Senator Tom Coburn, Physician members of the house, News Conference, Ultimatum, Rush Limbaugh, Messages to house colleagues, If you voted no and you vote yes, and you lose your election, no federal positions, state appropriations

Senator Tom Coburn, Physician members of the house, News Conference, Ultimatum

I heard this on Rush Limbaugh a few minutes ago.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma issued the following statements  at a news conference today of physician members of the House and Senate regarding Obamacare:

“I want to send a couple of messages to my colleagues in the House.
If you voted no and you vote yes, and you lose your election, and you think any nomination to a federal position isn’t going to be held in the Senate, I’ve got news for you. It’s going to be held.
Number two is, if you get a deal, a parochial deal for you or your district, I’ve already instructed my staff and the staff of seven other senators that we will look at every appropriations bill, at every level, at every instance, and we will outline it by district, and we will associate that with the buying of your vote. So, if you think you can cut a deal now, and it not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that isn’t going to happen. And be prepared to defend selling your vote in the House.”

Thanks to commenter Prairie for the video info.

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  1. citizenwells

    From Congressman Joe Wilson.

    Health Care Bill text released.

  2. Linda from NY

    Hooray for Senator Coburn!

    Guess this won’t work, either…

    March 18, 2010

    Go ahead, Barry. Make our day

    Jeannie DeAngelis

  3. Senator Coburn: “…be prepared to defend selling your vote in the House.”

    Isn’t it illegal for Representatives to sell their votes?

  4. Declaration of Independence

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  5. Two thumbs up to Senator Tom Coburn! Mr. Smith Goes To Washington redux?! God Bless America!

  6. House just defeated a Republican measure to block the Slaughter Rule by a vote 222 to 203.

  7. Linda from NY

    oldsalt78: This one’s for you!

    Hero Rep. Paul Broun MD Rips Arrogant, Ignorant, Incompetent Pelosi (Video)

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 12:10 PM
    Jim Hoft

  8. Wasn’t it Coburn who only yesterday said he was “GIDDY” over the CBO saying that the HCB was only going to cost $740 billion, while all the time the CBO hasn’t even released a cost figure yet. I guess the LUNATIC LEFT just can’t stop their lies.

  9. Jacqlyn Smith

    The FRAUD canceled his trip….will go in June….what a dumbo….hope he is in prison by then!!!

  10. Jacqlyn Smith

    Georgetown // March 18, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    House just defeated a Republican measure to block the Slaughter Rule by a vote 222 to 203.


    NO fear…..if they use this Slaughter rule there will be so many court cases filed it will take forever to get this bill where it actually takes effect….if it ever does…..remember we have an illegal in the White House so anything he signs is null and void and no one has to follow any of his laws…..which will make us have standing!!

  11. Linda from NY

    Student Loan Add-On Includes Special Deal for North Dakota — By: Stephen Spruiell

    They’re already calling it the Bismarck Bribe:

  12. I see Madoff the Ponzi Schemer was beaten up in prison. Those boys did their job and now we must do our job on the Ponzi Schemers in Congress.

  13. Linda from NY

    Charlie Wilson, All But Confirming His Yes Vote

    — By: Kathryn Jean Lopez

    “Ohio’s Charlie Wilson just made a statement on that press call in support of the health-care legislation I mentioned earlier. “As a pro-life Catholic,” he said, “I think the language in the Senate bill clearly ensures that there will be no federal funding of abortion.”

  14. Linda from NY

    Speed-readers unite! House Rules Committee finally releases Wreckonciliation bill; Hoyer announces weekend schedule

  15. Hannity stated thta Mark Levin has his lawsuit ready and is filing. Slaughter Rule in unconstitutional.

    I say we call for a TAX REVOLT and noone file on 4/15/10. We Deem ourselves PAID IN FULL and FORM A NEW GOVERNMENT!

  16. Can Levin bring out the usurpership in his lawsuit?

  17. I like the idea of an illegal and illegally passed DeathCare Bill being dropped in the lap of the SCOTUS.

    All 2700 pages of it,

    While they’re still seething over the Fraud’s slam at them at the SOTU…

  18. Should’ve added, “all 2700 INSANE pages of it.”

  19. Here’s something to think about. Back when BO was running and the issue of ineligibility was just becoming to be brought out, the judges should have allowed BO to be checked out, yet they all hid their hands in the sand. Like Donofrio’s lawsuit, for example, or Berg’s.

    If they had checked BO out to begin with, then we wouldn’t be going through this situation that we are now.

    Well, it just all ticks me off to no end.

  20. We will be protesting the unconstitutional health care theft tomorrow in Canton Michigan. No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to hold office of President. Natural born citizens are those born in a Country to Citizen Parents… God Bless America.

  21. Read the 3rd paragraph. Dem leadership is declaring martial law as a means to bring the health care bill to the floor without the 72 hour wait once posted.

  22. Saw the GOP get their jock knocked off again today….. I had said so may times before that “the fix was in” way back in 2008 and after this “vote” today, I say again, “The fix is in”…

    My reason for this post is this reference to last December 22, 2009’s Youtube clip about Scumbag Reid’s attempt to bury his decree that “A lot of this Deathcare plan will not be subject to future repeal by any future Senate” or, and get this arrogance, “House of Representatives”.

    It is to weep…………………


    Here’s the video clip by itself….. the “meat” of DeMint’s statement starts about 6:10 into the clip


  23. These democrats are all a bunch of monsters wanting to vote yes on such an abomination of a non health bill – reason to raise taxes and misappropriate funds. Reid is a huge monster with his having included that parts of bill cannot be repealed. It isn’t up to him what future congress and senate decides. Wilson is nothing but a sell out and a phony pro-life Catholic. What a bunch of lies these people are fed to vote for this unconstitutional garbage.

  24. Linda from NY @ 1:38 pm
    Thinking outside the box, and now that we may have to use self-defensive medicine on our little selves here are some books I thought of off the top of my head. I also included Doctors without Borders do you think they may show mercy and pity on the people of the United States whom I’m sure were large contributors in the past, just in case we need them-more or less desperately.

  25. kidmon @ 2:32 pm
    “Slaughter Rule in unconstitutional.”
    Question: if they know that this rule is unconstitutional but use it anyway, did they just enter into treason? Don’t they swear to protect, and defend the Constitution?

  26. This courtesy of GailA at FreeRepublic

    We won’t have a health care system left after obamanation gets through CUT & GUTTING it. We are fighting for the SOUL of America, not just keeping illegals out.

    This is from a 2007 contact list of congressional aides. Some might not be there any longer, but worth a try. The ones on the one post are senate aides, a few have bounced back, it’s worth the effort to clog up their email system along with the phones, and 1/3rd of these senators are up for re-election.

    Contact congressional aides.
    U.S. Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
    U.S. House switchboard: (202) 225-3121
    White House comments: (202) 456-1111
    Find your House Rep.:
    Find your US Senators:
    Toll free to the US Senate:
    1-800-882-2005. (Spanish number)
    1-800-417-7666. (English number)
    Courtesy of a pro-amnesty group, no less!!

  27. Lets HOPE that when Obamalya goes to his Homeland Indonesia in June is to seek ASYLUM. We had enough of him here.

    Obamalaya GO HOME!!


    The Rules Committee will meet on Saturday to set the rules for debate. Following the letter of the 72-hour rule would mean no vote before late Sunday, but Democrats have allowed themselves an out. “The Democratic leadership has declared ‘martial law,'” reports, “allowing leaders to bring legislation straight to the floor on the same legislative day.” That could mean a vote as early as Saturday, with a floor debate of just four hours. The public and members of Congress would have only 48 hours or even less to examine the bill.

    link in my above post.

  29. Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    You would think! They just Don’t Care as long as they get the POWER! There are going to be ALOT of lawsuits! Good time to be a Lawyer! (they are the only ones that really win!) Also, I see more States opting out! Sure hope my does. They were looking at it yesterday! Levin’s case will be very interesting! That is , of course, if the Judges and SOTU haven’t been bought off!
    Right is Right! Wrong is Wrong! No matter how you Spin It! I’m hoping the bribes and illegal activity WILL BRING HIM DOWN!

  30. Prairie @ 3:34 pm
    re: martial law declared is that soldiers, tanks in the streets with guns-I’m from Chicago-Mayor Daley (father) did that on a number of occasions. (Dawn to dusk curfews etc.)
    or marital law their hopey changey language when the Dems talk baby talk?

  31. Don in California


    First response received from Hawaii Petition Campaign
    by Sharon Rondeau

    First response from the Aloha State arrives at The Post & Email
    (Mar. 18, 2010) — A letter received today from a Hawaii cabinet official states that her department “does not maintain vital records of the individual known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama II.’”
    Now, what does that tell us??

  32. Yes Obamalaya, Go Home!

    Home to receive justice for renouncing Islam!

    They are waiting for you!

  33. kidmon @ 3:38 pm
    “I’m hoping the bribes and illegal activity WILL BRING HIM DOWN!” yes, please no more suffering these idiots. Can you imagine the subpoenas, FOIA requests, witness testimony etc. that have to be brought out in court.
    Here is another question: in regard to Civil Rights-did you receive a bribe? or anyone on here? I think there are major civil rights violations because a group in DC, has been treated differently than another group. EEOC something like that. Where is the equality I guess is my question?

  34. For those interested, Mark Levin has posted his draft complaint here:

  35. CW,
    Could you please send me an e-mail.. have a question for you.Thanks in advance


  36. Fernley Girl

    Don in California // March 18, 2010 at 3:39 pm


    NOT ot!

    Have the records been purged, or did they never exist?

    Or, are his records under his original given name, possibly Barry Dunham?

  37. Don in California // March 18, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    Just seems to me more passing of the buck especially in lieu of this particular sentence that was so correctly noted in the first line-
    A letter received today from a Hawaii cabinet official states that her department “does not maintain vital records of the individual known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama II.’” That would be like asking for an address for BHO at the water dept for billing. Same thing- no record. I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but that is my take on it. Your opinion?

  38. The day does not stop- Obama/Clinton fundraiser admits to $292 million fraud.

  39. Linda from NY

    EMERGENCY March on DC this Saturday ^

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Congressman Perriello, “we will keep stealing”
    “if you don’t tie our hands.” From a meeting with the Jefferson Area (VA) Tea Party.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    Congressman Gerry Connolly’s staff calls cops on constituents

  40. Don in California

    L J // March 18, 2010 at 4:09 pm
    My take is that they are trying to cause confusion.
    Her office does not hold those type of records anyway. So, why would she have any records on bho II? But, it makes it look like HI doesn’t have any records. Confusion… I think so.

  41. Don in California // March 18, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Well, we are either getting smarter or we distrust all that is put out by those “in charge”, LOL

  42. Linda from NY

    Constitution-butchers prevail, 222-203 (Øbamacare a DONE DEAL?!?)

    Michelle Malkin ^

    Lots of info at Michelle Malkin’s site…

  43. Linda from NY

    Congressional Hispanics announce support for health-care bill

    Washington Post ^ | 03/18/10 | Paul Kane

  44. Linda from NY

    Rep. Mark Schauer said today he plans to vote yes on health care bill; vote expected to take place Sunday

    By Chris Gautz | Jackson Citizen Patriot
    March 18, 2010, 1:34PM

  45. Linda from NY

    Bart Gordon (D, Ten.) Switching from NO to YES

    The Hill ^

  46. Goodness gracious, I think a bunch of people are finding that “R” by their name again today. This is exactly what’s been missing from the Republican party for far too long now! Go Coburn and Co.

  47. kidmon // March 18, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Can Levin bring out the usurpership in his lawsuit?
    kidmon, Levin or anybody who sues can try to kill two birds with one stone with standing – rid the illegal rule (slaughter) and rid the illegal signer (usurper)

    That will be a happy deed for USA!!

  48. Linda from NY

    GOP fights again: Cantor introduces privileged resolution challenging Slaughter Solution; Dems move to table the motion, 232-181

    By Michelle Malkin • March 18, 2010 05:27 PM

  49. Linda from NY

    Census Stalkers

    Atlas shrugs ^ | pamela geller

    Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010 6:00:06 PM by opentalk

  50. Fernley Girl // March 18, 2010 at 4:07 pm
    …possibly Barry Dunham?
    possibly Steve Dunham?

  51. Ultimately there is one weapon the r’s won’t use- the silent but deadly NBC clause. That is what it boils down to- do they have the balls to play their Ace. Anything o signs is null and void, this hell could end.

  52. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Vote, Don’t Debate
    Democrats are ready to abandon a promise to allow lawmakers 72 hours to read and evaluate the heath-care bill before a vote.

    DEEMOCRATS the Party of Failure.

  53. The party of DEEM!!

    The party CAN’T WIN so it DEEMS WON and FAILS.


  54. HAWAII,

    They are slimy, slippery adn TRICKY.

    It could be that they have records for Barack Hussein Obama (without the II). Or maybe they have record for Obama, Barack Hussein or Barack H. Obama, etc.

  55. Remember Vege claimed that Shorty had not taken her home to visit. O’evil must have promised to send them home to visit by Airforce One. That is why Shorty has changed his mind and is going to vote yes on the O’bloody Bill.

    Just guessing….


  57. Peter @ 5:17 Hawaii could say they have no records of the name Barack Hussein Obama (II) or whatever alias he is using on any given day. Do you remember the name he uses to sign bills etc. I don’t remember seeing II, or is this another exercise in hair splitting or deeming?
    Is Obama so called presidency something he deemed/is deeming/or is he just in the wonderful world of let’s pretend. It’s getting harder and harder to pretend he’s not nuts, Pelosi should have been certified long ago-Reid he’s pathetic-he will go whatever way the wind blows.

  58. Obamalaya’s interview last night.

    When he mentioned Hawaii earthquake he may have meant to say Haiti earthquake, he may think that Haiti is America’s 58 State.

    Someone better call him on this and FORCE HIM TO CLARIFY THAT COMMENT.

  59. Linda from NY

    Mark Levin Show Live…Monday-Friday…6-9 PM EST

  60. Linda from NY

    House Reconciliation Bill Increases Medicare Advantage Cuts To $220 Billion

    Fox News Channel | Vanity

  61. This Messaeg from AmericaPAC.

    Stop The ObamaCare Slaughter-House Rule
    No Vote – No Democracy Just Lie, Cheat & Deal

    ALERT: 25 percent of Americans earning $200,000 a year would see their taxes rise under ObamaCare. An analysis by former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin reveals that Obama has lied again by pushing massive tax increases on every American, breaking his campaign promise not to raise taxes. The latest CBO report details Obama’s 10 year tax scheme – Punish Americans with new taxes for the first four years with no healthcare benefits and cuts in Medicare to Seniors.

    The “self-executing rule is, “the ultimate in Washington power grabs.”

    TELL ALL 261 Democrat/Independent Representatives, Blue Dog Democrats AND President Obama To KILL THIS BILL and CUT HealthCare COSTS FIRST.
    Select Here SEND YOUR FAXES NOW!

    Now, Kucinich D-Ohio who said “This is not the bill I wanted to support even as I continued efforts into the last minute to try and modify the bill,” Got a ride to Ohio on Air Force One with Obama and announced that he would vote for ObamaCare. Saying, “However, after careful discussions with President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, my wife Elizabeth and close friends, I’ve decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation.”

    Kucinich is taking America for a ride and did not seem to consider what Americans want even though he voted against the House bill in November and has opposed the Senate bill because it doesn’t include a government-run insurance plan. Did Kucinich get the ride of his life and the same promise Obama gave to Grijalva D-AZ who stated “I was glad to hear…” Obama is “…personally committed to pursue a public option after passage of the current bill.”

    With Kucinich’s switch, Democrats now have 212 votes in favor of the bill, four shy of the 216-threshold needed for passage.

    75% of Americans polled by CNN reject it. Pelosi says – JUST PASS THE BILL THEN YOU CAN READ WHAT’S IN IT!

    Shamefully, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are using strong arm tactics and are buying votes with empty promises to House Democrats. They say they will change the bill after passage to remove special deals to individual states, cut healthcare costs, save Medicare benefits and include government run healthcare with the public option.

    Just last month Democrats passed a pay as you go budget policy because it was politically correct saying any new unbudgeted items added to the budget would be paid for with cuts. One month later they decided to ignore the new law and added a $10 billion benefits extension in new unbudgeted debt and vilify Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky for daring to make them pay for it first.

    Obama and the Democrats cannot be trusted with a Healthcare entitlement that is already estimated to be 30% of the Federal budget. Obama lied in a recent speech saying his scheme would save $1Trillion “over the next decade.” The CBO however estimated the bill would save $132 billion from 2010 to 2019, leaving Obama’s “next decade” estimate $868 billion short. The budget office also said “A detailed year-by-year projection for years beyond 2019 … would not be meaningful, because the uncertainties involved are simply too great.”

    Pelosi has told Democrats that they should sacrifice their own re-election if necessary and by inference their principles if they have them so that Obama can get his way. This is outrageous as Democrats owe their loyalty to the people who elect them not to the leaders of the DNC?

    True democrats – regardless of party – understand that they are not in office to fulfill their own wishes. They are there as the representatives of the people. They must stand up to do the right thing and protect all Americans. Democrats, who choose to follow Obama and Pelosi, in defiance of their constituents, are showing a true lack of character and should be removed from office.

    Blue Dog House Democrats and Republicans must stop Pelosi and Reid from using a slick budget process that requires the House to pass the Senate version of ObamaCare without changes.

    There is no way to stop ObamaCare in the Senate since Obama has ordered Reid to use reconciliation, FORCING THE BILL TO PASS WITH 51 VOTES. But we can beat it in the House! Dozens of Congressmen who voted for the bill last time are re-thinking their support as tax increases and special deals to buy off Senators are included. And, since the bill passed by only 220-215, Pelosi has no Democratic margin for error.

    This is the biggest gamble of Obama’s presidency. Nancy Pelosi may not have the votes to pass the healthcare bill through the House. So, Obama is telling the Blue Dogs that he is prepared to sacrifice them in order to get ObamaCare. Will they cave in and throw away their chances in November, or will they finally live up to their “conservative” label?

    We must make every effort to fax, call and even personally visit every key congressman in their offices in Washington DC.
    Select Here SEND YOUR FAXES NOW!

    This is outrageous and exactly what Americans do not want. FAX NOW AND OFTEN AND MAKE CALLS TO CONGRESS. We need your continued help more than ever as Socialized Health Care MUST STILL Be Stopped.

  62. Please help me out.


    What was gained by it DEEMING?

    The DEEMOCRATS are anti-american.

  63. Does anyone hear the phrase, “Deem and Pass,” and think the more accurate spelling would be, “Demon Pass?”

  64. Linda from NY

    What House Passage of the Senate Health Bill Means for America

    Published on March 16, 2010 by Kathryn Nix and Robert Moffit, Ph.D.

  65. Linda from NY

    CBO: Obamacare Would Cost Over $2 Trillion

    Weekly Standard ^ | March 18, 2010 | Jeffrey Anderson

    Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010 7:02:44 PM by Steelfish

  66. Don in California

    Linda from NY // March 18, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    CBO: Obamacare Would Cost Over $2 Trillion
    I don’t care how much it costs. It could even pay me and I still wouldn’t want the government involved.

  67. Don in California

    Deemed to pass? Could we deem that they have all resigned??

  68. Linda from NY

    All the Presidents Budget Gimmicks

    Published on March 16, 2010 by Brian Riedl

  69. Bill Cutting

    Kudo’s to whomever got the Citizenship question in to that Congressman on Medved today.

    Meved of course called everyone who had doubts about Barry’s citizenship mentally ill.

    Maybe if 50 or 100 Constitutionalists showed up at his next engagement, he might learn some manners.

  70. Linda from NY

    Obamacare Grants IRS Perilous Power

    Newsmax ^ | 18 Mar 2010 | David A. Patten

  71. Still say “The fix is in”………..”We be scrood”

    2 Trillion bucks and that ain’t even near the real bottom line… now “The Sage Talking Heads” over at Fox have spoken and decreed the “Bill Will Pass” as though they got it from the Oracle of Delphi herself.

  72. Well, I think much of our nation is mentally ill, and it’s not those closer to the right side of things. Of course, you can be too far one way or another. I don’t think the eligibility question is a cause for mental illness. Personally I think it’s a cause for mental health! It’s part of the Constitution, regardless of how they don’t understand it. Our founding fathers knew it was important, which is why they made it so.

    They’d be rolling over in their graves now trying to figure out the left’s sickness.

  73. Linda from NY

    White House Won’t Rule Out That Obama Will Sign Other Bills…That Are Not Put to Yea-or-Nay Votes ^ | 03/18/2010 | Fred Lucas

  74. Linda from NY

    What is so funny?

    Leftist Media Giggles Over Sport Fishing Ban

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 5:10 PM
    Jim Hoft


    I DEEM CONSERVATIVES WINS ON NOV No need to have an election. Lets just Deem all Conservative Wins and send them to CONgress.

  76. Read the 3rd paragraph. Dem leadership is declaring martial law as a means to bring the health care bill to the floor without the 72 hour wait once posted.

    ht: Prairie

  77. Linda from NY,
    Anymore info on Emergency march on Washington this Saturday??
    Thank You!
    Family and friends want to go!

  78. Linda from NY

    Rep. Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America…

  79. CBS Poll re: Healthcare
    Americans are still saying they hate it-in large numbers.;contentBody

  80. Linda from NY

    GBAmerica // March 18, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Hope this helps…last link has registration. Please let me know what happens…Thanks.

    GET READY TO RUMBLE… Greet Obama at Fairfax Code Red Rally Tomorrow …Update: Rally Saturday in DC

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 6:22 AM
    Jim Hoft


    God Bless You and Your Family…Linda

  81. Linda from NY

    GBAmerica // March 18, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Call to Arms: Join Me in DC Saturday to Stop ObamaCare

    by Jon Voight

    “I am calling to all of you freedom-loving Americans to come once again to Washington D.C. to gather on the Capitol steps on Saturday, at 12 o’clock noon.”

    We must come by the thousands.”

  82. This was on CBS News tonight, you will have to endure seeing Pelosi and Obama-but when you get to the end it shows some really great stalling tactics which the Republicans can and SHOULD use. The Democrats do NOT want that-If the Republicans could manage to delay until the elections life could be sweet. In fairness the Republicans told them not to use the Slaughter Rule-I would fight back for the American people for all I was worth. Pew 48 per cent Americans against HCR 38 per cent for Obama’s mess. On some news thing today it was repeated this loss could wreck the Obama presidency(like he’s not there already)-somewhat making him a lame duck for all his other for lack of a better work crap legislation.;lst;1

  83. Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Hey Michelle,

    Is there any possibility that a few of these ‘yes’ votes will think about it, have an attack of conscience, and flip to ‘no?’

    I don’t know the dynamics involved, but I hope this might be so. I think they get the fact that if they vote for this hog, they’ll be out of a job come November.

    Any thoughts?

  84. Linda from NY @ 6:41 pm
    By singing the way it is indicated in the posting, is Obama trying to make Congress redundant?
    or am I reading this wrong? If he is you know what that makes him DICTATOR mouse.
    Remind me this is USA 2010 not
    German 1930. Right?


    Statement by Robert Greenstein
    Executive Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    The House Republican Leadership has announced its intention to have the House vote, before adjourning on Friday or Saturday, on several major pieces of legislation that are not yet available to House members in final form because behind-closed-door negotiations on the proposals are still going on. The Leadership apparently intends to use a process known as “martial law” to allow these bills to be brought to the floor very shortly after negotiations are completed, with the result that Members of the House are likely to have virtually no time to examine and consider the details of the legislation before they will be required to vote on it.

    Among the matters the House may be asked to vote on under martial law are a major conference report on pension legislation, a costly bill that would permanently reduce the estate tax and extend certain expiring tax provisions, and a bill that could combine a controversial health insurance proposal with an increase in the minimum wage (there also are reports that the estate tax, minimum wage, and expiring tax provisions may be combined into a single bill). The House Rules Committee on Thursday afternoon reported a resolution that would provide martial law authority in relation to all of these bills.

    Under the martial law procedure, longstanding House rules that require at least one day between the unveiling of significant legislation and the House floor vote on that legislation — so that Members can learn what they are being asked to vote on — are swept away. Instead, under “martial law,” the Leadership can file legislation with tens or hundreds of pages of fine print and move immediately to debate and votes on it, before Members of Congress, the media, or the public have an opportunity to understand fully what provisions have been altered or inserted into the legislation behind closed doors. This is the procedure that the Leadership intends to use to muscle through important bills in the next two days.

    This procedure diminishes democracy. When major legislation is being considered that would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the debt or affect millions of Americans in other ways, Members of Congress should have an opportunity to study the legislation for more than a couple of hours and to know what they are voting on.

    h/t JustMe

  86. Linda from NY,
    Thank You soooo much!We are ready!So many people want to know,sending it out and calling!

  87. kidmon // March 18, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Hannity stated thta Mark Levin has his lawsuit ready and is filing. Slaughter Rule in unconstitutional.

    I say we call for a TAX REVOLT and noone file on 4/15/10. We Deem ourselves PAID IN FULL and FORM A NEW GOVERNMENT!
    Kidmon, I received an email that asked for 4/15-4/18th …no shopping, no gas, no purchases of any kind……no tv, shut the big business down….keep kids home from school, no work…I plan on doing just that…and hope my husband will too.

    It’s to get info….

  88. Linda from NY

    GBAmerica // March 18, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Little more info here…hope it helps!

    Take the Town Halls to Washington

    “If you can make it to D.C. this Saturday, there’s a Tea Party effort to “Take the Town Halls to Washington:”

    More info here.

    Bring a Constitution Butchers sign! (Get yours here.)

  89. SueK @ 7:42 pm
    so much of this is so crazy. First foremost should be conscience-representing the constituents who elected them, we know what kind of feed back they are getting on that-our Constitution, our country, our fellow Americans.
    From the Democrat point of view, self-interest is a powerful motivator-Obama so much as told them. I’m more important than anybody in the country too bad if this puts you in a bad light and you lose your job in the fall-let’s assume most of them liked their job, why would they have run in the first place. Eventually they will have to go home to their district, public opinion on them will be so bad-I think they would have to relocate to another country perhaps. The American people are beyond disgusted.
    From the Republican point of view: The Republicans are doing a real good job, standing firm, putting up their most articulate spokes- people Paul Ryan, Scott Brown, John Boehner-I don’t see them backing off. They are staying united, the Democrats I think are a mess behind the scenes-who knows what scandals will pop up I’ll bet there are some good ones that they are trying to keep the lid on. If the Republicans continue to fight this in the dignified way they are doing, they should be able to STOP this nit-wit legislation and win big time in the fall, if they don’t stop it they will still win big in the fall. Americans do not like the beyond sleazy tactics Obama and Pelosi dreamed up. It is just not the American way. In other words if you’re going to fight, fight fair. No hitting below the belt and all type of low down skulduggery.

  90. Prairie // March 18, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Read the 3rd paragraph. Dem leadership is declaring martial law as a means to bring the health care bill to the floor without the 72 hour wait once posted.

    Oh, hell, they’re declaring martial law because word is out Kentucky and other state protesters are headed for DC!!!!!

  91. ON Mark Levin a guy just called in and said that the Toll Free # for CONgress is:


    How appropriate……for those Political Pigs and SOBs

  92. TO:
    Kim // March 18, 2010 at 7:47 pm


    Statement by Robert Greenstein
    Executive Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    The House Republican Leadership has announced its intention to have the House vote, before adjourning on Friday or Saturday,

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [][][][][] ////////////

    This articles says House Republicans did they mean: HOUSE DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP??

  93. Billy Bones did a good job on that song.

    Here is a video by him.

    We need to encourage and help Conservative Artists not just the Anti-American Hollyweird ones.

  94. Kim @ 7:47 pm
    Well now I understand why the 2700 pages of mishigoss -it was done just for this purpose-that no one could conceivably study it. Really low down and sneaky. They could have just substituted a phone book-same difference-just a bunch of numbers to manipulate and fashion whatever way Nancy’s little heart desires.

  95. truthbetold11

    Abc hired a former bunker reporter. hum!!! health care is a distraction for iran bombing. obama needs a war bad to legitimize his usurping presidency. Folks this is going to be the stamp for him. We need to pray courage for out leaders to do the right things

  96. OHH HOW I MISS having an American President…

    Tell me one time Obamalaya stuck up for America like this Patriot.

    Yes we Misss Having an American President.

  97. This is corruption of the highest order!! All of
    the deal-making, the blatant attempts to
    circumvent the constitutional process for
    passage of bills, and the total arrogance of
    the trinity of evil (O, P and R) is beyond the

    Time is running short, and from the appearance
    of things, a vote could be accelerated to Sat.
    depending on the Dems view of their chances.

    How could these people put the country through
    this nightmare? If it is passed, then there will
    be an outpouring of lawsuits of various sorts
    which could cause a constitutional crisis of
    huge proportions. It may take that!

  98. President BUSH you are Forgiven PLEASE COME BACK…challenge Obamalaya to a DUEL to the DEATH and take over the Presidency America NEEDS YOU in this time of NEED.

    The Communists that Reagan fought so hard to defeat and the Mooslums you fought so hard to defeat ARE NOW IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

    Please Help we are in DANGER.

  99. Lord,

    Who else remembers the 2008 election when we were so sure the country would explode if the Fraud LOST?

    The man’s just poison to everything he touches…

  100. Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    Thanks, Michelle.

    Ya know, we as Americans are fair as far as listening to others’ points of view however, when those points of view begin to erode the rights we’ve enjoyed since this country was founded, that’s when the gloves come off.

    We are patient and will forgive missteps, errors and just plain bad judgment, but when it’s heaped on us by the people who supposedly represent our interests, there’s no forgiving.

    If these cockeyed politicians think that by voting for this abomination they will have preserved their careers, they need to think again. And you’re right about the reaction of the constituents; look at the treatment Judge Carter got after his hideous verdict in Orly’s case. This bunch may wanna move elsewhere after this all hits the fan.

    I know that my Rep, Niki Tsongas, is getting it both barrels in our local newspaper and when she gets the boot come November I will personally seek her out and tell her exactly what I think of her. I think that’ll be the trend, from what I’m reading and hearing. Prepare (and prepare well) to face your constituents, people; you deserve whatever they dish out.

    I don’t much care for either party but I will say that it’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for another Dem. The Repubs need to fix what’s broken in their party and get some true conservatives in there; the RINOs like McCain just won’t cut the mustard and must be sent packing.

    Having said all that, I do hope that those who have any semblance of a conscience really give this some thought. It’s not only their political career that’ll be ruined, but maybe the rest of their lives, too, and for what? One stupid vote on a horrible bill.

    Hopefully, lessons will be learned.

  101. Portuguese Rev. War Hero – Peter Francisco –
    Yes, my heart agrees with you 100%. Bush
    wasn’t always right, but he was a man of personal
    integrity and he wanted to protect this country.
    Now, we have an impostor, a traitor, and an
    imbecile in the W.H.

    What really bothers me is something I read
    today by a blogger. I can’t quote exactly, but
    the gist is that we have an electorate that
    is having to learn the hard way what it meant
    to vote for someone who suckered them into
    believing in “change”. The problem is this:
    Are they going to learn or have they been so
    affected by public school teaching that they
    don’t know the difference between a free
    society and a socialist one? In other words,
    if O and his cohorts were to be removed today,
    will they have learned anything, or would they
    possibly vote in another unfit for the job?

    It IS something to think about. Our work
    may have just begun.

  102. Who is responsible for the poisonous atmosphere-Obama and minions-every sneaky tactic just makes WE THE PEOPLE sicker.

  103. Bush running for Governor and the disease that may have been quietly battling.

  104. That’s right Peter,

    For all the ‘evil’ Bush supposedly committed, at least it was to our ENEMIES in the interests of our country…


    Those 2700 pages are exactly what will hang the Supreme Court into the next century.

    The Fraud’s a freaking fool for pushing it…

  105. Michelle Bachman on Hannity asking everyone to show up at the Capitol for one last rally against Obamacare.

    It won’t help one bit.

    These pigs are going to push it through no matter if 300 million Americans and 300 million Brits and 300 million Canadians show up at that rally.


    Because they know everyone will show up with their signs and walk around eating hot dogs for a few hours, and finally nightfall will come, and everyone will just go home.

    No one fears losing their life or bodily harm on Capitol Hill, and until that happens, we can kiss this countries ass goodbye.

    I hate to say it folks, but it’s the truth.

    Until someone pays the ultimate price for treason, they will continue to shred the Constitution.

    The rally’s don’t work; the politicians don’t feel threatened by a bunch of hot dog eating, sign carrying, flag waving patriots.

    How many marches have taken place in DC now?

    Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

    When people decide to march on Washington with loaded guns, they might start to pay attention.

    Until that happens, enjoy your new gov’t healthcare, and every other unconstitutional law they decide to sign.

    Freedom is not free, someone will always try to take it from you.

    Signs and hotdogs don’t work.

  106. There is a PANDEMIC of LIEberal PC Disease now spreading in the UK:

    Police banned from asking for someone’s ‘Christian’ name because it might offend those of other faiths

    Read more:

  107. SueK @ 8:26 pm
    I agree with everything you said. Yes, we can forgive human error, foibles and have in the past. When I disagree with a position, at the very least I would like to at least respect the other persons point of view.
    I have never seen the American people so disgusted with their representative government, it didn’t start today-they have been ignored for at least a year or more now. Locking them out of their representatives offices, insulting them to their faces and now this. They literally will not be able to walk down the streets-want a pizza, sorry we don’t need the business that bad. I know the American people they will get this straightened out. WE THE PEOPLE produced the best fighting forces in the world, oh where do you think that could have come from-I don’t think Congress-Obama does not know WE THE PEOPLE are tied to each other by blood and flesh, he cannot rip us asunder. This whole group has gotten away with too much for too long already.

  108. What we need is to RUSH the Capitol espcially when they try and VOTE and STOP THE VOTE.

    When gov’t foes afainst the will of the governed it is OUR DUTY and REMOVE THEM and STOP THEIR DAMAGE according to the Founding Fathers.


  109. What in need in DC right now at this late hour is a Mexican Style Protest with GUNS BLAZING IN THE AIR.


  110. I just read an article on “The Hill” : Stupak:
    “health fight has been ‘living hell”.
    He certainly is applauded for hanging firm. This
    is a must read. Being new to the computer, I
    don’t know how to get the link. I got the
    original lead from Drudge Report.

    It just simply confirms that when one holds
    true to convictions, there is a price to be
    paid. He and the others who are holding
    firm because of the abortion issue need to be
    encouraged and thanked.

  111. Linda from NY

    Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    EXACTLY! YES! No need to vote on it; he is “Boss” [Dictator] so he will decide.

    My take: If we do not stop the House from getting away with what they did today [i.e., Levin Lawsuit], then that is what they will do all of the time! It just becomes “okay” because they DID IT!

    WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for this! This is treason, tyranny to the highest degree, and a blatant disregard for the “Rule of Law,” the Constitution.


  112. Don in California

    If I had a business(pizza, burgers, etc) I would put up a sign that said “I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”, and when any politician came in, I would refuse service and state that “I do NOT serve idots or dogs.

    Then laugh at them and ask “Which are you?”

  113. Peter Francisco:

    I happened to like Pres. Bush and still like him. I get sick of him being talked bad about. So sorry, don’t buy it, Peter! I also don’t care for any so-called “truther” stuff, although I love the truth! Which that (truther stuff) ain’t truth.

  114. TO:
    Cabby – AZ // March 18, 2010 at 8:42 pm


    Getting a Link.

    There are many ways but one way is to right click on the link at Drudge and then click COPY SHORTCUT.
    Another way it to right click on the website itself and if it has same as above click it.

    Another way is on the adress of teh site in your bowser (usually on top) where its says http://www... or http… left click there then CONTROL A to Hightlight and the either right click and chose COPY or after it is highlighted CONTROL C to copy.

    After that you come here to the comment and either right click on the comment window and click PASTE from menu that opens up or just do CONTROL V to place the link here

    You can also use the mouse to highlights parts of a comment, etc and COPY & PASTE.
    To highlight the whole thing CONTROL A…to do only a part of it place mouse cursor at one end where you want to copy and then hold left button and drag to highlight as far as you want then let go and do CONTROL A or RT Click on highlighed area and choose COPY…then paste as explained above.

    Hope that helps. Happy Copy & PAsting.

  115. O’Reilly Warns Obama: ‘All Hell Will Break Loose If You Backdoor This’

    O’Reilly believes Obama will destroy legacy is he rams through health care

  116. Philo-Publius

    President Obama on Thursday gave a thumbs-up to the framework of a plan to legalize illegal immigrants and create a flow of low-skilled foreign workers for the future, saying the bill being worked on by a Republican lawmaker and his Democrat counterpart is “promising.”

  117. * Peter Boyles–GLENN BECK INTERVIEW (Obama’s Eligibility)

    Glenn discusses President Obama’s birth certificate and the records that aren’t available. He says his eligibility under the constitution just doesn’t matter to him

  118. Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Linda from NY // March 18, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    Evening, Ladies,

    I’ll combine y’all, if’n ya don’t mind.

    Yes, indeedy, we’re being ignored but I don’t think they realize the price they’ll pay for doing just that. Wait until they come ‘home.’

    I read today that when one Congressman (don’t recall who) was confronted by a constituent, he called the police. Does this guy think he’s representing the interests of the people back home by pulling something like this?

    Regarding the shenanigans, these congresspeople remind me of a 2 year-old child. They will take an inch at a time and if not stopped, just keep on going until they’ve taken a mile. Little kids.

    Linda, you’re spot on; the only way this will stop is to bring a few law suits and get a few convictions. Can we find a reasonable judge to administer a little justice, here?

    I’ve mentioned this before, but it keeps popping into my head. One of the signs at the 9/12 march on D.C. said ‘We came to Washington unarmed. This time.’ I think it’s reasonable to expect a bit of ‘frontier justice’ if these monkeys keep this up.

    Gonna get ugly.

  119. TO:

    Kittycat // March 18, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    Peter Francisco:

    I happened to like Pres. Bush and still like him. I get sick of him being talked bad about. So sorry, don’t buy it, Peter! I also don’t care for any so-called “truther” stuff, although I love the truth! Which that (truther stuff) ain’t truth.
    \\\\\\\\\\\ [][][][] /////////////

    I had my issues with Bush and think she should’v ebeen IMPEACHED for the illegals invasion that he did NOTHING about and allowed the Criminal Activity to continue while looking the other way.
    I hate that he was a RINO and spent like crazy.

    I can’t stand that he couldn’t communicate and allowed to be sabotaged the Social Security Private acc’ts and the LIE that he only gave taxcuts to the rich.

    Other than that he was OK at least he was an AMERICAN.

    Now for the TRUTHER issue I think it was mostly an INSIDE JOB *insurance Job) but I have doubts that Bush was involved or aware of what happened. He may have been used or fooled or not know anything. I suspect it was the COmmunist Wing of the CIA behind 9/11

    There is just too many things that are questionable and where there is SMOKE THERE IS FIRE. There was alot of SMOKE, DUST but not a drop of water. Magic Plumbing shit off the water the night before????

    We can’t be TRUTH SEEKERS in one issue and shut down the search for TRUTH in another.
    If it was not an inside job there should be no problem taking another look and make sure that we got it right.

  120. * Eric Holder Predicts U.S. Will Read Miranda Rights To ‘Corpse Of Osama Bin Laden’

    Attorney general compares bin Laden to Charles Manson

  121. I warned that this TOYOTA STORY seemed like an INSANTASY, now we might have proof that it was sabotage to help GANGSTER MOTORS.

    Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely

    the technology may be there.

  122. Cabby – @ 8:42 pm
    If you are a little klutzy at first don’t worry, with a little practice you get better. I was a little spazzy at first, but it gets easier the more you do it.
    Peter gave give suggestions.

  123. Michelle and Linda,

    I responded to your posts, but went into moderation, for some reason.

    I swear I didn’t swear!

  124. Will Coburn demand that the Senate repubs filibuster the new bill? The posted bill is not a reconciliation bill. I want action, not bluster.

    No such thing as a rule to “deem” that legislation has passed. Great stuff for the upcoming litigation.

    We even have 220 members of the House on record for breaking the law. We’ve gotcha now!

  125. Linda from NY @ 8:44 pm
    Our government-doesn’t need to raise taxes, last night on the news re: the drug murders in Mexico-they said illicit drug $40 billion a year industry in this country, if that wasn’t pathetic enough read this. Government waste, fraud and stupidity and this is by the people who create and enforce the laws.
    Working for Uncle Sam comes with some great perks, like job stability, posh benefits packages, and in many cases, average salaries that are higher than what the same job pays in the private sector.
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah opts to sleep on a cot in his D.C. office.That’s why Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, is irked that nearly 100,000 civilian federal employees owe the IRS $962 million in back taxes. He thinks they should pay up or be fired.
    Chaffetz has introduced a bill that calls for the federal government to “ferret out” civilian employees who have “seriously delinquent tax debt” and prevent the hiring of other tax delinquents.
    More than 3 percent of the 2.8 million federal civilian employees owed the Treasury unpaid federal income taxes in 2008, according to the IRS. If you include retirees and military service members, the numbers go from nearly 100,000 up to 276,000 current or former workers who owe $3 billion in taxes.

  126. SueK @ 9:09 pm
    Michelle and Linda,
    We believe you, you don’t normally swear. Betcha you know the words though, I sure do. Learned it from guys and other sources. It can be fun.

  127. Thanks to Peter for detailed instructions and to
    Michelle for encouragement. It will take a
    little practicing, because with my Mac laptop I
    don’t use a mouse and left and right clicking, but
    I’ll get there….. I always appreciate the
    contributions of folks here who give the direct
    link for articles. I just click on, and bingo!

    Now, when I type a site on an e-mail, it
    automatically is set for someone to click on,
    but I guess “cut and paste” is what I need to
    learn. Thanks, again for the instructions.

  128. !?!! @ 9:11 pm
    “We even have 220 members of the House on record for breaking the law. We’ve gotcha now!”
    We have been wanting to clean up Congress for awhile, could it be possible to do most of it in one fell swoop, and Pelosi and Slaughter as the instigators.

  129. Keep those Printing Presses working…we need more money.

  130. Cabby – AZ @ 9:24 pm
    Here is a neat trick a guy taught me. Say you want to look something up and you remember a word or a persons name. Do Control F (means find). In the upper left of your screen under the banners you will see a little box that says Find:
    type in the word (s) and it will highlight in color the words-you will see previous and next, just keep hitting next until you get where you want to go. I found this trick real handy.

  131. LM – Thanks for the Peter Boyles’ interview with
    Beck. I see Beck’s point in part, but when he
    says “our rights are being taken away” (meaning
    that that is what Beck is concentrating on), I
    can’t help but think if these birth and records
    issues had been concentrated on before the
    election, we today probably wouldn’t be having
    to defend our liberties the way we are now.
    This usurper would have never made it to the

  132. If Senator Coburn were serious, he would already have acted to file charges and enforce sanctions against the 220 House members who today participated in outright rebellion against the government of our country.

    They imposed a procedure that is against our government processes, thereby attempting to circumvent the rights and protections afforded to the people. Our constitution protects us from just the kind of fraudulent manuever Pelois is trying to pull off.

    Voting to defraud the people does not make the defrauding legal. Only means the yes voters broke the law.

    They want to introduce a new bill without facing filibuster. What they’ve done is highly illegal.

  133. Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah opts to sleep on a cot in his D.C. office.

    BTW Paul Ryan I believe does the same thing sleeps in a cot in his DC office.

    I bet soon the LIEerals will pass a law that it is illegal to sleep in those offices.


    If they actually do it They have CONSPIRED and Committed a Felony and also Conspired to Violate their OATH OF OFFICE…for this alone they SHALL BE ARRESTED AND REMOVED.

  135. The parliamentarian had already ruled that the House must pass (meaning vote on) the Senate bill as is.

    If I were the parliamentarian I would document what happened today, in detail.

    I would attach a list of the people who voted yes
    I would file charges against those people. I would request or impose sanctions against them. I would publicize my document and the actions I took to bring the lawbreakers to account.

    I would do so in order to distance myself from their illegal actions so that I could prove no collusion on my part.

  136. This was on our news tonight.
    To taxpayers this is so aggrivating that this ever went on. Remember this is one state-may this go nationwide. Waste and fraud-blatant besides.
    4 Jacksonville store clerks busted in statewide food stamp fraud sweep
    21 store owners and clerks arrested in 10 cities; more to come
    Four Jacksonville store clerks were among 21 people arrested in a statewide food stamp fraud sweep, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced this morning.

    Store owners and clerks from Miami to Pensacola were busted during “Operation Cash Exchange,” a 10-week probe designed to combat public-assistance fraud.

    The investigation targeted retailers accused of illegally handing out primarily cash from government-issued Electronic Benefit Transfer cards. The cards are authorized only for the purchase of approved food products, the FDLE said.

    People who own or work for the targeted stores stole about $3.5 million in the past year, the FDLE said.
    The FDLE identified those arrested in Northeast Florida as Meaza Tilahun, 38, and Zewedeneh Kassa, 41, who worked at Ethio Shell in Jacksonville; and Assefa Abegaze, 58, and Yeshe Tefera, 47, who worked at the M&Y Food Store in Jacksonville. They are all charged with bank fraud, scheme to defraud and public assistance fraud.

    During the investigation, undercover “operatives” visited convenience stores, small groceries and gas stations and used EBT cards to get cash and some other items not allowed under the program. Store owners and clerks completed the transactions showing a legal purchase, but then gave out cash and kept some for themselves, the FDLE said. Few food items were purchased.

    The FDLE said more arrests are expected. The Florida Lottery also said it has suspended its contracts with the retailers.

  137. Don in California

    !?!! // March 18, 2010 at 9:32 pm
    One problem with Coburn filing anything, the dems control congress and it wouldn’t go anywhere. It might make good publicity, but wouldm’t do any good.

  138. If I were the repub House leaders, I would take the same actions as the parliamentarian.

  139. Linda from NY

    Health-care Showdown to Start at 1 p.m. Sunday

    The Washington Post ^ | Thursday, March 18, 2010 | Paul Kane

    Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:03:23 PM by kristin

  140. Mary Landweeb is sickening! I hope La is watching! Please vote her phat a$$ out when her time comes. Gosh! You’d think she could have done SOMETHING with that hair before she did a TV interview!

    Heard Barbwire Boxer is in a close race. Please CA vote her a$$ out too! Too close to the Clinton’s – her daughter is/was married to Hillary’s brother or something like that. Madame doesn’t look quite so cocky. Anyone see her at the jobs bill signing!

  141. Sen. landweeb is cetianlu eating well these days! WOW

  142. Wonder how much of the 300 Million Mary’s brother intends to steal as mayor of New Orleans. Ray Nagoon sure got his share.

  143. !?!! @ 9:37 pm
    I agree, document everything CYA. If this guy doesn’t know he is in a viper pit he better think again.

  144. Linda from NY

    It Begins: The Red Coats Are Really Coming And It Is 2010!

    U.S. of Earth ^ | March 18, 2010 | Mike Lodee

    “WITHOUT EVEN A VOTE…OMG! America Prepare For Battle Everyone understand what is transpiring before our eyes. We are witnessing the death of the United States Constitution and the beginning of a Dictatorship. Make haste and tell all now, these Democrats, Progressives and Marxists all are planning on destroying freedom this weekend. Only the 2nd Amendment now stands in their way.”

  145. Don in CA

    I was just going to add . . .

    Cutting off the money, though, is an even better idea. He and his committee can rule now that no monies will be paid out to fund this bill. This bill is unconstitutional in content and in process. To authorize funding is as illegal as the bill itself.

    For purposes of future litigation, his being on record for filing the appropriate charges would not hurt him. Plus, the record would show which officials failed to uphold the law by following through on the charges.

    I believe litigation is unavoidable. Congress members need to take heed. Just talk, without action, doesn’t hold up to well in court. (Well, in a REAL court.)

  146. We need to get Howard Stern to start harping on all this crap! He called the DEMS Communists! Don’t care to much for him but he’s got it right!

  147. “Testimony disappears from Hawaii Legislature website


  148. Why don’t we as a group sue? We certainly have standing as this affects us all. Then we can throw in Identity theft as the resident is using someone else’s SS#. Also add Treason, espionage, and murder.

  149. Am re-posting this. Firefox problem when submit clicked.
    “Peter Boyles Takes Glenn Beck To Task On “Birther” Issue, Commander Kerchner Responds. Got Constitution!?”

    “Via Commander Kerchner & WorldNetDaily;”

    “I guess Glenn Beck doesn’t read his emails. I sent him many emails and a couple of Open Letters. See my latest one at the below link. It didn’t bounce. So I know he or his staff got it.

    So who is Glenn Beck trying to fool with comments like the above(Beck’s comments posted below) that he’s making about the eligibility issue … himself?

    He’s digging the hole he’s in deeper and deeper. He’s saying in effect that if he doesn’t think he’ll win by fighting for a specific part or Article in the U.S. Constitution, in Obama’s case the eligibility issue and Article II, that it’s just not worth fighting for. I think every part of our Constitution, the fundamental law of our land, is worth fighting for. And our men and women in uniform who took an oath to support and defend it are fighting for it every day. I ask again. Who is Glenn Beck trying to fool with comments like the one above that he’s making about this issue … himself?”

    Charles Kerchner
    Commander USNR (Retired)
    Lead Plaintiff
    Kerchner v Obama & Congress
    “I haven’t looked into it at all,” Beck told Boyles on this morning’s show. “It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t think you can make the case.”
    How does Beck know the case can not be made if he has not looked into it at all?
    “The Beck Deception”

    “Many of you will refuse to believe that you are being deceived by Glenn Beck because you cannot fathom any reason why he would do this. Without considering the big picture, this is understandable. … Before we can begin to explore “how we are being deceived”, we must first ask the question, “Why?” The short answer is controlled opposition, and this is where it is crucial for many of you to gain and keep an open mind!”

    “Don’t underestimate the powers that be. Don’t underestimate those in control. They full well know that the only way they can reach their goal for the New World Order and One World Government is by controlling the opposition and making sure that the truth is kept from us. In fact, their biggest fear is that we will learn the truth because the truth WILL set us free! What chance would they have if we all rose up tomorrow against tyranny, against them? They wouldn’t have a chance! There are way too many of us. So don’t you think they have the foresight, the power, the money, the influence needed in order to carry out controlling the opposition by leading it? Yes! Of course they do!”

  150. I warned that this TOYOTA STORY seemed like an INSANTASY, now we might have proof that it was sabotage to help GANGSTER MOTORS.

    Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely

    the technology may be there.
    Here, Toyotas are advertising real great sales…….maybe something positive did come from this sabotage by a Toyota employee(my guess).

  151. The Constitution is in our hearts and our minds. The illegal behavior of a couple hundred citizens does not shred our Constitution.

    If we allow 220 citizens to deprive us of our rights, we are the ones who are shredding the Constitution.

    Thankfully, people all over the country are acting responsibly to counter these illegal moves. More are standing against these bogus dictates than are standing with the government crooks.

    We have the power, and we’re beginning to remember how to wield our own authority.

  152. Our government-doesn’t need to raise taxes, last night on the news re: the drug murders in Mexico-they said illicit drug $40 billion a year industry in this country, if that wasn’t pathetic enough read this. Government waste, fraud and stupidity and this is by the people who create and enforce the laws.
    That’s a lie—-I read many times the CIA brings in $500,000,000, 000, yes billion, a year and that’s before it hits the streets!!!

  153. Wow, Charlie Wilson — Throwing grandma, grandpa AND the babies under the bus. You even twist the words “pro-life.” A hero, you are not — selling out the defenseless.

    Remind me I do not want you on my side, for anything, ever. No matter how authentic the disguise, bullies always show their true nature in the crunch.

  154. Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    A grocery owner in my old hometown was giving cash for the food stamps,, like 50%…….he went to jail too!!

  155. The South @ 8:34 said :

    Signs and hotdogs don’t work.

    Well said !

    So what is the answer ???

    The answer comes back to the Checks and Balances, and Govt. oversight, and whoever is in charge of ethics and Constitutional enforcement.

    Even though there is plenty to share the blame in allowing the usurpation of the Executive Branch,
    the DNC, RNC, Secretaries of States, Nancy Pelosi’s certification of Zero’s Constitutional eligibility, etc. etc. the bottom line answer is:

    The Director of FBI Robert Mueller !!!

    He has the jurisdiction to enforce election fraud.
    This whole Alfred Hitchcock nightmare can come to a screeching halt if he would receive enlightenment and simply subpoena the forged COLB and other documents….

    It doesn’t need to be heard in a court of law, or wait for someone with “standing” to show up.

    I agree, posters and hot dogs are not the answer, but the answer is definitely in contacting the DIRECTOR OF FBI with a DEMAND for him to honor the OATH he SWORE to defend and protect the Constitution from ALL threats both foreign and domestic…….

    We should all be writing a massive amount of letters via certified mail….directed exclusively at HIM….

    He is the answer, if he has failed to see the trees from the forest, then we need to force him to see what we see !!!! Lets all put him on notice via certified mail…….

    If stuff hits the fan and he did not prosecute the matter, we will hold him accountable for having been aware of the issues, and failing to act.

  156. At least 80% of the people are against this bill, creative, decision-making, sound-minded people in positions of responsibility.

    With 80% non-compliance, this dictate doesn’t stand a chance.

    We have to refuse.

  157. ObamaSCare will bring FORCED VACCINATIONS. No more FREDOM in your Healthcare.

  158. The repub senators can also block this bill by filibuster.

    They know what Pelosi pulled is illegal. They know what the House is looking at is NOT a reconciliation bill. They are responsible to act according to facts and truth, not myth and fraud.

    If they fail to filibuster, they are equally guilty before the law. Going through the motions and then blaming the dems will not cut it in this situation.

    They have to ACT for America and for the Constitution.

  159. Don in California

    !?!! // March 18, 2010 at 11:13 pm
    Problem is, if the House passes it and nobama signs it, it becomes law. The Senate can’t filibuster something already passed. It’s over and done with. The court is the next step, just don’t hold your breath waiting for the court to follow the Constitution anymore.

  160. Don in California

    by DFX March 18, 2010 15:00
    Glen Renyolds:


    If true, this has at least two implications. First, the administration is willing to throw Charlie Bolden under the bus. Second, they’re also willing to throw the new plans for NASA under the bus for health care, because Gordon (who just happens to be the relevant committee chairman) has expressed skepticism about them.

    There’s also a rumor that another retiring Tennessee Rep., John Tanner, has been promised a job as Ambassador to NATO. I wonder if Republicans in the Senate will interfere with appointments like this? I’d say so.
    Isn’t this illegal??

  161. Don in California

    Congress ignores the Constitution to effect its desired takeover of health care
    by JB Williams, ©2010

    Congress is right now trying to force its unconstitutional will on the American people by pushing through “health care reform” without even taking a proper vote
    (Mar. 17, 2010) — The unconstitutional process taking place in Washington, DC has most Americans feeling as if they are living in the Twilight Zone. Since when is wiping out private health care a method of “reforming” private health care, and on what basis is Obama “gaining supporters” for his plan when the bill hasn’t even been written or reported on by the CBO yet?
    A very good article. You need to read it all.

  162. Comment…….

    Drastic Times call for Drastic Mearures… we need to take extreme actions here!


  163. Fernley Girl

    To the members of Congress,

    You have violated the ideals of equality and freedom our Founding Fathers envisioned for us as citizens of this nation. You have violated the oath of office you took to “protect and defend” the Constitution. You have violated the very foundation of our representative republic by refusing to acknowledge the will of your constituents.

    You are guilty of placing party before country. You are guilty of swearing a false oath. You are guilty of violating the Fourth Amendment when you direct the IRS to audit our medical insurance coverage and seize our tax refunds if we refuse to comply with your mandates.

    If Jefferson, Washington, or Franklin walked into your office today could you successfully defend the righteousness and lawfulness of this health care reform legislation?

    You may not be guilty of treason within the narrow definition our founders penned. But in my eyes, and the eyes of every American who understands the passion of the American Revolution, the genius of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, you are traitors.

  164. There is only one alternative left…we have tried everything there is for a peaceful solution.
    Sometimes WAR is the only solution.

    Time for CIVIL DESOBEDIENCE? The favorite tool of LIEberals needs to be braindished by WE THE PEOPLE against a non-responsive TYRANNY.

    Time to make them honest for once in their miserable lives and be RADICAL MILITANT TERRORISTS??

    If not us who? If not now, WHEN?
    We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    Settle up the horses!!!

  166. OT but just trying to connect the dots…

    I recalled reading an article about William Ayers’ forgotten Communist Manifesto – “Prairie Fire”. It was a scary read about Ayers’ socialist/communist ideologies and his connection with O.

    If anyone is interested and have not read it the link is here below. I have copied a few sentances from the article:-

    …And just a few months ago on June 28, 2008, Ayers describes himself in this posting on his blog as a “socialist” when it comes to economic policy…….

    …William Ayers is a communist. By his own description. He was a communist then, he is a communist now, and he was a communist for the entire time that Barack Obama worked with him and was associated with him……..

    …Undercover agent Larry Grathwohl, who had infiltrated and joined the Weather Underground, described their post-revolution governing plans for the United States in this video taken from the 1982 documentary “No Place to Hide.” The Weather Underground openly discussed exterminating 25 million Americans who refused to be “re-educated” into communism.

    (The video is gone but the transcript is still in the article)

  167. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:

    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

    For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

    In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    Sound familiar?

    Snipped from the text of The Declaration of Independence – 1776

  168. Don in CA
    Great article. Encouraging. Thanks.

    The thugs believe the lies, their dupes don’t care as long as they receive their payoff, but Americans as a whole aren’t fooled.

  169. Oh, and if I were one of the other 203 who voted rightly opted out of Pelosi’s felonious act, I would also fill out an affadavit, or sign someone else’s.

    I would also be sure to mention that Pelosi is on a list for Parkinson’s Disease, which Congress members may or may not be aware of, but will be of interest to lawyers and a judge.

    Also, if I were the parliamentarian, I would attach copies of my public statements re: VOTING on the already-passed Senate bill.
    “….it is God who executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another. All the horns of the wicked he will cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.” from Psalms 75

  170. Don in California // March 18, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Oh. They are skipping the back-to-the-Senate step? I didn’t realize that.

    They can’t even legally do that with a real reconciliation bill.

    If they are debating a new and changed bill, the bill legally has to go back to the Senate and then back to the House.

    If the Senate is out of the picture, I would tell the NO voters and the repub Senators to pack it up and go on break, enjoy time with their families away from the insantiy. No sense helping the thugs make this look like a legal deal.

    They won’t vote on the bill until they’re pretty sure they’ve coerced/bribed the required number of yes votes. If they don’t get the yes votes, the bill fails.

    Unless they’ve concocted some kind of imaginary rule that “deems” the right number of votes. Uh oh, better not give them any ideas.

    From what I read, sounds like Reid is planning to force them to work through their break again. Maybe a repeat of the Christmas Eve event which was anti-family, manipulative, coercive, probably illegal, and just down-right mean-spirited.

    (When did Americans start believing we have to do whatever a “leader” tells us to do?)

    But then, that would mean the Senate is involved somehow.

    Really, making up the rules as you go along, changing the bill willy-nilly, not letting anyone read the provisions — I lose track of their schemes. I can’t follow all their convoluted lies.

    Give me solid rules and procedures, respect and honest discourse any ol’ day.

  171. Lord, can’t believe this! We The People have to stop them NOW
    White House Won’t Rule Out That Obama Will Sign Other Bills–Such As Immigration Reform–That Are Not Put to Yea-or-Nay Votes in Both Houses

  172. Don in California

    !?!! // March 19, 2010 at 1:28 am
    The bill the house is votin g on is the senate bill. No reconciliation until after the bill is passed. By that time, we are screwed. The senate can change their mind and not have a reconciliation bill. Reid lies through his teeth anyway and why the house believes him, I don’t understand.

  173. Don in California

    Well good people, it is bed time again. Have a good night and God Bless you and this great country.

  174. Injunctions are good.

    Individuals could go to, or hire a lawyer, to go to a local judge to request an injunction against the bill because Congress violated our rights.

    A 2,300 page bill — you know is not about better health for citizens. What a crock. The whole thing is a sham.

  175. Oh. I thought the Slaughter rule meant that the senate bill is deemed to have passed, so they are now debating and voting on the new bill with all the changes and amendments. Read: bribes.

    If they are still voting on the real Senate bill, there’s still hope for strong no votes.

    lol. Who knows?

    Reid lies. Pelosi lies. Obama lies. They say whatever it takes to get what they want. After that, they forget what they even said.


  176. Past Present Future, food for thought food for the spirit, G-d Bless us and the United States….

  177. Obama helped fund ‘Alinsky Academy’

    Teaches tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation

  178. Linda from NY

    Democratic Health Care Plan Means $520 Billion Cuts in Medicare & $200 Billion in Taxes on Individuals & Small Businesses

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 7:19 PM
    Jim Hoft

  179. Linda from NY

    Virginia AG Cuccinelli: If Dems Ram Obamacare Through House We Will Be in Court Next Week (Video)

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 10:53 PM
    Jim Hoft

  180. Linda from NY

    Poll finds stubborn suspicion of census

    The Washington Times ^ | March 19, 2010 | Jennifer Harper

  181. A Must Read Article:


    Anger at Washington reaches full steam

    Millions of Americans urged to ‘drive stake through the heart’ of Obamacare”

  182. Linda from NY

    March 19, 2010

    There’s No Caring in ObamaCare

    By Robin of Berkeley

  183. Good morning,

    Sorry the Dr Manning Video never came thru. I post it in a bit.

    The DEEM-O-CRATS are CONSPIRING and BRIBING to Committ a Felony and Violation of their OATH. They are BRIBING and TORTURING and according to them “We Don’t Torture”.

    Gov. Blago has nothing on this Thug-o-cracy of Neo-Commies when it comes to PAY FOR PLAY.


    We couldn’t be any worse if we had Gangsters or Mafia in charge.

    Obama doesn’t care he says he will get ObamaSCare if it kills him….he doesn’t care if it kills us.


    This cannot stand…..if blood runs on the streets I hold them RESPONSIBLE.

  184. Drive to DC and start a Caravan and Honk Horn and GRIDLOCK WASHINGTON by take over all the streets. Especially big trucks if you are unemployed join us.

    BLOCKADE DC until the Criminal Pigs listen to WE.

  185. Hey LIEberals SHEEPLE that have been in favor of this CRIME what did you get? NOTHING while Kucinich, Laundrieu, Nelson get BRIBES……are you too STUPID TO GET SOMETHING FOR YOUR VOTE?

    CHANGE YOUR VOTE TO NO just for that reason…..YOU GOT NOTHING FOR YOUR VOTE!!! You will be VOTED out because you GOT NOTHING for your constituents for you FREE VOTE. WAKE UP LIEberal Voting Sheeple don’t give awway your vote for Free. CHANGE your YES Vote to NO a FIRM NO because you got nothing and others got alot. Don;t you feel cheated? Change your vote they will offer you all kinds of things. Expose the Bribery, Corruption, Torture, etc.

  186. Obamalaya was born in Chicago from the Daly Political Pigs Program.

    Dr Manning,

  187. I saw Michelle Bachmann on Hannity last night. Can’t get onto Fox News to get a link right now for some reason. But here is what she spoke about. The IRS will be monitoring whether people buy acceptable health ins. They estimate they will have to hire 17,000 new employees to oversee it. This is an OUTRAGE!

  188. Linda from NY

    Over at Gateway Pundit

    Frank Luntz: The Unabomber Has a Higher Approval Rating Then Members of Congress Right Now.

    POST: #14
    Frank Luntz hired himself out to Environmental Defense Fund…… etc!

    Is this true?

  189. Linda from NY

    Ginger // March 19, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Geez, Ginger…I do not know but if I find out something, I will be sure to let you and others know.

    Most of what I read over at GatewayPundit is written by Jim Hoft. He is usually on top of the latest news.

    If, however, you find out something, please let me know….Thanks.

    Happy Day…Linda

  190. Linda from NY

    NancyDrew // March 19, 2010 at 6:52 am

    Good Morning! How are you doing? Hope you are getting around better and your discomfort has subsided.

    Thanks for the link and info…agree this stinks!

    Happy Day…Linda

  191. Linda from NY

    Ginger // March 19, 2010 at 6:56 am

    MoveOn borrows Luntz rhetoric

  192. TO:
    Ginger // March 19, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Linda from NY

    Over at Gateway Pundit

    Frank Luntz: The Unabomber Has a Higher Approval Rating Then Members of Congress Right Now.

    If it is not true it should be, after all who i smore dangerous America right now?

    I would venture to say that Osama bin Laden has a higher approval rating and LESS DANGEROUS TO AMERICA’S FREEDOM THAN The Political Pigs in the District of Criminals.

  193. Linda from NY

    Ginger // March 19, 2010 at 6:56 am

    More on Luntz…

    Pollster Frank Luntz, Warrior with Words

    By Randy James Monday, Sep. 21, 2009

    Read more:,8599,1925066,00.html#ixzz0icnhg0iu

    Words That Work by Frank Luntz

    Posted by Shawn Collins on March 18th, 2010

  194. Linda from NY

    March 18, 2010

    There Will Be Blood

    Andrew Thomas

  195. Linda from NY

    March 18, 2010

    The best word to describe Obamacare

    Henry Oliner

    Good Morning everybody. Hopefully today will be the end of this nighmare called Healthcare. The USURPER will be speaking at George Mason University at 11:30 AM EST. A protest has been organized to be held at the University. Just to let you know what a Fairfax city rally is like I have enclosed a youtube of the rally we had for Sarah Palin. Fairfax City is just a few miles away from what became the First Battle of Manassas of the Civil War. This Healthcare plan is almost the equivalent of that battle. That one was the North versus the South, this one is the Folks versus the Elitists

  197. Linda from NY

    ms. helga // March 19, 2010 at 7:36 am

    Whoa! That sure is an impressive crowd!

    Hopefully, they will “drown out” pp and his “Obamacrapcare Campaign!”

    Thanks for sharing…

    Happy Day…Linda


    It is an assault on AMERICA and it’s existance and I say Where Are The Big Guns?

    Where are you Mitt Romney? Palin? Newt? Rush?

    No more time for TALK, that time has Expired….it is time for ACTION.

    STAND UP For America and the Constitution and America’s Individuals.


  199. Linda from NY

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    “Democrats have a word for this evil. They call it ‘compassion.'”

    Jack Wheeler channels Rand here. The democrats are fascists and they will not give up. Props to Wheeler for this dead on balls piece.

    EVIL NEVER SLEEPS Dr. Jack Wheeler

  200. Linda from NY

    Comic Relief…in honor of twe…who is sorely missed! *Sigh*

    Today’s Toons 3/19/10

    The Right Reasons ^ | 3/19/10 | pookie18

  201. I refuse to allow the USA gov’t to FORCE me to buy private for-profit insurance companies rationed death-care insurance, as this is entirely 100% illegal & 100% unconstitutional.

    I will never allow the USA government to tell me what I can and can’t do with my personal health medical decisions. This is unconstitutional and illegal. Also, for religious oedience to GOD reasons, I refuse to fund and pay for sins against GOD: for public abortions, euthanasia, etc. that are written in this 100% illegal % 100%Unconstitutional Death-Care bill.

    There are literally thousands of other things that are evil, and completely 100% illegal and 100% unconstitutional in this Death-Care bill, that I refuse to partake in and that I refuse be a part of, period.
    I refuse to purchase ANY USA Govt. controlled private insurance death-care insurance and taxes where the control over what I do with my life and health is not in my power but in an out-of-control USA gov.’s power.

    The state I am living in is currently declaring state sovereignty. I hope this gets passed in this state or I am moving to a state that has the highest and strongest sense of state sovereignty alive while we fight this battle against the Communists/
    Fascists/Marxists & Radical Islamic Muslims who are trying to overtake our Constitutional Free Republic, the United States of America.

  202. Hi Linda: The knee is healing & I’m getting around better, slowly but surely. Thanks for asking. How is your leg healing? Nicely, I hope.

  203. CHICAGO is a cesspool of Criminals and Terrorists.

    Terrorist Pleads Guilty in Mombai and other crimes.

  204. There’s only one problem with refusing to go along with their healthcare decisions. This bill gives them direct access to our bank accounts. And now that we know the IRS will be overseeing all of this….well, we know how that will turn out.

  205. We us Corporations??

    How about my idea becoming a shall corporation and not pay for any of this crap. We can stop existing as a person maybe even become UNDOCUMENTED and Become Corporations.

  206. Read somewhere yesterday that one of the requirement to be allowed insurance is “forced” vaccinations….no vaccines no health insurance.


  207. I feel Terrorized by my own “government”.
    I feel VIOLATED.
    My individualism and CHOICE has been RAPED from me.

    So much for CHOICE? I guess ONLY pregnant mothers have CHOICE the unborn and other indivuals are Terrorized and Forced to give up their CHOICE.

    The Day this Bill FLIES America and Freedom DIES.

  208. Linda from NY

    NancyDrew // March 19, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Glad to hear you are making progress…mine? Too slow…have eight weeks left to go…Ugh!

    With each week that passes, though, there is less pain, and I am finally getting some sleep even if it is naps here and there.

    Thanks for asking…Linda

  209. Peter: I hadn’t heard about the vaccination requirement for health ins. I’m sure they probably will do that, though. If you can find a link, please post. You are right, this is a nightmare! I have alot of trouble sleeping lately & all my dreams are nightmares about all of this garbage. They will make sure all of us are broke & homeless, I fear.

  210. This is part of what the poster wrote that is my concern and not so much of the head line of the unabomer having a higher rating then members of congress.

    If Frank Luntz really was a conservative or even cared about America, he would not have hired himself out to the Environmental Defense Fund, reported in January of this year, for the purpose of advising them how to fool republicans into favoring global warming and cap and trade crime. Among other things he advised the EDF not to call it cap and trade, etc, etc, etc!

  211. I think today is going to go down in the history books. The USURPER is speaking at George Mason University at 11:30AM in the PATRIOT CENTER. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID-“THE PATRIOT CENTER”? STAY TUNED

  212. If the Criminal take over of health care happens, empty your bank accounts. You may be better off, emptying now before they steal it.

  213. Philo-Publius

    Lord, can’t believe this! We The People have to stop them NOW
    White House Won’t Rule Out That Obama Will Sign Other Bills–Such As Immigration Reform–That Are Not Put to Yea-or-Nay Votes in Both Houses

    link provided by cyber is very busy.

    Here is an alternate:

  214. Obama has to go – His mandate is not health care – his mandate is to turn this country into a socialist/Marxist country. He as to be stopped and the only way is to pursue the eligibility issue is to demand that he release all of his documents including his long form birth certificate. Obama is not eligible due to his father who was a British citizen. Go to World Net Daily – contribute to the billboards “Where’s the Birth Certificate”- one just went up in Atlanta – get the post cards, bumper stickers and follow up with letters and calls to politicians – maybe we have to march on Washington when the health care debacle is over. If he is proven ineligible, everything he signs becomes null and void. And while we’re at it – how about California recalling the botox’d nitwit queen, Pelosi? My question is: if they vote for an unconstitutional bill – what legal resource to we have to personally sue them for treason? I don’t think we can sue while in Congress – but when they are voted out can we go after them?

  215. “Let us then turn this government back into the channel in which the framers of the Constitution originally placed it.” —-Abraham Lincoln, 1858

    Abraham Lincoln’s words of wisdom sound like an appropriate action to be taken today, trim government down to size and put the people in charge of how they are governed and by whom.

    Fight on modern day Patriots–the Founding Fathers would be proud of you. God Bless America!

  216. Linda from NY

    Ginger // March 19, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Is this to what you are referring?

    The Vine

    Frank Luntz On How To Pass A Climate Bill

    Jesse Zwick * January 21, 2010 | 4:55 pm

    “For a long time, GOP pollster Frank Luntz was mainly known as the guy who wrote a 2002 memo advising the Bush administration to “make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue in the debate [about global warming].” So it was a little surprising to see him this morning at the National Press Club, teaming up with the Environmental Defense Fund on a new set of poll findings about climate legislation. Even Luntz couldn’t help joking about it: “When [EDF president] Fred asked me to do this with him, I asked, ‘Do you know who I am?’ ”

    “In any case, Luntz’s findings themselves are notable—mainly because they show that, despite all the gloom among Democrats, there appears to be broad bipartisan support for climate legislation. At least as long as it’s not couched in terms of climate change.”

    Hope this helps clear the air, Ginger…Linda

  217. The ONLY alternative LEFT is to RUSH the VOTE.



  218. Linda from NY

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Get FU’D Obama

    Any question pp is Anti-American interests?

  219. This bill they are trying to push through without a vote has nothing to do with helping people. It’s just a way to open doors for more intrusion & control over us. They want to nationalize EVERYTHING! Pelousy said that once they “kick down this door” there will be more legislation to follow. I heard on the news the other day that what happens when something like Walgreen’s, for example, gets in trouble? Of course they will be too big to fail & the govt. will bail them out & control them, too.

  220. Linda from NY

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Krauthammer Takes CBO Numbers on ObamaCare Apart; Fox News Panel Agrees the House WILL Pass Senate Health Care Bill – Video 3/18/10

  221. Here’s an important excerpt from my link posted at 8:48:

    The Slaughter Solution is a poisoned chalice. By drinking from it, the Democrats would not only commit political suicide. They would guarantee that any bill signed by Mr. Obama is illegitimate, illegal and blatantly unconstitutional. It would be worse than a strategic blunder; it would be a crime – a moral crime against the American people and a direct abrogation of the Constitution and our very democracy.

    It would open Mr. Obama, as well as key congressional leaders such as Mrs. Pelosi, to impeachment. The Slaughter Solution would replace the rule of law with arbitrary one-party rule. It violates the entire basis of our constitutional government – meeting the threshold of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” If it’s enacted, Republicans should campaign for the November elections not only on repealing Obamacare, but on removing Mr. Obama and his gang of leftist thugs from office.

    It is time Americans drew a line in the sand. Mr. Obama crosses it at his peril.

  222. Yes! Thanks Linda, for your time and trouble. I guess that I am really freaking out with my DISTRUST of certain people! I thought Luntz turned on America too!

    Again THANK YOU

  223. Linda from NY

    Deem this!

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Democrats Vote 222-203 to Keep “Deem-and-Pass” Available for Sunday Vote on Senate Health Care Bill

  224. Green is the New Red (Communist)

    Wash. Times Op-ed: Impeach President?
    The Slaughter Solution is a dagger aimed at the heart of our system of checks and balances. It would enable the Democrats to establish an ominous precedent: The lawmaking process can be rigged to ensure the passage of any legislation without democratic accountability or even a congressional majority. It is the road to a soft tyranny. James Madison must be turning in his grave.

    Mr. Obama is imposing a leftist revolution. Since coming to office, he has behaved without any constitutional restraints. The power of the federal government has exploded. He has de facto nationalized key sectors of American life – the big banks, financial institutions, the automakers, large tracts of energy-rich land from Montana to New Mexico. His cap-and-trade proposal, along with a newly empowered Environmental Protection Agency, seeks to impose massive new taxes and regulations upon industry. It is a form of green socialism: Much of the economy would fall under a command-and-control bureaucratic corporatist state. Mr. Obama even wants the government to take over student loans.

    Yet his primary goal has always been to gobble up the health care system. The most troubling aspect of the Obamacare debate, however, is not the measure’s sweeping and radical aims – the transformation of one-sixth of the U.S. economy, crippling tax increases, higher premiums, state-sanctioned rationing, longer waiting lines, the erosion of the quality of medical care and the creation of a huge, permanent administrative bureaucracy. Rather, the most alarming aspect is the lengths to which the Democrats are willing to go to achieve their progressive, anti-capitalist agenda.

  225. Linda from NY

    Video: Treason explained in 90 seconds

  226. BTW

    Linda I want to take the time to give you a big THANK YOU for all of the post you give us on subjects of interest to us and leaving the link to go to. I am a slow thinker and learner and more now then in all of my years I have tried to learn as much as I can to inform my family of what is going on in our country. They are working (so far) and raising their children and do not have the time and I have to admit the desire to keep up.

  227. Peter: Did you read the excerpt from that article that I posted at 8:52? Sounds about right to me.

  228. Linda: Treason Explained in 90 Seconds. That’s a good one!

  229. Linda from NY

    Why Obamacare Would Fail

    By Philip Klein on 3.19.10 @ 6:09AM

  230. Linda from NY

    Democrats in the Deathmobile

    By Robert Stacy McCain on 3.19.10 @ 6:09AM

  231. Linda from NY

    On the Brink of Depression

    By Ben Stein on 3.19.10 @ 6:08AM

  232. Neo-Commie OBAMAKAZIS at work DESTROYING AMERICA to benefit the Mooslums and Commies.

  233. Linda from NY

    The Obama Watch

    The Strange Case of the ‘Missing Narrative’

    By Andrew B. Wilson on 3.19.10 @ 6:08AM

  234. There is no point in bringing lawsuits against the healthcare takeover. The lawsuits would assume that BHOs signature on the legislation is a legitimate and constitutional signature. It is not. He is not constitutionally eligible to be president. He is pretending to be POTUS, but he is not. On some level he understands this. As much as I would love to see a million lawsuits against the passage of nationalized healthcare, that would acknowledge BHO as a legitimate POTUS, and they should fail on that merit alone.

    The only solution to the return of our country as a constitutional republic is for the people to “deem” BHO ineligible for the office and to remove him (without violence) since the courts have not done so to date. We have all bought into the notion he is legitimate – he is not!

  235. DEMS created their own crisis , now talking it up so that OBAMA can get credit, this facade is pure showmanship. The American people are p*ssed and should rightfully be based on bribery, selling of votes, and repeated lies.
    Remember this bill will “save or create 2-3 million jobs”, we need to take these clowns down and move Congress back to the people.

  236. Are they training more Paid Obutt Bloggers to work for Organizing for America, ACORN, etc.?

    Gitmo suspects allowed laptops while in custody

  237. Pass the PORK, please yum..yum

  238. PIGS EAT ANYTHING. They eat their own crap and even other pigs.

    These Political Pigs LOVE PORK, BRIBES, CRAP…anything. They only hate America and Conservatives.

  239. Linda from NY

    Morning Bell: This Process is Undermining the Rule of Law

    Posted March 19th, 2010 at 9:22am in Health Care

  240. citizenwells

    **** New Post ****

  241. Linda from NY

    Projections from the House’s ‘deem to pass’ roll call

    By: Michael Barone
    Senior Political Analyst

    03/18/10 5:21 PM EDT–88465682.html

  242. Nobody seems to be addressing the costs of Obamacare on businesses. Talk about unemployment you ain’t seen nothing yet. I estimate at least 30% in businesses failures alone in the first year. Unemployment will rise above 25% OUCH @*#!

    Drudge posts today that Obamacare will cost the Caterpillar company over a $100 million dollars the first year.

    Obamacrap must be STOPPED! Get your pitchforks ready.

  243. NancyDrew // March 19, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Morning, Nancy,

    Hope you’ll continue to heal quickly. You and Linda should have a jousting match with your respective pieces of equipment :).

    I’ve been thinking (always dangerous) about this IRS/my bank account business.

    I will close out the small IRA I maintain and pay the penalty. I will withdraw all but a few dollars from savings and leave in just enough to pay my auto-deducted homeowners loan amount each month. I have direct deposit for my paycheck (mandatory that we have that) and will withdraw most of it every other Friday. My checking account will just have enough in it to meet my bills.

    I can’t do much about my pension, deferred compensation, or OBRA but then, they’re not ‘bank accounts.’ All my ‘liquid’ cash will be withdrawn from my bank.

    The gub’mint has NO RIGHT to my personal bank accounts!

    You can’t get blood out of a turnip, so let’em try to squeeze it.

    I will see my accountant for taxes next Tuesday. I always have to pay in to Federal, but let’s see this year. Because of my health, I need to be a little careful here, and not end up in the pokey for not paying. Not sure what I’ll do yet, but it IS for sure that the gub’mint won’t have the opportunity to confiscate my hard-earned money!

    Next vacation, I buy a firearm and take the safety course. I’m just so saddened that it’s come to this.

  244. Linda from NY

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (March 19, 2010: Hussein ties all time low of -21)

    Rasmussen ^ | March 19 2010 | Rasmussen

  245. Obamalaya

    Back down to -21 equals ALL TIME NEGATIVE.

    Highest Strong Disapprove Ever at 44%
    Strong Approve equals lowest 23%.

  246. Linda from NY

    SueK // March 19, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Hey, Suey! Sounds like a plan.

    Agree…this is all so disconcerting! However, I do not think they will get away with it.

    You cannot get money from a stone [but, if you can, please let me know…I’ll go with you to poke it].

    I cannot imagine spending $12,000-$15,000 a year on health care…that is insane. Families will not be able get the bare necessities.

    There comes a time when the tax man cometh and the tax man goeth back with ZERO.

    After we drag Obamacrapcare through the courts, we can take on the IRS and the FED. We have been “slaves to the system” for far too long…it is time we revolted and refused to go along with this blatant government takeover of our lives.

    My friend told me last night he feels helpless to do anything about all of this…I told him he has the power to do more than any of us…he is a priest, and he celebrates Daily Mass for our servicemen/women, our country, and those in need.

    I still believe God is in charge, and He will help us through this…We shall overcome through non-violent means!

    There is strength in numbers; both the CBO numbers and the great numbers of NBCs are on our side.

    Americans will not willingly submit to the control of the “powers that be” like our pp. We will fight them tooth and nail IMHO with every means available to us.

    Happy Day…Linda

    PS Don’t know what Nancy has available for “jousting,” but my cane is my weapon of choice.

  247. Linda from NY

    Just what we need…in-fighting! Dumb Repubs!

    GOP Bigwigs Resort to Lies to Stop Rand Paul

    The New American ^ | 3/19/2010 | Thomas R. Eddlem

  248. Linda from NY

    Obamacare Death Watch (Update #42)

    Posted on March 19th, 2010 by Ryan Booth

  249. Linda from NY

    Twas The Night Before Healthcare

    Pajamas Media ^ | 3/19/2010 | Tom Blumer

    “Twas the eve of state health care, and all through the House

    The bill was unread, even by the head louse.

    The statists hung ’round with a faux-festive air,

    Hoping their awful “dream” would indeed soon be there.”


  250. Peter Francisco – This morning I tried one of
    the methods you gave me yesterday about
    cutting and pasting. I used the one where I
    click onto browser, use Control -A to high-light,
    then Control – C to copy. Then to experiment I
    went back to CW site “leave a comment” and
    “dropped” the item by Control -V to place
    the link. It worked, BUT it didn’t turn blue like
    I see in other comments. Of course, I didn’t
    “submit” because only practicing. Does it turn
    blue, or become active after it is submitted?

    I’d appreciate any comment you could make.
    Please forgive me for being so uninitiated in
    these things. I have a book “Mac for Dummies”
    but it isn’t too good with stuff like this.

  251. When I awakened this morning, the word
    “coup de tat” came to mind from something
    I’d read last eve. The definition is, “sudden
    overthrow of a government by a usually small
    group of persons.”

    The article I read referred to coup de tat in
    the sense that we have now a situation where
    the executive branch and leaders of House
    (throw in Harry R. of Senate) are using their
    power in a non-military way to “overthrow”
    non-violently our systems of checks and
    balances – ultimately circumventing our
    Constitution to gain control over the American

    We are on very dangerous ground. As another
    contributor here said – O, P, and R plan on
    using these tactics on other controversial
    legislation. Shall we say, cap & trade,
    amnesty for illegals,….. you name it.

    I would hope and pray that some of the best
    conservative constitutional attorneys would
    combine their intellectual resources to plan
    strategy to fight this before it becomes

    Again a quote by Sir John Harrington –
    “Treason doth never prosper. What’s the
    reason? For if it doth prosper, none dare
    call it treason.” Time is running out if we
    are to save the Republic.

  252. SueK // March 19, 2010 at 9:57 am

    I will pull everything out of the places I have them and put some assets into gold, and I will put assets out of this country into safe places. The government will not be able to seize payments out of accounts as there won’t be enough in there for them to abuse!

    I will not be giving these criminals power over me with my own money… I will be fighting to remove all of their sinful power from them, and to return the USA to GOD’S and the Founding Father’s virtuous and holy vision for the United States Of America. We MUST remove Soetoro/Obama – he is the insane psychopath truly evil deliberate constant liar kingpin of the many foreign and domestic enemies who are attacking the USA in a coup d’etat war now trying to tear down the USA Sovereignty and to create a Communist Marxist/Radical Islamic Muslim Terrorist Totalitarian Dictatorship where America is standing today.

    Not on my watch!! Criminals must be held accountable, and put in prison for high crimes and treason, grand theft, offering and taking bribes, aiding and abetting tyranny and the other crimes they are committing, and even be executed for treason!!

  253. At this point, the only way to save The Republic is via Military Coup; ala Honduras.

  254. !?!! // March 19, 2010 at 1:28 am

    Don in California // March 18, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Oh. They are skipping the back-to-the-Senate step? I didn’t realize that.

    They can’t even legally do that with a real reconciliation bill.

    If they are debating a new and changed bill, the bill legally has to go back to the Senate and then back to the House.

    I think Pelosi made new rules and that is what Mark Levin has a lawsuit ready for …to attack these new rules as unconstitutional and we may see soon what our Supreme Court is really made of……….I have no hope …….I see an armed revolution in the near future.

  255. Drive to DC and start a Caravan and Honk Horn and GRIDLOCK WASHINGTON by take over all the streets. Especially big trucks if you are unemployed join us.

    BLOCKADE DC until the Criminal Pigs listen to WE.
    Big trucks, maybe, unemployed big trucks, no way……6 MPG …..not us!!!

  256. NancyDrew // March 19, 2010 at 8:02 am

    There’s only one problem with refusing to go along with their healthcare decisions. This bill gives them direct access to our bank accounts. And now that we know the IRS will be overseeing all of this….well, we know how that will turn out.
    Close all bank accounts…..see how they like that…….use pre-paid cards from Walmart for paying things you can’t pay cash for.

  257. I will close out the small IRA I maintain and pay the penalty. I will withdraw all but a few dollars from savings and leave in just enough to pay my auto-deducted homeowners loan amount each month. I have direct deposit for my paycheck (mandatory that we have that) and will withdraw most of it every other Friday. My checking account will just have enough in it to meet my bills.

    The IrS will get anything in the savings…..can’t you take it all out and pay cash/cashier’s checks??

    They also can re-direct that automatic deposit from your job any way they like……they are the IrS, which we should have been fighting years ago…

    They will go in every chance they get to cash out what’s there…….I hope your plan works, but I just made a deal to pay a credit card only 1/3 of the balance in 4 months and then I close it.

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