Obama resigns TUCC, Obama further separates from Wright

Barack Obama has just resigned as a member of TUCC.

4 responses to “Obama resigns TUCC, Obama further separates from Wright

  1. Ya obama resigns 20 years late

  2. He did not denounce the Church.He clearly said he left for the sake of the Church!!!! Even if he had denounced the Church, it would have been FAKE.

  3. Hi Citizen
    You are on my list of HEROS 😀

  4. I am very suspicious about this.

    To me it was a staged production,
    put on by Father Pfleger to give Mr. Hope another window
    to climb through and exit from the Trinity stage.

    Just like it was orchestrated with Wright.

    There still seems to be reason to hope though…….

    Just yesterday, a prominent former official of a Civil Rights Group
    (not sure of the name right now) with a knowing smile on her face, said prophetically, that this (Father Pfleger’s performance) was not
    the last scandal to surface ( my words) that something else ALWAYS comes up, …….
    ….that another one will!

    It was as though she was promising us a prize….she had already seen it delivered to FEDEX.

    She was not sad!

    Nor scared!

    Just calmly prophetic!!

    So, despite the mixed events of today…

    Larry seems to have a slowly “ill-loominating” (intended) crystal ball. Check this out:


    Keep the faith!!

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