Joe Biden, Tony Rezko, Joseph Cari, Keith Stoltz, Stoltz Real Estate, Rezko helped Obama, Keith Stoltz helped Biden?

It is common knowledge that Tony Rezko, convicted of multiple counts of corruption in Chicago, helped Obama buy his mansion in Chicago. It is now known that Joe Biden has connections to Joseph Cari and Tony Rezko.

Did real estate developer and campaign funder, Keith Stoltz, help Joe Biden buy his house on over 4 acres?

We are not accusing Joe Biden or Keith Stoltz of any impropriety. However we have facts about the transactions that do look very suspect.

Consider the following:

  • The property was purchased by  Stephan J III & Mary Ann Pyle in 1979 for $ 450,000.
  • The property was purchased by Keith D Stoltz in 1991 for $ 350,000.
  • The property was purchased by Joseph R Jr & Jill Biden in 1996 for      $ 350,000.
  • There are 2 homes on the property of over 4 acres.
  • The tax value is $ 525700. The address is 1209 BARLEY MILL RD, WILMINGTON, DE 19807. Use one of the online valuation sites and discover the value of the property.
  •  View property details
  • Residence 1 is 6850 sq ft.
  • Residence 2 is 1900 sq ft.
  • Campaign contributions to Joe Biden from 3828 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE in 2007:
  • Keith Stoltz        $ 4,600
  • Susan Stoltz       $ 4,600
  • Jack Stoltz          $ 4,600
  • Margaret Stoltz   $ 4,600
Once again, we are not making accusations. However, where we come from, these transactions smell a whole lot like the Obama, Tony Rezko transactions.

If you do not like the smell of the Obama team, visit the site to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


3 responses to “Joe Biden, Tony Rezko, Joseph Cari, Keith Stoltz, Stoltz Real Estate, Rezko helped Obama, Keith Stoltz helped Biden?

  1. sisterrosetta

    Larry Sinclair on Jeff Rense Video and Audio and New Larry Sinclair Radio Show Debut Tuesday 08 26 08 (Barack Obama – Donald Young)

  2. zachjonesishome

    So the property’s value did not increase from 1991 to 1996? Hmmm. If I remember correctly, almost all property in that area would have increased in value at a rate that exceeded the rate of inflation. Even at 5% per year, the value should have been at least $437,000. Hmmm

  3. Joseph Biden’s Senate assistant uses his office for Biden’s wife’s organization

    Joe Biden’s Senate paid personal assistant, Tonya Baker, uses Biden’s Senate office for conducting business for Jill Biden’s tax exempt entity. See page 19 of tax return and compare the email address, telephone numbers and street address for Tonya Baker to what is on the Senator’s web site at the bottom of the page for the Wilmington office. Examine the history of the federal tax liens of Senate employee Baker

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