Larry Sinclair interview, Jeff Rense interview, Thursday, May 29, 2008, threats to Sinclair, Sinclair’s mother, DNC visit

Larry Sinclair has been in Washington DC since Wednesday, May 28, 2008. During this time he has visited the DNC, FBI, been interviewed by a major media reporter and was interviewed by Jeff Rense on Thursday, May 29, 2008. Sinclair talks about his visit to the DNC, his visit to the FBI, interviews and about the many threats made to him. Listen to the Jeff Rense interview:


22 responses to “Larry Sinclair interview, Jeff Rense interview, Thursday, May 29, 2008, threats to Sinclair, Sinclair’s mother, DNC visit

  1. zachjonesishome

    This is great news. Can you say which major media org?

  2. zachjonesishome

    I wrote a pro Second Amendment article and foot-noted you and Mr. Sinclair. I hope I can get it on a conservative website and/or possible a special interest group website. We will see. It is a pleasure to support your efforts and Mr. Sinclair. I am deeply troubled by how the media has treated this issue. My partner expressed concern that this would be presented as anti-gay. I explained that anti-gay is not the focus. We are both for equal protection for everyone. It’s hard enough to find love in this world and I do not fault anyone on how they find it. I do get my hackles up when people lie, make threats, use the media to protect themselves…ect. I go on. Sorry. Good Luck Today.

  3. zachjonesishome

    I still have 3 articles on Real Clear Politics.

  4. Great work guys!!!!!!

  5. DarleneforVICKIEC


    Donna Brazile DC (202) 628-8081
    Mark Brewer MI (517) 371-5410
    Martha Fuller Clark NH (603) 271-6933
    Ralph Dawson NY (212) 318-3337
    Hartina Flournoy DC (202) 393-6334
    Donald Fowler SC (803) 799-7550
    Carol Khare Fowler SC (803) 799-7550
    Yvonne Gates NV (702) 455-0855
    Alice Germond DC (202) 863-7183
    Jamie A. Gonzalez, Jr. TX (956) 664-0100
    Janice Griffin VA (703) 248-1990
    Alexis Herman DC (202) 833-8800
    Alice Huffman CA (916) 498-1890
    Thomas Hynes IL (312) 845-3272
    Harold Ickes DC (202) 887-6726
    Ben Johnson DC (202) 973-5899
    Elaine Kamarck MA (617) 495-9002
    Allan Katz FL (850) 425-1605
    Eric Kleinfeld DC (202) 293 1177
    David T. McDonald WA (206) 370-7957
    Mona Pasquil CA (916) 567-2945
    Mame Reiley VA (703) 370-2891
    James Roosevelt, Jr. MA (617) 972-9564
    Garry Shay CA (818) 502-7503
    Elizabeth Smith DC (202) 879-4436
    Michael Steed DC (202) 595-2960
    Sharon Stroschein SD (605) 226-3440
    Sarah Swisher IA (319) 530-8364
    Everett Ward NC (919) 733-2520
    Jerome Wiley Segovia VA (202) 360-3801

  6. val sommerviile

    Please get this mainstream and what has happened today no updates on Larrys web blog? Have they forced him quiet?

  7. citizenwells

    I spoke to Larry this morning. He has a lot on his plate so stay tuned.

  8. Citizen,

    Thanks for the update on Larry.

    I suppose the first “big announcement” was the May 30 press conference? I was just asking what happened to the “interview” Larry said Weds night would be posted? I have been on the fence on this from the beginning. I have tried to stay informed, and I was just hoping this would be the final chapter.

    I see now that we will have to wait two more weeks. Just seemed to me, that with Larry having this big trip, he should have had everything in place to get his story out. All the evidence, and stuff.

    I guess the bottom line is, that Larry is very busy right now, and maybe he overstated his intentions on this trip. He is the one that said he would shut up the other side. I read in to that, that he was finally going to put everything out.

    I hope he gets it out tonight or tomorrow.

  9. citizenwells

    I am sure you heard the Rense interview.
    Larry has done everything he told me he was
    going to do. I can only divulge so much.
    You have heard Sinclair and Manning state how
    cautious they have to be.
    Larry mentioned to me this morning about a major media player that interviewed him.
    Will that reporter follow through? Who knows.
    It took a lot of guts for Larry to go to DC.
    I had inside knowledge of the new attornies that are involved. Attornies always slow things down on purpose.
    I, like the rest of you, want the truth.
    I am independent of all entities involved in this election. I could make money off of my traffic but chose not to.
    Stay tuned.

  10. Citizen –

    I don’t understand why Manning and Sinclair have to exercise such caution; this caution seems to be a red herring. If Larry or Manning had the goods, they would have released it long ago; the publicity would have made either Sinclair or Manning a lot of money.

    The whole thing has become a joke on the Internet. But the longer Sinclair and Manning can drag this out, the more they get their moments in the small spotlight of cyberspace. Nonsense, all of it.

  11. citizenwells

    Do you have any facts to repudiate Obama’s long time close associations with crime and corruption?
    Sinclair’s story is a joke only in the evil Obama orchestrated discreditng machine.

  12. zachjonesishome

    Citizenwells – I sent Mr. Sinclair an email and asked him to share something with you. I think you will approve. I do wish something to be done to allay people’s doubts. However, I’m sure things are moving at their own pace. Good Luck

  13. zachjonesishome

    Typo. I do wish something could be ….

  14. citizenwells

    You just had your last chance to respond with factual data in regard to Obama’s strong ties to crime and corruption.
    Diversions don’t work here.

  15. Citizen
    Thank you so much for giving us the update. I wish I would have come back here earlier. Oh well. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!! 😀

  16. Citizen,

    Would you be so kind as to share any proof you have backing up your allegations against Mr. Obama? That seems to be a recurring theme with you and Mr. Sinclair: no proof.

  17. Carly Concerned Canadian

    Citizen, any word from Larry??
    all my posts are stuck in spam…

  18. citizenwells

    Which aspect of Obama or his past are you refering to?
    I have reported on many aspects of Obama.
    I have reported on Sinclair’s allegations.
    You seem to be confusing story and source with reporter.
    That is understandable since very little is being done in the MSM.

  19. Citizen,

    I’d be happy with proof backing up ANY of your allegations. It seems that most of what you post are links to interviews and video’s of people like Larry or Reverend Manning do nothing but make more allegations, and unsurprisingly, offer no proof. You and others who frequent Mr. Sinclair’s blog have accused Mr. Obama of many things. Can you prove any of it? Can you post one valid link?

  20. citizenwells

    Go back over the past several months and you will find article after article with links to big newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune.

  21. I’ve looked over the links. In March of this year, Mr. Obama sat down with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times (both of which had endorsed him for president) to answer any questions they had about Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, or any other questions they had. He agreed to answer all of these questions with no time limit. Both newspapers said that Mr. Obama had done what he had promised, and reaffirmed their endorsement of his candidacy.

    Again, lots of allegations. No proof.

    A few links…

    An editorial the Tribune wrote on the meeting:,0,745313.story

    A transcript of the meeting:,transcript031508.article

  22. citizenwells

    Nice try.
    Nice diversion attempt.
    I am aware of those damage control attempts.
    When you apologize for your attempts to discredit Sinclair, myself and anyone legitimately questioning Obama, you may return.
    You, however, have shown your hand.
    Your hand is the play of deceit to attempt to
    cover for Obama’s long time dubious behaviour.

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