Biden Tied to Rezko Fraud Figure, ABC News, Obama, Rezko, Biden, Joseph Cari, Biden Campaign Advisor, Fundraiser, Chicago lawyer, More Chicago corruption in Obama team

“Birds of a feather, flock together.”

“The Chickens are coming home to roost.”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Just when you thought the height of lies, deception and corruption had been achieved. Along comes another tie to Tony Rezko and crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois. We have a balanced ticket in Obama and Biden. They both have ties to Tony Rezko and Joseph Cari.

ABC News has a new article about Joe Biden and his ties to Joseph Cari and Tony rezko. Here are some exerpts from the article:

“Biden Tied to Rezko Fraud Figure
Vice-Presidential Candidate’s Former Campaign Advisor and Fundraiser Aided Kickback Scheme
August 25, 2008

Barack Obama’s vice-presidential pick complicates the Democratic hopeful’s efforts to distance himself from a far-reaching Chicago patronage scandal.

Vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del. (left), has been advised since 1984 by Joseph Cari (right), the Chicago lawyer and onetime mega-fundraiser who has been tied to the Antoin “Tony” Rezko patronage scandal.”

“Chicago lawyer and onetime mega-fundraiser Joseph Cari has advised Biden and his campaigns on and off since 1984, serving in posts as varied as a Senate adviser on crime to the Midwest Political Director for Biden’s aborted 1987 presidential bid. In 2005 Cari helped arrange private meetings for Biden with potential supporters, as the senator explored another run for the White House. He has also worked to raise money for Biden . ”

“Cari admitted that in 2004 he helped a Rezko associate by making calls in what turned out to be a kickback scheme. The deal was an offshoot of a complex corruption scheme wrought by Antoin “Tony” Rezko , whose ties to Obama have vexed the White House hopeful . Cari has maintained he did not know the details of that scheme or any other.

Cari’s sentencing is delayed while he cooperates with the investigation. He testified at Rezko’s trial earlier this year, in which a jury found Rezko guilty on 16 of 24 corruption-related felony charges. Obama, who entered into a complex real estate transaction with Rezko and his wife in 2005 that appeared to aid the senator, has returned nearly $150,000 in donations he received from Rezko and his associates over the years.”

Read more of the article here:

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12 responses to “Biden Tied to Rezko Fraud Figure, ABC News, Obama, Rezko, Biden, Joseph Cari, Biden Campaign Advisor, Fundraiser, Chicago lawyer, More Chicago corruption in Obama team


    Priceless Find

    “Our nation at war, our economy in recession, we know the American people cannot afford Joe Biden”

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  3. Marilyn Bryan

    Don’t you just hope we are all too young to remember the “Keating Five” and all the ramifications thereof?

  4. I believe there was a investagation on the ” Keating Five” and McCain was found NOT GUILTY…There has been no investagation on Obama! Not by the Media or The DNC! So lets just do the real work on investagating Obama, he should be pushing it and helping if there is nothing to hide.

  5. zachjonesishome

    Rasmussen has the election tied today.

  6. /\
    \_________ I lived in Phoenix during the Keating Five, was a classmate with a Keating Family member and remember the story well. Four Democrats and one Republican. Three Democrats were found to be corrupt and one Democrat and one Republican were cleared of any wrong doing.

    So anyone bringing up the Keating Five is showing a second example of McCain being in horrible situation and surviving. Something a Commander in Chief will have to deal with on an almost monthly basis.

  7. What is wrong with having multiple homes? I thought Obama was for “The American Dream?”
    Get over it people. Buy now, sell later. McCain made better real estate decisions than Joe Biden did.
    Keating Five…McCain was cleared. Can’t say that about Obama Bin Biden’s Rezko pals.

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