Larry Sinclair, DNC, Washington DC, Delegates making threats, Howard Dean, Sinclair visits DNC

Larry Sinclair is in Washington DC. He is available for interviews and will be interviewed by Jeff Rense today. Larry visited the DNC headquarters in Washington to get answers as to why he has been ignored. Last fall, Sinclair attempted to contact the DNC regarding his allegations about Obama and drug use. Since then Sinclair has attempted to contact Howard Dean as well as delegates. In some cases, Larry and others following this story have received insults and personal attacks from those associated with the DNC. Larry has documented his visit to the DNC and you can watch the video and follow the story on his blog: 

8 responses to “Larry Sinclair, DNC, Washington DC, Delegates making threats, Howard Dean, Sinclair visits DNC

  1. sisterrosetta

    May 29, 2008
    From Canada
    Greg Felton
    Freedom Of Speech
    Brig Gen. Ben Partin
    The Takeover Of America
    From Washington, DC
    Larry Sinclair
    The Obama Allegations

    It looks like Larry may be on 3rd hour, although I’m not sure.

    Monday-Friday 7-10pm Pacific
    10pm-1am Refeed

    Network 3

    7 – 10 Pacific
    8 – 11 Mountain
    9 – midnight Central
    10- 1 am Eastern

    If Larry is on 3rd hour, that means he’ll be live midnight in Washington, DC. I hope he drank a lot of Pepsi.

    Please verify if you know which hour.

  2. Hi Citizenwells
    Sure was good of you to drop in over at Larry’s site with reassurance that Larry is fine. You put my mind at ease.

  3. The Lamb and The Lion

  4. It’s 4:56PM Eastern Standard Time




  6. Hope's Audacity

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

  7. You rock Citizenwells! Thanks for all your support and posts!

  8. I believe Larry, go after the red a** baboon?t’s time to pay the piper

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