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“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984?


We have entered the world of “1984” that George Orwell prophetically wrote about in 1948. Those paying attention know why I regularly quote Orwell. After watching those like Larry Sinclair and then myself being attacked for asking simple questions about Barack Obama, I knew that history was repeating and that is why I began referring to Nazi Germany analogies and quoting Orwell.

Three major aspects of Orwell’s world of “1984” emerged.

Personal attacks.


Internet scrubbing, changing history.

One of the hallmarks of the Obama campaign, the Obama camp, is diversions and disinformation. This blog has been bombarded with it’s share of attackers, diversionists and misinformation spinners. One of those was smrstrauss.

From Jefferson’s rebels, February 11, 2010.

“Expose: obot SMRSTRAUSS Finally Unmasked!”

“An individual using the tag smrstrauss has been an extraordinarily busy fellow and an annoying enigma on the internet since late 2008, but now his identity is known. Mr. smrstrauss has contributed countless hours, days, weeks, months, and thousands of comments to defend Barack Obama against everyone who questions the President’s eligibility. Smrstrauss sometimes writes long essay comments, and he often cites case law, so if you didn’t know better, you would be excused for thinking he’s an attorney. I can assure you he is not!”

“Such intense activity by smrstrauss would make sense if Obama is paying him to confuse people about his eligibility to serve as President, but I have no way to confirm this without filing a Freedom of Information request of the administration.
If smrstrauss is not being paid by someone, then his efforts must be a labor of love, and for that President Obama may eventually consider bestowing the Presidential Citizens Medal upon this gentleman for his obsessive/compulsive determination to defend The One, irrespective of the truth.”

“Even though the Obama administration, the media, left-wing blogs, and a fair number of befuddled conservatives would have you believe the eligibility question only refers to Obama’s place of birth, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By accepting that false premise, and considering no alternative, many people have been duped.  As a result, they have fallen in line with the Alinskyites, and adopted their methodology of ridiculing dissenters to silence their opponent’s speech.”

(Citizen Wells comment to Glen Beck, pay attention)

“Ridiculing someone is a lot easier than trying to understand arguments that need to be heard in a courtroom. That’s the only venue where the eligibility question can be adjudicated, and that is all we constitutionalists request. ”

“Since at least October, 2008, smrstrauss has regularly commented about the eligibility question on virtually every conservative blog which raises the issue. He has also commented on mainstream media sites that discuss the controversy. In fact, smrstrauss has left so many comments on the internet that a keyword search for his tag returns a huge, and continuously growing, number of hits. For example, on January 29, 2010, the search returned 17,500 hits! Just ten days later on February 8, 2010, the search returned 18,900 hits. And today, February 11, 2010, the search returned 19,100 hits. Now to be fair to smrstrauss, some of those hits will be responses to his comments and thus cite his name. Not long after this article is published, I’m confident the number of hits will be even larger. Try a keyword search yourself to test the results.

Can one person be responsible for that much activity? Maybe, if that’s all he does with his time. Then again, maybe not. It’s equally possible that smrstrauss is coordinating with a small army of obots, all using his tag and perhaps sharing a password, since many sites require registration. If so, could this be a rogue operation of Obama devotees, or it could also be a paid disinformation campaign?  Are tax dollars being used for this? Does anyone remember Cas Sunstein’s arguments for cognitively infiltrating “conspiracy” blogs? Perhaps smrstrauss is simply the managing director of a government-funded obot machine.
I met smrstrauss when he attempted to post comments on Jefferson’s Rebels that I viewed as disinformation. Recently, he has used three different ip addresses: – located in Arlington, MA – located in Arlington, MA – located in Groton, MA (a sports facility about 35 miles from Arlington)
Based on his political donation records, it’s possible that smrstrauss presently may be unemployed. Furthermore, most of his comments have been written in the middle of a work day, although there are a number of comments recorded in the evening. If he is being paid, we might need to take a closer look at an employer he listed on his contribution forms. In previous years, Smrstrauss worked for IDC, Inc. This very large corporation is headquartered in Framingham, MA, about 19 miles from the home of smrstrauss. Business Week describes IDC as follows:”

Read more:


Citizen Wells

Smrstrauss, was a regular disinfomation, diversionist obot on this blog. Soon after this “entity” began posting comments, it was apparent what their motives were.


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  1. I think I have had run in with this Smrstrauss in an AOl chat room called rebuilding Iraq. I think he may even go under another name “rashlimburger”. This rash claims to hang out at the “west end” GYM in Lowell, Ma which is next to Groton or not very far from.

  2. Good morning all.

    Your thoughts please on this…

    Has this argument been proffered?

    How can anybody have their identity protected when they are using a fake ID themselves?

    How can the Governor of Hawaii deny access to Obama’s birth certificate by authority granted pursuant to Section 338-18 of the Revised Statues, a provision her office claims is to prevent identity theft…
    when licensed private investigators have said that Obama has used numerous social security numbers and the one he is using now was issued in CT, a state where he never lived?

    “Probably the most telling evidence of fraud is the fact that the social security number most commonly used by Obama from 1981 until now is a number issued in the state of CT to an individual born in 1890. According to licensed investigators Susan Daniels and Neil Sankey Obama has used numerous different SS numbers that belonged to deceased individuals and numbers that were never issued. 39 such numbers were used according to National Databases, none of which were issued in HI.”

    In light of the fact that Ms. Nagamine has indicated that Hawaii’s Attorney General’s office will not corroborate Dr. Fukino’s statement declaring “Obama Hawaiian-born and a “natural-born American citizen”, could this be used as a wedge to re-address the issue with the Governor’s office and seek clarification?
    Could Ms. Nagamine be asked if Gov. Lingle can hide behind Section 338-18 if evidence to social security number fraud can and/or has been submitted to both the AG and Governor’s office?

    How can anybody have their identity protected when they are using a fake ID themselves?

    Since Obama posted a forged COLB, that in and of itself should deny Obama the right to deny access to his records at the DOH. But how could the State of Hawaii afford identity protection to someone violating: The felony fraud provisions of the Title II programs found in 42 U.S.C. § 408(a)(1)-(8) of the Act.

    • forging or falsifying SSA documents;
    • using a Social Security Number (SSN)
    obtained on the basis of false information or
    falsely using the SSN of another person, for
    the purpose of obtaining or increasing a
    payment under Social Security or any other
    federally funded program, or for any other
    • making or causing to be made a false
    statement or representation of a material fact
    for use in determining rights to Social
    Security benefits, Medicare, Supplemental
    Security Income, or Black Lung benefits

    “The Ninth Circuit has held that an alien’s use
    of a false SSN to further otherwise legal conduct
    is not a crime of “moral turpitude.”
    Beltran-Tirado v. Immigration and Naturalization
    Serv., 213 F.3d 1179, 1184 (9th Cir. 2000).

    How can it be legal conduct if it is a false SSN?

    Did Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle verify that Barack Obama was born there?

    Never give up until you get to the TRUTH.

    George Orwell:
    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    John Trapp:
    “Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy.”

    Pixel Patriot

  3. TO:
    Philo-Publius // February 12, 2010 at 7:07 am

    I don’t recall if these was posted.

    American History Started In 1877, According To North Carolina

    North Carolina has decided to update their high school curriculum, and in doing so, have chosen to start America’s history with the year 1877, Rutherford B. Hayes’ administration.

    Now why do you suppose they don’t want to teach our kids about the Founding Fathers and Constitution?
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ //////////////////

    I think they should stop wasting time Eroding America that slowly and just start teaching History from Democratic Convention in Boston in 2004 on.
    American Liberal History Starts with the Obama Era scrap 2004 and replace it with 1 AO (After Obama) and so today is Feb 12, 7 AO. Next they should change the Name To Obamerika.

    These Neo-Commies have to go on a permament vacation to Guantanamo tried and executed for Treason and being Domestic & Foreign Infiltrating Enemies of the Constitution and We The People.

  4. CW,


    clicking through to the link on the article from Jeffersons Rebels confirmed a suspicion I’ve had for a long while now about Taitz & others. There were a LOT of things about the situation with her that didn’t make sense. But, they all do now.

    I posted something, just a small nugget, about my suspicion recently here to test the waters and, of course, it didn’t go over very well with some of the crowd. So, I refrained from going further. That was to be expected since we have been led to believe she was a true patriot. And now I can’t help but wonder if others were monitoring for her here.

    Oh boy…my head is spinning already with this Friday morning news dump. …i smile…

  5. TO:

    Pixel Patriot // February 12, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Good morning all.

    Your thoughts please on this…

    Has this argument been proffered?

    \\\\\\\\\\\ //////////////////

    Good point, but LIEberals always worry more about the perpetrator than the vitcim.
    They are protecting the guilty while the innocent suffer and pay for it all. This is the same at the top Jihadi Terrosists get protections and CITIZENS get vilified, threatened, arrested and held with their rights VIOLATED to protect the Terrorists and those that SIDE WITH THEM.

    Long Live The Republic? If you beleive in that we better start organizing, striking, boycotting, marching, protesting and DEMANDING!!!

    WAKE UP.
    Identity Theft is CRIMINAL.

  6. We The People need STRONGER SANCTIONS against our Radical Rebel “Government”.

  7. More lies…

    President Say Anything
    Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 7:42 PM

    Today President Obama told Senate Democrats that they had faced “enormous procedural obstacles that are unprecedented..”

    “You had to cast more votes to break filibusters last year than in the entire 1950s and 1960s combined. That’s 20 years of obstruction jammed into just one.”

    This is astonishing. A filibuster is the successful use of 41 or more votes to prevent the closing of debate. There wasn’t a single filibuster in 2009. Not one.

    The president will say anything to advance a narrative that makes him a victim of obstruction. It is clear that 2010 will be spent pivoting from his 2009 mantra of Bush’s fault to his campaign year blasts at the “do nothing Republicans.”

    His advisors must foresee grim news on jobs to offer up such a transparent and unpersuasive, indeed almost purposefully alienating argument.


  8. JustMe
    More explain your post concerning Orly, please.

  9. (Nothing to see here, folks. Move along…)

    Terror reviews avoid word ‘Islamist’

    By Shaun Waterman THE WASHINGTON TIMES

    Two new documents laying out the Obama administration’s defense and homeland security strategy over the next four years describe the nation’s terrorist enemies in a number of ways but fail to mention the words Islam, Islamic or Islamist.



  10. Rocknee,

    did you read the article CW linked through to in his post above? Jeffersons Rebels? It may explain some things.

  11. Rocknee, et al

    snipped from article:

    The pejorative label of birther is easy for lazy people to comprehend, especially thanks to the ridiculous personal antics and legal missteps of litigants such as Orly Taitz. She and several others are the “gifts that keep on giving” to Obama. Whatever Taitz’s intentions, President Obama couldn’t have paid anyone to do a more effective job of bringing ridicule on the eligibility issue than she has, although smrstrauss is doing his best to achieve the same result. Initially, Taitz only questioned Obama’s place of birth and various names, but eventually Taitz amended her arguments and lawsuits to include the definition of “natural born Citizen.” She entered the constitutionalist group too late, and has improperly litigated her cases.

  12. CW,

    got it!

  13. Goldman Sach’s Fingerprints found on Greece’s Financial Crisis….gee there’s a big surprise!

    article here:

  14. Ukraine in Turmoil as Yulia Tymoshenko Refuses to Concede Defeat in Presidential Election

    Soros’ blond babe won’t concede….

    Setting the stage for a major strategic threat to Russia, in what was a key part of Russia for hundreds of years. This is the key to bringing Russia into a new global war – World War III – that will begin with a General Middle East War soon

    snipped from:

  15. We all know that Obama had a HIRING DRIVE for Paid Obutts bloggers numerous times.

    It was even on his websites under emp;oyment opportunities. These HIRES would be paid bloggers that would be paid a stipend and overseen by a manager. You would be paid depending on your abilities and how many hrs, etc.

    When I was on bo’s mailing list I received an e-mail which I may have saved that was offering these type positions.

    So we know these ACORN types are out there “propaganzing” possibly by the 1000’s paid with Taxpayer funds and maybe “FOREIGN JIHADI AID MONEY”.

    Follow the MONEY, EXPOSE the NETWORKS, Corruption, Fraud and enemy infiltration of our nation.

  16. From previous thread:

    JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Interesting & timely article (link below) given the obvious take down of Medina by Glenn Beck yesterday and his need for ongoing ridicule of “birthers” and “truthers.”

    Understanding the mindset behind the labeling along with the meaning of the word conspiracy is a good place to start to help diffuse the power it wields over all of us.

    I, for one, am proud to fall under both of these categories of “crazy” people. Isn’t seeking the truth normal? I can’t remember the last time I was seeking a lie. All any of the 9/11 “truthers” want is a new, independent investigation – a second opinion. That’s what the “birthers” want – an investigation; a second opinion and a resolution. Neither group is buying the government’s “official story.” There’s holes in them. Big holes. Big enough to drive a Mack truck through them. It’s really that’s simple.

    Snipped from:


    Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful

    Indeed, those who most loudly attempt to ridicule and discredit conspiracy theories tend to focus on defending against criticism involving the powerful.

    This may be partly due to psychology: it is scary for people to admit that those who are supposed to be their “leaders” protecting them may in fact be human beings with complicated motives who may not always have their best interests in mind.

    Similarly, psychologists who serve the government eagerly label anyone “taking a cynical stance toward politics, mistrusting authority, endorsing democratic practices, … and displaying an inquisitive, imaginative outlook” as crazy conspiracy theorists.

    This is not really new. In Stalinist Russia, anyone who criticized the government was labeled crazy, and many were sent to insane asylums. (now, we just confined to blog sites, which I guess could be considered a sort of insane asylum …i smile…)

    Pay attention, and you’ll notice that criticism of “conspiracy theories” is usually aimed at attempting to protect the state and key government players. The power of the state is seldom used to crush conspiracy theories regarding people who are not powerful . . . at least to the extent that they are not important to the government.


    Yup, yup and yup.

  17. JustMe

    Thanks, I recall that guy and many of his comments.

    Too bad, we can not get that kind of information from a certain blackberry. Oops, didnt mean to be racist.

  18. Re: “then his efforts must be a labor of love,.”

    Thank you for the compleiment.

    Is there anything wrong with posting what you believe a lot of times? No, I’m not being paid. And I never swear or call names.

    All I do is to post the facts and discuss the law.

    The facts are that Obama was born in Hawaii, as his official birth certificate from Hawaii shows, and the facts on it–that he was born in Hawaii in 1961–were twice confirmed by the top officials of the DoH of Hawaii, who happen to be members of a Republican governor’s administration.

    There is no proof that Obama was born in Kenya or that his mother ever went there, and his Kenyan grandmother never said that he was born in Kenya. She said he was born in Hawaii.

  19. OT, good article re the recent Supreme Court decision:
    Indicting the Supreme Court

    (1) The people are sovereign; they have the final say. (2) The legislators are their spokesmen. (3) The sovereign people have said on numerous occasions through their spokesmen that corporate financing of electioneering must be limited. Yet (4) the Court rejects such limitations which nullifies the people’s sovereignty. Instead of the people having the final say, the final say is the Court’s.

    If the Court has the final say, then democracy in America is a sham. It simply does not exist and the Constitution has been subverted. No two ways about it: If the people don’t have the final say, the people are not sovereign. The Court has merely allowed the people to vote and the legislature to enact laws only to the extent that those laws don’t offend the sensibilities of the Court’s members.

    But this subversion is not recent. It happened in 1803 when Marshall, in Marbury, wrote, “It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is.” Unfortunately, no one objected, and from that moment on, the United States of America became an oligarchy.

    In this sham democracy, the ruling oligarchy, taking upon itself the duty to constitutionalize a specific deleterious economic system, is chiefly responsible for America’s ills. The legal system is unjust, domestic violence is prevalent, liberty is constrained, general welfare has been replaced by widespread adversity, and providing for the common defense has been reduced to providing for a military-industrial corporate complex. Not what the founding fathers had in mind!


  20. Venice,

    good morning.


    Never mind Red or Blue this is now a Brown Country…..Tea Party Brown.

    The New Brown Candiate is Marco Rubio.

    Please join Senator Jim DeMint in helping this Conservative Reverse Course of this great Nation.

    Money Bomb…please donate.

  22. We are not a DEMOCRACY!!!!

    We are a Constitutional Representative Republic.

    Democracy can’t DIE when it was NEVER BORN!!!

  23. JustMe,

    Good morning to you and everyone.

  24. Constructive negotiations are only possible if the President listens to the American people and promises that health care reform will not contain:

    ~~~A government-run plan of any kind which would destroy private, personal coverage.
    ~~~Mandates on individuals or employers which violate our Constitution and place undue burdens on people and businesses.
    ~~~Tax increases which hinder our economy and endorse larger government involvement in our lives.
    ~~~Bureaucratic decision-making which takes health care control away from patients and doctors and hands it to Washington

    Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)

    Thanks Tom….send the memo to Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, please.

  25. BTW Joe Biden said that Iraq would be bo’s greatest accomplishment. WOW that will be his greatest acccomplishment he will be a TOTAL 100% FAILURE.

  26. Rocknee,

    You’re funny. Wondering what you thought about the article?

    Don’t you find it odd that Keyes, the brilliant man he appears to be, is still allowing Orly to represent him?

    I’ve often wondered why he wouldn’t have ended his relationship with her and found another attorney, if he were really serious about bringing about a resolution. Something fishy there. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

  27. WOW Rush is RUSHING THEM.

    Exposing the HYPOCRITS of the Party of Failure.

    No snow proves Global Warming.
    Lots of snow probes Global Warming.

    The Party of SHAM and HOAX is teh Party of FAILURE

  28. No other lawyer will commit career suicide representing these cases.

  29. JustMe,
    The same way Keyes can’t put his finger on that all important video of he with o debating?

  30. I remember this guy so well. He posted on a lot of PUMA blogs too. so did a handle who went by kdsb if I recall correctly.

    So, if there has been an active disinformation campaign going could it be possible that Taitz and Keyes are part of it? Wow! Blow me away!

    Just asking?

  31. Prairie,


    Have you had a chance to read the article above that CW posted? You are a super sleuth and was wondering what your thoughts were on the comment that Taitz is the gift that keeps on giving. I thought that was interesting. Then I started thinking about Keyes.

    If you haven’t read it yet, Jefferson’s Rebels link, take a minute to do so. It’s well written and thought provoking. Let me know what you think.

  32. Peter,

    Can’t blame them, but there are a few that still trying. Why wouldn’t Keyes jump over to one of them? Just a question that’s been bugging me for a while.

  33. JustMe,
    I did read it. I think Jefferson Rebel could have added a few others to the list like Berg. His ignorance on the dual citizenship and NBC definition is too d*mm convenient.

  34. Kim // February 12, 2010 at 11:54 am

    If the Court has the final say, then democracy in America is a sham.

    Dr. Edwin Vieira:
    And We the People-not “we the judges”-enacted the Constitution.
    It is our supreme law, not theirs.
    We are the principals, they merely our agents. So we are the ultimate interpreters of the Constitution, and the ultimate judges of whether public officials are complying with it.

  35. Prairie,

    I don’t know what to think of Berg. I go back and forth with him. He doesn’t seem to have the fire in his belly that is needed to get to the bottom of this NBC issue.

    I’ve heard him on Tarpley every Sat for a while now and Tarpley has to give him ideas on what he can do to get more exposure. One week he told Phil to get in touch with the Tea Party Express people when they were doing their road trip to DC. That’s when I learned that Dick Armey was behind it. Phil wasn’t even interested. The next week Tarpley asked him if he had contacted and he spent a good 5 minutes on excuses. Big red flag for me.

    I have donated money to both of these people, for the cause. I think a lot of people have.

    But, how can you continue to fumble the ball as much as Orly did and not look for another attorney? Makes me wonder if Keyes is really serious at all in his pursuit of O.


  36. Prairie,

    I remember some here were talking about that tape the other regarding Keyes. Seems like I remember one of his staffers allegedly taped over it?

    Help me out with this one.

  37. don in california

    JJ // February 12, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    We are the principals, they merely our agents. So we are the ultimate interpreters of the Constitution, and the ultimate judges of whether public officials are complying with it.
    I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my question is: If “We the People” are the interpreters of the Constitution, then how many versions of the Constitution will we have>

    My viewpoint is that NO ONE has the authority to interept the Constitution. It means just what it says. If you don’t like it, propose an Amendment to change it.

    Just my uneducated opinion.

  38. CW,

    delete my post that’s in moderation, if you haven’t already.

  39. don in Calif

    that’s my understanding, as well. Enforce the Constitution as it is in it’s current form. Otherwise, Amend it through the formal process.

  40. JustMe,
    Like everyone my head exploded yesterday when I heard Beck and Medina. I have been reading comments here and at FR. The majority of conservatives at FR will now not vote Medina. Remember my tree theory about the Oak and the Willow? Despite being right or wrong, could Medina’s view of 9/11 be a lightening bolt- so polarizing she threatens to split the tree? Weaken it by defining it as fringe before it has a chance to take root? These are questions we have to ask- nothing is black and white anymore. Ask yourself, is Beck playing “the ends justify the means” or breaking a few eggs to make an omlet. Reading the comments of like minded people it is obvious 9/11 is polarizing, it is also obvious divided we fall.

  41. Great article and contributions guys, thanks.

  42. JustMe,
    Regardless if the tape was taped over, wouldn’t Keyes and his staff be witnesses to it? Couldn’t they testify? This whole thing with Orly, Berg, and Beck has me wondering who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why did Orly spend so much time in Isreal in the middle of her big cases?

  43. Prairie,

    It is so Beck set out to DESTROY Medina from the get go. It was an obvious hit piece and if the sheeple can’t see this, then we are indeed in trouble.

    Like I said yesterday, did he really ask her any meaningful questions? No. He went right for the jugular – 9/11 truther. WHAT’S SO WRONG WITH WANTING TO KNOW THE TRUTH?

    Where are people’s critical thinking skills? Have they lost them and become dependent on the conservative talk show hosts & the government to tell them how they need to think and feel?

    Did you see my post above that Venice brought over from downstairs this a.m. on this subject of conspiracy? Feel free to post it far and wide. I don’t post on many sites other than CW’s.

    Yes, I remember your metaphor. Can’t forget it.

  44. Margie to suposed FBI…..Did you read the book? What were you taught a natural born citizen is? FBI guy, no I did not read the book, he was voted for… Margie we are a republic, rule of law, then we vote in democracy, otherwise Mobs would rule…See I take this personally after a car wreck..memory…I DO remember what I was taught in school…born in the USA to citizen parents, or if at a time of war born to citizen parents in other areas deemed American soil. Beyond the fact it is the only thing that makes sense. I would bet my last penny to that fact. p.s I use to gamble and bet alot, helps when you know the facts.

  45. Prairie,


    I wondered the same thing, too. We all know she holds dual citizenship. So does Rahm Boy and a few others in key places.

    Keyes was very public about protesting during the summer during O’s speech (I forget where at this moment) on the abortion issue, but why didn’t he piggy back that with the NBC issue?

    Just a question?

  46. I think many, many new people in Washington would be wonderful.
    A stunning 8 percent of Americans believe members of Congress should be reelected, a staggering indictment of the legislative branch as Democrats prepare to defend their majority in the midterm elections.
    Eighty-one percent of people surveyed in a New York Times poll believe “it’s time to give new people a chance” to serve in Congress, the worst assessment of Congress since the newspaper began polling on this question in 1992.
    But the 8 percent figure is staggering. Republicans see it as a reason to throw Democrats out of Congress, while Democrats want to blame Republican obstruction for the overwhelmingly negative feelings reflected in the poll.
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0210/32893.html#ixzz0fLXSBRgJ

  47. JustMe,
    You nailed it. I was listening to Beck’s show. His intro of the segment was a love letter to Perry. His intention was clear from the start. But why? Is he controlled opposition or keeping the tea party opposition from self destructing- which is the goal of the left. I truly do not know. I am just trying to keep my eyes open and ask questions.

  48. Does anyone know what’s going on on Feb. 26th? I’ve been away. Is it a hearing? If so, is it Orly’s Quo Warranto?
    Thanks to all…

  49. Rush:


    Reverse Course, back to before the Lieberals took a majority and gave us a Living Hell FAILURE.
    O’Bushama INHERITED what he (Obama) and his LIEberal Erosionist MAJORITY Voted on for TWO YEARS prior to taking 100% Majority.

    Are we better off since Jan 2007 when Lieberal took 100% Majority (Super Majority) than we were the first 6 yrs of Bush and a Rep Majority?


    Reverse Course. Roll Back Pelosi!!

  50. Prairie,

    Perry is establishment. Plain and simple. I think Beck has been given the word to destroy anyone else that threatens to impede what’s in store for this country. Forget that it’s Texas for a minute.

    Did you read the primer I put together the other day about SPP, NAFTA and the North American Union? Have to remember a currency already exists for the NOrth Am. Union. It’s called the Amero.

    Now, consider this. Our dollar is tanking and China isn’t buying any more of our debt. Would it be easy to drop the dollar, go to the Amero and kinda like presto chango …. just thinking.

    Anyway, his Council of Gov’s is in place. The 10 regions, which are FEMA regions are already formed and working as regions, and the census was immediately brought into the Oval Office. The NAFTA superhighway has been partially built and Texans have halted their end of it. It is another critical part of the infrastructure of the North Am Union. Perry is key in this. Medina would STOP it.

    Now, add to this all of the things that have been federalized. Most recently local and state law enforcement.

    Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Beck has been given the task to take Medina down not for Texas but for the agenda of the elite.

  51. ksdb // February 12, 2010 at 11:32 am
    Re: comment from last thread about McCain’s birth certificate.

    I was only vaguely aware of this issue during the campaign and thought the question had been resolved then.

    I am interested in knowing the facts about his NBC status. Thanks for your input.

    I found the entire discussion of the issue on the other thread to be very valuable.

    Thanks to everyone.

  52. Michelle –

    Re: the 8% poll numbers

    I’m with the 92%. I didn’t know so many people felt the same way.

    Too bad the 2 parties can’t get past blaming each other and fueding with each other, with members protecting their own seats above everything else — and get to their real job of acting for the welfare of our country and our citizens.

  53. But, how can you continue to fumble the ball as much as Orly did and not look for another attorney? Makes me wonder if Keyes is really serious at all in his pursuit of O.

    One observation?? What happened to the LION who vowed to stop/obstruct/sue EVERY law and program the administraton enacted????

  54. Hope the boycott today sends a message that we eligibility folks expect civility and respect and a discussion of our views. I heard about GB for the first time from this web site.

    Thanks for the article, C.W. I’m intensely interested in the strategies of the o. camp to infiltrate web sites.

    I wonder if some of the camouflaged posters are caught in the web of blackmail and threats and are somehow intimidated into their role. If so, I truly pray they may find a way out of that dark net.

  55. !?!! @ 1:42 pm
    I’m with the 92%, Scott Brown is a start. I really liked the Republican man combing the country looking for good candidates. DC needs to be shook up big time-as Obama and thug minions shook up WE THE PEOPLE. DC acts like it their own personal country, and we just pay the bills-the indentured taxpayers have arisen-no matter what the people requested DC acts like they don’t want to hear from us. The 9/12 March, locked out of congress persons offices, beyond blatant disregard for the Constitituion, civil trials for terrorist, murderers, enemies of our country.
    re: Obama-never in the history of our nation, have we had a potus with no documented history. None, the little provided by him, proven frauds, sealed records, multiple SS #’s and we are the crazy ones for asking QUESTIONS. The questions began during the election cycle-none of this is new, yet the questions still have not been answered. All the media who attempt to change the dialogue, if you are so sure, then you show the documentation to support your view, otherwise people would naturally think that you are covering up for Obama, if so why? You are Americans too, in theory anyway.
    What made me think of this one night on Antiques Roadshow a couple of months back, a man brought in something they found rolled up in an old attic. It was a pre-Revolutionary War Map, in great condition. How cool is that?
    All of our prior Presidents provided honest documentation of their personal histories, why can’t/won’t Obama?

  56. Doesn’t the Bush family back Perry and Rubio?

  57. I wonder if the Obama Pretender Museum will be a telephone booth with ONE FORGED DOCUMENT and nothing else.

    Will it be in Mombassa or the small village of his Muslim Arab ancestors???

  58. don in california // February 12, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    JJ // February 12, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    We are the principals, they merely our agents. So we are the ultimate interpreters of the Constitution, and the ultimate judges of whether public officials are complying with it.
    I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my question is: If “We the People” are the interpreters of the Constitution, then how many versions of the Constitution will we have>

    My viewpoint is that NO ONE has the authority to interept the Constitution. It means just what it says. If you don’t like it, propose an Amendment to change it.

    Just my uneducated opinion.
    And in my uneducated opinion, I interpret that ‘we’ is a generalized reference and hopefully the ‘we’ contains the consensus of the ‘whole’.

    Any arguments can be taken up with the author of this message who I profess not to be on a level to do, now, or in the future:

    United States Constitution Expert
    Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

    Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School), and has practiced Constitutional Law for more than thirty years. Dr. Vieira is one of the leading experts on the U.S. Constitution.


  59. Radar Ziva,

    don’t know anything about Rubio. But, yes the Bushies definitely are in his pocket.

  60. JJ,

    who is the LION?

  61. Kim and The South,

    you may find a few of these comments here interesting. Sound familiar?


  62. don in california

    JJ // February 12, 2010 at 2:06 pm
    I’m not arguing with anybody. I just read the Constitution and nowhere does it grant the authority to anyone to interept the Constitution. It means what it says and any changes must be through an Amendment and not intereption.

  63. JustMe,
    I spent just that one night reading up on Agenda 21- the North Ameican Union. I am not educated on SSP and NAFTA. Perry is violating property rights to allow this superhighway that is essential to this union, this I get. I see how Perry and Texas are key-yet- the way o is destroying state’s rights local governments will be useless to stop the globalist agenda.

    Please repost the SSP and NAFTA info if/when you get a chance.

  64. But is not the Supreme Court the final legal authority on what the Constitution means, and therefore legally superior to the people?

    Edwin Vieira Jr.: Balderdash. A judicial opinion about the Constitution is precisely that, and no more: just an opinion of some fallible human beings who happened to occupy the Bench at that time.
    It may be correct-or it may be incorrect.
    The Supreme Court does not determine what the Constitution means; rather, the Constitution determines whether a decision of the Supreme Court is right or wrong.
    Even the Supreme Court has recognized that “[t]he power to enact carries with it final authority to declare the meaning of the legislation”. Propper v. Clark, 337 U.S. 472, 484 (1949).

    And We the People-not “we the judges”-enacted the Constitution.
    It is our supreme law, not theirs.
    We are the principals, they merely our agents. So we are the ultimate interpreters of the Constitution, and the ultimate judges of whether public officials are complying with it.
    As Sir William Blackstone, the Founding Fathers’ primary legal mentor, observed: “whenever a question arises between the society at large and any magistrate vested with powers originally delegated by that society, IT MUST BE DECIDED BY THE VOICE OF THE SOCIETY ITSELF: there is not upon earth any other tribunal to resort to”. Commentaries on the Laws of England (1771-1773), Volume 1, at 212.
    Any self-governing people should know as much without being reminded. One can only hope that the present economic crisis will focus people’s minds on this basic truth to a degree sufficient to make a difference.

  65. If Hannah and James prevented this with their ACORN revelations-Thank you. These people are thieves plain and simple. Were the bankers complicit or merely extorted into giving these bad loans, there is a lot here that needs examination. I wonder if these are the video’s that Andrew Breitbart said that he had more of which he would release before the next election.
    Homeownership Rightsby Kyle Olson
    Please read this before reading the article below and watching the video:
    Note: It will quickly be obvious to the reader why details have been obscured, omitted or fictionalized in this fascinating narrative of undercover events that began nearly forty years ago.
    How to Create a Crisis and Steal a Nation
    Frances Fox Piven: ACORN-style Mass Movement May Deepen Foreclosure Crisis, Forcing Government & Banks to Address Homeownership Rightsby Kyle Olson
    The original Cloward-Piven Strategy, born in a 1966 article in The Nation magazine, was to overwhelm the welfare system by flooding the rolls with new recipients. The government would not be able to keep up (this was a time when a government could actually go bankrupt), the system would crash and a Democratic presidential administration would be “forced” to implement a “guaranteed annual income” for Americans.
    Fast forward to the 21st Century. America’s in the midst of a home foreclosure crisis.
    Piven’s new strategy? Force the government and banks to deal with the problem by convincing approximately two million people to refuse to leave their homes. ACORN has been implementing this strategy with its Home Defenders program.
    Is it possible ACORN sting man James O’Keefe could have spoiled the implementation of this new strategy? The O’Keefe-Giles videos surfaced at precisely the right time to disrupt the Home Defenders scheme.
    The organization was rocked by the major scandal and knocked on its heels politically and financially.
    Will Piven’s new strategy work? Will another group fill in where ACORN left off? Will ACORN be able to regather to still take advantage of the on-going crisis? Time will tell. Hopefully Americans will recognize and reject her plan so another 1970s New York City story will be averted.

  66. CW:

    George Orwells “1984” is good and certainly pertinent, but you should also read (if you haven’t) his “Animal Farm” where certain “animals” take over!!

    As for the Flying Monkey who sometimes calls himself “smrstrauss”, he seems to not understand the reality that what he calls “facts” and the supposedly “factual statements” by HI officials are not that at all. They are merely his incorrect offerings of his opinion since there have never been ANY documents (nor official statements by HI “officials”) showing that Obama has ever demonstrated himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies … NONE!!

    The person is welcome to his own misinformed bias, but within himself he should be able to recognize the weakness of the statements he makes – which are clearly wrong and many (or quite possibly even most Americans are waking up to recognize (the Beck/O’Reilly cabal excepted).

    Actually, Obama’s whole life seems to be nothing but a work of fiction. The man has never shown himself to be Constitutionally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    If you’d like to see something from a different point of view, watch the two short videos below which, even though they start slowly and have a bit of fun, contain a wealth of factual data – more than we’ve seen from Obama.

    In fact in the second video a famous senator is quoted speaking about someone that sounds for all the world like “Our Boy” and really strikes a chord.

    Only thing is the senator was the Roman named Cicero speaking in 42 BC – but the message is still very directed and pertinent for all of us:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsX5DzZHkIU Three Little Words

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGG8tIJNMY Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  67. Something that has always rubbed me wrong about Orly is the “participation” thing. She puts out all of these calls to action, yet, resists help when offered.

    Linda at Constitutionally speaking is a great researcher, excellent writer, and a true constitutional patriot. Check out her site if you don’t believe me (constitutionallyspeaking.com). I had the privelage of meeting her at a tea party. She is just one example of help Orly disses. In fact, Orly called her a “couch potatoe blogger.”

  68. JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm


    who is the LION?

    ~~~ Alan Keyes~~~

    And I’m beginning to be suspicious of every lawsuit, every advocate and their objectives.

    This is so sad that a ‘coup’ has taken place in our country and 50% of the nation is sleeping through it!!!

  69. Justme………I just read an article from Labvirus.com……. the Bushes and their involvement in 9/11….gold stolen from the basement before the week of…….5 minutes before the incident the Deutsche Bank computer system in their WTC office was seized by an outside, unknown entity. Every single file was swiftly uploaded to an unidentified locality,
    which floors were targeted, the office of a target and records in bldg. 7……on and on and you can’t really argue the logic.
    Wow!! Enjoy!!


  70. JJ, Prairie,

    I hear ya! Judging from what I’m reading elsewhere, this is the consensus on Orly – perhaps she is a fraud? Didn’t a few others try to help her or at least offer to?

    I honestly quit reading anything that was posted about her lawsuits. I remember a few informed folks months back on here were pointing out the obvious flaws and the fact that she was offered help. If I remember correctly they heard the wrath and were pretty much ran out of town by defenders of hers.

    I liked how the article linked to above referred to Orly as the “gift that keeps on giving.”

  71. I found this on the conservative monster website.

    Palin Starts ‘Hand Writing’ Craze

    Obama RESIGN

    Please share this with everyone on your mailing list….

    On Monday, Feb. 15th we are all posting this onto our Faceboook and Myspace pages…


    This is getting so popular, I decided to make up some shirts to help raise money for The Conservative Monster that demand these Marxists RESIGN….


  72. Prairie,

    will find my post for you in a bit.

  73. Just a note – be very careful –

    The label “truther” has come to mean those that believe and evangelize that 9/11 was an inside job.

    Many of you, like myself, believe that the whole truth is not yet known and that more analysis and disclosure is needed. We have not yet gotten a fair hearing or any respect.

    In the public eye, and via the MSM, there are only two kinds of people: 1) those who believe the standard story, and 2) “truthers”.

    So – please stay away from “truthers” and don’t defend them here. They only poison the water.

    Similarly, we must be careful about what we say in regards Obama eligibility. Nobody knows the truth, so it would be incorrect to say that this or that is “the truth”. We must instead, continue to focus and push on the fact that We The People have a right to know. Let the chips fall where they may. Don’t publish a pre-disposed outcome – that is how you get labeled as a whacko.

    Being labeled a whacko (even if you happen to be right) is a death sentence. You will get nowhere. Above all else, you must maintain your credibility. Even if that means withholding all you think or all you believe to be true.

  74. JJ,

    Yeah, pretty amazing stuff. I read through that the other day. I’ve been aware of some of those details for a while now.

    I hope people will keep seeking the truth and be proud to be labeled a “truther”. What’s so wrong with wanting to know the truth – about anything?

    Labels are used as a psychological ploy to diffuse the situation – to shut us down. To put us in the same box with the crazies.

  75. This is the most thorough assessment I’ve read ever!!!
    Nothing left out.

    Questions being presented:

    1 What is a President elect’s or President’s deadline, burden and standard of proof, to prove his qualifications, under Quo Warranto, by U.S. Constitution’s article II § 2 and amendment XX § 3, by statutes, and by ethical duties?

    2 Whether the Presidential qualification of “natural born citizen” over “citizen” re quires sole U.S. allegiance by birth to two U.S. citizens within the U.S.A.’s jurisdic tion and without foreign allegiance, to choose a Commander in Chief with undivided loyalty in time of war and to preserve the Republic from tyranny.

    3 Whether birth to an alien father irreparably negates being a “natural born citizen,” or whether foreign allegiance by birth, adoption, or naturalization, incur foreign allegiance, to constitutionally disqualify a President elect.

    4 Would a President elect have failed to qualify by neglecting, obstructing, or contesting constitutional duties to challenge, validate, and evaluate evidence of qualifications of identity, age, residency, and natural born citizenship, or by breach ing ethical disclosure duties, by withholding or sealing records by privacy?

    5 Would misprision(s) by Federal officers, bound by oath, fail to qualify a Pres ident Elect, by neglecting to challenge, validate, evaluate, or declare his qualifica tion or failure, after citizens related information challenging those qualifications, via petitions for redress of grievance, or by law suits?

    6 Whether a State withholding original birth records by privacy laws obstructs con stitutional duties of the People to vote, and of officers to challenge, validate, and evaluate qualifications of presidential candidates, and of the President Elect.

    7 Whether, after attaining one’s suffrage, actions showing continued allegiance to a nationality of one’s minority, evidence foreign allegiance sufficient to disqualify a President elect, by having failed to maintain undivided loyalty to the U.S.A..

    8 Do candidates for office disqualify themselves if they seek office under a birth name different from a name by adoption, having not provided election officers prima facie evidence of legal name changes, or neglecting to legally change names?

    9 Whether the Constitution grants officers or citizens access to uphold its inviolability and supremacy, including by quo warranto, against misprision and charismatic negligence.

  76. Another caution –

    Edwin Vieira is of course right on everything – he is a hero! But he really misses the point in some critical ways.

    The constitution does not say specifically who is the final arbitrator of what is constitutional. And into that vacuum, the Supreme Court has stepped. Right or wrong, EVERYBODY ‘knows’ the major function and purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret the constitution. And not only that – law enforcement acts on it. Defy the Supreme Court and go to jail.

    In Kevin Gutzman’s marvelous book “Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution”, he describes how one can attend classes and get a degree in Constitutional Law from an Ivy League Univ. and NEVER read the constitution. Instead, they plow through all the Supreme Court cases and precedents.

    While I believe this is wrongheaded – it is going to take years, if not decades, of re-education to turn around the ‘fact’ that the Supreme Court and Constitutional Law are not one and the same.

    In fact, just exactly how do you propose to impose this ‘change’ on America and who is going to enforce it?

  77. JustMe,
    Suppose Iran has the Big and Little Satan confused?

  78. I’m beginning to believe Orly, Berg, and Kreep are a three ring circus act- the goal was to keep us entertained even calling for audience participation. We were all part of the show. Every filing, deadline, and case bought Obama more time to destroy America. It’s a race between bankruptcy and the constitution. Are you familiar with the bystander effect? They thought we would stand down and let Orly and Berg fight for us. We formed the Tea Party and proved them wrong- that is why they are scared and don’t know what to do. All of us cotton candy, hot dog eatin’, snow cone lovin’ Americans are threatening to bring down the tent.

  79. Carlyle // February 12, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    I only require common sense, not engineering degree to realize the truth…….I spent weeks online researching and made my own decision……the maneuvering of ‘a’ plane into the Pentagon was a real winner for me!!!
    you never have to associate with me or my views, but I have a veteran-husband that says I can have them.

  80. Carlyle // February 12, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    referring to your comment about “truthers” and poisoning the water.

    I’m trying to better understand your concern, especially since this is an alternative news site. CW goes where MSM and others won’t. Folks have posted here on a number of topics not recognized by other media sources. It’s why we’re here and not on Hannity’s blog or Van Sustren’s blog.

    If we cow to this kind of thinking then we are cowing to tyranny.

  81. Prairie @3:22

    You make some excellent points.

    And they were all asking for financial help. Well…I don’t know about Kreep, but the other two were.

    Please continue…

  82. JJ,

    but I have a veteran-husband that says I can have them.


  83. Hi guys. I just got in . I have received a couple of emails from legislators in Louisiana. It looks like there is interest there in requiring proof of eligibility for the next election.

    “…. If I’m not mistaken, I think this will come up this year in the Louisiana Legislature. It is an issue that interests Senator …:

  84. Carlyle // February 12, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Sorry to hear you are fearful of the public eye and MSM…..I left those notions ages ago!!
    I’m too darn old for that.
    They don’t speak for me and I don’t listen to them …in fact, I haven’t heard any tv news for months…..

    You sure do contradict yourself in analyzing Edwin…….like praising him and then disagreeing with him……what is that word they use for that now??? like those …….naaaah, you wouldn’t be one of those!!

  85. Zach,

    that’s great news. Thanks for the update.

  86. JJ,

    I don’t recognize this poster, do you? I find her comments rather random and odd.

  87. Chuck Baldwin posted another great article on News with Views.

  88. I’ve also heard from a legislator in Arizona.

    “…I have a striker in my committee and plan on hearing the bill February 26…”

    I believe they are referring to the Arizona House Judiciary Committee.


  89. Hello XXXXX,

    While Congress continues to evaluate the potential economic impacts of cap and trade legislation, and while many new questions have arisen about the science of climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to move forward with costly new regulations to cap greenhouse gas emissions.

    In the wake of last year’s “endangerment finding,” the EPA now has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. But the Clean Air Act was designed to address specific pollutants, and its sweeping one-size-fits all regulation was not meant to address carbon dioxide.

    To prevent a major power grab by unelected government bureaucrats, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has introduced a resolution of disapproval to keep the EPA from moving forward on its own while Congress continues to debate the issue.

    Please TAKE ACTION to help support the Murkowski Resolution. We see this pending vote as THE major vote on cap and trade in 2010. We need to hold our senators accountable on this vote.

    The resolution by Sen. Murkowski makes a lot of sense, especially as the nation struggles to boost economic growth and create new jobs. The economic effects of new EPA regulations could be devastating, slowing the economy and sending more jobs overseas. With China, India, and other nations refusing to implement new greenhouse gas regulations, our costly new mandates will have little or no impact on global temperatures.

    Supporting the Murkowski Resolution sends a clear message that any attempt by the EPA to massively increase regulation and drive up costs for consumers and small businesses will not stand. Already, 39 Senators have come forward to sign the Murkowski Resolution. Please TAKE ACTION NOW to support the Murkowski Resolution.

    With our economy in a slump and continuing unemployment, America cannot afford the added costs of more regulations and new energy taxes.

    Sincerely, Dick Armey
    Chairman, FreedomWorks

    (and I emailed this to my Senators in Ky)

  90. I’m not familiar with the legislative process. What’s a stricker? Is someone who sets up a tenative calendar?

  91. Tennbrock,
    Thank You!I truly believe that Chuck Baldwin can bring this country back to basics and back on her feet!He will up hold the constitution!
    Constitution Party for me!!!!!No more 2 party system for me!
    I’m totally backing this party all the way!!

  92. JJ – I like Dick Armey’s support. The EPA could cripple any hope of recovery. Zach

  93. OT but I’m a little patriotic bird today:

    Message to all members of The Regulators Anti-Socialism Vigilance Committee

    Message I received that I will need help getting to go viral. This gentleman is working with the Utah State Legislature to pass this bill. It will be a model bill, that if passed, will put teeth into any other bill nationwide.

    Let us hope it passes, and once it does, we will need all the help we can get to inform other conservative leaders nationwide.

    From Ronald H Levine to The Regulator WRA…
    Sent Feb 9
    This bill addresses systematic disarmament of the population. Utah does not recognize any authority to do that for any reason including executive orders, FEMA authority, homeland security, United Nations treaty, perverted United States Supreme Court declaration our Constitution as being a living breathing document to be interpreted by them to mean anything other than the intent of our Founding Fathers or any other authority as none has authority to disarm the population under Utah law. Upon any attempt at systematic disarmament of the population, any citizen of Utah may kill anyone participating in that with full protection of Utah law as stopping it is lawful and proper activity that is protected under Utah law.

    Utah ROCKS!

  94. JJ, that letter is awesome! OORAH, UTAH!

  95. I got your message Zach. Thanks so much!

  96. GBAmerica – I had a brain spasm. I glanced and thought you were talking about Alex Balwin. Too much news in one day.

  97. GBAmerica,
    Your welcome. I agree 100% about the Constitutional Party! I sure hope that Chuck Baldwin will run again.

  98. zachjonesishome // February 12, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Scary, huh???

    God, where is our Moses??

    Psalms 109:8

  99. GBAmerica,
    Thank you for posting all the great vids of Chuck Baldwin.

  100. Kim // February 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    JJ, that letter is awesome! OORAH, UTAH!
    I had to read that sentence twice and highlighted it and sent to my Senators of Ky…….

    Upon any attempt at systematic disarmament of the population, any citizen of Utah may kill anyone participating in that with full protection of Utah law as stopping it is lawful and proper activity that is protected under Utah law.

    In my neck of the woods, we say…hot damn!!

  101. JJ,
    Our Moses is up on GBAmerica’s post at 3:38

  102. I just found that Georgia also lists the email addresses of their legislators. I’m trying to find every state that has list and converting then to a format to slip into the gmail address space.

  103. JJ – I’ve never seen like this in America where so many people are trying to destroy the nation.

    Scary, huh?? Yes indeed.

  104. tennbrock // February 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Thank you for posting all the great vids of Chuck Baldwin

    Chuck Baldwin…I read him here and lots of other great conservative, patriotic writers…..Devvy Kidd just one.

  105. zachjonesishome // February 12, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    You won’t hurt my feelings, but this site is what I use……categorized by party, chamber, or state…congressional directory…….


    The officials of your state can be found here and put them on favorites.

  106. Thanks JJ – I’m trying to find the individual state legislators who make laws for the individual states. Each state has a hundred or so.

    I think the site you use is only for Congressional Reps.


    I’ve got to go for a bit. Take care.

  107. Oh, Zack, maybe not what you needed…I use when I need to find one addy……would take long time to get all.

  108. Zachjonesishome,
    LOL your too funny!

    Right on!Your welcome about posting the videos.Everyone that I talk to about the Constitution Party is grateful,they are tired of what has been going on.I sent it over to my family and friends.They are definitely supporting them all the way!Chuck Baldwin is definitely our Moses!

    God Bless you all!

    Lets get our country back!CONSTITUTION PARTY!!
    Go into the site and go look for your state!Lets start supporting them!

    Remember this old saying and it was always told to me”You are known for the company you keep!”

  109. http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin445.htm
    Chuck Baldwin article “If I Were President”
    He would definitely bring our troops home!!

  110. This has been a stellar thread!!!!!

  111. Sorry Zach, there doesn’t seem to be a website with listed senators email alone and listed reps email alone…….sorry.

    My friend in Cal. has one, but her sister is terminal…haven’t heard from her and when I do, I’ll get the list.

  112. Obama is not the only one with thugs looks like Boston Globe is guilty also.
    I have been posting my thoughts in the comments section to articles appearing in the Boston Globe (on Boston.com) for well over a year and had never been ‘disappeared.’ Until now.
    Here is the evidence of my omission. (See frame 3 (three).)
    Normal 0 false
    Mr. Obama may be out of a job soon. Wait for the fallout from dozens of citizen complaints of election fraud to state Attorneys General. (These complaints were filed in applicable states – we have identified 6 (six) states so far, GA, HI, MD, SC, TX, and VA – which states allow only the names of eligible candidates to appear on the ballot.) Citizens in these states have charged that members of both the state and national Democratic Party submitted Certifications of Nomination to state election officials swearing Mr. Obama is Constitutionally eligible for the job of POTUS to get them to print his name on the ballot without ascertaining beforehand whether he is a Natural Born Citizen. And, when questioned, so far, the challenged D’s, including The Honorable Nancy Pelosi (acting in her non-governmental role as Chair of the 2008 DNC Services Corporation Convention); DNC Secretary Alice Germond; and (former) DNC Services Corporation Howard Dean refused to produce any documentation that was the basis for their determination. Boyd Richie, Chair of the TX D state party, also refused to produce the documentation. But turns out, under TX law, he may have no choice but to give the voters what they want; and AG Greg Abbott may have no alternative but to make him. http://jbjd.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/remember-the-alamo/

  113. In the middle of SC and it is snowing hard and supppose to continue throughout the night. Pray for us as we in the South don’t know how to handle it or drive in it! State also does not have equipment to get it off the roads.

    It is really beautiful!

  114. Oh, I gotcha, Zack……….
    may have to search for state legislators email one state at a time…

    they are all on the page like the Wyoming above I linked by mistake…….

    but senate and reps on same page by state.

  115. d2i,

    So, if there has been an active disinformation campaign going could it be possible that Taitz and Keyes are part of it?


    I’m beginning to think so.

  116. Michelle, February 12, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    this is unbelievable the lengths they’ve gone to to mess with our minds and hearts.

    I have read that even some product companies have paid bloggers that will “review” a product which they have never purchased. You can’t believe much of anything anymore.

    I haven’t seen jbjd on here in a while. Any idea where she is? Some were giving her a hard time, but she knew her “stuff.” She may end up being the real patriot here. I sure hope so.

  117. Michelle // February 12, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Obama is not the only one with thugs looks like Boston Globe is guilty also.

    But, is anyone here surprised??

    Freedom of speech, assembly, print, petition, and religion…….what’s happening to our country??

  118. I’m open to making the switch to the constitution party.

    Can anyone who is familiar with them tell me what their position is on the obama eligibility issue?

  119. @Kidmon,
    Good luck and enjoy the snow! I’m in N central Fla and we might get sleet and freezing rain. It’s 42 degrees right now.
    I just hope my potted citrus (especially the key lime ) makes it through the winter!

  120. Kidmon @ 5:01 pm
    This is how we did it in the Chicago suburbs. Do not go out if you don’t have to. Let the plows get out and do their work. Drive slowly and cautiously-anticipate stops, don’t accelerate and expect to stop on a dime you will spin. Don’t accelerate too fast from green lights and stop signs. Make sure your tires are in good shape, bald doesn’t do it in this kind of weather.

  121. To Just Me – Why don’t you and your correspondents either get on the phone or
    e-mail each other directly? Half of the
    comments here are conversations among
    you and several others.

    I appreciate reading the thoughtful contributions
    of many of you, however. Some of it gets
    boring though.

    Definitely we should get to the bottom of
    Obama’s origins post haste.

  122. JustMe @ 5:06 pm
    I imagine jbjd is working diligently on her web-site from the look of it, it looks like she’s been awfully busy-maybe just keeping up with the people who are filing in Texas.
    “I have read that even some product companies have paid bloggers that will “review” a product which they have never purchased. You can’t believe much of anything anymore.”
    What a bunch of jerks-I couldn’t do that, better they should test products, before they release them on the market. You can trick your customers once, but it is not going to happen twice.

  123. Kidmon,
    Stay in for the Olympics and enjoy the snow. We have over 60 inches here so far- DC people are being babies. My advise- gather a bowl full and make slushies for the opening ceremony tonight. Rootbeer, coke, and fruitjuice work great!

  124. live oak and michelle

    yeah, it’s really pretty! I’m not going out for 2 reasons:

    1. I don’t know how to drive in it and
    2. Nobody else does either

    Stores were packed earlier = everyone getting supplies including myself.

  125. I am wondering where d2i has been. I miss her outlook on things.

  126. Prairie

    AMEN to that! Cut the gas logs on in case the lights go out, at least we will have some heat.
    I love the snow – its the ice I don’t like!

  127. Cabby – AZ // February 12, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Is that Cabby or Crabby?

    Move on if you’re bored.

  128. GB America,

    thanks for posting the info on the Constitution Party. I am ready for a third party, too.

  129. Cabby – AZ,

    I have to wonder why that bothers you. Is it possible that it threatens you rather than boring you? I don’t need a response. Your post is sufficient.

  130. You have to believe the buds will blow
    Believe in the grass in the days of snow;
    Ah, that’s the reason a bird can sing,
    On his darkest day he believes in Spring.
    -D. Malloch

  131. I’m off to more b-ball games- lots to digest today. Enjoy the snow Kidmom!

  132. yo,
    Yes they did ask and they were the only party who did.Here’s the link.

    Look into the site also,especially the platform.
    It’s R and D and I and L coming together fighting for the constitution.We are tired of the 2 party system.

  133. JJ // February 12, 2010 at 3:33 pm


    You didn’t read carefully. I fully agree with EV. I did not contradict myself. I only say that there is no easy way – and perhaps no way at all without a real revolution – to get from here to there.

    We all need to focus on what is realistic. Not waste time on things that are impractical.

  134. kidmon looks like you have a lot of company—
    You guys may lose some trees, hopefully all the power will stay on. These storms this year are really bad. We had some bad ones like this in Illinois- 3 years back to back, heavy snow, very cold, really bad winds. You are very smart too stay home.
    South Carolina and the rest of the Southeast United States could be building snowmen in their yards tonight and tomorrow across the state if forecasters are correct.
    The Weather Channel is reporting that a large storm associated with blanketing parts of Texas with over a foot of snow will travel east spreading 2″-4″ of snow into places like Louisiana, Florida and Georgia before hitting South Carolina. The storm is expected to move off the coast of South Carolina where it will intensify. Forecasters are expected the majority of South Carolina snow to fall toward the coastal area although the majority of the state is under a Winter Weather Warning which means snow and/or icy accumulation is expected.
    Areas like Charleston, South Carolina are expected to get 1″-3″ of snow as temperatures are anticipated to drop into the 20’s. Residents should prepare for the weather and be ready to stay home for a day or so this weekend. It could be the perfect opportunity to stoke the fire and have a romantic Valentine’s weekend. Just remember to drip those pipes!

  135. Just me,
    Look at the above link!

  136. Michelle

    Thanks for the info! Definitely drip the pipes. Course if we lose power, we lose water. Live in the Country and have a well. Got my fingers crossed!

    60″ – Wow. This state would be crippled in that event.

  137. Venice,

    it looks like the disinformation vampires are out a bit early, huh?

    We should have expected this to happen when CW posted this as the topic of discussion.

  138. GB America,

    got it!

  139. yo at 5:07,
    I think GB put up a post a few threads back that talked about o’s eligibility. Here’s what Chuck Baldwin said in his News with Views article:

    The Tea Party Nation also needs to be careful about Glenn Beck. He says many of the right things. He is likeable and charismatic; but he’s also dead wrong on a number of issues–issues that are critical to the Tea Party Nation. He’s dead wrong when he attempts to disparage and impugn Congressman Ron Paul, saying Dr. Paul is a “crazy, kooky guy.” He’s dead wrong in supporting the banker bailouts. He’s dead wrong when he supports raising taxes (which he has done on several occasions). He was dead wrong when he supported the Patriot Act. He is dead wrong when he viciously attacks the 9/11 victims’ families who demand further information about what happened to their loved ones on that fateful day. And he is dead wrong when he mocks people such as Alan Keyes and Joe Farah for demanding that Barack Obama release his birth certificate–if he indeed has one.

    Here’s a link to the full article:

  140. JustMe,

    Well if you’re going to be a vampire, you have to be a good one at least.

  141. Kidmon @ 5:35 pm
    I grew up with septic and well, first time in my life I’m living in something they call a city. Make sure you have blankets and stuff pulled out in case you lose power, flash lights etc. Fill up the tub with water, and have a bucket handy in case
    parts of the bathroom don’t work. You’ll see what I mean if you lose power.

  142. http://michellemalkin.com/2010/02/11/a-gop-pollution-test/

    Another reason I don’t read Malkin………it’s her way or no way!!
    Hmmm, that reminds me of someone….his initials are GB!!


    If I was a Texan, I’d vote for Medina.

  143. JJ // February 12, 2010 at 3:23 pm
    JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 3:23 pm
    JJ // February 12, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    A majority of what gets posted here is good ideas, sharing information, and PRACTICAL. However, a sizeable minority of postings are just plan wack. And worse, IMPRACTICAL.

    It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, if it is impractical. I post on here every few days or so. My major theme is to try to get as many as possible, who are capable of honest self-analysis, to stay on a practical course.

    Otherwise it is just random whining and of no use to anybody.

    I don’t like the MSM or OBOTS or LEFTARDS, either. But nothing we want done can be done unless there is more positive public exposure.

    If your comments and ideas assist with that goal, then you are HELPING in a PRACTICAL way.

    If your comments and ideas are whacko and cast negative dispersion on what needs to get done, then you are neither practical nor helping. In fact, you are doing yourself and the rest of us a disservice.

    In particular, helping ANYBODY lump ‘birthers’ with ‘truthers’ is counterproductive. It does not matter if you yourself are a truther, or even if you are right. The PRACTICAL point is that bringing up this irrelevant topic is HURTING those of us trying to find out the truth about Obama.

  144. tennbrock // February 12, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    excellent points in Baldwin’s piece. He may be a keeper!

  145. Carlyle // February 12, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Ahh, a revolution…….hasn’t that begun already??

    At the voting booths???

    Practical??? Like creating state militias??

  146. Cabby – AZ // February 12, 2010 at 5:12 pm



  147. tennbrock // February 12, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    yo at 5:07,
    I think GB put up a post a few threads back that talked about o’s eligibility. Here’s what Chuck Baldwin said in his News with Views article:

    The Tea Party Nation also needs to be careful about Glenn Beck. He says many of the right things. He is likeable and charismatic; but he’s also dead wrong on a number of issues–issues that are critical to the Tea Party Nation. He’s dead wrong when he attempts to disparage and impugn Congressman Ron Paul, saying Dr. Paul is a “crazy, kooky guy.” He’s dead wrong in supporting the banker bailouts. He’s dead wrong when he supports raising taxes (which he has done on several occasions). He was dead wrong when he supported the Patriot Act. He is dead wrong when he viciously attacks the 9/11 victims’ families who demand further information about what happened to their loved ones on that fateful day. And he is dead wrong when he mocks people such as Alan Keyes and Joe Farah for demanding that Barack Obama release his birth certificate–if he indeed has one.

    Here’s a link to the full article:

    I like Mr. Baldwin more and more…….

  148. JJ // February 12, 2010 at 5:46 pm


    I meant ‘blood and guts’ revolution. But you are right. Two things that desperately need to be done are State Militias, and State Gold Money. Both are favorite topics of hero EV.

  149. GBAmerica, at 5:28 ,
    Thanks for reposting that, I was trying to find it, but you beat me to it. That was great.

    Just Me,
    Everything I have read by Chuck Baldwin and the video’s I’ve seen, I agree with everything he says and the Constitutional Party.

  150. Michelle // February 12, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    parts of the bathroom don’t work.

    That’s when garbage bags come in handy!!!!

    Empty the water from the toilet first!!!

  151. Codex Alimentarius has just been implemented in Canada

    Makers of natural-health products say they are bracing for widespread layoffs and millions of dollars in losses after Canada’s pharmacy regulators issued a surprise directive recently urging druggists to stop selling unlicensed natural remedies.


    It’s getting close to us. JUst what they need, more job loss.

  152. Kidmon – isn’t the snow beautiful – we got about 2″ in just an hour. Our streets and driveway are covered as well as the bare trees. There is a red cardinal out at our bird feeder – he is so bright against the snow!

  153. Two thoughts today.

    1) Glenn Beck, when it comes right down to the issues is a moderate. Moderate always ends up equaling liberal, imo. He’s not Liberarian, like he claims. Nor is he Conservative. He’s moderate/Liberal.

    2)Hillary is going to be found to be completely complicit in all this. Choosing party and agenda loyalty over truth. Being Secretary of State, she not only has the power to get to the truth of WHO Zero is, but has the obligation to for the security of the Country. And I’ll go further to say I believe she KNOWS the truth…every shred of it.

  154. Michelle & JJ

    Great ideas! Going to fill a couple of tubs now! I pray we don’t lose power!

    Thanks for all of the good advise.

  155. It seems to me that if Obama was willing to post a COLB he claims as DOH proof of being born in Hawaii and has done interviews claiming which hospital he was born at in Hawaii…there’s no longer an issue of protecting his privacy for those institutions.

    Should they honestly be responsible for protecting information that he supposedly made public himself??

  156. JJ,

    I saw that the other day. I’d heard they were going to allow big pharma to patent some of the vitamins more commonly used, such as Vit D, Vit C, etc…the studies for most of the supplements have been done outside of the U.S.

    The dollars here for studies are thrown at pharmaceuticals because they can be patented. Looks like that’s all changing with new patent laws.

  157. scarolina

    We have about that much also! Still coming down pretty steady!

    Funny to watch our dogs in it. They don’t know what to do! HAHAHA

    Looks like the flakes are getting bigger!

  158. ticktock

    I completely agree with you about Hill. She and her clan are a very big part of this puzzle. I keep remembering all the State Secrets that were lost or were stolen under that administration. Sell-outs that’s what they are! No telling what she is peddling for sale now!

  159. I finally talked to Larry. Thanks all for everything you do, to bring the truth to the citizens. God Bless America!!!!

  160. Kidmon,

    don’t forget to get cash, too. If power goes out, ATM’s don’t work.

    Enjoy the snow! We’ve been blanketed with it numerous times this year. It’s rare in my neck of the woods.

  161. JustMe

    My husband took care of that on the way home, thank goodness! I usually don’t have any! HA!

  162. Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    You don’t fill your milk/juice jugs??
    It’s recycling and you have water to drink….10 teaspoons of bleach makes it ready to drink in an hour…

    Just sharing…….I have about 60 quarts in a closet I don’t use.

  163. JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Hi JustMe,

    Jumping in here, if I could.

    I started to suspect Keyes a while ago; he was asked about that comment Barky made after the Senate debates in IL. Remember that Barky said that it didn’t matter if he wasn’t an NBC..that he was running fot the Senate, not POTUS?

    Keyes said he didn’t recall the conversation.

    Come on! Don’t ya think that something like that was a little too important *not* to remember?

    Sorry…I don’t trust the guy.

  164. Kidmon @ 6:00 pm
    Our power here in South Florida went out for about 1 full minute. Enough to close down computer. Came right back on, it is pouring here and then it is supposed to get cold again. Abnormal for Florida, but better than the year we went through A-Z names storms, and into the Greek alphabet, I told the girls at work, look at it this way-we are making history. May not happen again for 1,000 years or next year. Mother Nature rules.

  165. JJ another great idea!

    Michelle – stay safe tonight as ice sound like it’s gonna be your problem.

    Just heard on the news that a Luge olypmian died today in practice. viedoe was awful!!! Say a prayer for his family!

  166. Sue K,

    interesting, you had the same feeling. If he was so interested in an outcome, he sure didn’t come across as if he did. No fire in his belly.

    I know if I had an attorney that hadn’t been successful and, a bit of an embarrassment on top of that, I would have hired someone else.

    Yes, I get they’re all afraid, as Peter pointed out earlier. But, afraid or not, I’d take Alan Keyes money on retainer, wouldn’t you?

    Have you had a chance to read the article posted at the top of this thread – Jefferson’s Rebels. It seems to be well thought out and written.

  167. Here’s the link to Beck’s transcript from today’s radio show re: his interview w/ Medina yesterday.

    If anyone is in any doubt, this brought clarity to me.

    His ratings just dropped by one person. You can decide for yourself.


  168. JJ

    I have bottled water stored in case of real emergency. I try not to buy liquids in plastic jugs anymore – I feel Plastic is to blame for alot of the cancer we have. I buy milk and juice in cartons. A bit more expensive, but that’s just how I feel.

    Call me crazy!

  169. Milk taste better in cartons rather than plastic.

    Made snow ice cream a few weeks ago. make the mixture as you would for homemade ice cream(electric or crank). Put snow in the mixture until right for thickness and waalaa, snow ice cream.

  170. Republic Magazine “Voice of the Patriot Movement”
    Looks like you can get a free digital subscription

  171. SueK // February 12, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    I guess I’m an optomist…..what are the odds that one person, one campaign manager, one news station didn’t get that recorded and have it somewhere shelfed…….don’t most make copies of their recordings??

    Just saying…

  172. Ticktock and Kidmon, Apparently you two did not follow the primary very well. Do you happen to remember how many Clinton supporters got murdered during the primary? Do you remember offices being shot at and her office workers being held hostage?? IF not where were you? Hillary was/and is being threatened by Soros and his cabal. Sure she is working and you better believe you better off with her in the SOS than some radical like Van Jones. You should be counting your blessing instead of saying the lies you just spoke. Sorry, I just couldn’t let that pass.

  173. Obama and his thug regime continues to flaunt the constitution. His latest shag is this disingenuous guise under the Health Care summit meeting scheduled for FEB 25th. The Constitution calls for clear separation of powers. What is the White Hous doing? Now is it Congress too? The frames set up boundaries. There is no need to host this meeting. It is a pure ruse and cuts across the boundaries. The executive branch is to execute laws, Congress is to pass laws. It appears to me that Obama is clearly sticking his nose , wrongfully so, into the congressional branch. Where is the outrage? I contacted my representatives , have you?
    More proof:
    1- ineligibility
    2- Hillary Clinton ineligable.

    Time to keep the heat on !

  174. Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Oh, I agree…..I read about the no-no heating anything in the micro-wave with plastics, etc…

    I’m so old, can’t hurt me now, but if I had young ones,I would heed the warning ……I heat only with glass, etc..no plastics, but I do buy plastic for milk, etc..

  175. connie // February 12, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Have you even read The Clinton Casualties??

  176. connie

    Actually I don’t remember that. I remember something at Claire McCaskill’s office during tea parties. I watch the news pretty closely – I don’t recall what you are saying. ANY BODY ELSE?

  177. connie

    If I recall it was a McCain supporter that was killed.

  178. connie

    we better off with Hill selling us out to the UN? It’s bad enough that our own government want to rule us. How bad you think it’s gonna be with the UN in charge. Yeasir Mr. Khaddifi and Mr. Chaves. Hell no we are not safe in Hill’s hands.

  179. connie

    Why is she going to Saudi Arabia and Qatar this weekend. Please open your eyes!

  180. Carlyle // February 12, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Just a note – be very careful –

    The label “truther” has come to mean those that believe and evangelize that 9/11 was an inside job.

    Many of you, like myself, believe that the whole truth is not yet known and that more analysis and disclosure is needed. We have not yet gotten a fair hearing or any respect.

    In the public eye, and via the MSM, there are only two kinds of people: 1) those who believe the standard story, and 2) “truthers”.

    So – please stay away from “truthers” and don’t defend them here. They only poison the water.

    Similarly, we must be careful about what we say in regards Obama eligibility. Nobody knows the truth, so it would be incorrect to say that this or that is “the truth”. We must instead, continue to focus and push on the fact that We The People have a right to know. Let the chips fall where they may. Don’t publish a pre-disposed outcome – that is how you get labeled as a whacko.

    Being labeled a whacko (even if you happen to be right) is a death sentence. You will get nowhere. Above all else, you must maintain your credibility. Even if that means withholding all you think or all you believe to be true.
    There are those whose career it is to label ANY opposition to MSM propaganda/programming.
    Who makes up these derogatory names; Truthers, Birthers? It’s pretty obvious actually. Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”
    Most know the 9/11 Commission’s findings were a sham. Most know when given the facts, obama is not an NBC.
    Have you read the article CW posted here? Read between the lines a little.
    It’s quite good.

  181. Connie,

    I believe that Hillary is Soros’ darling. He had groomed her for a long time. That was the conflict during the campaign. Soros’ was supporting 2 candidates – Obama and Hillary.

    At least that is according to David Horrowitz’s account in his book “Shadow Party; How Hillary Clinton and George Soros Seized the Democratic Party.”

  182. Connie

    Sorry! I just remembered the hostage situation. The thought that ran threw my mind was she set it all up to get the sympathy vote. Kinda like crying in the restaurant. All happened around the same time.

    Let’s just agree to disagree!

  183. Hillary was a fan of Alinsky too! Came out of her own mouth in college and watergate.

  184. JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    Yup, JustMe, something smells like week old flounder to me. I just can’t believe that someone wouldn’t remember something like that, especially when Barky announced his run for POTUS; you’d think that’d right at the top of Keyes’ brain.

    Something ain’t right.

    And I agree…to see Orly constantly crashing and burning and to continue to retain her doesn’t say much about Keyes’ determination to get to the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I was an Orly supporter a while ago, but I can no longer say that.

    Yes, I did read the article at lunch today; a very good, concise piece. Can’t disagree with it…

  185. If anyone has noticed the change in O’Reilly since his interview w/ the usurper in the summer of ’08, you’re not alone.

    Last night I heard this garbage come out of his mouth and just about threw something at the TV. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

    Read this and then decide if he’s a tool for the progressives…

  186. Connie, No need to let anything pass. And I don’t intend to give Hillary a pass. All the more reason for her to step up to the plate. The Clintons had body counts of their own during their days in the sun. Were you there? You apparently weren’t paying attention?

    No need for you to give anything or anyone a pass. But don’t expect the rest of us to give anyone or anything a pass either.

    Just wondering, is Sarah Palin one of those people that we should or shouldn’t give a pass to? Never mind.

    I’ve never been one to point out and specify a particular person I disagree with. I try to stick with the issues and have felt very strongly it’s important for everyone to have their say. I’ve never had a problem with anyone here I disagree with. But since you named names, I’m not one to take darts lying down.

    I’m done with this discussion and will resume to my usual attempts at civility until or unless someone else wants to call me by name to disparage me personally. Which quite honestly, you’re the only person that’s ever done it to me. Not one other person has ever called me out personally questioning my “awareness of the issues” ever.

    My ignore button is about ready to be used for the first time at CW’s blessed site.

  187. 7:22 pm —

    A reminder about David Horowitz:

    “David Horowitz is exposed as a False-Front Conservative after he derides the American Constitution and its requirements that a US President be a Natural Born Citizen. Then Horowitz proves to be a demagogue by decrying that “63 million people voted for Barack Obama” as being some sort of proof that this Foreign Occupier is legitimate. Finally, Horror-witz proves that the A.C.O.R.N. does not fall far from the Marxist tree by blasting Frank and John as “racists” for disagreeing with the policies of Barack Obama.”



    [audio src="http://www.therightperspective.org/Audio/2009/TRP_2009.04.03_Horowitz_Excerpt.mp3" /]

  188. JJ // February 12, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    Hi JJ,

    It was indeed recorded but somehow, can’t be ‘found’ these days.

    People have also said that they heard it live when it happened.

    A few months back, we here at CW put out a shout to anyone who may know of a copy somewhere.

    No dice.

    I’m with you, though…..someone’s gotta have it, and he/she must know that they’re sitting on a powder keg!

  189. This is priceless.

  190. SueK // February 12, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Yup, JustMe, something smells like week old flounder to me.


    HILARIOUS! My mind immediately went to Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in that movie where Jack put the fish in the back seat of Walter’s car to torture him. Remember that? One of my all time favorites. Those two were a scream.

    Anyway, yes, it does. As I said, I was a supporter too. Even sent money.

    I also sent her an email last year with the name of a judge who’s bio I read on Oath Keepers that most likely would have agreed to hear her case – ex-military/oath keeper/federal judge/strict Constitutionalist…I received NO response. The stars don’t line up any better than that!

  191. GORDO,

    yes, thank you for the reminder. I am aware. However, as Venice reminds us there’s always a nugget of truth in there somewhere. The book I mentioned is well cited. I’m not one to pick up a book that isn’t.

  192. Venice, et al…

    Rockefeller on Obama – beginning to not be believable. THIS is a big sign of things to come. The blogs will really heat up now with the disinformation “troops” on both sides.

    Video clip here:

  193. JJ

    I read years ago where teflon coated pots and pans were cancer causing too! Got rid of all of mine 4-5 years ago. All stainless now!

  194. I’m not ready to write off Alan Keyes at this stage in the game. If Alan Keyes doesn’t remember what was said, then it may be that it wasn’t said at all? I’m not doubting his patriotism right now.

    And I noticed the article CW posted simply mentioned that he didn’t think Orly was doing a good job with her cases…seemed to be implying her stubborness on the foreign born issue…but I didn’t see it saying she had the wrong intentions.

    I’ve always thought Keyes was a little on the kookie side. I think only cuz he’s so passionate. I think he’s as sharp as a tac! I’m just not ready to think of him as some sort of evil intent in all this.

    I do think we need to concentrate on ALL the records of the imosters past tho and not soley on the foreign born stuff.

  195. TO:

    Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 5:35 pm


    Thanks for the info! Definitely drip the pipes. Course if we lose power, we lose water. Live in the Country and have a well. Got my fingers crossed!

    60″ – Wow. This state would be crippled in that event.

    And anyone else that is in the track of a storm make sure you have plenty of water pumped into pots, buckets, bottles etc just in case you loose power.


    Now people are turning on Orly?


    What happened??

    Could it be that they are succeding in DIVIDED US WITH RIDICULE?

  197. JustMe —

    These people are devious (sometimes they go off-message and reveal their true inclinations).

    It’s all about manipulation and control.

    We have to be VERY careful.

  198. I left a comment on Gretawire about how I thought Sarah was awesome and only rubs the libtards the wrong way, plus I added that link of the photo of the sign taken in Kenya and they didn’t post my comment. That’s not good. Even on the blog there is a media blackout for bo’s real birth place. What’s up with that?

  199. GORDO,

    you’re absolutely right. However, what I personally took away from the book – the information that was important to me – can’t be disputed. It’s well documented, not opinion.

  200. Peter, Great video. That’s the way Boehner!

  201. JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Wow, JustMe…thanks for reminding me about Lemmon/Matthau! What a great team, eh? I remember the fish :).

    I sent dough, as well. I remember that the check was cashed immediately, too. Perhaps we were both thinking that something would come of her cases within a few weeks or so; that turned out not to be true.

    You tried to be of help, but got nowhere. One of our CWers (sorry, I don’t recall who it was) recently said that Orly constantly bangs the drum for help and when it arrives, she rejects it.

    Bad karma surrounding this whole thing…

  202. Speedy @ 8:03 Said :

    What’s up with that?

    Iron fist moderation. GW picks and chooses very carefully. Orly’s is in hyper mode.

  203. Sue K,

    weren’t they the best in those movies Grumpy Old Men. They are classics, no doubt. Then to bring in Ann Margaret and Sophia back into the picture like they did was so great.

    Only time will tell. I was reading the story over at Charlton’s site on the Kerchner case. Looks pretty promising at this point. Cross our fingers.

  204. JustMe @ 7:47 pm
    Do you think the Frankensteins who invented/installed Obama might just be realizing they have created a monster?

  205. Anyone heard from Civis Naturalitis Natus ?

    or JeffM ? both excellent posters !

  206. JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    They’re among the *great* comedy teams, JustMe! Glad we were around to see those movies ‘live.’ Ann and Sophia are timeless beauties; I’ll never tire of the good old days when movies were actually worth watching.

    I’ll pop over to John’s site in a few….catching up.

  207. Michelle,

    I sure do. And Orly’s legal stuff will be the telling sign to me. It’s a much bigger picture than you think. You have educated us on the Chicago scene. Think bigger.

  208. Sue K,

    yep! fun times. Hope you’re doing better today.

    Gotta got have a look at the Olympics.

  209. Obama and Congress Request and Obtain Extension of Time to File Opposition Brief to Kerchner Appeal


  210. I’m only here for a minute. Susan and I are watching 2nd half of movie tonight. I just saw this. Thanks JJ for input on finding emails of legislators of the states. Good Night!!! Zach

    Friday, February 12, 2010
    Obama and Congress Request and Obtain Extension of Time to File Opposition Brief to Kerchner Appeal


  211. Gordo – Sorry I didn’t see you had found this. Night!

  212. Obama and Congress Request and Obtain Extension of Time to File Opposition Brief to Kerchner Appeal?

    Are you kidding me? These lying bastards can’t produce any evidence that Obama is a NBC or that he was even born in HI, so they need another 30 days to mastermind some legal mumbo-jumbo to persuade the judge to drop the case?

    This con has went on long enough America!

  213. JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Thanks, JustMe.

    Checking out the lead that Il. Vicki gave me last night….taking a different track on this.

    Hope they were able to find some snow in Vancouver!

  214. don in california

    GORDO // February 12, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    They have until 3/8/10 to file their brief. Still a long ways to go. After the brief is filed, a answer is due 14 days later, that makes 3/22/10. And then, who knows???

  215. The South @ 8:52 pm
    The Supremes a/k/a the Supreme Court needs a little walk down the streets of South Side of Chicago. Cons everybody on the street has the same con going, its how they survive. Most are as good or better than Obama at the con game. Boy have they been had.

  216. If you want to know the kinds of candidates this administration puts forth read this and your blood will boil. THe is one racist candidate running for governor of Texas.


    Comments 19 | Recommend 0

    Yahoo! Buzz
    Democratic candidate for governor Farouk Shami says white people not willing to work in factories

    06:26 PM CST on Friday, February 12, 2010
    By GROMER JEFFERS Jr./ The Dallas Morning News
    Democratic candidate for governor Farouk Shami said Friday that white people are not willing to work in factories and as a result, Hispanic labor is essential to the Texas economy.

    Shami, a Houston hair care magnate, made the statements during a taping of WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics, which airs at 9 a.m. Sunday on Channel 8.

    “A majority of the people are going to be Hispanic and African-American,” he said. “You don’t find white people who are willing to work in factories. And our history proves lots of time when … the white people come to work in a factory they either want to be supervisors or they want to be paid more than the average person. And unfortunately they exit.”

    Later, Shami told another interviewer — seeking his reactions on comments made by Republican candidate Debra Medina — that a conspiracy of government involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks was possible.

    In between campaign stops in Dallas, the frontrunner in the race, former Houston Mayor Bill White, denounced Shami’s assessment of white workers.

    “I don’t know what Mr. Shami was talking about,” White said. “Texas is too good for stereotypes. Everybody is made in the image of God.”

    Becky Moeller, president of the Texas AFL-CIO, also said Shami was wrong.

    “That is the most preposterous statement I’ve ever heard come out of a person’s mouth,” she said. “I don’t know where he’s getting his information. It’s not supported by facts.”

    Moeller said that white Texans work in manufacturing jobs, as do residents of all ethnic backgrounds.

    Throughout the campaign, Shami has been prone to making controversial statements. And his campaign has often dwelled on the issue of race. He’s accused White of taking jobs from black Houstonians and giving them to his friends, as well as making sure potholes in Mexican-American and black neighborhoods were not fixed.

    Shami has even criticized White for touting his birthplace, San Antonio, suggesting that doing so was a thinly veiled slap at Shami’s Palestinian roots.

    Shami’s comments Friday about the tendencies of white workers were prompted by a question asking the Democrat to clarify a statement he made at Monday’s debate with White.

    During the forum, Shami responded to a question about illegal immigration by saying: “A day without Mexicans is a day without sunshine.”

    “Where ever you go, I mean, you find, you know, Hispanic people really are essential to our economy and services,” he said. “We cannot do without that.”

    Shami, who taped the interview at Houston station KHOU, was asked by a reporter there about Medina’s remarks, in which she failed to dismiss a fringe theory that the Bush administration played a role in the 2001 terrorist attacks. Medina has since said she believes Muslim terrorists were responsible.

    “Would we ever find the truth about 9/11? That’s a very dangerous subject to get into,” Shami said. “You know so it’s hard to make judgment. I’m not saying yes or no, because I don’t know the truth.”

    The reporter, Doug Miller, pressed Shami on what he believed about 9/11, and like Medina, Shami left open the possibility of a government conspiracy.

    “If it was a strategy to put the country under a threat to really get the people together, I mean, in politics, I don’t trust politics, unfortunately,” Shami said. “That’s why I think politics should be run like a business, up front and transparent.”

    He added: “The possibilities are there, the jury is out to decide, time will tell.” And he raised the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    “We still don’t know who killed John F. Kennedy, who’s behind it,” Shami said.

  217. OK, Orly may be a sleeper double agent BUT before you go foaming at the mouth….

    If it wasn’t for her there would be none or very little exposure to the ISSUE….she has been the one hitting the right notes for EXPOSURE it would make no sense if she wasn’t for real.

    I will trust but verify BUT I will nto abandon Lady Liberty. Anyone that is working to EXPOSE and Make We The People aware of the issue DESERVES OUR RESPECT.

    She may be at times misguided, misunderstood or even unorthodox….BUT I THINK SHE IS WORKING ON THIS ISSUE WITH PASSION AND HONESTY.

    I may be wrong but so far that is how I see it.

    Lets not fall for gimmicks of Division and Ridicule to disband us.

    Keeping Fighting on and keep sharing the Issue of the FRAUD. Tell two people and so on and on….

  218. Peter 9:04

    I agree!

  219. South,
    I agree!What is going on???
    They know he’s not a NBC!I’m starting to wonder even if his mother was from here.Everything such a secret,did anyone see a BC from his mother???Just asking,don’t we even have that right anymore?

  220. PRWH…….speaking of storing water……those huge green garbage cans on rollers from Home Depot and Lowes are awesome!!!

    And we used them for moving…..lots of stuff go in and just wheel it out to the truck…. ta da….and if you keep them clean, you can return them for a refund!! ta-da!!

  221. JJ // February 12, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    LOL….great idea. You can buy big trash bags and used them as liners that willl keep the Big Brute barrels clean.

  222. JJ

    You are too much!!!!!!! HA

  223. Pay attention to Matthews in the video above at 2:59 and on!He says his mother saw him run for President!

  224. Matthews looks like the bully he is in that video. Geesh!

  225. I received a letter, my membership card, from Judicial Watch……….
    Some facts I’d like to share:
    **they received proof that Obama Census Bureau had asked the ACORN group to ‘partner’ in the 2010 census using FOIA
    **JW has 300 active corruption investigations and FOIA requests seeking info related to O and key members of admin., Fed Reserve, Treasury Dept, TARP, ACORN connections, czars and congressional corruption
    **JW recieved a critical victory from Ca. Supreme Court, ruling their San Francisco police can not be barred from coop. with fed. immigration agents in narcotics cases
    ** JW has special lawsuit against LA police for sanctuary policy for illegal aliens
    **jw has 20 lawsuits and investigations against ‘sanctuary’ state and local govt in US to return Illegal aliens to their proper homelands

  226. GBAmerica,

    Mr. Liddy is way sharper than how he acted in this clip.

    Matthews is a total disgrace, totally ignorant, extreme left, as though he were Paul Begala’s brother.

    I used to eat at the same Denny’s as Liddy, a decent man.

  227. Another Rat of the Failure Family and The Party of Failure abandons ship.

    It has not been a good 12 months for the Kennedys of the Party of Failure.

  228. Peter,

    No one is saying that Orly’s not a patriotic American and that she doesn’t have zeal regarding this issue however, it’s the tactics that sometimes make me shake my head.

    Yes, she’s certainly gotten the issue to the front burner however, the behavior worries me.

    One can present an argument logically and calmly; it’s the theatrics that brand her as a ‘nut’ and ‘Queen of the Birthers.’

    Passion is one thing, but the ability to present a case or argument in an understandable, logical manner is something else, entirely.

    She has a good team behind her; I wish she’d let someone else make the points. It always seems that she tries to squeeze too much in an allotted time and she comes off as ‘ranting.’ This doesn’t do anyone any good.

    A pleadings proofreader would help, since Orly is a non-native English speaker; you want your pleadings to be letter perfect.

    Sorry, and don’t mean to offend Orly who is truly a hard worker, but she needs to cool it especially in front of judges who hold the fate these cases in their hands.

    Yes, her exposure is getting this out there but I do wish she’d exercise some measure of control, especially in the courtroom. They say that even negative publicity is good, but I’m not so sure on this score.

    I think she loses a lot of credibility even before she has the chance to present the case.

  229. Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 9:41 pm


    You are too much!!!!!!! HA
    I know!!

  230. SueK said,

    A pleadings proofreader would help, since Orly is a non-native English speaker; you want your pleadings to be letter perfect.

    Hi SueK, i couldn’t agree more but i would also include someone to speak on her behalf, and oh yeah, get things filed with the right jurisdiction.

  231. don in california

    GBAmerica // February 12, 2010 at 9:41 pm
    Matthews is an idiot, in my opinion. Nothing was said about being a Natural Born Citizen. Liddy was just as bad.

  232. Richard // February 12, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Hi Richard,

    That’s exactly what I meant with this sentence:

    “She has a good team behind her; I wish she’d let someone else make the points.”

    I hate to say it, but even with these modifications, I’m afraid that the reputation is already out there; I’m not sure if she’ll ever have any success, but am praying that she does.

  233. I just went to G. Gordon Liddy’s site. Pray for him and his family. His wife of 52 years, passed away last week. It says she was to be buried today.

  234. Okay, just went to his site again. He has a must read link. Here’s the first item:

  235. SueK,

    Switching gears for a second, my old girlfriend in south Florida told me just the other day that she used to work for the same law firm with Leo Donofrio. Small world isn’t it ?

    I couldn’t believe it. Stunned !

  236. Richard // February 12, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Cool, Richard! Is she still in touch?

    It’s nice that you two are *still* in touch :).

    It is indeed a very small world!

  237. Nice Obama Dolls ! I think the kid’s can detect insincerity.


  238. Richard @ 10:29 pm
    How are you? It is a small world, our weather just settled down here. Big rain and winds a couple hours ago, going to get cold again.

  239. GORDO // February 12, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    zachjonesishome // February 12, 2010 at 8:46 pm
    I have a question about the Kerchner Appeal – I didn’t read the whole thing but did find something on page 37 (case # was typed as Page 44)
    The last sentence in the last paragraph on that page says: We are “now” suing him because plaintiffs do not like him … do you think that was supposed to be “not” suing him because Plaintiffs do not like him – if you read the whole sentence it seems like they meant to say “not”.
    I don’t know if that is any big deal, but thought if it was an error, shouldn’t it be corrected for the court case?
    Maybe the snow here today is getting to me 🙂

  240. SueK,

    She just told me before heading to the airport to catch a flight to London England to visit the family.

    I’ll get the details in a few weeks when she has more time to talk.

    I can’t talk about the other details with her either. Especially those.

  241. TO:

    SueK // February 12, 2010 at 9:58 pm


    No one is saying that Orly’s not a patriotic American and that she doesn’t have zeal regarding this issue however, it’s the tactics that sometimes make me shake my head.
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /////////////////

    I have e-mailed her with these suggestions before. I aksed her to ask for help for a spokesperson BUT I don’t think anyone stepped forward. This is a DANGEROUS MISSION. I think there is someone else writing and guiding her. Someone with much legal knowledge but not wanting the limelight.

    I have asked her to partner up with Edwin Vieira (he is a fellow Portuguese and I believe the brother of Meredith Vieira) and use his PHD knowledge and Constitutional Expertise.

    BUT one thing that I would say for her:
    Palin is destroyed by the media and she is a good speaker. So the Goon Media can destroy anyone.
    She has the same maneurisma and accent as Ariana Huffington yet the Media Builds up Huffington.

    Until I see something to the Contrary I recommend fully backing Orly and not falling for the Trap of the Opposition.
    She deserves our backing after all she was in teh line of fire way before any of us were supporting her. Yes she is unorthodox and sounds nutty BUT that is what we need someone NUTTY like Dr Manning and Orly so far they have been active and effective.

    GO ORLY.

    HERE you can judge her loyalty by her DONATIONS:

  242. scarolina

    It’s still snowing here! Looks like we have gotten about 6″ so far! Still have power. Hope all is well in your area!

  243. My question is why would Matthews say she saw him run for President if she passed away in 1995 to cancer.

  244. Hi Michelle,

    I’m fine here in NWFLA. It is very cold outside.

    Wish i was down there with you. I can hear the palm branches whipping around in my mind, with those trade winds blowing off the ocean down there.

    Ironically, the candidate Chuck Baldwin, is just an hour from where i am. I think he would make a good steward of our Republic. I haven’t totally sized him up yet though.

    Are you doing o.k. i hope ?

  245. Kidmon-scarolina 10:51 pm
    If you guys are not used to snow, and you get a lot-but can’t go anywhere. Phase 2 for tomorrow-go out and enjoy it. Snowball fights are a blast or build an igloo, snowman. Very beautiful and peaceful-enjoy it while you can. I hope all this snow does not melt at once, or there could be some serious flooding.

  246. Richard @ 10:53 pm
    Can you come back down to South Florida, where you were happy. The recession hit hard down here, due to the insane market previous. It will be cold down here tonight also.

  247. Michelle

    Can’t wait for the morning to get out in it with kids and dogs! This ia a very rare occassion so we must get family pictures!

  248. don in california

    tennbrock // February 12, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    I just went to G. Gordon Liddy’s site. Pray for him and his family. His wife of 52 years, passed away last week. It says she was to be buried today.
    I will pray for him and his family. Too soon our loved ones are gone.

  249. Michelle @ 10:57,

    I may visit next week if all goes as planned. I have a friend down there who went from 7-million in net worth, to a few hundred grand in 1 years time.

    The market hasn’t been very kind down there, im very aware.

    He is selling his condo on flagler in west palm cheap, and also Murphy N.C. property very cheap, around .50 cents on the dollar.

    Have you heard any more on the so called high speed train that B.O. was talking about ? or lying about ?

  250. Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 11:00 pm
    Can’t wait for the morning to get out in it with kids and dogs! This ia a very rare occassion so we must get family pictures!
    my husband took our dogs out – the Sheltie doesn’t like to get his feet wet so he didn’t enjoy it as much as the Aussie did – but again the Aussie is only 5 ms old. He had a blast>

  251. I just recieved this in a email and wanted to share with all of you!

    A Newborn’s Conversation with God

    A baby asked God, “They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?”

    God said, “Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you.”

    The child further inquired, “But tell me, here in heaven I don’t have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy..”

    God said, “Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel’s love and be very happy.”

    Again the small child asked, “And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don’t know the language?”

    God said, “Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak.”

    “And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?”

    God said, “Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.”

    “Who will protect me?”

    God said, “Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life…”

    “But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.”

    God said, “Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you.”

    At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, “God, if I am to leave now, please tell me my angel’s name.”

    God said, You will simply call her, ” Mom ..”

  252. Richard @ 11:07 pm
    Tell your friend how sorry we are re: his net worth taking a dive. It literally makes everyone sick, since it is in West Palm he wasn’t a Madoff victim was he? Speaking of which they are imploding a building there this weekend. Hurricane damaged. This area has become very humble, some were more than obnoxious when they were “rich” but not everyone acted that way. Any new homes being built are scaled down, this may be the end of McMansions-old money didn’t like them anyway. I think the high speed train thing was just Obama trying to make himself look good, not sure. They are talking about opening FEC tracks Dixie to passenger trains which I would like. In Illinois they run everything on the same tracks.

  253. Kidmon @ 11:00 pm
    You are going to have so much fun. Be a kid again with the kids and the dogs. Really it will be a blast.

  254. scarolina

    Our Labs and Chi loved it. The Rat Terrier not so much! They keep looking at us like What?
    The cat hates it period!

  255. Michelle at 11:15,

    No Bernie didn’t get to him, he got cought holding to much real estate and could not unload it fast enough.

    What are FEC tracks ?

  256. Peter,

    That’s exactly my issue: She could have the best legal brains behind her, but refuses help. These are not Bob-sued-Joe-because-of-a-car-loan cases…this issue is huge; probably the largest we’ve ever seen in America.

    You’re right-Sarah is a good speaker and makes an excellent appearance however, she knows how to hold it together. The left will chew her up and spit her out just because they hate her and what she stands for. Orly, on the other hand, gives them plenty of fuel for their fire with her tactics.

    Rev. Manning is a preacher and yes, he is unconventional but then, he’s not arguing cases in court. He, like Sarah, are private citizens, and have no interests in the courtroom aspect of this issue. It’s different for Orly.

    Personally, I think she’s damaging the cause because no one takes her seriously due to her behavior in court and during interviews; I’m more comfortable with Mario or Leo as far as professionalism is concerned.

    Getting out there is great, but when you’re unprepared and twitchy, it does no good at all; I’d much rather see Mario do his thing in court.

    Nice about the donations, but that doesn’t prove anything to me, except that she’s contributing money. I did contribute to her a while ago, but can no longer support her financially.

    That’s just my opinion, Peter; we all don’t have to support her, but we can support what she’s trying to do.

    I’ll give her that; she’s cut out a very tough job for herself, and I hope she succeeds.

  257. It just hit me = has anyone heard from Maddie?

  258. The Captain America Tea Party Vilification.

    BTW Walt Disney had great Classics and Family and Childrens movies NOW it is SHAMEFUL I almost feel like BOYCOTTING Disney World.


  259. Richard @ 11:21 pm
    FEC tracks run parallel with Dixie Hwy, or Federal Hwy depending on the town you are in-stands for Florida East Coast railway. I think it was started by Flagler years ago when people first started coming to Florida from up North.

  260. GBAmerica // February 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Oh, GB, that was spectacular!

    Thanks so much for posting..it sure did bring a smile! 🙂

  261. Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Nope, Kidmon…I e-mailed her a few weeks ago. Nothing yet.

    I’m hoping that she’s busy getting her parents settled in assisted living; that last incident was frightening.

  262. TO:

    SueK // February 12, 2010 at 11:21 pm


    We’re basically on the same page.

    Just one thing about Mario, Leo and Orly.

    Out of the 3 the one that has brought much exposure ot teh issue was Orly……nobody outside of Conservatives even heard of Mario or Leo or even for that matter Berg, Kertcner, et al.

    Loads of people know about the NBC issue etc because of Orly Courage and Antics.

  263. Kidmon @ 11:22 pm
    you’re right Maddie hasn’t been around lately, last we heard parents got sick, sure hope she is ok.

  264. Yup, Peter; I wish she’d cool it, though.

    She’s done more than anyone else in the courtroom, but she does need to ‘refine’ her presentation a bit. I’m thinking that the negative publicity right now is only hurting; we see how the Chris Matthews’ and Keith Olberstockings’ of the world react.

    I still wish her all the best!

  265. Michelle @11:26,

    Your right. Henry Morrison Flagler, and he was also a partner with Getty Oil.

    His father was a minister. An awesome story.

    I meant to tell you a few day’s ago when i saw that you posted something about natural gas, that i have been scouring south Florida looking at USGS sites, looking for potential oil fields.

    Inland of course. The history of Florida’s geology is totally fascinating.

    The oceans may come alive next year with heavy interest IF things open up.

  266. I can never, ever find fault with any of the work any/all of the lawyers are trying to do with this horror the DNC, Obama and the South Side hoodlums have brought to our country. I know how evil corruption is, and boy are they corrupt in Cook County-South Side the worst. All the media people here and on other sites-too many people in Chicago dead/murdered ? suicide? it is like looking into an open manhole cover and looking into a sewer. I think part of this is a fear factor (like getting bumped off) more than what will this do to our country-once this riddle is solved our country we will endeavour to become clean with clean, decent people running our government. Then we can solve the riddle of the sphinx.

  267. I sure wish she’d check in for a minute. I also would like to hear from Army DAV.

    Sue K – I sure wish I had an answer for you! Keep digging, the answer will come. God helps those who help themself. I feel the answer is just around the corner! You are in my prayers!

  268. Richard @ 11:35 pm
    Interesting info thank you Richard. Would it be a riot if Florida’s next boom is natural gas. We always had natural gas in Illinois-I have an LPG tank here in Florida, I love it.
    Florida could use a boom, I think when people get back to even, they can breathe a little, but I don’t think you’ll see that flagrant spending that some got into.

  269. PROLONGED DETENTION Proposed by Prez Steve is TREASONOUS and even Lieberal Obutt Rachel Maddow took notice of how UnConstitutional it is:

  270. Michelle @ 11:42,

    Lot’s of NG in Alabama. I did a simple search and was stunned to see all of the active drillers there.

    I believe that NG is the direction were heading in. The big Rig’s (Trucks) are being converted right now to run on NG.


  271. http://www.kipling.org.uk/poems_if.htm
    It is as if this poem was written for us Constitutionalists.
    “IF you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:
    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’
    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    ‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
    if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!”

  272. Richard @ 11:47 pm
    Well somebody is way ahead of the curve on this. If they are converting trucks to run on it now, something is definitely up. What is US sitting on like 200 year supply of natural gas at current usage? I know they are working on clean coal Wyoming has tons of coal, but I don’t know how far along they are with that. I’m for all energy, alternative, fusion, fission, wind, solar, hydro-electric. I think everyone is tired of the Mid-East whims and dictates and wars. Look what they did with all that money, turned them into crazy people.

  273. Kidmon // February 12, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Hi Kidmon,

    Yup, I hope that all’s OK in Maddie’s world. I’ll let you know if I hear from her. Tough situation as parents age.

    Thanks for the prayers, Kidmon-always needed and appreciated!

    Made some calls today and will make more Monday/Tuesday. Would like to know if the spinal tap last spring included a Lyme titre; I know it included a test for Lupus.

    I’m being proactive about this, so I’ll get to the bottom of it!


    P.S. Got the MA State stats today for the week: *Still* no seasonal flu being reported (weird) and H1N1 has had itself a croak. The thinking is that perhaps H1N1 took over for the seasonal flu, but who knows?

  274. Peter @ 11:45 I see through Obamas plan, he is trying to get himself certified insane to get out of eligibility issues.
    Everyone should think very hard here re: dictators-like Hitler, Stalin and that ilk. Who do they eliminate first? The educated class, the professionals, the lawyers, judges, congress, the opposition.

  275. Michelle,

    Talking about Oil etc. My aunt used to work for the C.I.A. twenty years ago, and would tell us that the Agency was heavy into Haiti, and could not figure out why.

    Not sure, but this article say’s a whole lot about what we all may not be aware of.


  276. Sue K,
    I thought the same!I loved it,I had to share.
    God Bless!!

  277. don in california

    Sarah’s Secret PlanFriday, February 12, 2010 11:29 AM
    From: “Jon Vogel, DCCC Executive Director” Add sender to Contacts

    Congressional Republicans are blindly following Sarah Palin, her merry band of Tea Partiers and special interest fat cat friends right off the cliff by publicly calling for the end of Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

    Well we’ll let them make their bed, and make sure they lie in it. Help us hold every crazy, Social Security killing wing-nut Republican accountable for every word they say.

    That’s where you come in. The DCCC is launching an advertising campaign while Republicans are home in their districts for Presidents Day.


    Earlier this week, thanks to you, over 30,000 DCCC supporters of our Fact Check FOX team signed our Stand Up To Sarah Petition – calling out FOX News’ newest political pundit for her smears and pathetic attempts to shift blame for our current economic mess from the failed policies of George Bush to Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats.
    Didn’t the dems control congress for the last two years of bush’s admin?? Yet thay are “still” blaming bush. I admit, bush should have vetoed, but he didn’t.

  278. Richard @ 12:00 am
    I’ll have to check up on T. Boone tomorrow. Those Texas oilmen-he is up to something, he may be way ahead of a lot of other folks, taking a giant risk, or ??? T. Boone he is something.

  279. JJ & kidmon,
    re: microwaving with plastics:

    The microwave is the appliance of the living dead. People who use the microwave on a regular basis are walking down a path towards degenerative disease and a lifelong battle with obesity. The more you use the microwave, the worse your nutritional state gets, and the more likely you are to be diagnosed with various diseases and put on pharmaceuticals which, of course, will create other health problems that lead to a grand spiraling nosedive of health.


  280. SueK,


    Not endorsing or dissing. Just thought I’d let you know it’s there.

  281. GBAmerica // February 13, 2010 at 12:10 am

    Thank ye, GB and, as Red Skelton used to say, good night and God bless!

  282. Fernley Girl // February 13, 2010 at 12:19 am

    Thanks, Fernley Girl…lotsa stuff on that site. Will study it tomorrow when the old eyeballs can focus.


  283. Barry might need to start packin a suitcase just in case his own party starts to doubt him, ooops,
    looks like it is starting.

    Snipped from Worldnetdailey


  284. Roll Back Pelosi… Rush Limbaugh said it and we can all support it. The budget battle cry of 2010… Roll Back Pelosi.

  285. Please bear with me, I am not on my puter …So if we JUST focused on the one’s College records? I am just getting my daughter’s done for her to get in and I think THAT INFO CAN BREAK THE BANK. But I AM JUST A STUPID RED NECK…..irdumb

  286. YW, SueK
    Hope you find a successful resolution somewhere, soon. Being ill sucks. Finally being well is awesome!!

  287. don in california



    Attorney facing penalties wants birth docs for defense ‘Hardship on plaintiff greatly outweighs hardship on defendant’

    Posted: February 13, 2010
    12:10 am Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    A California lawyer who has shepherded several of the high-profile legal challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president has filed a pleading in federal court in Washington, saying she faces a $20,000 penalty and a threat to her law license and needs the president’s birth documents to defend herself.

    Attorney Orly Taitz told WND she submitted the pleading today to Chief Judge Royce Lamberth of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.


    “Plaintiff is seeking a preliminary injunction … to obtain the vital records of the defendant prior to the February 26 deadline for document and response submission of the response by the plaintiff to the [California] bar,” she wrote. “Plaintiff is seeking a preliminary injunction within 20 days, as prescribed by LCvR 65.1 (d) to be scheduled by the court prior to March 1.”
    She is still in there slugging.

  288. TO:
    don in california // February 13, 2010 at 2:02 am

    \\\\\\\\\\\\ //////////////

    One thing is for sure she is resilient, courageous, resourcefull and PERSISTENT…only somone with Love of Contry and Constitution would risk it all like she has.
    It bad enough when the enemy turns on her never mind her allies.

    GO Lady Liberty GO.

  289. don in california

    What’s funny, is that the Judge gave her standing by his actions. Now, they have to prove she is wrong by releasing obama’s doc’s.


    Or better Yet Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco when he fought alonside George Washington and NEVER EVER GAVE UP.
    The Hercules of the Revolution is what Washington Called him and credited him with winning the war of Independence.
    Just like Orly someone that loved his adopted country and gave His All for it being injured many times BUT never Gave Up.

    So now is Lady Liberty ….

  291. I would APPEAL all the wya to The Supreme Court and now that O’Bushama attacked them on the State of the Union they may just take it up.

  292. don in california

    Never saw Rocky, but I read you page on Peter Francisco, and he was a great hero. I pray she is the same and that the nay sayers on here are wrong.

  293. don in california

    If she takes it to the supreme court, she better hurry before obama appoints more liberal judges.

  294. don in california

    Well, nice people, it’s 11:30 at night here and I am going to bed. God Bless you all.

  295. God bless you Don et al.

  296. Good Morning, All:

    Looks like Lame Cherry is having problems, too!

    Eschelon pays Lame Cherry a Visit


  297. SueK // February 12, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    JustMe // February 12, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Hi JustMe,

    Jumping in here, if I could.

    I started to suspect Keyes a while ago; he was asked about that comment Barky made after the Senate debates in IL. Remember that Barky said that it didn’t matter if he wasn’t an NBC..that he was running fot the Senate, not POTUS?

    Keyes said he didn’t recall the conversation.

    Come on! Don’t ya think that something like that was a little too important *not* to remember?

    Sorry…I don’t trust the guy.



    Is this the comment you are referring to? I found it embedded on this site, I can only watch it as my speakers are not plugged in and I’m not sure what is being said. (anyone)?

    Alan Keyes debates Obama in 2004
    By politicaldoc

    The clip where Keyes says to Obama “You are not even a natural born citizen” and Obama replies “It does not matter because Iam running for senator, not the presidency.” has been scrubbed from the internet.

    Anyone who still has that clip could probably sell it for significant change.


  298. SueK:

    Sorry to hear you had no definitive results from all of that testing. But then again, I always knew you were a “rare specimen” 🙂

    Great to hear you are being pro-active and doing your homework. MDs don’t know everything; very little IMHO.

    My advice: [I know you didn’t ask] Pray first in a quiet place where you can tap into God’s network, and He will guide you to the answer. He already knows what’s wrong with you [and right with you, too]; you just have to find that “missing link.”

    Symptoms are “warning signals” that indicate something is not quite right in your body, but that is all they do; they do not provide any answers, just more questions. Everyone here has given you numerous places to look for answers, but please be careful…don’t try to match your symptoms with a disease.

    Have you ever heard of “Biological Testing?” Biological Testing covers a myriad of possibilities. It tells you what your body’s chemical make-up says…what areas are strong and what areas are weak. I read something about this long ago; I think it was used to determine whether or not a person had an overabundance of hormones that could be attributed to homosexuality. However, this was not the only result that was of value; chemical imbalances stuck out like sore thumbs. Chemical imbalances not only affect the brain function, but also contribute to malfunctioning in systems such as intramuscular, gastrointestinal, urinary tract systems…just about every bodily function relies on a chemical reaction of some sort or lack thereof. Wish I had a link, but it was so long ago. Anyway, I thought it was fascinating. After all, our bodies are primarily “bodies of water,” but in order for them to function to their greatest potential, the chemical reactions and interactions in the body need to work and function perfectly for optimum health.

    Here’s a place to start…may not be the best place, but it’s a start. Hope it helps…


    Happy Day…Lindar

  299. **** New Post ****

  300. SueK:

    Don’t know if this applies to your situation or not…


  301. GBAmerica // February 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    I received that emil a couple days ago…….which means…….

  302. Michelle // February 13, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Didn’t you start the conversation on Tesla??

    His name has come up several times in my readings lately…….especially with controlled weather, disasters, and HAARP.

  303. Fernley Girl // February 13, 2010 at 12:17 am

    JJ & kidmon,
    re: microwaving with plastics:

    I believe evry word: however, I am 59 and take one prescription for a bladder condition I’ve had since age 29, before I ever owned a microwave……..
    But, Thanks

  304. Pingback: Interesting, smrstrauss hit my blog too « Politicaldoc's Dx

  305. Glad you found my article about smrstrauss on Jefferson’s Rebels.

    FYI. Many of the comments are coming from Arlington, MA, but I’m convinced smrstrauss is merely the ringleader of a group of obots who are scattered throughout Massachusetts, and at least one person is in New York. I’m still gathering data for later publication.

  306. Erica.
    I agree about smrstrauss.
    I have believed for over a year that this is a group effort.

  307. Pingback: Obama thugs, Update, March 14, 2010, Orwellian lies, Orwellian information manipulation, smrstrauss, Jeffersons Rebels, Obama camp orchestrated smears, lies, 1984, George Orwell « Citizen WElls

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