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Tim Adams Obama not born in Hawaii, Adams witness in 2008 elections, Left attempts to distort, Citizen Wells open thread, September 26, 2010

Tim Adams Obama not born in Hawaii, Adams witness in 2008 elections, Left attempts to distort

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

I am trying to determine the status of the testimony of Tim Adams,  an election official in Hawaii during 2008 election, who is the only potential witness to come forward. Tim Adams stated that Obama was not born in Hawaii and for that reason he was given a Certification of Live Birth by the state of Hawaii. He also stated that because Obama was a US citizen, that he was eligible to be president. That is absolutely incorrect. Adams also goes on to assume that those who question Obama’s eligibility are racists or are politically motivated. That is an ignorant assumption.

It’s the Constitution stupid!

In the following video, Adams states:

“They like my data but not my conclusions.”

Adams, your conclusions are not the law. They are your opinions.

Far left websites are trying to downplay and twist what Adams has attested to. I believe that it has been confirmed that Tim Adams did in fact have the position with the State of Hawaii in 2008 as an election official.

I am seeking the truth, facts. What is the current status of Tim Adams and his testimony?

McCain Obama debate, Oxford MS, September 26, 2008, Foreign Policy, Economy, Bailout, Philip J Berg, Obama not qualified, Obama not citizen, Obama Kenyan, Obama Indonesian, Why is Obama allowed to debate?

Obama, who may be indicted for corruption any day and is not a citizen of the US, is debating John McCain tonight in Oxford Mississippi. Why was Obama ramroded through the Democratic Convention and given the nomination when he is not qualified to be president. Obama had the chance to produce a vault version of a COLB, but instead filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Philip J Berg. John McCain presented a vault COLB.

Foreign policy, the economy and the bailouts are certainly important topics and worthy of debate, but why are we allowing Obama, who is not qualified to run for president, debate John Mccain.

Consider the following:

  • Obama and/or Rod Blagojevich may be indicted next in the aftermath of the Tony Rezko investigation and trial.
  • Obama has not produced a vault version of a COLB. To add further insult to the American public, fake copies were put on the Obama site and other sites.
  • Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Obama became a citizen of Indonesia.
  • Obama did not swear an oath of allegiance to regain US citizenship.
  • Obama lied on his Illinois Bar application and relinquished his law license in 2007.
  • There is no proof that Obama complied with Selective Service Laws.
  • Obama violated the Logan Act during his visit to Kenya in 2006 when he interfered with the Kenyan government and campaigned for his radical cousin Raila Odinga.
  • Obama attempted to negotiate with the Iraqi government to delay talks about troop withdrawal until after the US election.
  • Obama, the DNC and the FEC were served a lawsuit initiated by Philip J Berg that states that Obama is not qualified to be president.
  • Obama and the DNC filed a motion to dismiss the Berg lawsuit.
  • Why did Obama file a motion to dismiss the Philip J Berg lawsuit instead of presenting a vault COLB?
  • Obama does not have a vault COLB because of his birth in Kenya and has deceived the American public.
  • There is also a Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama.

Why is senator Obama allowed to debate senator John McCain and seek the office of President of the US.

Philip J Berg’s website:


Impeach, expel senator Obama: