Jeff Katz, Charlotte NC, WBT radio, Conservative talk radio host fired, general manager Rick Jackson, Bill White, program director, On air questions, article, December 3, 2008

Mark Washburn of has an article on the WBT radio on air question and answer segment from Tuesday, December 2, 2008.  General manager Rick Jackson and program director Bill White answered questions from callers regarding the dismissal of talk show host Jeff Katz. Citizen Wells was quoted stating “Jeff Katz was the one beacon telling the truth,” .

“WBT’s management team took over Jeff Katz’s time slot Tuesday to explain to listeners why he wouldn’t be on the air in Charlotte any more – ratings and research.”

““We made these decisions based on business,” Jackson said. “We do know collectively over time through research and ratings how people here perform.”

Station studies showed Katz had problems with the listeners, Jackson said. “We could see the fit wasn’t right here.””

“Callers offered varied opinions about Katz.

“I’m glad he’s gone,” said the first caller, Jim from Charlotte. “This guy, all he would do is the negative.”

Another complained that he disagreed with Katz and was cut off the air.

Others praised Katz for his dogged conservatism and community work. “Jeff Katz was the one beacon telling the truth,” said one listener who called himself “Citizen Wells.””

Read more here:

Here is the Citizen Wells response to this article:

“I was born in the middle of the state, lived most of my life in the northern part of the state and have spent more time in Charlotte the past several years. Jeff Katz was the only media person in the Charlotte area presenting the truth about Obama. In response to his being negative, don’t shoot the messenger. When I began being in Charlotte several years ago, I was appalled by the problems here. School issues dominated the news but high crime is always lurking as a major issue. Throw in lousy roads and government. You really think Katz is negative? Once again, he was the messenger.
The Charlotte area owes Jeff Katz a debt of gratitude for revealing the truth, especially about Barack Obama.
God bless Jeff Katz.”


7 responses to “Jeff Katz, Charlotte NC, WBT radio, Conservative talk radio host fired, general manager Rick Jackson, Bill White, program director, On air questions, article, December 3, 2008

  1. Please note how much Adolph Hitler looks like David Axelrod. I should know- I was born in Berlin.

    Ms. Helga

  2. A pilot run for the Fairness Doctrine?

  3. Not only does Axelrod look like Hitler, I have a feeling he is just as evil.

  4. It is a strange thing to me that Hillary’s eligibility is being questioned to be Secretary of State, but no one but no one has the balls to question Obama–that is the MSM and Washington.

  5. berg waits patiently pass the 12 01 2008 due date…answer to the CERTIOARI….. FOR THE CHECK MIGHT BE IN THE MAIL…. bo bo HAs till the EIGHTH……for that ACORN VOTE of PRESENT/////

  6. WBT made a HUGE mistake by dumping Jeff Katz. Do they really think Tara can fill his shoes? Well, she can’t.

    I’ve listened to Tara. She’s okay but frankly, not very articulate. Doesn’t hold a candle to Jeff.

    To make a move a stupid as this I have to wonder if Rick Jackson & Bill White are on drugs. No, you say? Then they should be!

    WBT just lost this listener. I simply won’t be back and am glad my satelite radio is already in place.

    Oh, while I’m on a rant I have to tell you that Keith Larson is no picnic to listen to either. That dude needs some anger management. Spooky. I no longer listen to him either.

  7. I was born in Mercy Hospical in Charlotte in July of 1933. I grew up and went to the USNA from Belmont, NC.

    I graduated from the US Naval Academy and served as an aviator in the US Navy .

    After military service, I worked in the building and start-up of the McGuire and Catawba Nuclear stations.

    Please know that Iconsider the firing Jeff Katz was just another proof of the LIBERALS who own, operate and control what goes on the air @ WBT radio/TV.

    You demonstrate your unfettered hypocricy by broadcasting the Rush Limbaugh program ( which brings you HUGE $$$$) and FIRING Jeff Katz for having the same political philosophy but lacking revenue-generating power.

    At some time, the people at BT who made this decision will be branded as the biggest HYPOCRITES in the Southeast for making such a grossly stupid and un-professional decision!!!

    May you and all your LIBERAL associates get just what you truly deserve … and be forced to go to the Messiah … hat in hand for a government hand-out.

    You are beneath decency and contempt ….. and I consider you the biggest scum-bags of the last 100 years in Mecklenburg county….. along with the Charlotte ” Disturber ” newspaper.

    I shall never again listen to your radio station or your TV channel and will avoid patronizing your advertisers as much as is humanly possible.

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