Obama a liar, CNN, Jack Cafferty, Obamacare, Health Care Bill, Secret negotiations, Obama pledged openness, Campaign promise lies, Nancy Pelosi lied in 2006, Voters remember this crap for mid term elections

Obama a liar, CNN, Jack Cafferty, Obamacare, Health Care Bill

Jack Cafferty on CNN calls Obama a liar.

“CNN – Liar in the White House”

Here are some notable quotes from Cafferty.

“White House and Democratic leaders will hold informal, that’s another word for secret negotiations, meant to shut Republicans and the public out of the process. That’s a far cry from the election, when then candidate Obama pledged to “broadcast the negotiations on Cspan so that the American people can see what the choices are.””
“President Obama hasn’t even made a token effort to keep his campaign promises of more openness and transparency in government. It was all just another lie that was told to get elected.”

“When White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked whether the administration would support televising the negotiations, he refused to answer. Instead mumbling something about I haven’t seen the letter. That wasn’t the question Mr. Gibbs . You either support openness or you don’t. The democrats insist this is all on the up and up with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying “There’s never been a more open process for any legislation.” Really? This is the same Nancy Pelosi, who you may recall, after becoming speaker in 2006, promised the democrats would have “the most honest, most open and most ethical congress in history.””
“Here’s hoping the voters remember some of this crap when the mid term elections roll around later this year.”


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  1. Oh believe me Mr. Cafferty WE WILL NOT FORGET!!!!!

  2. It is getting pretty bad when CNN starts turning on a democrat. This is great news for America, maybe people will start waking up and paying attention to the fraud and how much he is costing this country.

    I wonder how long it will take CNN to catch up on the subject of our illegal president?

  3. Obamalaya is full of jumbalaya we should all stick our feet up his Barack.

    The Party of FAILURE is on the Attack yet again. Everytime they act a little piece of our Freedom Erodes. This time they are not happy with little pieces of Erosion they want a BIG CHUNK.


    WAKE UP, TAKE A STAND for our Beloved Land. This may be our last chance to take a stand as Americans.

    OBAMALYA …. The Con-man & Thief.

  4. Coming from the Communist News Network this is surprising!

  5. We may have a New Patriot at CNN someone must have opned his eyes and cleaned the cobb webbs from his American Head.

    Kudos to Kafferty.

  6. Will Cafferty now be PUSHED OUT of CNN like Lou Dobbs???

  7. Linda from NY

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    The Bizarre World of Barack Hussein Obama


    And…the lies continue!

  8. TO:
    Linda from NY // March 18, 2010 at 7:58 am

    FOX News Analysts Agree: Bret Baier Crushed Barack Obama- Left Him Stammering (Video)

    Obamabuffoon always stammers, hees, haws and Uhhhhhsss….the bigger probelm is the Fillibustering, Deflaction, Twisting, etc and The Forceful almost angry tone.

    He didn’t answer ONE question directly and expeditiously.

    At the end Bret should have had a quick Yes or No session.

    I want you to answer these questions as if you were in court under oath (not that oath matter much to this Criminals).

    1-Are you in American Citizen?
    2-Have you used over 30 SS#’s and the one you use the most is from someone 120 yrs old?
    3-Were you born outside of Hawaii?
    4-Did you grandma lie when she said you were born in Mombassa and she was present, after all you were just born how would you know where you were born and who was present?
    5-Did you have an Indonesian/British/Kenyan passort when you traveled to Pakistan in early 1980’s with your Pakistani friend?
    6- Were you born a British?
    7- Are you a Communist?
    8- Were you ever a Communist?
    9- Did you run representing the New Party (Communist Party) when you ran your first Illinois race?
    10- Are you elligible to be presidend as an Article II Secion 1 Natural Born Citizen?

  9. Cafferty proves that even a LIEberal can’t be fooled all the time.

    You can fool All the Peopl Some of the time
    You can fool some of the people all the time
    BUT you can’t fool Cafferty all of the time.

  10. CW, McCafferty might be interested in what your site has to say about Obama’s eligibility. He seems none to happy about being lied to by Obama and Pelosi. He might be the perfect candidate, on the left, to start questioning Obama’s lack of qualifications to be POTUS, not to mention, a felon.

  11. You know for a man that rode the Train to the FRAUD HOUSE and always mention Lincoln and tried to be like Lincoln he doens’t knwo the first thing about Lincoln that EVERYONE knows. His nickname was Honest Abe.
    Why is it that someone that wants to emmulate an Honest Man is never refered to as honest but a LIAR?

    Honest Abe and Obama Lair (Obamalaya) should never be mention in the same planet, because they are worlds apart.

  12. Linda from NY

    OT…but equally disturbing…

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    The mixed Marriage


  13. sorry I got his name wrong, Cafferty.

  14. Linda from NY

    March 17, 2010

    Obama Is a Stranger in a Strange Land

    By Robin of Berkeley


  15. Linda from NY

    Peter: @ 8:34 AM

    Left you a message on previous post…

    Interested in your thoughts…


  16. Linda from NY

    March 17, 2010

    Republican Congressmen to force vote on Slaughter rule tomorrow morning

    Clarice Feldman


  17. Linda from NY

    March 17, 2010

    Lawsuit readied challenging constitutionality of Demon Pass by Landmark Foundation

    Clarice Feldman


  18. Linda from NY

    March 17, 2010

    How to really be accurate on ‘race’ on the Census

    James Lewis


  19. Has anyone heard the story of Barak Obama having died in a plane crash when he was 13 years old?
    I read that story over a year ago and have never forgotten it. The story went on to say, the present Obama, assumed the identity of the Barak who died in the plane crash.

  20. Linda from NY

    In honor of twe…who is sorely missed…*Sigh*

    Today’s Toons 3/18/10

    GOP Briefing Room ^ | 3/18/10 | pookie18


  21. Linda from NY

    bob strauss // March 18, 2010 at 9:11 am

    I did not hear that one…could you find a link, please…thanks.

    I did read a “baby” was born with the name BHO who died shortly after he was born, but I cannot recall where I read that.

    Let’s see if we can find these stories…mkay?


  22. Pingback: Immunity Granted in Navy Seals Persecution – State Stimulus Crutch – Tea Party Health Care Takeover Protest on Saturday in DC – Obama Care – Mark Levin Lawsuit Coming – Jack Cafferty Calls Obama a Liar – CitizenWells &#

  23. Pingback: Immunity Granted in Navy Seals Persecution – State Stimulus Crutch – Tea Party Health Care Takeover Protest on Saturday in DC – Obama Care – Mark Levin Lawsuit Coming – Jack Cafferty Calls Obama a Liar – CitizenWells &#

  24. Pingback: Immunity Granted in Navy Seals Persecution – State Stimulus Crutch – Tea Party Health Care Takeover Protest on Saturday in DC – Obama Care – Mark Levin Lawsuit Coming – Jack Cafferty Calls Obama a Liar – CitizenWells &#

  25. jack cafferty said something right.

    my world has just been turned upside down.

  26. Linda from NY

    Love this toon…


  27. CW…. You posted an ancient proverb “For want of a nail” on March 13. I thought it was great and emailed it to several of my friends. I got back one inquiry “How ancient is ancient?”

  28. Report: US sending hundreds of bunker-buster bombs to staging area for Persian Gulfposted at 9:30 am on March 18, 2010 by Ed Morrissey
    Share on Facebook | printer-friendly The Times of India picks up on a story from the Sunday Herald in Scotland that suggests the US may be preparing for military strikes on Iran. The story, dated on Sunday but apparently not widely noticed until yesterday, reports that the Obama administration has sent hundreds of bunker buster bombs to the island of Diego Garcia, a staging area for military operations in the Persian Gulf:

  29. Linda from NY

    zach: @ 9:26 AM

    Saw that article…did not know what to make of it. What do you think?

    Thanks for posting…

    BTW…how are you feeling…any relief yet? Hope so.

    Happy Day…Linda

  30. The wind blew, the shi# flew,and there stood Soetoro. Hey OBOTS how do you like the idea of paying through your “SNOT LOCKER”,and not getting anything for it for FOUR LONG YEARS. You could die in the interim. Great insurance coverage…HUH!

  31. PRWH…………………………
    Do you suppose that Cafferty fell and hit his head, and has been temporarily transformed into a…………TRUTHER!

  32. Linda from NY

    RSS Feed for This PostCurrent Article
    Is President Obama Happy He Got Elected? Reality Offers a Rude Awakening

    By Ani on March 17, 2010 at 1:00 PM


  33. On 28 Feb 2010 Obama got a physical examination at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. My question is did they also examine his mental health? This needs to be checked, Obama is losing it!

  34. WHAT IS THAT BANNER OVER OBAMALAYA’S Left Shoulder? It is shown more than the flag on purpose.

    Anyone know what it is?

  35. oldsalt,

    Can we get him to be a Constitutionalist or a Birther?

  36. Linda from NY

    Full Transcript of the interview with the Liar-In-Chief…

    Bret Baier, Yowza! [Video & Transcript Updates]

    By Larry Johnson on March 17, 2010 at 5:16 PM


  37. We get 18,000 e-mail

    boo-hoooooo I see your 18,000 and raise you 40,000 e-mails A DAY!!!

    Most of those e-mail are REQUESTING that the president do something about the cost crisis and NOT IN FAVOR of waht he is trying to do yet OBAMALAYA piles em all in one pile and PRETENDS that they are all in favor of DeathCare/ObamaSCare. They are not.

    Is this a president being interviewed or a BSing Community Agitator??

    We both know.
    We both know.
    Hold on a sec.
    We both know
    Hold on a sec
    Let me finish
    We both know
    OBAMALAYA you don’t even know your bill.



    You choose!

  38. Linda from NY

    March 18, 2010

    Obama: Vote on Healthcare, Then Evaluate the Bill

    Ed Kaitz


  39. citizenwells

    Hundreds of years.

  40. We both know.
    We both know.
    Hold on a sec.
    We both know
    Hold on a sec
    Let me finish
    We both know

    REMINDS me of Orly Taitz interview in the Demon’s Network except in Obamalaya’s case the interviewer was letting him talk and respectful.

  41. Linda from NY – I’m getting better slowly. Over did it yesterday so I will spend a lot more of the day stretching.

    Regarding Obama & Iran – I would be surprised if Obama will do anything. Who knows for sure. Obama would only do it if he can take advantage politically.

  42. Protections againts Insurance Companies Abuse!!!

    What we need is Protections against Government ABUSES.

  43. If it looks like the BILL WILL FAIL…Obamalaya will start a wag the dog distraction to get the failure off the press.

    Could it be an attack? From Diego Garcia island?

  44. Sort of OT –

    Several days or weeks ago I mentioned that talk radio was loosing a great pesonality in the name of Mandy Connell. The first time I heard her I said “Oh boy a female Rush Limbaugh”. After listening to her for 5 years now in SW Florida I say ” Oh boy – Rush sounds like a male Mandy Connell. She is leaving here and going to Louisville, Ky to fill in for Francene Cunnicello, who died suddenly at 43 years of age. She will be on weekdays from 9AMEST to 12 starting the first of April. If you get a chance listen to her. She will definitely grow on you. The station is 84WHAS FM


  45. isreal told that moron for VP biden that it’s time to take out Iran either isreal will do it or USA will do it: make a stand. Then they expanded their settlements and will continue to do so until US acts , using settlements as an insurance policy for
    “peace” process

  46. We can walk away from insurance companies and go to another Ins. Co. but it is much harder to walk away from the ABUSING POWER of GOV’T.

  47. Very well said Mr. Cafferty. You are gaining viewers exponentially. Keep up telling the truth. Above all be sure that you get it across to the OBOTS, and especially the nitwits who weep when hearing Soetoro campaign lies. I can’t help wondering who is going to insure those horses a$$es while they are waiting for the four years to pass. Those who are drugheads, or are HIV positive might not even get through the 4 year waiting period.

  48. WOW. Dems report this am that the CBO score is $940Billion, CBO is now stating they have no score yet available and have released NO numbers!


  49. Linda from NY

    zach: @ 9:53 AM

    Glad you are on the mend. Know what it is like to overdo and what it costs the next day…have to be so careful to pace yourself.

    Healing takes time, and we cannot rush it even though we would like to make it happen faster.

    Agree with you…however, it will not be his decision…it will be his “Puppet Masters” who dictate what he does IMHO. He could care less about the ramifications. However, that is what makes him so dangerous; he does not make his own decisions…nor does he care about the suffering those decisions may cause.

    May God Bless and Help You Heal…Linda

  50. Daverg………………………………………
    Excellent thought. Netanyahu is not a dummy. He is also a hawk. If Israel is going to take out Iran it is probable that it will probably happen while he is the PRESIDENT.

  51. WHAT IS THAT BANNER OVER OBAMALAYA’S Left Shoulder? It is shown more than the flag on purpose.

    Anyone know what it is?

  52. PRWH…………………………………..
    hile I meant the word “TRUTHER” in a little more of a domestic context, your thought is also a good one.

  53. Just got email. Rasmussen:

    Arizona GOP Senate: McCain 48%, Hayworth 41%

    Longtime incumbent John McCain now leads conservative challenger J.D. Hayworth by just seven points in Arizona’s hotly contested Republican Senate Primary race. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely Arizona GOP Primary voters shows McCain ahead 48% to 41%. Three percent (3%) favor another candidate, and eight percent (8%) are undecided

  54. Conyers Gets Public Atty. Despite Hubby’s $174k Salary


    Deadbeats are going to destroy this country.

  55. Just one of my emails this morning:

    WES VERNON, RA ANALYST — Since our last visit earlier this week, House Democrats — in collaboration with the White House — have plotted what appears to be the ultimate end-run around the Constitution of the United States…

    Levin: We will sue over health-care trick

    Idaho first to sign law aimed at health care plan

    Virginia will sue over health care

    Critics challenge legitimacy of plan to avoid direct vote on health care

    Tony Blankley: Constitutional Law 101

    Dick Morris: If ObamaCare passes, what will happen by election day

    Obamacare is tyranny, not legislation

  56. Hapnhal……………………………………………………..
    All military officers are subject to a periodic fitness exam which includes mental health. So why the hell is the alleged CINC obviously exempt? And why doesn’t such an exam apply to members of Congress as well.

  57. Governor’s race in Massachusetts.

    I’m leaning towards Baker but haven’t made up my mind yet.

    Look at NJ the governor there is already making a difference in a state that has some of the highest taxes in the country. We need to start Reversing the LIEberal Erosion.

    Any feedback on Charlie Baker?


  58. If the alleged Healthcare bill is passed,I hope that ALL Americans will stand up and refuse to pay for something that they won’t get for four years, yet payment begins immediately. This is pure unadulterated horse manure, and everybody should reject it………en masse.

  59. Cartoon Network not only beats BUT probably gets twice the audience LOL.

    Here is the ranking as per story above:

    Thanks http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/archives/10808

    Cartoon Network beats CNN, MSNBC

    By Don O’Surber

    TV Newser has the February prime time rankings.

    USA is No. 1, Fox News No. 2, TBS No. 3, TNT No. 4 and the History Channel No. 5.

    At No. 26 is MSNBC and CNN is No. 32.

    Over at 13th place, the Cartoon Network is beating both of them.

    It’s the credibility gap.
    See whole List:

    And a Funny Comment from there:
    Buck O’Fama says:
    March 17, 2010 at 12:34 PM
    Oh, come off it. How can you compare the Cartoon Network with CNN and MSNBC? The former shows silly stories, one-dimensional joke characters, pre-pubescent views of life and near-delusional fantasies. The latter show….. ?????? …..never mind.

  60. The thought of BO overseeing the bombing of Iran makes me nervous as Hell. This is the last person on the face of this earth that should be in charge of ANY military action. Guaranteed to fail royally.

  61. Bob: ” Has anyone heard the story of Barak Obama having died in a plane crash when he was 13 years old?
    I read that story over a year ago and have never forgotten it. The story went on to say, the present Obama, assumed the identity of the Barak who died in the plane crash.”

    I heard Stephen Pidgeon talking about this, but I don’t remember the age. Something about he found out that there was the death of a Barack Obama in a plane from Pakistan or some such place. This is what he found out in his investigation many months back. Seems like BO was also in the same area at the time.

  62. RUSH is just coming on Please Listen on thsi New Rush Station in BOSTON. They need our support. Even if you are listening somewhere else click the link , minimize and lower volume BUT KEEP IT OPEN.


  63. TO:

    Prairie // March 18, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Chit is hitting the fan- hello?


    House Democrats are trumpeting a new Congressional Budget Office report saying that the “reconciled” Senate version of the Obama healthcare bill will save $120-$130 billion in the first ten years, and more after that.

    The Washington Post and Politico are blaring headlines about these claimed savings.

    However, House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan (WI) issued the following statement:

    “The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed that there is currently no official cost estimate. Yet House Democrats are touting to the press – and spinning for partisan gain – numbers that have not been released and are impossible to confirm. Rep. James Clyburn stated he was “giddy” about these unsubstantiated numbers. This is the latest outrageous exploitation by the Majority – in this case abusing the confidentiality of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office – to pass their massive health care overhaul at any cost.”
    Continues on link above.

  64. Also reported is 16 dem states are getting stimulus spending funds in the Health Care Bill for projects unrelated to HC at all. This is to make the Cornhusker Kickback fair (to all dem states, anyway).

  65. Fernley Girl

    Jefferson, who called Virginia his “country,” planted the seeds of the secession doctrine when he wrote his Kentucky Resolution of 1798, in protest to the Alien and Sedition laws:

    The several states composing the United States of America are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by compact, under the style and title of the Constitution of the United States, and of certain amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for general purposes, delegated to that government certain powers, reserving, each state to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void and of no effect.


  66. Linda from NY

    GET READY TO RUMBLE… Greet Obama at Fairfax Code Red Rally Tomorrow

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 6:22 AM
    Jim Hoft


  67. oldsalt78 // March 18, 2010 at 10:42 am


    Slavery was the cause of the Civil War.
    The Health Bill will be a form of slavery.


  68. Linda from NY

    Peter: @11:10 AM

    Thanks for the link…am listening.

    Rush says the letter to Pelosi says there must be a comparison to the reconciliation bill numbers…therefore, nothing definitive yet.

    Rush says there are no “credible” numbers.

    Happy Day…Linda

  69. Linda from NY

    CBO Denies Official Release of Obamacare Cost Estimate …Update: It’s Online Now

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 5:57 AM
    Jim Hoft


  70. Linda from NY

    House Dems: Obamacare Will Cost “Only” $940 Billion; Sunday Vote Planned

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 5:38 AM
    Jim Hoft


  71. Linda from NY

    March 18, 2010

    ObamaCare is Tyranny, Not Legislation

    By Janice Shaw Crouse


  72. Linda from NY

    March 18, 2010

    Bret Baier: 1; President Obama: 0

    By C. Edmund Wright


  73. These tyrants in Congress will say anything, do
    anything, and think anything – immoral or
    criminal, to reach their desired goal of total
    control over our lives. “The end justifies the
    means” is right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for

    Therefore, it is not surprising that CBO’s
    “numbers” are already released by these
    radicals, when, in fact, they haven’t been.

  74. Linda from NY

    FreedomWorks to House of Representatives: Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

    FreedomWorks ^ | 2/4/2010 | Matt Kibbe

    Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010 6:21:45 AM by tobyhill


  75. Peter @ 10:40AM

    Baker is my choice for Governor, Peter. He’s right on and seems to have the stuff to get us going in the right direction.

    Richard Tisei (Lt. Gov.) from Wakefield is dynamite, and I told one of his assistants that if I lived in his district I’d certainly vote for him as MA Senator.

    I think that the Baker/Tisei team will hold the hacks accountable. Baker is a businessman and that’s exactly what we need in this pathetic state.

    While I like Christy Mihos, he’s the perennial candidate and doesn’t have the needed clout, I think.

    I also like Treasurer Tim Cahill, but Tim is changing parties from (D) to (I) and I question that switch since the Dems are falling out of favor since the election of Scott Brown. Tim’s also an insider and with this electorate, I think that’s a minus.

    Coupe Deval Patrick…well, what can you say, other than YOU’RE FIRED!

  76. Rush just announced the Dems have lost a “yes” vote. One more for the NO column!

  77. Ms. Helga……………………………..
    I believe that you are quite correct. If the alleged Healthcare bill is rammed through you can look for a real court fight,and a possible street fight, as well. There is over a million veterans who will not take this lying down. I am ONE OF THEM.

  78. Linda from NY

    OT…but interesting [to me, at least]

    Planned Switch to G.O.P. Stirs Governor’s Race

    NY Times ^ | March 17, 2010 | Jeremy W. Peters


  79. Linda from NY


    Obama Surrenders Gulf Oil to Moscow

    The Washington Times ^ | March 18, 2010 | Editorial


  80. Join me tonight on The Jeff Rense Radio program.

    Hope all are well and in good spirits.

  81. Don in California

    ms. helga // March 18, 2010 at 11:17 am

    oldsalt78 // March 18, 2010 at 10:42 am


    Slavery was the cause of the Civil War.
    The Health Bill will be a form of slavery.


    ms. helga, slavery was NOT the cause of the War Between the States. The cause was States Rights!!

    As for the HC bill, it won’t matter if it is posted for 72 hours or not. No matter what the people find wrong in it, congress will ignore the people and pass it anyway. They will NOT listen to “we the people”.

  82. Don in California



    Proposed Hawaii “vexatious” bill defeated?
    by Sharon Rondeau

    Thank you, citizens.

  83. Linda from NY

    Prairie // March 18, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Rush is also having a field day with Bret Baier’s interview…he called pp a man-child, too.

    He said Bret gave pp a run for his money, and pp acted like so “uncool.”

    He’s talking about the e-mails and how pp tried to on-up Bret on the number of e-mails he receives…”there’s nothing genuine about Obama!”

    He’s stating the “Cartoon Network” has more viewers than MSNBC and CNN. Why Fox? Because Fox has more viewers…

    What is Pelosi on? “I love numbers!” “You’ve got nothing…no bill…no numbers at all!” says Rush.

    Happy listening…Linda

  84. Don in California


    Congress ignores the Constitution to effect its desired takeover of health care
    by JB Williams, ©2010

    Congress is right now trying to force its unconstitutional will on the American people by pushing through “health care reform” without even taking a proper vote

    (Mar. 17, 2010) — The unconstitutional process taking place in Washington, DC has most Americans feeling as if they are living in the Twilight Zone. Since when is wiping out private health care a method of “reforming” private health care, and on what basis is Obama “gaining supporters” for his plan when the bill hasn’t even been written or reported on by the CBO yet?
    Yet they will pass it anyway. Do the Dems even know what a Constitution is. Oh, that’s right, clinton didn’t know what is is either and he is a Dem.

  85. The fact that each state still has state laws,and a state government clearly says that each state does have soveriegnty. As such each state also has a right to secession from the union if necessary. I think that all 50 states should formally secede from the union. It would break the Federal hold on the states

  86. Rush report- 12,ooo new IRS agents to enforce health care registration.

  87. Linda,

    Thanks for listenig and thanks for al you do to keep us informed.

  88. Prairie @ 11:58 am
    I’m confused for a “law” not even passed yet? a “law” that has yet to be determined in court Constitutional ? Are they trying to say they were so confident that it would pass?

  89. Don in California

    Prairie // March 18, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Rush report- 12,ooo new IRS agents to enforce health care registration.
    So, obama can take credit for 12,000 new jobs created. Good going, oba,a….NOT!

  90. Michelle,
    My understanding is that much of this is coming out of the stimulus, jobs bill, budget, and tarp that have already passes- laying the ground work for all of this bullchit.

  91. TO:
    Prairie // March 18, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Rush report- 12,ooo new IRS agents to enforce health care registration.
    To enforce collection fines, imprisonment of ‘FREE” Citizens, no illegals will be jailed), etc.

    3 letter word

  92. Linda from NY

    Rush just said pp has canceled his Indonesian trip until June!

    Guess they are not going to get the vote by Sunday; they lost TWO yes votes that switched to NO votes…who they are, he did not say.

    LaRaza is not happy with the HCR Bill because they are not getting enough…they are protesting on Sunday?

    Listen…he’s going over the Jobs Bill at present!

  93. 12,000 JOBS amd the Insurance Companies and their investors, employees, etc will be blown up.

    What LOSSSES will accumulate there?
    100,000’s JOBS lost? Buildings Foreclosed, Ins Co, Bankruptcies, etc which will affect banks, investors and so on.


  94. oldsalt78 // March 18, 2010 at 9:39 am

    The wind blew, the shi# flew,and there stood Soetoro. Hey OBOTS how do you like the idea of paying through your “SNOT LOCKER”,and not getting anything for it for FOUR LONG YEARS. You could die in the interim. Great insurance coverage…HUH!
    I read Thomas Sowell’s article this morning…..he gave me a reality check moment……..
    If funding this monstrosity for 4 years for the next decade with no claims is to make it feasible??(no use for 4 years, 6 years coverage provided)……..
    what’s to make it workable for the next decade??


    Like having a car payment but the car won’t be delivered for 4 years.

  95. Ms.Helga……………………………….
    Once again you are right. States rights are slowly being usurped,and this time strangely enough it is also aimed at putting the people of each state into slavery. This time it will be all of us not just black folks. Again the States need to secede from the union en masse, or the FED needs to act to end the problem that is causing this possibility.

  96. Linda from NY


    Dems $940 Billion 10-Year Plan Would Cost $923 Billion in Last 6 Years

    Thursday, March 18, 2010, 11:02 AM
    Jim Hoft


  97. If this DeathCare passes ALL INSURANCE Companies should raise their premiums by 3,000% and divest out of Health Insurance within the next 12 months, forcing Obamalaya and his Minnions to scramble to cover everyone.

    This will force their hand and COLLAPSE the SOCIALIST system that they are trying to implement while being umbrelled by the “Evil” insurance companies.

    We are not addicted to Oil. We are addicted to BIG GOVERNMENT.


  98. Daverg………………………………………
    Excellent thought. Netanyahu is not a dummy. He is also a hawk. If Israel is going to take out Iran it is probable that it will probably happen while he is the PRESIDENT.

    This talk disturbs me…….I didn’t start this confrontation in America, but WHAT IF some state decided to take out Ky because McConnell, electives, or some officials were disliked or threatening??

    Hello…I’m here and I don’t deserve to die!!!

    This is what we Christians need to remember….Iran is an abstract design to most of us but my God, how did we forget Iran consists of citizens just trying to get by???

    Take out the military, the leaders, leave the people alone.

  99. HEY OKUBO,and FUKINO …………………

  100. Pimpin’ for Obamalya
    ACORN ASTROTURF and others letter writing.

    Ellie Light revealed: I’m Barbara Brooks, a nurse, says Pro-Obama letter writer
    By Stephen Koff, The Plain Dealer
    January 26, 2010, 9:57AM
    istockphotoEllie Light has revealed more details about the woman behind the name.
    UPDATE: A man with access to the Ellie Light e-mail account says yes, it’s him.

    WASHINGTON — Ellie Light, the ubiquitous letter writer arousing blogosphere suspicions that she is a White House operative spreading the gospel of Barack Obama, is actually a registered nurse. She lives in a California community near Bakersfield….



  101. Remember BHO saying it was not a lie that healthcare won’t be given to illegals; what he meant was that he will make them legal first and then provide health care.

    I am concerned he has a similar plan for Nov 2010. He is hoping for civil unrest that can allow him to postpone or interfere with the elections. I encourage every patriot to have patience and to act with civility. I believe MLK’s commitment to non-violence allowed the majority of the country to accept that civil rights were a necessary step in our freedom. Violence, as modeled by others, can harm the cause we have. Let us continue to speak out, encourage each other and employ the legal and legislative process, even if only at the State level, to advance our causes. Let us not revert to destructive acts that the criminal usurper can use to his advantage.

  102. oldsalt78 // March 18, 2010 at 10:42 am

    If the alleged Healthcare bill is passed,I hope that ALL Americans will stand up and refuse to pay for something that they won’t get for four years, yet payment begins immediately. This is pure unadulterated horse manure, and everybody should reject it………en masse.
    If all state lawsuits don’t work, be sure to start using pre-paid cards from Walmart and close all bank accounts……..they can tap in to those.
    the next step will be to (and maybe the first step, not clear yet) figure the TAXES OF HEALTHCARE into the tax table to make it even more confusing ……….
    either way, the public will pay for four years two premiums..

  103. Obamalya

    Obama bin Biden is a COLOSSAL CARTOON that is not funny but sad.

    Obamalaya talks about a Hawaii earthquake…did he mean Haiti earthquake and forget that Haiti is not USA’s 58th state YET.

    Now bin Biden makes another gaffe:

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice President Joe Biden asked for God’s blessing for the late mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen during a White House celebration of St. Patrick’s Day—except the elderly lady is very much alive.

    READ ON:

  104. The Keystone Kops or the Gang that Can’t shoot straight?

  105. Linda from NY

    Obama pitch: My presidency’s sunk without ObamaCare

    Hot Air ^ | MARCH 18, 2010 | ED MORRISSEY


  106. Linda from NY

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Vice-President Joe Biden Delivers Comedy Routine at Annual Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner – Complete Video 3/17/10


  107. Fernley Girl

    Don in California // March 18, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Agree completely. Too bad that our text books taught us lies about the Civil War and Lincoln.

  108. Mar 18, 2010 12:39 pm US/Eastern

    New York State Tax Refunds Put On Hold
    Gov. Paterson Freezes $500 Million, Says Financial Situation The Case, Won’t Start Sending Again Until April 1
    Embattled Governor: $1.5 Billion In School Aid Next To Be Halted Reporting

    Gillibrand Threw Me Under The Bus
    Paterson’s Press Secretary Resigns
    Soda Tax Proposal Falling Flat In Albany
    Paterson: I Was Doomed From The Start
    Cuomo’s Poll Numbers Took Beating On Paterson Case
    For hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, the check won’t be in the mail — at least not on time. New York State has stopped paying tax refunds and won’t start again until next month.

    The tax refund delay is part of a bigger cash crunch.

    Message to New Yorkers: don’t start spending your tax refund money because it’s going to be delayed.

    Half a billion dollars’ worth of refund checks were put on hold last Friday, and state beancounters won’t start sending you your money until at least April 1.

    “I apologize that we had to do this. I hope it serves notice on the public of how serious our financial situation is,” Gov. David Paterson said.

    READ ON:



  109. In case this hasn’t been posted yet. Glenn Beck nailed down by Peter Boyle about the Eligibility on his talk show.

  110. Don in California

    Linda from NY // March 18, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Obama pitch: My presidency’s sunk without ObamaCare
    Number one reason to NOT pass the obamacare bill.

  111. Linda from NY @ 12:42 pm
    “Obama pitch: My presidency’s sunk without ObamaCare”
    His presidency sunk a long time ago-polls back that up. What a whiner and complainer- a Democrat would have to be double stupid to go along with Obamas idiocy more than they have.
    Also this lends new meaning to the word SLEAZY, I think all Americans caught on to that insanity.
    The burning of political capital in the cause is really more of an issue regardless of whether the bill passes or not. Obama will have a job after November; many of the people whose arms he’s twisting will not, thanks to this bill and the sleazy manner in which Democrats have pushed it. The question of a strong Presidency should really focus on whether Obama will have the votes in the next two years to get anything done in Congress, and whether House and Senate Democrats who are looking at electoral catastrophe in November will go along with anything else left this year on the presidential agenda. He’s used up all of his political chits on this initiative, no matter what its outcome.

  112. JJ………………………………………………
    It would be great if it was all that easy. You can be sure though that when somebody tries to kill me,or my wife I will without hesitation,or remorse put as many bullets into him/her as it takes to stop any further attempt upon our lives. That is not a threat, it is a PROMISE. There will be NO negotiations. Perhaps I should have been born in PIKE COUNTY.

  113. Linda from NY

    Peter: @ 12:48 PM

    This is nothing new! Anytime we have had a Democrat as Governor, they have held back the state tax refunds in addition to heaping more taxes on everything we use.

    They might not be sending them out until April, but most people will not receive them until June or July…par for the course.

    Used to it in NY…Linda

  114. Michelle…………………………………….
    He is not a legal POTUS therefore he never had a presidency to begin with. All he has ever been is another one of the jihadis who flew the jets into the Twin towers. Until he proves to me what he is, and who he is I will continue to look upon him as an ENEMY, and certainly not the POTUS.

  115. Linda from NY

    Michelle: Gee…ya think?

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    Thursday, March 18, 2010


    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential “Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20. That’s just one point above the all-time low (see trends).”

  116. Linda from NY

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    Generic Congressional Ballot
    Republicans Lead Democrats by 10 in Generic Ballot, Highest Lead Yet


  117. oldsalt78 @ 1:10 pm
    “He is not a legal POTUS” well that’s true, waiting for the day our courts or military look alive. He is like being renditioned every day, on the really bad days we get water boarded. I don’t want to hear any more complaints from the terrorists they got off easy compared to US-citizens of the United States of America.

  118. Last page of CBO report explains why the education and Health care bill are combined.


  119. Fernley Girl

    Just in time to go along with the destruction of the greatest health care system in the world, they will cut us off at the knees when we try to flee from Socialist medicine:


  120. Linda from NY

    Build Upon a RUSH Idea – we MUST do this!

    Rush and Moi | March 18, 2010 | ~AV~


  121. Linda from NY @ 1:11 pm
    I love it, marks he really earned. When it comes time to clean up our country, boy does it need it-the CORRUPT ONES Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the DNC-sure showed us where to look-hopefully we can start restoring our country soon-starting with mandatory Fiscal Responsibility. I think Patriotism, our Constitution, WE THE PEOPLE will be like phoenixes rising from the ashes. “In God we Trust” that after all of this hell on earth we can make the United States better and stronger than it has ever been. It will be accomplished by the people-Republicans, Independents and former Dems like me and the hillbuzz guys and many millions more like us-more than they ever thought possible. If you were a visitor from outer space and crash landed on earth-you would think the only people in the US were Obama-Pelosi and Reid.

  122. Prairie @ 1:24 pm
    oooo I like it. Republicans are starting to fight back and fight back smart. Message well sent and now they know what to look for -they must have finally figured out how dirty Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Slaughter Rule (real bad luck name) are willing to play-as if this was some kind of game.
    WE THE PEOPLES money played for their insipid political games. SHAME.

  123. Linda from NY

    Fernley Girl // March 18, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    This has been going on for some time now…unfortunately, it is Big Pharma who is behind this; their way of keeping us dependent upon their “drugs.”

    New Bill Seeks to Ban Consumer Access to Dietary Supplements

    By William Faloon


    Don’t know exactly what month this article was written.

    Dang…I am a natualist! Sad in NY…Linda

  124. JJ………………………………………………
    Here is what you will really be paying for from day one if the alleged HC is rammed through. You will be paying the cost of the premiums that the slime of this country will not pay but still expect coverage. A large percentage of the people whose healthcare premiums that we will be forced to pay are people who otherwise cannot be covered because they are ill to start with. Such illnesses as HIV positive, drug poisoning, social diseases, etc. Guess what! They contracted these illnesses because of their own SLIMEY behavior,and really don’t give a damn whether they have insurance or not. The only thing that matters to this crowd is their ONGOING FUN, and DEVIATE lifestyles. I will not pay for their sick behavior. I will go to jail before that happens. Let those bastards pay for their own medicine etc. I worked hard all of my life to gain a decent retirement. None of those SLIMEY BASTARDS are going to take it away from me by forcing me to pay THEIR Healthcare costs. They had a chance to do just as I did, but they chose to lay around ,do their drugs, rob,rape, steal and murder people…….now I am supposed to pay for their Insurance,…..hahaha no way Jose.

  125. Linda from NY

    Uh, oh!

    Lambs to the Slaughter (House Dems defeat GOP attempt to stop Slaughter 222-203)

    NRO – The Corner ^ | 03/18/10 | Daniel Foster


  126. Linda from NY @ 1:38 pm
    Linda don’t be sad-I’ll look up some books for you. Loved the Rush idea. I think you should be able to do this from work-boxes usually at shopping centers-doesn’t Kinko’s have this service available along with Office Depot. Could you see “what has Brown done for you, lately”-a little Scott Brown in there. Could this cause DC to have major gridlock due to an army of FedX, UPS vehicles causing a major traffic jam.? This thinking outside the box is fun-if we could just get Obama-Reid-Pelosi to think at all, of course knowing them that could be really dangerous-they are still in zombie zone mode.

  127. Linda from NY

    Mark Levin Readies Lawsuit on Slaughter Rule

    American Spectator ^ | 3/18/2010 | Jeffrey Lord


    Mark…Where are you?

  128. States Stand For Constitutional Sovereignty Status Update Brief 6Mar10! Wyoming Declares Sovereignty!!40+ States Active Now!!


  129. citizenwells

    **** New Post ****

    Thanks Prairie for the video.
    I added it after I posted the verbage.
    Another team effort.

  130. Linda from NY

    Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Thanks, Michelle.

    The Seniors are planning a protest in DC on Saturday…says Rush…and others, too.

    See post, though, about the House vote on the GOP attempt to stop the Slaughter House Rule.


  131. Linda from NY @ 1:47 pm
    If Mark has to take this case to court, what might interesting things under FOIA may come out, witness testimony under oath-Massa comes to mind-any and all back room deals, threats, arm-twisting, bait and switch, promotions as rewards for promises for votes, airplane rides for the truly mature (sell-out) -I’m sure the list is much longer than this. Let all the graft be revealed.

  132. Linda from NY

    Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Great points, Michelle.

    I just hope he goes forward with it, especially now that the House took that vote…

    What arrogance!

    Way past time for my nap…catch ya later…Linda

  133. Prarie……………………………………………….
    What all of the “verbs in a row” really means is that the Democrats are so INSANE that they now think the CBO will just call it the same way and LICK THEIR FEET. I have some news for the LIBS it obviously is not going to happen that way. The libs have lied again and this time they are caught in it. HAR DE HAR HAR. Good for what ails them. I hope that all dogs in their areas see fit to dispense themselves in the LIBS yards. Preferrably on their front walks or porches. This includes MISS GIBBS, especially. I hope that they all step in a huge pile of doggie do. It will definitely make them nice and STINKY. Just the thing for the chambers.

  134. I see Madoff the Ponzi Schemer was beaten up in prison. Those boys did their job and now we must do our job on the Ponzi Schemers in Congress.

  135. I like the idea of an illegal and illegally passed DeathCare Bill dropped into the SCOTUS’ lap.

    All 2700 pages of it.

    While they’re still seething over the Fraud’s slam at them at the SOTU address…

  136. Some MUST READ Articles. Please read them:

    (1) “If You Try The Slaughter Rule, You Will Lose The Country. Not In November. In March.” at:


    * * * *
    Please read ALL of the comments to this article. Some are very wise about nullification, the 10th Amendment, other links are mentioned here, and the “Christmas Tree – riders,” (that can also be considered to be hidden bribes and incentives that are written into unrelated bills that are meant to entice and “bestow gifts” on hold-out representatives and senators who are still undecided or voting no on bills.

    For example: The people trying to get the votes for a bill may in sneaky back door behind closed doors deals set-up incentives/bribes/
    gifts & offer them in front of rep’s & senators as monetary funds or gifts they might hide inside of an unrelated bill for a senator or a representative “interests,” when that representative or senator will vote yes on a bill as a favor or a gift to that senator or rep for their vote of yes or no, called a “rider” or a “Christmas Tree.”

    A “rider” or “Christmas Tree”
    can be something like this:
    A representative or a senator might go up to the to creator of a Bill that is going for a full House vote in a few days and say, “I am voting no on your bill unless you can give my state 30 million so my state can do this…”

    If the creator or the co-sponsers of the Bill are corrupt and want this representative vote of yes or no on the Bill, so a rider might be offered and attached on an unrelated bill that is hidden in the middle or at the end of a paragraph that says, “Thirty million dollar funds is passed into district…”

    So the creator of the might put an enticing “rider” under a “Christmas Tree” incentive-like bribe in their unrelated bill to obtain the votes of senator’s and rep’s who are undecided or voting no on a bill who are hold-outs on a bill, to try to secure from these senators and reps their vote of yes on a bill.

    ObamaDeathCare is full of many “Christmas Tree – riders” that are unrelated and have nothing to do with a bill. This is extremely dirty politics. Unrelated riders to bills should be made illegal.)

    # # # #

    (2) “Deem and Pass” Watch: Brooks On The Ledge, Rubin On The Sidewalk” at:


    # # # #

    (3) “Mr. President I Send An Unprinted Amendment To The Desk” at:

    * * * *
    Dan Perrin, the author of the above article is asking all Patriots who care deeply about the USA Constitution to post his article above all over the internet far & wide!!

    # # # #

    (4) “Mark Levin Drops A Bomb” at:


    (5) “Making Congress Afraid Again: These Things They Fear Part II” at:


    # # # #

    (6) “If Pelosi Has The Votes, Then Why Does The House Need The Slaughter Solution To Pass ObamaCare” at:


    # # # #

  137. This courtesy of GailA at FreeRepublic

    We won’t have a health care system left after obamanation gets through CUT & GUTTING it. We are fighting for the SOUL of America, not just keeping illegals out.

    This is from a 2007 contact list of congressional aides. Some might not be there any longer, but worth a try. The ones on the one post are senate aides, a few have bounced back, it’s worth the effort to clog up their email system along with the phones, and 1/3rd of these senators are up for re-election.

    Contact congressional aides.
    U.S. Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
    U.S. House switchboard: (202) 225-3121
    White House comments: (202) 456-1111
    Find your House Rep.: http://www.house.gov/writerep
    Find your US Senators: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
    Toll free to the US Senate:
    1-800-882-2005. (Spanish number)
    1-800-417-7666. (English number)
    Courtesy of a pro-amnesty group, no less!!

  138. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Vote, Don’t Debate
    Democrats are ready to abandon a promise to allow lawmakers 72 hours to read and evaluate the heath-care bill before a vote.


    DEEMOCRATS the Party of Failure.

  139. The party of DEEM!!

    The party CAN”T WIN so it DEEMS WON and FAILS.





    (I can assure Kentucky will pass…McConnell is probably spitting bullets right this minute—GO KENTUCKY)

  141. Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Linda from NY @ 1:47 pm
    If Mark has to take this case to court, what might interesting things under FOIA may come out, witness testimony under oath-Massa comes to mind-any and all back room deals, threats, arm-twisting, bait and switch, promotions as rewards for promises for votes, airplane rides for the truly mature (sell-out) -I’m sure the list is much longer than this. Let all the graft be revealed.
    Call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to this fight……Supreme Court??

    Illegal congressional procedures??

    Constituton trampled???

    This may be the case that breaks this nation, folks!!

    Supreme Court Judges, get your rest.

  142. Linda from NY // March 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Michelle // March 18, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Thanks, Michelle.

    The Seniors are planning a protest in DC on Saturday…says Rush…and others, too.

    See post, though, about the House vote on the GOP attempt to stop the Slaughter House Rule.

    I just received an email…Kentucky has buses leaving from Louisville tomorrow night, going through Lexington to DC Saturday and if I wasn’t so poor, I’d be on that bus.

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