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“And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigraant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations.”
Barack Obama

“A light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come
down upon you, you will experience an Epiphany…and you will
suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama.”
Barack Obama (Obama the Messiah)

“No, no, no Not God Bless America, God damn America.”
Jeremiah Wright

John McCain and Barack Obama will be asked questions about their
faith tonight at Saddleback Church. Pastor Rick Warren will ask
the questions. Here are facts regarding Obama’s religious background.
The real Religion of Barack Obama

The following quotes are from the book “The Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi unless otherwise stated:

What Obama has stated about his religion

Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign website has a page devoted to proving “Obama has never been a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.”

“Barack Obama is not and never has been a Muslim,”

“Obama never prayed in a Mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was not
raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United
Church of Christ.”
Obama’s Muslim background

“Obama did attend a government run public school in Indonesia and he
did receive Islamic instruction, including study of the Koran.”
“Out of the blue, Obama clearly states , “In Indonesia, I has spent
two years`at a Muslim school and two years at a Catholic school.””
“”In the Catholic school, when it came time to pray, I would pretend
to close my eyes , then peek around the the room. Nothing happened.
No angels descended. Just a parched old nun and thirty brown children, muttering words.””

“Tine Hahiyary afirmed that barry Soetoro had been registered as a
Muslim and actively took part in the Islamic religious lessons.
“I remembered that Barry studied ‘Mengaji’ ” she told reporters.
Mengaji involves recitation of the Koran, a clear indication Barry did more than just “play” at being Muslim while he attended the public
“When the muezzin sounded the call to prayer, Adi remembered seeing
Lolo and Barry walk together to the makeshift mosque. “His mother
often went to church,” Adi told the Times, “but Barry was a Muslim.
I remember him wearing a sarong.””


“He too recalled Barry coming to the prayer room wearing a sarong.
He told Pakota that Obama was “quite religious in Islam, but after
marrying Michelle, he changed his religion.””
“Researching thoroughly the many news investigative reports done on
Obama’s Muslim background by the mainstream media in 2007, we even
find confirmation there from Obama’s sister that he was Muslim in
Indonesia. “My whole family was Muslim,” Maya Soetoro-Ng told the
New York times when interviewed about her early days in Indonesia.
“Most of the people I knew were Muslim.””


“The study of Islam was made mandatory in all Indonesian educational
institutions in the country, including pre primary schools. All
students were required to increase their study of Islam to 4 lessons
a week, some 10 percent of the curriculum, elevating the study of
Islam “to the most important subject in the school curriculum.””


How and why Obama joined TUCC


“In “The Audacity of Hope”, Obama reveals that a key factor in his
decision to join Trinity was, somewhat oddly, that he did not
necessarily have to be a believer.”


“In clear and direct terms, Obama said his decision to become a
Christian “came about as a choice and not an epiphany.””
“Kellman’s explanation of Obama’s conversion was pure Alinsky–
community social change is the end, faith is the  means. Clearly, for
Kellman and Obama, the ultimate political goal has always remained
the same–to redistribute power and wealth from the haves to the
havenots, as openly articulated by Alinsky at the very beginning of
“Rules for Radicals.” Kellman now pursues the goal through the
church, while Obama pursues the goal through politics.”


“Now add one more factor: before Obama’s baptism at trinity, when he
was nearly thirty years old, there is no other life incident
evidencing he is a Christian. Obama had to know that running for political office, even state office, would be much more difficult to do if voters suspected he was Muslim.”
“Yet once Obama became a member of trinity, he had proof he was a
Christian, as he professed to be.”


TUCC and black liberation theology
“Deciding to be baptized in Trinity United Church of Christ, Barack
Obama had to comprehend he was joining a church whose principles
were based on the black liberation theology Reverend Wright professes.
If Obama was smart enough to get a Harvard law degree, he was smart enough to understand Trinity Church was and is a black liberation
theology church.”
“However, Obama joined up with Wright and Trinity precisely because
Wright’s outspoken profession of black liberation theology matched
the radical political ideology Obama himself profesed as a direct
result of the lessons he had learned from his life experience.”
“Put simply, black liberation theology reinterprets the biblical history
and teachings of Jesus Christ to advance a revolutionary racial
“Farrakhan was an anti-Semite.Unfortunately, there is justification for
this concern. In a televised interview with Reuters on October 4, 1995,
ten days before that year’s scheduled march, Farrakhan said, “Many of
the Jews that owned the homes, the apartments in the black community,
we considered them bloodsuckers because they took from our coumunity
and built their community but didn’t offer anything back to our
community. In a speech the previous year, Farrakhan had proclaimed,
“The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s
a good name. Hitler was a very great name.””
“”In 1995, along with other prominent black leaders such as Al Sharpton
and Barack Obama, Farrakhan helped lead the Million Man March on
“What exactly Wright and Farrakhan accomplished in their 1984 visit
to see Qaddafi in Libya has never been disclosed. Judging by the
history of the relationship between the Nation of Islam and Qaddafi,
we can safely speculate that at a minimum the meeting further affirmed
the anti-American views that Black Muslims and black-liberation
theology hold in comon with Libya.”
“Wright himself has acknowledged the explosive nature of his visit to
Libya, commenting that Obama’s “Jewish support will dry up quicker
than a snowball in hell” once his enemies learn of the 1984 trip he
made with Farrakhan.”


Why Obama left TUCC
“Obama needed a Christian church in order to succeed in Chicago
politics. He selected Trinity because it best matched his personal
and political feelings. Then he dumped the entire relationship when
it got in the way of his presidential ambitions.”
Obama’s actions and associations
“Obama recited for Kristof the opening lines of the Arabic call to
prayer. The opening lines of the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer,
translated, read as follows, with each line repeated twice:

Allah is supreme! Allah is supreme!
Allah is supreme! Allah is supreme!
I witness there is no God but Allah.
I witness there is no God but Allah.
I witness that muhammad is his prophet…

Kristof said Obama recited the prayer “with a first rate accent.””


“We have to ask whether Obama, by supporting Odinga openly in Kenya,
lent his name also to endorse Odinga’s leftist politics and Odinga’s
alliance with radical Muslims pushing Islam in Kenya.”
“On March 30, 2001, Obama was the only Illinois senator who rose to
speak against a bill that would have protected babies who survive
late term labor induced abortions.”


““I suspect that Senator Obama’s after the fact defense of his votes against the Illinois bill were nothing more than political pandering for votes of the worst kind. Women can vote and a fetus can’t. It’s kind of like his statement that if he had been in the Senate when the Iraq war resolution was taken up he would have definitely voted against it. His words appear only to be, “Just Words”, words for political advantage.””
“Although Odinga professes to be an Anglican Christian, concerns even
today continue to circulate, especially among Kenya’s Christian
leaders, that Odinga intends to pursue an undeclared radical Islamic
political agenda.”


“Jonsson (NY Sun) sees the recent events in Kenya as signaling the
resurgence of Islam in Kenya, a process likely to sped up now that
Odinga has forced himself into a power sharing arrangement with Kibaki.
He argues we are witnessing the growth of a leftist/Marxist alliance
with Islam that is striving, under the banner of “Change”, to spread
the growth of Islamic states worldwide. Jonsson also sees a direct tie
between the “Change” themes of the Obama presidential campaign in the
United States and the senator’s support of Odinga’a Islamic goals in
East Africa. “Real Change for Africa” was perhaps not coincidentally
the theme of Raila Odinga’s 2007 presidential campaign.”


Consider the Obama associations:

Jeremiah Wright
Louis Farrakhan
Raila Odinga
Tony Rezko
William Ayers
Lawrence Lessig (gay Jesus video)

Does this sound like a Christian life to you?


The reader of this article can decide for themselves whether or
not Obama has lived his life as a Christian. Deeds not just words.
God will be the ultimate judge.

In the spirit of Jesus overturning the tables and running the
money changers out of the temple, we exercise righteous
indignation at Obama for invoking Christianity for his own purposes and not embracing it for the good of his fellow man.


Jerome Corsi has been persecuted for revealing the truth about Obama.
God bless Jerome Corsi


10 responses to “McCain and Obama face questions about faith, Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, Obama and Christian life, Obama the Muslim, Islam background, Islam agenda, Obama a Political Christian, Fair weather Christian, Obama studied Koran, Obama has lied to America

  1. TheOrchidThief


    All Hat, No Cattle…

    or as I saw it elsewhere and even now more to the point…

    All Hat, No Church…

  2. Huh, judgment and hate, does this sound like a Christian life to you?

  3. What do you expect? He is a politician! But, let me remind everyone, so is McCain.

    Neither are for God, truth, or America!

  4. Excuse me for asking this, but I believe the American public MIGHT
    have been duped by Pastor Rick, who looks silly in that goatee of his,
    and he could lose some weight too……but what I am talking about is
    this: you didn’t mention it and nobody else, but I have a very strong
    suspicion that the questions that Pastor Rick asked the two candidates
    were GIVEN to both Obama and McCain in advance of the
    “show”……..why do I suspect this? because at one point Obama said
    “I cheated here and did some research before hand…..I actually
    looked at this idea ahead of time….”

    he said this in response at first to one of Rick’s question around the
    45 minute time….

    and CNN made a major gaffe: on the news scrawl below the screen, the
    news editor who is obviosuly illiterate wrote for all the world to see
    on CNN: “What is the greatest moral failure in your LIVE?

    shoulda been LIFE? it was never corrected during Obama’s half……way
    to go, CNN!

    but the main questuon here, sir, is WHERE THE QUESTIONS GIVEN TO THE
    TWO MEN BEFORE THE SO CALLED FORUM? I believe they were. I am going to
    ask Rick right now and see what he says….

    when Rick also said “we are the most blessed nation on earth”…again
    he is so full of it. Other nations are also blessed, sir Rick,
    American is not NUMBER ONE in BLESSEDness, this is a huge mistkae of
    arrogant overweight ammericans like Pastor Rick, who is a brainwashed
    mindcontrolled robot of an ancient religion that is completely based
    on myth and legend, there is NO JESUS at all, and yet he gets away
    with this crap…..sad in this day and age..but that’s America for
    you, LIVE!

  5. I wonder if Wright is insulted that BO did not mention him as part of his Christian grooming (last night)? I also noticed that afterwards, none of the commentators zero’d in on his first answer to the question, (something like) name three people you think are wise and would want in your administration?… and he named TWO; his GrandMother and wife, before he named a range of Democrats and Republicans. And I especially loved BO using buzz words from Rick Warren’s book… What a hollow, hollow man.

  6. God Bless Jerome Corsi! This man has received death threats and the Daily Kos published his home address on the web and encouraged readers to harass him and his family. Like so many others who speak against The One he is dealing with thewrath ofthe bots. The difference is that he is well known and people will listen to him and not claim it’s all lies.

    He is getting the truth about the majority of Obama supporters being thugs out there. When I tell people of the harassment, cyber-stalking and justplain hateful, thuggish tactics they look at me likke I’m crazy. They either had no clue that this was going on or they refuse to believe it in some cases. Until it happens to them.


  7. sisterrosetta

    “Larry has a new blog where you can leave comments; Scott Covington visits from Sugarland Texas, sent email claiming to be Larry Sinclair” From Cao’s Blog (Barack Obama – Donald Young) With Video

  8. Pingback: The Case Against Barack Obama, Abortion, Live Birth, David Freddoso, Obama lies, Lobbyists control Obama, Babies not persons to Obama, Obama deeds, Obama words, Obama a Christian? « Citizen Wells

  9. I too watched the forum, hosted by Pastor Rick Warren, which though an unusual approach, believe it was beneficial to see the candidates back to back; I am even more grounded in my opinion. I must say that while McCain’s experience as a POW most of us could never imagine and is heartbreaking, I was disgusted to witness his exploitation of such, in yet another shameless effort to gain sympathy votes, rather than address his intentions to resolve our palpable recession.

    I think we are incredibly fortunate to live in this magnificent country, for many reasons, partly due to the diverse composition of our population, but also for the most obvious- our freedom. One of the greatest rights we hold as Americans, is the right to free speech, another is our freedom of religion. I am therefore baffled by the obstinate focus on Obama’s religion, and his heritage, ultimately perhaps- his color, many by those ironically calling themselves “Christians”. So what if he grew up partly in Indonesia and therefore logically attended local schools, where he was required to learn the language, and scripture? I attended Catholic schools, studied the bible and was required to recite “Our Father” and other prayers, and even take Latin- so when we’re more concerned with his rearing, than in which candidate can provide a better quality of life, I have to wonder- and perhaps you should to- where is this concern really rooted? What are we so afraid of? Think about it- pray about it.

    In regards to Obama’s associations- I don’t necessarily hold the same beliefs of everyone I come in contact with, and I doubt that you do either. It is preposterous to attempt to hold him responsible for words/ beliefs (some of which have been taken out of context) that others may hold. Why, I ask, are we not discussing the more relevant topics such as our economy and resolving our national debt- rather than borrowing from other countries? Why are we not discussing our future employment opportunities (in America), our military objective/ providing our troops with the needed resources or improving the substandard education of our youth, or the future of Social Security/ Medicare or the lack of affordable healthcare, or the housing crisis, to name a few?

    I am more apprehensive about the future of this country, and that of my children; I for one, do want a change- we need a change and I believe we can have it- if we all vote responsibly! I continue my research from all avenues and encourage you all to do the same- this election is too important to allow inane campaign ads, or biased media to do the thinking for us! We have to question our sources of information- who is paying for these ads, who owns these networks/ newspapers; ultimately who may lose financial support/ tax cuts? We must review what the genuine issues that face this great nation are, and which candidate will get us back on track, back to the America we can believe in.

    I want the “change we can believe in” and I do have the “Audacity of Hope”!

  10. citizenwells

    Obama is a liar and a criminal.
    There is absolutely no “fruit” of a spirit of Christianity coming from him.
    He has surrounded himself with corruption, hate, anti-semitism, drug users, anti Americans and so forth.
    My direction comes from God and no party or money.
    If you cannot see through this evil, self absorbed man, God help you and the the country.

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