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I have been following and reporting on the Larry Sinclair allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in November 1999. My initial skepticism led to my indepth investigation of not just Sinclair’s allegations but also Obama’s past actions and associations. The more I examined Obama, the more credible Larry Sinclair’s allegations have become.

So, you are still a skeptic? Well, Sinclair is in Washington DC for interviews, to find out why the DNC has ignored him and some associated with the DNC have attacked him, and to visit the FBI in regard to death threats he has received. Sinclair is persistent and sincere in his crusade to reveal the truth about Obama.

When I first began evaluating Sinclair’s claims, I went to the Official Illinois Senate records for November 1999. Sinclair was in Chicago from November 3 to November 8, 1999. Obama was absent from the Senate on November 4, 1999. The Senate did not reconvene until November 16, 1999. It turns out that Obama was at least in Chicago by November 8, 1999. Obama was at Northwestern Law School for a speech on November 8. That puts Obama and Sinclair in Chicago at the same time.

Still not convinced? Several months ago I discovered that a former Chicago restaurant owner and chef heard persistent rumors from the gay community that Obama was on the down low. I am in regular contact with this person, who happens to be very intelligent and articulate.

Still not convinced? Reverend James Manning  stated in a video and 2 interviews that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals. He claims to have solid proof. Reverend Manning has stated that his further announcement and proof will be forthcoming soon.

Larry Sinclair has contacted many major players in the MSM and has offered to answer any questions. Sinclair will be interviewed tonight by Jeff Rense and there is reason to believe he will be interviewed by a network soon.

Many in the public have only made a cursory examination of the claim by Sinclair and have dismissed the allegations after reading the many attempts at discrediting him. There has been a mass effort to discredit Larry Sinclair. If you are in the MSM, you had better wake up.