Philip J Berg, Press Release, February 13, 2009, Expose Obama, Obama not qualified, US Constitution, Obama not eligible, Status of cases, Berg vs. Obama, Third Circuit Court of Appeals, US District Court, Hollister vs. Soetoro, Spread the word

Press release from Philip J Berg, dated February 13, 2009:

“02/13/09: PRESS RELEASE – Berg Fighting On – 3 Pending Lawsuits to
Expose Obama for “not” being Constitutionally “qualified/eligible” to be President
and Berg requests help to spread the word as the major media refuses

(Contact information and PDF at end)

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 02/13/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of Constitutional “qualifications/eligibility” to serve as President of the United States and his cases that are still pending, Berg vs. Obama [2 cases – 1 under seal] and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama announced today the request to his supporters to spread the word as the major media continues to refuse to cover this story – the most significant story in the history of our country; the biggest “HOAX” perpetrated on the citizens of the United States in 230 years, since our nation was established. Obama must be legally removed from office.
Berg’s request: “I hereby request all of supporters to (1) go to your computers; (2) send a message to everyone on ‘your address’ book to go to and read it; (3) ask everyone on ‘their address’ book to read and send on to everyone on their address book; and (4) if they can, make a contribution to [on our web site to donate online or mail in]. I am requesting donations of asking four [4] friends to contribute $15.00 each or donate $60.00 themselves as this is the seventh [7th] month that we are pursuing this effort to expose Obama’s ‘HOAX’ and we are preparing to proceed with discovery [interrogatories, request for production of documents, subpoenaing of documents, depositions of Obama & Howard Dean, etc.].

I believe that 10 to 15 million people are aware of the Obama ‘HOAX,’ and we must make 75 million people aware. When people are made aware of the Obama ‘HOAX,’ that Obama has not proven he is constitutionally ‘qualified/eligible’ to be President; that Obama has not produced his original (vault version) ‘Birth Certificate;’ that Obama has not produced legal documents to show he legally changed his name from his ‘adopted’ name of ‘Barry Soetoro’ from Indonesia; they will demand Obama be removed from his office of President of the United States.”

Berg concluded, “I am proceeding for the 305 + million people in ‘our’ U.S.A., for ‘our’ forefathers and for the tens of thousands of men and women that have died and/or been maimed defending our Constitution, with our legal fight to prove that Obama is not constitutionally qualified/eligible to be President.”

Status of Cases:

Berg vs. Obama, Third Circuit Court of Appeals No. 08 – 4340
Berg filed Brief on 1/20/09
Waiting for Response Briefs from Obama, DNC and the other Defendants (Appellees)

Berg vs. Obama, U.S. District Court
Case filed under seal on 11/07/08 – cannot be discussed

Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama,
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, No. 08-cv-02254
Berg filed 1st Amended Complaint for Hollister on 2/09/09
after Soetoro/Obama and Biden filed Motion to Dismiss

For copies of all Court Pleadings, go to

For Further Information Contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire           

555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12                                                     
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
               (610) 825-3134        
(800) 993-PHIL  [7445]
Fax (610) 834-7659
Cell                (610) 662-3005    ”



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  1. Obama’s stealing the census from Congress has suddenly awakened and enraged the Republicans. Maybe this will arouse them as well to challenge Obama for stealing the Presidency itself. They surely know he is not an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (which is more than merely being a 14th Amendment “citizen”) by virtue of either Obama’s birth to a dad of Kenyan/British citizenship or birth in Kenya itself — as manifested by his unwillingness to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal.


    Another good character analysis. The key point in this article is the distinction between malignant narcissism and “run-of-the-mill” narcissism.

  3. Ted….he is slime…..but, if his father is Frank Marshal Davis…he is a natural born citizen. The “Web” is deeper darker more insidious than we know. And with Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia and Israel having his documents……obama and the U.S. can now be blackmailed.

  4. Diane—I thought the Frank Marshall Davis
    theory was disproved some time ago.
    But, I sure agree with the “blackmail”
    abilities of others because of Mr. Imposter’s

  5. This is why the President must be a natural born citizen, so we don’t have to go through the crap Soetoro is putting this country through. If the narcissistic bastard cared anything about this country, and less about himself he would exit stage left ,and get the hell out of the way, so our country can move forward. At what point does this become obstruction of justice? Obstruction of justice is what brought down Nixon, time to apply the same to Soetoro. Where the hell is law inforcement? Arrest this criminal he is busted.

  6. Dr. Edwin Vieira has a weekly national conference call every Wednesday night. For information on the call go here:

    Also, while you’re there look at the petition under the “Tools” tab.

  7. Bob Strauss-
    Very well said Bob. I have ben working to locate the birthname restoration petition which would have been necessary when he began using his birth name again. Since he was legally adopted by Soetoro this would have been a necessity. He attended Occidental using the Soetoro name and collected US funding as a foreign student. His name change would have had to occur at some point after Occidental, and at some point before Harvard. No matter if it was done in a courtroom ,or a lawyers office there is a legal necessity for the formal petition. It is also published for a predesignated time in a public medium, making it public information,and he cannot lock that down. If we are unable to find any evidence of a legal birthname restoration,then it is very probable that his birthname was never legally restored. This would be absolutely necessary since he used the name on his candidate registration, and Americans voted for the Obama name. If the name was never legally restored then he is not legally Barrack Hussein Obama. In all probability he is still legallyBarry Soetoro. As such he was NOT elected as the President. He is fraudulently occupying the Whitehouse. I believe that there are many who know the truth also but do not possess the testosterone to do anything to correct the problem. We the people must somehow do it. We will NOT have the courts available to us so the only thing left is the Court of the People.

  8. Maddie–
    I think you are right about that. I remember reading several stories that were published, which totalled three. Two of the stories were by staff writers at Worldnetdaily, and the third was by Andy Martin Contrarian Commentary. Andy theorised that Barrack Obama is indeed a son of Davis. Davis was allegedly a close confidant of young Obama’s all during his youth. If this is accurate then this is probably who he absorbed his Marxist beliefs from. But if all of this is true then there would be no reason for him to spend the multi thousands of dollars to keep his personal records locked away. I personally believe that he is the son of Barrack Obama Sr.

  9. Does anyone have an update on the state sovereignty movement? What happened to New Hampshire’s initiative? Have any states actually made it law yet? Thanks!

  10. Running that campaign , high on cocaine,
    Barrack Obama is ready, watch your speed.
    Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
    And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

    This old Coke Head makes it on time,
    Leaves Union station bout a quarter to nine,
    Hits river junction at seventeen to,
    At a quarter to ten you know your travlin low again.

    Running that campaign, high on cocaine,
    Barrack Obama is ready, watch your speed.
    Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
    And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

    Trouble ahead, lady in red,
    Take my advice youd be better off dead.
    Switchmans sleeping, campaign 2008 is
    On the wrong track and headed for you.

  11. There is a little more to stealing the census than meets the eye. Should the Whitehouse actually control the census it is the Democratic plan to use a computerised method of counting Americans. This excludes the actual door to door counting as has always been done. At the same time the computer software is written soas to use a higher arbitrary Democratic count in metropolitan areas. This translates to greater Democratic power in Congress. The “Gang of 14″are trying very hard to create a ONE party system in the US. I prefer to call it a dictatorship.

  12. Woosh—-
    The last that I read the count was about 20 states. Many more are doing it. This is in part to keep from being put under martial law. This handwriting has been on the wall for quite some time now. I personally believe that the dam has cracked,and it will take a while for it to collapse. When it does Obama is finished.

  13. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Caution the Erosionists ( non-Conservatives) took power get ready for the Final Erosion of American

    Fellow Patriots,

    Many have asked: “What can we do? Does anyone have any ideas?”

    Here are a few things that we can all do:

    1-Spread the word and get more people to know what we already know, tell two friends and so on…..most people are not even aware of the Lawsuits, when I tell them they can’t believe they knew nothing about it and the media didn’t report it. They want to investigate and learn, help them do it. Pass websites and info out to help these people learn about what we already know.

    2- Write to the media and SHAME them into being less partisan & more ethical….being unethical (less religious or less human) is what got us into this mess. Lack of morality & honesty got us: Madoff, ACORN, Corporate Welfare, Mortgage Lenders, Borrowers, Credit Card Co APR rip-offs, Wall Street, Congress, etc.

    3- Lets assemble Grand Juries to Investigate these issues. If the Politicians and Courts won’t do it we will start a People’s Court: Grand Juries.

    4- Lets assemble TWO 9/11 type Commissions, this can be done RIGHT NOW…should’ve been done long ago.

    One Commission will look into the Election and see if there was Fraud. Look into “obama” and see if he ever showed uncontested proof of who he is and if he is qualified. Who is responsible for verifying candiates and make sure it happens. Come back with recommendations to make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. When we elect a President there should be no DOUBTS that he meets the 3 minimal requirements that anyone qualified can easily prove with Documents.

    The other Commission will look into our financial crisis and see what has been done, what worked and didn’t work and make recommendations on the best way to go forward. Will also get to the bottom of how this crisis came about and who is most responsible and who needs to answer for it.
    We, like minded people can start and sit these Commissions just look for people that would be good and assemble these Commissions. If we get co-operation from the opposition fine we welcome it but if we don’t lets go ahead with our work. ACORN and such organization don’t worry about getting Conservatives with them. They just go ahead with their agenda. So shall we.
    For funding maybe we can do a book deal with a publisher that will sell the book(s) of the Commissions’ findings seeing that Congress probably wouldn’t get involved or allocate any money for this.
    We can even get news outlets to pitch in, like Newsmax, WND, etc.

    5- We need a CONSERVATIVE news media outlet more reliable than Fox News, they have joined the unethical media as well and don’t deserve our support. We need to get all these conservative like minded entities to join forces and come up with a new Conservative all the time News Channel that we all can join and support. It can be online video channel to be cheaper. Maybe Rush, Hannity, Savage, Newsmax, WND, etc can all participate and have their own segments. It will keep us informed. No liberals’ Twisted News or point of views those are EVERYWHERE. This will be our own Conservative Fairness Doctrine. It can be subscriber based just to keep Liberals from listening for free. Maybe $10/yr or something like that and some advertising revenues. Or maybe make it non-profit to avoid taxes and regulation.

    6- This one is more to Survival and eventually getting your head above water.
    Don’t be a sucker, make sure you are getting your fair share of the Bailouts.
    If you are carrying debt it is a good time to analyse your situation and decide if it is smart to fall behind and get help, a BAILOUT.
    If you owe credit card balances, loans, mortgages, etc. it may be smart to CASH IN. Everyone else did so why not you.
    I suggest using credit cards for everything you can and SAVE YOUR CASH, you will need it later. DON’T put your cash in the banks at least not in accounts maybe in a Safe Deposit Box but best is to invest in a Fireproof Safe to safekeep your cash. Cash is King it will come in handy keep it stashed and saved. Become very frugal spend as little as possible eat at home, learn how to make soups they are healthy and cheap. Move in with family & friends if possible to save money. Time to hunker down and sacrifice we are in for a long haul. When we come out of this Orchestarted Catastrophe the ones with saved cash will benefit greatly.
    Use the checks Credit Companies send you to get cash to stash or pay important debt like utilities and food.
    Eventually you will stop paying all these cards. NO NEED TO FILE Bankruptcy, just stop paying and tell them you have no money to pay them and need an “obama” BAILOUT. Most of these Credit Companies & Banks are Unethical Crooks (Loan Sharks or Bloodsuckers is more like it) and could care less about the customer. They deserve some of their own medicine. Bailing Out on these companies will do two things it will help you in the long run and make sure all the Pork Bailouts FAIL. Don’t worry about your credit after this flushes out you will be in the same situation as most people and can easily build your credit in 1-2 yrs. Plus if you do it right you will have CASH and be able to pick housing and such CHEAP with none or little financing.
    You may want to choose 1-3 cards that you like and have a good working relationship with to keep. I would suggest Capitol One they have been pretty above board for the most part and probably didn’t need any bailout money. CHASE is one of the worst…they indiscriminately Raised Customer APR’s, some to over 30%, and Worse lowered customers credit limits to make them look maxed out which ruined FICO scores. This started a domino effect, when other creditors looked at FICO scores and saw them declining they in turn quickly raised APR’s and lowered Credit Limits. This all happened without customers EVER being LATE. Totally unwarranted, uncalled for, irresponsible and punishing their customer.
    Don’t be foolish, less scrupulous and undeserving people are getting Bailouts why not you. “obama’s” own family have been getting Bailouts for yrs. Auntie Zeituni and Uncle Omar both in USA illegally have gotten, welfare, public housing even a back operation all paid by taxpayers. IF they get “bailouts” when they should be in jail or deported, why not you and I? Remember if you keep paying no one will help you. The trick is to stop paying, stop being responsible and Bailouts will come your way. This is encouraged by our new “president”. If you can also find a way to not pay taxes the “president” encourages these “hiccups” as well…do your part there may be a cabinet position in your future. I am not advocating breaking any laws, I am encouraging you to find a loophole, loose you job, work for barter or cash or maybe become Kenyan and turn illegal alien.
    Only people that fall behind (irresponsible) will be helped lets help the “”president” and make sure he has plenty of people to help.
    It’s time to give Ourselves a Bailout or at least bailout on paying taxes and being an accomplice to the rip-off of America.

    The Time is Now. Let’s not waste an opportune crisis to help ourselves, welfare bum & illegals are getting our tax dollars lets take some before there is nothing left for us.


    Most are saying “obama” has a mandate because he got 64,000,000 votes that isn’t even close to a majority of America. We are a nation of 300,000,000 people about 64,000,000 voted for the FRAUD our PONZI PREZ. that means 21.33% of Americans support him by votes. That is ONLY a little move that 1 in 5 therefore ALMOST 4 of 5 or 78.66% of Americans may not be with him

    Meet the new Clown same as the old Clown the Circus of Change is in Town.
    Record setting “president” the quickest to Bankruptcy & set us back to Brittish King times, a Nation of Taxation w/out Representation & Documentation

    Not The New Deal but The New Error.

    If “obama” didn’t have something to hide he wouldn’t work so hard at Hiding Everything w/ a “dark” wall of Transparency.

    On the floor of Congress Rep Schock, the one from Caterpillar’s area, said that “obama” pretended to be Lincoln’s Skunk I totally agree he is part black, part white and something really STINKS, therefore BOSkunk.
    By: Peter Francisco American Revolutionary War Hero 20090215

  14. oldsalt76, Soetoro is so narcissistic he probably believes he can use any name he chooses , sort of like a movie star using a stage name. After all it doesn’t matter what name he uses, he is he is too “important ” to let minor details get in the way of his presidency. I’ll be happy when they knock that smirk off of his face and expose the phony for the usurper that he is. He’ll look good in an orange, prison jumpsuit ,and hand cuffs.

  15. Tonight I was listening to the Michael Savage radio show, and the following exchange occurred:

    Savage: Maybe Biden will be our President soon. You never know. That’s a scary thought.

    Caller: Better the devil we know than the devil we don’t.

    Savage: But do we really know Biden?

    Caller: We know he was born in America and that’s good enough for me!

    Savage: True – we DO know Biden was born in America.

    I couldn’t help but notice that Savage didn’t hang up on him or accuse him of being a conspiracy theorist as he has done in the past.

  16. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Actually Savage has had Phil Berg on and he is about the only one that has talked about some of the issues that we are talking about. Most others pretend it doesn’t exist.

    I wrote to savage a couple of days ago to actually have Dr Orly Taitz on and also Larry Sinclair since his expose’ book will be released on March 1 across the World. It already has a Japanese Cover and name in Japanese.

  17. Posted on the Pariotic Resistance
    by joan calhoun on February 17, 2009 at 12:08am
    RED ALERT: FX Dislocation In Process
    8:17 CT

    I do not know what is going on here, and I don’t think I want to.
    Someone, apparently someone in Asia, wants dollars. A LOT of dollars. There is a forced-liquidation event underway that is massive, it is against all asset classes and it is spreading.

    It originated at approximately 7:15 CT this evening and originated out of Asia somewhere. All of the primary currency crosses got hit at once – Euro, Pound, Yen – all weakened dramatically against the dollar and it is still going on. The Asian stock markets got walloped at the same time in coordinated waves of forced selling.

    At the same time the US futures markets got nailed as well, down some six handles on the /ES in a near-vertical drop. While this sounds “not that big” to move these markets in a coordinated fashion like this is a trillion-dollar enterprise – this is not some small company that went bankrupt, or even a large company.

    There is no news coverage at the present time identifying the source of this but it is not small and contrary to some reports it is not “automatic selling”; this is forced liquidation.
    Folks, if this translates into Eastern Europe where there are severe instabilities already brewing literally everything in the financial world could come apart “all at once.”

  18. Diane, what do “we”do? Take money out of banks? I don’t know money stuff very well, what do we do?


    Bloomberg is reporting similar results. We’re seeing the beginning of the depression.


    1. Stock up on tradeable good.
    2. Keep cash handy
    3. Get plenty of supplies
    4. Invest in gold jewelry and precious metals before the value is unobtainable.

  20. Thanks Diane:
    Are banks not safe?
    Roosevelt confiscated gold.

  21. What about Treasuries, CDs, foreign currency, GNMAs
    or Real Estate?
    I’m kinda desperate because I support others.

  22. CW How do you not post what I want to say. Thanks Trudy

  23. Watch this video I found on defendourfreedoms and enjoy
    Indonesian cover up video:

  24. To: Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    You write an interesting comment, but you sound to me like a welfare salesperson. I mean, the government workers want you to sign on to food stamps, WIC, etc. It’s job security for them.

    Any time you sign up with the feds you lose some of your freedoms.

  25. Pre-1933 gold can not be confiscated. Invest in those coins. I also moved a large portion of my 401-k to etf’s 100% backed by swiss gold. Who knows…hope I did the right thing.

    Is it me or does anyone esle think it odd that Shrillary is in Indonesia so soon after taking office?

  26. Yes it’s weird. She’s probably going to help Barky bury the rest of his Indonesian-ness with some major SOS muscle, make Eni Faleomavaegua look like little leagues. She knows he’s still an Indonesian obviously she’s a co conspirator. Bill is brown-nosing Barky lately too. It’s all crapped out.

  27. Rahm is moving at breakneck speed to get the Civilian Defense Force up and running. Been planning since 1993.
    STATES HEADS UP Obama wants his own pushbutton force to circumvent States National Guard.

    Click to access 140410p.pdf

  28. Why do the courts refuse to release our presidents documents to the public? Are they hiding something?

  29. NewEnglandPatriot

    There is going to be a national citizens’ grand jury to investigate Hussein’s qualifications. You can read more about it at or Steve Pidgeon is putting it together. What a fine man and patriot he is!

  30. Good Morning, Citizen Wells –

    Obama is Big on Symbolism

  31. At this point, get a large group and make a citizens arrest. Time to get some physical action going. March, Shout, make the American Citizens heard. Stay Safe. God Bless America.

  32. A guest from Wake Up America was on our blogtalkradio program last sunday, and had some alarming news about what’s really in the stimulus bill and the wording that gives blanket power along with a blank check to many of the programs now being funded.

    We must continue to support Berg in his quest for standing, but I fear that the puppeteers strings are three fold strong. The real Achilles heel is Obama himself, as well as his Chicago cronies. Their own Egos will be their downfall. They will misspeak and misstep, because the mobster mentality is so ingrained. They are only more educated than Blago…not smarter.

    Much of what they do is 2nd nature; business as usual. Their ‘negotiating’ and strategy tactics are the same as ‘pay to play’ and ‘i’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse’ with new clothes. They are doing exactly what Blago did…with as little apology as their ex Governor.
    What would Elliot Ness do?

    Is there no one left in Washington that can start collecting the evidence to stop this coup?

    With over 20 states passing legislation, or with legislation pending to declare their sovereignty, this may not be a pretty ending. There has been a bi-partisan selling out of America into the New World Order… and maybe the great international money brokers thought it was smart to place a ‘charmer’ like BHO in the white house…. but they failed to realize how big an ego and how corrupt his roots.

    The patriots are waking up, because he doesn’t really have the finesse that others have had to merely ‘trick us’ and turn up the heat. He doesn’t mind being the new Abraham Lincoln, even if it means instigating a modern civil war.

  33. askmieke, Berg has no standing in a federal suit; and using a military Plaintiff with no standing – the only military Plaintiffs with standing are those facing imminent liability in a future legal proceeding (read my military Complaint) – further eroded the credibility of all of us who propose a legal remedy to this debacle.

    Having said that, I want to credit Mr. Berg, again, for his unwavering efforts to expose BO is not a NBC.

  34. I stayed up last night to listen to Coast to Coast A.M. Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, state reps. all talking about states rights, FEMA camps, PD 51, etc. It’s worth the time to go to the site and listen to the show.

    The Dow is tanking. Also was following the FX announcement while listening to the show. The sky won’t fall today, but everything is moving toward a global financial collapse, IMO. Use search term ” Gerald Celente” on any search engine and on YouTube.

  35. bob strauss, has a Nevada group.

  36. w00sh- The count is up to 22 states asserting their 10th Amendment right to Sovereignty:

  37. Sorry, off topic.

    I think now would be a good time to start shaming INDIVIDUALS from the MSM. Call them out on their bias reporting. Look into their personal affairs. Treat them exactly like they treat conservatives and anybody else that does not fall in line with their way of thinking.

    Laugh at them, discredit them, humiliate them. Be vocal, cause a fuss, show them for what they are.

    Post about them, talk about them, and their hypocrisy.

    Alienate them from Main Stream Americans and make them obsolete in today’s information society.

    Praise, worthy journalists that are fair and have integrity, even those that do not report what you necessarily want to hear, but are unbiased and whose reports are based on all of the facts available .

    It is time to start a war on the MSM. Without the far left liberals spoon feeding the American public, the Obama administration will be severely crippled and have a much tougher job, fooling the masses.

  38. Dallas and Out the MSM,

    Finally! A break in the silence!

    Glenn Beck Covers NH Sovereignty Resolution, OK State Rep Editorial

    The full story and the links to the video can be found here:

  39. I should add that I agree with being vocal about the biased media, and conversely, we should also be vocal to those that are telling the truth.

    This would be a good time to email Glenn Beck.

  40. Diane,
    Also noticed the S&P futures were don’t twice as much as the cash market on Friday. Ditto for the Dow and the YM. That seemed unusual to me at the time. CNBC talked briefly about the Eastern Euorpean situation this AM but nothing since. The markets have been trading sideways all day.

  41. That’s down not don’t

  42. Out the MSM, I just read this on td. Good for you for posting on politically distinct blogs. Also, I agree, ridicule of the situation is appropriate here. Talking to people who support BO notwithstanding his citizenship deficits, to say nothing about his character deficits, in somber or, worse, angry tones; not only lends credibility to his ascension to the White House but also tends to make them defensive, thus minimizing the chance our exchange will inspire them, finally, to do their own research, using public (read, government) records, produced through the use of their tax dollars. I cannot accuse citizens who have abdicated their responsibility qua citizens, of Treason. I can encourage them to become more well-informed and, ever so gingerly, point them in the right direction.

  43. Did you see this? Orly Taitz interviewed by the BBC!
    Just posted it–


    If we remember the “styrofoam” columns during the campaign — we can understand the “why” of Colorado. The Hollyweird producers and directors that “worship” the Messiah have constructed another “set” for BO. Washington DC has too many patriotic symbols and “way too many” American flags for this crowd…..

    It’s all about “make believe”. AND — remember Hollyweird gets 42 billion in “artsy projects” from taxpayers once his pen marks the “X”…..

    The 60’s “unwashed” are in control now and their “man” IS the “man” now. Their self/loathing has put our country on the “block” and they are re/living Woodstock and letting their grown/up parents (I mean taxpayers) deal with the heavy lifting. Any thing change since the 60’s?????


  45. thanks Fernley Girl, I will check out the site.

  46. Just saw Barry forge his name to the porkulous bill, can’t wait to get my $ 13.00 back.

  47. jbjd,

    I am talking about discrediting journalists and news organizations that refuse to use journalistic integrity while reporting the news.

    The MSM is a gigantic asset to Obama’s administration, as it continually pumps out his talking points, fails to report facts that may show the administrations policies in an unfavorable light, and smears opponents of the left.

    If this “tool” of the left could be crippled, and shown to be the dishonest, corrupt fools that they are, the plying field would be somewhat evened out.

  48. bob strauss // February 17, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Just saw Barry forge his name to the porkulous bill, can’t wait to get my $ 13.00 back.

    Do you have a link to that story?
    Would appreciate it. Tired to find it but……….



    Never mind just found it.
    Thanks for the info!


    crisis planned!

  53. Do any of you read Ed Hales forum? He said today his radio Plainsradio has been taken off the air due to court ordered injunction. Are we losing our freedom of speech?

  54. amy, please, before jumping to conclusions as to who initiated this injunction – assuming it exists – remember, using the public airwaves is a privilege, not a right; and saying things like, ‘I would like to pat BO on the back with a butcher knife’ might have motivated someone to stifle his broadcast until a permanent cure to his vitriol is accomplished.

  55. Ed Hale’s radio show was interesting in a Lan Lamphere kind of way…

  56. jbjd —

    The Berg suit is basically a “member-derivative” suit against the DNC and its standard-bearer.

    All the rest is smoke and mirrors, confusing all, including the courts.


    I find myself in disagreement with you and jbjd regarding Obama’s LEGAL name. That said if he never petitioned for restoration of his birthname then he is NOT legallyBarack Hussein Obama. Rather he is legally Barry Soetoro. If this can be proven then he is illegally occupying the Whitehouse, and in reality the US does NOT have a VALID president at present. With out a valid POTUS then we are without VALID LAW as well. I have conducted research using several sources of information. I have searched over a two month period to locate the court petition for the legal birthname restoration. Over 100,000 files have been searched thoroughly by assistants, as well as the entities themselves. This includes hundreds of newspapers, and public court records. Name change is a public record, and should be easily found. We have not been able to find even the name Soetoro, or Obama regarding any legal name change or restoration over the entirety of the US. For others, I invite anyone or everyone to do as I have done. I also believe that a case can be made of this because ; he registered as Barack Hussein Obama as a candidate for the POTUS. In PUBLIC and in formal requim he told the public that he was Barack Hussein Obama. If this is not his legal name then he HAS comitted fraud, and in addition VIOLATED PUBLIC TRUST. I do agree that anyone can USE any name that they choose, but I hasten to add don’t sign any contracts usuing a name other than your legal name. In addition don’t apply for a drivers liscense using a name other than your legal name.
    I happen to believe that the US is in a dire emergency because we are without a proven legal POTUS. Sadly there are those who don’t really give a damn. We all know who they are,and where they can be found. What happens down the road is squarley upon them,and will result from their actions, and/or inactions.

  58. oldsalt76, I cannot have expressed any opinion as to BO’s use of any name, because I am unfamiliar with the state laws that dictate how one may legitimately refer to himself, in what situations, with what results. I believe at one point, when the discussion was whether his oath of office was legally binding, I proposed that, someone should check out DC law in this regard.

  59. JBJD—-
    I was researching contractual law this wek and found out some things that I believe does change the picture somewhat. Of course any judge can view anything, in any way he chooses. The burden is of course upon a plaintiff’s attorney to first show that his client has a case then the attorney must prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. That said, in contractual law there doesn’tseem to be a great deal of variation from one state to the next. Where the differences lie seems to be like contract labor and contract real estate. The alleged legal name used by Obama is ASSUMED IN GOOD FAITH(these are some of the magic words) by the PUBLIC to be the legal name of Barack Hussein Obama . This was used upon the Federal Registration, the forms used that went to the Federal Election Commission, and was used upon the forms used by the various secretaries of State. It is then reasonable to ASSUME that this is in fact the name which Americans cast their legal votes for. their vote is a LEGAL COMMITMENT. As a commitment it is a CONTRACT. If his name is not LEGALLY recorded anywhere in any state as Barrack Hussein Obama then he is not proven to be Barrack Hussein Obama. If he is legally challenged in Court the burden will be upon him to PROVE who he legally is. If he cannot bring clear certified evidence to court to prove who he really is then, his contract with the voter, who voted in good faith is invalid. It can be seen as voter fraud, and in all probability prosecuted as such.

  60. In some specialised work that I do for a client we have successfully used the “comittment” language in pertinence to the work which he agrees to do for us. I can’t go into details of our contract agreements. I have simply used this as an arbitrary model for the sake of discussion. Our attorney particularly likes this contractual language, and has stated that in all probability it would stand the test of the courtroom. To date we have yet to test it.

  61. old salt76, the reason you can’t find a name change document for Soetoro is because it probably doesn’t exist. The college records,from occidental, probably contain all the information you desire. Alan Keyes is trying to subpoena those records and Soetoro is fighting to keep the records secret. Soetoro’s lawyers have threatened sanctions on Keyes for asking to see some evidence in Soetoro’s college file.

  62. bob strauss,

    Soetoro has admitted his legal name by responding to the Hollister suit with a motion to dismiss based on the name of Soetoro. It is customary for courts to require defendents to respond in their legal name.

    Soetoro knows this and so do his attorneys.

  63. jeffm, someone posted in a blog awhile back that responding with a motion to dismiss doesn’t mean Soetoro admits to this name or any other assertion in the case. I don’t know which is correct, just what I read.

  64. Bob Strauss- Good Morning ;nasty weather here in Northern Indiana.
    In response to your comment regarding Obama’s not so likely name restoration. Our national search was aimed NOT to prove the name change,rather it was aimed at DISPROVING the legal restoration of his birthname. As such we have a much greater certainty that he is still legally Barry Soetoro,and as such is not the person who was legally elected to the POTUS. If such an allegation can be brought against him,it is HE who will have to prove who he is,or isn’t along with his eligibility to hold the office that he was not elected to as Barry Soetoro. Also it should be noted that each, and everytime he signs a bill,or XO, he is committing a fraudulent,or illegal act against the American people. He will be facing what I would think could amount to a very long prison visit if convicted.
    There are a few other aspects of the matter in it’s entirety,which brings into question his dual citizenship, and his alleged loss of any US citizenship that he might have possessed. Most of this is still a question,and will not be known until such time that he is FORCED to produce all of his records. That is unlikely to happen unless he ,along with his legal team find themselves facing a National Grand Jury,and are forced into a corner after which they are very likely to be shoulder to shoulder with the gang of 14, a lot of secretaries of state, the SCOTUS, and FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION, and a lot of LOWER COURT JUDGES. It will be HUGE. We will hear the iron slammer doors closing quite a lot!

  65. Could you imagine what would be said if BHO was anyone different, like say GW Bush, doing this? I think we need to get down right angry about the fact that this (cover up) is STILL going on. Think to yourselves this…if this was “our” candidate the leftist lunatics would be having a hay day! What is wrong with this picture…are we just trying to be politically correct, or is it cuz we are not “freaks” like them?

    I find it hard to approach anyone on this subject cuz if they are for him they just freak out and start slamming you. Of course they bring up no info cuz they haven’t searched for any because they believe him and the bogus “fact check COLB”. They also won’t even entertain the idea that this is truly happening in America. I really wish the msm would start reporting on some of these issues cuz a lot of ppl have no idea that we are out here still trying to unveil the truth.

    We have got to get something started with regards to this and quick before, god help us, our country is ruined!

  66. Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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