Blagojevich retrial, Protecting Obama, Patrick Fitzgerald conspirator?, Fitzgerald and Justice Dept delayed arrest of Blagojevich

Blagojevich retrial, Protecting Obama, Patrick Fitzgerald conspirator?, Fitzgerald and Justice Dept delayed arrest of Blagojevich

Patrick Fitzgerald has zero credibility with me. However, with rats jumping ship left and right, will Fitzgerald throw Obama under the bus?

From the Chicago Tribune.
“Moments after a rare setback, a chastened U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was acting nothing like the swaggering prosecutor who just 20 months earlier proclaimed he had arrested a sitting governor to stop a political crime spree.

He would not take questions from reporters about his office’s failure to convict former Gov. Rod Blagojevich on 23 counts against him, winning a guilty verdict only on a single count of lying to the FBI,  among the least serious of the charges he faced.

Instead, Fitzgerald vowed to retry the case, then quickly ending his news conference.

“So, for all practical purposes, we are in the mode of being close to jury selection for a retrial,” he said.”

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From the Chicago Tribune.

“The counts on which the jury could not agree framed the heart of the government claims that Blagojevich schemed to profit from his post from his earliest days in office and in the 2008 attempted to auction off the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.”

“Lawyers in the case are to be back in court Aug. 26, possibly to pick a retrial date. Prosecutors are expected to push for the case to be back before a jury this fall, while the defense is likely to drag its heels and promised to appeal the single count the former governor was convicted on.
While gaining a conviction of the former governor on one count, the result of the trial was a far cry from the sweeping convictions in public corruption cases that Fitzgerald and his prosecutors have grown accustomed to. In his nine years at the helm of the prosecutor’s office here, Fitzgerald has secured guilty verdicts for an array of public officials, ranging from aldermen to the patronage chief for Mayor Richard Daley to Blagojevich’s predecessor as governor, Republican George Ryan.
The government case against Blagojevich was a vivid example of how slowly the wheels of justice can grind in public corruption cases. Blagojevich was arrested just weeks after he allegedly began plotting to sell Obama’s Senate seat, but federal agents had been probing wrongdoing in the governor’s administration since at least 2004 — his second year in office — and questioned Blagojevich for the first time in 2005 during his first term.”

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Thanks to the Tribune for pointing out that Blagojevich was under scrutiny at least by 2004.

Now for the rest of the story.

From Citizen Wells July 15, 2010
“The question is, why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”

“The US Justice Department had plenty of evidence indicting Rod Blagojevich by 2006. Why did the US Justice Department wait until December 2008, after the election, to arrest Blagojevich?”

“From in or about 2002 to the present, in Cook County”

“Since approximately 2003, the government has been investigating allegations of illegal activity occurring in State of Illinois government as part of the administration of Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH.”

“Timeline is revealing

Patrick Fitzgerald was aware of Blagojevich’s corruption in 2003

“Pamela Meyer Davis had been trying to win approval from a state health planning board for an expansion of Edward Hospital, the facility she runs in a Chicago suburb, but she realized that the only way to prevail was to retain a politically connected construction company and a specific investment house.

Instead of succumbing to those demands, she went to the FBI and U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald in late 2003 and agreed to secretly record conversations about the project.””

Patrick Fitzgerald and US Justice Dept. delayed Blagojevich arrest

39 responses to “Blagojevich retrial, Protecting Obama, Patrick Fitzgerald conspirator?, Fitzgerald and Justice Dept delayed arrest of Blagojevich

  1. truthbetold11

    Blah blah ! same old song and dance. the white collar criminals trying to put the mob in jail. ok! fitzy is a corporate hack.

  2. Perhaps, one day, we will see a live press conference detailing Fitzpatrick’s arrest. I’ll take the rest of the day off to watch the newscasts with glee.

    O Happy Day!

  3. Fitzgerald ~ oops! 🙂

  4. Papoose………………………
    Don’t you think the ALLEGED trial would have been a great Keystone Kops cartoon episode? Or maybe even an “Our Gang” episode, All the characters were present in Our Gang. Only a matter of redistributing actors names for characters.

  5. I hastily add NO OFFENSE to OUR GANG, or Keystone Kops.

  6. Charge the whole lot of them in a RICO action! Whether Fitzgerald is included remains to be determined.

    The victims here are the people of IL.

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  9. fat fingers sometimes hit adjacent keys at the same time. Sorry about that!

  10. Very Odd:
    Early Tuesday morning, the jury had agreed to two guilty counts. A charge related to an allegation of attempted extortion of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel fell by the wayside as jurors lost confidence in the government’s evidence on that charge, said another juror, Erik Sarnello, 21, a student who lives with his parents in suburban Itasca.

    The government had alleged that Blagojevich held up a state grant to the Chicago Academy until Rahm Emanuel’s Hollywood-agent brother, Ari, would throw him a fundraiser.

    From the start of deliberations, some jurors admitted they believed from the start of deliberations that Blagojevich was guilty. “Some people said they thought he was guilty, but the evidence is really not there,” he said.

    Sarnello said he knew by day three of the 13-day deliberations that the jury was in for a long haul. That prompted him to give a speech in which he sought to persuade fellow jurors to agree with each other rather than than extending deliberations. At that point, Sarnello believed Blagojevich guilty on several counts.

    “It was obvious to me that some of these people needed clear-cut evidence, but we kept going at it for another two weeks. Not much changed,” he said.

    Sarnello addressed the question of why the jury Tuesday asked for a copy of the oath they took at the start of deliberations. Some jurors felt one of the jurors was not deliberating in good faith. “Some people felt that they were deliberating not under what the law told us to do,” he said.

    “What they were looking at wasn’t what we were supposed to be looking at based on what the judge gave us as a set of rules,” Sarnello said.

  11. From my TRAILER,in slime city, G’NITE ALL, I’M OUT OF HERE!

  12. oldsalt79
    Good Night , Buddy.

  13. OldSalt79, I see a pack of creeps scurrying in and out of the sewers and down into manholes and through the back alleys…I see the most belligerent pack of skanks I have ever seen in my entire life ~ I am from Philly so I am no stranger to corrupt, scheming, money swapping liars.

    That trial was a &*($#@ farce and we knew the day Fitzgerald held that press conference. Rezko had been convicted over 6 months at that time with no disposition. He’s in trouble and we will see to it in due time.

    ~ I did have to smile, though, as I loved the Keystone Cops, Little Rascals, etc. I see what you are saying and it is funny. It is just like watching a bunch of bumblers in living color. I really like you a lot, oldsalt.

    ~~ Extra Extra~~~

    Revolution Radio Tonight ~~ 9 pm Eastern.

    Just like old times sitting by the radio listening to the news of the day.

    Heroes will answer your questions.


    ” Courthouse observers long saw count 24 — the lone count Blagojevich was convicted on — as the most solid of the accusations of the ex-governor. The charge alleged that Blagojevich lied to the FBI in 2005 when agents questioned about his alleged participation in “pay to play” politics.

    The count pointed to two false statements. One was Blagojevich’s claim that he “tried to maintain a firewall” between politics and fund-raising; the other, his insistence that he did “not track, or want to know, who contributes to him or how much they are contributing.” The jury only found guilt on the second, “non track,” statement.” DID PROSECUTION PROVE BLAGO WAS TRACKING CONTRIBUTIONS IN 2005? HOW?

  15. Maybe it’s time for everyone to e-mail Pelosi and say, I’m against the Mosque! Investigate me….

  16. ” Why would the Ground Zero mosque receive such seemingly special treatment?

    An observant tipster notes that Bloomberg’s namesake news service has a significant financial interest in keeping those of Middle Eastern heritage happy.

    Spurred by a recent boom in sales in the region, Bloomberg is expanding its Dubai office into a regional hub, a move that will as much as quadruple its local staff over the next year.”

  17. Fernley Girl | August 18, 2010 at 10:50 pm |
    ” Why would the Ground Zero mosque receive such seemingly special treatment?
    Now it is transparent for all to see, or for those who are not too blind!
    Bloomberg has an overwhelming monetary interest in promoting islamic finance, so that greed takes precedence of the morality involved. I hope this information gains traction and is spread far and wide. Just think, the Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed 9/11 has tried to rebuild for years and was denied by authorities. What an abomination!!

  18. Oops – should be “over the morality”

    BTW, we are always being told that tolerance should be exhibited; I wonder how the Greek Orthodox members feel? Where is the fairness and tolerance there?

  19. LM @ 9:10 pm |
    Obama’s fund raiser in CA really went over well. I think more money was wasted by the people stopped in traffic for 4-6 hours than he managed to generate. What an idiot. People with small, hungry children in the car, nurses/doctors unable to get to work, they are lucky this didn’t turn into a tragedy. I don’t blame the people for being steamed, I had been hearing about this, but I didn’t see how bad it was until the video. I think Obama was trying to make a show of the power of the potus, but came off looking like a selfish old potentate.

  20. Was this what President Obama had in mind when he said he’d have the most transparent administration? A British billionaire is urging anyone to streak naked in front of the U.S. president, and he’s increasing his reward from $100,000 up to $1 million.

  21. President Obama Fundraising: Nightmare For Local Residents

  22. Krauthammer Says Pelosi’s Mosque Comments Are Pure Lunacy

  23. **NTEB BREAKING NEWS** Israel Discovers Oil!…bible prophecy fulfilled…
    Estimates of the amount of oil in the Rosh HaAyin discovery have rises to 1.5 billion barrels, and there is more oil off-shore, but it is not yet known how much of the black gold can be extracted for commercial use. The new estimate, along with the gas and oil finds off the Mediterranean Coast, rais…

  24. “Ann Coulter slams Farah as ‘swine,’ publicity whore
    WND’s dropping of pundit from Miami event ignites intense backlash”

    “She continued: “I will say that [Farah] could give less than two sh–s about the conservative movement – as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, human events, also sweetness & light, american spectator and national review etc, etc etc). He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. for ONE reason: to get hits on his website.”
    This is not ‘nonsense’:
    “How many different name is President Obama legally authorized to use?

    Is his legal name Barack Hussein Obama II, Barack Hussein Obama (without the designation “II” indicating Barack Obama Jr.), Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah?

    All of these names appear in various documents produced since 2008 regarding Obama’s life story and his passport records.

    The White House has refused to release Obama’s long-form birth certificate filed at his birth that lists the hospital where he was born and the name of the physician who attended the birth. Also, the White House has refused to disclose to the public his passport and travel records as maintained by the U.S. State Department.”

  25. CW, you’ve painted a picture of Fitzergerald stalling and not being on the side of justice (in order to protect Obama)…but I don’t get why he would then go to all the time and expense of a retrial. It’s not logical. Can you explain? (PS: I agree with most everything else you’ve laid out over the last couple of years though.)

  26. How many names does the president have?
    White House passport image raises further questions

  27. Congressman accused of dissing 1st Amendment
    Perriello’s sign ban challenged as unconstitutional

  28. GORDO…………………………………………..
    Accusing Farah of being a “publicity whore”seems to be an allegation used by a lot of people in the media whenever they have NOTHING IMPORTANT to say. I personally believe that Farah has his own reasons why he says,and does as he does. Further I find most of the stuff he writes quite informative and interesting. Really just the opposite of the GARBAGE that Coulter comes up with. World Net Daily has been quite successfful, and obviously Farah’s success rattles Coulter’s cage..

  29. Papoose………………………………………..
    I was a youngster in the thirties,and through WW11. I was nine years of age when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. In my JUNIOR year of High School, with my parents consent I joined our Indiana National Guard. Spent a year and a half learning how to be an infantryman. Then I went to active duty in the US Navy for a four year stint. The Korean War was going on.Done a LOT, saw a LOT, and more importantly…….learned a LOT. Even today at 79 years of age not a day passes that I don’t discover something new. It is entirely possible that throughout my life I have learned more ACCIDENTALLY than I ever have INTENTIONALLY. Above all else I try to keep a little humor in my daily life.

  30. Bill Cutting

    CW, you’ve painted a picture of Fitzergerald stalling and not being on the side of justice (in order to protect Obama)…but I don’t get why he would then go to all the time and expense of a retrial. It’s not logical. Can you explain? (PS: I agree with most everything else you’ve laid out over the last couple of years though.)

    Why did Patrick Fitzgerald continue the Valerie Plame investigation long after he knew the leak came from Richard Armitage?

    It seems he is a political operative / enforcer.

  31. LM | August 18, 2010 at 11:32 pm |
    President Obama Fundraising: Nightmare For Local Residents
    I don’t understand how Jews like Spielberg and Striesand can support a supporter of muslim terrorists like bo.

  32. Kittykat……………………………………
    Directing any question about ANYTHING at Pelosi is a lost cause before you even begin. You would be talking to one of the WORLD’S most prolific MORONS. If anything she would be FOR the mosque, to be built squarely in the MIDDLE of GROUND ZERO itself. Sadly this is the idiotic perception which she herself provides all of us with nearly everytime ashe says,or does anything that the MEDIA covers. I have long believed that her demeanor tells on her. I believe that she has paranoid schitzophrenic tendencies. Her facial expressions,along with her often erratic verbal rambling seems to comfirm my suspicions. She puts me in mind of the character, Captain Queeg, in the “Caine Mutiny.”

  33. Michelle………………………………….
    Don’t you wonder just exactly what sort of thoughts an UNEMPLOYED, SPECTATOR, at a SOETORO fund raiser speech might be thinking while he hears a pack of LIES that he is acutely aware ARE LIES. Yet he stands there like a fly on manure and continues to ingest every ounce of the flowing BULLsh — . I think such people are their OWN worst enemies.

  34. CW, you’ve painted a picture of Fitzergerald stalling and not being on the side of justice (in order to protect Obama)…but I don’t get why he would then go to all the time and expense of a retrial.
    To convince someone of truth–do the opposite??

  35. Old Salt – 7:59 AM
    Your recollections of the 1930’s and the day of infamy – Pearl Harbor – bring back memories to me as well. I’ll never forget that Sunday morning with the cries of “special delivery – Read All About It” by the paper boy. At age seven I didn’t understand except for what my parents explained to me. Earlier than that when Hitler invaded Poland, etc., and I would see the newspaper headlines and pictures and remember asking Mom, “Has there always been war?” My cousin enlisted and served in WW II and beyond.

    Old Salt, according to my cousin the Korean War was worse than WWII as far as battleground conditions and top brass leadership. After that he decided to leave the service. You say you learned a lot from your tour of duty (and beyond), and I can imagine you have a wealth of life behind your belt. Thanks for your service to secure our freedom.
    That is what makes me so ANGRY! To think of all of our boys who have given their all for our country and then this conniving, lying usurper comes along, knows nothing really about us, is not one of us, in fact, has absolute disdain for us, and immediately begins to dismantle our nation!!!

    My prayer is that for the sake of those who have died, may God undertake for us and give us the strength, courage, and wisdom to get back to where we should be.

  36. Just heard on the local WCOA Radio that the White House just announced that Obama is NOT a muslim, but a Christian. Yeah Right. Do Christians celebrate Ramadan? Do Christains call the muslim rules and regulations the “Holy Quran”??? They say that Obama prays daily. I Don’t Doubt it. 5 times a day on a rug facing Mecca. He took his African Grandma and her Family to Mecca at the start of his Rule using Air Force One. Look it up. He Congratulated Kenya for finally adopting Shariah Law. Pretty sure it will come here to America to before he is de-throned.

  37. Obama’s “Christian” grandmother in Mecca for Hajj
    Why the deception? And who was behind it? AP? The Obama camp? Someone else? What was its purpose?

    AP, March 5, 2008:

    “In the world of today, children have different religions from their parents,” she said. She, too, is a Christian.
    Is she really?

    “Saudi Arabia: Obama’s grandmother in Mecca for ‘Hajj’ ceremony,” from AKI, November 25 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

    Mecca, 25 Nov. (AKI) – The grandmother of US president Barack Obama has arrived in Saudi Arabia for the ‘Hajj’ or Islamic pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, a Saudi daily said on Wednesday. Sarah Obama, 87, is being accompanied by a nephew and Obama’s cousin, Omran.
    On Wednesday Sarah Obama was in the valley of Mina with an African delegation, according to the Saudi daily Okaz.

    Obama, the mother of the American president’s father, lives in a village in Kenya and is one of the many guests of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud….

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