The Case Against Barack Obama, Dan Shomon, Robert Blackwell, David Freddoso, Killerspin, Illinois State Grants, Legal retainer, Money Laundering, LA Times article

One of the least reported aspects of Obama’s past and his ties to
corruption and dubious business associations is the Robert Blackwell
“legal retainer” in conjunction with Dan Shomon. The LA Times broke
this story back in April 2008. They referred to Dan Shomon as an
Obama campaign aide. This blog, Citizen Wells, dug deeper into the
role of Dan Shomon. Dan Shomon was actually Obama’s Campaign Manager
at one time and he was also  a lobbyist. Dan Shomon’s name is at
the top of an announcement of Robert Blackwell being on Governor
Rod Blagojevich’s team. Blagojevich was named often during the Tony
Rezko trial and has been the subject of a recall attempt in Illinois.
Robert Blackwell contacted this blog shortly after we presented
our article in April 2008.

David Freddoso has written a new book, “The Case Against Barack Obama.
Freddoso, to his credit, writes about the Dan Shomon connection. He
does not cover Shomon as well as this blog so we recommend that you
search on Shomon here and learn more. Here are some exerpts from
“The Case Against Barack Obama”:
“Perhaps the most surprising story about Barack obama and money is one that no one talks about at all.  It involves ping-pong.  it is the story of how state Senator Obama was paid more than $100,000 for legal work, then helped his client’s company get $320,000 in taxpayer grants. 
For some reason, only the Los Angeles Times has examined the story of Robert Blackwell Jr. and the government grants he received after he invested in Barack Obama.

Obama writes in The Audacity of Hope that after his failed congressional run in 2000, he was “more or less broke.”  His family would make $240,000 that year, but they had large debts, and he had just loaned his losing campaign $9,500 and maxed out his credit card.  To keep his family afloat, he writes, he went back after the election to his law firm, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, which he had neglected throughout 2000 (he received no income from the firm that year).  He planned to do some legal work to supplement his modest $58,000 salary as a state senator.

In 2001, while serving as a state senator, Obama would earn $98,158 from his law practice.  Of that money, $80,000 came from a single client – Electronic Knowledge Interchange (EKI)-which had put him on a $8,000 monthly retainer.  This lasted fourteen months and netted Obama $112,000.  The company was owned by one Robert Blackwell Jr., a friend of Obama’s since about 1995.

Months after Obama received his final payment from EKI, he wrote a request on Illinois Senate letterhead and sent it to state officials for a $50,000 tourism grant to a company named Killerspin. This company was also owned by Blackwell.

Killerspin runs ping-pong tournaments and sells ping-pong gear.  After Obama’s original request, Killerspin received a $20,000 grant for a ping-pong tournament.  Over the next three years, Obama’s aide Dan Shoman-who was working for the senator part-time and part-time for Blackwell-would help Killerspin get a $200,000 state grant for its 2003 tournament and a $100,000 state grant for its 2004 tournament, for a total of $320,000.

So Blackwell’s company paid Senator Obama a large sum of money.  Blackwell’s other company received almost three times as much in state grants, with help from Obama and his aide.

The Times reports that Obama, in his required legal financial disclosures, buried his six-figure financial conflict of interest amid a list of hundreds of other clients represented by his law firm.  He did not mention that the majority of his 2001 income came from EKI-nor was he required to do so under Illinois law.  Moreover, the Times piece notes:

The business arrived at an especially fortuitious time because, as the law firm’s senior partner, Judson Miner, put it, “it was a very dry period here,” meaning that the ebb and flow of cases left little work for Obama and cash was tight.”

This corruption connection is listed on the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


22 responses to “The Case Against Barack Obama, Dan Shomon, Robert Blackwell, David Freddoso, Killerspin, Illinois State Grants, Legal retainer, Money Laundering, LA Times article

  1. zachjonesishome

    I glad you put this back up. This scam needs much more attention. I put it on the other thread I maintain. Zach

  2. Y’all, Obama is actually an alien. He is a Ferengi!

    Here is a defination of a Ferengi: They and their culture are characterized by a mercantile obsession with profit and trade and their constant efforts to swindle people into bad deals. They are also known for their business acumen and for exploiting females.
    Like most of their culture, their religion is also based on principles of capitalism: they offer prayers and monetary offerings to a Blessed Exchequer in hopes of entering the Divine Treasury upon death, and fear an afterlife spent in the Vault of Eternal Destitution.

    Considering British asset Sore’s puppet Obama, art reflects reality!

  3. My, seems like someone’s a sneaky lil’ devil. Interesting info… Thanks, CW.

  4. Nurseratchet

    Are there really people still supporting Obama? Know the truth about how this man lies!

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  6. zachjonesishome

    I put this up on my blog this morning. Zach

  7. Nurseratchet

    How much longer are the American people going to endure Obama’s lies?
    How much longer is the main stream media going to cover for Obama?
    The truth is out there………… it!

  8. sisterrosetta
  9. and ……
    Soros Agent Spilled the Beans:Lord Malloch Brown is Conduit to Obama

    –In a London Times interview dated February 24, 2008, the Barack Obama campaign’s senior foreign policy adviser Samantha Power revealed that “the principal conduit between Britain and the candidate [Obama] has been Lord [Mark] Malloch-Brown, the junior foreign minister, whom Obama came to admire when he was deputy secretary-general of the United Nations. `He was really taken with him. It’s a relationship that has persisted and they have talked a number of times since.'”

    Two weeks after the articles publication, Samantha Power was forced out of the Obama staff. The public reason for her departure was her remark March 6 that Hillary Clinton is “a monster.”

    The significance of the Malloch-Brown/Obama connection may not have been widely noticed at the time Ms. Power boasted of it; Lord Malloch Brown was being played as a liberal critic of George W. Bush. But the fact that Malloch Brown on behalf of Britain, and George Soros — later Malloch Brown’s own investment partner — had created the present government of Georgia and have just organized the recent war provocation against Russia, has put the matter into a lurid new light.

    Samantha Power is herself a “human rights mafia” operative of George Soros and his British sponsors. In a 2004 forum, she stated, “My book [A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, 2003] and my research was utterly unsustainable on the free market. If I hadn’t been able to get a grant from George Soros and the Open Society Institute, there is no way that I could have done the kind of investigative reporting that I needed to do…

  10. zachjonesishome

    Andy Martin informed me of an excellent article in the Chicago Tribune in his newsletter. I posted it with a comment from me. I think you will enjoy the article. Zach

  11. sisterrosetta

    “Friday August 15, 2008 Larry Sinclair Radio Interview with MommaE (Barack Obama – Donald Young)”

  12. Sally Holmes

    an observer –

    Did you know that Samantha Power has often referred to herself as “the genocide chick.? She wrote a book about genocide which won her a Pulitzer Prize: “A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide.”

    The Salon article below mentions the “genocide chick” remark and continues its adulatory remarks about her with the words “Beneath her sense of humor…”

    I think having a sense of humor when talking about genocide is jaw-droppingly callous.

  13. sisterrosetta

    Cristi Adkins, co-founder of Clintons 4 McCain, makes Larry Sinclair an offer he can’t refuse – Barack Obama – Donald Young (With Audio)

  14. goodtimepolitics

    People the media is covering up for Obama just like they did for John Edwards! The only way we’re going to get these scandals about Obama to the people is to post them on our blogs. So get busy people, get busy the time is flying by fast and November is near!

  15. DavidluvsObamaLOL

    Axelrod Memo To Staffers: We’ve Got Trouble

    The following memo was leaked to Pajamas Media anonymously from a server tracked to a hotel in downtown Denver.


    DATE: August 13, 2008
    TO: The Inner Circle, The Disciples
    SUBJECT: That hateful partisan story in today’s Rocky Mountain News

    From the Desk of David Axelrod
    Chief Media Consultant
    Obama for America 2008

    Hey guys,

    We’ve got trouble.

    Somehow media hack Kevin Vaughn found out about The One’s requirement that those who wish to hear Him give His acceptance speech must put in six hours of “volunteer” work. Here’s what one of our devotees was quoted saying.

    “My whole reason why I’m so mad about it is because Democrats need to act like Democrats,” said Heather Kreider, a working mother from Centennial.

    “Democrats work for a living, and they have to work and take care of their families. And they say these are open to those in the community, so they shouldn’t ask people to drop everything in their lives for this,” Kreider said Tuesday.

    “It’s not fair. It’s elitist. And they need to practice what they’re preaching,” she added.

    You can see the whole story but it’s just more of the same. We look bad, and The One doesn’t look good either.

    Worse, Vaughn claims that “Arbeit macht tickets” won’t even guarantee a ticket, just a shot at getting one. Is that right? This was Hildrebrand’s idea wasn’t it? Brilliant! (Way better than that stupid “viral” hand gesture thing Patti came up with. Like a giant vagina is going to help us with the white male vote. Send her back to the Clintons, ASAP.) How many extra workers will we get for those tix? Two for each? Three? But it sure doesn’t make us look good now that it’s gotten out. We’ve got to get things cleared up, pronto. If that means losing some “volunteers,” then so be it. Also, this is going to require a BIG press offensive, and I want nothing but facts out there this time, OK?

    I’ve come up with three points. Don’t deviate.

    DETAIL: It is NOT true that devotees who want a picture of The One must rake his lawn. That’s only if they want it autographed. But don’t mention that last part. Also don’t mention that thing with the yard signs we had printed up in China. Who knew how flammable those were going to be? Anyway, stick to the denial, and don’t elaborate under any condition. The Boss has gotten into trouble doing just that (remember His promise to meet all those dictators?); we don’t need to make more trouble for Him.

    DENY: Not every DNC attendee will have to detail His car. Just the ones who insist on wearing stupid hats and anything in excess of three (tastefully sized; see my 4/20/08 memo) lapel pins. It’s also not true Clinton delegates will be forced to park their cars right next to the Designated Protest Pen. The Clintons caught wind of that idea when Plouffe first floated it – find that mole! – and so now we’ve got to let BOTH of them speak during His convention. The Democratic Party doesn’t belong to the Clintons anymore, and we can’t give them any chances to make people forget that it’s ours.

    DISTRACT: Those gun-toting religious nuts at Focus on the Family down in Colorado Springs stepped in it, too. They had an announcement on their website asking all their people to “pray for rain” on the night of The One’s big speech. Remind the cattle, gently, that Mile High isn’t a dome, and do they really want to get their nice hair and suits wet? The fuss got so bad at Focus that they took down the page. Tell the cattle – er, press – to “focus” on THAT. (ABC News is already carrying water for us on this one. If you thought The Note was in the bag for Lurch in ‘04, wait’ll you see what Rick Klein has hinted he’ll do for US in the next 90 days.

    Remember, it’s vital we keep a lid on this. I don’t want to see this all over the web tomorrow. The Clintons are paying dearly for their own leaked memos at The Atlantic, and that’s not the kind of trouble we need this close to His ascension.

    Stick to the script!
    David Axelrod
    Ole David said he did NOT want this seen on the internet… BAD..ROFL

  16. List of monies paid to Obama bloggers.
    Hotel stays, rental cars, food, new computers and much more…..

  17. MICROSOFT $30,458.56

    Microsoft Corporation $9,444.71

  18. CW
    These excerpts/portrayals of BO’s actions, affiliations, judgements, politics – is precisely what more people need to HEAR about. The mountain of evidence against this guy is astounding, but it seems the American publlic (or those on the fence about him), can only take it in small doses. You have done an excellent job at taking his complicated/convoluted past, and organizing it clearly and consisely, revealing the magnitude of his corrupt style. I have learned a lot from these. Thanks.

  19. Hey, how’s it going?

    I want to pass along some very important news that everyone needs to hear!

    In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel. Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.

    The Jewish people deny Jesus as their Messiah and have stated that their Messiah has been identified and is waiting to be revealed. They say this man will rule the world under a one world religion called “spiritualism”.

    They even printed a coin to raise money for the Temple with Donald Trumps face on the front and with king Cyrus'(who built the second Temple) behind him. On the back of the coin is an image of the third Temple.

    The Bible says this false Messiah who seats himself in the Third Temple will be thee antichrist that will bring about the Great Tribulation, though the Jewish people believe he will bring about world peace. It will be a false peace for a period of time. You can watch interviews of Jewish Rabbi’s in Israel speaking of these things. They have their plans set in place. It is only years away!

    More importantly, the power that runs the world wants to put a RFID microchip in our body making us total slaves to them. This chip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically Revelation 13:16-18:

    He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

    Referring to the last days, this could only be speaking of a cashless society, which we have yet to see, but are heading towards. Otherwise, we could still buy or sell without the mark amongst others if physical money was still currency. RFID microchip implant technology will be the future of a one world cashless society containing digital currency. It will be implanted in the right-hand or the forehead, and we cannot buy or sell without it! We must grow strong in Jesus. AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT TAKE IT!

    Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” (Revelation 14:9-11).

    People have been saying the end is coming for many years, but we need two key things. One, the Third Temple, and two, the technology for a cashless society to fulfill the prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.


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