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Hollister V Soetoro, Philip J Berg, DC District Court, Judge James Robertson, February 4, 2009, Colonel Hollister, Motion for response time denied, Interpleader motion denied, Motion for pro hac vice in abeyance

From Phil at The Right Side of Life:

“Hollister v. Soetoro: Judge Denies Specific Motions in Pending Case

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Judge Denies Specific Motions in Pending CaseThe following Order from DC District Court Judge James Robertson was issued for Hollister v. Soetoro yesterday:


Plaintiff’s motion to file interpleader and deposit funds with the court [#2] is frivolous and is denied. His motion to shorten time for defendants to respond to his complaint [#3] is moot and is denied. The motions of his counsel [#4, #5] for the admission pro hac vice of Philip J. Berg and Lawrence J. Joyce are in abeyance until the Court has had the opportunity, in open court, to examine their credentials, their competence, their good faith, and the factual and legal bases of the complaint they have signed.
United States District Judge

This order does not dismiss the case; it merely tackles certain, specific issues that the Plaintiff requested. A commenter on another forum expressed the same sentiment:”

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Christopher Strunk lawsuit, US Supreme Court, Writ of Mandamus, NY Electoral College, Restrain, Associate Justice Ginsburg, DC District Court, State Constitutional issues, SCOTUS Rule 22, December 4, 2008

Christopher Strunk, on December 4, 2008, placed his NY lawsuit before the US Supreme Court. Strunk’s Writ of Mandamus attempts to restrain the NY Electoral College from voting on December 15, 2008.

“Christopher Strunk, being pro se in two cases (one in DC District Court and another appealing to the Supreme Court), served the Supreme Court with an application for Writ of Mandamus to Associate Justice Ginsburg yesterday and served the DC District Court with a Writ as well.

The following is an excerpt from an email I received along with associated PDF documents.

I am currently tracking eligibility lawsuits via my Current Lawsuit Listing page.
State Justice ruled on the State Consitutional issues today in the Article 78; however, left the Federal dual office holder issue unreasolved and will be part of my appeal in 2nd Circuit in 08-cv-4289.
Yesterday I took a bus to DC and filed the SCOTUS Applcation under Rule 22 for a Writ of Mandamus to restrain the NY Electoral Collgee and for relief in the matter of 2nd circuit review of my substantive due process request for a three judge panel instead of signle political science oriented Judge (Katzmann).
In addition I went into DCDC to find out if they have moved mu complaint there which although they have had it since 112608, but done nothing- I served them with a copy of the DC Circuit apopllication for a writ of mandamus kicking the DCDC ass on the poor person matter.
Anyway they work is in the hopper and the SCOTUS matter as per the letters of transmittal below at least Justice Thomas should have something from New York for the Conference tomorrow for the other aopplications from NJ, CT and suppose PA and CA.”

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I would like to thank The Right Side Of Life website for the heads up on this filing.