H1N1, Obama Declares National Emergency, October 24, 2009, Bill of Rights revoked?, Stafford Act, National Emergencies Act, Public Health Emergency Fund, Federal emergency authorities, Rights have been now officially suspended.

I first heard about Obama declaring a national emergency due to the H1N1 flu this morning as I was driving down the highway. I was warned many months ago that the flu was coming and that Obama would use it as an excuse to exercise more power over the American public. One of the people that warned me of this, in March of 2009, before the public awareness of a coming flu, a retired military officer, just sent me some information.

October 24, 2009,  approx 7:50 PM ET.

“Obama declares swine flu a national emergency”

“President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency and empowered his health secretary to suspend federal guidelines at hospitals and speed up how infected people might receive treatment in a disaster.

The declaration that Obama signed late Friday means Health and Human Services chief Kathleen Sebelius to bypass federal rules when opening alternative care sites, such as offsite hospital centers at schools or community centers, if needed.

Hospitals could modify patient rules — for example, requiring them to give less information during a hectic time — to quicken access to treatment, with government approval. The declaration, which the White House announced Saturday, allows HHS in some cases to let hospitals relocate emergency rooms offsite to reduce flu-related burdens and to protect noninfected patients.

Administration officials said the declaration was a pre-emptive move designed to make decisions easier when they need to be made. Officials said this was not in response to any single development on an outbreak that has lasted months and has killed more than 1,000 people in the United States.

It was the second of two steps needed to give Sebelius extraordinary powers during a crisis. On April 26, the administration declared swine flu a public health emergency, allowing the shipment of roughly 12 million doses of flu-fighting medications from a federal stockpile to states in case they eventually needed them. At the time, there were 20 confirmed cases in the U.S. of people recovering easily. There was no vaccine against swine flu, but the CDC had taken the initial step necessary for producing one.”

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“What does this mean for YOU?   It means the Federal Government has just declared its right to revoke the Bill of Rights:
A National Emergency, under the Stafford Act:
With respect to the current outbreak, the Public Health Emergency Fund is available (but is
currently unfunded)17 and Emergency Use Authorizations have been granted by FDA.18 However,
the Secretary’s waiver and modification authority has not been activated because there is no
concurrent presidential declaration under either the Stafford Act or the National Emergencies Act.
(comment: report published in May 2009)
So declaring this emergency doesn’t really make more funds available.  They don’t EXIST!  So, that’s not the reason……
A presidential declaration under the Stafford Act triggers federal emergency authorities that are
independent of the Secretary’s public health emergency authorities. Declarations under the
Stafford Act fall into two categories: emergency declarations and major disaster declarations. As
of this point in time, there have been no Stafford Act declarations pertaining to the current
influenza A(H1N1) virus outbreak. A presidential emergency declaration under the Stafford Act
authorizes the President to direct federal agencies to support state and local emergency assistance
activities; coordinate disaster relief provided by federal and non-federal organizations; provide
technical and advisory assistance to state and local governments; provide emergency assistance
through federal agencies; remove debris through grants to state and local governments; provide
assistance to individuals and households for temporary housing and uninsured personal needs;

and assist state and local governments in the distribution of medicine, food, and consumables.19
The total amount of assistance available is limited in an emergency declaration to $5 million,
“unless the President determines that there is a continuing need; Congress must be notified if the
$5 million ceiling is breached.
Source:  Document prepared for Congress in May, 2009:  http://assets.opencrs.com/rpts/R40560_20090506.pdf
Now, we’re getting down to the real reasons…..
Further of interest from this document:
A major disaster declaration authorizes the President to offer all the assistance authorized under
an emergency declaration, and further authorizes funds for the repair and restoration of federal
facilities, unemployment assistance, emergency grants to assist low-income migrant and seasonal
farm workers, food coupons and distribution, relocation assistance, crisis counseling assistance
and training, community disaster loans, emergency communications, and emergency public
transportation.23 Additionally, the total amount of assistance provided in a major disaster
declaration is not subject to a ceiling in the same way as under an emergency declaration.
And here is the money quote:

The Public Health Service Act and the Stafford Act contain authorities that
allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the President, respectively, to take certain
actions during emergencies or disasters. While the primary authority for quarantine and isolation
in the United States resides at the state level, the federal government has jurisdiction over
interstate and border quarantine. Border entry and border closing issues may arise in the context
of measures designed to keep individuals who have, or may have, influenza A(H1N1) from
crossing U.S. borders. Aliens with the H1N1 virus can be denied entry, but American citizens
cannot be excluded from the United States solely because of a communicable disease, although
they may be quarantined or isolated at the border for health reasons. Airlines have considerable
discretion to implement travel restrictions relating to the safety and/or security of flights and other
passengers and crew. In addition, the federal government has broad legal authority to regulate and
control the navigable airspace of the United States in dealing with incidents involving
communicable diseases. States have authority to initiate other emergency measures such as
mandatory vaccination orders and certain nonpharmaceutical interventions such as school
closures, which may lessen the spread of an infectious disease. The International Health
Regulations adopted by the World Health Organization in 2005 provide a framework for
international cooperation against infectious disease threats.

The use of these emergency measures to contain the influenza A(H1N1) virus outbreak may raise
a classic civil rights issue: to what extent can an individual’s liberty be curtailed to advance the
common good? The U.S. Constitution and federal civil rights laws provide for individual due
process and equal protection rights as well as a right to privacy, but these rights are balanced
against the needs of the community.
And there you have it, in black and white.  I make no determination as to whether H1N1A is truly the public threat they are presenting, although there have been deaths of children at a concerning rate, even here in Michigan – the fact is, the Stafford Act allows the Federal Government to strip away all your rights.  While this National Emergency is in effect, this gives the Federal Government carte blanche to use this declaration for whatever it pleases.  Rights have been now officially suspended.”
Stephanie S. Jasky,   Founder, Director
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75 responses to “H1N1, Obama Declares National Emergency, October 24, 2009, Bill of Rights revoked?, Stafford Act, National Emergencies Act, Public Health Emergency Fund, Federal emergency authorities, Rights have been now officially suspended.

  1. Who makes the vaccine? Baxter indus thats who. Who stands to make millions on this deal. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA thats who! Wake up america quickly!!!!

  2. Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Things to watch for during a “Declared National Emergency”
    By Marion Valentine

    As I predicted—though I was unsure whether it would be the H1N1 virus or the collapse of the dollar—the Communist Puppet would use something to cement his total control over every aspect of our lives.

    From the day he took office, Obama and his puppet masters have been building a shadow Government with all power vested in them. The Czars he has appointed, who were not vetted and approved by Congress nor elected, now have the authority to control every aspect of American commerce.

  3. President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic; but why?


    Emergency powers trump the Bill of Rights?

  4. Everyone is sick around here this past week. (western Pa) Family, kids @ school, many teachers were out, one row of students in one of my childs classrooms was completely empty; all sick. I think the powers that be may be mad because they didn’t have their vaccine ready in time. I believe I had this swine flu in August. I was sick for 3 weeks and I was still coughing 6 week after that. So all of us that are and have been sick will not be taking that vaccine.

  5. Fashion Statement 2009: MUST HAVE White Coat

    Happy Hallowween: Nothing FREE about ObamaScareCare.

    Prop-of-the-Year: Obligatory WHITE COAT. Better buy extra they’re expecting a sell out.

    Have you EVER seen anything so preposterous as the crap this White House is churning out? They honestly believe that if they show up in white coats to any semi-related event on ObamaScareCare that the public will buy it. Ha Ha Ha Whatta bunch of losers

    These same Democrats, whine whine whine, cry cry cry, and then slam us with HIGHER TAXES.

    Watch out Americans: 2010 is the SLAM AMERICANS WITH BIG FAT TAX HIKE YEAR.

    Better buy that white coat now before you can no longer afford it.

    I have to thank Sherman Tank for this piece.

  6. Bho knows his time is short and their coming to take him away soon

  7. OT…but may be of interest…

    “Ousted ACORN leaders in New Orleans announce new organization”


  8. CDC estimated that about 36,000 people died of seasonal flu-related causes each year, on average, during the 1990s in the United States. READ MORE…….

    Meanwhile, swine flu is more widespread now than it’s ever been, and has resulted in more than 1,000 U.S. deaths so far. READ MORE……..

    36,000 people in the U.S. die a year from regular seasonal flu and we have 1,000 deaths from H1N1? And Obama is declaring a National Emergency?

    Compare today’s swine flu with the Spanish flu of 1918

    Spanish Flu of 1918 is the last worldwide flu pandemic, with which all subsequent epidemic diseases are compared. As we concern ourselves today with HIV viruses, ebola virus, recent avian flus and more, it may be appropriate to review just what the last worldwide flu pandemic did.
    In 1918, nobody had a flu vaccine that worked. Worldwide, it killed perhaps 50,000,000 people, including 675,000 in the United States. Death tolls from the Spanish Flu in major US cities are as follows:

    Baltimore – 6,100
    Boston – 6,500
    Chicago – 3,800
    Cincinnati – 4,100
    Cleveland – 4,000
    Kansas City – 7,100
    Los Angeles – 5,200
    Milwaukee – 2,900
    Minneapolis – 2,800
    New Orleans – 7,200
    New York – 4,700
    Philadelphia – 7,300
    Pittsburg – 8,000
    San Francisco – 7,600
    St. Louis – 3,000
    Washington – 6,600


    I’m puzzled. Why the need to declare a national emergency? To divert attention? From what? To take control over individuals’ rights?
    What’s realy happening here?

  9. http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNews/World/Story/STIStory_371052.html

    Take a look at this. Countries where population numbers and more importantly population density increases risk of transmission, not ONE country has declared a state of “national emergency”.

    They are taking the necessary precautions that one would expect. This national emergency is ridiculous.

  10. moving from prior thread…
    Michelle’s post

    Michelle // October 24, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Maddie-when you get a minute open this. It looks totally phony to me and I did not see Renee Obama on it at all.
    She’s in the first column, check it out.

  11. moving from prior thread…

    Jonah’s post…

    I found Renee Obama in the Social Security Death Index in Ancestry.com………

    Social Security Death Index Social Security Death Index
    Name: Renee L. Abena Obama
    SSN: 215-71-0752
    Born: 31 Oct 2004
    Died: 25 Dec 2004
    State (Year) SSN issued: Maryland (2004-2005)

    Source Citation: Number: 215-71-0752;Issue State: Maryland;Issue Date: 2004-2005.
    Source Information:
    Ancestry.com. Social Security Death Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2009. Original data: Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Social Security Administration.
    The Social Security Administration Death Master File contains information on millions of deceased individuals with United States social security numbers whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration. Birth years for the individuals listed range from 1875 to last year. Information in these records includes name, birth date, death date, and last known residence.

  12. People need to go and listen to Dr. Mercola’s flu alert. The link was on here, but in another subject. Not that many people really die every year from the flu, the 36,000 number. It’s a lie. You’d just have to listen to him and see what a truer number may be, which may be 257 or something like that.

  13. moving from prior thread

    Val’s post…

    I hope this works … I came across this while surfing. It mentions Vera Baker & O’Bummer affair. And her having a business in the Carib & Miami – something about Miami being a campaign place ..?? Didn’t read it all. Open link and scroll down to comments. It is actually by Lame Cherry. Maybe you can just get it off LC’s site. LC comment heading: What about multiple Obama Sex & Cash Affair

    by LC 10-14-08


  14. Jonah,
    Excellent summary on Renee. Apparently the “L” is important in the search. Maybe the “L” is for “Lee” in o’s grandmother’s middle name—this idea has been proposed.

    What I am wondering is if the child died in the Caribbean and Vera Baker and bo were having an affair, is/was Renee the child of these two people. Then, exactly how did she die? There is a theory that she may have been “sacrificed.”
    I hope this last sentence is not true.

  15. One More Assignment for Sotoero in George Soro’s blue print to steal America and turn it into his fascist country is what this latest Sotoero action is.

    All the pieces to the puzzle are coming together. First it was getting the dispicable Homeland Security Report together so they have the right to search and seize without warrant, detain people without cause and shoot to kill if anyone attempts to defend him/herself.

    Second it is to get total gun control–they’re almost there.

    Third was to seize American business, bankrupt the country, print money backed with air, while simultaneously indoctrinating our innocent children in schools with Obama lie-songs.

    Fourth it was to weaken our defense systems, and diminish the military by decreasing their budget, then stealing the military’s money for Obama’s whatever pet projects–like funding Muslim terroist of the Hamas to relocate to America. His dithering over Afghanistan isn’t because he is undecided–he has decided and will do whatever is in Obama’s best interest. Then the master of sophistry will tell the American people how good this is for them.

    Then he began to pitch an unwanted goverment health care system on protesting Americans (what does what they want have anything to do with what Sotoero thinks they must have?) So instead of hearing the American citizens, his thugs are hiding behind closed doors trying to figure out how to shove this castrophe down America’s throat.

    H1N1 has been the back up power play for many months now. (It has been there “switch to plan B action” if it looks like Sotoero is losing is influence on America) The reason for him to declare a national emergency so he can declare martiall law. Once martial law is in place–he don’t need “no stinkin elections” I knew he was going to make this type of a power move for months. Everything he and the Chicago gang have done since day one has been moving towards this. I am surprised he is doing it so soon. This tells me they know damn well they will never win a second election and the legal hounds are closing in on them.

    With this national emergency that will give the government unlimited powers over the American citizens,the greatest problem Americans will have is that George Soros will never permit him to declare a NON NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

    We must hope, pray, and continue to seek a legal solution so the military in defense of the Constitution can arrest and jail the Obama’s, their close advisors, all their czars, and all the judges who failed to do their duty. The government must be run ad hoc until a real election is held and we have replaced all of congress, the Senate, and assembly with new blood of good character, education and truly love America.

  16. Is SueK here?
    Sue, I know we’ve talked about this. But, what about the kids who have “egg” allergies. They can’t force them to get vaccine, right?

    I do not want the vaccine, nor does my husband.
    Do we need to find a “desert island”?
    posted above….

    States have authority to initiate other emergency measures such as
    mandatory vaccination orders and certain nonpharmaceutical interventions such as school
    closures, which may lessen the spread of an infectious disease

  17. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14543

    Martial law and the militarization of public health.

    “While the production has been entrusted to a select number of companies, it would appear that the intellectual property rights belong to Illinois based pharmaceutical giant Baxter. Baxter is central in the negotiations between the US Administration and the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, “a full year before any reported case of the current alleged H1N1″ Baxter had filed for a patent for the H1N1 vaccine.”

  18. Venice,
    How convenient of Baxter!…….

    Moreover, “a full year before any reported case of the current alleged H1N1″ Baxter had filed for a patent for the H1N1 vaccine

  19. Maddie-re: the baby that is very mysterious. We had much crib deaths in Illinois years ago-family, friends, co-workers. I can remember every one. I never saw my little cousin alive, but I remember the funeral Mass. Was she buried on the island? poor little thing buried at all?
    When I first came to Florida from Illinois a native Floridian guy took me on a date through Manalapan, the joke here is nobody lives in those Mansions. I said the same thing you did, that’s one house? Me, I’m more down to Earth. I don’t want to live in a bowling alley, and those houses are so huge, can you imagine getting lost in your own house? McMansions are a real big joke down here. No one really likes them, there not like homes they’re just big and to some ugly. Palm Beach, the town of- where the old money (understated elegance) you would like. Nothing flashy, kept very natural-just nice, classy. They have a wonderful resale shop on Worth Ave.

  20. http://astuteblogger.blogspot.com/2008/10/photo-obamas-mistress-vera-baker.html
    Vera and his sister could pass for twins, going to check the Chicago Municipal Dept Correction. I think that’s polite for sewer and water dept.

  21. http://zipline.wordpress.com/2008/11/23/vera-baker-and-the-big-o-a-tingle-up-your-leg/
    I’m sure Vera is a piece of some kind of money laundering scheme, but for what? campaign funds, drugs, ?? There is something very hinky about her and she is not off the scene because she is a girl friend.
    Zipline Conservative
    Beatdown on the Arrogant Left & Bloated RINO’s
    About Zip (A Right Wing Extremist, I Guess)
    jump to navigation Vera Baker and the Big O (A tingle up your leg? Sex kitten or something bigger?) November 23, 2008
    Posted by SwittersB in Corruption, Obama, The Media.
    Tags: Cape Caribbean LLC, Daley, Marc Merlini, Muthoni Wambu, Obama, Obama Affair, Vera Baker
    Lovely Vera Baker
    Blackfive, a popular conservative blog, interviewed a person with, he and Blackfive say, knowledge about Barack Obama’s professional and possibly private relationship with one of his (former) staffers, most likely named Vera Baker, according to the source. You can listen to the interview below, in which the source explains how he found out about it.
    Fascinating is that the source, Wolf, says that the dirt on this story was dug up by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They planned to put the story out there before the Democratic Convention, but failed to find enough hard evidence.
    Well, I could utter the seeming obligatory remark…”I don’t care if Obama had an adulterous relationship with…..or not”. I don’t, but I won’t. I am more interested, as I suspect you might be, with the damage control; the lack of interest by the msm, and the present whereabouts of the hootchy mama, Vera Baker.
    It will be interesting to see if in the eye of a projected multi-year storm, does O seek solace elsewhere as the grind wears him down. In the meantime, is it unseemly to flesh out, so to speak, Vera’s history, location, current involvement in O financial matters?
    Maybe this explains the Clinton resurrection in the O cabinet? Odd how so pronounced they (the Clintons) are in the Change Agent’s cabinet.
    As the follow the money line goes, that seems to be the angle here. How was the Daley machine involved and why the abrupt move to the Carib? I guess it does not matter now or even before. If a relationship with a Marxist Asshole, Rezko, Mansour, Odinga, et al does not awaken Americans out of their worn out slumber then a hot piece on the side would only excite and titillate. But, what if Vera is spotted close by some day in the future?
    The woman is “working” in the Caribbean drawing a salary from…. uhhh… let’s say from someone who is a big, shiny part of the dirty Chicago political machine. And it makes no sense that she’s doing her supposed “job,” for which she seems unqualified anyway, in the Caribbean, of all places. It’s unclear how she could possibly do this job at all, never mind from the Caribbean. And she’s been there for at least a year. (At least.) This isn’t some sabbatical or few months’ of “work” on an island paradise.
    Who is Vera Baker?
    Some people in Chicago claim she was Obama’s Finance Director for his 2004 Senate campaign. FEC Senate campaign records show she was paid a pretty penny as “Finance Director”.
    However, people familiar with Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign say Claire Serdiuk was Obama’s Finance Director. Looking through everything we can see online for that 2004 campaign, Claire Serdiuk is consistently listed as the Finance Director – because that’s what she was.
    Sex, adultery, scandal? Or, a financial set up for funneling out of country/off shore monies into the campaign? Or, both?. Or none of it?

    If nothing else the free repub interaction re Vera Baker is revealing of the blog’s ability to generate research and little by little a picture can emerge. The research generates suppositions re a Rick Ayers (Bill’s bro), Mills College, Cape Caribbean LLC, Muthoni Wambu, unexplained stops in Miama per CBS News, Marc Merlini, France, overseas monies from France…..oh my. Easier if O was just slipping it to Vera. That seems cleaner than all this other suspected sleaze

  22. maddie // October 24, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    Sorry-very rough day.

    First of all, I can’t find anything about Barky’s Needham campaign office. There was a group ‘Needham for Obama’ but there weren’t many members. I think they may have joined perhaps the Boston area groups-there were announcements of rallys and meetings elsewhere, but no physical location that I can find in Needham itself.

    Right on the egg allergies, since the vaccine is made in chix eggs. Allergic to chix eggs? No vaccine.

    If you and hubby don’t want the vaccine, don’t take the vaccine! To be honest, I don’t think much will come of this. As we’ve discussed before, just because someone has the authority to do something doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do it.

    Hope I’m right. I’ll be able to get more of a feel for what’s going on when I get back to work.

  23. Duh-now I get the tie in why Vera had to make tracks after he sleazily had Judge undo sealed court records in Jeri Ryan’s divorce against her ex-husband. If I were the judge I would not have unsealed those records for the minor child’s sake. I think that judge was very wrong or forced.
    From Free Republic
    title:Great Argument for Private Sexual Morality (How Obama became Senator)
    CMR ^ | October 28, 2008 | matthew archbold
    Posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 1:00:19 PM by NYer
    You’ve all heard the argument: “What I do with my private life is nobody else’s business. it doesn’t affect anybody else.”
    Well, I can think of one recent instance where private immorality affected the world greatly.
    Just a few years ago, a man took his wife to sex clubs in Europe and asked her to engage in sexual activity in front of other patrons. He called them “romantic getaways.” His wife at first refused to go in the first but finally went at his insistence.
    That’s man’s name was Jack Ryan. He was running for Senate. Because his private peccadilloes were made public he had to drop out of the race and the Republicans lost their majority, thus transferring the power of Congress to Democrats.
    And the Democrat who was set to run against Ryan and cruised to victory after he dropped out was Barack Obama.
    It was private until Obama sued(via Tribune\LA Times) to get a judge to unseal divorce records.

  24. maddie // October 24, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Maddie, I think we talked about this a few months ago. Someone posted the link to an application for a patent and everyone got twitchy because they were under the impression that it was a patent filed sometime back for ‘a vaccine’ for this new H1N1 strain.

    It wasn’t.

    What that really was (and subsequent patents for a variety of drugs) was a patent for the *method* by which they’d produce vaccines; it wasn’t specific to the novel H1N1 flu; it didn’t exist at that time. The patent articles do mention H1N1, but please realize that various forms of H1N1 are out there and believe it or not, the ‘A’ strains of *an* H1N1 virus is what usually clobbers us as the seasonal flu! There are many H1N1 strains floating around out there-this is why this new one is called the ‘novel’ strain.

    Hope that helped!

  25. Maddie-I meant to tell you that I’m glad your dog is ok. You said she is little, what kind of dog. I saw all the lists were completed, that’s good. Some of the stuff I found was very strange, but I thought I’d better copy/paste while I had it, in case it becomes useful, or fits a piece down the road.

  26. Maddie,
    My niece did a Property Database Search for this address in St Charles, MO
    It is from Orly’s list on Dossier 14.

    Street Address – 4085 JACOBS LNDG
    City, State, Zip – SAINT CHARLES MO 63304-7495

    There are 53 addresses on Jacobs Lndg but the address 4085 Jacobs Lndg is NOT listed. So do we assume the address does not exist?

    I have already sent this info to Orly but you can check it off your list

  27. This freedom loving country’s far TOO BIG to play games with. Millions are aware and on the move…DON’T TREAD ON ME!

  28. Maddie-look what I just found on google Earth, I wonder if they jazz up the addresses on purpose or county names are in there.????
    Going in closer to see if I can figure out building.
    4085 Jacobs Landing, Weldon Spring, MO 63304

  29. Maddie-It looks like a residential community to me because I see cul-de-sacs and swimming pools in backyards.

  30. Maddie-now I’m sure its residential, look at how close the addresses are.
    Page 9 | Weldon Spring Heights real estate & Weldon Spring Heights … Page 9 – Search free Weldon Spring Heights, MO real estate property listings and Weldon Spring Heights homes … 4084 Jacobs Landing Saint Charles, MO 63304 …
    http://www.realtor.com/…search/Weldon-Spring…MO/pg-9 – Cached – Similar
    Saint Charles, All Residential Property, page(2): StLouis.com Real … $375000. 4095 Jacobs Landing; Saint Charles, MO 63304; 5 bedroom / 3 bathroom … 4085 Stonecroft Dr; Saint Charles, MO 63304; 4 bedroom / 2.5 bathroom …
    http://www.stlouis.com/realestate/saint-charles/2 – Cached – Similar

  31. Teedee-I read in a magazine they have the ammo factories running 24/7 and still cannot keep up. Their sales are through the roof, they thought people were “hoarding”, so unless you’re totally stupid you have to know somethings up. Hope our government does the right thing by our Constitution-it is honorable, face saving, just and solves a very great problem.

  32. Maddie,

    The Property Database Search shows 4081, 4084, 4087, and 4088 Jacobs Lndg but no 4085.

  33. Observation…..

    I may be wrong on this, but I was informed that the test for H1N1 (aka swine flu), is not a simple procedure. In fact many areas of the country are not set up to perform this test.

    In other words, if one has the flu, and flu symptoms, than it’s automatically classified and assumed to be H1N1.

    CW.. If my memory serves me correctly, I think four or five months ago you did a commentary on H1N1 and said it was a manufactured (artifical) strain. H1N1 did not occur naturally.

  34. Jacqlyn Smith

    It’s rather long…but go to Mario Apuzzo’s site….


    and read his latest post….very good….below is just the beginning of it!

    Saturday, October 24, 2009
    The ‘Real’ Kerchner v. Obama & Congress Case Is On Its Way to the Higher Courts of Justice
    He is called the straw man. Set him up and knock him down. Recently, the Hon. Jerome B. Simandle decided Kerchner et al. v. Obama and Congress et al. case, granting the defendants’ motion to dismiss the case. But did Judge Simandle decide the real Kerchner case? Let us take a deeper look to find out what the Kerchner case is really all about and what the Court did to avoid having to reach the merits of the question of whether Obama is an Article II “natural born Citizen” and eligible for the Office of President and Commander in Chief.

  35. truthbetoldII…………………………..
    While Baxter may, be making swine flu vaccine, there are actually five pharmaceutical companies involved most notably is Novartis. I have read that Novartis and several of the five companies are producing the H1N1vaccine for rhe US Government stockpile. Given the fact that there are approximately 330,000,000 people in the US alone probably ALL of thr pharmaceutical companies would really have to struggle to produce a satisfactory volume to cover world demand. Yes, All would probably stand to profit handsomely, and stockholders would see nice gains in their holdings.


  37. http://thepostnemail.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/federal-court-requested-to-investigate-ap-story/

    Federal Court asked to authorize investigation of 2004 AP story which named Obama “Kenyan-born”.

  38. Should be interesting to see how this Nat’l Emergency plays out.

    CW, based on your former military intel you write about above, any idea how this so called “national emergency” would meld with the fact that we are presently being under U.N. rules?
    That occurred when the WHO elevated it to a level 6 pandemic, and that hasn’t changed.

  39. JustMe.
    I get input from a wide variety of sources.
    Many of the warnings I received in Mar 2009 about the flu have come true.
    This emergency status was one of the warnings.
    We must remain wide eyed and vigilant.
    What does a wild animal do when cornered?
    Obama is losing control.
    He has to be concerned about the elections in 2010.
    Based on Obama’s associations and past behaviours and the radical agenda
    of those in his administration, anything is possible.

  40. We have been in a national emergency since January 20 of this year. BO being in the WH and destroying our country, freedom, constitution because he doesn’t like it, is a national emergency. I hope that Orly and her plaintiffs win the case against the usurper. He is the worst ever treasonous fraud con-artist criminal.

  41. Linda from NY

    OT…but worthy of noting for future reference…

    Ken Klukowski – FOXNews.com – October 23, 2009

    Value Voters Offer First Look at 2012 Presidential Contest


  42. Linda from NY

    Bill Shuler – FOXNews.com – October 23, 2009

    10 Reasons for Moral Outrage


  43. Linda from NY

    October 25, 2009

    Not Ashamed to Love My Country

    By Lloyd Marcus


  44. kittycat // October 24, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    People need to go and listen to Dr. Mercola’s flu alert. The link was on here, but in another subject. Not that many people really die every year from the flu, the 36,000 number. It’s a lie. You’d just have to listen to him and see what a truer number may be, which may be 257 or something like that.
    Taking these numbers and dividing by 50= 720 per state………now using the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’, how many of us never even heard of anyone in the 70’s dying of a flu??

    Well, shouldn’t some of us have heard of those 720 in each state?? Just a thought.

  45. Michael Rivero – What Really Happened

    Offers his opinion the National Emergency declared by “O” and global government, etc. Interesting.

    Internet Broadcast/podcast.

    [audio src="http://podcast.gcnlive.com/podcast//what_really/1024091.mp3" /]

    [audio src="http://podcast.gcnlive.com/podcast//what_really/1024092.mp3" /]

  46. From raising funds for political campaigns to real estate? money laundering?

    Cape Caribbean LLC is Vera Baker’s real estate company.


    Their privacy policy — ‘This Privacy and Security Statement applies only to http://www.bizcarib.com, operated by Cape Caribbean, LLC. In this Privacy and Security Statement, “BizCarib” refers to Cape Caribbean, LLC, the operator of this website. BizCarib and its officers, directors, employees, agents’ contractors and subcontractors are required to honor this Privacy and Security Statement.’

  47. http://whitehouse.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/10/08/first-daughters-not-vaccinated-against-h1n1/

    Funny, I was wondering the answer to this question, just this morning. And here is the answer, O’s kids have NOT been vaccinated with H1N1 vaccine, purportedly bc none was available. Since when does the Pres and his family stand in line with everybody else. Give me a break.

  48. Linda from NY

    “Worst Case: Choosing Who Survives in a Flu Epidemic”


  49. Linda, 9:43am.

    How convenient. Nobody seems to be asking that question when the same will happen if the healthcare bill is passed.

    The constant stupidity of this administration is staggering. I know they are fighting just to hang on, but that just tells you there will be a bloody battle and that they will eventually lose. Desperation is the first sign of a sinking ship.

  50. maddie // October 24, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Is SueK here?
    Sue, I know we’ve talked about this. But, what about the kids who have “egg” allergies. They can’t force them to get vaccine, right?

    I do not want the vaccine, nor does my husband.
    Do we need to find a “desert island”?

    Why would you and your husband need a vaccine against something you already had??
    Didn’t you have the H1N1 already and who’s to say you didn’t ?
    My husband and I had it already…get it??

  51. I thought the statistics showed that this flu peaked in middle of Oct., so why the emergency now?

  52. venice: “Desperation is the first sign of a sinking ship.” Odd you should say that in light of the latest development [i.e., the “declared state of emergency”].

    Do you think this is a sign of desperation, too?

    Some say this is his reaction to his declining popularity.

    This declaration gives the pp powers he does not have under the Constitution.

    Is this a move to usurp the Constitution, too?

    Is this another desperate attempt to “control” us?

    Your thoughts are appreciated and valued. Thanks.

    Happy Day…Linda

  53. Michelle // October 24, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    All that’s fine if you buy the parentage story of SAD and the drunk Obama, Sr., which I don’t.

    Where this vulture came from will never be exposed!!!

  54. I am a RN working in a very busy ER. WE DO NOT TEST FOR SWINE FLU! We have NO REAL TREATMENT other than TAMIFLU! For those pts who enter the ER with flu – like symptoms ……they are treated as any other flu unless the symptoms are very severe and the pt is being admitted to the hospital. Then the pt ..is/may… be swabbed for swine flu! THERE CANNOT BE ANY TRUE FIGURES AS TO THE NUMBER OF SWINE FLU CASES IN THE US!

  55. Jonah-“4081, 4084, 4087, and 4088 Jacobs Lndg but no 4085.” More weird- I put the # 4085 Jacobs Landing in the Google Earth search it acted that there was such an address, what could this mean? when two searches are in conflict? Let me know what you figure out.

  56. Linda,

    There is no evidence that this flu is anymore fatal than the seasonal flu. Has there ever been a “national emergency” declared for the seasonal flu? The short answer is that there is no “emergency”. So other motives have to be established.

    As CW, others on this blog and elsewhere, have stated the motives become clear:

    1. Millions will be lost for Big Pharma if a reason for the H1N1 vaccine is not declared.

    2. National emergencies in other countries have not been declared, where many more lives could be lost, and where transmission is facilitated by high density populations. So declaring a national emergency allows by sliding through the back door, manoeuvres by the federal gov’t to exert control.

    3. As Obama’s lack of success in reviving the economy become indisputable, as his foreign policies fail, ie. mideast conflicts are no further ahead, and Afghanistan is a mess, his public support continues to wane.

    4. So Obama does what he always does when he can’t get what he wants through the conventional channels of governing: he uses coercive measures. One can certainly call it a national emergency, but not the one he is referring to.

  57. Morning All,

    Orly has a good discussion about H1N1 and the ’emergency declaration’ on her web site. Worth a look:


    **NEW POST**

  58. I can only visit a few minutes. Does anyone think this is a diversion from the Iranian Oil Bourse that opens Mon. when Euros will be used instead of dollars? Are alternative health sites language used to prepare FEMA camps? So are we supposed to panic, the swine flu is gonna getcha? Be back later God bless

  59. What does a wild animal do when cornered?
    Obama is losing control.

    Start sniffing that talcum powder??

  60. SueK,

    Good Morning,

    Thanks for that link. I thought it was worth posting directly:


  61. I see my buddies in Chicago are very aggravated, they are currently seeking a Republican to run against Mayor Daley looks like they are extremely disgusted with him. The part that gets Chicagoans really furious is brand new buildings that start falling apart before they are even finished. This should never happen. The reason that it does is these bids should go out as sealed bids open to everyone, but duh the work keeps going to THE CRONIES, who are just crooks by any other name.
    For those of you who don’t know, Mayor Daley in Chicago recently sold the city’s parking meter collection to a private company for $1 billion. Like Oprah being handed a hefty bag filled with Baby Ruths, Daley gorged through that money in record time, and the City is broke again.
    More than $900 million was recently buried, like a pharaoh’s tomb, into the absurd Block 37 Project (that we keep talking about): in a solid gold and jewel encrusted nutshell, Daley conjured an impossible scheme to dig futuristic high speed rail tunnels under Chicago that would travel from downtown (at Block 37 on State Street, right across from Marshall Fields) straight to both O’Hare and Midway Airports. The digging would require leasing the giant, futuristic, Journey to the Center of the Earth “Chunnel Diggers” that burrowed beneathe the English Channel in the 90s.
    Chicago is built on a swamp.
    On top of that, there are generations of abandoned tunnels, the remnants of the original city that was destroyed by the Great Fire, and all those loyal Democrat voters who turn out in hordes for every election but then disappear to their tombs somewhere under ground to wait for their next chance to vote for either Daley or Dr. Utopia.
    We cannot dig futuristic tunnels to the airports for rocket trains.
    As much as every five year old boy in the Western world would love to dream about doing that, right after mounting lasers on sharks and genetically engineering dinosaurs.
    Now that the Olympics fiasco is being investigated — the City spent more than $70 million on that, at a time when the transit authority is pleading insolvency AGAIN – it’s time to look at how much money was dumped into Block 37.
    Daley went ahead and built the train station support structure deep below a hideous mixed use retail complex on the site…a building that’s falling apart and can’t attract tenants. Word is it will have to undergo millions in repairs.
    Millions on top of the near billion that was dumped into this ego project…one that was supposed to guarantee Chicago the Olympics (in the same way the current First Lady assured everyone she would not come back from Copenhagen empty handed, which technically means she should be Queen Margrethe’s “proud of Denmark for the first time in her adult life” problem now).
    And now without all that Olympics money heading our way, Daley’s looking to sell the utilities to the highest bidder…starting with our water supply.
    If the parking meters were a fiasco after the private company QUADRUPLED the rates, just imagine what the water privatization will be like: it might be cheaper in the end to bathe in champagne (just imagine how Mrs. Utopia would love THAT: “I am proud of my bathtub for the first time in my adult life because it costs so much money to fill up and I don’t have to pay for ANY of it ever again!”).
    In Cleveland, Dennis Kucinich was Mayor when the mob tried to force him to sell Muni Light, the city’s power company, to, well, THE MOB. Kucinich resisted, so the Mob forced the banks to call in all of Cleveland’s loans, on the same day, and the city was the first American municipality to fall into bankruptcy since the Great Depression. What’s worse, it took more than 30 years for Cleveland to officially admit Kucinich was right not to sell of the utility. Jane Campbell, Mayor of Cleveland in the early 2000s, FINALLY placed a picture of Kucinich in Cleveland’s City Hall in the Hall of Mayors (before that, they just skipped his term in office, as if it never happened. That’s
    Cleveland class, right there).
    Daley must know this is his last term. It was widely believed that if Chicago won the Olympics, he would have been King-Mayor for the rest of his life. So much money would have been funneled to his machine that he would have been unstoppable in all he dreamed of, and all his relatives would have become billionaires.
    But, without the engine of corruption that would have been Chicago 2016, Daley is vulnerable for the first time EVER.
    He will be challenged in 2011…and we hope against hope Republicans put up an actual candidate to run against him, instead of a circus clown or an old Marshall Fields mannequin or something.
    If you aren’t following Chicago politics yet, you must start now. This water sale business could lead to riots in the streets. People are already so mad about the parking meters, and that only affects people who drive in the city. The water will affect EVERYONE.
    Home owners will suffer…landlords will pass the increases onto renters…people are barely making their mortgages and rents as it is. Homelessness and anarchy could result if the water rates are even doubled, let alone quadrupled by a private company like with the meters.
    It’s a recipe for disaster in a city on the lake with water water everywhere but soon not a drop to drink.

  62. The Boo! Obama Campaign

    John, someone already started this campaign….
    highway sign……


  63. venice // October 25, 2009 at 9:41 am

    Yep, and while you ponder this question(since the admin, WH, always are first treated) ask the question, how many congress members have been vaccinated??

  64. JJ,

    I’m surprised they let the bag out of the cat on Obama’s girls. They’re going to try and scrub that one too. But of all the, girls are the most telling of all, so now the world knows.

  65. venice: Thanks for your excellent analysis.

    I am sure those who come to this site to “peek in” will see the information you provided as worthy of their attention. It also serves as a reminder of the “motivation that drives the man” for those who frequently visit here.

  66. SueK, Michelle, Jonah, JJ—
    Thank you all for your wonderful help. I am
    having to dash out at the moment, but will return this afternoon. I am thrilled to get all the info. (JJ–yeh, ah, I “had” the flu–right?)

  67. I am starting to think this was a man-made virus put in place for population control.

  68. I don’t believe the Swine Flu is a ‘National Emergency’, and I only think this will draw more panic among the public.

    Seems more like a distraction to keep attention from all the other problems that don’t seem to be on their way to being fixed anytime soon.

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