Blagojevich prosecution continues to protect Obama, Retrial after 2010 elections, Citizen Wells open thread, September 13, 2010

Blagojevich prosecution continues to protect Obama, Retrial after 2010 elections

The delay in prosecuting Rod Blagojevich for his involvement in Chicago and Illinois corruption going back to at least 2003 has largely been ignored or hidden by the mainstream media. Hats off to the Chicago Tribune and Jeff Coen for setting the record straight on the investigation of Blagojevich.

From the Chicago Tribune August 30, 2010.

“The former owner of a Joliet landfill at the center of an infamous spat between then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his alderman father-in-law was hit Monday with federal tax evasion charges.”

“Blagojevich has often sought to blame his legal troubles on the dispute with his father-in-law, Chicago Ald. Richard Mell, 33rd, who helped him become Illinois’ first Democratic governor in a quarter-century. But in reality, it served more as a colorful sidelight to the scandal that would lead to Blagojevich being arrested in 2008 and charged with trying to peddle his powers for personal benefit.

A federal jury this month couldn’t agree on a verdict for nearly two dozen corruption charges against Blagojevich — including trying to sell President Barack Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat — and prosecutors announced they would retry Blagojevich as soon as early 2011. Blagojevich says he is innocent and was targeted by overzealous prosecutors and political enemies.”

The squabbling over the landfill often is mistakenly referenced as touching off the federal investigation that became Operation Board Games and eventually led to a sweeping indictment against Blagojevich and players in his administration.

“Evidence that surfaced during the trials of Blagojevich and fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko showed the investigation was well under way months earlier. Blagojevich appointee Stuart Levine was recorded by federal investigators speaking with Rezko about fixing state board votes early in 2004, and Levine himself was confronted by the FBI in May 2004.”

Read more:,0,1851184.story

From Citizen Wells August 23, 2010.

“If you read the press coverage of this verdict, it is clear that public reaction to the verdict is nearly universal: “One count? That’s it!? Is this a joke?”

No, it’s no joke. And, truthfully, this is the result I expected after the government wrapped up its case. It looked like the prosecution’s case was distorted in order to protect President Obama, Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett. It’s that simple.”
“It looked to me that the trial was turning into a political nightmare for the Obama White House. And this may explain why the prosecution shut their case down a month early.”
“Let’s hope prosecutors get it right this time. I suspect that Eric Holder’s politicized Justice Department interfered with the investigation conducted by the reputedly independent U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.”

From Citizen Wells July 15, 2010

“Patrick Fitzgerald was aware of Blagojevich’s corruption in 2003

“Pamela Meyer Davis had been trying to win approval from a state health planning board for an expansion of Edward Hospital, the facility she runs in a Chicago suburb, but she realized that the only way to prevail was to retain a politically connected construction company and a specific investment house.

Instead of succumbing to those demands, she went to the FBI and U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald in late 2003 and agreed to secretly record conversations about the project.””

Read more:

The arrest of Rod Blagojevich was obviously engineered to occur after the 2008 elections. The first and second trials were obviously engineered to keep the truth about Blagojevich and Obama hidden until at least after the 2010 elections. The US Justice Dept. must be given an enema.

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    Sharon at the postemail has a new article pertaining to the GSA responce to her. This reinforces my sworn Affidavit added to Mr. Chris Strunk FOIA.

    The GSA has Abandoned supporting the U.S. State dept Claims.

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  5. THE GONG SHOW or Further Proof that the CIA is a joke –


    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

    In Barris’s autobiography Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, originally published in 1984, Barris claimed to have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as an assassin in the 1960s and the 1970s. “Obviously, I never went around killing people for the CIA,” he said in 1984. “I was trying to make a point.”[2] But a 2002 feature film version, directed by George Clooney and starring Sam Rockwell, depicts Barris as killing 33 people. Barris wrote the sequel Bad Grass Never Dies in 2004.

    The CIA denies Barris ever worked for them in any capacity. After the release of the movie, CIA spokesman Paul Nowack said Barris’ assertions that he worked for the spy agency “[are] ridiculous. It’s absolutely not true.”[3] In his August 1, 2009 appearance on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” Barris said that he had never conceded that he “was or was not” a CIA assassin. Alluding to his most famous game show, a CIA official said that if Barris believed he had been an assassin, he “must have been standing too close to the gong.”

    Have a nice day.

  6. Aussie | September 13, 2010 at 1:59 am |
    to those who have recognized that there is a possibility of a KGB link, I have some more food for thought:

    Recently (this year) there was a spy scandal. Something like 10 Russian spies were rounded up by the CIA. These spies were small potatoes if you know what I mean. None of them had access to any secrets, and that was not their role. All they had to do was mingle with government people and see what they could learn.

    bo is just one of many marxist traitors.


    “When NBC talked about the last combat troops are gone, they made it sound like everything is basically over,” he said, after escorting a 19-truck convoy through a part of northern Iraq where roadside bombs and mortar attacks are still a danger.

    “To us it was like a slap in the face, because we are still here … we are still going in harm’s way every time we leave out of the gate,” Manuel said at a U.S. military base, Camp Speicher, near Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit.


    Oil disasters and dispersants: The Gulf Oil Spill leaked over 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf waters — and many reports indicate it is still gushing. The BP “clean-up” teams have sprayed up to 36,000 gallons of chemical dispersant in a single day into the Gulf, which is believed to be far more toxic than the oil itself. Although Gulf waters are clearly not used for fresh water, there is evidence that this environmental disaster has already contaminated drinking water and crops along the Gulf Coast and beyond. There was also one of the largest oil spills in Midwest history this past July that went largely unreported nationally — where an estimated 1 million gallons of oil has leaked into major fresh water sources.

  9. Alex Jones calls for Indictment of BHO/BP


    Initial speculation was the explosion may have been caused by an airplane crash but the FAA and the San Francisco International airport has reported that they are not aware of any missing planes or any planes down in the area.

    There is however another possibility, a terrorist attack.

    Shortly after 9/11 utilities and cell phones went down so the Government could capture all electronics transmissions currently on the networks coming from the area.

    Days later those networks were opened and the transmissions forwarded to their original destinations.

    Local Fox News 10 reports that utilities and cell phones have once again been taken offline in the area.

  11. MUST READ GREAT Article:



    “Another victory is that this episode has brought to the public attention the evilness of the Quran. This book is full of violent passages and evil teachings. Mein Kamph in comparison to the Quran is a benign. This episode has brought the discussion of Islam to the forefront. It once again has reminded the world that Islam is not compatible with anything decent or civilized. Islam is of the Devil, as Jones has correctly named his book. The only way to discredit the Quran is to discuss it publicly. And here is our chance.

    Another thing the world leaned about this episode is that Muslims cannot be trusted, that their words, their promises, handshakes and treaties mean nothing.

    Imam Musri met with Pastor Jones and engaging in the Islamic institution of taqiyah deceived him. Jones has said he came away from the meeting with Musri on Thursday with the understanding that the mosque would be moved if he canceled the Quran-burning, with witnesses present. But Musri told the Orlando Sentinel on Friday that promise was never made.

    Highlighting these to the world is of utmost importance. Deceiving the unbelievers is part of the Islamic faith. Muslims are engaged in jihad to spread their faith. Jihad has two dimensions: terror and deception. These two are integral parts of Jihad. Muhammad said, war is deception and victory is through terror.

    This episode brought to the public attention the knowledge that ordinary Muslims are murderers, that they are untrustworthy and deceitful and that their holy book is a manual of terror and violence.

    This is a major victory for those of us in the forefront of the fight against Islamimzation of the world. Islam cannot be demolished through warfare, but it can be through debate. Ignorance is darkness. We cannot destroy darkness with the sword. Darkness will vanquish with light. Knowledge is light and Pastor Jones should be hailed for bringing the subject of Islam to the forefront. Now people all over the world are debating. The subject of debate must be the content of the Quran. The question is not whether it should be burned or not, but whether such a book has any place in a civilized world. ”

    Read This Great Article Here In Full At:

    PLEASE SEND THIS GREAT ARTICLE FAR & WIDE TO EVERYONE TO READ THAT YOU CAN!! This Article Can Wake People Up To The Dangers Of Islam Which Is The Devils’ Terrorist Permanent War Against Humanity.


    This is how empires decline. It begins with a debt explosion. It ends with an inexorable reduction in the resources available for the Army, Navy, and Air Force…

    If the United States doesn’t come up soon with a credible plan to restore the federal budget to balance over the next five to 10 years, the danger is very real that a debt crisis could lead to a major weakening of American power.

    The precedents are certainly there. Habsburg Spain defaulted on all or part of its debt 14 times between 1557 and 1696 and also succumbed to inflation due to a surfeit of New World silver. Prerevolutionary France was spending 62 percent of royal revenue on debt service by 1788. The Ottoman Empire went the same way: interest payments and amortization rose from 15 percent of the budget in 1860 to 50 percent in 1875. And don’t forget the last great English-speaking empire. By the interwar years, interest payments were consuming 44 percent of the British budget, making it intensely difficult to rearm in the face of a new German threat.




    “Also: This is very interesting and we all need to read it from start to
    finish. Maybe this is why our American Muslims are so quiet and not
    speaking out about any atrocities. Can a good Muslim be a good American?

    This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for
    20 years. The following is his reply:

    Theologically — no . . . Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon God
    of Arabia

    Religiously – no… Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah
    except Islam (Quran, 2:256)(Koran)

    Scripturally – no… Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam
    and the Quran.

    Geographically – no… Because his allegiance is to Mecca , to which he
    turns in prayer five times a day.

    Socially – no… Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends
    with Christians or Jews..

    Politically – no…Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders),
    who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America , the great Satan.

    Domestically – no… Because he is instructed to marry four Women and beat
    and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Quran 4:34)

    Intellectually – no… Because he cannot accept the American Constitution
    since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be

    Philosophically – no… Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not
    allow freedom of religion and expression.. Democracy and Islam cannot
    co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

    Spiritually – no… Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’ the
    Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to
    as Heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in The Quran’s 99 excellent names.

    Therefore, after much study and deliberation…perhaps we should be very
    suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. — They obviously cannot
    be both ‘good’ Muslims and good Americans.”

    Continue To Read The Full Article Here:


    The Radical Islamic Muslim Taqiyya Practicing Constant Liar Usurper Barry Soetoro Soebarah Alias Obama Is Daily Constantly Lying To Americans In The Muslim Tactic Of War Called “Taqiyya,” Which Is Daily Constantly Lying To Infidels (Non-Muslims) To Hide And To Conceal The True Goals, True Agenda, True Methods, And The True Objectives Of Islam.

    The True Goals Of Islamic Are For Islamic Muslims & Islam To Conquer, Destroy, Murder, Annihilate, End, & Overthrow ALL Non-Islamic Muslim Governments, Nations, Law & Law Courts, Military, Politics, Education, Businesses, Religions, Finances & Financial Banking, Lifestyles, Cultures, and ALL Non-Islamic Muslim People, And To Force The World-Wide Dominance Of A Total One World Government Rule Of Islam & Sharia Law Over ALL Nations & Over ALL People For A One World ISLAMIC Sharia Law Goverment To Be The Only Ruling Government, Politics, Education, Law & Law Courts, Military, Businesses, Finances & Financial Banking, Culture, Lifestyle, & Religion Allowed On The Earth.

    ISLAM TEACHES 100% ZERO TOLERANCE TO ANY & ALL Other Governments, Politics, Education, Law & Law Courts, Businesses, Finances & Financial Banking, Cultures & Lifestyle, & Religion, That Are NOT ISLAM, And That Are Outside Of Islam!! Wake Up Americans!!


    Quran 76:4 Surely we have prepared for the Disbelievers chains and shackles and a burning fire.

    Quran 48:13 And whoever does not believe in Allah and His Messenger, then surely we have prepared burning fire for the unbelievers.

    Quran 33:64 Surely Allah has cursed the unbelievers and has prepared for them a burning fire,

    3:151: We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve,

    8:12: I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

    2:191: And slay them wherever ye catch them

    2:193: And fight them on until there is no more fitnah (opposition, discord, sedition)

    2:216: Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you?

    3:28: Let not the believers take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah.

    Fusion says:
    September 11, 2010 at 10:25 pm“Cordoba House” changed its name to Park 51 which is odd since the address of the location is 45–47 Park Place.

    Look to the Quran-the book of Islamic conquest, to understand the odd name for this “project.”
    Koran CHAPTER 51, Verses 45-47 explains all:

    51:45 And they were unable to arise, nor could they defend themselves.
    51:46 And [We destroyed] the people of Noah before; indeed, they were a people defiantly disobedient.
    51:47 And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.

    The numbered Quran verses celebrating the Muslim conquests match up to the Park 51: 45-46-47 address.

    Imam Faisel Rauf is a wolf in sheep’s clothing exploiting American freedoms to spread intolerant Sharia Law.



    By Rev. Sam Sewell


    “My reasoning for saying that our best policy is to assume that most Muslims support terrorism, unless there is strong evidence–other than their own testimony–to the contrary, goes like this: Those who support evil behavior, or do not resist evil behavior, share responsibility for the evil acts of others. Bystanders who cheer and bystanders who do not intervene are also guilty of the crime. If you are not FOR us, you are against us. I am not a racist, but my conscience could not be clear unless I am actively resisting racism. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    Ergo, most Muslims support terrorism, unless they are actively resisting terrorism. I am quite aware that most Muslims do not commit acts of terror. But their religion requires them to kill non-Muslims, and their religion requires them to lie about their intentions. I would say that I might trust a Muslim wearing the uniform of our military services, but maybe they enlisted, looking for an opportunity to throw a grenade in their officers’ tent. Our best bet is to put Muslims on probation, and assume their terrorist intentions, until we know for sure where they stand.

    I have disagreed with many people who claim that the Islamic terror problem is caused by small minority of radicals. Their comments usually say something like “99% of Muslims are peaceful law abiding citizens”. It is always uncomfortable to disagree with some one you like and admire, so I did a little research. Research on American Muslims is rare or biased so here are some facts from around the world.

    Read a small sampling of research about those “mostly” peaceful Muslims:

    Have you heard “Young, Unmarried Muslim Males Are the Most Likely to Become Terrorists”?

    No. It is de rigueur (customary) to suggest that young, unmarried, Muslim males are the most likely population to become terrorists, or to support terrorism. But from the perspective of the global supply of terrorists, this claim is false. Consider the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. They are the world’s single largest group of suicide bombers. Their cadres are not Muslim, but Hindu by religion, and nearly 40 percent are female. ”


    “These numbers contradict the claim that we are only dealing with a small minority of Muslims. Today’s Islam is a pathology, and a significant portion of those who practice modern Islam are pathological.

    Let us call for God’s grace to fall on those Muslims and Muslim looking people who are loyal Americans and are helping in the Global War On Terror. I fear for them.”

    Rev. Sam Sewell

    Read The VERY INFORMATIVE & GREAT Article Here:


    # # # #

    The True Goals Of Islam Are For Islamic Muslims & Islam To Literally Conquer, Destroy, Torture, Murder, Kill, Annihilate, Exterminate, Completely End, & Completely Overthrow ALL Non-Islamic Muslim Governments, Nations, Law & Law Courts, Military, Politics, Education, Businesses, Religions, Finances & Financial Banking, Lifestyles, Cultures, and ALL Non-Islamic Muslim People, And To Force The World-Wide Dominance Of A Total One World Government Rule Of Islam & Sharia Law Over ALL Nations & Over ALL People For A One World ISLAMIC Sharia Law Government To Be The Only Ruling Government, Politics, Education, Law & Law Courts, Military, Businesses, Finances & Financial Banking, Culture, Lifestyle, & Religion Allowed On The Earth.

    ISLAM TEACHES 100% ZERO TOLERANCE TO ANY & ALL Other Governments, Politics, Education, Law & Law Courts, Businesses, Finances & Financial Banking, Cultures & Lifestyle, & Religion, That Are NOT ISLAM, And That Are Outside Of Islam!! Wake Up Americans!!

  16. (from prior thread)
    oldsalt79 | September 13, 2010 at 5:17 am |
    Do you suspect like I do that there could even be a certain amount of collusion going on between Beck and the ISLAMIC,Muslims. He says, and I reiterate,”WE must all come together,including our Muslim FRIENDS, if we expect to SURVIVE”. Bringing all religions together is IMPOSSIBLE, but you CAN bring millions of TRULY religious people together.
    Yes, Old Salt, I am very leery of Beck’s direction with respect to Islam, as you state. This may be a wrong opinion, but I feel that the Fox News-Saudi connection has everything to do with that. This warm, fuzzy feeling could end up like a porcupine. We get stuck with the quills of trickery and deception.

  17. Obamas have big partys planned with the two big Communist delgations in the Congress!

  18. I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on tv. Still, this sounds bad. Is this the basis of our standing problem or a whack judgement?

    “But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach of the [U.S.] Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it. The States are the parties to it. And they may complain. .”
    – – -Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. Mayor and Alderman, City of Savannah, 14 Ga. 438, 520 (1854) Supreme Court of Georgia

  19. I received this in an e-mail today:
    Obama defends Burning Bibles, not Korans
    Hypocrisy of pro-Muslim President exposed…

    If we can’t burn a Koran, why’d President Obama defend burning Bibles? With all the phony media outrage after a Florida pastor “nearly” burned a few of his own copies of the Koran last week, I wondered why was the press silent in 2009, when the Obama Administration defended seizing and burning the privately owned Bibles of our own American troops?

    Where was the global Muslim Community’s outrage last month, when ten members of a medical team, including six Americans, were shot and killed by Muslim militants in Afghanistan, because they were “preaching Christianity” and carrying Christian Bibles (which the Muslims burned)?  

    Interestingly, few people know what the Koran teaches:

    1) Muslims should never befriend non-Muslims except when deceiving them:
    “Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security.”  [Qur’an 3:28]

    2) Sharia Law mandates lying [Taqiyya] to promote Islam:  “When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible…and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.”  [Islamic Law on Travelers, 7:46-8:2]

    3) Muslims can and should kill Christians:  “Slay the idolators wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah…” [Surah 9:5]

    4) Polygamy is OK up to four wives:  “marry such women as seem good to you, two, three, four…” [Sura al-Nisa 4:3]

    A new use for some pages of the “holy” Koran?
    5) Husbands can rape and imprison their wives:  “A woman from Khath`am came to [Mohammed] the Prophet of Allah, and asked him, saying, ‘I am not a virgin, and I want to be married off. What is the right of the husband [over the wife]?’  [Mohammed] answered, ‘The right a husband acquires over the wife is that she should not keep herself away from him [even] if they were on the back of a camel and he desired her and tried to take her…if she does so [without his permission], she will be guilty and he will get the reward…If she goes out from his house without his permission, the angels curse her till she comes back to his house or repents.’ ”  [Ihya’ `ulum al-din, 4:747]

    For these demonically inspired teachings of the “holy” Koran, I respectfully suggest we find a new use for those pages. 

  20. Rosemary Woodhouse

    “In his August 1, 2009 appearance on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” Barris said that he had never conceded that he “was or was not” a CIA assassin. Alluding to his most famous game show, a CIA official said that if Barris believed he had been an assassin, he “must have been standing too close to the gong.”

    That must be a typo. They must have meant to write bong.

  21. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Prairie | September 13, 2010 at 11:37 am |


    Yes, very much so. Whether or not this is a binding decision I’m sure FS will “enlighten” us. However, the idea has certainly seeped deeply into the “theology” and “dogma” of the courts.

    As I wrote late last night, it is hard to find anyone among the PTBs who even know what is in the constitution, let alone reads or uses it. Another of the great “theologies” and “dogmas” of the WHOLE SYSTEM is that tradition pretty must trumps everything else. If it has gone on long enough and nobody has formally challenged it, or if the challenges have be rebuked one way or another, the thing is absorbed into the fabric of the nation and is largely considered “constitutional” by default.

    A similar example is the “reign” of Zero. Setting aside eligibility for the moment as too controversial for this example, consider the Vote and Election Fraud. There were numerous KNOWN examples of fraudulent practices DURING the election cycle. Even more definitive proof gelled between election and inauguration. Something COULD have been done about it. But now it is very difficult. There is a nearly two-year “tradition”. How are the PTBs supposed to explain how they all of a sudden had an epiphany – but were too stupid to do something about it before it became a major crisis? That is how political and cultural momentum is achieved. Slowing or stopping such momentum is much like an immovable object (us) trying to stop an irresistible force (them).

    Consider this anecdote. Muchelle was once quoted (perhaps in that elusive API tape?) as saying that they only had to survive the election, after that no one could unseat them. Perhaps there is a large grain of truth in that.

    The problem for us – and that is why I keep trying to explain these things – is to find a compelling argument to get a critical mass of PTBs to do something which seems at extreme odds to their own self interests.

  22. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Cabby – AZ | September 13, 2010 at 11:44 am |

    I received this in an e-mail today:
    Obama defends Burning Bibles, not Korans
    Hypocrisy of pro-Muslim President exposed…


    Also you may have recently seen at the very edges of the MSM coverage – recent examples of Christians being arrested for passing out literature and peacefully standing around with signs at a predominantly Muslim event, but Muslims being allowed total freedom to infiltrate, and be even at least somewhat hostile and annoying, at Christian events.

    Or what about a very recent big brouhaha because someone legitimately bought advertising space and put signs on busses and taxis in a big city that said “Looking to leave Islam? Call this number, we can help.”

    What’s with all that?

  23. LTC Lakin sitrep
    The 10 September 2010 docket for the First Judicial Circuit (Judge Lind’s circuit) does not show a hearing scheduled in LTC Lakin’s case for tomorrow.

    A motions sessions for 28 September 2010 is the next listed event, location TBA.

    Trial is still scheduled for 13 October, for three days, location TBA.

  24. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    A discussion topic to start the new week.

    Have you ever been so deep in a lie that you could not quit? Even if you are more righteous and pure than the rest of us, perhaps you have seen a movie or read a cautionary tale on this topic?

    You can get to a point where either confessing would be instantly fatal or the lie being found out would be fatal. No matter what the odds of being found out – 50/50, 90/10, even 99.99/.01 – the only conceivable course is to continue lying.

    Atom bomb if you quit lying, at least a slim chance of surviving if you continue.

  25. Citizen Carlyle
    I really appreciate your posts and enjoy reading them. I enjoyed your contributions at TD as well during the primaries. Your focus and manner of analysis reminds me a lot of William F. Buckley. It is strange how we have to come to the Net to get any real information and news analysis.

    I enjoy the study of religion. I have read English translations of Hindu, Buddhist, Confuscian, Taoist, Mazdaist, Jewish & Christian scriptures and holy books. I found inspiration in all of them. When it came to the Koran, however, after I got about one-third of the way through, I had to set it down, it gave me such a “bad vibe.” “There must be something lost in translation,” I thought to myself. There was page after page of “He who does ‘such & such,’ Let him be punished in an excrutiating manner.”

    The problem is, I’ve met some wonderful Muslim people. How do we explain good people coming from a bad religion?

    The Muslim convert to Christianity, Mosab Hassan Yousef, gives an explanation in his book, SON OF HAMAS. He says the people are better than their religion. But then, on the other hand, they are bound by it.

    Yousef has a website by the same name:
    His book is very interesting and informative. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it.

    The Muslims, I believe, are in spiritual bondage. The real God blesses them in spite of themselves as He does all people. Their sufferings and the harshness of their conditions in the Third World give them character.

    The Bible says Ishmael would become a great people, but “his hand would be against every man and every man’s hand against him.” The Covenant of Abraham would come through Isaac, not Ishmael.

    For what it is worth, the word ANTICHRIST goes through Mohammed’s name and through Obama’s name at the same skip in the Bible Code. If anyone wants the particulars, I would be happy to supply them. I am a long time student of the code as well as former cryptologist for the US military.

    The Bible definitely comes from a Supernatural Source. For the Code to work as it does, nearly every letter would have to be exactly right with very little margin of error. Jewish scribes were told each letter had to be copied exactly as given or a universe could be destroyed.


    Don’t you understand Barack Hussein Obama’s usurpation must not, cannot and will not stand? Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution was set forth to stand guard & protect our liberties by preventing a dual national or foreign nation from gaining control or influence of the highest office in the land through an unlawful despotic coup d’état. Currently, your God given sovereignty has no standing at all levels of this corrupt tyrannical government and if this Republic is to withstand this assault from within, you as “We the People” must rise up and take a stand and demand redress under the Constitutional rule of law. It stands to reason that we will not stand for this any longer. The time is nigh, we will assemble and Obama will be forced to resign in disgrace or stand trial for treason.

    Pixel Patriot


    HRH Zero enjoys the finer things in life while the serfs subsist on unemployment “benefits”, loose their homes, apply for food stamps or end up on the streets.

    “Poverty Rate In U.S. Saw Record Increase In 2009: 1 In 7 Americans Are Poor
    It would be the highest single-year increase since the government began calculating poverty figures in 1959.”

  28. CC,
    You state: “The problem for us – and that is why I keep trying to explain these things – is to find a compelling argument to get a critical mass of PTBs to do something which seems at extreme odds to their own self interests.”

    Then this: “Atom bomb if you quit lying, at least a slim chance of surviving if you continue.”
    You have me lost, whose back is to the wall? Theirs? Ours. What is in their best interest? This is what I believe:
    1. They want war. It is their cash cow.
    2. Barky is their poster boy for war. The posts here are evidence. I just don’t buy that he is self destructing on purpose.
    3. They want global government.
    4. They want depopulation.
    5. They want control of America’s natural resources and food supply.

    As you can see, I think they are close. Still, it is in their best interest to manipulate the message and the sheeple. But can’t you just feel how badly they want to say ef you? Every day they get closer and less concerned about “getting caught in the lie.” Every day it becomes less important to hide who they are. Here we sit, not sure of jack.

  29. Obama Hails Opening of Michigan Plant That Makes $33,000 Car Battery

  30. “We’re finding it everywhere that we’ve looked. The oil is not gone,” Joye said. “It’s in places where nobody has looked for it.”

  31. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Prairie | September 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm |


    I was making a general observation that applies to a lot of things. But it might be easier to understand with a particular example. Consider their lying and cover-up of Zero’s background and eligibility.

    In your particular post, there is a lot of speculation. Not the least of which is who is “they”. But no matter who “they” are, #5 is hard to argue against. At one point we used to discuss that Zero wanted to share all this with Africa – or more specifically dark skinned people (as referenced to his BFF in Brazil talking about white skin and blue eyes as the enemy).

    We seemed to talk more about NWO and ISLAM lately, but I have not forgotten – Barack, the magic negro, KING of Africa.

  32. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Dean M. | September 13, 2010 at 1:01 pm |

    Your focus and manner of analysis reminds me a lot of William F. Buckley.


    Wow, what an extreme compliment. I don’t consciously try to emulate him, but I have read and heard a lot of his stuff – and admired the STYLE and INTELLECT greatly. (As opposed, I guess, to believing everything he believed).

    If even the dust on the bottom of his shoes has rubbed off on me – I am pleased and humbled.

  33. Strange isn’t it??
    Burn a Koran, the world comes to its defense.
    Burn a Catholic church, silence….. and maybe a small mention on the inside of a newspaper or two.

  34. Free Speech | September 13, 2010 at 10:54 am |
    Thanks FS…my next visit to the library is for a Quran.

  35. CC,
    So what is your focus? Derail them or expose them? Or both? Remove o? Go to, yet, another war with the Muslims? Are you a believer that the November elections will change things? My thought is that we will see the finally pieces of their plan passed during the lame duck congress. My belief is that the purpose of the elections, the congress, and the media is to keep the illusion going that we have a government at all. The simple test question is this: Is any elected official afraid of “we the people?” Nope. They know something we don’t.

  36. Our best bet is to put Muslims on probation, and assume their terrorist intentions, until we know for sure where they stand.

    But, if we consider the Quran, even the American citizens will still lie to annihilate the non-Muslims, the iffidels. What stops them from honoring the oath under pretense??

  37. CC says:
    Consider this anecdote. Muchelle was once quoted (perhaps in that elusive API tape?) as saying that they only had to survive the election, after that no one could unseat them. Perhaps there is a large grain of truth in that.

    This frightens me more regarding the power she refers to:
    “My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, …..

    The power that seated them is scarier than any powere WE can find to unseat them.

  38. There are complete texts of the Quran (koran) on line.

    Quranic verses that dictate beheading of Christians and Jews:

    5:33-“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution (by beheading), or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;”

    8:12- “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.”

    47:4- “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads; at length; then when you have made wide Slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives”: thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens.”

    9:123: “Oh ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you.”

    2:191- “Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from wherever they drove you out.”

    5: 45– “We ordained therein for them: “Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear. Toth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal.”

    2:193- “Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that of Allah”

    9:29- “Fight those who do not believe in God and the last day… and fight People of the Book, (Christian and Jews) who do not accept the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute (Zizziya tax) by hand, being inferior.”

    8:17-It is not ye who Slew them; it is God; when thou threwest a handful of dust, it was not Thy act, but God’s…..” (Allah is a real merciful indeed!)

  39. Every day they get closer and less concerned about “getting caught in the lie.” Every day it becomes less important to hide who they are. Here we sit, not sure of jack.

    Yes, Prairie, because every day TPTB are either taking away laws that covers our azzes, or passing legislature that covers theirs!! Hey, a win/win for them.

  40. Being part French (by ancestry) but NBC American I have to watch this. Two revolutions against tyrannical despots, or generally lousy entitlement governments, that the people got tired of paying tribute to, only to see their hard earned money thrown away.
    ‘Lafayette: The Lost Hero’ Premiers on PBS
    In Lafayette: The Lost Hero, a biography from WETA that premieres Monday, September 13, at 10:00 (EDT) on PBS, the narrator makes the statement early on: “France and America have always had a strange love-hate relationship.” The program goes on to give several valid examples of this. While it’s true we Americans have had issues with the French for centuries—their perceived arrogance, their politics—it is entirely possible there would not be a United States of America without the efforts, passion and determination of one Frenchman, the Marquis de Lafayette.
    He was as close as any man to George Washington and befriended Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and many more among the nation’s early leaders.

  41. The government has estimated that a battery with a 100-mile range costs about $33,000, although stimulus money could bring that down to $10,000 by the end of 2015.

    Hey, my second mortgage request is in the mail!!

    This reminds me of the bumper sticker…
    If Obama was the answer, it must have been a stupid question!!!

    This trash in the oval office, this hood from Chicago, this receiver of foreign aid, DOES know how the little people live…all making him a better thief.

    I’d like to comment on an earlier post…..a speaker at St Louis mentioned the 7 trips to D.C…she said the privileges, the way they live, the abuse of our tax dollars as they spend them, until you see it….it’s not imaginable…VOTE THE B*ASTARDS OUT!!! They care not about any of us.

    Obama’s World View Shaped by Kenya

    Here yet is another angle that Newt Gingrich brings out. There are evidences galore that indicate that Obama has a deep-seated animosity towards the UK possibly because of the treatment his grandfather got by the British. It could be a clear-cut case of Kenyan anti-colonial behavior.

    “I think Obama gets up every morning with a worldview that is fundamentally wrong about reality,” he said. “If you look at the continuous denial of reality, there has got to be a point where someone stands up and says that this is just factually insane.”

  43. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Prairie | September 13, 2010 at 2:55 pm |


    I don’t know. I believe in brainstorming. I believe that all of us are smarter than any of us. One of the reason I post on a lot of subtopics and specifically try to be provocative – is I am trying to poke SOMEBODY to have a brilliant thought. A WINNER! May be I inspire somebody? May be somebody’s reply inspires me?

    One reason I get pizzed at people who are way off topic or who push brain-dead theories is because they are not helping. They are just churning the waters.

    While I don’t disagree with them, I am not a fan of some of the more simplistic approaches because I think they just won’t work. We have a determined enemy – even without evil motives, the Power Elite are determined to stay in power – both as individuals and as collectives. I just don’t see them ever saying “Dang, you caught me. I’ll just pack my bags and leave now”.

    I too am VERY FRIGHTENED of the coming Lame Duck congress. It could literally be the worst two months in the entire history of the country. A bunch of disgruntled belligerent Progressives with nothing to loose but filled with hate for the winners, filled with hate for anything remotely Christian or good or holy, and filled with hate for the rednecks and rubes of middle America. It curdles the blood.

    The election SHOULD change things – but to the extent it succeeds, the greater will be the temptation for evil during the Lame Duck session. I also KNOW that there will be significant voter fraud. Whether it is enough to make a difference I don’t know. And there is “nobody” who cares or will do anything about it.

    Finally, we get caught up in Obama The Menace here so often we do not remember that he is only part of the menace. There was an astute editorial floating around a few months ago – I think it was attributed to Eastern Europe somewhere. It pointed out that America would probably survive Obama, but might not survive having a critical mass of people naive and stupid enough to vote for somebody like that.

    No – I don’t have a solution or a plan. I have not yet seen a solution or a plan that I think will work. It is against the interest of the PTBs themselves to do anything about Obama. The Progressives have essentially totally taken over all our educational institutions – all grades and all levels. Even if we had a “plan” it would take at least a couple of generations to flush them out.

    Voting for Conservatives will help a little. But far too little. Our country needs a good and thorough colonic. But nobody important understands that. Even with a good plan and laser-like focus and dedication, it will require DECADES to sort it out.

    Sorry to be depressive – but it’s just the way it is – – –

  44. JJ | @ 4:49 pm
    Did you ever see old war movies during WW2 in DC, they always show all the people in uniform, no one living large-very austere as it should be in war-time. Obama/Michelle during a very deep recession went out of their way to party on, no expense spared, living large to the nth degree on the people’s dime. Nothing like rubbing salt in the wounds. I guess they take WE THE PEOPLE for total fools. Lord preserve our Constitutional Republic from ruthlessly insane people like them. Once upon a time our government set a good example-good taste and respect come to mind.

  45. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Cabby – AZ | September 13, 2010 at 4:57 pm |


    Read this – similar topic – perhaps even more pointed:

    This is why it is so VERY CRITICAL that we have access to all of Zero’s records that are available. Neither we nor our elected representatives can adequately participate in the government without this information.

    EVERYBODY knows about “formative years” and formative influences. Zero’s are total fog. The only thing we know is a teeny tiny trickle of a “trail” after that. Regardless of grades or anything else that might be embarrassing, isn’t it absolutely essential that we know his course of studies and who his professors and mentors were?

  46. CC,
    The weak link. It is a place to start. Aim low and for the knees. Start thinking of their weaknesses. Expose all of them we can, make the ones we can’t lose a little sleep. Infiltrate their two party system.

  47. Michelle | September 13, 2010 at 5:00 pm |

    The looters of our tax dollars are every member of CON-gress…it’s a private CLUB!!

  48. JJ @ 5:08 pm | By any measure – it is disgusting and in very poor taste. I don’t care who is involved. They as a group are elected to represent the people, not a party and perpetually party. No wonder the master/slave mentality, elitist attitudes which have no place in America. A shame and a scandal for sure.

  49. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Prairie | September 13, 2010 at 5:08 pm |


    Sure, can’t argue with that. But all of us and a lot of other people are going to have to start voting for TRUTH AND LIGHT and not for who makes us the most appealing promises.

    I wrote a couple of long pieces recently on this – but we need to figure out a way to get all candidates on the record – during the campaigning – about the constitution. A major speech, questions from the audience or press – that sort of thing.

    Best ever question:

    What are the top several things the Federal Government is doing that are either unconstitutional or have really pushed the envelope of the spirit and intent of the constitution? And what will you do about it during your tenure?

  50. Read more:

    If some Americans are suspicious and fearful of Muslims, it’s not without good reason, and nothing their self-appointed leadership has done or said in the nine years following 9/11 has allayed those fears. Non-Muslim Americans have yet to see any clean line of demarcation between radical and moderate Muslims. Everywhere around the globe Muslims are the cause of so much bloodshed and turmoil, making life on this planet a living hell.

    The mainstream media has deliberately ignored the fact that there is legitimate basis for fear of mosques — as it is a demonstrable fact that mosques and Muslims have been disproportionately connected to terrorism in this country and around the world, a fact that the media won’t report. Moreover, in the examples of opposition to specific mosques chosen by the media as evidence of popular “bigotry,” the media has selectively ignored the openly available evidence showing unambiguously that these mosques or their officials are connected to or supportive of the radical Muslim Brotherhood (the parent of al-Qaeda), Hamas, and other radical Islamic fundamentalist organizations.

    Read more:

  51. WE THE PEOPLE should get so lucky, maybe this idea of much smaller government will spread to DC and soon, as in November.
    Cuban Government Plans to Cut 500000 Jobs by March
    BusinessWeek – Blake Schmidt – ‎12 minutes ago‎
    Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) — Cuba’s government will cut more than 500000 state jobs by March as part of a plan to reduce inefficiencies, the country’s largest union said in a statement.

    NEW DELHI — Kashmir erupted on Monday in the worst violence since separatist protests began sweeping through the disputed Himalayan region three months ago, with the authorities partly blaming televised reports of Koran desecration in the United States for the inflamed tensions.
    Altaf Qadri/Associated Press
    A protest on Monday night outside of Srinagar.
    The New York Times
    The bloodshed, which came as Indian leaders were searching for a way out of the Kashmir crisis, left at least 14 civilians and two security officers dead and at least 60 people injured in clashes across the region, the authorities said. In one town, Tangmarg, the authorities said officers opened fire after protesters had set a school and other government buildings ablaze.

  53. I think Newt is being very subtle here, but Obama’s father, no wonder Obama is nuttier than a fruitcake.
    IS HE RIGHT? Gingrich ‘Slammed’ for Saying Obama May Hold ‘Kenyan’ Worldview
    The senior Obama proposed that the state confiscate private land and raise taxes with no upper limit. In fact, he insisted that “theoretically there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.”

  54. And where was Newt in 08 with these comments? Oh, yeah, he was stuffing the dem’s ballot box and volunteering for Acorn.

  55. Can I suggest that when you are discussing the Power Elite that you start taking a wider world view. Please hear me out:

    The problem that you are experiencing is a world wide problem. It is not confined to the USA – except that we do not the odious Øbama. The stench of corruption is not new, and it is experienced at Government level in most countries. This is one reason that I read this blog, it is because of the similarity of the situation with power elites.

    Let me give you an Australian example (not the latest Federal Govt scandals, it is at the state level). In NSW there is a real problem with corruption in Govt. It permeates the police force, and it very likely permeates the public service as well as the elected representatives. The power elite in this example are members of the Australian Labor Party (equivalent to the Dhimmicrats). They are mostly union officials and they come with all of the baggage. Some of them are also Marxists. Others are of Middle Eastern origin but are not Muslim. They are Lebanese and they are corrupt. The NSW govt has had a series of scandals spanning several years. In the past 4 years there has been an endless stream of Ministers forced to resign for one reason or another. Yes, we even have problems with the mob.

    The problem is not so much the ALP but with the Green Party and they seem to be on the rise. This is bad news for Australia as a whole. Despite all of its scandals, the ALP is not as bad as the Green Party. I call them watermelons because they are green on the outside and red on the inside. These watermelons are insidious and indeed they are the true power elite. They are the ones that hide behind and push the green agenda, and they lie about globull warming. What they are demanding will destroy the Australian economy, not just i n NSW but everywhere.

    What I am getting at here is that sometimes we miss the hidden dangers by concentrating on the “scandals” of the ruling party. The real dangerous ones manage to stay hidden underneath the radar, yet they manage to influence policy at an ever alarming rate. The ruling party, that is the ALP is wasteful, and just like in USA spends tax payer dollars without thought as to how the debt is to be financed. They are poor managers.

    That hidden danger in Australia – the watermelons – is the same hidden danger that you have in the USA. These are the Marxists who clothe themselves in Green in order to take power. This is what you are seeing in the USA, especially when the Socialist Caucus has gotten away for so long without being recognized. How did so many socialists make it into Congress? Do people understand the true nature of socialism?

  56. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Aussie | September 13, 2010 at 7:04 pm |

    Do people understand the true nature of socialism?


    Simple answer: NO.

    Our schools are infiltrated from top to bottom with Socialists and Progressives who teach it is Politically Incorrect to point out evils of any organization “struggling” to free themselves from “oppression”.

    Rather they are encouraged. In this case, “oppression” is NOT the Power Elite but anything remotely conservative, traditional, or righteous.

    When we thought our enemy was Communism and USSR in particular, openly proclaiming oneself as Socialist would raise an eyebrow, but not any more. Now we are taught that such labels are meaningless, at best, and possibly degrading, at worst.

    Now, elections are won by whoever promises the most goodies. Even the Mainstream Media no longer points out that such promises are lies or even impossible. A candidate could promise Free Fusion Energy, and the media would never lift a finger – as long as the candidate were left leaning enough.

    I distinctly remember an Obama/McCain debate. The question was “In these time of economic crisis, can we afford Healthcare Reforms and Financial Reforms (i.e. “bailouts) both, and if not which is your priority?” Obama went first and said we could figure out both. McCain went second and had no choice but say that we could do both. Neither explained how, nor did the journalists press them for it. But the point being, McCain was forced to say this stupid answer because to not have would have been instant and complete suicide.

  57. @CC,

    you have identified one of the things that we have in common – schools being infiltrated by Communists or Marxists.

    Over here it is the relentlessness of the watermelons aka the Greens that is having so much effect upon the school children. Even at the primary or elementary level our children are being inundated with the scare tactics of these watermelons. Children are being taught a set of values that is foreign to older people.

    However, it seems that the children are no longer being taught how to discern when they are reciving propaganda.

  58. To add to my points, I remember from earlier this year seeing a video of a woman who was on a rant against the Tea Partiers. She was hyped up about the definition of socialism, except that she was getting it wrong. This was a video that was taken prior to the passage of abominablecare.

    During her rant the woman was pointing to the roads and claiming that govt maintenance of roads was socialism, but she is 100% wrong on that score. The reason that she is wrong is that she does not understand the law, of property rights and public property. This is a law or set of laws that goes back in time to England, where the precedent was first set.

    The best way to describe this as far as land is concerned, is that there is a right to private property, but there are laws that relate to the right of way, the right of passage so to speak. In England they had the area known as the Common. There were private roads, but there were also public roads. These public roads have always been maintained via the public purse. It is one of the responsibilities of local government initially to take care of these roads.
    Now here in Australia, we have local government, state government and federal government. Local roads are the responsibility of the local council – where I live it is the responsibility of the local assembly that thinks it is a state govt. There are other highways that are the responsibility of the state govt and these include the toll roads (which are becoming increasingly common). Then there is the national highways and these receive funding through separate taxes imposed by the federal govt. The funding is meant to help with the upgrades that will remove the death spots. My point here is that we accept that our taxes pay for the funding of these roads. If every man and his dog was responsible for the funding of the patch of road running past his/her place, then the roads would be a total mess. It is called “order”. This would be the same reason that roads are funded and maintained at the state level in the USA.

    However, the funding of roads is not socialism. Rather socialism is different again since it refers to govt run businesses, such as banks, car companies, bakeries, farms etc. It also includes the expansion of welfare payments to single mothers etc. I would add other welfare benefits including the payment of the dole. However, I do accept the notion of short term dole payments to people who are out of work. Communism itself is, and I think that the correct terminology is a command economy. It is the state that determines what will be grown etc. The state provides the entertainment etc. There is no private enterprise. Even the farms are state owned as collectives.

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