Obama corrupts US Justice Department Chicago style, Tony West promotion classic Obama pay to play, West and USDOJ complicit with Obama hiding records and eligibility

Obama corrupts US Justice Department Chicago style, Tony West promotion classic Obama pay to play, West and USDOJ complicit with Obama hiding records and eligibility

“Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune July 30, 2008

“Why were attorneys and law firms the largest contributing industry to the Obama campaign in 2008?”…Citizen Wells

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, including Tony West, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

You were warned.

Beginning in 2008, and especially with the revelations from the Tony Rezko trial, you were warned that Obama would bring his Chicago Pay to Play Politics to Washington, DC.

It has happened. In one of the worst possible places.

The US Justice Department.

One of the latest and best examples is the promotion of Tony West in the USDOJ.

First, a little background on Tony West.

From CNN November 12, 2008.

“Tony West – Friend of Barack Obama – Part One”

“But West is also known as a friend of President-Elect Barack Obama. West met Obama in 2004 and offered to help him should he elect to run for President. When Obama did, he called West and thus began West’s role as Chair of the fundraising committee for Northern California. It also started a round of basketball between the two that’s gone well enough for Obama to give West a pair of his shoes to wear for games.”


From the Washington Post.

“Pundits speculated that Derek Anthony “Tony” West’s political career ended when he took on “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh as a client. He was a successful lawyer, working as a partner at the San Francisco firm of Morrison & Foerster, and he had lost two difficult campaigns in the previous four years.

But West didn’t have to be elected to become President Barack Obama’s assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Division – just confirmed by the Senate. He now heads the DOJ office charged with defending the federal government in litigation. West has made a career out of handling complex legal issues in criminal and civil trials as well as during negotiations.

West, who is a part of a power family in California, has known Obama since 2004, and he was a top fundraiser for Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. He was finance co-chair of Obama’s California campaign, where the then-senator raised a record total of $65 million.

Now, West is the lead attorney on the federal lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law, which allows law enforcement officials to question anyone they reasonably suspect of being illegal immigrants.”


From Citizen Wells March 12, 2012.

“A former Justice Department attorney who blew the whistle on his
department’s policies is now questioning the promotion of a former defense
attorney for an American terrorist to the No. 3 spot at the Justice
Department — specifically charged with crafting U.S. policy on Guantanamo

J. Christian Adams, once an elections lawyer who accused the Justice
Department of racial bias in its decision to not prosecute a voter
intimidation case involving the New Black Panther Party, said Tony West’s
promotion from assistant attorney general for the Civil Division to acting
associate attorney general is one more step toward letting radicals run the
Justice Department.”
“”Tony West took on, and his firm, took some of the most radical causes for
America’s enemies before coming to the Justice Department,” he said.
“When he took on the representation of John Walker Lindh, even after the
sentencing, he was out shilling for him. He said things like … ‘I think
he’ll have a lot to offer after he gets out of jail.’ I mean, what is he
going to have to offer after when he gets out of jail? How to endear
yourself to prominent Democrat lawyers? I mean there’s no reason to be
talking like that.””


Consider the following timeline.

  • Beginning in January 2009, when Obama took control of the White House and Justice Department, he began using USDOJ attorneys, at taxpayer expense, to prevent his birth, college and other records from being released. Prior to then Obama used Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie to keep his records hidden. Tony West is one of those USDOJ attorneys. See list below.
  • On January 21, 2009 retired Naval Commander Charles Kerchner, represented by attorney Mario Appuzo, filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama challenging his eligibility for the presidency. “Obama has sealed most of his important documents that would shed light on his true identity and the main stream media has not challenged him as to why he did so.”
  • The case was subsequently appealed. A response was given by USDOJ attorneys on March 8, 2010. Tony West was listed at the top of the list. “Plaintiffs’
    alleged grievances regarding President Obama’s constitutional
    qualifications reflect a generalized interest in the proper
    administration of the law “shared by all the American people,”
    App. 10, not a concrete injury particular to plaintiffs. The
    Supreme Court has repeatedly held that Article III standing may
    not be predicated on such injury. Plaintiffs’ attempts to
    aggrandize their harms, based on oaths they have taken to support
    to the Constitution, their heightened interest in constitutional
    principles, or the possibility of future military service, fail.”
  • Tony West appeared before the House Judiciary committee on June 24, 2010. “One of this Subcommittee’s duties and obligations is to oversee the activities of the various components of the Department of Justice over which the Subcommittee has jurisdiction.” “I thank Assistant Attorney General Tony West of California and points west, the head of the Civil Division, for appearing before us today and to report on the division’s recent activities.” As you can already see, this is like questioning the fox on recent activity in the hen house.
  • Mr. West made a number of statements that you will find interesting:”Since assuming this position in April 2009, I have focused on three main priorities for the Civil Division: Protecting the American people, protecting taxpayer dollars, and protecting the Nation’s consumers.””The Civil Division is vigorously defending the Affordable Care Act health care reform statute against multiple lawsuits brought on constitutional and other grounds.””The President has pledged to make this Administration the most open and transparent in history, and the department is doing its part to make that pledge a reality.”  Read more below.
  • On September 20, 2012 Obama nominated Tony West to be the full time number 3 position in the USDOJ.

Anybody see a problem here? A conflict of interest!

Chicago Pay to Play Politics.

Obama’s use of Tony West, a friend and fundraiser, to assist him, in cooperation with other USDOJ attorneys, in eligibility lawsuits and in keeping his records hidden, is a clear conflict of interest. This was further exacerbated by West representing the USDOJ before the House Judiciary Committee on June 24, 2010. Obama’s nomination of Tony West to a full time position as the number 3 position in the USDOJ is a clear case of Obama’s continued Chicago pay to play politics of reward your crony, put them in a power position and use them to protect and further your agenda.

Our checks and balances have been destroyed by the Obama camp. We no longer have a viable US Justice Department. Congress and the Judiciary Committee have failed to do their job and we have the most corrupt person ever to occupy the White House.

We cannot immediately remove members of congress or the Judiciary Committee, but we can contact them, voice our disgust and let them know that history will not view them kindly. The members of the Judiciary Committee can be found in the document below.


USDOJ attorneys complicit with Obama.

“Here is a list of some of the US Justice Department attorneys who have assisted Obama in keeping his records hidden. Their representation of Obama is a matter of public record. This list does not include the support staffs.

Eric Fleisig-Greene

Elizabeth A. Pascal

Neal Kumar Katyal Acting Solicitor General

R. CraiG Lawrence

Mark B. Stern

Andre Birotte Jr.

Leon W. Weidman

David A. Dejute

Roger E. West

George S. Cardona

Tony West

Paul J. Fishman”


Tony West USDOJ attorneys response to CDR Charles Kerchner, Mario Appuzo appeal of Obama eligibility challenge March 8, 2010.

Tony West appearance before House Judiciary hearing.

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  1. Good Morning CW, et. al. – Comprehensive reporting as always!

  2. Good morning Zach, et al.

  3. Wow a very through article. Thanks 🙂

  4. Andy Garcia moved up a bunch of notches in my book.

  5. Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened
    Like This Page · 56 minutes ago

    A few good people in Hollywood have retained their sanity. ANDY GARCIA, Steps Up, and and Stands Down Obama.-Via Mindy Beyer

    From actor Andy Garcia….. “After watching Mr. Romney on 60 Minutes I was reminded there is nothing to discuss. Mr.Romney is the right man for the job and we are very lucky to have him applying for it, it’s actually a luxury. Mr. Obama doesn’t even come close as he is noth
    ing but an old used and boring joke. Actually Mr. Obama is very lucky he is not sent to jail for treason.” “Actually, is very easy to understand the fact why Mr. Obama doesn’t understand the USA or the West has enemies, a sad but true fact -proven through the last two Millennium – who want us subjugated or dead (not so much because he is dysfunctional, ignorant or stupid…) it’s because HE is the enemy.” “Obama’s record isn’t just “not good.” It’s atrocious, and his foreign policy misadventures are the epitome of incompetence. Even so, we must confront the reality that most voters won’t take the time to familiarize themselves with the facts. Therefore, it’s our job to tell them, and hopefully we can persuade some of them or even most of them to look at Obama’s record objectively. If they do, they will conclude that what Donald Trump and many others have said about him is true: “President Obama is the worst president in this country’s history.”


  6. The justice system and our government have been infiltrated by enemies of our Constitution.

    Bring back McCarthy, and route these bastards out!

  7. Amen Zach!

  8. I sent out this email to many this morning.

    Here is a comment beneath the article…..This guy is good.
    joedoakes202 Top Commentor 11 hours ago in reply to GodProtectAmerica
    Keep sticking it to ’em . . .
    🙂 . . .September 24, 2010
    Dear Liberal Hack Journalists and Liberal Democrats:
    If you think a story about a politician fornicating with anything up to and including a dead farm animal is going to change our vote come November 6, 2012 – your delusional. This time it’s personal, its not business anymore, we want a political liberal bloodbath. We want you liberals run out of Washington on a high speed rail that the taxpayers paid for at light speed, then we want to blow up the tracks so you’s can’t come back – ever. In fact, if we could reroute that train to the bridge to nowhere and drop the bridge, we would.

    Thus, print your lies, repeat your falsehoods, personally attack our pundits, it doesn’t matter anymore – you’ve made this personal and we’re pissed, and you will politically pay a dear price for your crimes against the citizens of this country. We are confident that we can get this new crop of representatives to serve our interest, the American citizens interests, and not your pinko-commie interest. We know we’ve got work to do, but it is you, and your asinine laws, regulation, and taxes, that are stopping it from happening, and you hacks in the left wing media sticking us with this will not matter in the least.

    I, Joe Doakes, pronounce you guilty, and on November 6, 2012 I will be voting straight Republican, sentence to be carried out in January 2013.



    Anyone still thinking about not voting, or write-in voting for someone else
    because Romney/Ryan is not your first choice?
    If so, please send us a utility bill with your name and address on it,
    mix up a batch of special Kool-Aid, and drink it down on Nov 5.
    We’ll find someone to vote for you.
    We promise.

  9. CW,
    I skimmed over this post the other day, and just now went back over and
    got the full meaning and impact.
    I salute you ,sir.
    Excellent, excellent work.


    I will send it out and encourage all to read in detail.

  10. I just got this email reply from Liberty Legal Foundation concerning
    the US Supreme Court’s decision on whether to hear the Georgia
    Ballot challenge appeal.
    I don’t believe they have posted a decision yet. As soon as they do, we will send it out by email.
    From: Vic@mail.com]
    Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 11:49 PM
    To: help@libertylegalfoundation.org
    Subject: Where are the results of that US Supreme Court hearing

    If I’m finding nothing does that mean there is nothing?

  11. Thanks NBC.

  12. If anyone noticed the “From” email address above and gives a pop,
    that’s not accurate. I altered it.

  13. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Did anyone watch the speech Romney gave at the Clinton Global Iniative in NYC today. He gave a wonderful and standing ovation speech about the enterprise system without using any TOTUS.
    Obama is now giving his speech at the CGI and his IS using his TOTUS.
    There will be no TOTUS during the debates!!

  14. Like it matters, but….
    Madonna: Vote for the ‘Black Muslim in the White House’


    On the heels of , today we have an odd “real” celebrity endorsement: at her D.C. stop on her MDNA Tour, Madonna told fans on Monday night to vote for “the Black Muslim in the White House” who’s “fighting for gay rights.” Here’s footage of Madonna’s “endorsement” (her Obama comments comes around the 1:50 mark)

  15. Lawsuit filed to remove Obama from Mississippi ballot


    JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – California lawyer Orley Taitz has brought her national campaign to disqualify President Barack Obama in the November election to Mississippi.

    Monday, Taitz was in U.S. District Court in Jackson for a hearing before Judge Henry Wingate.

    Taitz claims Obama should be disqualified because his birth certificate is a fake, and he is using a fake Social Security Number.

    The hearing included a teleconference with attorneys representing the Democratic Party, who filed a motion to dismiss the suit.

    Judge Wingate gave Taitz three weeks to serve President Obama, Representative Nancy Pelosi and three Hawaiian officials.

    The judge will set a hearing at a later date and allow Taitz to serve President Obama with papers to get him to respond to the suit.

    Taitz has filed suits against the President in multiple states, but so far, no judge has heard her case.

  16. Above comment…..I really doubt if Obama and company (including HI officials) will be able to be served properly in three weeks. There will be all kinds of barriers put up.

  17. Has Patrick Fitzgerald changed his plans after being exposed as the source of the Blago leaks ? Michael Sneed, the same tool Blago used to float stories.

    Fitzgerald headed to prestigious law firm?

  18. West Says His U.N. Message To Islamists Would Have Been: “The Angel Of Death In The Form Of An American Bald Eagle Will Visit You And Wreak Havoc Upon Your Existence”…

    West Says His U.N. Message To Islamists Would Have Been: “The Angel Of Death In The Form Of An American Bald Eagle Will Visit You And Wreak Havoc Upon Your Existence”…

    In his speech today to the United Nations, President Obama stated six times that the attacks across the Islamic world are attributed to a silly video. Furthermore, he refused to use the words terrorist attack in referring to what occurred in Benghazi Libya at our US Consulate on the 11th anniversary of 9-11. He continues to offer up apologies instead of defending our hard earned First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. There is no message to this silly video trailer, and it is beneath the dignity and esteem of the Office of the President of the United States to mention it at all. When tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. I shall not be tolerant of the intolerant. I know about the UN Resolution 1618 which would make any statement deemed by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) “offensive’ to Islam a crime…..NOT ON MY WATCH FELLAS!

    My statement to the United Nations would have been, “The future does not belong to those who attack our Embassies and Consulates and kill our Ambassadors. The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence”

  19. Reminder, Patrick Fitzgerald was inline to takeover the director spot at FBI from Robert Mueller, and Fitzgerald scoffed at the idea of going to a law firm when his retirement from the DoJ was announced. Why the change ?

  20. Whistleblower; because he didn’t quit he was fired…

  21. Bessie
    What makes you think he was fired ?

  22. The Andrew Garcia facebook blurb is no longer up – it’s been taken down……??? Very odd!

  23. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Andres-Arturo-Garcia-Andy-Garcia/205026212853402

    Andres Arturo Garcia (Andy Garcia) shared Andy Garcia’sphoto.
    21 hours ago
    After watching Mr. Romney on 60 Minutes I was reminded there is nothing to discuss. Mr.Romney is the right man for the job and we are very lucky to have him applying for it, it’s actually a luxury. Mr. Obama doesn’t even come close as he is nothing but an old used and boring joke. Actually Mr. Obama is very lucky he is not sent to jail for treason.

  24. Latest interview with Mike Zullo….nice summary:

    [audio src="http://americanfreepress.net/podcast/MikeZulloBirthCertificate128.mp3" /]

  25. ‘Appalled’ school cafeteria employee: ‘Seconds’ banned; extra food thrown away


    By Ben Velderman

  26. Whistleblower; Just a thought…he “stepped down” awful sudden like with no job or thought to his future…Who does that? He messed up terribly with Mahru, Frawley and that entire crew…Did he quit out of disgust for this administration or was he fired/gently asked to find employment else where?

  27. Another eligibility challenge with Mario Apuzzo

    Eligibility challenge arises in Electoral College
    GOP elector demands candidates show birth certificate

    Grinols’ goal is to establish a standard in the Electoral College that each candidate for the presidency and vice presidency present to duly nominated electors of their parties an official long-form birth certificate to demonstrate that the candidates are qualified as natural born citizens, according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.
    He essentially wants each of the 535 electors to get a authentic birth cert
    from each candidate.

  28. Bessie
    I believe it was a smart time to step down. He could not hang around as the criminals went free, according to plan. (Probation for Mahru and Loren being the most recient)

    I believe Fitz is in very good standing with this administration and his buddy James Comey is at Covington Burling (Holders law firm)

  29. Madonna says:


    Madonna is half right.

    We have a half black Muslim in the White House.

  30. Whistleblower; Fitz definately gave him his full cooperation and in exchange compromised his own integrity…Once he agreed to cooperate he may have thought he was in control of his destiny having ample evidence against them but instead he became an accomplice, equally if not more culpable.

  31. Whistleblower; one of the most pathetic aspects of this story is that everyone thinks he’s Elliot Ness, pure as the driven snow a superman crime fighter…What a joke!

  32. Bessie
    Fitz came to Illinois under false pretenses and with a purpose other than fighting corruption. It was all smoke and mirrors from day one. Things did not go entirely as scripted otherwise Fitz would be FBI director. Remember, they had him on top of short list before asking for an extension for Mueller.
    Something went wrong and they had to change the plan.

    The following paragraph contained in a recent Ulsterman piece says it all

    “WHI:  F-ck you – we all did.  You don’t…no need to remind me what I done.
    …And if there was a Republican Party with just a little more balls…this thing woulda been wrapped up by now.  Holder been gone and gone a long time ago.  And back to Chicago with it.  They got that – they know the deal there.  Investigate that DOJ – investigate those wire taps.  Investigate that prosecutor.  The guys dyin’.  Thing I told you about Vegas…how long ago?  Here’s the deal – it’s all f-cking there.  One by one by one…it’s a hell of a mess but if they had the nuts to go after it…they could get it done.  Media would have to take it on.””

    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ” Barack Obama – The Butcher of Benghazi.”

  33. E. W. Jackson: EXODUS NOW! Blacks, Christians, Godly must leave the Democrat Party!

  34. WB; Fitz was in Chicago for 2 months when Daley tore into Miegs Field and did NOTHING…

  35. Appalled’ school cafeteria employee: ‘Seconds’ banned; extra food thrown away per The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act

  36. Bessie
    The list of crimes Fitz witnessed only to do nothing is long. The one that stands out as most despicable to me, the killing of David Koschman by a Daley nephew.

    Lord Monckton crunches numbers on ‘mistakes’ in White House birth certificate


    Here is a suggestion that Lord Monckton offered:

    “Here is what you can do about it. Write by Return Receipt Requested to the head of the Secret Service and demand an investigation into the forged ‘birth certificate.’ When you get no reply, write again by Return Receipt Requested giving the Secret Service two weeks to reply.”
    “When you still get no reply, apply to your federal district court for judicial review of the administrative decision of the Secret Service to refuse to do its job. It has a specific remit to investigate the authenticity of identification documents,” he explained.”
    “The courts cannot legitimately deny standing to any citizen seeking an order to tell the Secret Service to get on with its work rather than sullenly crossing the street, looking the other way, shutting its eyes, blocking its ears and singing ‘la-la-la’ in a hysterical monotone.”
    My personal opinion is that the above would not go anywhere. The federal courts are muzzled and they would just ignore U.S. citizens as they have been doing right along. It wouldn’t hurt to try, however.

  38. Interesting “prophetic” interview re: America and the world:

    Tuesday, Sept. 25


  39. Whose Side is Barack Obama on?
    The three minute video that could bring him down if enough folks see it.



    “Vernon Jarrett was close friend of communist Frank Marshall Davis”

    by Jerome R. Corsi

    “Rezko and his many Arab-American partners funded Obama’s political campaigns, his state Senate races, his failed congressional race and his U.S. Senate campaign,” Gilbert explained. “It appears Obama’s academic career funders handed him off to Rezko’s Arab network to advance Obama’s political career. To what ends?”

    Gilbert wondered if financial indebtedness to the Saudis might explain why Obama was so deferential as to bow to the Saudi king upon meeting him for the first time, at the G20 meeting in London in 2009.

    “What did the Arab funders expect in return from Obama in return for the academic and political funding?” Gilbert asked.

    “Is Barack Obama and the United States itself subject to blackmail, revealing the source of his academic funding, from those Arab funders if he does not follow their wishes?”

    Gilbert continued speculating.

    “Does the Jarrett-Al-Monsour connection dating from the time Obama went to Harvard explain why Obama has conducted an open-door policy for the Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate the White House, the State Department and even the U.S. military? How about Obama’s hostility toward Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu? Maybe the roots there go back to 1979 as well.”

    WND reported the testimony of Allen Hulton, a U.S. Postal Service carrier who delivered mail to the home of Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers’ parents in suburban Chicago. Hulton says he was told by Mrs. Ayers that she and her husband helped finance Obama’s education at Harvard Law School.

    “One thing is certain,” Gilbert concluded. “Obama comes out of a nexus of people in Chicago that includes not only Frank Marshall Davis and Vernon Jarrett but also Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett and the Bill Ayers family.”

    He said the 1979 article “strongly suggests Obama used all of these connections to advance himself politically, and none of these connections were accidental.”

    Read The Entire Article Here:


    Comments Under This Article:

    “chrisfarrell2012 said:

    ===> Please listen to my questioning Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) about the criminal usurper illegally occupying the Oval Office and the oath he took to defend the Constitution on the podcast of the New Orleans radio talk-show ‘Ringside Politics with a Punch’ – WGSO 990 AM – hosted by former head of the Republican Party in the state of Louisiana Jeff Crouere. My call is answered on today’s show, 9/25/2012, shortly following the commercial break at the 3 hour and 18 minute mark.

    ===> Our representatives know that Obama is an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya and they are clinging to the hope that they can sweep their catastrophic failure with the responsibility ‘We the People’ have entrusted them with under the rug and smooth over the most horrendous crime committed against the American people in our country’s history by electing Romney.

    ===> They refuse to honor their oath. Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, now Dr. Terrence Lakin, took his oath seriously and stood in defense of the Constitution. What about you?”

    * * *

    “MrLawless Antipc said:

    Listened to it Chris.. good listen, glad people like you stay on these guys. Here is link so everyone else can listen.

    Listen Here:

    “Ringside Politics Sept 25, 2012”

    “Archive: Sept. 25, 2012”

    At the 3 hour 18 minute mark:


  41. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC | September 25, 2012 at 5:57 pm |
    Madonna says:


    Madonna is half right.

    We have a half black Muslim in the White House.

    WRONG – We have a white Muslim in the White House.

    The mother determines the race.

  42. haha you are right Mr. Bill….

    I was just trying to be politically correct….

  43. WB: that was deffinately up there and there are probably many we don’t know about…Think about what it must be like to be a Chicago cop under Daley or for that matter Emanuel, there are unspoken lines you don’t cross and if you do there are serious repercussions…Which also applies to the states attorney’s office and the judges chambers…Daley never had to make a call or lift a finger for this protection that’s why they cant trace it back to him…BUT I disagree with you on it being the worst, in my humble opinion it was him protecting and keeping the secrets of Barack H. Obama…If Fitz would have been on the ‘up n up’? we would not have a communist, criminal, ego maniac in the White House …

  44. Savage: ‘Spineless’ Obama ‘crawled’ before U.N.
    Accuses president of trying to appease ‘Third World gangsters’


    (Well, true, but I say to Savage….then, use the evidence gathered by “Birthers” and Sheriff Joe to do something other than just rant….Oh, forgot….you’re a coward too)

    With his Middle East policy imploding, Barack Obama “crawled” before “anti-American jackals” at the United Nations General Assembly today to apologize for a film that insulted Islam, said talk radio host Michael Savage.

    “We have the most spineless, dangerous president in American history,” Savage told his “Savage Nation” listeners.

    He expressed disgust for Obama giving deference to an audience that includes “Third World gangsters who sit there in their silk suits enjoying the 25 percent we the American taxpayer pay to keep them in their silk suits and their prostitutes on the Upper East Side.”

    Notably, he said, the audience included the “Hitler of our time,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel’s destruction.

    The Obama administration has blamed the attack on the anniversary of 9/11 that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya on rioting provoked by a bizarre anti-Islam trailer posted on YouTube.com, despite evidence of a coordinated attack by jihadists tied to al-Qaida.

    “Our president begs them to forgive him for the video, when it wasn’t the video that caused it,” Savage said of Obama’s speech today.

    Obama told the General Assembly he has “made it clear that the American government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity as an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well.”

    “I’m ready to throw up,” Savage said after playing a clip of Obama’s statement.

    “Obama goes before the U.N. like a child and talks about a video? Uses the video to cover for his foreign policy disaster?”

    Savage said Obama, who he called a narcissist, can’t ever admit he made a mistake, including his misjudgment of the so-called Arab Spring revolutions across the Middle East.

    Obama thought that by appeasing the Muslim world, Savage said, “they would love him.”

    “Instead, they killed our ambassador, and he’s done nothing about it, except crawl on his hands and knees.”

    The attack that killed Stevens and three American diplomatic staffers, Savage said, was an act of war requiring a military response.

    “Any other president would have launched missiles at their training camps,” he said, noting the Libyans have indicated they know who is responsible.

    Mahmoud in love

    Continuing with the theme of servility, Savage turned to CNN host Piers Morgan’s interview last night with Ahmadinejad.

    Amid concern about the issue on everyone’s mind – Ahmadinejad’s repeated threat to destroy the nation of Israel – Morgan asked: “How many times in your life, Mr. President, have you been properly in love?”

    “I’m in love with all of humanity,” Ahmadinejad replied through a translator. “I love all human beings.”

    Morgan laughed, commenting: “That’s probably the best answer I’ve had to that question.”

    Savage didn’t hide his revulsion.

    “Shame on the stockholders of CNN,” Savage said, noting Ahmadinejad gave his speech in the city with the largest population of Jews outside of Israel.

    Later, Savage wondered what it might be like if Morgan had interviewed Adolf Hitler: “Instead of asking about the box cars, the genocide that we hear that is going on in the death camps, Morgan says, ‘Mr. Hitler, when did you decide to become a vegetarian? Mr. Hitler, what is your favorite Bavarian pastry? Mr. Hitler, do you and Eva plan to tie the knot some time in the future?’”

    To further compound the insult, Savage noted, Ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak on the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.

    It’s like saying on Easter Sunday, he said, “I’m going to kill all the Christians.”

  45. Good morning Bessie, et al.

  46. Just FYI: Andy Williams, ‘Moon River’ Singer, Dies at 84


  47. Andy Williams had an amazing voice. Simple amazing. He had the kind of voice that rock stars envied, and he would have been in their company regularly had he not lived such a clean lifestyle. About as far as he would go with that crowd was the Osmonds.

    Anyway, big loss. What a talented singer.

  48. If Lord Monckton was half serious, he would have gotten to the bottom of the rumored Kenyan BC being in a vault somewhere in London.

  49. This is bizarre. University of California-Davis is going to pay out nearly $1 million to 25 persons who were pepper-sprayed during Occupy protests on the campus late last year. This is simply kowtowing to the Occupy movement, nothing more. If it had been a group of pro-life activists arrested on the campus receiving the same treatment from the police, nothing would have been done, In Obama’s world, failing to obey a lawful order to disperse and then being sanctioned for it, is not acceptable. It is the police “acting stupidly.” Yet the officers who did the spraying are not facing criminal charges. From the article: “The UC-Davis police officers who doused the protesters won’t face criminal charges. The Yolo County District Attorney’s office said in a statement last week that there was insufficient evidence to prove the use of force was illegal.”

    So nothing was illegal about the incident, yet UC-Davis is providing a handsome payout to the Occupiers. This is an upside down world folks. Seriously upside down under Obama.


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