US Justice Dept corrupt?, Obama camp controls Justice Dept, Patrick Fitzgerald, Citizen Wells open thread, June 29, 2010

US Justice Dept corrupt?, Obama camp controls Justice Dept, Patrick Fitzgerald

“Most disturbing, the dismissal is part of a creeping lawlessness infusing our government institutions. Citizens would be shocked to learn about the open and pervasive hostility within the Justice Department to bringing civil rights cases against nonwhite defendants on behalf of white victims. Equal enforcement of justice is not a priority of this administration. Open contempt is voiced for these types of cases.

Some of my co-workers argued that the law should not be used against black wrongdoers because of the long history of slavery and segregation. Less charitable individuals called it “payback time.” Incredibly, after the case was dismissed, instructions were given that no more cases against racial minorities like the Black Panther case would be brought by the Voting Section.

Refusing to enforce the law equally means some citizens are protected by the law while others are left to be victimized, depending on their race. Core American principles of equality before the law and freedom from racial discrimination are at risk. Hopefully, equal enforcement of the law is still a point of bipartisan, if not universal, agreement. However, after my experience with the New Black Panther dismissal and the attitudes held by officials in the Civil Rights Division, I am beginning to fear the era of agreement over these core American principles has passed.”…J. Christian Adams, former USDOJ attorney

We have our answer.

32 responses to “US Justice Dept corrupt?, Obama camp controls Justice Dept, Patrick Fitzgerald, Citizen Wells open thread, June 29, 2010

  1. The law is a farce under these people. And once it becomes a farce, I don’t have a lot of confidence that it will return to normal anytime soon. We have a new normal.

    On another subject, the economy, I’m seeing two things which I think will be the left’s talking points over the next year.

    1. As I put in comment on the previous thread, the democrats are conjuring up charts that intend to “prove” that the deficit is almost all because of Bush tax cuts. Preposterous as that is, they’ve gone into the same mode as they were in when they were manufacturing made up global warming charts to show us that it is “fact”.

    2. Obama and Soros and no doubt soon Krugman have gone on the attack against Germany about failing to enact another preposterous borrow and spend stimulus package. You see, Obama thinks that sound money, making good things to sell, saving money, etc, are bad and cause harm. He thinks the enlightened understand that a country needs to print money, borrow trillions and go on a public spending spree to create prosperity. Since Obama and the democrats control congress and can hardly blame the oncoming recession on the republicans, he needs a scapegoat. Badly. And it is Germany. They will be blamed as the cause for the world’s economic problems. Count on it.

  2. It’s been reported that Tim Adams is saying that Fox News has contacted him about a possible appearance on the network.

    Question: Will Fox News attempt to get a straight story out of Adams or will they bring him on to try to shoot the whole story down and discredit it?

  3. “We have our answer”.

    Indeed we do CW. Indeed we do.

    Why are the blacks and other minorities not up in arms against this regime? Why is the support so high for these criminals based solely on their false ethnicities? Have they not learned from 200+ years of oppression?

    It saddens my heart we have wound up in the bowels of racial supremacy and hatred yet again. What a horrific day to see those abuse their long-term chances for success by destroying the very system that set them free from the chains of oppression. It is clear the majority of blacks in this country simply do not want equality… at all.

    I pity them. They will never be free because they are color blind. They always blame whites for their hardship. It is they who have failed this time and history will not be kind.

  4. Interesting,

    I just read that the W. VA SOS has stated that the Governor will “appoint” a replacement for Byrd and an election will not happen until 2012.

    I was under the impression that if term remaing was longer than 2 years 6 months, it would require a special election.


  5. Remaining…..

  6. Philo-Publius

    Surprise: West Virginia says no election to fill Byrd’s seat until 2012

  7. Here is what West Virginia’s Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant, had to say.

    “Section 3-10-3 states that for terms with more than two years and six months remaining, such as this one with Senator Byrd, the Governor will appoint a replacement who serves the unexpired term until a successor has been elected.

    “But that election will not be the 2010 General election. Part of this same section of code, requires the candidate to have filed during the filing period.

    That filing period has already passed. There was a legal case in 1994 decided by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals that up held that position of requiring candidates to file during the filing period.”That means the election for the unexpired term would be the next election cycle which would take place in 2012. Candidates will be nominated in the primary and elected in the general of 2012.

  8. JeffM “We have our answer”.
    >>>Indeed we do CW. Indeed we do.
    Why are the blacks and other minorities not up in arms against this regime? Why is the support so high for these criminals based solely on their false ethnicities? Have they not learned from 200+ years of oppression? <<<<

    Doesn't have to be about race, they have made it so. When you toss the law for your own 'progress' you proceed into the abyss. We will all be slaves in the abyss. I hope the democrats are happy now, they will have to rename the party though "democratic party" doesn't seem reasonable claim in a facist state.


  9. Am I to understand that No One filed in the W.VA. General Elections in 2010 other than Byrd himself?

    Somehow, that seems unlikely.

  10. From last post

    TruthSeeker // June 29, 2010 at 4:21 am

    The picture we’ve seen with the fly on Zero’s face..?

    Look at his eyes…

    There’s nothing there…

    Zomboid indeed.

    Truthseeker – His eyes or the fly’s eyes, and/or both?

  11. Ms Helga,

    That’s what crack does to a person…LOL

  12. Ms Helga,

    That flat mirror and razor blade sitting on the oval office desk is not for Barry to look at himself while shaving……

  13. I’m being full of myself again…LOL

  14. Morning Ms. Helga,

    I should’ve specified I meant Zero’s eyes.

    And if the fly’s eyes are glazed over I’ll go with William’s deduction…


  15. Here’s a better picture of what I’m talking about…

  16. The lefties can’t decide between
    a. “he’s already shown his birth certificate”, and
    b. “the people verifying Obama’s birth are from the government; trust them”.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone in the lsm would point out to them that these two statements are just a teeny tiny bit contradictory?

    And wouldn’t it be nice if someone in the lsm would tell the next guy that says his birth certificate is online, that it says right on that document that it is an ‘abstract’ (of a birth certificate)?

  17. yo,

    My favorite is “Hawaiian officials (sic) have verified its authenticity” yet none of them has offered to swear testimony to it a la Tim Adams…

  18. I personally believe that the SCOTUS is no different than the USDOJ. They are now on the payroll of Barry Soetoro. I have said this from the beginning!. No matter what laws that you think are broken,or how many civil suits you want to bring against Soetoro,NONE will ever be heard,and our laws will continue to be broken by his ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of the White House. For this reason it is imperative that we clean house on Congress first, this November. Then we will truly have the BEGINNING of the END in sight. Once the Congress is cleaned up then WE THE PEOPLE can push for REMOVAL,and PROSECUTION of Soetoro,and Company.

  19. TruthSeeker,

    He’s high as a kite! LOL

  20. Thot’ it was interesting about those 11 Russian spies just arrested on the East coast. All of them were using I.D.’s from dead people (like SSAN). Who does that remind you of? Interesting that Rev. Manning proclaims those lost years when Obummer was supposed to be at Columbia, he was actually at a school in Russia (affiliated in some way with Columbia) with cousin Odinga. There is SO much obfuscation, what to believe? But maybe that’s the plan.

  21. Trouthseeker, flies have a thing for landing on turds.

  22. William // June 29, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Ms Helga,

    That’s what crack does to a person…LOL
    Hi, William – Do you mean it affects the eyes, or does crack attract flies? I heard awhile back that a swarm of bees surrounded him on the premises of the W.H., I believe. There have been other occasions, too, where flies seemed to be pestering him. Strange!?!

  23. Philo-Publius

    Stocks and interest rates tumbled Tuesday after signs of a slowing global economy spooked traders.

    The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 240 points in morning trading to fall below 10,000 for the first time since June 10. The Dow and other major indexes each lost more than 2 percent.

  24. IMPORTANT – Tim Adams finds himself at the center of a vicious smear campaign threatening his position at Western Kentucky University!


  25. Philo-Publius

    As expected, Mayor Daley and Chicago’s City Council are circling the wagons to defend against an unfavorable decision by the Supreme Court concerning the city’s gun ban.

    Daley said the city would have in place a new ordinance aimed at making it difficult to purchase and own a gun in Chicago.

  26. For those of you interested in what happened to Commander Fitzpatrick at his arraignment yesterday, I invite you to stop over at the T-Room to read the latest post. Included in the post are key rulings regarding the Grand Jury and Walt’s filed Complaint of Treason against Obama. Have a great day! h

  27. AZ-legal citizen

    Why is the USDOJ not investigating SEIU?

    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is enlisting activists and labor leaders in a push for comprehensive immigration legislation. The strategy was discussed during a meeting Monday by a range of prominent labor leaders and activist groups. SEIU again?

    Bof A protest: BofA is the union’s lender of choice — and SEIU, suffering financially, owes the bank nearly $4 million in interest and fees. Last year, his union borrowed $10 million from the bank, SEIU’s financial report shows. That loan brought the union’s total debt with Bank of America to $87.7 million. Ken Lewis, in other words, is SEIU’s main creditor.

    SEIU’s other big lender last year – to the tune of $15 million – was Amalgamated Bank . That’s the Bank owned by UNITE HERE, a rival union. Amalgamated is the only union-owned bank.
    Raynor was openly working with Andy Stern to convince a third of UNITE HERE’s nearly half-million members to secede and affiliate with SEIU. UNITE HERE breakaway group calls itself Workers United. SEIU bankrolled the secession effort and a suit aimed at getting control of Amalgamated.

    Why would SEIU, which boasted nearly $250 million in dues income from members last year, even need to take out big loans from Bank of America and Amalgamated Bank? It turns out Stern’s organization has been burning through cash.

    Last year, the union spent $67 million on “political and lobbying” expenses – twice what it spent in 2007. It sold virtually all of its investments to generate additional cash. Much of that money went to elect Barack Obama.

    The union’s latest financial report shows SEIU has only $33 million in net assets. That’s an average of just $18 for each of its 1.8 million members. UNITE HERE, on the other hand, has more than $200 million – an average of about $568 per member.

    SEIU’s outstanding loans total $102 million. Its liabilities have skyrocketed to 82% of its assets.

    SEIU has no money for healthcare and pensions? DOJ needs to investigate SEIU.

  28. Today is the day the third circuit court of appeals is to hear Marrio Appuzzo’s case against Obama and congress. There will be no oral argument.

  29. Steney Hoyer is just one more of the SLIMEY liberals who NEED TO BE BOOTED OUT THE DOOR. Hopefully he will feel the size 11 on his backside along with his dirty little associates. He too is involved up to his eyebrows in the SEIU goon squad

  30. 68truthseeker

    Obama’s Executive Orders

  31. Marty Didier

    As mentioned many times the pace towards Martial law seems to have increased. But why? Could it be our waking up has them worried? Maybe or perhaps there is something else that also has them worried too? But who would be worried? Obama has demonstrated to be someone’s puppet so he is being controlled by someone else who is the one who is worried. Does anyone know who this group is? Maybe it’s those involved in the White Coup that are now seeing the handwriting on the walls who are worried! Don’t worry because it works better when they all are worried!

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

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