Thrivent changing to treat all people better? “we will change from within” or just trying to placate blacks, Admitting their “core Christian beliefs” a ruse?

Thrivent changing to treat all people better? “we will change from within” or just trying to placate blacks, Admitting their “core Christian beliefs” a ruse?

“You don’t need to be Christian to join our team.”…Thrivent job opening ad

“I worked at Thrivent Financial full-time (More than 8 years)”                      “Claims to be based on Christian values but does not adhere to them.”…Former Thrivent employee

“pre-dispute mandatory arbitration provisions are inappropriate in insurance policies and incompatible with the legal duties insurers owe policyholders when handling their claims.”…NAIC, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, August 15, 2016


Is Thrivent changing their evil ways?

A good start would be to remove so many attorneys from key positions, quit using high powered law firms who brag about defeating claim filers, actually act out “core Christian beliefs” and reverse their retroactively changed contract to remove mandated and allow optional mediation and arbitration in the dispute resolution process.

From Each Story Told.

“As I read the following news release from Teresa Rasmussen, President and CEO of Thrivent Financial, I was reminded of Starbucks shutting down years ago to retrain their employees on making coffee.

I thought then how foolish it looked to be training employees on how to make coffee. If I was foolish enough to have not already been training my employees on how to make coffee, I am not sure I would admit it.

The same goes for Thrivent, formerly Aid Association for Lutherans.

Thrivent for decades has touted their Christian beliefs and concerns for members.

Are they finally admitting it was all a ruse, a clever wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario?

Are they willing to apologize to me and countless others for the fraud they have perpetuated and the shameless way they treated us?

For their corrupt mandated arbitration enacted retroactively?

Really care about economic insecurity?

Or are they just trying to placate blacks?

From Thrivent and Teresa Rasmussen July 10, 2020.

“Letter From Our CEO: Doing What’s Right As We Travel The Long Road To Change”
“Together we will take immediate action – and invest in long-term change – to help address racism, discrimination and economic insecurity.

At Thrivent we believe humanity thrives when people make the most of all God has given them. Yet the ability to thrive is fundamentally hindered for those who disproportionately face systemic inequities, racism and discrimination due to the color of their skin.

As we continue to grapple with the tragic killing of George Floyd and the resulting anger, frustration and sorrow in our communities, we know that what happened not only to Mr. Floyd, but many before him, calls for real change.

The issue is so deeply rooted that there is not one answer, one remedy or one solution. Bringing meaningful change to these problems will, at the very least, take deep soul-searching and personal growth from people and institutions. It will require investing in, and supporting, one another for Thrivent to be inclusive and diverse with abundant and equitable opportunities for all.

As an organization, we will change from within. We will seek, identify and hire diverse talent that clearly reflects the communities in which we operate and serve. We understand that Black, Indigenous, and people of color receive disproportionately less mentorship, growth opportunities and advancement in the American workplace. We will ensure this is not the case at Thrivent, and we will hold our leaders accountable to this mission.”

Read more:

My claims experience with Thrivent can be found here:

George Tiedemann’s experience:

Racism at Thrivent. You decide:

“Executive sues Thrivent, saying he was fired because he is black”

“A black executive claims he was fired as president of a Thrivent Financial subsidiary because he accused a co-worker of racial discrimination, according to a lawsuit he filed against the financial services firm.

Gregory M. Smith, who said he was recruited by Thrivent in 2016 to help grow its network of independent insurance brokers, said he was stunned to encounter discrimination at a Fortune 500 company whose mission is “helping Christians be wise with money and live generously.”

“I was shocked,” said Smith, 56, who has worked at some of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. “I have never been treated so badly in my life.”

In a written statement, Thrivent denied the allegations and predicted the company will win the court battle over the lawsuit filed this month in Hennepin County.”

“Within months, Smith had laid off about half of his 15-member staff, most of whom quickly found jobs with other Thrivent companies, according to Smith’s attorney, Clayton Halunen. In an interview, Smith said some of the workers lacked the skills he needed, while others were terminated because he was concerned about their “exorbitant” spending on business trips. He said all of the terminated workers were white.

“I was the only person of color when I came in,” Smith said in the interview. His lawsuit claims that the presidents of seven other Thrivent subsidiaries are all white.”

“To celebrate, Smith said in the interview, he took his team out for dinner at the Capital Grille in downtown Minneapolis after work one night in December 2016. About 6 p.m., while waiting for some of his workers to show up, Smith said he strolled into the bar area and overheard Huth talking about him with another member of the team.

In the lawsuit, Smith said Huth allegedly said to the other worker: “We are going to get rid of that black piece of shit,” referring to him. In the lawsuit, Smith said Huth noticed him standing there and looked at him “sheepishly … apparently scared that he had overheard” the remark.””

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16 responses to “Thrivent changing to treat all people better? “we will change from within” or just trying to placate blacks, Admitting their “core Christian beliefs” a ruse?

  1. “Thrivent contends that its commitment to individual arbitration is ‘”important to the membership because it reflects Thrivent’s Christian Common Bond, helps preserve members’ fraternal relationships, and avoids protracted and adversarial litigation that could undermine Thrivent’s core mission.’”…Thrivent v. Acosta Nov. 3, 2017

  2. CW, 5.1 magnitude quake at 8:07 AM Sunday-Sparta vicinity.

    Did you feel it?

    Thrivent is not a Christian organization, but they certainly are racist. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an apology from them.

    I feel for Mr. Smith. With all the false claims of racism these days, he certainly did experience it. I hope he wins the lawsuit. You have to wonder how many lawsuits will have to be filed before Thrivent finally gets it.

  3. Good morning everybody…..
    ……….HEY CW hope you and everybody are ok. A 5.1 is not a toy. It can do some really expensive damage……particularly to OLDER homes. Between that and the heat of summer we could call it “SHAKE AND BAKE”……..yeah I know…….NOT FUNNY!!!!!
    BTW, your FRIENDS (ahem) at Thrivent have been barraging the TV ether with a lot of their hooey. As soon as I saw their BS I thought of what they had done to you. Good enough reason to switch to another channel.

  4. Hi SueK…….
    …… the SUN shining where you are? My aneroid barometer is showing 920 MB this fine Sunday AM. Just a little high cirrus. Got all of your cactuses out?

  5. Earthquake felt in state & beyond.

  6. Hi OS88,

    Barometer is 1015 MB and steady. Partly cloudy with cumulus; maybe a pop up storm this afternoon.

    All 103 cacti are out and thriving!

    No earthquakes here, thank goodness…

  7. That’s a lot of cacti!

  8. AND…….
    ………some time ago the property directly across the street from us was sold. It set for nearly a year before anybody moved in. When they did it was a huge family of MEXICANS.(maybe illegals). Now everyday there is wall to wall cars parked everywhere, and very often even blocking driveways, and mail boxes. A few days ago we were forced to call our local (DO NOTHING POLICE) just to get out of our own driveway. The police had two illegally parked vehicles towed. There was about 12 Mexicans standing on the other side of the street screaming at the police in Spanish. The police apparently ordered them to go back inside. The vehicles were back the next day……but this time they were parked in the driveway of where they were at. A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION !!!! EVERYTIME I LOOK OUT A WINDOW IT LOOKS LIKE TIJUANA, MEXICO.

  9. CW, I’ve been collecting for 55 years. Give me a green plant, and I’ll kill it in a matter of days.

    They’re in a self-built greenhouse for the summer and then, down to the basement under fancy lights for the winter.

    It’s a labor of love and a hobby I may be getting too old to pursue :(.

    Hope you had no damage from the quake. Asheville felt it, too; some foundation damage and things ‘rearranged’ inside homes. That fault was supposedly dormant, but are they really ever dormant? Pompeii thought their volcano (Vesuvias) was dormant in A.D. 79; we know what happened there.

  10. AND NOW……
    …………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Letitia James thinks she can ORDER the NRA to disband. She belongs in a LOONEY TANK. She is a carbon copy of the IDIOT (Gardner) in St.Louis. Perhaps they are siblings. Both are raving LUNATICS. Yes she can sue NRA to force the crooked individuals to come to court. But that is where it ENDS. NRA will more than likely LEAVE New York, and adopt another state. Afterward NEW YORK will no longer have the income from NRA which amounts to millions each year. REAL SMART LETITIA. BTW be very careful about whose toes you step on in the process. A whole lot of your OWN KIND are NRA LIFE MEMBERS…….as such THEY TOO are an integral part of NRA. I pray that you will find some common sense, and rethink your insane venture. You will need to sue over 20 million people INDIVIDUALLY to be effective in DISBANDING NRA. LETITIA YOU NEED PSYCHIATRIC HELP.

  11. There is a fault line running up from Charleston.
    Great earthquake of 1886 was 7.+ & damaged buildings several hundred mi away.
    Dormant not right word.
    Perhaps 400 yr event.

  12. CW, people usually use the term ‘dormant’ but in reality, faults are best described as ‘inactive.’ There are so many of them undiscovered; they get a name when one of them snaps.

    1755-off Cape Ann, MA; 6.0-6.3 magnitude quake on today’s Richter scale. Largest one ever in this area. Your 7.0+ is nothing to sneeze at.

    We have the Clinton-Newbury fault (not named for old Billy Boy) in my area. Inactive. Or, is it?

    Hope you didn’t have any damage.

  13. CW
    As we continue to grapple with the tragic killing of George Floyd and the resulting anger, frustration and sorrow in our communities, we know that what happened not only to Mr. Floyd, but many before him, calls for real change.

    Autopsy of George Floyd

    Blood tests show 11 of ng/mL Fentanyl.
    Results of George Floyd blood test:
    Not Good Knee helped the drugs

  14. I GUESS……..
    …….. humanity will never stop feeling earth quakes. We live upon the surface of this planet, and it never stops moving. Plate movement is what it is and I believe there are actually hundreds of faults that are still unknown.

  15. hapnHal………
    ……….I am wondering if had he not been doped up if he might have survived the neck knee. I have read a few paragraphs about fentanyl, and I recall the words “IMPAIRED RESPIRATION” being in the text.

  16. The EQ helped me to decide to swap the commercial canned chicken dumplings and beef stew with the 100+ canned quarts of tomatoes.
    Picking up tin cans is much easier than picking up glass and quart jars…..even on carpet, not a great way to spend the day.
    In Kentucky, EQ rare but a few years ago, there was a 5 from Tennessee through here and my bedroom door jarred enough to wake me at 5 in the morning.

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