November 2010 elections, Not the end, End of beginning, Winston Churchill, Change Congress, Clean up Justice Dept, Courts, State government

November 2010 elections, Not the end, End of beginning, Winston Churchill

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”…Winston Churchill

I greatly admire Winston Churchill. His words, his actions preceding and during World War II were the glue that saved England and the world. His words still ring true.

We must change congress this November 2010. That, as Churchill stated, is not the end, but perhaps the end of beginning. Once we change congress we must forever remain vigilant and clean up the US Justice Dept., courts and state and local government. This is an ongoing duty.

Here is an example from my home state of NC. I received the following in an email this morning.

“The following is a condensed timeline created by NCGOP staff from Exhibit 1 of the SBOE report on gubernatorial candidates released June 25. This version focuses on the Perdue Campaign Committee. It is not intended to be a verbatim recreation of the SBOE timeline. It includes excerpts from the BOE timeline, but also includes content that is wholly the work of the NCGOP, not the SBOE. However, it is accurate in its description of events included in the SBOE timeline.”

“Bev Perdue and the Perdue Campaign lied about reasons for non-disclosure of flights. On October 15, the NCGOP conducted a press conference outlining our suspicions that, like Mr. Easley, Gov. Perdue and her campaign had utilized private and corporate aircraft in violation of NC law by not disclosing properly or reimbursing properly the flights.
Subsequently, on two different dates, the Perdue campaign acknowledged a total of 41 flights it had failed to disclose. According to the Governor and her campaign staff, this long pattern of non compliance and non disclosure was the result of “computer software glitch.”
We now know this was a lie.
On page 6 of the Board of Elections report on campaign flights, there begins a lengthy discussion of $28,000 in corporate flights paid for by New Bern lawyer and good friend of the Governor, Buzzy Stubbs. This discussion consumes many paragraphs and several pages of the report.
John Wallace, the Perdue committee’s lawyer, who performed a similar function for Mike Easley, and therefore should have plenty of experience in these matters, initially explained “that flights were not disclosed and/or properly paid because the campaign was unaware that Mr. Stubbs was paying for flights.”
But according to what Mr. Stubbs told Kim Strach and Chairman Leake, he had on many occasions told the campaign that he was paying for the flights and inquired about how his payments for the flights had been handled, because he was aware that he had already given the maximum amount allowed by law to the Perdue campaign. Mr. Stubbs specifically identified Peter Reichard and John Wallace as individuals with whom he had discussed his concern about proper accounting for his payments. Mr. Stubbs stated that he had been told of a variety of ways the travel payments could be handled and he often was not comfortable with the information he was being provided.
Finally, on October 23, 2008, Mr. Stubbs sent a letter to the Perdue committee with copies to Wallace and Reichard.
In the letter, Mr. Stubbs states that he has personally reimbursed his law firm in the amount of $28,498.04 for “payment in kind in the form of airplane transportation for Bev Perdue.” He included a copy of his personal check to the law firm in that amount.
Despite this very tangible evidence from a donor of over $28,000 in flights, Gov. Perdue and her campaign failed to disclose the flights as required by law in their 48 hour reports. Nor did they disclose these flights in their 2008 year end report, filed over three months after they received Mr. Stubbs letter on October 23.
No, Gov. Perdue and her committee didn’t acknowledge the flights at all until their 2009 mid-year semi-annual report in July 2009. And only after the Easley investigation indicated to them they had better get busy.
It is pretty clear that, were it not for the ramifications of the Easley hearings, Gov. Perdue and her campaign would never have disclosed or paid for the flights. Keep in mind that the Stubbs flights represent only half of the flights that were ultimately disclosed.
In addition to the bogus excuse about the mysterious “computer software glitch” and Mr. Wallace laughably disingenuous claim that the campaign was unaware that Mr. Stubbs was paying for the flights, the Perdue committee has offered various other explanations as to why the flights were not disclosed.
My personal favorite, expressed by Mr. Reichard was that “the campaign had no process in place to track and disclose information regarding flights.” Not only does this fly in the face of Mr. Stubbs many conversations with Reichard and Wallace, it also does not align with documentation provided by the Perdue committee.
A quote from the report on page 5: “based on the documentation…completed.”
What we have here is the Gov. Perdue campaign first knowingly and willfully failing to disclose contributions as required by law, and then engaging in lies in an attempt to cover up.
Now might be an appropriate time to remind you of some public utterances from our Governor while all this was going on.
“In the 21st century we must conduct the business of government in ways that bring transparency and accountability to the people… I have set high expectations for myself and for everyone who works for North Carolina. We will be open, ethical, and put the public’s interest first.” March 9, 2009     State of the State Speech
“I’m the Governor who has thrown open the windows of the state government. I believe in hanging it out there to share. I don’t try to hide anything.” December 14, 2009
“I am really sick of all this, I’ve been very, very driven by the need for transparency and ethics in government…. I myself did an audit of my campaign. I paid people money to audit my campaign. I want to be sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. I’ve been doing that relentlessly for a year.” February 18, 2010
“I’m the governor for 15 months who’s done anything possible to throw open the windows of state government, to have full transparency, to focus on ethics and how people set government straight,”    April 20, 2010
That brings me to the 2nd revelation and major conclusion.
That Gary Bartlett, Chairman Leake, and John Wallace colluded in an attempt to derail, distract, and obstruct the investigation by SBOE into the financial irregularities and illegalities of the Perdue for Gov. Campaign.
I now refer to the timeline that is an addendum to the SBOE report.
It documents that we first filed a complaint on October 15, 2009, asking the SBOE to investigate the Perdue Committee.
According to the timeline developed by SBOE staff, there is no mention of taking any action on the complaint until almost 3 months later, on January 12.
It is not until March 23, according to the timeline, before Bartlett authorizes Kim Strach to interview the first witness that same day, after waiting over 5 months to begin the investigation. Bartlett tells Strach that the board wants a resolution to the matter quickly so the interview needs to be wrapped up quickly.
By contrast, again according to the timeline, Mr. Bartlett received a letter from NC Democrat party Executive Director Andrew Whalen on February 15 requesting all correspondence between candidates Smith and Graham and SBOE office and any rules on advisory opinions on the subject.
The next day, Feb 16, Bartlett advises Strach to draft a letter for Whalen and compile all responsive documents. The letter is completed and the documents collected that same day.
The next day, two days after Whalen’s request, Bartlett directs Strach to hand-deliver letter and documents to Andrew Whalen at NCDP headquarters. It is delivered that day.
That same day, and only because I asked for a meeting with Bartlett, I received a one paragraph letter acknowledging an investigation of the Perdue campaign is underway, four months after we filed a complaint.
Later, on Feb 23, Whalen filed a complaint regarding Republican candidates. Bartlett and Strach meet the same day to discuss. It took three months before our complaint was even discussed at the SBOE.
As weeks go by, on repeated occasions, Chairman Leake and Mr. Bartlett direct Strach not to personally follow-up with campaign staff, but to restrict her contact to letter drafted by Mr. Bartlett.
Then, unbelievably, as detailed in several places in the timeline, Strach is told by both Bartlett and Leake that John Wallace and Zach Ambrose, Perdue COS as Lt. Governor, her campaign manager for Gov, and her COS as Governor, will determine who Strach will be allowed to interview.
It is unheard of for a law enforcement agency to allow attorneys with clients under investigation, or as in Mr. Ambrose’s case, targets of the investigation, to determine which witnesses will be allowed to testify. This is collusion and obstruction of justice.
Leake takes over the investigation on or about April 1, when Strach becomes aware of a notebook in John Wallace’s possession that has detailed information regarding flights that Perdue took.
Strach makes repeated attempts to obtain the notebook from Wallace. As before, with flight information at his disposal (see page 4 of the report, first two paragraphs) Wallace delays, and finally offers the assertion that the notebook is protected by “attorney-client privilege.”
Weeks go by and Strach has still not been granted access to the notebook and Bartlett is aware of this.
Then on April 27, Strach advises Bartlett that she will be in Wilmington the following day to deliver the Rusty Carter report to the New Hanover Assistant DA, Tom Old.
April 28 – Bartlett sends two SBOE staffers (McClean, Wright) who have had no involvement in the investigation henceforth to interview Wallace while Strach is out of town.
Strach finds out about this while she is in Wilmington and contacts Bartlett to make sure he tells McClean and Wright to copy the entire contents of the notebook. Bartlett tells Strach that Wallace will not allow that.
With the discovery of the notebook, Leake inserts himself into the investigation, apparently in collusion with John Wallace. Leake begins to schedule interviews, some of which Strach is excluded from. He and Bartlett prevent her from interview Wallace and Ambrose. Leake sits in on interviews with Strach and in some instances limited the length and breadth of the interviews.
This is highly inappropriate behavior and fraught with conflict. This is like a judge sitting in on witness depositions in a case he will be called on to judge impartially.
It is apparent that Bartlett, Leake and Wallace, acted, often consulting with each other on several occasions, to derail the investigation away from issues and witnesses they considered dangerous to Gov. Perdue and her committee.
And Mr. Bartletts’ conclusion in his memo the Board that there is no evidence that there is no intent of wrongdoing is an embarrassment to the people of North Carolina.
Accordingly, we call today for Executive Director Bartlett and Chairman Leake to resign their positions immediately. It would be the first honorable thing they’ve done in this matter. Failing that, Gov. Perdue should remove Chairman Leake, appoint a replacement, and ask the Board to immediately begin a search for a new Executive Director.
Because any of this is unlikely to happen, by letter today, we are asking Wake County District Attorney to launch an investigation into obstruction of justice at the NC BOE, particularly the actions of Mr. Bartlett and Chairman Leake.
Furthermore, we intend to press forward with our public records request. We want all documents, correspondence, email, records of phone conversations and drafts of reports leading up to the one released on Friday. We specifically want to see if Mr. Bartlett or Chairman Leake edited the request and the timeline submitted by the Kim Strach before releasing it on Friday.  We will press on until the people of North Carolina get the answers they deserve. “

23 responses to “November 2010 elections, Not the end, End of beginning, Winston Churchill, Change Congress, Clean up Justice Dept, Courts, State government

  1. As a citizen of North Carolina, none of this comes as any surprise. This group is no better than the previous, maybe worse. We live in the far western part of the state, and we do not even feel like North Carolinians. Those of us west of Asheville do not seem to exist to the fools in Raleigh.

  2. Doe’s Wife……………………………………………..

    It looks as though you might want to consider another Governor,next election. Sadly whether they are REPUBS,or Demos they all seem to think that because they occupy an elected office that it is a liscense to steal and pursue dishonesty,and after they are voted out they can’t understand why everybody voted against them.Well, all of you DISHONEST POLITICIANS need to realise that most of your constituents are not as stupid as you think we are; at least not so stupid that we don’t know how to vote your sorry butts out of office.

  3. Great write CW…

    I live in Charlotte and like the Doc’s wife, I must agree there seems to be no difference in what party is in office in North Carolina or for that matter in D.C.

    The bunch we have in Raleigh sounds like a scaled down version of the bunch we have in D.C. They talk a good game about transparency but have little to show for their efforts.

    Bev Perdue is no better than Easley perhaps she is worse. It’s time to clean the slate and get some decent people in office.

    Remember in November!

  4. CW……………………………………………………..

    We have the same sort of people occupying our statehouse. Our governor has an $100,000.00 motorhome that he came up with which he used to tour the state during his campaign. That cost was never detailed either, even though it was ASKED FOR.

  5. OldSalt,

    That is the same as the Nancy Pelosi travel funds on our dollar, never discussed, never critical in the media.

    I am truely amazed by our founding fathers and those early Senators and Congreesmen whereby they traveled from their respective States to meet in Philly, on horseback.

    That, is devotion, loyalty and never did they stop along the way to gather by force, funds for such travel.

  6. William…………………………………………………..
    I can’t help wondering if our founding fathers were required to disclose how many buckets of oats was fed to the horses that carried them to Philly.

  7. OldSalt,

    You made my day, that is awefully funny, but a serious consideration. The days of America first are in and have been in jepordy.

    On another note. I am going through another job interviewing process and although I am stubborn, I would like to ask if you all would please throgh in a prayer for me and my family. No need to respond, just keep us in mind.

  8. Too many things going on at once.

    It should read…..

    Please keep us in your thought and prayers.

    Sorry about that,

  9. Marty Didier @ 5:08 pm
    Hi Marty-I looked up Norwood Builders, well what can I say they are big-saw they are in Chicago and Sarasota, FL too. It reminded me of where my mother and god-mother grew up-they called it Norwood Park Township-near Harlem and Irving-Illinois State Police Headquarters, which also puts in near Gacy’s house of horrors.
    One time we were visiting my god-mother and she was having a stroke, she was so mad-her Irish was really up that day. Someone was trying to “steal” the land that Dunning was on, which I think we be a lot of prime acreage. The reason my godmother was so mad was she said Old Man Dunning (a farmer I believe) was that he had left a will and that property was to be held “in perpetuity” and I think she meant someone was trying to break the will. I don’t know if anyone was able to put the snatch on that property.
    Marty we will have to wait for more evidence to pop up sounds like Obama is like Al Capone/Godfather and more-I can’t wait until all the tentacles are exposed.
    I still think there is a Rosemont connection too and all those syndicate cities near by.

  10. Been there, William,

    God Bless and have faith.

    And remember that personal follow up and thank you letter or phone call, it worked for me.


  11. For all of you who read cw continuously, I hope you will notice there is an inverse proportional ratio of ALL POLITICIAN’S rewards for the mess they put on all of us ordinary CITIZENS. In other words – The more they screw up the larger their largess in salaries -retirement -health benefits – shorter work hours – higher overtime – putting families on payroll – overuse of privileges –
    ‘RoadTrips”(AnimalHouse) -speech making -sex crimes – lying. Just stop and look around at this once honorable country. It has been usurped by a complete cabal of ruthless thugs.


  12. A DOJ attorney resigned over Obama’s strange Dept of Justice/Injustice.
    jus·tice (jsts)
    1. The quality of being just; fairness.
    a. The principle of moral rightness; equity.
    b. Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness.
    a. The upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law.
    b. Law The administration and procedure of law.
    Breaking News: DOJ official resigns over Obama’s racism
    Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams has now officially resigned over Obama’s racist refusal to allow the prosecution of armed Black Panthers who openly intimidated voters during Election 2008.
    In a letter to the Washington Times, he called the case “the simplest and most obvious violation of federal law” he had ever seen in his entire career at the Justice Department and condemned Obama’s bigoted, dishonest handling of the case as “corrupt” and “indefensible.”
    From the letter:
    Based on my firsthand experiences, I believe the dismissal of the Black Panther case was motivated by a lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law. Others still within the department share my assessment. The department abetted wrongdoers and abandoned law-abiding citizens victimized by the New Black Panthers. The dismissal raises serious questions about the department’s enforcement neutrality in upcoming midterm elections and the subsequent 2012 presidential election.

  13. OT (carried from other thread):

    IMPORTANT – Tim Adams finds himself at the center of a vicious smear campaign threatening his position at Western Kentucky University!


  14. hockeyfan530

    if Tim Adams is being smeared you KNOW he’s telling the truth! Hmmmmm, where’s the conservative media? Certainly worth discussing now wouldn’t you think?

  15. hockeyfan530

    if Tim Adams is being smeared you KNOW he’s telling the truth! Hmmmmm, where’s the conservative media? Certainly worth discussing now wouldn’t you think?

  16. citizenwells

    **** New Post ****

  17. The EPA is worse than useless.
    Giant Cleanup Ship Met with Puny Response from Bureaucrats
    Posted June 28th, 2010 at 6:30pm
    After our government claimed that we did not need or could not obtain larger ships to skim the Gulf oil spill, a giant-capacity skimming ship has arrived in U.S. waters. Yet our government has us wondering whether it will permit the ship to join the cleanup effort.
    The S. S. A-Whale is not like the mere 4,000-barrel-a-day vessels we’ve been using. Its owners say this ship, a converted oil tanker, can gather 500,000 barrels a day. By comparison, say the owners, the entire fleet our government has authorized for BP has only gathered 600,000 barrels—TOTAL—in the 70 days since the Deepwater Horizon explosion. (NOTE: 500,000 barrels equals 21-million gallons.)
    The second problem is that the ship would gather spilled oil, separate the water from the oil, and discharge the water back into the ocean so its tanks could be filled with oil. Our EPA has a problem with that, because the discharge would retain a minor amount of oily residue. To EPA, any residue greater than 15 parts per million is impermissible. They elevate perfection above the need for speed.
    It’s long past due that we put more resources on the problem. Every delay has enabled more oil to make landfall, and be whipped up and spread by potential hurricanes. By bureaucratic delays in finding and hiring bigger cleanup vessels, our government and BP have enabled the problem to be worse than it had to be.

  18. 68truthseeker

    Obama’s Executive Orders

  19. William // June 29, 2010 at 10:26 am

    oldsalt79 // June 29, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Tar and feathers. An effective deterrent. Those early Congress members had a healthy respect for citizens who knew right well how to apply a bucket of tar and a packet of feathers.

  20. The NBC requirement obviously doesn’t matter to Tim Adams. I get that. (He doesn’t get it, but that’s another issue.)

    I do NOT understand why Tim Adams has no sense of outrage over o.’s fraudulent claims about his HI birth.

    O.’s own lying, deceit, fraud, willful mispresentation, cover-up, perjury, dishonesty don’t bother him at all? Not in the least?

    Is Mr. Adams as blasé about the students in his classes? They can lie and cheat and plagiarize without impunity? Have a different person take the tests, do the homework, write the papers for them? Let’s hope not.

    So, the first African-American (not) president (not) can lie, cheat, spin fantasies, steal identities, anything at all, doesn’t matter, just so he gets to be president? (How insulting is THAT?!!!)

    No. This, I do not get.


    I do not count o. as African American. Genetically, he’s primarily Arab (40+%), not African (8%<), on his father's side (if Obama Sr. is his biological father).

    Whatever, o. is an insult to any nationality and America's worst humiliation so far.

  21. I meant, of course, WITH impunity.

  22. Oh, wait.

    o. is his own nationality.

    Manchurian Zombovoid Anthrodroid

    of the E.P.E environs (pronounced eeeeeep!)

    Evil Power Entity

    They are among us! Bwah ha ha.

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