Obama lied about birthplace, Hawaii or Kenya, Taxpayer dollars used to hide records, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett believes Obama lied

Obama lied about birthplace, Hawaii or Kenya, Taxpayer dollars used to hide records, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett believes Obama lied

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“At this time, the current major issue is the Solomon Bill, the latest legislation from Congress to obtain compliance to registration. The law requires that
all male students applying for federal financial aid submit proof of registration, or else the government coffers will close. Yale, Wesleyan, and Swathmore
have refused to comply, and plan to offer non-registrants other forms of financial aid. SAM hopes to press Columbia into following suit, though so far
President Sovern and company seem prepared to acquiesce to the bill.”

“Several students have come up to our tables and said that had they known of the ineffectiveness of prosecution, they would not have registered.”…1983 Columbia University article by Barack Obama

“The Solomon Bill, requiring students at Columbia and other colleges to register for the draft and references to Obama being born in Kenya until 2008, explain why Obama did not register for the draft and why Obama’s Selective Service Application was forged.”…Citizen Wells

From WND June 21, 2012.

“The chief elections officer in the state of Arizona, who ignited a firestorm of outraged Democrat reaction when he answered a hypothetical question regarding Barack Obama and the 2012 presidential election ballot, has told a meeting of Republicans that he believes Obama might have lied about his birth being in Kenya in order to gain status in the American college system.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett recently addressed a meeting of state Republicans and discussed the heat that was generated when he responded to a hypothetical question that Obama could be kept off the 2012 election ballot if his claim of a birth in Hawaii could not be verified.

He joked about touching the “third rail” with the comment.

Bennett formally inquired of Hawaii for verification of Obama’s birth records there, and when he received a statement from state officials announced his inquiry was closed.

In the address, he said he believes Obama was born in Hawaii, but suggested that all is not truthful and straightforward in the Obama camp.

“I actually think he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college,” Bennett said.

Obama entered higher education in the U.S. at Occidental College. He later was at Columbia and Harvard. It was the Occidental records that were subpoenaed during one of the multitude of court challenges to his occupancy of the Oval Office, and Obama promptly dispatched his attorneys to shut down the effort to see his documentation.

At issue is his status as a “natural born citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution. Some allege he wasn’t born in Hawaii as he says, so he wouldn’t hold that special status. Others allege it makes no difference, as the Founders would have required two citizen parents for their offspring to be a “natural born citizen” and Obama’s father was never more than a Kenyan student studying in America.

There are numerous challenges that have developed now trying to keep Obama’s name off the 2012 presidential election ballot on the grounds that he is not, in fact qualified as a “natural born citizen.”

Bennett said in his opinion the case is “closed” but he realizes other people remain skeptical.

“As to whether the president was born in Hawaii, personally I believe he was,” he said. “I actually think he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college.”

He noted “weird stuff” that happened back in those days, including a biography by a potential book publisher that specifically cited Obama’s Kenyan birth.

“I think he has spent $1.5 to $2 million through attorneys to have all the college records and all that stuff sealed,” Bennett said. “So if you’re spending money to seal something, that’s probably where the hanky panky was going on.””

Read more:


From CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) May 18, 2012.
“Not only are there pre-2007 U.S. accounts that Obama was born in Kenya, but pre-2007 African newspaper accounts too. Are newspapers on two continents published over many, many years all wrong? Common sense tells us that Obama is a fraud:


College admission records will likely show he attended as a foreign born student. That is why Obama is hiding his college records. Obama likely never registered for the draft since he was a foreign student and did not have to. Thus the need in 2008 to forge and back date a draft registration card. Hawaiian laws allowed children born abroad to a Hawaiian citizen to be registered as born in Hawaii. Obama could have been physically born in Kenya and yet registered by the maternal grandmother in Hawaii as born there which would trigger the standardized newspaper birth registration accounts in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961. With no Hawaiian hospital generated birth registration documents, or other contemporaneous records of his physical place of birth except in Kenya, there was the need to forge the short-form birth document in June 2008 and the long-form birth certificate PDF file put on the White House servers in April 2011 to backup his concocted life narrative.

Was Obama lying about his physical place of birth then or is he lying now? Either way he’s a liar. He’s also a felony draft registration evader, government document forger, and identity thief using someone else’s CT Social Security Number.”


Obama 1983 Columbia University Sundial article, Debbie Schlussel investigation of fraudulent Obama selective service application and Obama employing numerous private and government attorneys to hide his records may explain why Obama stated he was born in Kenya.

Citizen Wells May 28, 2012.



25 responses to “Obama lied about birthplace, Hawaii or Kenya, Taxpayer dollars used to hide records, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett believes Obama lied

  1. Arizona Patriot

    Bennett seems to be just another traitor making excuses for the Usurper.

  2. Bennett seems to be trying to save face after accepting a legally inconclusive and uncertified letter of verification from Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D., HI state registrar. In a Tennessee ballot challenge, the Tennessee Democrat Party simply punted on trying to establish Obama’s eligibility, probably because they know they can’t prove it.

    ““Defendants assert that the Tennessee Democratic Party has the right to nominate whoever it chooses to run as a candidate, including someone who is not qualified for the office.”

  3. Video Evidence Obama knew about Gun Walking in March, 2009!

    This is looking like more and more cause for impeachment! NO WONDER Obama took Executive Privilege over the evidence as it seems IT DIRECTLY POINTS TO HIM!!


    Obama knew about Gun Walking in March, 2009

  4. Why the House Must Impeach President Obama

    Why the House Must Impeach President Obama
    In America today just like in Lake Woebegone every child is above average and every child gets a trophy. We may score low in international grade comparisons but we rank number one in self-esteem. In other words American students may not be doing well but they think they are. Those of us old enough to remember how Dad could control the situation with a look and when you got in trouble in school your parents didn’t sue or contact the School Board you got in trouble at home too are also old enough to remember Watergate.


  5. truefreedom

    “As to whether the president was born in Hawaii, personally I believe he was,” he said.

    Ken doesn’t get it. It’s not about what he personally thinks – it’s about getting to and knowing what is the truth of the matter.

  6. It’s interesting that Ken says he “believes” Obama was born in Hawaii. Notice that even after getting a spiffy letter of verification he doesn’t say he “knows” that Obama was born in Hawaii or that it was proved Obama was born in Hawaii.

  7. Published: May 25, 2012

    Jerome Corsi:


    ““To begin with, it was no surprise to me that Bennett buckled to political pressure,” Zullo said.

    “I knew when I met with Mr. Bennett last week in Phoenix, before we left for Hawaii, that he was desperately trying to get out of the political corner he had painted himself into.”

    Zullo explained to WND that immediately following his meeting with Bennett, he returned to MCSO headquarters and briefed Arpaio.

    “I told the sheriff that I suspected Bennett would reach over backwards in a desperate attempt to get some form of document from the Hawaii Health Department in written form, so he could managed to come out of the political problem he had created for himself,” Zullo said.

    Zullo told WND that his purpose in requesting the meeting with Bennett was to share with the Arizona secretary of state recent developments in the MCSO law enforcement investigation into Obama’s birth.

    “I was shocked to find out Bennett knew virtually nothing about our investigation – only what he read in the newspapers,” Zullo said.

    He added that Bennett did not appear interested in understanding the serious information the investigation had developed.

    “When I tried to bring him up to speed, it became apparent the 20 minutes remaining in the meeting was not going to be enough time to explain even the key points of the investigation,” Zullo said.

    “I felt Bennett was totally ignorant of what I was talking about, and he really didn’t care.””

    “Author Tom Ballantyne Interviews Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lead Obama Investigator Mike Zullo”

    Published on June 14, 2012

  8. Usurper or just a pathological liar (or both?) It doesn’t matter because nothing sticks to The Teflon Don.

  9. So now we have MMMMSSSS. Napolitano saying that DHS must first give the enemy firearms so that the DHS can thenTRACK the arms. Does anybody understand how damn IDIOTIC this sounds ,and IS. What is the need to track a firearm AFTER it is ALREADY in the hands of the enemy. This sort of reasoning is something that a person from an insane asylum might come up with…….and is TOTAL BULLSHI#. If you are supplying arms to a KNOWN ENEMY of the US you are an INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL. Hopefully Mexico will pursue their charges in the WORLD COURT. Over 600 died in Mexico as a result of the firearms supplied by SOETORO,and HOLDER. Time for IMPEACHMENT,PROSECUTION,and PENALTY.

  10. When you supply a firearm to a known murderer,and that person uses the firearm to do MORE murders you have become an ACCESSORY TO MURDER. How many people must die on either side of the border before the criminals who supplied the firearms are brought to justice? There is already PROVEN EVIDENCE that a DEA agent was MURDERED with a WEAPON SUPPLIED to the murderer by SOETORO,AND HOLDER. (PROBABLE CAUSE) Justification to ARREST.

  11. Jack Cashill:

    “Maraniss Bio Deepens Obama Birth Mystery”

    “David Maraniss has no use for “birthers.” In a recent interview, he dismissed their beliefs as “preposterous” and wonders why they cling to them, since “every fact and document leads in another direction.”

    On the subject of the birth, the usually voluble Maraniss is as tight-lipped as he is on the wedding. He reports that Obama was born at 7:24 in the evening of August 4, 1961 at Kapi’olani Hospital. As reference, he cites “State of Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth,” presumably the unverified document posted online last April.

    In the way of confirmation, Maraniss offers only one story — an elaborate one that he takes two pages to tell. It comes down to this: a woman is having lunch shortly after Obama’s birth with an OB/GYN, who tells her, “Stanley had a baby. Now that’s something to write home about.”


  12. MMMMMMMSSSSSSSS. PALITINO is a COMPLETE HORSE’S A$$. Everytime she opens her mouth she verbally CONFIRMS HER STUPIDITY. In reality the security of our borders should have been turned over to the MILITARY………..years ago.

  13. ………….but sadly none of the storytellers can put legal documentation to their TALES OF WIT as it relates to the birth of SOETORO. Until such time that irrifutable proof is found and presented to the world, Soetoro’s birth ground will remain……..a GUESS. NO LEGALLY VALID PROOF, and/or certifiable documentation has YET been FOUND,or supplied. Only forged and otherwise illegally certified documents.This fact in and of itself is proof enough to justify suspicion, and PROBABLE CAUSE. Many courts issue arrest warrants based upon PROBABLE CAUSE, many courts authorise wiretaps based upon probable cause, and many courts authorise around the clock surviellance based upon probable cause. Most of the time the probable cause action leads to arrest and subsequent CONVICTION.

  14. Old Salt; not only did they supply the assault weapons to the Mexican Drug cartels, Brian Terry was issued a “BEAN BAG GUN” to defend himself and his comrads…makes me wan to vomit.

  15. Jay Carney = Propaganda Punk

  16. June 22, 2012
    The Unknown Ayers and Obama Convergence
    By Daren Jonescu

    Long read, but well worth it.


  17. Lawrence Sellin:

    “A Stealth Coup d’État in the United States”

    “Democrat and Republican elected officials continue to block any objective investigation of Barack Obama’s personal history because it would reveal dereliction of duty by most and criminal conspiracy by many.

    The politicians recognize that if the truth was told about the depth of the corruption and the extent of the criminality in the government, the American people would rise up in open rebellion against those who have undermined the Constitution and flouted the rule of law.”


  18. is this real?


    Gee, I wish we would have waited to get married so i can ol’ barry out

  19. that’s help ol’ barry out

  20. hockeyfan530 | June 22, 2012 at 3:02 pm |

    is this real?

    At first glance, it appears real. If so then Barry is in big trouble. The comments are hilarious!

  21. Thanks, hockeyfan. I truly needed a good belly laugh, and the link you gave hit the spot. Some of the comments are priceless.

  22. yo Ken Bennett,

    “fibbing” is fraud under these circumstances.

    children fib, clown. are you an attorney? ever hear of misprison of felony?

    accessorie after the fact?

  23. oldsalt79 | June 22, 2012 at 12:07 pm |

    So now we have MMMMSSSS. Napolitano saying that DHS must first give the enemy firearms so that the DHS can thenTRACK the arms.
    And even better, announcing this strategy on tv; like, the drug cartels don’t have tv???

  24. The real story and plot behind this mess;
    Meanwhile, it appears that the Obama administration with the full cooperation of Eric Holder, used various weapons tracking programs already implemented to inflate the statistics involving guns originating in the U.S. to advance even tougher gun control measures–NOT TO TRACK GUN SMUGGLING SALES to catch drug cartels as divulged by the administraton

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