LIGHTFOOT, GAIL, ET AL. V. BOWEN, CA SEC. OF STATE, January 26, 2009, US Supreme Court, Stay denied, Chief Justice, John Roberts, Dr. Orly Taitz

** Update Below **

Dr. Orly Taitz’ Application for stay in Lightfoot Vs Bowen
has been denied by the US Supreme Court:

The application for stay addressed to The Chief Justice
and referred to the Court is denied.

Thanks to Zach for the heads up.

** UPDATE from DR. Orly Taitz **

For immediate press release
Dear fellow Americans and Patriots,
as you probably know, in my case Lightfoot v Bowen I filed a petition for emergency stay and asked it to be treated as a writ of certiorari based on Bush v Gore 2000 precedent. The Supreme Court has logged this petition as an application for stay pending filing a writ of certiorari. Since they denied the emergency petition today, it gives me an opportunity to file immediately the actual Writ of Certiorari and it will be done within a few days.
However, a number of things have transpired lately.
First, an exparte private closed door meeting between 8 out of 9 Justices of the Supreme Court (Justice Samuel Alito was not present) with Mr. Barry Soetoro-Barack Hussein Obama. I will file a motion to the Chief Jastice to compel the records of this private meeting, that was held only a few days before my case was supposed to be heard, where the plaintiffs state that Mr. Soetoro-Obama is illegitimate for presidency due to the fact that his father was a foreign subject and there is no evidence that Mr. Obama was really born in Hawaii, since the state of Hawaii statute 338 allows foreign born children of Hawaiian residents to obtain Hawaiian certification of live birth and such certification can be obtained based on an affidavit of one relative only. In spite of 32 legal actions filed around the country, Mr. Soetoro-Obama refused to provide his original birth certificate that is sealed in Hawaii, no hospital in Hawaii could find any records of Mr. Obama ever being born there and affidavits were given by a number of parties in Kenya, stating that he was born in Kenya. We believe that Mr. Obama has spent over $800,000 on numerous attorneys to keep his original birth certificate sealed, because the original vault birth certificate does not provide any corroborating evidence from any hospital about him being born there.
Additionally, Mr. Obama has immigrated to Indonesia as a child with his mother and step-father Lolo Soetoro and his school records from Indonesia show his legal name to be Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia. Due to the fact that Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, Mr. Soetoro -Obama’s parents had to relinquish his US citizenship in order to obtain his Indonesian Citizenship. There is ample evidence that Mr. Soetoro-Obama has travelled on his Indonesian passport up to the time he became US Senator, whereby he reaffirmed his Indonesian citizenship as an adult.
The swearing of Mr. Obama is null and void due to the fact that he was sworn in on a name that is not legally his name and he is a foreign subject from birth and now and never qualified as a Natural Born US Citizen
On Wednesday, January the 21st, when the Supreme Court reopened for business after inauguration, somebody deleted from the external docket all information about my case. Millions of people around the country and around the world watched that docket. A number of concerned parties have called the Supreme Court and got no explanation. Other cases were on the docket. Finally, information about my case was re-entered on the docket. I will be demanding from the Chief Justice John Roberts an immediate full investigation, as to how the information about a case of National and World importance, dealing with Mr Soetoro- Obama’s illegitimacy for Presidency, disappeared from the docket of the Supreme Court. Incidentally an article about me and the cases I am handling, has disappeared from the Wikipedia. A copy of this letter will be forwarded to the Congressional and Senatorial Judicial committees for full investigation and hearing as well as FBI and US attorney’s offices.
I would ask all of the citizens that observed this disappearing and reappearing of information on the docket of SCOTUS to write affidavits to that extend. Please go to the nearest UPS store. They usually have notary public on the premises. Have your signature notarised and have the affidavit scanned and e-mailed to me.
Watergate investigation started with a small hotel braking. Obamagate Congressional and Senatorial investigation will start with this breaking into the computer system of the Supreme Court of the United States and illegal deletion of all the information about my case from the external public docket.
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
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  1. WTH? On Orly’s site, what “problem” that BO called Kenya was assuredly “sorted out”? His Kenyan birth certificate?

    Boy the rest of the world (who we feed, clothe, shelter, and protect) sure seems to hate us. But that is only natural. Rabid animals always bite the hand that feeds.

    Haven’t the Obaminites learned yet…there is nothing we can (or should) do to “make the world love us”? The war-mongering, hate-filled, jealous, and ignorant of this world will always detest the great and powerful U.S. because they aren’t us. We could give up every single thing we have as a nation, lay us down and die in front of them, and they would still not be satisfied. They hate us. They want kill us; our children, our babies; yes all of us and our little dogs, too.

    This “Kenyan Son” is and will continue to be loyal to his heart…

  2. I am disgusted beyond words…

    Lord, “We The People” Need a Miracle!

  3. Disgusted, Angry, Tired, feedup, Mad, and Depressed is the only words I have right now.

    We have got to some how keep our spirts up and BELIEVE!
    Hopefully Phil will Never stop till the truth comes out.

  4. This is just flat out scary!

    How many cases does this make now?

    This is ***TREASON*** against the people of the United States!

    It’s now up to us to form a Federal Grand Jury, and do it ourselves.

    Not one single Judge, anywhere in the U.S. has allowed one single case to be heard, including the Supreme Court!?!?!

    I’ve never seen anything like it, EVER!

  5. CW it is time to remove the Justices from America. We can no longer afford to pay their wages. Not when we can pay a few Mexicans to do the job for pennies on the dollar. Those that get the job, can send there paychecks back to mexico, hence our foreign policy. Same goes for Commander in Chief will become a volunteer job, as well as congress and senate. Also we shall ban lawyers from court rooms. No longer will courts be to protect criminals, we will only protect the victims. 🙂

  6. This was to be expected. Remember, Orly is also the attorney in Keyes v. Bowen, and that case is also proceeding through the system.

    Keyes really IS the better of the two cases that Orly has put together.

  7. Paul Craig Roberts opines…

    “We Need Constitutional,
    Not Just Economic, Recovery”

    “How can a country recover from such a state? I don’t know the answer. Thomas Jefferson thought only through violent revolution.”

    To that, I inquire of Dr. Roberts. “Dr. Roberts, have you met Dr. Vieira?”


    “Without revitalization of the Militia, America is on the fast track to a para-militarized police state as surely as you are reading this very sentence…

    …So, as the saying goes, “you can pay me now or pay me later”. One can cast about for insubstantial arguments as an excuse for denying how far the subversion of this country has proceeded and for evading one’s duty to stand up against the subversives. Or one can “bite the bullet”, as it were, and prepare, individually and collectively, to restore America’s constitutional foundations—now, before it is too late. Either course of action will be costly. But anyone with an IQ greater in magnitude than his age knows which alternative will be more so, even unto America’s ruination. Et non datur tertius.”

  8. why is it better?

    they both have the same points, no?

    and it is stuck in the system , when is it going to get to the supreme court?

  9. If one lower court, ostensibly any initially hearing federal court, will rule for the plaintiff… and there are bound to be umpteen plaintiffs now that Obi-wan can sign executive orders and laws into force… then he’s had. He’ll have to show his proofs or else appeal the decision. Once he appeals, the mainstream will be forced to wake up. He’s toast.

  10. Maybe the SCOTUS is dissing all the lawsuits because of something bigger (such as the Blago case and how deep in Obama is involved).

    Remember, that case isn’t done yet.

  11. Could this be the reason why cases are not heard??

    Also NWO ???

  12. christinewjc // January 26, 2009 at 11:51 am

    I am disgusted beyond words…


    christinewjc ,

    My feelings exactly.


    Hi Zach,

    Your article is great! Kudos!

  13. Yes, MB, Larry fights ’em down and dirty. He KNOWS from long-time experience that “they” just don’t play fair…there ain’t no justice when you’re dealing with obscene amounts of money. Larry is not surprised, shocked, or down (for long) when the s**t hits the fan and they throw him a curve ball. He just keeps on plugging. That’s our Larry. His ideas are coming stronger and harder and are getting more and more attention. This one may, too. Larry may just be the One! (Picture Oprah saying this…lol)

  14. MB
    That’s it! I have seen more than one comment that we will go to war against Pakistan.

  15. This denial of Lightfoot v. Bowen should come as no surprise to any of you.

    Look at the real action or inaction here. All of these cases ARE NOT dead yet! The only events that have transpired is that the SCOTUS have elected not to step in to intervene.

    I think if you were to read indepth the cases that are granted some sort of relief I (eg: Friday’s cases) you would find that these have reached the end of the line and there is nowhere else to go.

    Many of our cases are still alive in the judicial system, they just have not been decided yet. Granted, some are dismissed at the Superior Court level and may be heard at the Appellate level.

    It’s OK folks, no need to panic about SCOTUS’s lack of interdiction. What we do need to be concerned with right now is what soetoro DOES do during his illegal occupation of the WH.

  16. CW: do you know if Dr. Veiera has any opinion on the Grand Jury information? Also, someone mentioned(elsewhere) that they thought that the militia that the founders talked about was eventually to turn, or did turn, into our military forces. Is there a distiction between the two in the Constitution that would preclude the govt. from using that as a way to eliminate the state militias in your opinion? I would email the good Dr. but he has no email listed at his site that I could find. Thanks.

  17. @ CJ as I opined in a previous thread:

    “To any here, that believe that a “well regulated Militia,” is the same as the U.S. Armed Forces. I must call your attention to Exhibit A:

    Article I, Section VIII – Powers of Congress

    Clause 12:
    To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

    Clause 13:
    To provide and maintain a Navy;

    Clause 14:
    To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

    Clause 15:
    To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

    Clause 16:
    To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

    As one can see from the above, the Militia is indeed separate from the U.S. Armed Forces. It is separate from the Army (and Air Force). It is separate from the Navy (and Marine Corps).

    Notice that there is a restriction on the Army (and Air Force ), that it must NOT exceed appropriations for more than TWO years. This is to prevent a STANDING Army (and Air Force) for purposes of “ongoing” international interventions, and subsequent occupations.

    The Navy (and Marine Corps) have no such restrictions, because to enforce the “Law of the Sea,” is a permanent task for the necessity of national security. A Marine Corps division cannot last in combat for more the 30 days, without resupply and reinforcement (Army). A permanent Navy, cannot take ground and hold it for purposes of occupation. Nor can a MC. The USMC is not designed for prolonged combat, without assistance from a more heavily armed and manned land army.”

  18. @John
    quote: “Maybe the SCOTUS is dissing all the lawsuits because of something bigger (such as the Blago case and how deep in Obama is involved)”

    I would certainly hope so.
    On the other hand, justice should be blind.

    If the NBC matter is not considered as imporatant, it could also be because the whole world is soooo happy. And it would look like they just tryto find a reason to kick him out.
    This is how it would be perceived.

    I still think justice should be blind and law applied no matter what.

    If there is a reason behind, maybe we’re just waiting for him to out himself as a naive fool, that cannot be trusted and also an inexperienced fool that has no answers.

    That will not take long.

  19. Ahah!

    Furthermore, Exhibit B:

    Amendment 5 – Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. Ratified 12/15/1791.

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    We see here, another clear distinction between “the land or naval forces,” and “the Militia.”

  20. How is it that the rest of the world can see Barack Hussain Obama was born in Kenya of an AFRICAN father, yet the politicians and judges we have put into power can not see this same fact?
    To me, it’s pretty obvious that the fix has been in for Obama since he made the keynote address at the Democratic convention while only a newly STATE senator of IL with no experience other than community organizer (whatever that is).
    Obama’s handlers have had over four years to scrub his records squickee clean. I must say they have done a damn good job of that.
    NO provable past history (other than what Obama tells us) NO birth certificate, NO college records, NO state records as a Senator from IL, NOTHING, NOTHING at all to identify this empty suit.
    Yet he is now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. To attain this achievement, he has had a lot of help from the men behind the curtain.
    How could the American people have been so blinded by this UNKNOWN quality?

    Now the bigger questions before us are:

    (1) What can the American people do to right this injustice brought upon us by our politicians, judges and the media? Do the people of America no longer have a voice of dissent in this country? Are we now considered only as serfs of the state to have our freedoms bartered and sold by those weasels at their beckoning call? God we need a Partrick Henry now!
    (2) In the first week of his presidency, we have seen Obama issue a flurry of Executive Orders which will ultimately cost lives on the battlefields of the middle east, and those of millions of unborn babies around the world, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. We have also been informed of his MASSIVE spending program which will drive our economy deeper into recession, or maybe even a depression.
    (3) We have been informed by the ONE that our Declaration of Independence needs to be rewritten (perhaps Obama will do that for us all by himself). He has also hinted we need a LIVING Constitution. Can we expect him and his DEMOCRATIC Congress and his REPUBLICAN buddies ( John McCain) to scrub the only LAW we have in our Constitution and trash what’s left of it for good? If so, would that put the Supreme Court out of business, and let all Americans live under mob rule?
    We are in troubled waters my friends. Lots and lots of questions but very few answers!
    How much longer will we be able to say, “Land of the FREE, and home of the BRAVE”?

  21. Thank you jcd! Sorry I missed your earlier post.

  22. It is a good thing, that “We the People” did not listen to the likes of Hamilton, who argued against a “Bill of Rights,” and prevailed with Henry, Adams (Sam), and Madison.

    With our “Bill of Rights,” we have the tools to remedy our situation, if all avenues within “the courts” expire. Our “two-prong” attack is with the 2nd Amendment and direction with our good Dr. Vieira. The second is with the 5th Amendment, and our champion and direction with Leo Donofrio…

    “SCOTUS on the unique power of Grand Jurors”

  23. Hi CW,

    I sent you an email.

  24. With an imposter sitting in the White House as CIC, with SCOTUS refusing to review any actual evidence to support these lawsuits, with BO still having not disclosed (as required) campaign funding from foreign sources, with a Natural Born Citizen serving as VP chooses to serve beside a man he knows is not Natural Born per our law and therefore INELIGIBLE for the Presidential Office, WE HAVE BECOME A CORRUPT NATION and have joined the league of all the other corrupt nations in the world. With that said, how can we as a country entrench on other countries democracy and their constitutional rights when our own government refuses to uphold our very Constitutional Law and Constitutional Rights of the American People?

  25. How can a denied from the Scotus still means “alive”? I believe the Scotus is already in bed with Obama. The Scotus and Obama must have had a good old time behind closed door at our expense. First, I thought all the cases before Dr. Orly were denied because of standing. Now we presented to them a case with standing and they still don’t want to hear it. Not only did they deny the case, they gave no reasons for the denial. This is sheer judicial malpractice and predjudicial. Can anyone tell me why we do not have term limit for the Scotus?

  26. Regarding ‘standing’ – the following address is an article on a Washington State Statute that provides any registered voter the right to challenge the election of a candidate if the candidate at the time of the election was ineligible to hold office.

    I suggest that everyone research their own state’s laws to find out who in their state is supposed to certify that the candidate is eligible to run. From what I found for the State of Maryland it is the Secretary of State’s job to do so. Secondly, I suggest everyone write a letter to their Secretary of State asking if they are responsible for such action and if not who is. Send it in writing Certified Signed, Return Receipt and Delivery Confirmation. Don’t mention Obama. Just ask a simple question as to whose responsibility is it to CERTIFY/ensure that all candidates running for office from President AND Vice-President of the U.S. to State and Local elections are eligible to run for office per U.S. Constitutional law.

    When you get an answer back, then post what it was. If the person responsible keeps coming back that its the voter’s responsibility and its in writing, then I believe the people of the U.S. would have standing in court to file one major lawsuit such as We The People of The United States vs Barack Obama or We The Natural Born Citizens of The United States vs Barack Obama.

    What we also need is to have a copy of the Kenyan birth certificate published!

  27. Also, do not throw any responses from your Secretary of State away. We will need them as evidence.

  28. CH
    been there, done that in November. 99% of them punted back to the political party. Some sent certified letters signed by Pelosi saying OBAMA was eligibility. A couple of states had certified letters signed by OBAMA saying he was eligible.

  29. CH,

    The state of Washington fits the critiera you state perfectly. This is why I believe Steve Pidgeon’s case will be the strongest to reach SCOTUS. If his case is denied it’s clear we have no legal recourse.

  30. He wasn’t even in office one day and he has already laid the ground work to allow terrorists to come onto U.S. soil and be imprisoned in U.S. prisons at U.S. TAXPAYERS EXPENSE! The very first thing he did was to make sure his Muslim compatriots were taken care of. No more torture when those captured by the terrorists are tortured beyond belief? A halt to all prosecutions? Why should they go un-prosecuted when their crimes are of the highest crimes of our nation? Did all of the victims of 9-11 sacrifice their lives for nothing? And he also wants to set up schools overseas so Muslims can learn English? Why? So they can come over here or to any other English speaking country and pass themselves off as Americans with fake passports and wreak their terrorism on us again?

    Maybe those who believe in astrology and the prophecies are right. Maybe December 12, 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it. It’s right after the next Presidential election.

    Oh, and John McCain…we believed in you…you told us to stand up and fight for what was right, for what we believed in and in the end you CAVED IN! You should have done what Al Gore did and demand that all votes be recounted, that any and all suspicious voter fraud be investigated, but you didn’t. There are people across the U.S. who knows that this happened, who knows that there county had more votes than there were registered voters and you did NOTHING! Where are you now?! You’re working with a Foreign illegal alien as CIC!

  31. This was to be expected. Remember, Orly is also the attorney in Keyes v. Bowen, and that case is also proceeding through the system.

    Keyes really IS the better of the two cases that Orly has put together.”

    Correct. Many of these cases have been denied for ‘lack of standing’ others for procedural reasons. Since ‘we the people’ do not directly vote for President, we could not be harmed…until AFTER he took office and signed E.O.’s or Congressional bills, etc.

    Don’t forget that Orly has a ‘military personal’ lawsuit in the works. These folks could be directly harmed by any ‘military’ order given in which their lives are directly at risk, and/or personnel having the potential for recall into service.
    Also, in that same lawsuit in the works Orly claims to have a blood relative of Barry’s as a plaintiff. Apparently, that person would have standing according to Hawaiian law, to request a vault copy of Barry’s original B.C.
    Then, don’t forget that Berg’s case (the one that was recently denied the stay) is actually still active in the 3rd dist court of appeals. Once they deny it, Berg can go back to SCOTUS…this time having been denied in the lower courts. Recall, when his petition for stay was denied by SCOTUS, that case was still active in the lower court.

    Berg also has another lawsuit, currently under seal. Not much is known about that one, because of that.

    Mario Apuzzo recently filed a case in NJ. Kerchner v. Obama

    Many of these new cases are being filled after Congressional certification of the E.C. votes, and more now after he was ‘sworn’ in.

    Then there is the issue of Globe magazine getting this story published and placed near the checkout’s across America. Orly may also wind up with some airtime on a moderately big show…Medved after he basically slandered her. If she’s given airtime on that show, others may be more willing to discuss it.

    This will be an uphill battle in the near term, perhaps even as much as a few months.

    There is much to be hopeful for still. This is FAR from over.

  32. Da Verg:
    Then, did anyone write the political parties in their county and State and ask them who is responsible for ensuring their candidate is eligible to run for office per Constitutional Law. My county states that it is the Secretary of State.

    And again, there should be no mention of Obama in the letters. Just a generalized question.

  33. And correct about Steve Pidgeon’s case. I didn’t even mention that one specifically. There is still a long way to go and many options and possibilities left.

  34. And, an update from Orly’s site:

    “Since they denied the emergency petition today, it gives me an opportunity to file immediately the actual Writ of Certiorari and it will be done within a few days.”

    Again…definitely not the end of the road on this issue.


    Pelosi on behalf of the DNC certified that Obama was contitutionally qualify to run for POTUS. The paper signed by Pelosi was sent to all the States. I guess because Pelosi signature was on the form, everyone thought that it was good enough. Well, Pelosi is the Queen you know.
    We should have sued Pelosi instead of SOS. She needs to show us what proofs she has that Obama is Constitutionally qualified to run for office.

  36. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking.

    What we need in conjunction with these court cases is to work with prosecuters and encourage them to investigate. Orly has the right idea. I believe many prosecutors have been in a legal “hole” for a while and they may think these cases have no merit or have blown them off as conspiracy theory.

    After all, they rely on much of their information on the Main Stream Mess, and they’ve been completely silent, no flat out blind, on this issue. The more prosecutors are informed, the farther our cause will reach.

    My recommendation is that we create a 300+ page “case file” that includes everything a prosecutor would ever need to get on the ground running. A compilation of every letter, case, report, document, affidavit, legal arguement, and issue cited in one giant case file.

    Then there will be absolutely no excuse to not understand the severity of this issue or know what’s going on.

  37. Still not to late to Sue Pelosi, and prosecute her for the crime in allowing a Non natural born citizen onto the ballot for U.S. President. Again while they destroyed our economy, we can no longer afford to prison them in America, we shall prison them over sea’s for much cheaper.

  38. Again, the letter should be asking if Obama was eligible to run BUT RATHER whose job is it to certify that candidates meet the eligibility requirements per Constitutional law. Maybe that needs to be a lawsuit in itself.

  39. All,

    Pelosi is being sued (as is others) in Mario Apuzzo’s recently filed case: NJ. Kerchner v. Obama

  40. Regardless of what Pelosi did, in the State of Maryland IT IS THE SECRETARY OF STATE who must certify the Presidential Candidate (not Pelosi) to the State Board of Elections in the Secretary’s sole discretion and consistent with party rules that the candidate’s candidacy is generally advocated or recognized by the media in the United States.

    Where does it say that the Speaker of the House can certify a candidate’s candidacy? It doesn’t. It is up to each individual State and some States have already told voters that it is the voter themselves who is responsible for ensuring the candidates are eligible per Constitutional Law.

  41. Apuzzo’s case has “Barack Hussein Obama II, United States of America, United States Congress, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, Richard B. Cheney, and Nancy Pelosi” as defendants.

    In this case, Pelosi is being sued in the capacity of ‘Speaker of the House’ and Cheney as President of the Senate. Presumably after their act of certifying the E.C. votes.

  42. CH

    I wrote to a couple of State’s political party representatives. Some of them did not respond. Some of them said my request was BS. Some gave me a copy of the Denver DNC signed off certification. Some did not know what to do. Some said it was the DNC’s problem, not theres.

    I sent all my responses to Orly. She has them all.

  43. MB,

    Your posting near the top is interesting. As you say, it would be good to click on Sinclair’s blog and read what he said: “http://WWW.LARRYSINCLAIR-0926.BLOGSPOT.COM”

    But even though Pakistan may be able to do what Sinclair wants… and I’d like to see it happen… the fact remains that any evidence they have on Obi-wan’s having a Pakistani passport can be used to blackmail the Administration to great Pakistani advantage.

    So… would they go after him? I don’t think so. They could be holding Obi’s “stay out of jail card”, and probably don’t want to have it cashed in for ‘just’ sixteen villagers. They’re dedicated moslems They know how to go for the throat in a high stakes game.

  44. i did recommend to Orly that she sue Pelosi, Cheney, the DNC, Biden, Dean, Feinstein.

    Her response was…..well…..if anyone wants to know her response, send me private email per listed email.

    yep, that’s my email, don’t laugh. I have had it before Al Gore invented the internet. Well, was yahoo around before al gore invented the internet? I don’t remember that far back.

  45. CH

    I did not contact Maryland SOS. What are they saying in regard to documentation and certifications?

  46. Open letter to Chief Justice Roberts from LtCol Earl Graef

    Orly , Please at your discretion post this letter.
    Memorandum and Open Letter

    From: LtCol. David A. Earl-Graef

    To: Chief Justice John G. Roberts

    Date: 26 Jan 2006


    I can not express in words the disappointment I feel regarding the recent actions of the Court to deny those of us in the military important answers to questions regarding our Constitutional duty as clearly stated in our Oath of Office. While these actions are not an injury such as one might sustain on the field of battle, they constitute an egregious injury to the faith I have placed in the court. While I can not say that of its nature the injury is mortal, it is not without morbidity! While I can not say that I shall succumb to it, the actions of the Court have deeply wounded the spirit of this American Soldier. I am left brokenhearted and conflicted in this moment to the point of tears.

    I had earlier written to you and asked that you consider the Oath of Office that I took and every American Soldier takes and asked that you honor and respect its sacred vows in your actions. I ask you now in your heart; have you done this? Have you placed aside the political concerns of this decision? Have you given honor to the fighting men and women who, in the face of death, carry the standard of freedom? Have you given honor to the fallen Soldiers who have no voice; those who are now across the river of eternity and whose bodies lay entombed across the river from where you sit, in the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery? Have you given honor to the Soldiers whose names are not inscribed on any piece of stone or mortar or recorded on any parchment or paper; the names American Soldiers that are known only to God?

    Make no mistake, I am keenly aware of the burden placed upon you and do not in any way envy your responsibility or the responsibility of the court in this situation. The dire consequences facing our Nation in either circumstance around your decision are no less and perhaps more than has ever fallen before us as a Nation in our entire history.

    Although in my darkest moments, when shadows of doubt encircle me, I remain steadfast to my Oath. Although I can not suppress a feeling of betrayal, I can not knowingly betray my country. I again plea to the Court to release me from this yoke of uncertainty that is weighing me down. Renew my faith in Justice and give me the direction I need to continue to serve. Above all I pray that you not let those Soldiers who have paid and are yet to pay the ultimate sacrifice defending the Constitution to have done so in vain.

    LtCol David Earl-Graef USAFR MC

  47. CH

    none of the SOS’s that I spoke to said it was up to the voters.

    I have signed certs from DNC, Pelosi, and Obama saying Obama is eligible. They must have done their due diligence to come to this conclusion. The voters can not “certify” anything. If you have evidence, in writing, from a state that specifically says that it is the “voters responsiblity”, then that gives “standing” in that particular state. And that “standing” can be used , now, to prove that Obama is eligible. And just because people voted for Obama , is not proof that he is eligible, which seems to be what a lot of people are saying (e.g. “Obama is president, he won the election, he won the popular vote. That means he is qualified.” Now they are saying all the steps in Constitutition have been satisifed including EC, EC ratification, and swearing in. )

  48. I think that a breakthrough either has to happen in a lower court or by a Grand Jury. The Supreme Court has denied all cases, refused to recuse themselves from swearing him in and met with him in private conference with a CASE ON THE DOCKET against him. What more proof do we need that we can’t rely on the Supreme Court for justice? They are playing a game with us to keep us waiting and hoping while time is wasted. Leo Donofrio was right about them and that’s why he didn’t go forward with his case.

    It won’t matter if we have proof if the case is denied w/o comment.

  49. I am going to change Channels now.

    From “Law suits & Order” to “Blagowatch”

  50. And then I found this on restoretheconstitutionalrepublic

    Jan 25, 2009

    Obama did not become a U.S. citizen until age 19

    1) Obama successfully achieved U.S. citizenship from his birthright nationality at birth at age 19 via the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, §349(a)[1988]. This law allows a child reaching majority to reverse naturalization forced upon him/her as a minor by parents or legal guardian.

    While Philip Berg, Esq. claims Obama is not a citizen, he bases that claim on his own set of facts. Berg claims Obama was born in Kenya, which I highly suspect as well.

    U.S. law does not allow U.S. nationality to be conferred on a foreign born baby of a foreign father unless the mother has a total of 14 years U.S. residency, five (5) of those years post age 14. I believe that is 8 U.S.C. 1401.

    However, Berg has Obama, Sr. as the legal husband and Dunham the wife. Obama, Sr. had a first wife, and no codiciles of divorce. Therefore, the Obama-Dunham marriage was void ad initio per bigamy.

    This changes applicable naturalization statute from 1401 to 1409(c), which is an out of wedlock provision requiring only one year (1) of U.S. residency post age 14 for the single mother to confer U.S. nationality.

    Born in Kenya an illegitimate child to a bigamist father, Obama was a full British citizen at birth. Taking the child to Hawaii and divording Obama, Sr. (not necessary due to bigamy), Obama, Jr. would have become a U.S. citizen eventually, but the process would have been speeded up through a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State.

    Obama’s Kenyan or Hawaiian birth are moot distinctions, once Stanley Ann Dunham took the child to Indonesia after marrying Lolo Soetoro. Indonesian law automatically claimed jurisdiction over the mother and child and they were naturalized Indonesians.

    Obama remained a naturalized Indonesian (from dual British and U.S. nationalites) until he satisfied the 1952 Act’s five-year continuous residency requirement from age 14-18.

    At age 19, Obama was a naturalized citizen.

    PhixarBrown wants to make you think the entire process evaporates, leaving only the birthright U.S. nationality . . . thus, his twisted definition of natural born . . . or at birth. But, once conditions exist, at birth, requiring statute to sort out nationalities and subsequent naturalizations, the person is naturalized. His is ‘made natural by statute’ . . . or ‘naturalized.’

    2) Obama may have held his Indonesian passport as late as age 31 when his mother finally returned to Hawaii to die. But, under case law such as Terrazas, Obama’s act of having another nation’s passport was a per se renunciation of U.S. citizenship, but his 5-years of U.S. residency shows intent NOT to renounce his U.S. citizenship, which he was qualifying for through that residency.

    ‘Intent’ is the key word, and the law is very liberalized in its interpretation. It requires a forceful and deliberate communication to the U.S. Secretary of State that you want to renounce, or in this case keep your foreign nationality.

    The argument that Obama didn’t intend to become a U.S. citizen is a good one, but the fact that he satisfied 1952’s 349(a) would carry the case to its lawful conclusion.

    3) Obama had a birthright to U.S. nationality. It was statute that made him a U.S. citizen at age 19. His Indonesian citizenship was foisted on him as a minor, which is why 349(a) was written.

    In his own words…

    From: verite

    Jan 25, 2009 18:57

    Browsing at the bookstore today I couldn’t help myself, I picked up a copy of Dreams From My Father, Obama’s memoirs ghostwritten by his pal Ayers.

    I did not buy the book, but for the sake of research I skimmed through Chapter 1, entitled “Origins.”

    What a joke. Have you ever heard of an autobiography where the author neglects to mention his birthplace? It seemed to be written in third person….oh wait, I forgot, it was written in third person. Chapter 1 didn’t mention his birthplace, just memories of his early years in Hawai’i.

    Here is something interesting on the last page of Chapter 1:

    “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school.”

    Pretty sad when your own memoirs don’t state your birthplace. Ayers knew that his buddy wouldn’t have much of a political career if the actual birthplace was revealed.

    I am conjecturing, so one of you liberals who has read the entire book, please tell us if it specifically states his birthplace.

  51. Has anyone else heard that Plains radio said last night that they Got Bo’s BC and passport from Interpool and will be given to Ritz on Friday to take to Congress.

  52. Berlinberlin,

    What possible reason(s) would he have for being adopted by Native Americans? Just curious what that is all about?

  53. Hi CW,

    My comment @ 12:53 is in mod jail. lol

  54. If adopted after 18 should not make a difference,unless he considers himself to be a child.This is nuts!!

    Cases denied WHY ?? NWO

  55. @ Biz
    I didn’t hear the BC part, just that they have a passport with Bambam’s signature.

    Actually, at first I thought it was just a multiculti PR stunt.
    Something like,
    “my daddy is from Africa, my mother is white (Europe), my stepfather is Asian and my new parets are Native Americans.”

    But maybe there’s more to it?

  56. I need to make it more clear, They have Bo Indonesian passport. Which means Dual Nationality.

    I heard they have the Kenyan BC to. But that was from a Someone who called and asked after the show.




  59. Suggested letter we send to all involved with putting Barry in Office!

    Here is something we can do to awaken our elected officials. Why not start a letter campaign to all those listed after “dear”. The following letter is somewhat crude but sends the message. You are welcome to use it and improve upon it. It is only a suggestion as to what to do. I think if our elected officials started receiving hundreds of these types of letters with copies of the documents enclosed, and let them know copies of this letter will be sent all over the world, they might start paying attention to us. Let’s put them on the spot. The last thing a cockroach wants is to be in the light.

    Dear (Senator, Congressman, Electoral College voter, Any one of the TV News stations, Foreign News letters, Generals of all the Military Branches, and major new papers, Judges, & Supreme Court, and any one who needs to know this)

    America is in the greatest national security and Constitutional crisis in her history. Barry Sotoero is a Usurper based upon the fact he doesn’t qualify under the Constitutional definition of “Natural Born Citizen”. There is very good probability he may not even a citizen of United States. This information is not a surprise to you, and some might even find it tiresome because of all the letters you have received from us citizens, to which you turned a deaf ear and supported Barry Sotoero into the Whitehouse.

    To this day Barry Sotoero has not provided one document to establish his legal eligibility to serve as our Commander & Chief. Over 26 law suits regarding this question were filed in various states in America only to be dismissed on technicalities and not on merit. WE The People Foundation published two full page ads asking Sotoero for his valid birth certificate and advising the voters in the electoral college to refrain from voting for him until he first proves he meets the three Constitutional requirements. They were advised that voting for a man who was not legally vetted is tantamount to treason among other violations. 365 electoral voters did so in spite of that advice. Do they think they are not accountable for their treasonous actions?

    Thousands of concerned citizens wrote letters to their Congressman, Senators, the Supreme Court Judges, and whomever. The few response some citizens got were letters of denial claiming Barry Sotoero is qualified. Most simply remained silent, ignored the people and did as they pleased. You had a chance to challenge Barry Sotoero’s qualifications on January 8, 2009 when Congress counted the electoral votes. NOT ONE CONGRESS MAN OR SENATOR STOOD UP TO ASK BARRY TO PROVIDE HIS DOCUMENTS—NOT ONE OF YOU!

    In the face of all the information, the few facts attorneys were able to collect, and Barry Sotoero’s preference to spend over $800,000 on attorneys’ fees instead of producing the required documents to prove his eligibility, beyond a shadow of a doubt our elected officials failed us, and betrayed America. A criminal and corporate attorney can better list the crimes but my list is good enough to let you know we intend to make you accountable for these crimes: failure to keep your oath to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States, breach of fiduciary duty to your constituents, conspiracy to commit a crime by knowingly voting a usurper in the Whitehouse . All of these actions and “lack of actions– refusing to investigate the issue when brought to your attention, and looking the other way when you knew this was an issue has turned you into traitors and men who willingly and knowingly committed treason. Do you think because there are so many of you and you are so powerful, you will not have to be accountable for what you participated in doing to America?

    Check this out. We the people may have been sleeping while you mastered your art of deception but we are wide awake now. We the people fully understand the depths of crime our elected officials have gone to betray America. We plan to take back America beginning with terminating you from your positions before they expire. WE want you to resign now as you are malfeasant and a clear and present danger to America. If you fail to resign, we will take these crimes out of the closet and we the people will publish your names and the crimes you committed after them anywhere and every where we can—billboards, newspapers, radio, video, you tube, television, local magazines, an so on, and on, and on. We will send all our information to all foreign countries where their press isn’t as censored as ours.

    WE the people, will bring as many law suits against you for breach or duty, and failure to perform on behalf of the people. You may get out of them, but not before you are held accountable. It will be a bitter and public fight with treason and traitor attached to your names.

    WE will become part of the GRAND JURY to investigate your actions regarding your involvement in aiding and abetting the installation of a usurper in the Whitehouse. The Grand Jury will investigate this and any other matter in your history and determine all criminal acts. We will have you arrested and stand trial for any and all your criminal acts. By the time we’re through with you, there will be no Senate, Congressional or judicial seats to return to. You will one day be too ashamed to be seen in public because every decent honest citizen who voted for you betrayed will avoid speaking to you.

    You know who you are and what you have done. We know who you are and what you have done. So, please take a stand. Either stand with us and challenge this Usurper, or become part of the group of traitors who still lies claiming Barry Sotoero qualified.


    We The People

    Enclosed are the following documents that substantiate my statements above

    1. Copies of the ads published in the Chicago Tribune by WE The People Foundation DEC.3 &7 2008, asking Sotoero to provide his documents.
    2. Copies of the law suits filed in the Supreme Court by Philip Berg, Leo Donofrio, Dr. Orly Taitz
    3. Copy of the statements by experts that B.Sotoero’s colb is a forgery

    • Cc; —newspaper, TV stations, inter net web sites, Generals in the Military, any one any where in the world interested in American politics

    USA Patriots Shout

  60. lightfoot ran for VP position, not prez. maybe that was reason this was turned down?

  61. Jacqlyn Smith

    I sent an e-mail to Hannity, O’Reilly and Beck daring them to invite Orly to be on their programs. Let’s see if they respond???

  62. This is a little off topic but not really. Today Nancy Pelosi says she wants the government to provide contraceptives to young women because, she said, it would be better for our economy. In other words, the fewer people
    there are to take care of, the better.

    OK, did you just skim that or did you really really read what I just wrote? If you really really read it and understood it, then there are only TWO words that could possibly come to your mind besides curse words and they are (purposely misspelled for reasons we’ve discussed here) Adulf Hittler.

    This is sickening.

    Other countries with centralized health care (which Pelosi is obviously preparing for) are finding it hard to provide for everyone so some countries, like England, limit health care for obese people, etc.

    Please write to your Senators and Representatives – a simple one paragraph letter, mailed) that you are against Nancy Pelosi’s idea about providing contraceptives to young women (if you indeed are – and if you are against it, please do not remain silent. Speak up.)

    By the way, what’s wrong with instead providing prophylactics to young men? And also by the way, this would be targeting young poor people … I suppose in her mind limiting the number of poor people would also make it easier for us to have national health care.

    Look, the thing that upsets me is that Pelosi is trying every which way to get her socialist plans under way in this country. Please write to your state’s congressmen today.

  63. ————————————————————
    John Roberts Jr. is not being appointed to defend the Constitution … He is appointed by a member of Skull & Bones to murder the Constitution.

    The above is a quote from a lengthy article about the ’skull and bones’ organization.This is a very interesting article about the people who have been put in place to help move us into the NWO.

    Full story here…

    Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Biden, Clintons, Chief Justice Roberts, et al. are [all] trying to move us to the New World Order as soon as humanly possible.

    They want the U.S.Dollar to totally collapse, so they can introduce us to the Amero. Just one step closer to WORLD Government, and a one world money system.


  64. Reasons stay turned down –

    1. Courts are always reluctant to grant stays or injunction prior to a case being heard on its merits;
    2. Lightfoot made no showing of irreparable harm;
    3. Lightfoot did not substantiate her request with solid evidence; any injunction needs lots of affidavits based on first hand knowledge; second/third hand Internet postings and speculation will not work in any court;
    4. The respondent in the case was Secy of State of California, not Obama; the stay was far broader than anything the California Secy of State could order and that was what was before the court;
    5. Lightfoot, even though a candidate, probably did not have standing, the harm is still generalized;
    6. The lawsuits was filed after the election, after everyone had reasonably relied on Obama’s being qualified;
    7. The Constitution gives authority over elections to the people, the Electoral College, and Congress; well settled principles preclude the Court into invading the area delegated to any court; this is separation of powers doctrine, nothing new;
    8. At most the law as to the definition of natural born citizen is unsettled; more likely, it is settled that it means born in US OR having one or both US citizen parents. The overwhelming majority of authority is against the born in US plus 2 parents theory.

  65. i disagree with 6 and 8.

    6- is more reason to sue as the people had been defrauded by a few scheming men to hide the truth.
    8- the definition of natural born was well known at the time of the constituion, inherently known. what next ? change the definition that marriage is not between a man and a woman? Doh…..

  66. i beleive it had to do with that fact that lightfoot was running for Vp
    president, but I stated that above already.
    Let’s see what Keyes case is all about.

  67. truthbetold11

    The military needs to know hwat time it is, their first job is to defend the constitution not the president, hopefully some west point cadets will challenge this as they take oaths to become officers to defend the constitution!!!

  68. wrote: (by the way, you might want to consider removing your email address and just writing dorothy 08):

    Pelosi on behalf of the DNC certified that Obama was contitutionally qualify to run for POTUS. The paper signed by Pelosi was sent to all the States. I guess because Pelosi signature was on the form, everyone thought that it was good enough. Well, Pelosi is the Queen you know.
    We should have sued Pelosi instead of SOS. She needs to show us what proofs she has that Obama is Constitutionally qualified to run for office.

    My idea is this. If Obama is not qualified under the constitution as a natural born citizen to be president of the United States (which we believe he is not), and since Nancy Pelosi WROTE that he IS qualified …………………….

    then if she knew he wasn’t but said he is, she is then lying. If she had not done this, the number of people voting for Obama would have been different. In fact, he never would have been on the ballot!

    Nancy PeLIARosi needs to be sued.
    Now you lawyers out there, what exactly should be she sued for? What is the exact crime?

    OR somehow she needs to repeat that he is qualified to be president swearing on a Bible.

    How can we get this to happen?
    I think the SOS’s should be left alone at this point because they were believing what PeLiarosi wrote. The person getting away with murder (think about it – he just signed an executive order regarding abortion) is Nancy PeLiarosi. SHE needs to be the target of legal recourse. What say you?

  69. Guys, the puppets are ruled by the elite nowadays. We didn’t vote anyone in, they were chosen and it just looked like that. NO S/C is going to hear the case or act any different than they have already. Obama is going to fully destroy the US!!

    One way to blow the whistle is to file a “qui tam” lawsuit (taken from the Latin phrase “he who sues for the king, as well as for himself”) under the federal False Claims Act.

    Signed by Abraham Lincoln in response to military contractors selling defective products to the Union Army, the act allows private citizens to sue on the government’s behalf.

    we need a different approach, something has to work, and we need to band together to get this done.

    Phil Donahue would be a great spoke person if someone could get to him how fraud Obama is. PD believe the Constitution is the answer and war is so wrong!!

    Peace, NOOBAMA

  70. Daverg—
    Obama is now spending part of your Federal witholding tax to pay for abortions around the world. They make em, and we will pay for their fun. Does that leave a little taste of anger in your mouth? It might be getting close to time to cut off Obama’s funding. If everyone in the US would refuse to pay income taxes any longer Ithink it would get their attention.

  71. oldsalt76 , i hear you loud and clear.

    I wrote letters today to the Vatican and to the Pakistani consulates.

    I wonder how far they would further the cause.
    I hope I do more good than harm for this major issue. Turning to others outside of the USA, when we inside the USA, can not solve or address our own legal issues. Shameful, to say the least.

    Janet, I thought some of the existing lawsuits listed Pelosi as plaintiff?

  72. I believe that very soon we will be living under martial law. Our rights are then suspended,because the Constitution is suspended. I believe that this will happen sooner than any of us even suspect. The growing anger,and unrest will compound itself exponentially,and when that begins to get Obama’s attention,look for Martial Law. As such he can impose any form of government he wants then. Even a pure Socialist Government. If he is allowed to get away with this, then the problem isn’t him it is US. We are the Constitutional government not Obama. When it starts be ready because you will have to br totally self reliant, and very resourceful. Obama is not thought of as a legel president. We can sue the crap out of him, but I try to keep in mind that anybody can sue,but in this case you need to first find a sympathetic court. As long as Obama is able to spew his .50 cent speeches around, the courts will continue to think that he is the Messiah. When everybody does finally wake up it could be too late to do anything. All the crazies from the land of fruits and nuts will have won.

  73. NoObama wrote:
    One way to blow the whistle is to file a “qui tam” lawsuit (taken from the Latin phrase “he who sues for the king, as well as for himself”) under the federal False Claims Act.

    Let’s google False Claims Act and see what that is all about. Pelosi made a false claim to every single secretary of state in all 57 states. Obama made a False Claim when he claimed he was qualified to be president.

    Also google or yahoo: qui tam lawsuit to see what’s there.

    Question: When are we going to file a class action lawsuit? had over a hundred thousand signatures on one of their petitions … wouldn’t that be a good place to gather people for a class action suit citing the federal False Claims Act?

  74. Timing is Critical to Filing

    The False Claims Act provides that only the first person to file a qui tam suit alleging the fraud can proceed. No court can have jurisdiction over a case where there is already another pending case on file involving the same fraud allegations. Therefore, it is critical to be the first to file the lawsuit with allegations of fraud. A case can also be dismissed if information about the fraud becomes public before the case is filed.
    It does not sound as though this particular fraud case would go under the False Claims Act.
    Here’s the link to more info:

  75. da verg – yes Pelosi has been named in many of the suits
    I was thinking that she alone should have a suit filed against just HER for telling the 50 secretaries of state that it was OK to place Obama on their ballots because she claimed he was “qualified”. So the lawsuit would make her prove WHY she thought he was qualified.

    I think the spotlight needs to be on HER.
    Afterall, she moved the strings to get the puppet into place by getting the Superdelegates to vote for Obama instead of Clinton.

  76. Janet

    Only a handful of SOS’s rec’d and based their ballet on Pelosi’s signed cert. Some states did not get her cert. Some states got the DNC and some got OBAMA’s (I believe Rhode Island or Massachusets, and a southern state). I actually got a hard copy in the mail sent to me with OBAMA’s sig on it.

    So I don’t think she signed certs for all 50 states. I contacted about 30 states’ SOS. The most unpleasant discussions were with Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

  77. Janet: would you please not diss contraceptives. This is really not a political issue and shouldn’t be used as one. It remains a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do. A woman and her God. We are overpopulated — it is probably too late to do anything about it, but more power to women who use birth control. Please don’t make this a place to discuss that issue. This is about so much more than THAT.

  78. janet

    consider suing all and separately
    DNC, DEAN, the folks who signed the DNC cert, Obama for signing cert, Pelosi, Feinstein, and the federal commission on elections. Berg already sued some of these.

  79. and Congress, Cheney, the EC, and Supreme Court

  80. “We are overpopulated”

    Says who? The U.N.? Furthermore, what ‘numbers’ should the population be ‘set’ at? And, does this ‘overpopulation’ extend to the elderly, the weak and the sick? To what degree?

  81. RE: Grand Jury’s from Dr. Taitz:

    US attorney’s offices for you to visit and forward info on BO

  82. Mario Puzzo’s Military suit just had a motion to dismiss regarding, once again, the “Standing” issue.

    Why does “injury in fact” have to be “injury to one’s person?” The law is clear that an injury can be to one’s constitutional rights.

    I am not even a lawyer and I am certain that I could come up with a creative way to get around this “Standing Issue.”

    Please read this post and maybe there is something that can help YOU and other attorneys come up with some creative legal maneuvers by using the Department of Justice’s “How To Prosecute Election Fraud Manual” against them:

    More sections may apply that may offer Puzzo and other attorneys a creative way of overcoming the “Standing” issue.

    In the Conspiracy Against Rights. 18 U.S.C. § 241, Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to “conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States” under color of law.

    Section 241 has been an important statutory tool in election crime prosecutions. Originally held to apply only to schemes to corrupt elections.

    Section 241 does not require that the conspiracy be successful, nor any PROOF of an overt act.

    Section 241 embrace conspiracies intended to injure because an injury does NOT really even need to occur?

    Why does an “injury have to be a physical injury?” Why can’t it be injury to one’s mental and emotional state? Why not an injury to one’s confidence in government?

    I don’t understand why this doesn’t matter apply to these cases and why attorneys continue to do the SAME THING over and over again seem to expect to have DIFFERENT results?

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