Seth Rich coverup Part 1, Fox News attacked and silenced, Appeals judge quotes lie, How we got to Assange Ratner testimony request, Attorney Clevenger: “why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”

Seth Rich coverup Part 1, Fox News attacked and silenced, Appeals judge quotes lie, How we got to Assange Ratner testimony request, Attorney Clevenger: “why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”

Mueller, as a matter of determined policy, omitted key steps which any honest investigator would undertake. He did not commission any forensic examination of the DNC servers. He did not interview Bill Binney. He did not interview Julian Assange. His failure to do any of those obvious things renders his report worthless.”…Craig Murray

“Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the FBI’s claims that (1) it did not investigate matters pertaining to Mr. Rich; (2) it did not examine his computer; and (3) it conducted a “reasonable” search but could not locate any records or communications about Mr. Rich. Specifically, Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the affidavit testimony of FBI Section Chief David M. Hardy.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger March 29, 2020

“Re: Seth Rich, keep an eye on the National Security Division of the Justice Department. As you can see from the federal complaint, the NSD ignored a FOIA request that I filed back in 2018 for records about Seth Rich. And look at Paragraph 16, plus Exhibit 8. I think NSD is playing a bigger role in the “Russian hacking” narrative than most of us understood. By sending Seth Rich records there, it’s easier to keep things classified. So why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”…Attorney Ty Clevenger July 22, 2020


The official narrative of the murder of Seth Rich, his non involvement in the DNC data leaks as well as the alleged Russian collusion, never made sense to anyone paying attention, with an IQ greater than a squirrel and who wants the truth.

Fox News and a host of other non fake news sources began reporting and asking questions immediately.

The deep state and swamp responded immediately with attacks.

Pretty soon, Sean Hannity, one of the most sincere and dependable newsmen, was silent on the Seth Rich controversy.

Joel and Mary Rich, on March 13, 2018, filed a lawsuit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman and Ed Butowsky.

“2. In July 2016, Seth Rich, a young Democratic National Committee (“DNC”)
employee, was murdered in the streets of Washington, D.C., in what authorities have stated publicly was a botched robbery. Fox News, Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman, and Fox News contributor and political operative Ed Butowsky intentionally exploited this tragedy—including through lies, misrepresentations, and half-truths—with disregard for the obvious harm that their actions would cause Joel and Mary.”

“Defendants worked with Wheeler to pursue and develop a fiction
that Seth had leaked thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks. And they published, republished, and publicized the sham story—which they knew would be covered again and again, and republished, here and around the world—painting Joel and Mary’s son as a criminal and a traitor to the United States.”

“22. Notwithstanding the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia had obtained the DNC emails via computer hacking, a conspiracy theory emerged among fringe political groups that Seth had leaked the DNC emails.”

Read more:

The lawsuit against Fox News was dismissed on August 3, 2018.

From Citizen Wells August 3, 2018.

“A federal judge in Manhattan dismissed a lawsuit Thursday that was brought against Fox News by the parents of Seth Rich, the young Democratic aide whose unsolved murder was turned into fodder for a lingering right-wing conspiracy theory.”

“In a related decision, Judge Daniels also dismissed a separate lawsuitbrought against Fox News, Ms. Zimmerman and Mr. Butowsky by a private detective who had played a central role in the retracted story.”

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Joel and Mary Rich immediately filed a notice of appeal.

Oral arguments were presented on February 4, 2019.

An opinion was rendered on September 13, 2019.

“Three years ago, Seth Rich was murdered during a botched robbery. He was
a 27‐year‐old staffer for the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”). Soon after
Seth’s murder, uncorroborated theories—contradicted by official U.S. intelligence reports—surfaced on the web. Seth had leaked thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks, the theories asserted, and that is why he had been assassinated.”

We VACATE the District Court’s August 2, 2018, judgment granting the
Appellees’ motion to dismiss, and we REMAND the case for further proceedings
consistent with this opinion.”

The case has been ongoing since.

6 attempts were made to subpoena Ellen Ratner.

Why is Ellen Ratner important?

From Citizen Wells July 15, 2019.

From Attorney Ty Clevenger July 15, 2019.

“Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended lawsuit that I filed this morning on behalf of Mr. Butowsky.”

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The Fox News legal team requests testimony from Julian Assange.

From Citizen Wells August 5, 2020.

“This Request is being made to obtain testimony from Julian Assange for use at trial in the above-captioned matter in relation to the source of the DNC emails and documents released by WikiLeaks in 2016; WikiLeaks’ response to Mr. Rich’s murder; and WikiLeaks’ communications with Mr. Rich and members of Mr. Rich’s family.”

Read more:

The Fox News legal team filed a Motion for extension of time to effect service or for permission to effect alternate service on Ellen Ratner August 4, 2020.

Read more:

So that is how we got here.

The deep state swamp folks have attempted to be clever.

However, in their devious attempts to hide and obfuscate the truth, they have motivated folks in the private sector such as attorneys Ty Clevenger, Sidney Powell and the Fox legal team to rise to the occasion and reveal the truth.

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7 responses to “Seth Rich coverup Part 1, Fox News attacked and silenced, Appeals judge quotes lie, How we got to Assange Ratner testimony request, Attorney Clevenger: “why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”

  1. “The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those records in bad faith.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019

  2. CW……..
    ………..and FBI will continue to say that the records requested are classified information and cannot be de classified. Time to bring Tom Fitton into the fray. He seems to have a grasp on FOIA which nobody else has.

  3. AND,
    ………..why is the parents of Seth Rich so adamant about NO INVESTIGATIONS? Their LAWSUIT against Fox makes them appear to be trying to hide something. They have spent a great deal of money in legal fees trying to silence Fox News. I’M SURE THERE IS A REASON!!!! the next question is ” Can it be proven that there was actual attempts to subpoena Ms. Ratner, or is this the word of somebody who is just saying she was subpoenaed. This needs to be CLARIFIED. Court records need to be examined. There will be records of each attempt to bring her to court. Frankly I have serious doubt if any of the (alleged) subpoenas were ever served. In most courts one subpoena is used, if the person cannot be found the subpoena remains active until the person to whom it is directed is located……If the action which generated the subpoena is adjudicated or terminated before the subpoena is served the subpoena becomes moot. There seems to be an awful lot of unanswered questions regarding Ms. Ratner. SOMEBODY SAYING THAT “6 SUBPOENAS WERE ISSUED” IS IN AND OF ITSELF A CAUSE FOR SUSPICION. I AM FAMILIAR WITH THE PROCEDURE IN OBTAINING A SUBPOENA. USUALLY ONLY ONE IS ORDERED BY THE COURT. THERE MIGHT BE MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS TO SERVE IT, BUT THAT IS ANOTHER ISSUE. USUALLY SUBPOENAS ARE SERVED BY THE SHERIFF, OR A LEGAL DEPUTY. FOR A COURT TO GENERATE 6 SUBPOENAS IS VERY UNUSUAL. PERHAPS EVEN CAUSE FOR INVESTIGATION OF LEGAL VALIDITY.

  4. CW…….
    ……… seems to me that the absolute last thing the BASTARDS who are pulling the strings want is for Ms. Ratner to spill her guts in sworn deposition, or in the courtroom. If she knows all that she is alleged to know about Julian Assange, her testimony could take down a number of SLIMY, SEATED UPPER ECHELON POLITICIANS. REAL SOBs. They will kill if necessary to protect themselves, and/or their friends.

  5. CW……..
    ………..there is what appears to be a lot of smoke, and fog, rising from a lot of what I have read. Frankly I believe that the parents of Seth Rich know MUCH MORE about the entire story, than they are telling. If they told what they know a contract would more than likely immediately go out on both of them…….maybe it would even include Seth’s brother as well. I believe that Seth’s parents will try ANYTHING to keep what they know OUT OF COURT. They were, and so far as I know still are members of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. membership implies that they WILL keep their mouths shut, or the same thing will happen to them as did to their son.

  6. AND, ………
    ……….it is time for somebody to do like Rudy Giuliani done when he was taking down the NY MAFIA BASTARDS. He simultaneously took steps to put (informational wire nooses) so to speak around the scrotums of several NY judges who were in the MAFIA’S HIP POCKET. He then told them if they tried to block him the nooses would immediately draw tight. NEED I SAY MORE? In each case he had devastating information against the judges. It required a WOP to take down some WOPS. I salute Rudy Giuliani. He done what no NY mayor before him had the stones, or intelligence to do.

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