Arizona election update: Liz Harris and grassroots activists demand fair audit of Maricopa ballots, Competent auditors must be used, Please flood decision-makers with email and phone calls 

Arizona election update: Liz Harris and grassroots activists demand fair audit of Maricopa ballots, Competent auditors must be used, Please flood decision-makers with email and phone calls

“The certification of Arizona’s FALSE results is unethical and knowingly participating in the corruption that has disenfranchised AZ voters,” …Jenna Ellis

“Katie Hobbs AZ Secretary of State: Trump derangement syndrome is not illegal, Election fraud, coverup and lying on vote certification is”…Citizen Wells

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln


From GateWay Pundit January 26, 2021.

“Grassroots activists are calling on supporters to flood state leaders with requests for a fair audit of the Maricopa County ballots.

Right now the WORLD is watching Arizona.”

“Please send the below POWERFUL letter to the following State Senators (along with your own AZ Senator/Representatives if possible).”

“January 26, 2021
Senate President Karen Fann
Members of the Arizona Legislature:

As you are aware, we are in unprecedented times. There was an unprecedented voter turnout in this election, an unprecedented number of votes given to a Presidential candidate in history, as well as an unprecedented number of ballots mailed out. This election also uncovered unprecedented fraud that occurred in ways that most never knew existed. Our eyes have been opened. The People of Arizona have lost their faith in the election process, as well as in many of our elected officials.  Arizona is on the precipice of that trust NEVER being restored. Our rights have not been protected. Our voices have not been heard. Our confidence in a free and fair election is lost.

I am grateful that you chose to embrace the Constitutional authority that our Forefathers bestowed upon you in subpoenaing and securing a forensic audit of the Dominion Voting Systems machines and our physical ballots.

History is being written at this very moment. The decisions you are making regarding this forensic audit will not only impact the future of Arizona, but the future of our Nation and beyond. The entire world is watching Arizona and you. Action must be taken for Arizona’s citizens to begin to have their confidence in the Legislature restored. God has put you in this place, at this time to do just that. These unprecedented circumstances demand an UNPRECEDENTED forensic audit process. Anything less than conducting an extremely thorough audit, addressing all the concerns of your constituents, is the same as not doing an audit at all. We have witnessed politicians across our Nation attempt to pacify the People with incomplete, incompetently handled audits. Your constituents will not be fooled by attempts to placate us with an incomplete forensic machine and physical ballot audit using incomplete or antiquated methods. My days, along with the days of countless other Arizona citizens have been spent gathering, listening, researching, absorbing, and communicating about every book, article, journal, video and report regarding DVS machine and ballot fraud.

Senate President Karen Fann and the Legislature will be WITHOUT EXCUSE for not thoroughly investigating and educating themselves on every aspect of fraud that occurred with Dominion Voting Systems and with our ballots. You will equally be held accountable if you do not choose multiple, independent, highly experienced professional auditors such as Allied Security Operations Group and Tesla Laboratories to audit the Dominion Voting Systems machines and ballots.

To date, a complete, UNBIASED, forensic BALLOT audit has never been done anywhere in the country. The closest we came was in 2000 when physical ballots with “hanging chads” were visually inspected by humans for kinematic artifacts.  Identifying and examining kinematic artifacts was the standard then and should be the standard even more so today. Tremendous technological advancements have been made and are being used in the study of kinematic artifacts.  Recently, there have been ballot counts both by machine and hand, but as you should be aware of by now, the scope of ballot fraud has extended far beyond simply counting the number of ballots. It is incredulous that you would believe that the People will accept an archaic process as adequate, with all the technological advancements that are not only available to us, but that were used to create the ballots in the first place. Ballots were designed with specific parameters and ink features and are to be printed according to strict specifications, on paper that conforms to the Safe Act. They are to be handled and distributed in accordance with law. The same kinematic artifact technology that is presently utilized to identify counterfeit currency, bank notes, bonds, stocks, and passports must be used to examine the last thing each voter had in their hand that they can be sure of when they voted, their physical ballot. The latest technology, which can verify a minimum of 20 validation points on each ballot, has been made available to you for this forensic audit. This computer driven kinematic artifact technology results in a completely UNBIASED result, as opposed to the human eye kinematic artifact examination in the 2000 election. All human opinion is removed as computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence examine the ballots as they are scanned. Just as the original paper ballots were audited in 2000 for kinematic artifacts, our physical paper ballots MUST also be forensically audited for kinematic artifacts. Kinematic artifact examination is a PROVEN process that has been utilized in various fields for decades. With the technology at our fingertips today, it is quick, thorough, and unbiased. Your constituents will accept nothing less.

The individual who has the technology and expertise to conduct a kinematic artifact audit is the same gentleman who created and patented the way for all Machine-Readable Codes (printed on paper) to link remotely with databases to confirm an individual’s identity, credentials and validate transactions. He is an expert in kinematic artifact detection and code reading. He is now adding the patent for kinematic artifact detection in ballots to his catalog of hundreds of inventions he has already patented. We vehemently reject the attempts by some of our Legislators to discredit his expertise and extensive background in technological development and patents.

Future election integrity and voter security has already been compromised. We do not trust the voting machines AZ selected. We do not trust the ballots. We do not trust many of those we elected. You, our elected Legislative members have been given the opportunity to do the right thing for your constituents’ futures. You must take the first steps in restoring our trust. A comprehensive voting machine and ballot forensic audit utilizing technology of this caliber has never been done before. This time in history calls for it. We the People of Arizona demand it.

AZ Senate President Karen Fann and our Legislative members will either go down in history as failures or frontrunners.

On behalf of our great state of Arizona, I pray you will be remembered as courageous trailblazers.


“Liz Harris interview today, Jan 23rd at the Az. Republican Party event. Update on the Election Audit in Arizona. We want a REAL Audit with reputable auditors, not the ones the Board of Supervisors want to hire to white wash the whole thing.”


Corrupt biased Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs celebrates with questionable Governor Ducey upon fraudulently certifying the votes while an election hearing was taking place.


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19 responses to “Arizona election update: Liz Harris and grassroots activists demand fair audit of Maricopa ballots, Competent auditors must be used, Please flood decision-makers with email and phone calls 

  1. “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”…Thomas Paine

  2. CW……..

  3. AND NOW,
    ………. Leahy in hospital for observation. He wasn’t feeling well after presiding over so called impeachment. Maybe God had something to do with Leahy’s sudden illness. Prayers are sometimes heard. Serves him right !!!!

  4. QUESTION………
    …………If Wuhan virus originated OUTSIDE OF CHINA why is it referred to as Wuhan virus?

  5. hapnHal
    …………looks like somebody in California made Orlena mad.!!!! Meyer California = BLIZZARD. Has anyone heard from Bob Strauss lately?

  6. Bob Strauss…….
    ……….Hope all is well. We are praying for you and your family. Orlena is really POd.

  7. AND NOW……..
    ………..the child PSYCHOPATH AOC is screaming that Ted Cruz is trying to have her killed. REAL MENTAL CASE !!!!! About all she is capable of is picking her nose, and scribbling in coloring books.

  8. hapnHal…….
    ……..6′ of snow in the Sierra Nevada. Californians will be able to fill their swimming pools this year without charge for the water. Grab a few buckets of the mud as it passes, and pan it for gold. You aren’t that far from Sutter’s Mill.

  9. AND NOW……..
    …………Lahars could be coming to areas North of Los Angeles. Real nasty mud slides nearly everywhere you look. Wild fires left nothing to hold back the mud. Hell coming to California.

  10. AND NOW…….
    ……….John Kerry’s personal appearance suggests a severe illness of some sort. I am wondering if he is HIV POSITIVE. You get that illness from playing BACK DOOR BINGO. Where he is concerned I wouldn’t be surprised.

  11. Oldsailor88,
    We are told to believe that elections, the stock market, justice, and government are fair and balanced.

    What we know is that the elections are not fair anymore.

    The gamestop event has demonstrated that the stock market is rigged, and the government is helping to rig it by Sec. of Treasury taking bribes and the Biden administration ‘counseling’ trading people to block trading to protect their friends.

    We see the Justice department arresting conservatives, and not arresting or prosecuting democrats, for exactly the same crimes. The FBI appears to be controlled by the democratic party.

    The came after Trump because he stood up for the average american, and he put himself in harms way by doing so. Do you even recognize your country anymore?

  12. Pete…….
    ……… are right on the money. I would hasten to add that we as a country will soon look like the rest of the world…….if we aren’t already like them. Try to find any young people today who don’t think Lil Barry Soetoro is C-O-O-L. We have become a nation of nitwits, numbskulls, morons, unbathed drugheads, nosepickers, and assorted do nothings. Yet somehow we occasionally see a blue sky, and the land hasn’t yet sunk below the ocean. Fortunately those functions are out of the hands of Americans. Maybe that is our one remaining bit of luck.

  13. Pete
    oh yes, I neglected to mention the leadership who are really good at shoveling manure against the tide.

  14. Pete……
    ……….nice to see the hedge fund managers lose their butts for a change. !!!

  15. really fun watching the hedge fund managers hanging by their suspenders and getting a real “wedgie” har har

  16. ……….good for what ails them…..har har

  17. ……maybe we will have the pleasure of watching Joe Malarkey getting a WEDGIE one of these days.

  18. maybe Kamala will be the person to give Joe a wedgie. har har

  19. Deannewatkins

    Pls email posts.

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