Obama birth certificate, Hawaii hospitals, No record for Obama, No record for Obama’s mother, Obama born in Kenya, Hospitals contacted, Earth Frisk Blog, December 3, 2008

There is no record of Obama’s birth at any Hawaii hospital and no record for Obama’s mother at any
Hawaii hospital.

“Hospitals in Hawaii to Obama: You Were Not Born Here!
Earth Frisk”

“It is becoming painfully obvious that we may very well have a criminal President in 2009.  No this isn’t a joke. What I speak of is the curious developments in the supposedly racist, biased, dumb,  as well as insane case of where Obama was born.  Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate

A strange development indeed is how it is that every time Barack Obama or a family member tells of where Obama was born, they seem to have no idea as of December 2008.

They seemed to know what hospital quite a few times months ago when it was claimed that Obama’s mother gave birth to him at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu – Obama and Mom Never Here

The Queen’s Medical Center
1301 Punchbowl StreetHonolulu, HI 96813  Link to Site
Phone number 808-538-9011 General Medical Records 808-547-4361.

After it was concluded that Obama and his mother were never there, his sister was in an interview (Mary) and claimed that Obama was born at  Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children – Obama and Mom Never Here 1319 Punahou StreetHonolulu, Hawaii 96826(808) 535-7000  Link to site

Hospital after Hospital – all Have No Record of Obama being born or Mom Ever being There. 
Hospital after hospital in Honolulu all have NO RECORD of Obama or mother ever being there.   Is this some state secret? Are we to believe that even the hospital that he was born in should remain secret? Why lie to us as if it matters I mean the man did win the Presidential vote? Why the lies and secrecy?

We already know that Obama’s family and the entire nation of Kenya (which is about to have a national holiday for Obama) know that Barack Obama was born in Mombasa Coastal Hospital in Kenya. The government of Kenya has sealed these records.  More and more secrecy due to the fact that once proven, Obama will not be constitutionally allowed to become President of the United States!

All of these were called from November 20 – December 2nd 2008. It is confirmed, OBAMA not born in any hospital in Honolulu County! NONE FACT!
Hospitals you can check yourself

The Queen’s Medical Center – Honolulu, Hawaii  Obama claims as his birth hospital

Kapi’ olani Medical Center  Obama’s sister claims Barack Obama born here
Honolulu Shriners Hospital      Never a patient Mom or Obama
Straub Clinic & Hospital    Never a patient Mom or Obama
Hawaii Health Systems Corporation – Honolulu, Hawaii    Never a patient Mom or Obama
Cancer Institute of Maui – Wailuku, Hawaii    No Comment ???

Kuakini Hospital – Honolulu, Hawaii    Never a patient Mom or Obama
Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific – Honolulu, Hawaii   Never a patient Mom or Obama
St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii – Hawaii   Never a patient Mom or Obama
Straub Heatlh – Honolulu, Hawaii   Never a patient Mom or Obama
Tripler Medical Center – Honolulu, Hawaii   Never a patient Mom or Obama
Wahiawa General Hospital – Wahiawa, Hawaii   Never a patient Mom or Obama
Wilcox Memorial Hospital – Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii  Never a patient Mom or Obama
We were pretty detailed in our calls.  You can look at every hospital here and call any of them.  You can file freedom of information acts, you can do everything and anything you wish.  Barack Obama was never born in a hospital in Hawaii as claimed.

Only his original that he has sealed will have this info.  Will the Supreme Court force it open and thus preserve the Constitution of the United States?”

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39 responses to “Obama birth certificate, Hawaii hospitals, No record for Obama, No record for Obama’s mother, Obama born in Kenya, Hospitals contacted, Earth Frisk Blog, December 3, 2008

  1. Bush should declare Martial Law and stay in power for six months.
    The MSM should be fully blamed for forcing this man down our throats.They should make Obama apologize to America and beg for no rioting.

  2. I was born in 1954 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York city. I called them about my birth records. They only have a birth log back to 1976. All records prior to date have been destroyed. They also stated that they believe their record retention policy is the industry norm.

    We are not going to get to the truth until we see the birth certificate.

    Why is Obama putting us through this BS……Obama, release the damn BC man!!

  3. Wells, have you looked at the possibility of the grandmother being his real mother. You know the theories flying around–that he was one of the 6 illegitimate children of Malcolm X. They would have been the same age and I don’t believe Malcolm X would put his career at risk to sleep with a minor (Ann Dunham at 17). Maybe a Barry Little. Would be kind of funny if the truth revealed this–the Daily Kos would have to eat their story on Sarah Palin baby–which actually was hers.
    Look into it.

  4. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I posted that they should check those records a month ago! What too them so long?
    Thank goodness they have! Will this news have any bearing on the lawsuits before the SC?

  5. Have you tried variations of his name: Barry instead of Barrak?

    Also, another place to search for something about the truth would be to ask the issuing Hawaiian authority for Certification of Live Birth their protocol for this document. I heard from another blogger that he was told by a competent authority that certifications of live birth were issued as a replacement for a true birth certificate where a foreign BC was presented and the parent(s) wanted to register their child in the US.

    Certainly someone at that agency would be willing to discuss ‘What ifs’ concerning who showed up when wanting what. Since obama won’t be truthful with the American People, perhaps we back into a logical conclusion through the process of elimination of possibilities.

  6. Truly frightening

  7. Good Morning, Citizen —

    I appreciate you much .

  8. “Racial issues:
    Thomas believes that the Constitution forbids any consideration of race. He believes the Equal Protection Clause disallows any kind of race-based affirmative action or preferential treatment. He has said directly that any use of race in college or law school admissions is always violative of the Constitution.

    this is what I found at Wikipedia about Clarence Thomas.
    There is hope.

  9. Hey, Citizen –

    gotta love this youtube video —

    my regards and special thanks to AnnieSweetieOakley for a stunning production

    Transparency: an open letter to Barack Obama

  10. My understanding is that the current case that The Supreme Court is looking at this Friday does not even address this issue. The case that is before The Supreme Court is the fact that since President “Elect” Obama’s natural father was a Kenyan Citizen that makes Obama a British Citizen. Since the U.S. does not allow for more than on Citizenship President “Elect” Obama needs to renounce the British Citizenship. He also needs to renounce the Indonesian Citizenship.

    What a MESS!!!

  11. I apologize in advance if this is an ignorant question, but Obama’s accent is African American sounding. Grandparents were white and he learned most of his grammar when living in Indonesia (more of a British english accent taught). Just wondering where he got his “soul”? Of course, it is entirely possible that his Grandparents had a soulful sounding accent. Just a thought.

  12. I checked some geneology sites and there are hospitals with admission records kept from the 1800’s.
    I emailed the hospitals in Hawaii and asked how long they keep these records. I am waiting for a response

  13. jj/CW

    really great video! Thanks!

  14. mrje, I agree with you about BO’s accent. He even pronounces Pakistan like a foreigner. He pronounces it “POKISTON”.

  15. “…but Obama’s accent is African American sounding.”

    For goodness sakes, 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s, African American Church. His accent is Chicago African American.

  16. zachjonesishome

    I loved the video also. I just got back.


    jeanniejo // December 3, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    Hey, Citizen –

    gotta love this youtube video —

    my regards and special thanks to AnnieSweetieOakley for a stunning production

    Transparency: an open letter to Barack Obama

  17. Mighty Quinn

    Pok-EE-Stahn (Packistan)

    Very common pronounciation in Asia. I expected that. But his American english is very … American “hood” (while very educated with his diction).

    I just thought it curious that he was raised by white people and learned grammar in Asia, but still sounds like he is from Chicago.

    I have adopted relatives and those raised closer to my Mother who had a New England accent… THEY sound like HER… the rest of us do not.

  18. Erich

    Two out of 6 kids, in MY family, sound like pure mid-westerners… because we went to grammar school in that region of the USA.

    Just a point of mention.

  19. Obama pronounces Pakistan the way a foreigner would or the way the English would: POKISTON.

    Well, we are certainly on a roll now, aren’t we?
    It seems that no Hawaiian hospital birthed Obama.
    It seems possible he was born in Canada … and about 2 or 3 weeks later the young mom was already attending college classes in Washington. And where was little Barry?

    My what a web he is conceiving when he decided to be deceiving!

  20. It is so sad that Barry/Obama, a/k/a is letting his daughters have a last name that may not be theirs. All because he wants power and money. He chooses to live a lie and what the old saying says is ‘what goes around comes around.” Can you imagine that maybe he found out late in life that Obama was not even his real name? Now he is doing it to his daughters. That man is a liar, fraud, and a snake.

  21. jeanniejo:

    Just tried to access the video and the message that appeared says “The video you have requested is not available.” Wow, they’re quick. They must have people just sitting at computers waiting for negative Obama videos to appear on youtube so they can make them disappear. I wonder who at YouTube is getting his/her hand greased?

  22. that is the most upsetting thing-now that youtube is trying to censor youtubes about obama. whenever i find one–i capture it and make sure to post it elsewhere, there is a way to keep truth alive

  23. Michelle and Janet…the youtube link works….I was able to view it. Try again…worth seeing.

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  25. Hey! He doesn’t speak ebonics…

  26. I’m offended about the way Obama ignore the Law, the Constitution, and most of all, the American people. As our Ex-Secretary of State said, Obama is a ” sharlatan” and a “con man”. We are trying to save our Constitution, and Obama,walks around of it, with all his lies and cheates. Who is stupid? we or him? I think, we are, because we accept a UZURPER, to be our beatuful County’s President. I’m in disbelieve and shock. Looks like it will be a long one .

  27. Folks, this is NOT rocket science.
    Since the Constitution’s Article II requires our President to be a “natural born citizen” (not merely a “citizen” as allowed for those living when the Constitution was enacted), meaning both parents were US “citizens” when the child was born (altho parents need not be “natural born” citizens), there’s NO WAY Obama can be President — regardless of being born in Kenya OR Hawaii — that is, to be “natural born citizen” (as opposed to being a “citizen”) being born on American soil is insufficient unless both parents are “citizens”. Obama’s dad was NOT an American citizen. He was a citizen of the UK (administering Kenya at the time).
    Case closed.

  28. someone posted this:
    One thing I haven’t seen addressed (I might have overlooked it…) is the fact that, as President-Elect, Obama has been receiving the same national security briefings as the President. He has already received information of extreme value to the nation’s enemies. I wonder what would happen to him if it were decided he is ineligible. He effectively obtained that information by fraud.

  29. another good post:
    never thought about but but other countries would have a HUGE reason to care whether or not he is legit!

  30. U…U…Ubama should have produced proof of his birth certificate before given the chance to run for president of the U.S. It would be a shame to find out that he is not legitimate. After so much hard work and then handing the presidency to joe biden. What a laugh this would be for biden. U..U..Ubama has fooled the media, the american people and even the world. He ultimately thinks that he can continue this charade. Maybe he can. He has succeeded in doing so, so far.

  31. Citizen Veritas.
    Do some more reading.

  32. Citizen Veritas.
    Do some more reading.
    Try some non pro Obama sites.

  33. Clearly Ted’s understanding of constitutional law is lacking beyond all comprehension.

    A) No both parents do not have to be US citizens, only one, if born outside the US.

    B)Being born in the US, even to non-US citizens makes you a natural born US citizen.

    TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER III > Part I > § 1401 spell it all out nicely.

    Not to mention that US law was amended in 1994 to retroactively apply to all births outside the US of citizens which shortened to two years a parent must have resided in the US after the age of 14. This was enacted for diplomats and other govt. employees serving abroad. So if even the unsubstantiated allegation of his being born in Kenya were true, it also is made moot by a 14 yr old law.

    US law also clearly states that the citizenship of a minor is not affected by the actions of a parent, so he was always a US national, regardless of what an Indonesian school record says. There would have to be a US record of a renouncement of citizenship.

    Nor is there any constitutional barring of a dual citizen from being President as long as they are a natural US citizen.

  34. SarafinaYvette

    No, he didn’t fool all of America, some people have been wise to his narcissistic, sociopathic charm all along. Some knew he could not be president of a tree house. And laughed as he reinstalled the Clinton Administration. Some did not choose to follow the herd to slaughter.
    They have been laughed at and ridiculed…yet they have been right all along. The man is not natural born he is violating the most sacred document America owns. He is totally un-American and he will never be my president. I just worry for America without a president.

  35. Hospitals are not required to keep Birth Certificates on file. They have patient files.

    I do know that the Birth Record is Recorded
    in the County where a person is born.

    I can say this pretty much as a fact. Been
    an Astrologer for over 45 years and since
    prior to 1959 (at least back East in NJ, etc.)
    Time of Birth was not recorded on the Birth
    Certificate. After 1959, it was.

    Since I work with Birth Time, etc. I have had
    to tell clients to please write for a true copy of
    their Birth Record. In N.J., they are gotten
    via Trenton which is the State Capital.

    The BR as most Mom’s know is the paper we
    fill out shortly after the baby is born, while we are still in the Hospital. The form requests
    our maiden name, the baby’s dad, the
    occupation of both parents and the number
    of children we have had born alive…ring a

    This is signed by the Clerk and it is a Recorded
    document. It gets Recorded in the County Seat.

    Has anyone researched the County for a copy
    of Obama’s Birth Record….not birth certificate.
    I haven’t heard mention of it at Phil Berg’s website either.

    Kenya may have a completely different procedure. I do have clients overseas who
    do not know their birth time so it may not
    be Recorded overseas as it is in the USA.


  36. Obama’s mother died at The Straub Clinic and Hospital.

  37. The requirements to become president are bifold: (i) citizenship and (ii) natural-born. Thus, Gov. Schwartenegger cannot become President because although he is a citizen, he was born in Germany.

    The Hawaiian certificate posted on-line is a secondary record based upon the initial document, which is typically referred to as the vault certificate setting forth the hospital/doctor and signed by the physician. By statute, Hawaii from 1911 to l972 permitting the obtaining of a birth certificate after the age of one year by submitting an affidavit of the parent(s) or even the individual. This statute was enacted because many individuals in the Hawaiian islands were not born at a hospital and found themselves without a birth certificate. Thus, it is possible that Obama’s mother or grandmother obtained a birth certificate for Obama post-birth by affidavit. If this is true, then some credence has to be granted to the assertions of Obama’s paternal grandmother that he was born in Kenya. Of course, all of this could be put to rest if Obama would just produce the “vault” certificate. However, in spite of numerous lawsuits, he has failed to produce it thereby fueling speculation. Politicians, by nature, are risk-takers: one only look at John edwards (affair and child); jim mcgreevy (homosexual) or elliott spitzer (prostitution) to see how it is not uncommon for candidates to go forward with their campaigns despite facts that, if know, would preclude their election. Of course, it seems somewhat improbable that Obama’s mother traveled all the way to Kenya to give birth. However, it would be best for Obama to put an end to all the lawsuits and produce the “vault” certificate.

    By the way, the statement by the Hawaiian department of health was very carefully couched: they verified that they had documentation, but, obviously did not address the contents or form of documentation. I have not addressed the other claims relating to Obama’s birth status – i.e. British citizenship, adoption, relinquishment of citizenship etc., because, frankly, I am not sufficiently conversant with the arguments (and applicable law). However, the 1911-1972 statute is available on-line at the Department of Health for Hawaii website if you look for it. I think that, at the least, Obama should produce the “vault” certificate.

    The burden of proof is on Obama to produce the vault certificate….. The america people should not be forced to go to court to get it produced. What kind of President will not put this issue to rest? Or is this an Alinksy tactic: push the opposition to lawsuits and then use the tool of ridicule to squash opposition? What is the reason that BO will not, despite numerous lawsuits, show allegiance to the constitution and put this matter to rest?

  38. Do you all realize that if you called any hospital that them giving you any information about any person who was seen as a patient there would be a violation of HIPAA? This didnt happen they didnt tell you anything. They cannot, so therefore you should just get over it. Why dont you try and debate using facts?

  39. Kate.
    Obama’s past is clouded by many legal issues.
    John McCain presented a vault copy of BC to Congress.
    Obama has presented no legal evidence and has spent hundreds of
    thousands of someone’s money and employed at least 3 legal firms attempting
    to avoid proving eligibility.
    The HI health officials never stated that they had an HI birth certificate
    for BO. They never stated that is was born in HI.
    Do you have any real repudiating facts?

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