Her government was captured in 1933. This explains why petitioning our government has been to no meaningful avail. These corporations that masquerade as our lawful government have almost destroyed America. Top people in our government – including our military – know this. They have been waiting for the right time – to *help *take America back to our lawful government.
    In the very near future, we can expect a major, constructive change in our banking and currency systems. We can expect to see contingents of federal marshals – backed up by our active military – in the major seats of power. These military are not any part of a military coup. They are backing up civilian re-establishment of our lawful government.
    We can expect do see interruptions in our normal way of life. This transition has been designed to minimize interruptions in vital services and our economy – minimize hardship. This will be accompanied by announcements in mainstream media. What we do not want – is for people to panic.
    Our so-called president has been informed that he is no longer commander in chief of our military. This is part of a worldwide operation whereby the non-aligned nations – those who are not part of the G20 – re-establish solid currencies. Drake Bailey will be our guest.
    Our speaker comes in at the 66 minute mark on this link. The first part is not related.
    Follow up show address to the military and veterans
    There will be more announcements ahead and eventually through mainstream media, These have been calculated to slowly awake the masses to reduce panic.
    Thank you for your time,

  38. Ummm….remember that mention about those 188 day earthquake cycles and the prediction based on that for a large one on or around March 22nd….hmmmm:

    MEXICO CITY (CBS Houston) — A magnitude 7.6 earthquake has struck near Acapulco, Mexico, a favorite tourist destination.

    Soooo…will there be more coming?? I think one guy was putting emphasis at or around Washington State. Others thinking several places.

  39. P.S. Apparently the epicenter of quake is in region where Malia Obama is on her little visit!

  40. Hope Malia is safe. Her parents should have their heads examined for allowing this. But then what do I know?

  41. jacqlynsmith

    FLASH! BREAKING NEWS – ELECTION FRAUD: Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?! (VIDEO)

    ABC has just one-upped the BBC’s reporting of Tower 7’s collapse 15 minutes prior to the controlled demolition on 9/11. Tuesday, 3/20/12 is the Illinois GOP Primary election.
    Interestingly, ABC has posted the results of the primary prior to a single vote being cast, reporting 3% of the vote for Ron Paul with 100% of precincts reporting.
    How nice of ABC to provide us free use of its flux capacitor technology to see the future of primary voting. The Doc could use some help with his bracket as well, perhaps ABC could lend a hand?

    *UPDATE* 2:01 AM EST: Less than 25 minutes after our post, the ABC page cannot be found

    Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?!

  42. One thing I’ve learned as a parent is that, although you don’t want to say no all the time to your kids, you do have some basic gut instincts about the safety of a situation. These two seem to have no instincts in that regard. Makes you wonder if their hearts have been so hardened that they have no clue.

  43. This, to me, far out ways the story of how this is costing the tax payer. This concerns the way they regard their minor daughter.

  44. citizenwells | March 20, 2012 at 12:19 pm |

    “the Ayers’ postman”

    “At least the rest of the world might be shocked even if nobody cares here”

    Did you read this on March 2, 2012?

    CW, now if only some more brave souls would come forth to actually back up the other info the Sheriff has but needs more foundation. Too bad they didn’t have cell phone cameras back then so there would be “two”witnesses. But I would bet the Obots would say those pix are “-photo shopped”!!!

  45. citizenwells

    Obama has been hiding his records for a reason.
    He is either ineligible for POTUS or guilty of fraud or both.

  46. citizenwells | March 20, 2012 at 6:22 pm |
    Obama has been hiding his records for a reason.
    He is either ineligible for POTUS or guilty of fraud or both.

    And CW….to hide the big, big, bigger picture of all the globalists behind him and who manipulated his path to the WH for their plans to be fulfilled. I think the CIA’s myth creation for him has backfired on them and they too can’t afford to have the truth exposed!

  47. Seen this little gem….all the while having previously dissed UK as our ally….hmmmm, sudden new interest?? I doubt he’d give the same treatment to Netanyahu!

    Cameron ‘tucked in bed’ by Obama during US trip

  48. With Obama’s known sexual habits, I don’t think I would let him “tuck me into bed”….he may just want to get in there with me….that’s a No No….

  49. It’s looking more and more like Obama is the gay version of Clinton! To the point that he is edging on taking the same kind of risks in what he is communicating publicly about his “interests”. But the Brits are pretty used to this stuff within their own culture.

  50. aha! Whistleblower, You Rock!

    rbo2, but only better!

  51. citizenwells on March 20, 2012 at 6:22 pm said:
    Obama has been hiding his records for a reason.
    He is either ineligible for POTUS or guilty of fraud or both.


    So true. Why can’t people see it?

  52. Took tour of DC today. Go every year. Went to Congress. Did you know the Speaker is a big smoker? Obama was there too. Lots of police were on the roofs to watch for snipers. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful.

  53. Last paragraph here still in spin mode:

    GOP Lawmaker Stokes ‘Birther’ Drama


    Corsi has a tape of Frawley from last summer talking about a meeting in Rezko’s basement with Obama, Auchi, Rezko and himself…holy cow!!! This could be the end of the road for Obama.

  55. Bessie, you are so appreciated. more than you know.

  56. Papoose/WB; I am a little late to the party but better late than never….I can’t believe it!!! Brenda J. Elliott is amazing!! She really puts the story together.

  57. Hey people………the crooked slobs are at it again………touch screen voting in some of the precincts in Illinois primary. Reason …..certain ballots were alleged to be TOO BIG to fit the scanners. Everybody who believes that needs to stand on their head. Everybody is so damn stupid….it wasn’t the oversize ballots……it IS the ILLEGALLY programmed TOUCH SCREEN computers which possibly more than 20,000 voters mighr have voted on. Somebody needs to bring a couple thousand of the voters back and have them file a certified statement as to how they voted. Then lets see if the election officials will allow the touch screen computers to be impounded before they can be DEPROGRAMMED.

  58. ………The voters were DIRECTED by ELECTION OFFICIALS to use the TOUCH SCREEN computers. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that little cherade out.

  59. >>>citizenwells | March 20, 2012 at 6:22 pm |
    Obama has been hiding his records for a reason.
    He is either ineligible for POTUS or guilty of fraud or both.<<<<<

    Ah………..just want to get my vote in on this early CW


    People, many years from now, will look back at our time and consider us all as intellectually challenged for not acknowledging the obvious and continuing to drift in a state of denial. We the People, are We the Enablers. History will not be kind to our generation. I want to leave this digital record of my opinion for the future so that four score and seven years from now my great grand children will not have thought of me as an idiot.


  60. Pete
    Particularly when all we had to do was unite stand up and put a real fire under the ASSES of the people in the DOJ,and Congress. It would have been really easy to do, but everybody is so scared of the dark. They sit and wring their hands,and WHINE.

  61. Hollywood Producer: Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Barack Obama Not Eligible – 3/16/12

  62. citizenwells

    Rob, et al.
    I spoke with Bettina Viviano several times, including once where she told me, around the time of the 2008
    Democrat Convention, that she had spoken to the Clintons on several occasions. She was not able at that time
    to provide all of the details.


  64. Georgia has ruined lives that I am personally involved with I have no idea what it is going to take to help the one that is closest to me, I have tried to make headway with the agencies that have conducted this very accurate and truthful grading system, does anyone have any suggestions on how to really make contact with the agencies that have done this huge favor on behalf of the citizens in Georgia – if so I would love to have your advice because those of us in Georgia need guidance on how to really bring public awareness due to the biased opinions of people in “authority” that have personal interests in protecting the corruption in this state…And it strange that no one wants to speak on the line of questioning that can be involved…Do not relocate to Georgia because the corruption will touch your life in some way, they harbor millions of dollars that are to be used for the betterment of the citizens but instead harbor the money and have all of these “departments” that only one person or maybe no one “governs” I mean it’s sickening to know that there isn’t any due process and the evil that is ever so present that destroys people from legal matters,social matters, religious matters, employment matters I mean it’s unreal !!! Thank you State Integrity and it’s other sponsors and thank you for sites like this – I would love for the former AJC journalist who has been bold enough to tackle and reveal this most destestable state, for him to contact me as well as any one else that could help me and what I am trying to do

  65. Victor Baker

    Youtube: Kidnapper above the law.mwv , says it all. Must see documents !

  66. Pingback: Georgia and Michigan received “F” in 2012 on anti corruption measures, GA SOS Brian Kemp, 650+ govt employees received gifts from vendors in 2007 – 2008 | Citizen WElls

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