Joe Wilson truth, Obama lies, Obama health care lies, SC representative Wilson hero, Media lies, Brent Bozell statement on media, September 10, 2009

From the Media Research Center, September 10, 2009:

“Bozell Challenges Media on Obama’s Health Care Reform Speech

September 10, 2009 10:35 ET

“Media must expose Obama’s calculated lying, scare tactics”
Alexandria, VA – Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement this morning demanding the media report President Obama’s lies, distortions and exaggerations delivered in his speech on health care reform last night:

“Barack Obama will not stop committing serial dishonesty with the American people until the media expose his false figures and bogus exaggerations for what they are: fraudulent scare tactics.

“Last night Obama told a litany of lies. He said the total cost of his health reform would be $900 billion over ten years, but even the government-run Congressional Budget Office found it would cost $1.6 trillion. He claimed his reform would not cover illegal immigrants or abortions, but nothing in any of the Democrat bills requires citizen verification and several organizations including the National Right to Life Committee have shown exactly how federal funds would be used to pay for abortion-on-demand. He knows these are lies and he tells them because he is confident the left wing ‘news’ media will let him get away with it.

“Worst still, Obama used these lies to play on Americans greatest fears and vulnerabilities. He warned that more people would die unless we passed his sweeping plan and threatened that our country’s economic pulse would weaken with American businesses closing.  And still, the media let him get away with it.

“This must stop. The media must expose Obama’s calculated scare tactics and lying on ‘reform.’ Failing to do so gives him a green light to lie and cry wolf about whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And it will aid in the most radical government takeover ever attempted in America.””

SC Representative Joe Wilson and American patriots,
Don’t back down!

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  1. dang…first one here…and I gotta GO!…
    8 minutes to Orly?!…
    please let me/us know…

  2. Great post, CW. Keep them coming!

  3. Surprise-they do have a set of ethics and standards.
    Journalism ethics and standards comprise principles of ethics and of good practice as applicable to the specific challenges faced by professional journalists. Historically and currently, this subset of media ethics is widely known to journalists as their professional “code of ethics” or the “canons of journalism”.[1] The basic codes and canons commonly appear in statements drafted by both professional journalism associations and individual print, broadcast, and online news organizations.
    “ Every news organization has only its credibility and reputation to rely on. ”
    -Tony Burman, ex-editor-in-chief of CBC News[2]
    While various existing codes have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of — truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability — as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public.[3][4][5][6]
    Like many broader ethical systems, journalism ethics include the principle of “limitation of harm.” This often involves the withholding of certain details from reports such as the names of minor children, crime victims’ names or information not materially related to particular news reports release of which might, for example, harm someone’s reputation.[7][8]

  4. All-I thought you would enjoy this.
    Hooray for banks that refused bailouts! – Paul R. La Monica – ‎2 hours ago‎
    A group of banks that turned down TARP funds have outperformed banks that received gobs of support. It just goes to show that not all banks needed a rescue.

  5. Hannity used this for the opening in his show today. (Embedding disabled, need to click through to YouTube)
    Blessings and prayers to all those who suffered on 9/11.

  6. Any news about Orly yet, or is it too early?

  7. This is for all those clueless people who tell us you can’t believe what you read on the internet. (We must only believe what the MSM wants us to hear!)

    Yes, Glenn Beck is a voice that is finally get this out in the open. But many bloggers – CW included – have been in this fight for over a year.

    Here’s just another example of someone connecting all the “nuts” together with obama and ACORN.

  8. Just saw where Columbus/Orly hearing was rescheduled for Monday? Is this true?

  9. What happens to the discovery issues?

  10. Filed Sept 10th

  11. Sorry, Army DAV. I don’t see signatures by the judges, so are we still awaiting the ruling on the motion to dismiss by Obama’s team?

  12. need help with this site
    as OBOTS
    liberalnutjob posts repeatedly after
    commenting on Obama the Obiliar

  13. So…seems like the ‘breaking news’ won’t be breaking until Monday…from Orly, that is.

    Was Obama a Pimp Daddy?
    September 10, 2:18 PMLibertarian ExaminerTerry Crowley

  15. da verg…’s like Rush said today. Why waste time with the politically insane? He is right. I have wasted so much time debating the same people at another site since before the election. None of the reasoning people there have been able to change the libnuts minds. It is like an invisible shield surrounds them when FACTS show up.

  16. btw: hope the info on this thread gets spread around such that the MSM’ers start sweatin’ bullets…they’re as much to blame for aiding these lies as anyone; and that Gibbs-character?

  17. Delayed? I thought she was to deploy tomorrow – Sept. 12? Is she going or not?

  18. Okay: sorry…dumb-question time: just what is the nature of the ‘clout’ MRC has with the MSM?

  19. Thanks for info. on Orly’s case. And most of all a big Thanks for all the info. and the continued fight for America. It is so depressing what is happening, and so many people don’t even have a clue to what is going on. God Bless America, and the fine citizens of OUR Country.

  20. Truth Exists (Paulajal)

    Tina, we don’t know about the discovery issues. We don’t know if Orly knows something we don’t know, or if she misread something. From the documents we’ve seen, Obama’s attorneys have put forth a motion to stay (stop)discovery until after the motion to dismiss is heard in Oct.

  21. Okay, thank you, Paulajal.


    A U.S. District Court hearing to determine if a Army captain fighting deployment to Afghanistan because of the challenged the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency was rescheduled for Monday, Sept 14, 2009.

    Capt. Connie Rhodes filed the complaint last week and Judge Clay Land granted an emergency hearing Friday afternoon in the Columbus federal courthouse.

    Rhodes, a medical doctor who was with her unit in Fort Riley, Kan., did not attend the hearing. That prompted Land to reschedule it for noon Monday.

    Rhodes is scheduled to arrive at Fort Benning Saturday and deploy within seven days.

    Rhodes’ attorney Orly Taitz — a national figure in the “birther” movement — was in Land’s court. Rhodes was ordered by her commanding officers not to leave Kansas, Taitz told the court.

    “That is not the information I have from Fort Riley,” said Maj. Rebecca Ausprung, with the Department of the Army, Litigation Division in Washington. Rhodes had not informed her supervisor, Ausprung told the court.

    Land made it clear he wanted to hear from Rhodes.

    “I am going to require her to appear, so I can ask questions of her,” Land said.

    Ausprung said the Army would make Rhodes available.

  23. Thanks to Peter Fleckenstein :

    PG 50 Line 152 HealthCare will be provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise.
    PG 98 Line 8 Americans – You will be paying for others HealthCare while paying for your own.
    Pg 769 3-5 Nurse Home Visit Services – “increasing birth intervals between pregnancies.” Government Abortions anyone?
    Pg 770 SEC 1714 Federal Government mandates eligibility for State Family Planning Services. Say abortion & State Sovereign.
    (for a complete, informative detail of what is in the bill)

  24. Re-do,

    are you talking about Media Research Center (MRC)?

    MRC – Brent Bozell’ – brain child isn’t attached to any one particular media outlet. They are available to any/all. Essential they maintain a massive historical database of all news. They also have an Internet presence and employ freelance “bloggers.” I believe they launched some kind of tv, too.

    hope that answers your question

  25. Judge Carter orders Motion for Rogatory Discovery to be heard

    September 11, 2009 by John Charlton

    Yesterday U.S. Federal District Judge David Carter (Central District of California, Souther Division) ordered the Amended Motion for expedited Rogatory Discovery, filed by Attorney Taitz in the action Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al. referred to Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato. This order followed Carter’s denial of Taitz’ request to remove Judge Nakazato from his role overseeing admission of evidence to the case, which duty he has according to Federal Court rules of procedure. Judge Nakazato is now to review the first Kenyan Birth Certificate.

  26. Sandy @ 4:28: I’ve been frustrated by a similar situation, of a sort…part of which was on theprevious thread:
    (please forgive my run-on sentencse structure…more like a conversation)…
    While trying to make sense of the glaring contradiction and inconsistency coming from some who post here…namely ones who jump on the ‘get-BHO-outta-here’ band wagon…are presumably doing so for what should be the obvious reasons: his associations and actions that reveal the true, destructive, nature of his character (ala MLK, Jr. “content of their character” remarks) and his agenda. These same ones posting are then the same ones who blithley give HRC a ‘pass’ for equally as egregious associations and actions that reveal HER true, destructive, nature and agenda.

    Instead of providing any explanation of the disparity, I was posed with a question about my person:”what’s your gender?” Not, “what’s your race; are you Asian, Caucasion, African-American, Hispanic?” Not “do you have kids; are you a vegetarian; are you obese or disabled; do you smoke; are you an alcoholic; are you the child of divorced or abusive parents?”…which would have been equally irrelevant as well.

    Such a question is totally irrelevant to assessing the content of one’s character…to me, anyway; but apparently not to the other party. It also, IMHO, speaks volumes about the manner which such a person goes about making judgments of what is right, and what is wrong; what exhibits trustworthy behavior, and what does not.
    It was a disappointing end to an effort to reason solely on the issues. At the risk of over-doing a re-do…Yogi said it best,
    “there are some people who, if they don’t know, you can’t tell ’em.”
    I imagine you can relate. Thanks for your comment.

  27. Side note on Brent Bozell – MRC

    Bozell was a very large, well known advertising agency headquartered in NYC. I know they have been sold several times in the past decade. Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyan & Eckhardt was the original name. I worked for the Dallas office several years ago.

  28. A group of banks that turned down TARP funds have outperformed banks that received gobs of support. It just goes to show that not all banks needed a rescue.

    What it shows is those banks not needing TARP were already operating under strict guidelines in the best interest of their shareholders and customers???

  29. JustMe @ 4:57: Yes; that’s what I was asking about: the lead reason for this thread;

    I was sorta looking for a more simplistic answer…
    maybe a simpler question would help:
    “what kind of ‘teeth’ do they really bring to the silence and complicit actions of the MSM?
    in other words:
    “is their bite as verocious as the bark?”

  30. maybe that’s ferocious….”arff! arff!!”
    (it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…
    it’s the size of the fight in the dog!!!)…

  31. Prairie @ 4:49: thanks for the good reporting.

  32. da verg…’s like Rush said today. Why waste time with the politically insane? He is right. I have wasted so much time debating the same people at another site since before the election. None of the reasoning people there have been able to change the libnuts minds. It is like an invisible shield surrounds them when FACTS show up.
    Now, you get it…a total waste of breath…use it wisely to help those that see the truth and go to a tea party…make a sign for the tea party….get a bumper sticker…write a letter to the editor….find like minds and help those unfortunates get ready for when the SHTF!!! with food, water, etc….,make flyers and put them at gas stations, libraries, etc about the fraud in the WH….

  33. JJ @ 5:01: if that is true…and they are outside of future government interference…maybe you could provide their names; seems fitting (even American?) to reward those businesses with (my) our business…no?
    Was one of the Farmers & Merchants?

  34. Re-do,

    I’d have to say it’s the massive collection and tireless analyzation of the data MRC does helping to expose the lies. Brent Bozell ISN’T a fan of Obama. Brent Bozell’s clout comes from his ties to the ad business.

  35. When The Shift Hits The Fan…
    okay…gotta get back to real work here; thanks all…ketchup with ya later…

  36. Re-do,
    Credit goes to Sandy, I just brought the text over.

  37. Can anyone Word program saavy help me?
    I have downloaded a complaint form for Texas from JBJD to file with the AG. There is a space for you to fill in your name,address,etc and I have a really updated version of WORD on my mac but I do not know how to get a curser up so I can type in the info onto the doc. It will pop up in Preview but I do not know if I can add text to the doc from that program. It is such a stupid detail and I am so eager to fax it in.Any advice from office-word type people would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Re-do // September 11, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    JJ @ 5:01: if that is true…and they are outside of future government interference…maybe you could provide their names; seems fitting (even American?) to reward those businesses with (my) our business…no?
    Was one of the Farmers & Merchants?

    I was responding to: Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    But, yes, they do merit our business…my husband and I have accounts at small community banks, probably the type that don’t need TARP…..just guessing!!!

  39. I think that there is a only a small hard core group that fall under the “politically insane.”
    Because MSM only shows the same ones over and over again, we think there are more.
    Mostly there are the victims of MSM that don’t know the whole truth about anything.
    And then there’s us! And WE ROCK!

  40. JJ @ 5:24: my apologies…didn’t make the connection to a comment from Michelle; but thanks for your reply.
    Prairie @ 5:16: okay…thanks, again; kudos to Sandy…’sharing the wealth (of knowledge), not ‘redistributing’ it…hehe…
    (“Hey!! that guy over there’s got way too much…let’s go grab somma his!!”)

  41. Everyone,

    Thank you for the support. Again, I was not nearly as upset by the wholesale copying of my work by CFP but by the prospect that, having for one put out a product based in fact, people reading them might mistakenly find any other ‘reports’ coming out of CFP are credible, too.

    Point of clarification: while HI is the only state that requires the party to Certify explicitly their nominee for POTUS is Constitutionally eligible for the job before elections officials will allow the name to be placed on the general election ballot, several other states require the party’s nominee to be eligible for the job. And they require the party to Certify who is the candidate. They just don’t have laws that require the party to explicitly state the nominee is eligible.

  42. Interesting article: Outstanding photos, too!

  43. If you want to get that wonderful feeling read the following. For all those attending the Washington, DC Tea Party you might put a big “CW” on your sign so others can identify.

  44. Truth Exists (Paulajal)

    RE-DO, First let me appreciate your contributions here. I always read your posts and they give me pause to think. As for the gender question, I won’t defend the person who asked, but I will attest that for me it is sort of creepy not knowing the gender of the person you are conversing with. There is no insult intended, it just is. What happened to you is what made me add a female name to Truth Exists. I like trying to picture the people here in my mind’s eye, as you all have become familiar in at least your words and attitudes. I know in RL I speak differently to males than females; alas, don’t we all at least a little? We each have different and important things to bring to the table. Sometimes I know I need to hear the opposite gender’s take on something so as to get the full picture. Anyway, I apaulagize (sigh, my name is in the word!) for all of us who like knowing one’s gender.
    PS I agree with you on HRC,
    PPS Methinks logic is often in the eye of the beholder (as in, mine is always right!-isn’t yours?)

  45. Another take on 9-11. Could this be why our pp has no interest in honoring this day and why he wants to redirect our thoughts to his new program?

  46. This is awful IMHO; What is wrong with this man?

  47. JJ i am filing a multi million dollar lawsuit agains the website for violation of my civil rights , freedom of speech, and censorship. I am going to keep them busy in court for years.

    on orly

    This order followed Carter’s denial of Taitz’ request to remove Judge Nakazato from his role overseeing admission of evidence to the case, which duty he has according to Federal Court rules of procedure. Judge Nakazato is now to review the first Kenyan Birth Certificate.

    seems like she is going nowhere because Judge N , who she tried to get off the case, is still on the case and will likely not rule in her favor. Then what? Appeal to Judge Carter? I didn’t know she tried to change judges. I thought this was cut and dry case.


    For Prayer & Protest Tomorrow.

    Hopefully can meetup with Greg and CW.

    Everyone have a safe trip.

    that is

  50. Linda from NY,
    I think your last posts makes a strong case for drug testing – Barry must be high.

  51. “We must never forget; we must never surrender.”

  52. never ever linda

  53. Magna Carta // September 11, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Can anyone Word program saavy help me?
    I have downloaded a complaint form for Texas from JBJD to file with the AG. There is a space for you to fill in your name,address,etc and I have a really updated version of WORD on my mac but I do not know how to get a curser up so I can type in the info onto the doc. It will pop up in Preview but I do not know if I can add text to the doc from that program. It is such a stupid detail and I am so eager to fax it in.Any advice from office-word type people would be greatly appreciated.

    FROM AN EXPERT HERE: One thing you can do is try opening it in Preview and see if it will accept the insertion of text. If not, get a trial version of pdfpenpro that will let you insert text. Alternately, you could take a screen shot of the complaint form, insert the picture into a Word document that has zero inches for top, bottom, left and right margins. Double click on the picture in Word. Click on layout. And, select behind text. Now, by using carriage returns and tabs or spaces, you can type text over those areas of the form that you want to fill in.

  54. Prairie: After that speech on Wednesday night, is there any question? “This is your brain on drugs; any questions?”

  55. OB’s speech today at the Pentagon didn’t seem to have too much passion. It’s just like he had to get through the motions. He gave it in his same monotone voice.

  56. Leftist calls in bomb threat to DC tea party planners office.

  57. da verg // September 11, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    JJ i am filing a multi million dollar lawsuit agains the website for violation of my civil rights , freedom of speech, and censorship. I am going to keep them busy in court for years

    I never understood why every citizen upset about the illegal fraud doesn’t file a civil suit for damages..there are so many damages to list.

  58. Why would anyone want to hide their
    identity? Not using even a first name is,
    as mentioned here, rather creepy. Most
    people like to have an idea to whom they
    are responding.

    The person that we are all reminded of who has been hiding their identity and finds it “cutesy”
    is the Usurper. No one I know would want to
    be him (thank God).

  59. Linda,
    I agree. Have you looked at his eyes. He has
    a “blank” look like there is nothing there.
    It’s very weird.

  60. seems like she is going nowhere because Judge N , who she tried to get off the case, is still on the case and will likely not rule in her favor. Then what? Appeal to Judge Carter? I didn’t know she tried to change judges. I thought this was cut and dry case

    More obfuscation, more hurdles, more obstacles, more depressing stalling???

  61. Obama, and DOJ, keep saying they didn’t receive proper service of the case before Judge Carter.

    I was on the computer every day, following Orly’s case, and the timing of service, to serve Obama, before he became president. I read all the posts, and stayed updated. One post I read was about how Obama’s handlers refused service, and then, after a phone call, the DOJ said that they would accept service, and they were served, also. Now these people are perpetrating another fraud by claiming they did not receive service. That’s BS!

    I am so sick of fighting, just to get a legal President, this should have been resolved months ago.

    Someone is not doing their job, anyone care to guess who that might be?

  62. Drug testing on BHO is a good idea—at

  63. Portugese—
    God Speed in DC tomorrow. It will be a huge
    day for the Constitutionalists.

  64. Fox News just announced the Census Bureau has severed all ties with ACORN.
    Somehow, I have a feeling no one asked O if it was OK to do that.

  65. Fernley Girl,
    Hi Girl, just heard that too. Great news!
    I agree, don’t think anyone “asked” bho about
    it—thank God for that too!

  66. maddie: Stone-cold eyes! I really cannot watch the pp let alone listen to his drivel; its like watching a tennis ball going back and forth over the net; I’d rather be playing…lol. He gives me hives! His speech writer must be research-challenged because his speeches are full of errors and misnomers not to mention the pure, unadulterated lies. How he can deliver a speech without knowing or understanding its content is beyond me.

  67. FernleyGirl, I saw that too. But B.O. is attached to Acorn like an umbilical cord. He is a parasite feeding and gaining power from these people. I can only pray that somehow America is restored to the proud country that we are. I really think things are changing. We all need to keep in communication and not let our voices be silenced.
    Peace to all on the day…

  68. Linda, I guess you’re talking about Barky, i.e., BO, and I can’t stand to watch him either. He gives me the creeps.

  69. We made it here to DC Whoooohooo! I think the rain will hold off tomorrow, not sure where I will start out. I would like to meet all my friends at American Grand Jury at 9 and then head off to the march..will be out of the loop until we get home tomorrow night. Wish you could all be here.

  70. bob strauss

    Just imagine what it would be like if they complete the coop,,,,,,,,,, aka Health Care .

  71. kittycat: How ya doing? How’s the new baby doing? Bet she’s a cutey!

    Yes…I was talking about Barky [as you call him]. He is definitely hard on the eyes and ears!

  72. Linda,
    Thanks for the link. The translations are
    priceless!! (and true!)

  73. Greg G—
    Will you be able to send any info back during
    the rally? I totally understand if not.

    God speed and be careful. Go Patriots!!!

  74. Wilson hits the $700,000 mark……… maybe he should take back his apology and call the WH and call him a serial liar…….

  75. Linda, thanks for asking. Yep, we love that little booger. My daughter is coming up from where she lives to pick up her husband at the airport tomorrow from Kuwait. She’ll have the two little girls with her. I know the older one (4) can’t wait to see her daddy, and I’m sure the newest little booger can’t wait to meet her daddy! They are so precious, yet the 4-year-old is a stinker sometimes. Haahaa! She’s a little stinker.

  76. Army D.A.V.: Naw…he apologized for his behavior not the content of his remark. Glad he is getting financial support, though. That election will be one to watch for sure. People have definitely made their feelings known on both sides. Thanks for the info…Linda

  77. Hey, Linda, Barky does make me physically ill to watch him, but so does Pelosi. She also makes me physically ill. She’s so power-hungry and doesn’t mind saying it either.

  78. Linda from NY: Yesterday, I listened to a homily (sermon) given by a priest somewhere in the country recently. What struck me was that he said that there are some exorcists in Europe that are saying–don’t listen to him, don’t even look at him. I don’t know where he got this information; but, I would sure like to know. If I had it, I would post. That’s pretty creepy stuff.

  79. kittycat: That’s great news! Bet that little “stinker” will surprise you some day. All her mother has to do is ask her to help her take care of the baby, and she will feel big and powerful and “step up to the plate.” Her mother should teach her how to diaper the baby and let her feed the baby. She will feel like a little “Bigshot” and maybe, lose her stinker status IMHO.

  80. Army D.A.V.–great news on Wilson. Thanks.

  81. As a genealogist it give me great pleasure to hear the news that ……

    Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN
    The Census Director has sent a letter to the National Headquarters of ACORN notifying the group that it will no longer have a role in conducting the 2010 census. ACORN had previously been tapped to help with low level data gathering.


  82. Yes, Linda, I agree.

    My daughter also is having breast problems, so she does try to pump and is just having problems with them. She had hard times with trying to breastfeed her older daughter when she was little too. And she’s kind of hurting right now, so we told her to get a donut. She thinks that her tailbone broke giving birth. So she’s got a sore butt. And to top it all off, she has permanent back injuries and has some herniated discs. Her back is hurting on top of all of this.


    How To Get Away With Saying the President Lied

    ‘You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with even a modicum of respect for Congress who thinks Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., has a leg to stand on in breaking the standard decorum of a presidential address to a joint session by yelling “Lie. You lie” during the speech.

    Even Wilson was for apologizing before he was against it. But the episode raises an interesting set of questions: Is his sin one of tone? Is it one of content? Is it one of venue? Is it one of timing?

    The answer: All of the above.

    It’s not the first time a president has heard a catcall during a joint session. It’s not that public officials are innocent of using even more personal terms to denounce a president.

    Decorum has been breached in the House chamber many times before. And presidents routinely are accused of lying — or at least intentionally misleading — even by members of their own party sometimes. Put them all together, though, and Wilson is the outlier as a contestant in the lying game.

    For a more socially and politically graceful way to say the president lied during a joint session of Congress, recall the words of a certain junior senator from Illinois in his response to President Bush’s 2008 State of the Union address.

    Here’s what then-Sen. Barack Obama said: “And finally, tonight we heard President Bush say that the surge in Iraq is working, when we know that’s just not true.”

    And, as Warner Wolf used to say, let’s go to the videotape.’

  84. “Yippie for the Constitutionalists!” and “Yippie for HRC!”…from the same source…
    now THAT’s creepy, in my book…regardless of gender, race, faith…etc.

  85. twe: That’s odd. Maybe, they see the devil in him; their warnings should NOT be taken with a grain of salt, though IMHO. I heard that the more of the devil’s influence there is in a person, the uglier they become. By the same token, the more holy one becomes, the more beauty they exude. The pp lies like a rug; another quality attributed to the devil.

  86. twe and all, I tried the audio link to the sermon about not looking at Obama or listening to him, but it caused my aol to go down. I will look for a better link.

  87. twe
    Look what I found
    Exorcist’s Warning: do not look at or listen to Obama
    « on: September 07, 2009, 09:12:AM »


    In addition to not looking at or listening to Obama, if you have kids in public school, keep them home tomorrow (Tue Sept. 8 ). That message, plus lots more regarding Catholic education, in a timely sermon given yesterday and posted at
    « Last Edit: September 07, 2009, 09:18:AM by parvenu74 » Logged
    Re: Exorcist’s Warning: do not look at or listen to Obama
    « Reply #1 on: September 07, 2009, 10:05:AM »
    I was wondering who the priest was but I see that they are not to be identified.
    It is scary and creepy what is happening in this country. Nay, it is demonic what is happening in this country and the battle for the minds of our children. In all actuality our young people have been wrongly influenced for many years.
    In this audio Father speaks from the reading from today and asks what ‘spirit’ is at loose in our public (and perhaps some Catholic) schools today? Are they learning modesty, chastity, charity, and the rest? Or are they indoctinrated into fornication, sexual practices even perverse ones, drunkenness and etc.? We know the answer.
    In this audio the president is going to speak to the children in schools and work on them some more. I read that our largest public high school here is not going to allow this. As Father says, in NO way do we want this man invited into our classrooms!

  88. Here is a discussion about it: Exorcist’s Warning: Do not look or listen to Obama,3424205.0.html

  89. Kim–thank you…that’s the one I was referring to, that’s the one I listed to. I want to know who the exorcists are that are saying not to listen and not to look at him (not the priest who gave the homily–it’s a given that he’s unidentified). I did do a quick search and found a two page thread on this subject…but no one seems to know who the exorcists are that are saying this (of course, the identity of exorcists are kept fairly quiet). Here’s the link to the thread:

  90. Michelle, I had just posted that link at 7:17. Sometimes I feel like my posts aren’t visible.

  91. Wow! Three of us found it! But, they don’t say on there…still, the length of the link indicates there is a great interest in this.

  92. kittykat-Have your daughter try message therapy, some muscles I think took some hits.

  93. Brent Bozell III is the son of Brent Bozell, Jr., and his mother is Patricia Buckley Bozell.

    Patricia Buckley’s brother is none other than William F. Buckley — a conservative legend.

    Bozell’s conservative pedigree is impeccable.

  94. kittycat: She needs to alternate breast with a bottle to give her sore breasts a break. Also, wrap them in warm compresses to keep the milk flowing, and drink plenty of liquids, milk especially. Her tailbone, back, and other discomfort could be due to back labor. Did she have labor pains in her back? I am not an MD, but I did breastfeed all three of my children, and I tried a breast pump; they are painful and really do not help. Manual expression is the best way; also she should alternate breasts with each feeding. With my son, I had back labor, and my back has never been the same, but warm compresses do help and of course, sensible shoes. I will pray for her; I know only too well what she is experiencing. You can help by taking on some of the motherly duties and letting her rest more. Eating good, healthy meals is important as well; she is still eating for two. Keeping a calm atmosphere when she is feeding is important, too. Hope some of this helps…

  95. Michelle–I think you mean massage therapy. I think message therapy is what we are all doing here!!

  96. I’m sorry, I just don’t trust Orly. Many people have pointed out to her when she posted factually incorrect information, only to be ignored or worse chastised… She spreads information from anonymous sources as if it were the bibles truth: For instance, the thing she says very often about Obama having multiple SS numbers was from an anonymous post on her blog , it was just a big list of obamas family names and other random names and random addresses/SN .. Its in the history on her blog (I believe MAY) .. For her to take a highly quetionable source like this and parrot it around like she has is only hurting her and everyone around her’s credibility.

  97. Kim, Michele, and twe: Thanks for the info and the links. Truly incredible!

  98. Jonah-Acorn should not be allowed near any taxpayer money-fed, state and local. Plus recover all money lost to criminal activities.

  99. Kim-Great minds think alike-I think we were all doing it at the same time.

  100. twe-oops

  101. Michelle et al,

    Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN


    Contact your Representative and
    Michele Bachmann
    Fax: (202) 225-6475

  102. Michelle–7:43…just so you know, I wasn’t trying to nitpick your typing skills…I just found it a funny oops!!

  103. twe- +1

  104. Over on someone wants Joe “Heckler” Wilson to go!

    So, with a year that began with “Joe the Plumber” investigations ends with calls for “Joe the Heckler” to resign.

    Sound like we found the second bookend for our bookshelf!

    Only in America!

  105. np, Michelle.
    I first noticed Obama’s use of hypnosis in the debates with McCain. Obama took a statement that seems true, then links it with, “and that’s why I’m going to be your next President.” Your mind accepts the true statement, then he follows it with a hypnotic command.
    I have since severely limited our (me and my son’s) exposure to him.
    Eyes are windows to the soul. His eyes are cold and dead and often times he looks stoned.

  106. twe-that’s the way I took it. You are right this is the world’s largest message depot.
    I’m from Chicago and Massage Parlors had a double meaning there also. The therapists who do good work, and the naughty illegal places-they get raided occasionally big scandal-wait til the heat dies down-back in business elsewhere.
    I still think our buddy Obama is a South Side pimp-you know the guy with the made up past I will crack up laughing if besides everything else they find out he’s an ex-con. I wonder if any of my buddies in Chicago are busing looking thru the mug shots even as we speak.

  107. MSNBC is trying to play the race card again saying it’s only people in the south and racists who don’t like Obama.

  108. The whole NBC/BC issue stems from the framers’ understanding of what it means to have divided, or dual, loyalties…I make the same case for those who cheer for both sides of diametrically opposing agendas for, or against, the Constitutional rights of an individual.

    Maybe others do; but I simply don’t trust someone with a divided allegiance, especially in the matter of who wants to control laws by which the land ‘of my family’ exists.

    Those whose agenda is determined to defend personal liberties just don’t align with those whose agenda is to limit or terminate them.

    I’m not offended by, or moved by, those who ‘feel creepy’ because I choose to keep a distance from those whose motives are suspect, due to their duplicity. Double-mindedness displays instability, as I understand it.
    It ought to be as plain as the nose on ones face that HRC’s agenda is about as polarized from that of the Constitutionalists as it could be.

  109. Hey….I am no Hillary fan….never have been…

    But I will say that I appreciate many of those people who supported her recognizing the threats that we face today with the usurper in the Whitehouse.

    I don’t trust or support any of them to tell you the truth…….

    The whole establishment must go

  110. Sandy // September 11, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Hey….I am no Hillary fan….never have been…

    But I will say that I appreciate many of those people who supported her recognizing the threats that we face today with the usurper in the Whitehouse.

    I don’t trust or support any of them to tell you the truth…….

    The whole establishment must go

    bo must go and Pelosi and Reid and Dean and
    Brazil etc.
    Given the choice between Zero and having
    HRC instantly replacing him, that’s a
    no-brainer to me.

    Voted for Palin (not too fond of McCain).

  111. Kim – Maybe I just can’t be hypnotized. I never liked him he creeped me out from day one. I love Lloyd Marcus, the Rev Manning cracks me up-he is out there and he means every word. Van Jones good looking guy, but Van lighten up baby, you just fell in with a bad crowd. People have been helping others long before this crew came on the scene. Maybe they never heard of Faith, Hope and Charity. What do they think the nuns, priests, rabbis, ministers, social workers, volunteers have been doing all these centuries. They are insulting really-people have been doing this work all along, this is new to them. Michelle Obama has some new campaign going on-helping our military families, like people haven’t been doing that. They just had a commercial on TV. For once I would like to see those two set an example. Obama what about your half brother? Buddy could you spare a dime? Hypocrite in spades both of them. Do as I say not do as I do.

  112. Too many whiners get nothing productive
    done, anywhere.

  113. Kim – You’re right but its’ not Hypnosis that Obama uses. It’s NLP or Neural Linguistic programming. The so called pick up artists try to use it to get girls. You associate feelings with words and memories to create a positive impression of yourself in the minds of others. It does work. I hadn’t realized Obama was using it until now.

  114. Bob @ 7:31: really?! that’s VERY interesting…
    thanks for that info…I like Mr. B the few times I heard him…didn’t Johnny Carson like having him as a guest on The Tonight Show way back?
    I think Johnyy was intrigued by such a colorful statesman. He was one of a kind, IMHO.

  115. sorry for typos…

  116. it’s probably a ‘gender’ thing….heh.

  117. Our American Congress needs to be made up
    of people who are not petty and narrow minded
    , but those who have a strong basis in the
    Constitution and the Bill of Rights and STILL
    can have an OPEN MIND and REACH across
    the aisles to UNITE and form the BEST
    govt. for us all!! Maybe this is too much to
    expect, but we can only hope.
    Too many small minds or narrow minds
    are only going to keep whining and get
    nothing accomplished.

  118. Tina-I guess they figure it’s the only card they have so they will play it to death. This country is not just black and white-we are so much more than that- hello Oriental people, American Indians, every blend of cultures you can imagine. Every neighborhood I ever lived in up by O’Hare and here in Florida–blended Love it-I cannot imagine living somewhere where everyone is the same. Cannot imagine.

  119. HRC over BO any day.

  120. Sandy @ 8:05: if only her motive for doing so was something more noble than a narcissistic,
    “HEY! that’s MY seat! MINE! All MINE!”
    (that was the most truthful line of the whole SNL skip about Sarah Palin and HRC!…
    it WAS funny.)

  121. okay “skit”
    …hey, it’s Friday…what else can I say?

  122. Maybe it’s time for a WOMAN to clean up
    the DC mess left by the MEN in the office
    of POTUS 🙂

  123. Different chef; same menu.

  124. Bachman and Palin….hmmmmmmm

  125. Patriot Dreamer

    “Obama on Thursday declared the anniversary of the attacks a national day of remembrance and service. And he and first lady Michelle Obama led the way Friday, visiting a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Washington, where they pitched in by painting a living room wall.”
    Is anybody else bothered at all by this? Or am I being petty? I think that voluntary community service is great, and I think that Habitat for Humanity is a fine organization. However, if you are going to push community service on the anniversary of 9/11 couldn’t they have picked some form of service that is more logically connected to what happened that day? Visiting our wounded servicemembers at Walter Reed, visiting our retired veterans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, some form of volunteerism for our firefighters/police officers/EMS/rescue workers? Am I totally off base, here?

  126. “Yippie for the Constitutionalists!” and “Yippie for HRC!

    Now we’re talking!!!!!!!

    Ya know HRC is a “moderate” not a liberal.

  127. Sandy

    I voted for Sgt Hillary rodhard York in the primaries , because of her bravery at the ambush in Bosnia . She held up under heavy fire , dodging bullets and staying cool under enemy fire.

    I wanted Palin to at least run against another US citizen , even though HRC was a self confessed progressive with Marxist ideology.

  128. CIA agents being photographed and their
    pixs being sent to GITMO.

  129. It’s obscene PD…..

    You are NOT being petty….

    They WANT to turn us into a nation of robotic servants to the establsihment……


  130. Patriot Dreamer–you are spot on.

  131. Patriot Dreamer

    Sandy, thank you. At least I feel like I am not alone in this.

  132. PD: how ’bout an early Easter-egg hunt?…
    yeh…Rush was talking about that today…just plain weird…why not something with farm animals? Celebrate penguins! Heck, they’re overdue, aren’t they?! (They’re certainly dressed for the occasion!).

  133. Patriot Dreamer

    Also thank you, twe.

  134. don’t think Pelosi will get the top job after
    “Barkey” is jailed.
    But do think there will be a woman in one of
    the two slots.

  135. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do, LOL!

  136. I see nothing wrong with 15 million $$$
    to study whales. Anyone want to take
    that bait??

  137. Patriot Dreamer

    maddie, why not $15 BILLION? I mean, hey, we’re just printing money. Why not? LOL!

  138. Patriot Dreamer-I think this should all come from the heart, everyone I know volunteers at something when they are able. It should not be forced, every family has their own issues. People in America have been helping one another long before the Obamas came on the scene.

  139. “Ya know HRC is a “moderate” not a liberal.”
    OS77: you wanna take a whack at that one?!
    I’d ask Yogi, if he were available…

  140. Socializing health care and taking over 1/7 of our economy to place under government control is not moderate to me……..

    Unless you define moderate by how far left Obama is

  141. maddie-Pelosi will be in jail with him, plus others.

  142. Patriot Dreamer

    Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Absolutely! Volunteerism and service should come from the heart – it should not be forced or it loses its value.

  143. Army D.A.V. // September 11, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Wilson hits the $700,000 mark……… maybe he should take back his apology and call the WH and call him a serial liar…….

    Heh DAV,
    That was priceless! Hope Wilson does it!

  144. Patriot Dreamer

    Good night, all. I need to go work on my 9/12 tea party sign! Take care!

  145. Michelle,
    Good, that takes Pelosi out of the running.

    After what I read last night on the “dualing
    certificates” she signed, she needs to
    account for her antics.
    Michelle, what role do you think Howard
    Dean and Donna Brazile played in this mess,
    too? Are they culpable?

  146. Patriot D—
    Best wishes with your sign and 9/12 tea party.
    Excellent and take care!!!!!!!!

  147. Linda from NY.
    American Thinker has great articles.
    Since when is calling a criminal, usurper, liar a liar inappropriate.
    Serve the American public, not your colleagues.

  148. Jerome, I was thinking more at Milton Erickson’s Conversational Hypnosis – it uses pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere. Sidelines rational judgment. It can induce trance.
    “You will have an epiphany”
    Hypnosis basics:

  149. Sandy,
    Obama is by no means a “moderate” in the
    Dem Party. His voting record is so far
    “left” he is out of the ball park.
    Also, remember all the “present” voting in
    IL. That’s way out there, also.

  150. maddie // September 11, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Evening, Maddie,

    Apologies for jumping into your post intended for Linda, but I can contribute something, here.

    When I first found this great blog, I mentioned that after 9/11 I worked in Anti-Terrorism for several years.

    I saw *many* a terrorist’s face and they all had one thing in common….the eyes. Cold, vacant, staring eyes. If you look at the picture of Mohammad Atta, you’ll see what I mean:

    Now, look at Barky’s eyes. Same deal. Vacant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen eyes like that in my years in the business. It’s like they’re programmed. Robots.

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Indeed.

  151. This hotel is full of right wing terrorist!! It is so funny. A group of people went to get on the elevator and one guys says “you look like a right wing terrorist!” I said of course I am!! The hotel is full and this one ain’t cheap…Can’t send updates from the streets…:(

  152. I hope that Rep. Wilson does not apology
    to the whole Congress as was mentioned today
    on Fox News.

  153. Patriot Dreamer
    In the Gospel according to Matthew: “Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth, that thine alms may be in secret; and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall render to thee.”
    “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”–Matt. 5:16.
    Obama please note: honor the Father who is in heaven, not you who is here on earth. Why don’t you go walk on water for awhile.

  154. Thanks Greg for the update now. You are keeping good company. WOW, right wing
    terrorists–be careful:)
    Sorry to hear no updates from the streets later.

    Was it hard to get to the hotel? lots of traffic?
    Are people there hyped? I’m hyped just
    waiting for tomorrow.

  155. Or sink in the sludge…

  156. Patriot Dreamer: I agree about volunteering; have volunteered for many good causes in my short lifetime. Unfortunately, putting on a “show” on this sacred anniversary is a mockery of what this day truly represents not only for the victims of those who died, but for those who gave of themselves unselfishly to save the many who survived. Those two nitwits will do anything for attention! They would never volunteer for anything; it takes time and work, and those two have worked very little in their affirmative action lives IMO. How many Habitat houses could they have built with the money they spent on their NYC date or what it cost in fuel to fly to Colorado to sign some boneheaded bill?

  157. Okay…comic relief break…before I go home…
    like I stated, it IS Friday…and so I’m gonna take some ‘personal liberty’ and wander OT to relay a true story I recently learned about a schoolmate from waaaaayyyy back: skip to the next post if you want…
    There was a day/cruiseship outing planned for on entire class/grade of high schoolers. One fellow was very concerned that he might get seasick and his trip would be spoiled…so he made sure to get some medication before hand.

    There was a problem that didn’t surface until they were already underway at sea. The poor guy was extremely distressed when he had difficulty swallowing the ginormous pill…he kept trying with more and more water…and just could not do it. Some of the classmates (as only teenagers can do) who were watching, began snickering, then…no longer able to contain themselves, were laughing hysterically, uncontrollably…and yet none of them had either the decency or compassion to tell him “dude…that’s not a PILL!
    it’s a suppository!” (aka an ‘innuendo’)…
    some 40 years later the story draws the same hysterics from those who were there.
    “knowledge is power”, I believe someone said.
    night all.

  158. Greg Goss, I wish I was there!

  159. maddie-Oh God yes. I am a registered Democrat but I think the DNC lost their minds. Didn’t Donna Brazile go to Karl Rove for help in winning the election at the start? He is so Machiavelli, if Karl convinced those idiots to install Obama-he can beat Hillary etc. I would crack up laughing. Every law was broken in the primaries, the DNC rules-thrown out-Hillary’s people all of them attacked and threatened luckily not killed. See GiGi Gaston’s video We will not be Silenced–heavily documented Acorn fraud, every kind of voter rights law broken, unbelievable-like a Third World country. This probably will by used as evidence in court.
    If Karl did do this, well inspired those idiots to do it, he has effectively gotten rid of the DNC for a long, long time. They look like a bunch of corrupt, incompetents, I don’t think Karl needed to help them with that.

  160. Heh SueK,
    Good evening, Lady. Thanks for the info on
    Barkey’s eyes—cold, vacant, staring really says
    it all. He just looks so “not there” if you know
    what I mean. He’s scary just to look at.
    Of course, knowing what we all now know
    about him is creepy, too. And then NOT
    knowing enough about him is equally creepy.
    The “mystery” man—oooooooo—-bet he
    thinks he’s so cool keeping his identity
    “sealed” under lock and key UNTIL Dr.
    Orly the lionness came along and who will
    _____________ (fill in rest ).

  161. SueK-just a couple of times I have seen those “dead eyes” in my life. It is creepy. Like there is no soul in there, or if there was-it was killed. Eyes really are the mirror to the soul.

  162. Speaking of great guys named Joe-who could ever forget GI JOE.

  163. If anyone here still has any doubts that we’re living under fascist rule , check out the latest post at freepers………

    Government going after the people that made the video not Obama’s ACORNuts.

  164. CW: I thought Wilson said, “That’s a lie.” If a person tells a lie, I guess that makes him/her a liar. It is never inappropriate to tell someone you think they are wrong or that you disagree with him/her; it is what we in this country have the freedom to do. AT has some great articles, that’s true, but I do not reference them because I agree with them; I just provide them for “food for thought” and/or comment. We are all well aware that our pp lies; that’s no secret here and now, anywhere. Those who have read the proposed bill and have followed the commentary about the bill know what is in it, and they know when it is being misrepresented. Wilson said and did what many of us wish we could have done right to his face. Inappropriate? Wilson attacked the words; not the person. Had he called him a liar, that to me, would have been inappropriate. Just saying…

  165. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Army prevents Rhodes from attending Emergency Stay hearing…

  166. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Greg Goss,

    I wish you well, and look forward to your reports…

    Remember to organize everyone to shout “You Lie!” at appropriate moments…

  167. SueK,…… I have had that same assesment of obamas eyes. The first time I saw him,…. the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I felt a shiver of FEAR. (h)e is EVIL. (h)e is a very dangerous (con)man. I just can’t understand how he has managed to fool so many people. GOD IS MORE POWERFUL,….. THE STRENGTH OF GOD WILL SEE US THRU.

  168. Michelle,
    I’m trying to remember Rove’s role in advising
    Brazile. I can’t remember at this point. Could be?

  169. Correct Linda.
    Obama’s whole life and presidency is a lie.

  170. Linda from NY-You are my kind of girl. You and I sitting together, you know we would have said the same thing. I would proudly love to get bounced out of that Den of Iniquity-Den of Iniquity defined as anyplace that Obama is occupying at the moment.

  171. Michelle

    You discribe the Sociopath , see if fits Soetoro to a tee.

  172. maddie-I’m going to try to find it-I know I saw it on TV last year.

  173. Joyceaz—
    Have you seen the pix of obama on the street
    corner in Chicago, leaning against a building
    with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

    I have to say if I saw a guy like this on the streets, I’d walk (make that run) away as
    fast as I could. He looked like a real
    rough thug!

  174. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    FactCheck admits second error, Leo calls for them to divulge their sources…

  175. maddie // September 11, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Evening Ladies,

    Ya, I noticed those eyes when I first say him way back when because I’ve seen those eyes so many times before.

    Michelle, you’re right-programmed. I swear I can detect ’em at first glance (boy, that’ll look good on the resume, eh?).

    Lately, I also notice how drawn he looks. I think that the pressure is getting to him; he’s no longer ‘cool and collected.’ I saw a bit of temper when Joe Wilson called him a liar and I’ve not seen that before.

    It’s all coming apart. I continue to pray for Orly.

    On another OT note, I saw my G.I. doc today and he’s familiar with the colloidal silver. The manufacturer told me it sounded like food poisoning when I called them, but the doc said ‘no way!’ Everything checks out fine, so there was no permanent damage; I’m grateful for that.

    The bottle of colloidal silver is still up for grabs for only the price of mailing it, if someone would like it. It’s brand new, minus one teaspoon :).

  176. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Army DAV, it’s clear that O is a sociopath, that’s what you get when you give your kid no conscience…

    We have to ask, how credible Dunham was too…liars learn from their parents….

    I note too that a requirement for working with Obama seems to be a willingness to lie…

    Saturday, August 30, 2008…1:56 am
    The Donna Brazile – Karl Rove Connection
    Jump to Comments
    In order to “save” the Democratic Party, Brazile resolved back in 2003 that she might have to destroy it first. And who better to help her in this lofty pursuit than her new best friend, the man neoconservatives call “The Architect”.
    I think Donna-that genius succeeded.
    Many more articles if you google Donna Brazile/Karl Rove she wants to take Deans place as DNC chair.

  178. CW: He is NOT our president so he doesn’t have a presidency; he has a residency, an illegal residency at that! He is nothing but a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing; a Fraud to the nth degree! The truth will set us free.

    Be well; protest well and don’t forget to rest well!


  179. Army D.A.V.
    “Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities.”
    Remember when O hosted the beer party for the police officer and the prof? The prof is disabled and the police officer helped him walk out. O was walking out ahead of them without any cognizance of the two once he was done with the meeting.

  180. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Since our bodies require billions and billions of microbes and bacteria to live, as they do the grunt work of many digestive processes, did your reaction have anything to do with that…

    I have heard that you cannot take anti-bacterial medicines for too long for this reason…

  181. Army D.A.V.-I agree-he sees people as chess pieces to use as he sees fit. People think he is a racist, I think he hates all people. If you are not on board with him or worshipping and adoring him-forget it you’re history just like Hitler.
    That is why people need to resist, this guy is a lunatic.

  182. joyceaz // September 11, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Right you are, Joyce. I think that we can tell a lot about character within a nanosecond of meeting them.

    I first became aware of him when he spoke at the 200(four-sorry my numeric four still doesn’t work) and I had the same reaction you did. He just made me feel very uneasy, but I forgot about him; we were trying very hard at that time to keep John ‘Lurch’ Kerry out of the White House.

    I’m sorry to say that only four years later, that serpent reared his ugly head, BUT, God is listening.


    I don’t think anyone else posted this, but I guess it’s what you’d expect.

  184. Wilson had a moment we all have had time to time. When we are listening or watching something and we know its false and we want to yell or scream at the tv. Which i do sometimes watching a sporting event. He some convictions and let it all out. He probably feels better letting it all out. Remember Jerry Maquire. Someone said it Someone finally said it.

  185. maddie – Actually maddie any of us girls could take him one on one. He is a woos. Brave when he has back up, but really totally gutless. He’s not like a real guy in some way, something way off there.

  186. Civis Naturaliter Natus // September 11, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Hi CNN,

    Not sure what happened but it did put me in the hospital. Don’t know if it was just doing its job by killing all the bad stuff, but I can’t afford to try it again. I’m pretty good as far as taking probiotics, but something awful happened that night.

    The manufacturer said it sounded like food poisoning (?) but my doc said ‘no way!

    I think I’ll just say that I had a bad reaction to the silver (for whatever reason) and keep up with my normal bug-fighting regimen.

  187. CNN —

    Leo has squeezed in a ringer.

    It is now clear that they do NOT check their facts.

    Therefore, it is now obvious to all that they use ‘submitted material,’ not ‘independent research.’

    For Leo to call them out on their ‘sources,’ could spell the end of!

    Leo’s point COMPLETELY undermines their Obama C.O.L.B. photos — so not it’s more likely they were sent them by someone else, and that itself was not the source of the photos debunked by Polarik in any way, shape or form; rather that they were ‘submitted’ as well!

    They might as well take down their shingle and close their shutters for good!

  188. SueK-actually that should look good on a resume, due to experience you just “know” certain things. I know when we were working our part time jobs at the restaurant-you could just tell when some customers were going to start trouble, or sneak out without paying. You just now. Police have this talent. It’s almost like the air gets different. In other words Sue you would have stopped Madoff in his tracks.

  189. Hope Rhodes has no prob going to GA Monday.

  190. We already have ‘undocumented workers,’ ‘undocumented aliens,’ and NOW we have an ‘undocumented liar,” but this one is squatting in the Oval Office!

  191. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Yup, Michelle…my Mom’s side of the family has this ‘talent.’ Many of these types of stories came from her side of the family who were originally from the Canadian Maritimes.

    Wish I’d have known about Madoff, too, so that I could’ve given him the once over-I could retire now! 🙂

  192. Michelle,
    I agree and think I could take him on with one
    hand behind my back–we all could.

    Sean H. just had Teaparty Express on. Thousands are expected tomorrow in DC.
    I bet it will be more like a mil.

  193. Kim-when I saw that picture of Professor Gates and the police officer I understood the incident in a different way. I think the Professor just got home from a long and tiring trip. It doesn’t look like it is too easy for him to get around, so naturally I think he was “crabby”, plus getting locked out of the house. So he snapped at the first person he saw which was the officer. Obama then tried to make it a racist thing which it was not. Officer just doing his job, and the professor just not in the best of moods that day. My opinion anyway.

  194. undocumented liar—that sounds right.

  195. The msm will try to play the ignore game tomorrow like its no big deal. but when people see it on fox their ratings will go through the roof. abc,nbc,cbs all anti american anti freedom, anti anything thats not in their agenda

  196. Sorry but the professor gates thing always bothers me. this guy just happens to be a good buddy of the usurper and is alwyas pushing the race card whenever he can. this distraction bought obama 2 weeks of valuble time

  197. Mattie,…. Is that the picture with the statement: It’s all about POWER! That pic tells a lot about him and his need to CONTROL. He really thinks he is something. His ego is going to CAUSE HIM TO CHOKE…… and I can NOT wait to WATCH. Happy Day for AMERICA.

  198. Just thought of something—anyone know
    the whereabouts of Bill Ayers? The bomb threat
    reminded me of him.

  199. Michelle

    There was 15 symptoms , he fit everyone , check , check, etc, he’s scores 100%, sociopath for sure, not just a narcissist like many believe.

    Hitler ,Stalin and the night stalker were sociopaths.

  200. SueK-you know you could make money with that talent, I’m not kidding. Did you ever hear of the Lincoln Law? President Lincoln started it during the American Civil War Fed Govt v/s profiteers who were cheating the government (inferior meat, or guns or bullets) sold to Federal Govt.
    (Somethings never change in DC). The reward is 10 percent of what the Federal Govt saves. This would work if our government was normal, but with the Obama administration well you just can’t trust them, you might be able to research this now and save it for the new bright and shiny non-corrupt administration. After this back-lash-big-time. Those who don’t know what is going on sad to say there are still some living in innocent land will be stunned by this and are not going to be happy with Obama not at all. It will be a complete shock to their systems. Maybe thats why all the goody two shoes advertising lately.

  201. Right on, Joyceaz.
    Throughout the primaries, his ego, crudeness,
    and outright snob/snotty demeanor made me
    puke! That’s it in a capsule.

    I also think a mental assessment should be
    required, and bo needs one badly.

  202. maddie // September 11, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Just thought of something—anyone know
    the whereabouts of Bill Ayers? The bomb threat
    reminded me of him

    Ayers gave up bombs right after one blew up while they were making it.

  203. Army D.A.V-I just can’t see our American guys taking to this guy. The stupid fawning women set– well they are just pathetic. I think they see him as some soap opera character. Oprah and her He’s the One garbage was a big help to him and a detriment to the country. I wonder if she could get sued also did she vet him? She never does such a hot job with that anyway-with her authors more than once.

  204. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Never heard of the Lincoln Law, Michelle, but I’ll do a little research.

    Ooohhh! Maybe a new career for me?

    Gotta take the trash out of Washington first!

  205. BILL AYERS……………“Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country,”
    For the bombing murders, brags about murder no less. One of Obama’s best buddies and mentor.
    We get them all in Chicago don’t we.

  206. SueK -also detective agencies, forensic accounting, insurance fraud. You would be great.

  207. Michelle,
    Thanks for the posted link. I did not realize how
    strong the Rove/Brazile connection was. I knew that Brazile was cunning and relentless and h*ll
    bent on forcing bo as nominee, but to know
    how important her friendship with Rove was
    in implementing the whole thing—chilling.

    Hired as a paid election analyst for CNN, she carried on a double life – one as an official DNC spokesperson, the other as an unofficial campaigner for Barack Obama. In February, when best-guess estimates gave Clinton the support of two-thirds of the superdelegates, she declared, “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party.”

    Too bad Brazile didn’t QUIT—any chance
    she will end up in that jail cell along with the usurper?

  208. SueK You could call it Operation Toxic Waste
    Gotta take the trash out of Washington first!

  209. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    The world is full of possibilities, Michelle!

    I will think about that when I retire; I need to stay where I am right now (pension, ya know!). After that, maybe I could do something I *really* enjoy doing?

    Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    HA! I spent 20 years in the hazardous waste game before moving on.

    I’ll tell ya, I think that at this point, Washington might be declared a Superfund site and would go to the top of the list for remediation.

    And I could do it! 🙂

  210. Bob // September 11, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    CNN –

    Leo has squeezed in a ringer.

    It is now clear that they do NOT check their facts.

    Therefore, it is now obvious to all that they use ’submitted material,’ not ‘independent research.’

    For Leo to call them out on their ’sources,’ could spell the end of!

    I just checked for msgs on email and got one from DeMint (SC). I had written him an email asking how Obama could be eligible since he didn’t have two citizens for parents. He used factcheck as a reference as well as the usual responses we get when we ask about the BC. It was a rather long email but still didn’t answer my question!

  211. maddie-I wish. I think of it this way. All of Hillary’s supporters, John Edwards, John McCain, Sarah Palin donated their money, their time and their talents in order to have a free and fair election. When Donna, Pelosi, Dean decided to skew the election by cheating, breaking the law, throwing out the rules, terrorizing the delegates-they destroyed our electoral system for all of the candidates. Republican and Democrat and it is un-American and it is unfair and it should never be allowed to happen again. Thank God they documented this, no one would believe that something like this could happen in America but it did. Now Obama is trying to do it to the entire nation. This group should be no where near power, they are worse than small children in their use of power. Very sick little group indeed.

  212. Army DAV—
    Just read your link info on Sociopath—yes,
    it certainly seems to fit Soetoro to a “T”—
    very scary.

  213. Bob-Can Leo sue Fact check?

  214. Kim said,

    Great slogan! Bumper stickers & signs.

  215. SueK-you are a multi-talented girl. I’m so glad you are ok. Can you do yogort for your illness?

  216. Michelle— Yes, the other candidates used their
    legal funds for the campaigns. The Fraud had
    Auchi and his Arab buddies and good old
    Soros throwing as many millions his way as needed. ACORN did the same with votes.

    If we “deduct” the fraudulent ACORN votes
    state-by-state we’d probably have a very
    different outcome.

    Think of all the heart-break this has brought
    to America. I know we will survive, but it just didn’t have to happen this way.

    If I were obama, I would quietly apologize and
    turn myself in in shame. Guess he’s not going to do that—-I was waiting at one point. Now, don’t think that will happen.

  217. Heartwarming! Remember “Let’s Roll?”

  218. maddie-you are aware that Hillary did win the popular vote.

  219. With all the Czars, and gov’t interference, instead of ‘Hope and Change’, it looks like we got ‘Hype and Chains’.

  220. Linda from NY -that was a beautiful video, it was so clear I felt that I was there. The memorial I just love the simplicity of it with the beautiful trees. Our fellow Americans what an inspiration they are (some present politicians excluded) they don’t belong with heroes.

  221. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Not so much talented, Michelle, it’s more of a ‘fingers in everything’ situation since I’m my sole support.

    Thanks-I’m OK. I’ve been doing the probiotic yogurt/beverages and hydrating to beat the band since I was released. Flush out the old system, ya know?

    Gotta say that my thoughts and prayers for CW and the rest of the CW bunch are being sent to D.C. I think they’ll certainly get their points across! Greg’s probably got the gas grill set up in his hotel room, BBQing some cow and pig for the other extreme right-wing radicals…

  222. DC party tomorrow. I can almost recite cnn communist new network first report ‘ There seems to be a gathering of some sort near the capitol looks like those birthers and right wing extremist ,anti govt, anti obama, well there you have it folks all paid for protestors’

  223. cnn will lose a million viewers over the weekend, fox will gain a million

  224. maddie-from Puma for Life in case you didn’t know Democrats PUMA Party Union my A$$
    Congressman shouts out “Lie” during the One’s speech
    There were two honest words spoken last night during the illustrious One’s speech: “You Lie!” And it wasn’t spoken by the One.
    Kudos to Rep. Joe Wilson (R – SC) for shouting out “You Lie” during the One’s health speech. He did the shout-out after the One claimed that illegal immigrants would not be covered under ‘his’ (whatever that means) bill.
    Below is a video of the best moment of the night; the One denies illegal immigrant coverage (just after he calls Sarah Palin (without saying her name) a liar; then Wilson shouts out the only accurate description of the night (one big lie).
    Thank you Rep. Wilson!!! I guess he was the star of the show because I just tried to access his congressional website and due to an unusuallly high volume of traffic it is temporarily not accessible. Hope you all are sending him thank you notes!

  225. Lame Cherry just be extra naughty.
    Friday, September 11, 2009
    Hermaphrodites in the White House

  226. Good points Lame Cherry
    This is one South African who is acting like a lady and or gentleman and it is quite refreshing. I hope the best for Semenya and I hope that her character rubs off on Citizen Kenya as America certainly could use an African in the White House who actually was upholding the rules and the United States Constitution.

  227. Watch the LIVE Doctors Rally from DC today September 10th, at 5:30pm (ET)

  228. SueK-Everytime I see Nancy Pelosi calling my fellow Americans-right wing terrorists, astroturf , insult after insult I get so mad. I see these people as all of us Americans speaking out against an out of control government. I am a center right moderate-but I guess extreme right wing on the Constitution and spending the taxpayers money. Government by insult that is really a way to govern isn’t it? I hope they all get arrested, the rest voted out. I can’t wait until the Republicans really start speaking out maybe Joe broke the ice I hope and pray.

  229. SueK-I forgot acidophilus pills, yogurt in a pill. About $3.00 per 100 really work good if you have a queasy stomach. When I first moved here from Chicago, I developed FOF-fear of food, everything I ate made me sick, so I lived on bagels-until my system adjusted-if your stomach gets weird acidophilus pills are great or good old fashioned ginger ale.

  230. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Jonny Lou,

    You evidently don’t read Orly’s blog well enough; that info was provided by a named individual, sources were checked; Orly witholds names of her researches to protect them from harassment; therefore your charges about her spreading unfounded allegations are themselves unfounded, defamatory, and wrong…

    Sorry if you are upset about being told you are wrong, but you have to get over this feeling which is discordant with the reality you live in…

  231. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    They say, Michelle, that every dog has its day. And I DO mean dog! Pelosi will get hers. Once this house of cards starts to fall, they’ll all be implicated then, one by one, will be fitted with stylish orange jumpsuits with the word ‘Leavenworth’ tastefully embroidered on the back in contrasting black lettering.

    MA has a person in prison who’s undergoing a sex change operation and wants the state to pay for it while he/she is in prison! Given that, I’m *sure* that the federal prison system will haul in a few truckloads of Botox for old Nance, don’t you think? Fair is fair.

    Now, the Republicans have been curiously silent (for the most part) through all this. Regrouping? I’m sure that once they and other parties find their voices, all heck (I really mean ‘hell’) will break loose.

    It’s coming. I can feel it in my bones and in my 6th sense. We just need some decent politicians (is that an oxymoron?) who have the stones to get it all rolling.

    The corruption will take care of itself. Once it’s out there, there’s no putting it under wraps again. Many posters here have said that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and I believe that’s true.

    We continue to fight. Let the sun shine in! It’s coming down, and the beams will be beautiful!

  232. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Wilson’s exclamation “You Lie!”

    is the proverbial “shot heard round the nation!” for the revolt against Obama’s tyranny…

    Wilson’s name will live in history, Obama’s in infamy…

  233. Evening Prairie,

    If the mood strikes you and the words will flow, how about a little poem for all the patriotic souls in D.C. for the rally?

    They need our support!

  234. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    One step ahead, Michelle!

    I have the probiotics, and my food store, which, BTW, is a certified organic store, sells crystallized ginger root. I have me a bag, and even my G.I. doc approves. Packs more of a punch than ginger ale (have some of that, too) and does the trick!

    Many times, the old-fashioned stuff is THE best.

  235. Army D.A.V-Excellent video. Doctors to Obama You Lie. Healers, educated hardworking people but as usual Obama knows better.

  236. SueK-
    It’s coming. I can feel it in my bones and in my 6th sense.
    My 6 th sense has been going wacko lately too. I have a feeling it is very near, the end I mean. Can you imagine sitting there knowing that you have been lying like hell, when is the booming going to drop? I think there is just too much information out there already, and more to come. People are just tired of getting their intelligence insulted and Obama talking to Americans like we are 3 years old.

  237. I think Joe Wilson should apologize – so here’s an apology I’ve prepared for him in case he’s interested.

    I apologize….
    For not standing up for my constituents earlier;
    For the democrats who interrupted George Bush during his address to congress;
    To the American people for having to listen to repeated lies by Mr. Obama while no one in Congress stands tall to tell the truth:
    To the CIA for Mrs. Peolsi’s waterboarding lies and accusations which make our world a more dangerous place to live;
    For having a President who apologizes to terrorists for our role in 911/WTC;
    and lastly
    To all Americans, for all the other Republicans who did not stand up and raise their voice when America needed them the most.

    (Did I miss anything?)

  238. Civis Naturaliter Natus- ” You lie” yes it is the shot heard round the world. Take that Mr. “just words” these 2 little words really apply to you.

  239. TJ- maybe for not keeping your oaths to protect and defend the Constitution so help me God but it is your poem. It is very good as is.

  240. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    maddie-you are aware that Hillary did win the popular vote.
    Thank you for reminding me. It was all so corrupt at the end—such a mess with the DNC
    and Brazile and Dean and Pelosi in the background—-I hated them all by the time they manoeuvred and took away HRC’s delegates.
    Now, maybe they’ll all get to rot in orange
    designer suits and dine on stale bread and water.

  241. Michelle,
    Tell me, please, that the boom will drop soon.
    I can’t stand another 3 1/2 yrs. of this idiocy!

    Also, can everything he has done be “erased”?

  242. Well, going to sign off for the night. Take care
    best Patriots in the world—xoxoxoxo

    Hope we get full DC coverage on Fox tomorrow—can’t wait to see it all.

  243. maddie-In my opinion when that group threw out all the DNC rules-fairness etc. and got away with it, practice run for the Constitution? all the laws of the land? make sure you see GiGi Gastons “We will not be Silenced”, when the folks figured out what was going on they made sure they had videos, interviews, documentation of all the fraud. I just don’t know if there are on going law suits or not. Some of the black folks who were Hillary supporters had to be filmed disguised, what does that tell you? Acorn members attacking elderly black ladies-threatening them, intimidating them. The feistier ones fought back, just so Nazi Germany.

  244. Another big O lie to add to the list.

    I never had sex with that woman….


    Wrong President Sorry.. Goodnight

  245. There’s SO many heads that will roll, they will hold on tenaciously and bring full corruption and threats to bear for their very careers and lives (treason is punishable by death) are at stake.

    They have committed treason of the highest order on Americans, they know it, we know it, and it will not be an easy out for any of them, nor us.

  246. SueK-get your ESP going, maddie asked how soon will nut job be out of office. My esp says before Oct 1 what is your barometer tell you?

  247. TJ // September 11, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    I apologize:
    -for voting for the thieving bailout in 2008
    -for allowing all the unconstitutional laws and enactments passed in the last year


    The threat of passing healthcare through “reconciliation” unfortunately has been there all along. Looks like Obama is going to use it.

  249. bho boo -I agree-but we have the Constitution, we have our soldiers out in the field, many Americans suffering innocent I might add. They should have thought of this treason thing before they did the crime. Did they honestly think that they would not get caught? Too much evidence is out there for the entire world who is following this to see. Pravda has been reporting on this for almost 2 years now. I wonder if Obama is costing this country economically besides everything else. What world leader would sign a treaty, or anything not knowing when this guy is going to get bounced? Who in the world would trust him? We know he has major issues with the Lord of Perpetual Lying thing.

  250. venice -Let Obama and the Democrats sink with this. I am a registered Democrat and most of us think Obama and crew are out of control, when the Republicans win back everything, they can change or fix whatever-which is probably everything Obama touched and fix it.
    The Republicans should have an easy win against this idiot. Maybe everything will become clearer to Washington after the 9/12 march on Washington. I’ll bet over a million.
    Not only are Republicans out of the picture, don’t feel like you’re alone so are all the moderate Democrats. This crew makes us sick too.

  251. Ofraud does not play well with others. (h)e does not know how to loose. (h)e still thinks he will get by with this facade. (h) is too much into himself to believe that his lies will be exposed. You saw the anger in his face when he was called out by Rep Joe Wilson. The change in his face was a pic worth a thousand words. (h)e actually threathened the Republicans in his next sentence. (h)e really needs to go to anger management classes. (h)e will not go down easy. It will be interesting to see.

  252. joyceaz-He will go down, he did everything he could to earn his place in jail.

  253. Just posted … Another youtube video about Orly’s case. They have soe dimwit on here trying to say that you only have to have one parent that is a citizen to become a Natural born. He says you can be born on mars but if your ‘parent’ is a USA citizen then you are a natural born!! Some of you legal eagles need to go over there and ‘school’ them

  254. Michelle, Yes he will,….. I am counting the days, minutes & the seconds. It will not be soon enough for me. I do believe it is going to be sooner,… than later. WOO HOOO

  255. Acorn is allegedly now out of the census business. The only remaining question I have is HOW many other ways do they still have their putrid fingers in our billfolds, that we are not even aware of. I used to believe that Slick Willie was the worst a–hole on Earth, but he lost his crown to Lil Barry who has more sh#t than a Christmas Turkey. His website should be called “doody. dot com”

  256. In regard to, how can you trust anyone who still insists Gore won the 2000 election?

    When the votes were recounted in Florida, who won the 2000 presidential election?
    January 22, 2008
    Nobody can say for sure who might have won. A full, official recount of all votes statewide could have gone either way, but one was never conducted.

    AS I REMEMBER IT, the votes were later counted by news organizations. So I did my own research. The recounts proved Bush really did win but Factcheck,org is either incompetent or their left leaning ego won’t let them report the “awful” truth.

    Newspapers’ recount shows Bush prevailed
    By Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY

    EXAMINING THE VOTE: THE OVERVIEW; Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote
    Published: November 12, 2001

  257. Sept 17th Constitution Day in public schools across America.

    Look at the ciriculum used:

    All public schools across the United States study the United States Constitution on September 17th. My school district will be using this!!

    The Annenberg Classroom ( and Sunnylands Classroom
    ( offer classroom-ready civics education resources from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania and the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands at no cost. A rich set of teaching aids on the Constitution helps educators and government employees meet the requirement of the Byrd Amendment to provide materials on the U.S. Constitution
    for Constitution Day (September 17). Educators can find award-winning films and supplementary lesson plans; “Ask a Supreme Court Justice,” featuring answers from Supreme Court Justices to high school students’ questions about American democratic institutions; state standards-aligned curricula; in-depth analysis by constitutional scholars and legal experts; downloadable reference books; and multimedia programs and games.

  258. Perhaps it is time for JBJD to start copyrighting all of his work. Then the plagarists could have an opportunity to contribute to JBJDs retirement fund, so to speak.

  259. Check out and you’ll see factcheck as reference.

    Legal Beagles, wake up!!

  260. Not sure this was posted… WND post on the CFP and the DNC documents. They say they have called Pelosi and the WH and no reply. The DNC replies with ” we are aware of the problem” WND also has a new post about Lucas Smith.

  261. and – runned by a group called Annenberg of Chicago, where Obama once sat on a board with William Ayers.

    I do not trust these sites.

  262. I watched the video that Val posted. The person talking the “1 parent” notion is obviously MISREADING the CONSTITUTION, just as I was misreading the meaning of some of the commenters.

  263. goodtimepolitics

    Obama’s Acorn has two more workers fired in Washington office, plus now the Census Bureau has sever ties with Acorn! Now we the people have to insist that no more of our tax money goes to support Acorn or in other group name it changes to!

  264. Not sure if this was already posted here, but this is a great pre-speech interview with Joe Wilson. After listening to him you can understand why he said – You Lie!

    BTW: I really like the idea of :

    Anyone here in tee shirt screening business? If so .. CW, you should have an online store for tee shirts with some of our sayings! I would love to wear one that said : You Lie . Or: YOU GO JOE

  265. OS77,

    Glad you’re back! 🙂

  266. Forgot the link:

    [audio src="" /]

  267. Another good one. “Obama has no clue” by a retired general.

    [audio src="" /]

  268. Michelle // September 11, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    Was away for a while.

    I’m sensing this fall….before Christmas. Just one more hole in the dike should do it.

    The rally will be important; Orly’s case will be important, and the DNC verification documents will also come into play.

    We need to keep supporting Glenn Beck, Rush, Savage, and any other media personality (even the locals) who keep on hammering him.

    I don’t think I’d wanna be in Barky’s shoes right now.

    G’night! Saturday will be an exciting day. No matter what ‘they’ do, they can’t stop the Patriots!

  269. Lm,

    This is what the schools are using to teach the Constitution to students.

  270. Check out the mentally disturbed look on Pelosi The Certified Liar’s face at 2:44 on after she’s handed a piece of paper

    This woman is mental!

  271. also at 2:06 she has weird face spasms showing deep seated hateful anger

  272. goodtimepolitics:
    Yes it’s a great first step that the census will not involve ACORN (unless they just change their names)…
    The 25 year old man who posed as the pimp said that the ACORN people were “soul-less people who only wanted change, any change, for change’s sake”…wow scary!

  273. Wade Rathke, who founded the organization, announced on his blog that ACORN International has officially changed its name to “Community Organizations International.”
    ACORN is out at the Census Bureau, but is the Community Organizations International “in”?

  274. EXCLUSIVE: Inquiry opened into New Black Panther case

    The Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility has begun an official inquiry into the dismissal in May of a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party and two of its members who disrupted a Philadelphia polling place during the November general elections.

  275. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Fernley Girl,

    You wrote: “Wade Rathke, who founded the organization, announced on his blog that ACORN International has officially changed its name to “Community Organizations International.”

    Isn’t that a typo:

    It should be

    “Communist Organizers International”

  276. CNN —

    Remember this?

    From the Wall Street Journal —

    Missteps at Acorn

    Acorn has had a number of missteps. This month its founder, Wade Rathke, resigned after news emerged that his brother Dale had embezzled nearly $1 million from Acorn and affiliated groups eight years ago — information the group kept from law-enforcement authorities and most members. Dale Rathke left the organization only last month.

    Wade was repaying — but then an $800,000 payment from the Obama Campaign arrived —

    This is what Michelle Malkin wrote about it.

    Around here, this is known as “Chicago-style politics.” Unfortunately, the cesspool has spilled over into Washington D. C.

    Do you want to here a joke? Chicago and Rio de Janeiro are competing for the 2016 Olympics. The I.O.C. loves the bid from Rio! Chicago has been telling all the world about the ‘crime-rate’ in Rio de Janeiro!

    I won’t explain for anyone what’s hilarious about this story, because if ou don’t get it by now, you probably voted for Obama!

  277. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Wilson raises over $200,000 after his rallying cry of “You lie!”

  278. Good Morning All! Just a little info I found to share:

  279. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    tell me, how does a political campaign give $ to a group like Acorn, and then turn around and say that Obama has no ties to Acorn?

    Why would you give money to an organization to which you have no ties?

    Is this quid pro quo?

    Do not campaign financing laws prevent donations to groups that illegally canvass voters and register those multiple times or who cannot vote, or who are dead, or out of state residents?

  280. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Other than CW, and Greg Goss, who of us is in DC this morning: Did Peter Francisco go?

  281. What happens next? New website…

  282. Linda from NY —

    What this means is that Wilson WON the fund-raising contest that took place immediately after the Speech, and he can safely ignore this headline.

    He should only be worried if his own party asks him to apologize, which would be that he LOST the fund-raising contest.

    Congress is now so CORRUPT that this has become the only measure for action — how fast money fills the campaign coffers, and how much!

    Be that as it may, the Democrats have real cause to worry about next off-years election.

  283. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Actually if you look at the polls in SC, I’d imagine you find overwhelming support for Wilson…esp with liberals now attacking SC as a home of “bigotry”, “incivility”, etc..

    Liberals spend hours and hours talking about accepting one another; but their knee jerk reactions are always to ostracize groups they don’t agree with…they are a divisive party, the Democrats, not all interested in American unity…

  284. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Linda from NY,

    Who are Tea Party Next Step?

  285. CNN.
    I am not currently in DC, will explain later.
    I am in touch with Greg.

  286. Maddie I didn’t mean to imply that Obama is moderate. What I meant was that Hillary is only moderate when compared to HIM!!!

  287. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    are you now — secret agent Wells?

  288. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Linda from NY,

    I think any censure from the House, would only add a laurel crown to Wilson’s golden brow!

    Lauds and praise to Wilson, a true son of America!

  289. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    From the common green of Lexington,
    To the shores of Tripoli,
    From the spattered decks of Old Ironsides,
    To the Halls of the Alamo,
    From the bloodied fiels of Gettysburg,
    To the trenches of the Somme,
    From the Harbour of Pearls,
    To the white beaches of Normandy,
    The men who have risked all
    And payed the price of liberty
    For us and our children,
    All stand and shout from distant times
    Joe is our man, our brother, and heir!
    To him we pass the laures we won,
    For he alone in Congress shared
    The spirit of a free son, and a free Mother,
    America the Beautiful!

    .everyone is suppose to call….. about Acorn…. including the new NAMED ORGANIZATION, you were mentioned ~above~ Wade Radtke


    Report Fraud



    Office of Inspector General
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Attn: HOTLINE
    PO Box 23489
    Washington, DC 20026

  291. Patriot Dreamer

    I will be in D.C. for the tea party protest/march/rally. Did they move the time up? I’d better get going!

  292. CNN,

    I just read your poem outloud to my husband.
    It’s incredible—WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for posting. Please re-post it
    again later, too.

  293. CNN: Don’t really know who the Tea Party Next Step group is; got their link from a poster/comment on the Tea Party Time Change link. It appears to be a call to action for Tea Party Activists, Conservative volunteers, Christian leaders, and Patriot Warriors. Guess we will just have to wait and see what materializes, if anything, from this website. Please let me know if you find out anything more, and I will do the same. Thanks.

  294. Sandy // September 12, 2009 at 8:46 am

    Maddie I didn’t mean to imply that Obama is moderate. What I meant was that Hillary is only moderate when compared to HIM!!!
    Thanks. Hillary is a moderate in the Dem Party.
    She’s definately not obamaland, that’s for sure.
    Bill Clinton was not obamaland either. The longer he was POTUS the more he moved to the center IMHO.

  295. Heard on Fox News they expect 50,000 in DC
    today. This is a day to truly remember as
    Americans stand up for the Constitution,
    liberty, and the truth.

  296. CW,
    Good luck Secret Agent Wells.
    Greg was in communication with us last
    night, but said he it would be hard to
    send us info from the streets today.

  297. CNN: Apparently, this time it was NOT Pelosi who is saying, “Off with his head!” It is, however, SOS [standard operating procedure] for the Congress when someone is “naughty.” Shouldn’t the fact that he apologized to the pp for his “outburst” be taken into consideration. Guess not; they want blood! Do not think he will be censored; that might cause an uproar but then again, they couldn’t just let a good crisis go to waste now, could they?

  298. **** New Post ****
    Please spread this Adolf Hitler quote around.
    A clear sign that history is repeating.

    “The organization of our press has truly been a success.
    Our law concerning the press is such that divergencies of opinion between members of the government
    are no longer an occasion for public exhibitions, which are not the newspapers’ business.
    We’ve eliminated that conception of political freedom which holds that everybody
    has the right to say whatever comes into his head.”…. Adolf Hitler

  299. CNN, I guess that I have had to play that role ever since
    Larry Sinclair and I had numerous death threats back in early to mid 2008.

  300. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Agent Wells, Godspeed and keep safe!

  301. We are just leaving. I did talk with Peter Fransisco but did not meet up. I met Orly Taitz and am not sure who she was with. Kinda of big guy so maybe just protection. It was clear that there were more people here than expected. They only had the north and south lawns of the capitol building designated for us but before long we were blocks deep and completely covered the mall and surrounding areas. More than success IMHO.

    Gotta catch a plane…

  302. Greg—
    Thanks for the update. Bet it was great to
    talk with Peter and meet Orly! The size of the
    crowd is impressive. Have been watching it on
    Fox. Looks like the mall is a sea of wall-to-wall
    people. I love all the different signs—favorites
    so far, too, are “Obama Sucks” and “You Lie.”
    Many, many others demanding a return
    to our Constitution. Wonderful day for
    democracy. Take care and report more
    when you get a chance later.

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