Obama liar, Joe Wilson, Obama lies, Health care lies, Obama lying history, SC Representative Wilson right, Obama speech to Congress on health care reform, more Obama lies

Barack Obama is a liar. There is a long pattern of Obama lies. Representative Joe Wilson was right when he yelled out “lie” when Obama was speaking to Congress and the American people.

We need more Joe Wilsons in Congress.

This article will not address Obama’s long pattern of ties to crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois, but of course lying and corruption go hand in hand. When I first began investigating Obama early in 2008, it was rapidly clear that Obama was steeped in lies and corruption. Here are some of the more prominent documented lies from Obama:

Obama lied on his IL bar application when he failed to list numerous traffic tickets.

Obama lied about his contact with Tony Rezko. FBI mole John Thomas revealed this during the Tony Rezko trial.

Obama lied about his ties to William Ayers.

Obama lied about his involvement with Acorn.

Obama lied about his unawareness of Jeremiah Wright’s racist, un American speeches.

In an article dated July 2, 2009, Forbes magazine exposes Obama as a liar.

“But when it comes to health care reform, with every passing day, Obama seems less God and more demagogue, uttering not transcendental truths, but bald-faced lies. Here are the top five lies that His Awesomeness has told–the first two for no reason other than to get elected and the next three to sell socialized medicine to a wary nation.”
Lie One: No one will be compelled to buy coverage.

During the campaign, Obama insisted that he would not resort to an individual mandate to achieve universal coverage. In fact, he repeatedly ripped Hillary Clinton’s plan for proposing one. “To force people to buy coverage,” he insisted, “you’ve got to have a very harsh penalty.” What will this penalty be, he demanded? “Are you going to garnish their wages?” he asked Hillary in one debate.

Yet now, Obama is behaving as if he said never a hostile word about the mandate. Earlier this month, in a letter to Sens. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., he blithely declared that he was all for “making every American responsible for having health insurance coverage, and making employers share in the cost.””
Lie Two: No new taxes on employer benefits.

Obama took his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, to the mat for suggesting that it might be better to remove the existing health care tax break that individuals get on their employer-sponsored coverage,”

“Yet now Obama is signaling his willingness to go along with a far worse scheme to tax employer-sponsored benefits to fund the $1.6 trillion or so it will cost to provide universal coverage. Contrary to Obama’s allegations, McCain’s plan did not ultimately entail a net tax increase because he intended to return to individuals whatever money was raised by scrapping the tax deduction. Not so with Obama. He apparently told Sen. Baucus that he would consider the senator’s plan for rolling back the tax exclusion that expensive, Cadillac-style employer-sponsored plans enjoy, in order to pay for universal coverage. But, unlike McCain, he has said nothing about putting offsetting deductions or credits in the hands of individuals.”
Lie Three: Government can control rising health care costs better than the private sector.”

“But lower administrative costs do not necessarily mean greater efficiency. Indeed, the Congressional Budget Office analysis last year chastised Medicare’s lax attitude on this front. “The traditional fee-for-service Medicare program does relatively little to manage benefits, which tends to reduce its administrative costs but may raise its overall spending relative to a more tightly managed approach,” it noted on page 93.”
Lie Four: A public plan won’t be a Trojan horse for a single-payer monopoly.

Obama has repeatedly claimed that forcing private plans to compete with a public plan will simply “keep them honest” and give patients more options–not lead to a full-blown, Canadian-style, single-payer monopoly. As I argued in my previous column, this is wishful thinking given that government programs such as Medicare have a history of controlling costs by underpaying providers, who make up the losses by charging private plans more.”

“But, as it turns out, it very much is his intention. Before he decided to run for office–and even during the initial days of his campaign–Obama repeatedly said that he was in favor of a single-payer system. What’s more, University of California, Berkeley Professor Jacob Hacker, who is a key influence on the Obama administration, is on tape explicitly boasting that a public plan is a means for creating a single-payer system. “It’s not a Trojan horse,” he quips, “it’s just right there.””
Lie Five: Patients don’t have to fear rationing.

Obama has been insisting, including during his ABC Town Hall event last week, that the rationing patients would face under a government-run system wouldn’t be any more draconian than what they currently confront under private plans. This is complete nonsense.”

“By that token, Obama’s stimulus bill has set in motion rationing on a scale unimaginable in the land of the free. Indeed, the bill commits over $1 billion to conduct comparative effectiveness research that will evaluate the relative merits of various treatments. That in itself wouldn’t be so objectionable–if it weren’t for the fact that a board will then “direct financing” toward approved, standardized treatments. In short, doctors will find it much harder to prescribe newer or non-standard treatments not yet deemed effective by health care bureaucrats. This is exactly along the lines of the British system, where breast cancer patients were denied Herceptin, a new miracle drug, until enraged women fought back. Even the much-vilified managed care plans would appear to be a paragon of generosity in comparison with this.”

Read more:


In case some of you believe that the propensity to lie on Obama’s part is a recent trend, let’s revisit the lie list from 2008:

3.) Father Was A Proud Freedom Fighter – LIAR, he was part of one of the most corrupt and violent governments Kenya has ever had

4.) My Family Has Strong Ties To African Freedom – LIAR, your cousin Raila Odinga has created mass violence in attempting to overturn a legitimate election in 2007, in Kenya. It is the first widespread violence in decades.

5.) My Grandmother Has Always Been A Christian – LIAR, she does her daily Salat prayers at 5am according to her own interviews. Not to mention, Christianity wouldn’t allow her to have been one of 14 wives to 1 man.

6.) My Name is African Swahili – LIAR, your name is Arabic and ‘Baraka’ (from which Barack came) means ‘blessed’ in that language. Hussein is also Arabic and so is Obama.

7.) I Never Practiced Islam – LIAR, you practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years,until your wife made you change, so you could run for office.

8.) My School In Indonesia Was Christian – LIAR, you were registered as Muslim there and got in trouble in Koranic Studies for making faces (check your own book).

9.) I Was Fluent In Indonesian – LIAR, not one teacher says you could speak the language.

10.) Because I Lived In Indonesia, I Have More Foreign Experience – LIAR, you were there from the ages of 6 to 10, and couldn’t even speak the language. What did you learn, how to study the Koran and watch cartoons.

11.) I Am Stronger On Foreign Affairs – LIAR, except for Africa (surprise) and the Middle East (bigger surprise), you have never been anywhere else on the planet and thus have NO experience with our closest allies.

12.) I Blame My Early Drug Use On Ethnic Confusion – LIAR, you were quite content in high school to be Barry Obama, no mention of Kenya and no mention of struggle to identify – your classmates said you were just fine.

13.)An Ebony Article Moved Me To Run For Office – LIAR, Ebony has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn’t, and never did, exist.

14.) A Life Magazine Article Changed My Outlook On Life – LIAR, Life has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn’t, and never did, exist.

15.) I Won’t Run On A National Ticket In ‘08 – LIAR, here you are, despite saying, live on TV, that you would not have enough experience by then, and you are all about having experience first.

16.) Present Votes Are Common In Illinois – LIAR, they are common for YOU, but not many others have 130 NO VOTES.

Read more:


And of course the biggest lie, many of us believe, is Obama being eligible to be POTUS based on being a natural born citizen. Obama signed a certification on the Arizona Presidential Preference Election Candidate Nomination Paper, form A.R.S. 16-242, that he is a natural born citizen. God willing, we will get a definitive answer on this soon.

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  1. And another big lie, accompanied with a quest for power!!! Sound familiar??

    One plain fact should outweigh all the words of Barack Obama and all the impressive trappings of the setting in which he says them: He tried to rush Congress into passing a massive government takeover of the nation’s medical care before the August recess– for a program that would not take effect until 2013!

    Whatever President Obama is, he is not stupid. If the urgency to pass the medical care legislation was to deal with a problem immediately, then why postpone the date when the legislation goes into effect for years– more specifically, until the year after the next Presidential election?

    If we do not believe that the President is stupid, then what do we believe? The only reasonable alternative seems to be that he wanted to get this massive government takeover of medical care passed into law before the public understood what was in it.


  2. Patriot Dreamer

    Pro-life activist/protestor shot and killed while holding a graphic anti-abortion sign in front of a Michigan high school:


  3. Y’all go and read a copy of this letter. It’s great!

    Click to access file_4a9ee094e801d594635.pdf

  4. Thanks CW-

    Your new post pretty well sums up the usurping liar!

  5. Patriot Dreamer

    Remember the ACORN prostitution story from yesterday? Well, after Baltimore they drove to D.C. and look what happened:


  6. Beck is talking about acorn in Louisiana (headquarters) now:


  7. Did someone say that Beck was talking about Obama’s eligibility?
    What did he say?

  8. Patriot Dreamer–

    Thanks for Acorn DC link. I loved one of the comments there — “Acorn’s nuts need to be crushed”.

  9. Patriot Dreamer

    Nancy, ACORN needs some SQUIRRELS!


  10. Truth Exists (Paulajal)

    Great article, CW. As a teacher I can tell you that many of our younger generation see nothing wrong with lying. I guess they have their leader then, don’t they?

  11. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    We could make an encyclopedia called, “The Lies of Obama”, but it would be too big for most coffee tables…

    We could put together a book on the truths he actually admitted to, but it would be a darn waste of an entire sheet of note book paper, to only use a small corner of it for such nonesense…

  12. Patriot-

    LOL. That’s a good one. I’ve plenty of squirrels here-I’ll send some. By the way, the acorns on my oak trees are falling like crazy. Maybe it’s an omen.

  13. Kim-

    Here is the link from Prairie’s comment on the last thread. It’s an Orly video. Listen to one of Beck’s reporters saying they are working on the BC issue! This is great!

  14. Oops-

    Forgot the link-hope it works.

  15. Nancy, thank you but unfortunately, I’m on my work computer and I can’t get video. Sounds like good news though.

  16. Good Morning, Citizen Wells —

    One side note from me — it is indeed a day of remembrance in reflection on the victims of 9/11/2001 and their families.


    Remembering, forever: On this anniversary of city’s darkest day, much remains to be done

    now on to the topic:


    In Heckler’s District, Support for the Outburst

    ‘SWANSEA, S.C. — In Washington, Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina was sharply criticized by both Democrats and his fellow Republicans for shouting “You lie!” during President Obama’s health care address on Wednesday. But here in his strongly Republican Congressional district on Thursday, he was celebrated by many of his constituents for his outburst.

    “Yeah, it was rude, but somebody needed to say it,” said Susan Wahl, 41, a homemaker in this town of 800 outside Columbia. “Ordinary people can’t just get up and tell Obama he lied. He said something we all wanted to say.”

    In a state famous for both its gentility and its rebelliousness, Mr. Wilson earned praise from voters who admired his message, if not his delivery.

    “I kind of want to defend Representative Wilson,” said Mendel Lindler, 63, an insurance salesman in Lexington, a Columbia suburb. “The president has been trying to shove something down our throats, and Representative Wilson said, ‘Hold on here.’ ”……’

  17. Kim-

    Watch it when you can on your personal computer!

  18. In case any of you missed these…..here are all the after the hearing videos on Sept 8th…thank you Prairie for putting them up initially!

    Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLcpp9ysivc

    Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZgHEGP5Y78

    Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmYm9TGrKPM

    Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKw6knnQUdo

  19. Thanks Jaclyn & Prairie.

  20. Sorry for misspelling JacQlyn

  21. Orly told me last week that she was going to be in Columbus today. Just talked to Carl Swennson at riseupforamerica.com and he has confirmed that Orly has been granted immediate discovery by Judge Carter for use in the Rhodes case in Georgia today. Let’s all pray that they make it to the court house.

  22. Patriot Dreamer

    Search engine “Bing” commemorates 9/11:


    To Google, it’s just another day.

  23. Can anyone tell what it will mean if Carter leaves case and the other magistrate is on the case?

  24. 9/11 never forget. In honor of the fallen, we must never give up.

    CW–great post.

    Here’s a new bumper sticker to go along:

  25. Patriot Dreamer

    Magna Carta, I don’t believe Judge Carter is leaving the case. He and the magistrate have different roles.

  26. http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=298&articleid=20090910_338_0_WASHIN649207

    Inhofe: Obama ‘eloquent’ but ‘arrogant’ in health care speech

    ‘By JIM MYERS World Washington Bureau
    Published: 9/10/2009 5:23 PM
    Last Modified: 9/10/2009 9:43 PM

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, who initially used “superb” and “eloquence” to describe President Obama’s speech to Congress on health care, said Thursday that the president was arrogant and even vindictive.

    “It was kind of the way he squinted his eyes and looked up. The look on his face,” the Oklahoma Republican said. “I had not seen that before.”

    Inhofe, who said he was sitting close to Obama, said he noticed the change right after another lawmaker yelled out “You lie.”

    “It was right after that that I saw a change in the voice level and that challenging type of approach,” he said.

    Inhofe singled out one particular line in Obama’s speech in which the president said those who misrepresent what is in the reform package will be called out.

    He said those words and the way the president delivered them were almost defiant. “That doesn’t sell,” Inhofe said. “I think he made really a mistake on that.” …’

  27. This happens to be a cartoon…but it’s somber not funny:


  28. Glenn Beck talking to Sen. DeMint right now….he admitted he isn’t that “informed” about organizations like STORM (Van Jones association with).

    They must not have known anything about Cass Sunstein either since he was granted Senate approval yesterday. WTH?

  29. Dec. 7, 1941, Nov. 22, 1963, Sept 11, 2001
    No one can change what these dates meant in American history and to the people who lived through these event. Nobody.

  30. OMG….Jim DeMint said they passed a new government program that no one knew about…They passed it with 80 votes….some Travel and ??? Bill….400 Billion…..he calls it a Fannie travel…..only 20 Repubs voted against it!!! HELP he says…..BECK tells him he is praying for DeMint to have courage to stay strong and get his colleagues to unite with the people and not the networks and the special interests!!! DeMint says the concentration of power is too strong at the Federal level is the reason for all of the corruption…..must get back to the Constitution he says!

  31. Truth Exists.
    Many young people in this country concern me.
    They seem to lack a moral compass.
    No wonder, “garbage in, garbage out.”

  32. Thanks Patriot.I feel better now.

  33. LOL

    Remember the ACORN prostitution story from yesterday? Well, after Baltimore they drove to D.C. and look what happened:


  34. Patriot Dreamer

    Jacqlyn Smith // September 11, 2009 at 11:24 am

    $400 MILLION (not great, but not quite as bad). Here’s a link to Senator DeMint’s blog entry about it:


  35. greetings from the beach-coast; so Georgia appears to be the primary focus of today’s news…2pm time zone there…means probably sometime around 11:24 lunch break here… (hunh?!) just being goofy…so, just wondering: what sort of surprises might be in store for, or added to, this day’s acknowledgment of 9-11-01?
    conspiracy or no…brave Americans gave and lost their lives, and exhibited magnificent acts of selflessness as they attempted to render aid to others: they deserve to be remembered with honor and dignity.
    JustMe @ 11:15: glad to at least be seeing DeMint’s name in print here: but wish he was making some news & noise of his own elsewhere, too. Maybe on ‘his coast’ he’s more in the public eye? Not much here.

  36. I realize that today is a day of mourning, and as such, I’m trying to stay away from the political stuff..but this article from JB Williams could, I hope and pray, blow the lid off everything.

    But I’m not going to hold my breath.


  37. twe // September 11, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Morning twe and All,

    For me, today will be remembered with silence and prayers.

    John Ogonowski, the Captain of AA#11 (the first plane to hit the WTC) was my friend and neighbor. As one of the three original families in town, everyone knew John and his entire family. His legacy continues here.

    I remember that day 8 years ago very vividly. When I heard the news that it was John, my car just sorta drifted slowly to the side of the road and hit the curb. There were no words.

    For a potential POTUS to stand at Ground Zero and toss flowers offends me deeply. For that, I will always hate him.

    No matter what the theories are behind the cause of 9/11, it happened.

    We can never forget.

  38. People heard gunshots on the Potomac. Seems the Coast Guard is doing exercises. Interesting timing, just before 9/12 march on DC. DHS preparing for right-wing terrorists?

  39. Everyday more and more this is Nixon/Watergate all over again. LIES just like then. The getting old fast lying to the American people.
    Difference: Washington Post took the story on very early-if I remember very risky decision by Katherine Graham-reporters who kept digging for the truth and Deep Throat.
    Obama and co-conspirators have taken this to a whole new level of crimes against the Constitituion.
    Many, many have already indicted themselves will go to trial, in my wildest imagination I can’t figure out what their defense will be.

  40. This is Phil’s take at rightsideoflife…..

    So, does Judge Nakazato rule on this alleged expedited discovery order – and could he not comply with Judge Carter’s wishes/orders?
    reply: Judge Carter’s order is that Judge Nakazato will handle the October 5, 2008 hearing on the motions to dismiss and, in theory, the motion to temporarily stay discovery contingent on the motion to dismiss.
    Just which Judge is going to be the ongoing Judge in this case? I’m assuming Carter.
    reply: No. My understanding is that Judge Carter effectively oversees the Magistrate Judges and was handling the Plaintiff’s motion to have Judge Nakazato recused from the case. However, since the motion was denied, Judge Nakazato continues to be the Judge assigned to this case.



    What do you all think???

  41. Patriot Dreamer

    Price of gold is at $1,007 right now.

  42. PD @ a minute before Re-do: thanks for the post; was you ‘reading my mail’?! heh…

  43. CW, not only the young people lack a moral compass. Our Congressional leaders concern me, as well. They lack the capacity or fortitude to recognize the “true North.”

  44. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do // September 11, 2009 at 11:38 am

    PD @ a minute before Re-do: thanks for the post; was you ‘reading my mail’?! heh…
    Re-do, that would be telling! LOL!

  45. SueK -I am so sorry for your loss. Please extended condolences to this man’s family. Saying a prayer for all of you.

  46. JF @ 11:33: a ‘re-do’ of your own? thought that one was posted already…seems I read one comment that was making bones about NP’s signature not ‘matchin’?….same one, eh?

  47. Nancy,

    I heard about the Coast Guard exercises. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was intentional…like the fly over a few months ago…to keep the “fear” factor alive so to speak.

    Surely the Coast Guard isn’t this insensitive/ignorant to the scheduled goings on in that area today. Smells fishy to me.

  48. Great post CW!

    Also glad to see that Beck actually ‘is’ on the eligibility issue.

    He has not given us the impression that he was.

  49. Truth Exists (Paulajal)

    Jacqlyn, I think that Carter is the judge in the case, but certain motions are handled by the magistrate judge (this is typically done). In the papers I’ve seen, Orly’s discovery motion was originally denied by the magistrate, but Carter in a minute order had an amended version bounced back to the magistrate. Since Carter oversees the case, we don’t know yet if he has spoken to the magistrate on what to do, however it’s interesting that the minute order cancels out the hearing on the motion scheduled for the 14th. Additionally, we do know that there are claims out there that subsequent to Tuesday’s hearing, Carter gave Orly expedited discovery (in general, which he could do), and we know that Obama’s attorneys have filed a motion to stay (stop) discovery from happening. Those papers are at scrib. We’re waiting for verification that discovery is being allowed by Carter.

  50. Looks like New Hampshires Secretary of State is launching an investigation into Obamas citizenship!


  51. To all here at citizenwells ,
    pray that tomorrow no harm comes from our desire to redress our government . Pray for all that the harm perpetrated on the United States by the lost/ blind politicians will see the harm they are causing – pray we change this course for the sake of our children . Pray this man calling himself CIC will have the hand of God stop his evil – pray we do not have to endure his spit in our face . Pray we remain one nation under God !

  52. sorry…but seeing some of the photos of (as Linda calls him “pp-face”) O in anything associated with NYC & 9-11-01 turns my stomach…just me, I ‘spose…seems so ‘DISrespectful’…so insincere that it comes across as a blatant mockery.

  53. Re-do, It is impossible to be disrespectful of Obama. He is not an NBC therefore he is not the president, therefore he is a criminal.
    Respect is earned, not bought.

  54. Guess the photo I saw got me “all wee-weed up!”
    (btw: when did that become ‘presidential-speak?’…right after the pitch that was heard around the world?…don’t get it…can’t imagine the Queen using such language before Parliament…was that on the teleprompter, or was he just ‘winging it’?!)

  55. Michelle @ 12:08: I assume you meant to include “not”?…

  56. I agree Re-do -O exudes arrogance and disrespect – he turns his chin out and nose up – there is no humility no humbleness . And I just heard a report that contained in this evil bill is legislation to provide school clinics with abortion info or worse giving children access to abortion .

  57. Re-do sorry yes include not.
    Obama’s regime is going down soon due to the sheer weight on all his lies, corruption (Acorn).
    More and more investigations are being launched everyday, no let-up in sight.

  58. And this icing on the cake…

  59. John Feeny, thanks for the link to the canadafreepress. I have forwarded this info on to Glenn Beck and I have called my senator’s office and left a message that Pelosi needs to undergo a stringent investigation and answer some questions.

    On another note, did anyone notice BO’s expression today at the 9/11 memorial service? He was standing in the rain, holding his umbrella with his hand over his heart as the national anthem played. He had a look of utter disdain on his face and it made me think that he’d rather be anywhere than there at that moment. No words he could ever speak can erase how I felt when I saw that look on his face. This is an important day, not only for remembrance, but for the future of our great nation.

  60. From Dr. Orly’s site.
    My Plaintiff State rep Rappaport NH starts investigation of obama’s illegitimacy in office with the NH Sec of State

  61. Nancy @ 12:16: exactly, where was that hand?!

  62. Cass Sunstein wants new bill of rights


  63. Re-do,

    read the article at Am. Thinker….another slap in the face to the survivors, as well as the families and friends of the victims of this tragic event. Unbelievable isn’t it?!

  64. Sue K,

    my prayers for continued healing for you and your community.

  65. “We don’t stop bending over backwards to reach out to and accommodate an ideology that is intent upon destroying us. It’s insanity”. Pamela Geller
    If nothing else-American’s will remember this when Obama comes up for trial.
    Very stupid question on my part: I thought he was pretending he was Christian, did he just decide to quit with the lets pretend.
    I did see that interview when the reporter asked what religion? he said Muslin, the reporter said Christian, Obama said Oh yeah Christian. Most normal people know the following: their religion, their real name, where they were born. Obama is still confused on these basic issues.

  66. yesterday was kind of a slow day…so ‘was able to hang out and follow along as the hits kept on coming…
    today, however, gonna have to go get some real work done.
    I can just imagine by the time I catch a break to come check on y’all the number’ll be in the hunerts…will see about listening to Rush…and keeping an ear open for any news/revelations coming out of GA.
    Later, y’all…LORD willing.

  67. Let them crumble as a house bulit on sand can only do . They have no foundation , no principle and are self destructive as unhealthy sick minds are – narcissism as most obsessive control freaks are so filled with self agrandisement that they destroy all in their path including themselves . Its unfortunate that so many are in the same place but the money – greed is what is holding them up – and to our detriment , on one hand , and to our joy on the other hand , THE MONEY IS DRYING UP . I guess what is so disheartening is “it” was not supposed to be this way – wasted precious time – we have only one life – its amazing how wrong wrong can be ! All the tools and protections are in the Constitution to provide us with the ability to exercise our free will given to all by God – unless this evil man has his way – Pray he does not and that the blind will see the truth as it unfolds before them – hope it is not too late .

  68. Carl Swenson says he talked to Orly this morning and the rumors are true.

    I’m still not 100% convinced this is for real, as I know Orly gets a little excited sometimes with her statements, but let’s pray!!!


  69. FG @ 12:23: CS is a complete cartoon-loon; his hero must be Scoobee-Doo (sp? who cares?)…
    He’ll have Wiley Coyote filing a suit against the artist who draws him for all the personal injury Sunstein’ed while running into walls painted to look like tunnels, etc.!!!
    okay…gotta go…

  70. Re-do, now that I think of it, I assumed that his hand was on his heart or at least in the general vacinity. I was more focused on the look on his face.

  71. DAR mom-Due to the fact that I came from the Chicago land area I am aware of a lot of Mafia trials. After awhile they become quite predictable. This is treason and conspiracy to commit treason, Acorn corruption, maybe some murders. The conspirators will turn on each other to save themselves possible death penalties. Someone is going to crack, others will follow. I think they call it working their way up the food chain. There is enough evidence on these web-sites alone to convict quite a few today. Bernie Madoff’s loot seized by the Federal Government, so will their ill gotten booty. Never fear. All the information is out there and you have seen from the town hall meetings alone that the people have spoken, these crowds are huge and if I had to guess they represent just 10 per cent, the other 90 per cent were there in spirit.

  72. Electrifying interview: Jim Traficant on Great last night!!!

  73. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Thanks, Michelle-it was a loss for the entire town and state.

    When I see wife Peggy and daughters, I’ll be sure to pass your sentiments along.

    BTW, the salon I spent a good slug of time at yesterday used to cut John’s hair. His loss was discussed…it’s still raw, here.

  74. Michelle – I agree whole heartedly – then there is that doubt that creeps in mainly because its all soo bad the media , the politicians , the branches of government – the corruption is so wide spread and vast that the fall will be horrible if it happens in our lifetime – Rome did not fall in one day – and what has caused this entire nightmare of blindness is the inability to recognize that we have turned our back on God .

  75. CW,

    I am so happy to be a part of your blog.

    I enjoy all the different opinions, humor and there is always a wealth of information on here. This is about the only place I “hang” out. I do visit the links that those here provide. But I always know that this is the place to get the most accurate into.

    We are rockin here!

  76. I don’t post a lot here but I am on this website all day reading and keeping up with the latest news. I heard earlier on the radio that every other anniversary remembrance of 9-11 was provided with a beautiful weather day and that today was the first time the weather was rainy, windy and miserable – must be because ‘mother nature” doesn’t approve of Obama either. LOL

  77. Never forget. Never give up. Never let down.

    God Bless America. God Bless all those who have given their lives for our freedom. God uphold and protect this great nation of ours.

  78. JustMe // September 11, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Thank you, JustMe. I pray for that,

  79. Jon Scott was on Fox talking about today, 9/11, being a national day of service and remembrance; however, he made a mistake and said “national day of servants,” but immediately corrected himself. Freudian slip?

  80. Oops, JustMe-slip of the finger. I meant to say ‘I pray for that, too.’

    Thanks again.

  81. Thanks val.
    You et al are appreciated (et al is the smart ass in me, you know, Obama et al)

  82. SueK-DAR mom-I don’t think the nation turned it’s back on God, most of the people I know go to church and try very hard to live good honest lives. I saw that in every town hall meeting. I think those who represent the government are the ones on the wrong track. I don’t think any of them will be voted back in for the following reasons: they did not support the Constitution, insulted and/or ran away from their constitutents, could not answer the most simple basic questions about anything. Solution: I think you will see people running for office like the military people who spoke up, or the lady Katherine Bragg small business owner-career politican you may as well say poison.
    9/11 will be raw for the rest of everyones life. God bless all who have given their lives for our country, from George Washington and his patriots until today.

  83. #

    Truth Exists (Paulajal) // September 11, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Jacqlyn, I think that Carter is the judge in the case, but certain motions are handled by the magistrate judge (this is typically done). In the papers I’ve seen, Orly’s discovery motion was originally denied by the magistrate, but Carter in a minute order had an amended version bounced back to the magistrate. Since Carter oversees the case, we don’t know yet if he has spoken to the magistrate on what to do, however it’s interesting that the minute order cancels out the hearing on the motion scheduled for the 14th. Additionally, we do know that there are claims out there that subsequent to Tuesday’s hearing, Carter gave Orly expedited discovery (in general, which he could do), and we know that Obama’s attorneys have filed a motion to stay (stop) discovery from happening. Those papers are at scrib. We’re waiting for verification that discovery is being allowed by Carter.

    Thank you Truth!!

  84. Patriot Dreamer

    For anyone who will be in D.C. tomorrow (9/12) for the tea party, would you like to meet up?

  85. #

    Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Re-do, It is impossible to be disrespectful of Obama. He is not an NBC therefore he is not the president, therefore he is a criminal.
    Respect is earned, not bought.

    My exacts thoughts Michelle!!

  86. Patriot Dreamer

    9/11 article by Ralph Peters:

    “Betraying our dead: Forgetting the vows we made”

  87. Ya know, back in the day, if anything like Obama happened, the Congress, courts and American people would be all over this immediately.

    Now, we have to fight a corrupt Congress and court system to even have the issues be heard. The alphabet channels (there was no CNN or MSNBC at that time) would air non-stop coverage of any wrongdoing.

    Why has this become so difficult? I think it’s because we’re a changed society and the political parties we knew have morphed into something monstrous. I also attribute it to the ‘me generation’ which is a concept that’s been going on since the 1990s; there’s no longer service to God and Country…only to ‘me.’

    I see this next generation and am truly fearful for our future. There is no sense of community, only self.

    The Hippies of the 1960s (and I was one of them) are today’s parents and grandparents. There was a moral shift back then, and I don’t see how it did America any good.

    The events of 9/11 pulled us all together as a country, but the further away we get from that tragic day, we seem to be reverting to business as usual.

    Sure, we need to pay attention to our own backyards, our families, and our jobs however, the lack of interest in what’s happening to America as a whole, has led to this illegal alien usurper occupying the White House.

    I don’t have to say it here, but must say it to the American public who still think Barky’s the answer to our problems and is doing a swell job:


  88. Traficant was horribly scary last night with his raving anti-semitism. It’s sad Greta even had him on. It’s hard to believe there are so many anti-semites in Chicago, i.e., Jesse Jackson, Rev. Wright, Obama, Traficant. It must be a raging city of evil.

  89. http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20090911/pl_politico/27026

    What’s the matter with South Carolina?

    ‘With two shouted words during the president’s speech to Congress Wednesday night, Congressman Joe Wilson cemented South Carolina’s status as the geographic center of opposition to the Obama White House.

    Just under nine months into the president’s term, the state has emerged as a beachhead for the president’s most aggressive conservative critics, a secure launching point for some of the harshest attacks on the administration’s policy initiatives.

    Its governor, Mark Sanford, led the charge of Republican governors against the Obama economic stimulus plan and made national headlines by arguing that the administration’s excessive spending could lead to an economic collapse on the scale of Weimar Germany. Sanford, in fact, persisted in rejecting Recovery Act funding until a court ordered him to back down.

    When Obama turned his attention to health care, South Carolina’s junior senator, Jim DeMint, touched off a firestorm of criticism by urging conservatives to “break ” the new president by defeating reform legislation.

    “If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo,” DeMint predicted, drawing an acid response from the White House.

    Wilson’s notorious “You lie!” outburst in front of a joint session of Congress, was just the latest in the series of salvos, this one coming as Obama claimed his health care reform plan wouldn’t offer free care to illegal immigrants.’

  90. Truth Exists (Paulajal)

    SueK, The biggest reason people think that, is they are hearing only praise for him. Unless you are on the internet going to the sites we’re going to, or listening to Beck, you are totally clueless about what is going on. This is the scary and evil part of what is happening; the MSM is hiding it from most people.

  91. Tina.

    Traficant plainly stated he’s not an anti-semite, and has no anger towards jews. He says he’s scared for America.

    Unbelievable: Every time someone mentions anything slightly off about Israel, they are automatically labelled an anti-semite.

  92. Found this at ObamaCrimes:

    New post by Agent 88 on Today, 09:48

    Many of you have probably seen this in an email. I have just the text without picturs but I wanted to post it here for you to think about today.

    Do You Remember 1987…..
    I had forgotten all of this. Do you remember when the senators were giving Ollie North such a bad time? This brings it all into perspective doesn’t it? Have a great day.

    Do you remember 1987…….

    Thought you might be interested in this forgotten bit of information……….

    It was 1987! At a lecture the other day they were playing an old news video of Lt.Col. Oliver North testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan Administration.

    There was Ollie in front of God and country getting the third degree, but what he said was stunning!

    He was being drilled by a senator; ‘Did you not recently spend close to $60,000 for a home security system?’

    Ollie replied, ‘Yes, I did, Sir.’

    The senator continued, trying to get a laugh out of the audience,
    ‘Isn’t that just a little excessive?’

    ‘No, sir,’ continued Ollie.

    ‘No? And why not?’ the senator asked.

    ‘Because the lives of my family and I were threatened, sir.’

    ‘Threatened? By whom?’ the senator questioned.

    ‘By a terrorist, sir’ Ollie answered.

    ‘Terrorist? What terrorist could possibly scare you that much?’

    ‘His name is Osama bin Laden, sir’ Ollie replied.

    At this point the senator tried to repeat the name, but couldn’t pronounce it, which most people back then probably couldn’t.. A couple
    of people laughed at the attempt. Then the senator continued.. Why are you so afraid of this man?’ the senator asked.

    ‘Because, sir, he is the most evil person alive that I know of’, Ollie answered.

    ‘And what do you recommend we do about him?’ asked the senator.

    ‘Well, sir, if it was up to me, I would recommend that an assassin team be formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth.’

    The senator disagreed with this approach, and that was all that was shown of the clip.

    By the way, that senator was Al Gore!


    Terrorist pilot Mohammad Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986. The Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the
    Oslo agreement with the Palestinians in 1993, Israel had to agree to release so-called ‘political prisoners.’

    However, the Israelis would not release any with blood on their hands, The American President at the time, Bill Clinton,
    and his Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, ‘insisted’ that all prisoners be released.

    Thus Mohammad Atta was freed and eventually thanked us by flying an airplane into Tower One of the World Trade Center .

    This was reported by many of the American TV networks at the time that the terrorists were first identified.

    It was censored in the US from all later reports.

    If you agree that the American public should be made aware of this fact, pass this on.

  93. The South….

    Carl Swenson says he talked to Orly this morning and the rumors are true.

    what “rumors” are you referring to that are confirmed?


  94. Michelle -when I said we have turned our back – I do not mean all have – but the direct attempt to take prayer ( even if it is a silent moment ) out of Schools in order to silence religious freedom – to use the politically correct brainwashing mentality to keep the truth from being said – to be afraid of being labeled a bigot if you disagree with your brother of color – to change the national athem in favor of mother earth , etc …. every avenue to change our Judeo Christian roots is being engaged – all at once from every direction and it is so vast right now it makes your head spin – lets not forget all of the money being stolen and passed into the hands of groups like acorn , etc – this is what concerns me – the willingness to turn away from the truth – burying heads in the ground – or simply the inability to see because of blindness. Yes there are many of us – but look where we are – look at the tsunami that has struck us and it did not happen over night – it has been happening , slow erosion over time – until the time was ripe for this entitlement ideology to swamp our system – are we waking up in time – I pray we are and at least I know the truth .

  95. JustMe.

    Did you think of clicking on the link under that statement?

  96. Canada Free Press is the front for Douglas Haggman, Founder of Northeast Intelligence Network, or “NEIN,” for “no” in German. “CFP” intentionally stole work produced on my blog, without accreditation, and are reaping the notoriety for this usurpation. My ire vests not in this theft of intellectual property but rather, in the knowledge that this unscrupulous group will unjustly benefit from the caliber of the work, my work. And people will tend to credit other tripe that comes out of this group, assuming it has any intrinsic value whatsoever, which it does not.

    Way back in December 2008, Justin Riggs was contacting state elections officials all over the country to obtain Certifications of Nominations. HI sent back both the DNC and RNC Certifications, which he posted, along with the cover letter from elections officials. A blogger who has helped me on several projects, including distributing the memorandum I wrote trying to resolve the issue of standing confronted by Plaintiffs in federal court, by proposing military Plaintiffs who could survive a Motion to Dismiss; thought I might be interested in Justin’s work and emailed the link. Already familiar with the SC Certification, s soon as I saw the HI Certification, I noticed the extra line regarding BO’s Constitutional qualification. Then, I looked at the cover letter from HI elections officials; this contained a cite to Hawaiian Revised Statutes. I checked with Justin; no, he hadn’t cited this law to obtain the Certifications. So, I looked up the law. And sure enough, this was the requirement that party officials must Certify the candidate for POTUS is Constitutionally eligible for the job. (I also noticed there was no “Received” stamp on the Certification from HI, as well as the signature anomaly. But none of these details was material to creating any cause of action that could halt the Congressional ratification of the EC vote; or, after such ratification, that could prompt Congress to initiate Impeachment proceedings.)

    You will find these documents posted and/or referenced throughout my blog, beginning last December, and recently highlighted in an article I posted on August 13, “IF DROWNING OUT OPPOSING FACTS IS un-AMERICAN THEN, IGNORING UNPLEASANT FACTS IS un-AMERICAN, TOO.” The distinction is again pointed out in the just published “MODEL COMPLAINT OF ELECTION FRAUD TO STATE A’sG.” Notice, CFP did not reveal the provenance of information they just ‘published’ about the Certifications, or provide an explanation as to why it took them so long to ‘find’ this information and realize its significance.

  97. The South,

    …don’t know how I didn’t see the link, after all it’s in blue and underlined. Sorry.

  98. Hey Sue – we live in a moral relativist world – this is what our children have been indoctrinated with –
    recycle , conserve , don’t mention God you may offend someone , go green , but kill babies , give animals lawyers , but tell your grandfather he has lived a long full life move over let someone else benefit from government services , pay for world abortions , and serve the him , the Stinkin O – and lets make drugs legal because we can tax them . It all comes down to the almighty dollar .
    Of course we must fight this commi /socialist thinking – but we have to stop allowing the education of our children to be infiltrated with the brainwashing – this is where the dam has broken and it was deliberate ! If you control education you control the future. They never say what they mean – only blur the lines so the truth becomes undetectable – In order to bring people together we have to have an urgent common cause and silence the lies ( some are better at lying and O does this well – to the sheeple he has fooled them ) to those with wisdom and please pray for wisdom it is very clear what is happening ( sometimes rock bottom is pretty bad – and I don’t know if we have hit rock bottom )

  99. This suspense is killing me. What time is Orly’s court thing today? Is it at around 2:00?

  100. A true testament to America, written by a Romanian, of all people. Some of our own people can’t see the forest for the trees.

    We rarely get a chance to see another country’s editorial about the USA

    Read this excerpt from a Romanian Newspaper. The article was written by Mr. Cornel Nistorescu and published under the title ‘C’ntarea Americii, meaning ‘Ode To America ‘) in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentulzilei ‘The Daily Event’ or ‘News of the Day’.

    ~ An Ode to America ~

    Why are Americans so united? They would not resemble one another even if you painted them all one color! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations and religious beliefs.

    On 9/11, the American tragedyturned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the Army, or the Secret Service that they are only a bunch of losers. Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts. Nobody rushed out onto the streets nearby to gape about.

    Instead the Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand.

    After the first moments of panic , they raised their flag over the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colors of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a government official or the president was passing. On every occasion, they started singing: ‘God BlessAmerica !’

    I watched the live broadcast and rerun after rerun for hours listening to the story of the guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was, or of the Californian hockey player, who gave his life fighting with the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting a target that could have killed other hundreds or thousands of people.

    How on earth were they able to respond united as one human being? Imperceptibly, with every word and musical note, the memory of some turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions and millions of dollars were put into collection aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a spirit, which no money can buy. What on earth can unites the Americans in such way? Their land? Their history? Their economic Power? Money? I tried for hours to find an answer, humming songs and murmuring phrases with the risk of sounding commonplace, I thought things over, I reached but only one conclusion…. Only freedom can work such miracles.

    Cornel Nistorescu

    (This deserves to be passed around the Internet forever.) It took a person on the outside – looking in – to see what we take for granted!

  101. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I am really sorry to hear they plagarized your research…

  102. First of all it is my wish to apologise for my childish outburst. Once again, because I am trying to do too much, too fast, for my somewhat impaired status to digest accurately, I have once again taken something someone said completely out of context. As always I speed read following key words. It only takes missng one, or two key words for a statement to take on an entirely different meaning. That occurs sometimes out of not paying attention to what I am reading. Not paying attention results from trying to digest a parralel plane of information, while reading another. I guess God is acting to show me that I “AIN’T WHAT I ONCE WAS”. During my younger years I could handle multiple planes of thought, and action at the same time with ease. I make no excuses. I am to blame. I am no longer going to even try to speed read any longer, and for safety I will read everything at least twice. Perhaps this will alleviate any further “ROOSTERLIKE” bursts of misguided angry, rhetoric.
    I LOVE exchanging viewpoints with all of you. This blog has some beautiful minds aboard, and there often is something new to learn in so doing. As I stated in an eatlier comment, I really admire those who have taken time to acquire a formal education. They always reflect this in their command of grammer. I should have been in sales work.
    On another note I have been trying to get in contact with Joe Wilson. I have some specific information which I want him to comment on regarding Soetoro’s Healthcare Plan. The Republicans put specific langusge into the Plan that forbade illegal aliens coverage. Then the Democrats acted to override this with their own language which ALLOWS ALL ILLEGALS health care coverage at TAXPAYER’S expense. I am really steamed; Wilson was DEAD ON when he yelled “LIAR”. He should NEVER have apologised. In fact I personally believe that he should have repeated the word even LOUDER. We need to get Wilson in our corner.

  103. jbjd-Thank you I knew I saw those documents before, I just could not remember where. Stealing intellectual property is well stealing. Stick by your own hard work, but yours is dated, so is theirs. You should have been given proper credit, that’s wrong.
    Somewhat like the Ford Motor Company case and the intermittent wipers.

  104. OS77 – Glad to hear from you. I don’t think Joe Wilson apologized for what he said but how he said it.
    Anyone – what do we hear from the hearing in Ga. at 2PM?

  105. jbjd, whenever I pass along any more information relating to this, I will see that you receive proper credit. In fact, I’m correcting it now. You are truly an American patriot. Thank you.

  106. John Feeny-That was wonderful. This is what America can achieve when we all pull together. Right now we are naturally pulling apart, because we know we have an ineligible potus, therefore an unConstitutional government. Yes our government has become corrupt, we know our job is to clean it up. Eliot Ness took down Al Capone in Chicago-someone is going to take down the usurper. Today, next week, next month. I know in my heart of hearts it will be soon. You know that expression “too much information”. Too much information on the corrupt ones to be ignored and what reporter wants to be last. I think Glenn Beck is going to open some flood gates, along with others.

  107. Wanted to donate to Joe Wilson’s campaign. I entered the url joe wilson for congress dot org by mistake. I was then instantly redirected to a pro-healthcare reform site. Hmph.
    Wilson’s is dot com, not dot org.

  108. On another note I have been trying to get in contact with Joe Wilson. I have some specific information which I want him to comment on regarding Soetoro’s Healthcare Plan. The Republicans put specific langusge into the Plan that forbade illegal aliens coverage. Then the Democrats acted to override this with their own language which ALLOWS ALL ILLEGALS health care coverage at TAXPAYER’S expense. I am really steamed; Wilson was DEAD ON when he yelled “LIAR”. He should NEVER have apologised. In fact I personally believe that he should have repeated the word even LOUDER. We need to get Wilson in our corner.

    OldSalt….Glad to see you are back…I think we all sometimes take things out of context and read too quickly…I know I have done that myself at times…..no need to feel bad though! As far as Joe goes…..I think most of us at this blog feel he shouldn’t have apologized but we don’t walk in his shoes and don’t know the pressure he was under by his colleagues to say something after the outburst….I have heard him speak on the incident now on 3 occasions and I know he is not sorry for telling the truth….just telling it out loud in the wrong venue!!! My only regret now is that the DemoCRAPS are using it to raise money for their candidate against Wilson…..I say let em’ try….money or not…..Joe will be re-elected….he has shown to be a true PATRIOT….BTW welcome back!!

  109. oldsalt77-I think one of the benefits of this-is the free expression of ideas. Yeah, Freedom of Speech. I don’t expect folks to agree with me, ever, never, sometimes.
    On web-sites like this we don’t know people’s professions unless they say so. We could be members of Congress, members of the press, people just trying to get the word out any way they can. Hope Orly is ok, but we all know her, she will keep trying until she gets the truth out. Connie is a flight surgeon-I don’t see how they could rule different for her than they did with Major Cook. It’s 2:35 here in Florida, we may be in the same time zone as Georgia.

  110. jbjd,
    The right side of life is directing people to your blog for info on the certifications.

  111. 9-11 Prayer

    Please God hear my crying heart and soul; even after 8 years the pain is still intense. I ask that you will use your powers to bring about an extremely painful, and very slow death of all of the 9-11 perpetrators. I want to hear each of them scream in pain, I want to spit on each of them. And lastly I ask that you will deny all of them their 36 virgins, and instead provde them a severely diseased prostitute to be SHARED BY ALL!
    Our alleged President visited ground zero this morning. While I take nothing from his visit I find in my heart that his visit was probably for the purpose of determining if his SLIMEY middle eastern friends (whose hands he seems to enjoy kissing) done a job which meets with his approval. My anger towards these murderers even though they are dead, knows no limit. I look upon Soetoro as being from the same bolt of cloth. Pardon my candor.

  112. OS–God bless you! We all make mistakes. It takes a big person to admit them. Glad you are still with us.

  113. OldSalt…..The FRAUD didn’t even go to ground zero….he sent his side kick…he stayed at the Pentagon while Biden went to NY!!! I doubt we will see him go to ground zero much!

  114. OldSalt – you are WiseOldsalt ….. have a pleasant weekend ….. I hope you read my comment earlier – you remind me of my father-in -law whom we lost this past Thanksgiving a ww11survivor who would never speak of his experience – he was a real American , you are the same and proud to know you if only through the pen …

  115. oldsalt77 -I have seen and heard some curses in my life, but yours is really appropriate to the occasion. Same bolt of cloth, more obvious by the day. Candor is where it’s at. Separates the WE THE PEOPLE, from our DOA reps in government. They ought to be ashamed and they know who they are.

  116. jbjd–It’s academic honesty to give credit for ideas (not just quotes). It is flat out plagiarism to take other people’s ideas and parade them as your own. Those people have done you a disservice, not just figuratively, but legally too.

  117. DAR mom-There is such an easy way to teach ethics and morality in the schools. Aesop’s fables, Poor Richards Almanac, the Greek tragedies, morality plays, Shakespeare’s plays and much etc. They all had a moral story to them. I went to Catholic school, but the nuns taught us about all religions, good manners and tolerance. God legislated morality via The 10 Commandments, the only close second is our Constitution. Washington tries to legislate-“oh what fools these mortals be” the question these days is degrees. Obama’s healthplan is about the worst over 1,000 page mess-it needs to be voted down for a.) real bad plan b.) worst time to do. Back to the drawing board write something that makes sense, start with waste and fraud, somewhat like your Acorn affiliations.

  118. It seems this is going around as it was forwarded to me so here is for what it’s worth:
    To: Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 12:51 AM
    Subject: Re: Press Inquiry from the Post & Email

    I will get back to you on this tomorrow..
    Incidentally, I am lead plaintiff because I am first in the alphabet of all plaintiffs. I may speak to Orly more than the other plaintiffs however. I have a very experienced attorney in my family that practices in the 9th circuit. I will pass this info to him, and hopefully he can have an
    opinion for me early tomorrow.

    In my opinion, it seems like Judge Carter’s statement of encouragement to begin discovery immediately is then contradicted by his seeking an opinion from the Magistrate judge who could recommend something else.

    Thank you for your quick response. It is so hard to get anything out of Gary Kreep.
    His strategy is to go MUM and not to let anyone know his strategy. Orly’s strategy is more open…she goes on the premise that to fight evil, YOU HAVE TO EXPOSE IT. She has gained hundreds of thousands of supporters and thousands of activists (like me) working at her side getting the truth out. THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE US FREE!

    Yes, let us know what your family attorney member thinks about this all…

    I had one correspondent comment by saying, “Don’t quote me, but looks like the
    minutes of Judge Carter in his chambers with his file Clerk is related to a prior filing
    for discovery and has been carried forward, And that Sept scheduled hearing abandoned
    because Judge Carter has taken on the Case.”

    Like you, I am not an attorney either, but after reviewing the latest document shows two things are going to happen on Oct 5.
    1) The US Attornies will get a token chance to argue their case for DISMISSAL. (We already know that from the Sept 8th hearing.)
    2) This new information says “ALL PARTIES BE READY TO SUBMIT THEIR 26(f) Reports and plan for DISCOVERY. To me, this is NEW INFORMATION. Maybe you heard the same at the Sep 8th hearing?

    I really don’t know what to make of the second attachment. It is dated Sep 10. It clearly says, “Court orders First Amended Motion for Issuance of Letters Rogatory and Initiation of Discovery, filed by plaintiffs on August 20, 2009 referred to assigned Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato.”
    “Accordingly, the noticed hearing date of September 14, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. before this
    Court is vacated.”

    It seems to say that Judge Nakazato was originally assigned the case. There was
    supposed to be a hearing with Nakazato. However, this hearing is now vacated and
    Judge Carter has reset the SCHEDULING HEARING and HEARING OF DISMISSAL
    for Oct 5. I am under the impression that many observers in the Sep 8 hearing, Carter
    didn’t seem inclined to grant a DISMISSAL of any sort. Is that what you understand?

    Keep us/me informed, OKAY? This is the most important event in the history of the
    United States. We need to be fed any and all info regardless how slight.

  119. **NEW POST**

  120. Truth Exists (Paulajal)

    OldSalt, I’ve made mistakes in reading these blogs too. I blame it on the computer (hehe); too much reading and it makes your eyes spin. I’m with the others, glad you’re staying. I get so sick of all the people elsewhere who keep giving Odimwit the benefit of the doubt. I love it when you just say it like it is.

  121. Yes – all of this reading ( the classics ) has been mostly erased – I agree with you – I went to catholic schools also , and the same – As far as this health plan – He wants this – there is no starting over except through true American Politicians , concerned about insuring and maintaining our God given rights . I can’t even stomach listening to his voice – I didn’t like Clinton but I can now say different . They are all corrupt – it will take a miracle to correct the damage already done to our Constitution ( and our laws stem from the ten commandments – natural law ) my thoughts are not as fluid as I’d prefer – I am sick with flu – hit me like a brick in the middle of the night ! Have a good weekend and keep saying the St Michael prayer !

  122. previous comment to Michelle

  123. Traficant’s comments were incredibly anti-semetic. Do you think he’d admit that he’s an anti-semite? His comments were way over the top, outlandish, and would be banned most likely in Germany.

  124. I sincerely hope that Judge Carter will not allow the DOJ to browbeat him into throwing out Orly’s case. It could happen even after discovery. Hopefully early on Carter will override the Hawaii lockdown at the BOH and subpoena all of Lil Barry’s records, and advise them that he will hold ALL of them in contempt of court if they refuse to comply. I am praying for Orly. She needs a legal staff who can assist her through with everything. Depositions, could get a little hairy. Is Pidgeon actually assisting? He seems quite competent.

  125. Once Soetoro’s a$$ is showing you will start hearing the splashes made by the rats as they hastily abandon the SINKING SHIP. In all probability each will have a little something special to tell about as he/she jumps over the side. Maybe even a little extra info if sombody agrees to save a rat from drowning.

  126. Ya’ll there is a new thread….

    But Orly is rescheduled for Monday

  127. So, I looked up the law. And sure enough, this was the requirement that party officials must Certify the candidate for POTUS is Constitutionally eligible for the job

    So, Jbjd, you’re telling us that only one state, Hawaii, has this requirement that the official must certify the candidate is ‘eligible’ on that document ??
    And don’t bother bickering about ‘qualified’and ‘eligible’ (because I was bothered)…….found in Webster’s……..
    qualified: fitted for a given purpose; competent; having complied with the specific requirements or conditions; eligible…………..it’s covered….
    And yes, I must say the first I read of these omissions was on your site that you provided a link to.

  128. I sincerely hope that Judge Carter will not allow the DOJ to browbeat him into throwing out Orly’s case. It could happen even after discovery
    And why not?? These people live in their gated communities in their fine estates..far away from the real world.

  129. In all probability each will have a little something special to tell about as he/she jumps over the side. Maybe even a little extra info if sombody agrees to save a rat from drowning.

    Old salt, we don’t want to hear it ( a little extra info) now or ever…they were part of the fricking problem!!! It’s too late for them to grab for a life jacket, don’t you think??
    I am really a b**** when it comes to showing mercy! I’ll leave that to the Lord.

  130. DAR mom // September 11, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Erin,

    And you’re 100% spot on. As an educator, I’m sure you’ve seen this first hand.

    The colleges and universities of today are nothing more than liberal indoctrination machines; I went back to college as a 30something adult to obtain another degree and I couldn’t believe the crappola these ‘professors’ were spewing at the ‘yutes.’ These were impressionable young people(probably away from home for the first time), easily swayed by ‘educators.’

    It’s a shame what the American education system has become.

    Thanks for your reply. I pray daily for wisdom.

  131. Old Salt,

    Great to read you-welcome back!

    I’m *very* glad you didn’t make me come to your house :).

    Please keep posting your words of wisdom and we will keep reading them and nodding our heads!

  132. @OldSalt77,
    You don’t know me, but I think you are wonderful. I come here all the time and read and learn, but rarely ever comment. ( I know Michelle from Orly’s blog) Please stay and don’t ever leave. We love you…I love you…everybody does.

  133. I just want to say thank you to all of you. God bless all the people that died on this day 8 years ago. It’s still raw. I will never forget it as long as I live….the tears still flow freely. I love my country and our military with all my heart, and that will always be so. God bless my beautiful country and all the patriots.
    God Bless Orly and Godspeed. Please let this be over very soon.

  134. Old Salt,
    Glad to see you here again.
    I thought I was going to have to send
    your favorite politician, HILLARY to your
    house with flowers and chocolate sent
    from Maddie:) Just kidding about sending
    HRC. Take care, Maddie.

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