Arizona election audit update Jan 29, 2021, Maricopa Board of Supervisors still hiding something, Senate to do “real audit”?, High adjudication (error) rate must be scrutinized

Arizona election audit update Jan 29, 2021, Maricopa Board of Supervisors still hiding something, Senate to do “real audit”?, High adjudication (error) rate must be scrutinized

“Poll workers struggled to operate the new voting machines in Maricopa County, and improperly pressed and told voters to press a green button to override significant errors,”  “The result is that the voting machines disregarded votes cast by voters in person on Election Day in Maricopa County.”…Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign’s general counsel

“The certification of Arizona’s FALSE results is unethical and knowingly participating in the corruption that has disenfranchised AZ voters,” …Jenna Ellis

“Katie Hobbs AZ Secretary of State: Trump derangement syndrome is not illegal, Election fraud, coverup and lying on vote certification is”…Citizen Wells


There has been no true audit of the Arizona ballots and irregularities revealed in the November 30 election hearing.

The only “audit” that has taken place is the mandated evaluation of voting machine count versus manual count done on a microscopic sample of ballots.

And despite lies to the contrary, it was not 100%.

More on this below.

The Arizona Senate has been trying to do a real audit since December 4, 2020 and has been fought by the Maricopa Board of Supervisors every step of the way including court battles.

Even though they have been ordered to cooperate with the Senate, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors continues to obstruct and obfuscate efforts to arrive at the truth,

“WE CAUGHT THEM: Arizona’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Lied – EAC Updated Website after Gateway Pundit Report Discovered Their Auditors Were Uncertified”

From a Dr. Lyle Rapacki interview.

Az Update – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Playing Games – But We will get a REAL Audit soon.

Arizona mandated “Hand Count Audit” Fact vs Fiction

  1. All that happened was a tiny sample of ballots was used. And from the SOS website: “compare the results of the machine count to the hand count to assure that the machines are working properly and accurately counting votes.”
  2. This only proves how well the machines are working on that day on a microscopic sample.
  3. This should work every time unless a machine breaks down.
  4. And furthermore, they allowed for an acceptable failure rate of 2 percent for early ballots.
  5. Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State, reported a 100 % accuracy rate. That is a lie and was repeated by fake news media.
  6. Some interesting facts follow:

Remember, all they did was take a tiny sample of ballots, run them through scanners. and compare counts.

5 counties did not participate.

4 counties had discrepancies “within the acceptable margin”.

Only .3 percent of early ballots in Maricopa County were sampled.

If the standard of 2 percent failure rate was applied to the entire population of over 1.9 million early ballots in Maricopa County then over 38,000 failures would be acceptable.


The Arizona mandated “Hand Count Audit” was not 100 percent accurate and was useful only as a propaganda tool.

The big lie

What are the Maricopa Board of Supervisors hiding?



More here:


13 responses to “Arizona election audit update Jan 29, 2021, Maricopa Board of Supervisors still hiding something, Senate to do “real audit”?, High adjudication (error) rate must be scrutinized

  1. “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

  2. ……and it is plain to see the Maricopa County are hiding the true election results. This tells me that the real results WILL NEVER be made public. The bastards have chosen to go down with the ship.

    ………..leave a sinking ship……….so all we need to do is SINK THEIR SHIP.

  4. AND,
    ………as the ship sinks lower, and lower, the water encroaches the hiding places of all of the rats, and cock roaches. They all then move to the deck above. When there are no more decks they jump into the sea, and they soon disappear below the surface.

  5. AND,
    ……..the fish, have a feeding frenzy !!!!!

  6. AND NOW……
    ………..we are seeing evidence of a turnaround in Republican thinking. Some SNEAKS are trying to get back in the good graces of the party. They are POS who need to be permanently ejected from the party. SNEAKS are what they are by nature. They do not change. SNEAKS are among the worst sort of people on earth.

  7. why not use Jovan Pulitzer he IS the Specialist!

  8. If you want the truth use jovan Pulitzer the guy that invented scanning

  9. Use jovan Pulitzer for audit

  10. AND,
    ………..until Americans begin to live in REALITY, instead of FANTASY NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Sneaks, and assorted lowlifes will permeate virtually all walks of our government.

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  12. Gary Richardson

    bullhead city az here, will this audit include the senate race of McSally and kelly? i also think the 2018 senate race was rigged too

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