Obama speech to Congress, September 9, 2009, Lies, Joe Wilson, SC representative, Sarah Palin, Health care speech, Obama lies, illegal aliens covered

Obama, in his speech to Congress last night, September 9, 2009, attempted to portray the many concerns about his health care plan as lies and misrepresentations. He spoke of bogus claims by talk radio hosts and by politicians that the health care plan would set up panels of bureucrats to kill off senior citizens. At one point in the speech, SC representative Joe Wilson yelled out and called Obama a liar. Wilson apologized.

“While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable,” ” I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”

Representative Wilson, there is no need to apologize. Obama is and always has been a liar. We applaud you for standing up. Stick to your principles. Joe Wilson was pressured to apologize by Republicans and Democrats. Let’s inform these jackasses that they work for us and not an illegal president.
Watch this Youtube video.

“An audience member yells “liar” at Obama during his speech to Congress.
Obama also took a personal swipe at Sarah Palin during his speech.”


The Charlotte Observer, a liberal newspaper that gave Obama a free ride during the election, has finally produced a snippet of journalism, and though not comprehensive, is a start:

“Fact Check”

From AP

Obama: “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits either now or in the future. Period.”

THE FACTS: “House Democrats offered abill that the Congressional Budget Office said would add $ 220 billion to the deficit over 10 years.”

(Citizen Wells: This is a huge Obama lie!!!)

Obama: “Nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or doctor you have.”

THE FACTS: “Employers sponsor coverage for most families, and they’d be free to change their health plans in ways that workers may not like, or drop insurance altogether.”

(Citizen Wells: Another Orwellian lie by Obama. Employers will begin dropping health plans and let employees sign up for government plans, thus achieving Obama’s goal of government run health care.)

Obama: “Don’t pay attention to these scary stories about how your benefits will be cut … That will never happen on my watch. I will protect Medicare.”

THE FACTS: “Obama and congressional Democrats want to pay for their health care plans in part by reducing medicare payments to providers by more than $ 500 billion over 10 years.”

(Citizen Wells: Straight out of Nazi Germany and “1984” by George Orwell. Tell a big lie and repeat it often.)

With the liberal Charlotte Observer reporting this much, you can bet that lies about the Obama Health care plan are much worse than this.


Thanks to commenter Army D.A.V. for the video info.

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  1. Drudge reporting that Dems booed Bush. How short some memories are.

  2. Patriot Dreamer

    Glenn Beck’s ACORN story continues: now the undercover people tell ACORN that they are planning to bring some 13-year-old girls from El Salvador (illegal aliens) as prostitutes. The ACORN lady tells them to put the girls down on the income tax return as “dependents”.

  3. CW: Even though Senator Wilson was justified in “speaking out,” it is never acceptable to interrupt a speaker when he/she is speaking. Therefore, it was necessary for him to apologize. He did, however, only apologize for his outburst/behavior and not for the content of his remark. We are all responsible for what comes out of our mouths in anger, disgust, and/or jest so we must be ever conscious of what we say. Senator Wilson has other avenues he can use to express his opinions, but you and I both know those avenues are sometimes closed to the public. Someone should invite him to speak on 9-12 in DC. I am sure he could add much to the discussion/speeches on that day. Just MHO. Thank for your inserted input; it helps to remind us of what is true, what is fabricated, and/or not true. God Bless…Linda

  4. All-Lloyd is such a good writer. From the road of the Tea Party Express.
    Tea Party Express Tour
    Do angry mobs bake and bring brownies?
    By Lloyd Marcus
    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

  5. Hi Michelle! Thanks for that link. I agree; Lloyd Marcus is a good writer. You might want to check the following for updates on the Tea Party Express rallies so far:


    Happy Day, Michelle…Linda

  6. Soetoro’s and Franks House of the Rising Sun.

    Video’s of the

    Explosive Undercover ACORN Video!

    At FOX Nation……


  7. Linda from NY -Linda you are correct good manners do prevent someone from speaking out therefore an apology is appropriate. Spontaneity sometimes catches us all by surprise. I’m a Sagittarius and things just pop out of our mouths all the time. We try to watch it but when someone lies, well it just pops out. We never mean to hurt some one’s feelings, but Obama is different-everything about him is a great big fat lie. His whole life, demeanor, actions words-everything. They expect us to respect this fool. Why? As a loyal American I am required to tell the truth-no doubt in my mind he is a usurper. Liberty and justice for all. Justice puts him in jail.
    As a registered Democrat I did notice something in the speech last night-the democrats looked like trained seals clapping. Can’t one Democrat think for his or her own self. I know they didn’t like being out of power (President end of things) but the DNC picking Obama and installing him as president every American should be offended by their illegal corrupt activities. Acorn is about as corrupt an organization as you will find-not one penny of the taxpayers money should go to them.

  8. We have a new HERO TODAY.

    JOE WILSON !!!

    There is a poll on AOL today that agrees with him that Obama LIES. He was our ONLY voice in that Chamber last night.

    How can O’Joker be up there unilaterally calling many people LIARS and not be called a Liar himself?

    I am trying to find Mr Wilson’s contacts so we can all call him and ENCOURAGE him to keep speakign for us.
    Joe Wilson speaks for me.

  9. Good morning all. Decided to read this latest thread here first before going back to the 403 comments…at least 70 added since I signed off last evening: to quote Dolly Parton:
    “y’olive been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kickin’ contest!” (LOL!…love that one!).

    Anyway…I have some questions and ‘offerings’ that may veer a little OT, but I hope someone who connects some relevance will comment, if you choose.

    First question: does the POTUS have either possession of, or access to, a loaded weapon? In the WH? Is there even an statute about such a question? The reason for asking is two-fold:
    1) in the event that the pressures of the office were to become ‘unbearable’…could he easily ‘do himself in’? Some might refer to that as ‘the unthinkable’. and 2) should others close to him have reason to turn, would he be permitted to act in self-defense? Actually, I have a third question about that: would it be an ‘unthinkable act’ by one who exhibits narcissistic behavior?
    Okay; OT item #2) …and this is prompted by what I read just this morning from 2 Cor. 11:29:
    It’s what Paul wrote, but I believe it speaks about the heart of a benevolent Savior towards people who confess to their mistakes:
    “Who makes a mistake and I do not feel his sadness? Who falls without my longing to help him? Who is spiritually hurt without my fury rising against the one who hurt him?”
    This made me think about George W. Bush and the “9-11” thing we’ve been debating here.
    Whether you like him or not: he’s a man who at one time openly professed to be a follower of Jesus, and at times was bold about publicly proclaiming his faith.

    So, I had the thought today, “what if George were to really show, publicly, his trust in his Savior…and openly confess any knowledge or participation he had with anything, and everything, that was ‘not right’.?” While the world might not forgive him, certainly The LORD will. Whether or not he were to face punishment in this life for any part he had…he could at least live the rest of his live with a clean conscience and slate before the only ONE whose judgment really matters! And: what might such a public confession from him do to shed light on all the ‘mysteries’ surrounding many things yet unresolved?!
    Think about it…that’s all I’m suggesting;
    and I hope and pray that former President George W. Bush, for whom I once held much respect, might read these words…and consider the opportunity and open door that lies before him. And as some in the Christian community might say…”let’s not kill our wounded…but encourage them to return to, and trust in, the mercy of our Lord!” That’s what I would hope someone would say to me when I fail…and it’s the right thing to do for ‘our brother’.
    In the final analysis, there is only one judgment that should concern each individual…the opinions of man mean nothing in the grant scheme of things; only ONE will determine each persons ultimate destiny. He earned that right when he gave himself as a living sacrifice. Not one human soul will bypass that appointment.
    Got lots of ketchup to do…may not even get to all of it…this new thread’s likely to explode before too long. Blessings to you all.

  10. AOL Poll:

    Do you believe President Barack Obama is telling the truth about his health care plan?

    No 52% 60,023
    Yes 48% 54,662


  11. Patriot Dreamer

    To contact Joe Wilson’s office: 202.225.2452 (DC) 843.521.2530 (Beaufort, SC)

  12. Please post his info Peter so we can all call….NO one should respect and THUG and a FRAUD in our House and these politicians need to get a clue!!!

  13. Thanks PD….the mailbox is full on the last number the other one is busy….I will keep trying to call!

  14. Linda from NY – those pictures from the tea party express are fantastic. I’m part French and I have read so many books about the French Revolution. The third estate (us today) kept begging their government (King and first and second estates) to pay attention to them and quit levying more taxes that they could not pay. The government kept spending like their was no tomorrow since they had to keep up appearance among their selfish little selves. The United States of America is so close to the Day the Bastille fell-I’m just hoping this revolution will be peaceful. Looking at their so-called leadership if a revolution did ignite that group could not put it out.

  15. When you call Joe….demand he start an investigation of ACORN….of course we all know it leads all the way back to the White House!!!!

  16. Linda from NY.
    Under normal circumstances, I would agree.
    This is not politics as usual.
    Many should have stood up during the electoral college verification.
    No one had the patriotism or guts to do it.
    Thank God Wilson spoke up.
    We need to encourage this instead of status quo.
    PS-I am certain that there were many reasons the people of Nazi Germany
    did not speak up. Protocol be damned!

  17. He was on TV again this morning talking to a group of nurses and they were fawning all over him . . . laughing at his jokes . . . quite sickening.

  18. WOW, Rep Wilson’s site is OVERLOADED. Just went there and got this:

    Joe Wilson
    Due to exceptionally high traffic, this site is temporarily unavailable.

    Please come back shortly.


    Joe Wilson Speaks for ME and my Family

  19. Did anyone notice in yesterday night’s speech when BO was walking along kissing all of the women . . .? LOL . . . he kissed probably three or four in a row and the next one up was Axelrod, I think, and he almost kissed him, but I think they laughed, semi-hugged, and shook hands. Almost fell outta my chair.

  20. Patriot Dreamer

    I’m hoping that Glenn has more than just this ACORN prostitution/tax story. Unless he can connect it to people at the top, then the press will simply continue to ignore it.

  21. Couple of things here:
    I’m never going to profess to being an expert on all of the legal machinations in legislative bills, but I am pretty good with the semantics of language, which most of the people commenting on this blog are as well; however, I can tell you this.
    On my blog, I’ve embedded an entire copy of the deathscare bill (in the post entitled “Let’s Go to the Videotape!”), and I did, over the summer, take the time to look at large sections of it. Again, I’m no expert, but it seems to me that the key word in this entire bill is “EMPLOYEE”. Not only are there large sections of the bill that directly contradict one another, but the use of a term as vague as “EMPLOYEE” can be used to cover anyone, since the left is famous for repeatedly pointing out that illegals are here ‘doing our work for us’ (see Van Jones); therefore, if a business and/or landowner were forced to answer the yes/no question as to whether this person is your ’employee’, then all bets are off. You’re covered. And, as Jeff at America’s Right pointed out today, once amnesty (God forbid) is passed, all those ‘illegals’ become ‘legals’ overnight. I just hope the country is beginning to pick up on the shady wording that the left uses time and time again.

    I posted a few minutes ago with regard to something that Ben Stein wrote recently. Interesting, and I hope it’s not too late for what he has to say.


  22. Beware of the Taliobamas they may be in a violent struggle with the Talibans to decide who’ll take down America.

    The Communist Chickens have come to our home, The White House, to Roost.

  23. I just spoke to Larry Sinclair a few minutes ago.
    He has added clarification to his actions.
    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
    I have tried to stay away from criticizing folks such as Orly.
    I believe their intentions are good. Still, one has to recognize
    certain realities. I will not criticize Sinclair for doing what he has to.
    Larry is very intelligent and methodical. This has kept him alive.

  24. fawn 1 (fôn)
    intr.v. fawned, fawn·ing, fawns
    1. To exhibit affection or attempt to please, as a dog does by wagging its tail, whining, or cringing.
    2. To seek favor or attention by flattery and obsequious behavior.
    There is something so creepy to me about fawning. I never liked being fawned over, nor did I ever feel the need to do it over anybody.
    Fawning is just weird and sickening especially to look at.

  25. Patriot Dreamer

    John Feeny // September 10, 2009 at 11:06 am

    The health care bills will allow illegal aliens to be covered because there is no enforcement mechanism to allow health care providers to determine if an individual is in our country legally or not. Just imagine a law saying that gun shops will not sell guns to convicted felons, but there is no way for the gun shops to determine if a person in their shop is a felon or not. Same principle.




    I will use this in an upcoming article.

  27. Patriot Dreamer

    Right now on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Andrew Breitbart is referring to this ACORN/prostitution/tax story as the “Abu Graib” of ACORN.

  28. (Citizen Wells: Another Orwellian lie by Obama. Employers will begin dropping health plans and let employees sign up for government plans, thus achieving Obama’s goal of government run health care.)

    JJ: Exactly, what will happen here is what happened in Hawaii with the insurance for children……..many who could afford insurance stopped premiums and went for the gov’t-provided program (free or cheaper) and the program bankruptedn the state.


    Joe Wilson Speaks for ME and my Family


  30. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Linda from NY,

    It is always acceptable, and indeed dutiful to interrupt a Usurper!

    Protocol has nothing to do with it…

    We need to wake up and smell the coffee…and stop acting as if he were the President, he aint!

    They should throw tomatoes at him, or better yet, their shoes! (a fitting muslim insult)

  31. Forgot to remind you to go and VOTE but I know most of you already did because you are Smart LOL.

    AOL Poll:

    Do you believe President Barack Obama is telling the truth about his health care plan?

    No 52% 60,023
    Yes 48% 54,662


  32. I am trying to find Mr Wilson’s contacts so we can all call him and ENCOURAGE him to keep speakign for us.
    Joe Wilson speaks for me.

    Washington, D.C. Office:

    212 Cannon House Office Building,
    District of Columbia 20515-4002
    Phone: (202) 225-2452
    Fax: (202) 225-2455

    Beaufort Office: (more district offices)

    903 Port Republic Street
    Beaufort, South Carolina 29902
    Phone: (843) 521-2530
    Fax: (843) 521-2535
    Beaufort Office:
    903 Port Republic Street
    Beaufort, South Carolina 29902
    Phone: (843) 521-2530
    Fax: (843) 521-2535

    West Columbia Office:
    1700 Sunset Boulevard (US 378), Suite 1
    West Columbia, South Carolina 29169
    Phone: (803) 939-0041
    Fax: (803) 939-0078

    You’re welcome!! This link above also gives you a web form to email a message—I use this form for Ky. officials often!!

  33. JF @ 11:06: appreciate your posting and kudos to Ben Stein: I believe he has all the makings of a great statesman (he already is…) were he to find his way even more to the forefront.

    Will clicking onto that link take me to the article he wrote?

  34. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    What actions are you refering to?


    You evidently have better reading skills than myself: I have not noticed…I guess its because I try to speed read everything…

  35. Sorry for the ‘dummie’ question, JF: are the words in BOLD, though without quotes, Ben’s?

  36. If Beck thinks that his ACORN info will keep the attention away from Obamacare, he’s wrong, I’m afraid. No one cares unless it goes to the top. We need the BC story broken, but we may have to wait for the court to act in October.

    BTW, what’s going on with Larry Sinclair?

  37. Re-do // September 10, 2009 at 10:47 am

    What’s that scripture or phrase??
    You can’t change the past, only God knows the future, therefore, trust God in the present???

  38. Joe Wilson Speaks for ME and my Family

    How did I know he had to be a MILITARY MAN.
    Two days ago a Military Man was our Hero Judge Carter. Today another Military Man is a Hero Rep. Joe Wilson.

    Residence: West Columbia

    Marital Status: Married (Roxanne)

    Prev. Occupation: Attorney

    Prev. Political Exp.: SC Senate, 1985-2001

    Military: USAR, 1972-75; SCANG, 1975-2003

    Education: BA Washington and Lee University, 1969; JD University of South Carolina, 1972

    Birthdate: 07/31/1947

    Birthplace: Charleston, SC

    Religion: Presbyterian

    Percentage in Last Election: 54%

  39. PD @ 10:52,

    I just tried calling – the DC line was busy and the SC had recording saying ” mailbox is full” LOL!!

  40. CW: Point taken. These are the times that try the souls of both men and women! Just saying…emotions crowd/cancel our rational thought; we need to keep our heads so that what comes out of our mouths is effective and not mere emotion. Rudeness should be avoided IMHO. Everyone is excited someone had the ***** [fill in your own word] to speak out and say what we all have been wanted to say for a long time right to the pp’s face!


  41. Re previous thread (at least from LM…and maybe others): couldn’t tell if the “Yay!” for HRC was sarcastic or sincere…
    I’m beginning to find humor in the posts here that cheer for HRC in stark contrast to those who identify themselves as ‘Constitutionalists’…and who cheer those who are calling those playing ‘hide and seek-to-destroy the Constitutional Republic out as being ‘liars’…(protocal be damned!) etc…
    Clearly, those who are still marching in the HRC parade haven’t recovered from the kool-aide…or maybe they’re drinking it in like there’s no tomorrow…hard to tell. What’s funny about it, IMHO, is that the ‘Yay-Hillary’s are paddling in the same boat as the Hill-bots…either knowingly, or DUI…(I guess that would be PUI).
    If anything ought to be obvious, it’s that any aid HRC & Co. can render to assist the downfall of BHO only aids her own quest and lust for power; you can be sure it’s not cooled down one bit.
    So: LM & Co….keep the one-liners coming; comic relief has always been welcomed here, as I understand it.
    PS: I don’t know…you may have to ask The South about this one: “will collodial silver have any healing properties for kool-aid overdoses?”

  42. twe-John Feeny-I love Ben Stein thank you for the article. Yet another victim of the thug Obama.
    The good news he’s working back with Shaq
    those two make quite a pair-crack me up. Humor break

  43. House Democratic Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) called Wilson’s outburst “embarrassing,” while McCain said it was “totally disrespectful” and that there was “no place for it in that setting or any other.”

    McCain said Wilson “should apologize for it immediately.”
    Since Wilson’s website and phones are busy…….a visit may be in order to Mccain, the ‘designated opponent’ (ran in name only– RINO) in 2008.


  44. JJ @ 11:32: not familiar with that one…don’t think it’s Scripture; nevertheless seems to make sense. Certainly one can do nothing to alter something that happened even one minute ago; and we will not present our ‘resume’s when giving account of our life: I believe it will be, as you suggest, “how are we living in that moment” when our number is called.
    (Hopefully the line won’t be as bad as the DMV!) LOL!!??

  45. Patriot Dreamer: Excellent analogy!

    “The health care bills will allow illegal aliens to be covered because there is no enforcement mechanism to allow health care providers to determine if an individual is in our country legally or not. Just imagine a law saying that gun shops will not sell guns to convicted felons, but there is no way for the gun shops to determine if a person in their shop is a felon or not. Same principle.”

    I liked seeing Pelosi, Biden and Obama all wee weed up last night!

  46. Thanks JJ.
    I will let them have it!!!!!

  47. Thanks Linda.
    Your earlier comment inspired me.
    You are a good sport.

  48. Michelle @ 11:42: those two should take their show on the road…they could easily pack houses as the new “Lewis & Martin” or “Abbot & Costello”…”Ebony & Ivory”…whatever…LOL;
    thanks for the clip: I’d not seen them together before.

  49. CNN

    did you hear about the guy that threw the shoe at Bush? He was released yesterday (I believe) and was going home to a new, rather large home, and I believe a monument was built in his honor. I just caught the tale end of the news on him. Had to laugh when I heard it. And I thought the same thing….we need more like him!

  50. BTW: who’s out there demanding that O apologize for calling Palin a liar?…I haven’t seen the vid, but read that he said such…truth?

  51. Re-Do –
    Sorry about the lack of a link; it was from an e-mail, from which I merely copied and pasted.

    Yes, the bold words are Ben’s.

  52. Audit of the Federal Reserve scheduled for September 25 in the HoR:


    Somehow I don’t think it’s going to get where We the People need to be. Let’s see how Barney “Rubble” Frank handles the audit.

  53. Patriot Dreamer

    “Read the Union Health-Care Label:
    Get ready for Detroit-style labor relations in our hospitals”

  54. Re-do
    ShaqnStein are doing commercials on TV down here in Florida. They are so ridiculous. On the latest one Shaq has some wild and crazy “fro” they are both so droll-crack me up. They just suit each other so well.
    I’m just glad Ben Stein is working, I don’t like the way he was treated by the Obama gang of thugs.

  55. Linda @ 11:37: am I reading that correctly?
    did you call BHO “pp-face”? Is that in reference to “pretend (p)resident”? While it’s admittedly very childish…and I don’t choose to stoop to name-calling…you may have, intentionally or inadvertently, stumbled onto one that is actually pretty appropriate…right after “liar, liar, pants on fire!”.
    “Next round is a toss-up, panel…”
    “I’ll take ‘name-calling’ for 2000, Alex.”
    “Hey!…once again you’ve hit the ‘daily double’!”

  56. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Actually I was in favor of that shoe throwers arrest, as I am not one to hold Bush responsible for collateral damage, and believe the liberation of Iraq was fully justified both by the UN and the cease fire accord between Irak and US/UK in the First Gulf War…the US has done more to limit collateral victims of war than any other nation, and I am proud to say it…as for the invasion of Iraq, as it was an official policy of Hussein to both stock pile yellow cake and put out that he was building weapons of mass destruction, it was too inticing bait to use by Bush/Cheney to “sell” the invasion to folks who would not have cared about the liberty or freedom of Iraqis…

  57. Nancy @ 11:01,

    I saw that! I threw up in my mouth!!!

    He said: “I love nurses, I can’t help it. I always have. Michelle knows about this”

    He forgot: I like boys too! Michelle is just finding out about that!

  58. Wow! I see from where you are coming, CW.
    People here are certainly passionate about Senator Wilson’s remark. In their eyes and the eyes of many, Senator Wilson is a HERO.

    CNN: I feel your passion; you appear to agree with CW on the protocol thing.

    I agree we must speak out as forcefully and as often as we can, however, can we become that which we loathe? Yes. Should we? IMHO, No.

    Our Tea Party Protests have been peaceful [for the most part], and we are making a difference.

    Our protests against the pp school speech have been successful because we have substantiated our claims through thoughtful responses. Yes, many parents were angry, but they made their voices heard appropriately [for the most part].

    Had Senator Wilson refuted the pp’s words in a commentary via news media [?] after the speech in which he cited those sections of the bill where it was clear the pp lied, he might have been more effective. Instead, he is being hounded by party partisans who believe he “embarrassed” all of them. He was probably told he was “naughty,” too.

    Cannot wait to read the next post, CW! You are fired up; it should be a good one!

    Carry on…Linda

  59. Michelle @ high-noon!: shoulda been Ben wearing the afro! now THAT would be a hoot!

  60. Who the F does McCain think he is the ENFORCER??? I think he has aligned himslef to CLOSELY to the Obamunists to be able to disengage himself when the crap hits the windpipe.

    McAmensty has always SABOTAGED Conservatism he needs to be SCORNED and join Arlen Spectacle with the Erosionists.
    Wilson Speaks for me and my family McCain should just take his Boss’s advice and “SHUT UP and GO AWAY” because he caused the problem that O’Joker is trying to “fix”.

    McAmensty is Mr. IRRELEVANT almost an enemy within.

    Joe Wilson speaks for me and my family.

  61. Joe Wilson is a HERO.

    What are we talking about TODAY?

    Does anyone remember what “President” LAIR said?

    Joe Wilson Mission Accomplished. THANKS

  62. Patriot Dreamer

    Folks (and especially jbjd), you all need to read this:

    “The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie”

  63. Re-do: Yup…pretend president. I cannot call him anything else. But, pee…pee might be appropriate since everyone in the “District of Corruption” was told they were “wee…weed up”, no?


    PS You are a riot! Have fun.

  64. http://radiopatriot.blogspot.com/
    All-Andrea Shea King has some interesting artices re: Acorn and whistleblower Lots of info

  65. “What is a ‘pp-face’, Alex?”

  66. val // September 10, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Hi Val,

    Ooohhh, Michelle already knew about ‘the boys,’ I’m sure.

    Joe Wilson’s e-mail is still overloaded. Looks like he’s a popular guy today :).

  67. “I’ll take ‘wee-weed-up’ for 1000, Alex.”
    “Oh…no…I’m sorry, Linda…that category’s already been max’ed out…try another, please.”
    “Okay…how ’bout: ‘things you shouldn’t yell out during the pp-face’s speech’ for 200?”

  68. PF: prediction (in jest?): before long, McPain will be one of the one’s yelling “Yay Hillary!”…
    He may be an honorable war hero, and no one can deny him that…but that’s no excuse to go soft now, IMHO.

  69. Good one Re-do! Thanks for the laugh!

  70. Patriot Dreamer @ 12:05: Yeow…ya think Glenn Beck’s got a hold of this one?

  71. I am listening to Rush right now…..here is the link….Rush says Wilson is a hero too….he says REPubs shouldn’t be apologizing for anything and slams those who are saying it wasn’t appropriate!!


  72. JF: thanks for the clarification re Ben’s article.

  73. Question?

    Then who is going to pay for the illegals health care?

  74. Patriot Dreamer: That article in the canada press was remarkably revealing. Thanks for sharing!

    Wonder if Dr. Taitz is aware of this. Maybe, someone should forward it to her.

  75. Patriot Dreamer // September 10, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Hi PD,

    THIS is THE ace in the hole!

    I believe jbjd has been working on this issue for quite some time.

    Rat Face Pelosi knew…they all knew yet, slammed this usurper through anyway. Two ‘official’ documents!

    I’m stunned, but glad this has come to light; we were all duped!

  76. Anyone lisetening to Rush?

    Listen here:

    He is saying EXACTLY what I said on the Joe Wilson issue. Obama is the LIAR and should apologize to the country for his LIES and Lying to us.

  77. Re-do not only did they deceive and defraud every voter in the United States of America, look at at the people they intentionally made fools of-I’m sure the many who have missed those critical words are going to be very unhappy.
    Example: say I was going to sell a customer a good used car, the mechanic certifies to me that everything mechanical has been checked and is in good working order. I tell same to my customer and he purchases the vehicle for a reasonable price. One week later the car totally falls apart. Unhappy customer, unhappy me and the lying mechanic is going to be in big trouble.
    When you break faith and trust with a customer that is a very bad thing, just like our government did to all the people regardless of political affiliation. The DNC will pay dearly for this.

  78. Michelle: who would you bet on in a free-throw shooting contest between Shaq and Ben?!

  79. Re-do. I love them both. You have to admit Shaq has some advantages over Ben (no pun intended). In a lot of ways they remind me of little boys, just very charming the both of them.

  80. Botox Nancy should be going to prison along with BO. She’s in on this.

    I’m still trying to get into Joe Wilson’s website, but can’t yet. Want to thank him for speaking up.

  81. Michelle @ 12:32: I assume your comments are in response to PD’s 12:05 link/post…not mine; but I ‘copy that’ re what you wrote.
    seems sometimes the comments don’t get pointed back to the initial post…and that can get confusing…to me, at least. anyone else?
    “Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?!”

  82. Patriot Dreamer

    Important article — please read!

    “ACORN Exposed: Stealing Democracy”

  83. YAY!!! I just got through to Wilson’s SC office! I spoke to a very nice gal. I asked her if they were getting the crazy anti calls and she said yes, she’s getting all types of calls! I gave her this blog addy and she was looking in here. Everyone tell her Hello and we are huge supporters of Mr. Wilson speaking up and saying the truth!


  84. Re-do Now that I think about it maybe it was Ben Stein in the fro. Can you imagine actually looking forward to a commercial?

  85. M: Just suggesting that maybe Ben’s skills with a basketball from 15′ might be better than Shaq’s skills with linguistics…from any distance! LOL!

  86. Obama Won’t Give Federal Insurance Benefits to Illegal Aliens, He’ll Make Them Legal First


  87. Michelle–Thanks for the vid.

  88. Humor break (warnings are no good any more):

  89. PD @ 12:37: so…seems at least a pinhole has appeared in the big bubble…will it be sufficient to, eventually, bring down such a massive and diversified organization, ya think?

  90. Patriot Dreamer

    Just for laughs:

    “Australian Man Claims His Cat Can Swear”

  91. What the hell is wrong with McCain maybe he was brainwashed as a POW.

    Mccain must go
    Collins must go
    Snow must go

    I like that SNOW MUST GO

  92. ***** New Post ******

    Don’t back down!

  93. twe // September 10, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    Gotcha, twe..not eating or drinking anything (which was a good thing!). Finally took my own advice.

    Good one-thanks!

  94. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do // September 10, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    PD @ 12:37: so…seems at least a pinhole has appeared in the big bubble…will it be sufficient to, eventually, bring down such a massive and diversified organization, ya think?
    I hope so, but the organization called ACORN is kind of like a bunch of cockroaches. You can squash a few here and a few there, but hundreds more are in your walls! Ick!

  95. Information about the DNC documents sent to Orly.

  96. Mr. Clean: wouldn’t that be “Snow must blow!”?
    ….oh, never mind…
    new post up…gotta go.

  97. Patriot Dreamer // September 10, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Folks (and especially jbjd), you all need to read this:

    “The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie”

    PD…I sent this to everyone on my contact list with a good message too from me!!!

    BTW…Joe Wilson says the leadership made him contact the White House!!

  98. #

    Linda from NY // September 10, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Patriot Dreamer: That article in the canada press was remarkably revealing. Thanks for sharing!

    Wonder if Dr. Taitz is aware of this. Maybe, someone should forward it to her.

    Linda….I already sent this to Dr. TAitz.

  99. JetBlue just starting flying to Baltimore, which is close to DC (District of Criminals) and they had SPecial Fares from Boston for $9 each way.
    They are still running that special for fares now after Sept 16 thru Nov. Anyone wanting to go to DC during thsoe times book now it is a great deal from Boston just get a flight into Boston and then connect.

  100. All: last comment before departing for the new thread for good…enjoying evidence of ‘team-players’ helping with information sharing here;
    ‘bravo!’…okay…NOW…gotta go…sheesh.

  101. Joe you are my hero

    (next time bring tomatoes) !

  102. what the joker’s obama care really means, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet:

    it means you will be paying for the abhorrant life style of others


    against your beliefs
    against your religion
    against your conscious

    you will be paying for abortions of others
    you will be paying for euphanasia , whether willful or not, or by death panels or not
    you will be paying for habitual drug users, smokers, and other unhealty lifestyles
    you will be paying for diseases generated by lifestyles of those that you don’t agree with ???>>>AIDS & HIV

    this is totally unconstitutional

    callup your representatives DEMAND they vote NO , DEMAND they don’t throw your FREEDOM , your CONSCIOUS down the toilet

  103. Honestly, if you’re for abortion, why tell half the crowd they need to be reduced, and the abortion-supporting half that abortion is something we need to keep? Because you want the votes from both sides, and you’re willing to lie for it. Whether he agrees with the side for abortion (which I belive to be true) or against it, why not just make up your mind? Keep in mind that I have nothing against the president personally or racially, but I do not agree with the way he quotes, gee, I don’t know… perhaps the Bible. If he really was a Christian, which he claims to be, how could he misquote it the way he did? I know this is old news, but I still find it as a strike against Obama. Now some people, not to offend anyone if you do, will assume I am racist, or I have something against Obama. Well, the only thing I have against him is the way he is changing America. He seems to think that now he is king, and everything must go. In with the new and out with the old seems to be the way he thinks. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that we cannot destroy what we’ve got to fit his standards. He goes to other countries and makes a fool of our nation, speaking and reacting to the important leaders of other nations as if “Oh yes, you are better than us, because America is a horrible place. Do not consider me one of them. I hold you in the highest respects.” You can’t do something like that, to make it seem like we have no dignity, and then expect everyone to love you. Personally, I think they should have voted the other way around. John McCain at least didn’t seem quite so… strongly-set on making America his kingdom, if you will.

  104. MR. JOE WILSON ….
    I couldn not have said it better!!!!!
    You Speak For ME !!!
    Keep It Up !!!

  105. What president hasn’t lied. Obama is our president now and we should give him the upmost respect. Congressman Joe Wilson did not handle it with respect. He would not want anyone to do him that way. I am not saying what Obama is saying is true or not I am saying he i our President and our Congressmen should show more respect.

  106. The incident that occurred in Congress by Rep. Joe Wilson R-NC, illustrates the consequences of a blurring line between illegal immigration and health care. Our politicians have been alerted to the angry voices of the American people. For once they have disregarded the business campaign contributors and all the cloaked gifts given for services rendered by special interest lobbyists. Millions of US citizens are enraged with the status quo buying favors from our representatives that has led to our wilting economy. Today speaking on behalf of Washington committees on health care, the lawmaking emphasized that illegal aliens cannot access the new health reform package, that any person applying will be checked through government databases.

    E-Verify might be implemented for this very issue, that it has shown in the majority of cases remarkable successes in remove illegal alien workers from the working environment. E-Verify can solve this problem and bring sanity back to immigration enforcement. E-VERIFICATION OF EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN WORKER MUST BE MADE PERMANENT? NOT JUST VOLUNTARY POLICY, BUT AS A FULL FORCE OF OPERATION CARRYING STRICT PENALTIES. This operation will work under federal policies? But what about state laws? California as an example is a Sanctuary state for millions of illegal immigrants and their families? Other border states are also occupied by large proportions of unlawful populations of foreign nationals?

    This last year has culminated in huge financial losses in California caused by millions of low income illegal aliens, which has created a third world community within the United States. There must be federal measures to bring under control, massive spending benefits for people who have no right from benefiting from those who come here legally or were born here. How can any public health care option work at a state level, when states like California ignore federal law, regarding financial refuge to indigent people? Our own people remain homeless and in many cases without hope, when legislators have prioritized, health care, education an overloaded jail system and easy welfare money for illegal immigrants?

    The once golden state has been using taxpayer money, to support illegal aliens, when the same expenditures should have been adopted for a collapsing infrastructure. Highways, schools, tunnels, bridges and dams in a dangerous state of disrepair? Our legislators in many cases have been seduced by lobbyists and should be banned from any contact with our politicians. This will never happen, but something must be done? Millions have been spent on derailing the health care reform currently and in the past, as has immigration enforcement. Rescinding 287(g) federal training for local police enforcement of immigration laws, the NO MATCH LETTER and the cutting back on ICE raids on obnoxious businesses using foreign workers.

    The order to crush E-verify was given to Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, but narrowly survived in the Senate chambers. Both political parties are equally to blame for not enforcing the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act that was inundated with fraud and a desire to weaken the laws. Now they want to rescind that law, offering yet another reform package that will never function? Let’s not kid ourselves! Huge veiled forces are at work to import as much cheap labor as possible with no restraints, lowering wages and an unconscionable burden on taxpayers.


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