Patrick Fitzgerald, Indict Obama, Blagojevich arrest indicts Obama, December 12, 2008, Barack Obama rigged IL Health Facilities Planning Board, Citizen Wells contacted Fitzgerald and US Justice Department, Obama arrest?

Why Barack Obama should be indicted

Part 3

One or more of the following events should happen:

  • Obama steps down.
  • Obama is forced to prove eligibility.
  • Obama is indicted and/or arrested.

If one of the above does not occur within a few months,
perhaps we should look to the Declaration of Independence
or Thomas Jefferson, for our next strategy.


Yesterday, Thursday, December 11, 2008 the Citizen Wells blog posted
an article that ended with:

“Since Barack Obama is attempting to sneak through the election
process with a great many legal questions clouding his past and
since the American public needs and depends on the Judicial Branch
of government to protect it from criminals and imposters, I
Citizen Wells, on behalf of the American public, ask that Mr.
Patrick Fitzgerald or any authorized employee of the US Justice
Department, present Mr. Barack H. Obama with an indictment and/or
Criminal Complaint at the earliest possible moment, with time being
of the essence. The Electoral College meets next week and it is
imperative that we do all that is in our power to prevent a
constitutional crisis in this country.”

Barack Obama’s role in rigging the IL Health Facilities Planning Board
by reducing the number of members from 15 to 9 and therefore allowing
Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine and Rod Blagojevich to control the board with
only 5 members, is examined in detail. The indictments and criminal
complaints of Rezko, Levine, Blagojevich and Weinstein reveal their
involvement in board corruption. Obama should be indicted as well.

Citizen Wells plea to Patrick Fitzgerald and US Justice Dept.

Today, Friday, December 12, 2008, Patrick Fitzgerald’s office at
the US Justice Department was notified by telephone call and fax
of the Citizen Wells article and request to indict and/or arrest
Barack H Obama. In addition to Patrick Fitzgerald, the following
USDOJ employees were listed to be copied on the fax:

Reid Schar
Carrie Hamilton
Chris Niewoehner

31 responses to “Patrick Fitzgerald, Indict Obama, Blagojevich arrest indicts Obama, December 12, 2008, Barack Obama rigged IL Health Facilities Planning Board, Citizen Wells contacted Fitzgerald and US Justice Department, Obama arrest?

  1. URGENT FORWARD; Per Linda Starr
    Dr Vieria said that if JUST ONE member of the House and ONE member of the SENATE were to challenge Obamas eligibilty to serve as President in WRITING when the Electoral College votes in the Senate Monday, Congress would have to conduct a full investigation with witnesses, testing, and documents. Please contact your representative and Senator right away or by Monday morning, by overnight mail, Fedex, or urgent email or call. Please pass this on. TY.

  2. Obama will come out looking better than ever after this. He’s way to smart to have been involved and Fitzgerald has said 6 times now that Obama isn’t under investigation, has never been interviewed and he said that he won’t be, he’s not a target, not looking at him, his behavior has been exemplary yada yada

  3. I have deep questions as to why Patrick Fitzgerald handled the issues with the Illinois Gov the way he did yesterday, knowing that he had the proof to indict him several months ago. If he knew the Senate Seat was open to the highest bidder, Why did he not wait for the deal to go through and arrest all that were involved? There are video’s and news articles proving that Obama lied in his press conference yesterday by saying he had not talked to the Gov about the Senate Seat. My Prayers are that he will answer you Citizen Wells on your charges against Obama. Will he save our Country or will he succumb to the Obama Chicago Machine? My prayers are with you. Please keep up the hard work you are doing. You and your actions seem to be the only hope to hang onto. As the days dwindle, it seems the once greatest Court in the USA has forgotten that the United States has a Constitution.

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  5. ell.
    Do some reading.

  6. So why did Fitzgerald end the investigation early? To protect Obama.

  7. Hi,
    I am confused.
    Most of the time I had my own private conspiracy theory.
    It goes like this.
    Obama was the perfect candidate, because of all his deep and dirty connections, he is not eligible on top of that, not a NBC.
    So far nobody confronted him, because he is being set up for the big exposure.
    This is why the media on both sides have been silent about many things.
    Hannity stirs things up a little from time to time.
    Now the countdown is towards January 20th.
    Obama will be outed as ineligible (surprise!) plus his involvment in the Chicago scandal has already turned of a lot of the Obots.
    Nobody is going to remember he was named “Messiah” once. It is going to be clear by then that he is just another plitician (surprise!)
    When the shit hits the fan not so many people will be up for riots and the ones that are will be taken care of. Read here:
    Anyway, so far so good. my theory was that this is all planned, including McCains campaign
    (I was surprised he actually got that many votes).
    In January we will be seing the declaration of martial Law and Bush “has to” stay in office.
    See also Powell’s comment on this.

    I am confused, because I start to wonder if this is not just wishful thinking and nothing is going to happen.
    What is going on?
    If Obama was just Your average corrupt politician, okay.
    But what is relly going on?

  8. The worldnetdaily link did not do it, I try again

  9. @Citizenswells


    Geze what are you afraid of?

    That the truth will ACTUALLY be heard???

    And that your lies a theorys will be exposed as what they are?

  10. lisa.
    Grow up.
    Quit the Obama camp party line of personal attacks.
    Quit drinking the Kool Aid.
    Contribute something meaningful here and to society.
    Otherwise, delete.

  11. justanamericancindy4

    Crooked politician from Chicago, not a big leap.
    I live 2 miles from where they keep former Governor Ryan… Guess he needs to scoot over Obama and his thugs are coming for a long visit.

  12. Changed layouts eh? Caught me off guard. How come goes to a WordPress site that looks like it just got set up?

  13. Good Afternoon, Citizen Wells — Barack Obama:A National Disgrace!FRAUD!LIAR!SCAM-ARTIST!CON-MAN!… DISGRACE!

    Barack Obama:A National Disgrace!FRAUD!LIAR!SCAM-ARTIST!CON-MAN!… DISGRACE!

  14. Mine looks the same.
    Send me the link you are ref.

  15. One thing is for certain. If Obama is deemed ineligible now, I believe most people in this country will put 2+2 together and get 5…errr 4 and realize they were duped.

    Riots will ensue none-the-less as certain people in this country need an excuse to do so, regardless of the ridiculousness of the reason.

  16. hmmm looks the same now. Must have been a formatting issue with my PC.

    Here’s the link:

  17. “citizenwells // December 13, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    Grow up.
    Quit the Obama camp party line of personal attacks.
    Quit drinking the Kool Aid.
    Contribute something meaningful here and to society.
    Otherwise, delete.”

    I am glad You are deleting those comments.
    On a unmoderated forum it goes like this:

    “But he is a citizen”

    “The question is: is he a natural born citizen?”

    “Have You seen his BC? It is posted on his website”

    “This is not a BC, but a COLB, maybe even a forgery.”

    after explaining what natural born citizen means, and the Bots always confusing native, natural and naturalized.

    “You racist! You just have to accept that You have a black president now”

    This circle is going to be repeated til the cows come home.

    Thank You CW for moderating.

    BTW: I am a German citizen, Obama is not my president anyway.
    My husband is African American, it would be quite strange if I was a racist.
    Also I was for Hillary (ja ja, I know, sore loser, Your girl lost, blablabla)

  18. Here’s my assessment–I was really upset (nice word) with SC–all of them.
    And this thought occurred to me–would you really allow someone to burn down your house while you stand by and watch?? Isn’t that accessory to a crime if you know it’s being committed??
    So, what if SC has been notified weeks ago of certain indictments involving the ‘One’ and has been playing the game, taking us along, stalling for time, even allowing the golden challis to be handed over by the electors–it won’t mean a thing when they take him out in handcuffs anyhow. And take it evern further, what if the electors have been notified also; makes sense to me why not one elector of eight has bothered to contact me after all the information given by our grass roots effort.

  19. Das ist richtig!

  20. You are screaming about trampling on your rights and so on… This country was founded on the evils we did to humans, trampling on their rights. (re: Indians, black slaves)

    If you’re right about Obama , this is just a cosmic joke! We deserve it.

  21. Do innocent children deserve it.
    Evil is a human condition.
    That includes Arab and African slave traders (possibly Obama’s ancestors traded in slaves)
    and Indian tribes that murdered other tribes.

  22. The consequences of the Supreme Court declining to address the US Constitution’s “natural born citizen” clause on the morning of Monday 12/15/08 — thereafter enabling the College of Electors to transform the crisis from “law” to “political and Congressional”, leading to the ‘inauguration’ of Mr. Obama, are nothing less than catastrophic. Lawsuits by members of the military challenging his ‘commander in chief’ status are INEVITABLE. And a military takeover to oust the “usurper” may be inevitable as well. Where is the media? This is no “tin foil hat” joke.

  23. If somehow Obama is sworn in it seems to me that this would constitute election fraud against the Federal Government,and the American people. Taking the oath of office would make it an actual crime,for which Obama could be brought before a Federal Grand Jury. At this point the Grand Jury could override any Hawaiian lockdown of Obama’s vault BC,and subpoena it. I could be wrong. In addition it would seem that such action would make it easy to impeach him. Especially if the American public demanded it. Congress would be forced to follow public outrage. Particularly if it was significant enough.

  24. Should Obama be sworn in while the question of his ineligibility is still pending, I personally believe that the Supreme Court will have revealed their support of Obama,in complete violation of our Constitution. It would seem then that our Supreme Court is making their own laws,instead of upholding existing Constitutional law. It would seem that there is a definite need to do something to change the views of our Supreme Court Justices. They have so far rejected ALL civil suits against Obama either for “standing”issues, or without comment. This tells a very sad tale , and suggests possible collusion, and/or corruption throughout our judicial system.

  25. It would seem that Patrick Fitzgerald would have extended his investigation to include both Obama and his campaign manager. I personally cannot believe that either Obama or his campaigjn manager could have been involved with Chicago politics, and not be aware of what was going on in the statehouse. I would rather think that they both were involved specifically right up to their eyebrowsin it. Further I believe that Madigan is following the right course.

  26. Amy, I believe that the members of Congress are not required to call for an investigation today, the day the Electoral College Votes. I believe they may or must wait until January when the Electoral College votes are counted and Cheney certifies the count.

  27. Generally, the next checkpoint is a state’s governor.

  28. Our families will suffer because of all this bullshit.The name of this game is MONEY.Now that is a fact that every one could relate to.From the mob,to the crooked attorney,to the sleezy politition, useing our sorry asses as the suckers. I don`t care wether they are democrats,repuplicans, or,3rd partyfreaks. We are the fools! I think people should wonder how a black man,who`s name we don`t really know,comes to America,from where we don`t know,says he graduated from college,without showing proof,has no birth cirtificate to show as reallty,runs for and wins the senate in Illinoi and then runs and wins the presendential election,ALL WITHIN A PERIOD OF A COUPLE OF YEARS??????? YEA! RIGHT!!!

  29. go to flickr typ3 in debritter16 hit search pick out a gift if you help impeach obama I have sent in 31 film festivals 8 editions to book on line thru and 2 essay contests thru military magazine that promoted president Bush s leader story .obama stole millions from President Bush s leader items:diamond paper weights and thru him to the wolves tossed president Bush and his policys to the ground ran bush into the ground even though it was bush s diamond paperweights that paid his campaign lowest rateing s any president ever had that is what barack huesaine obama did to our commander in chief,now he has a terrorist by thename of james bronson bringing in laptop hascking my emails and swearing cursing at door rattling keys like he is going to come in do me bodily harm on numerous occasions its dailey now he has become a stalker,i called police I turned it over to detective division and finally between the 8 editions of book on line ,31 filmfestivals 2 essay contests thru military officers magazine I tured it to attorney philjberg he has a website called obamacrimes if you go there you will see updates on his supreme court proceedings against obama.I wouldnyt have done anything but this stalker is really criminally harraseing me called in rottweiler pitbull to attack 7 starmajor general victor a a 7 pound min french poodle shredded his intestines,hole in stomach broken leg they {vets}never seen anything this bad.3100 the pentagon is speed paying 200 a month for 14 cost me my favorite necklace to the surgeon and my favorite diamond bracelet to the in house credit girl.someone erassed my comments too,your american veteran,
    deborah a ritter
    summit towers ,schenectady ny 12307

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