Obama Quid Pro Quo timeline, IL senate seat, SEIU assisted, Valerie Jarrett, Pay to play politics, Blagojevich wiretaps, Blagojevich trial testimony

Obama Quid Pro Quo timeline, IL senate seat, SEIU assisted, Valerie Jarrett


Quid Pro Quo Timeline

Negotiations to sell his old senate seat


Monday November 3, 2008
BLAGOJEVICH: “Andy Stern and Tom were in my office Monday”

Source: 11/07/2008  4:11 P.M. wiretap

Obama left a phone message with Tom Balanoff of SEIU

Obama called back later that night.

“Tom, i want to talk to you with regard to the Senate seat,” Obama told him.

“I would much prefer she (remain in the White House) but she does want to be Senator and she does meet those two criteria,” Balanoff said Obama told him. “I said: ‘thank you, I’m going to reach out to Gov. Blagojevich.”

Source: SunTimes article

Tuesday November 4, 2008 (Election day)

BLAGOJEVICH: “Balanoff Tuesday night told me that Barack had called him Monday night”

Source: 11/07/2008  4:11 P.M. wiretap
Thursday November 6, 2008

BLAGOJEVICH: “I like it though. I like him. I’ve got Balanoff today.”

Source: 11/06/2008  12:13 P.M. wiretap

“Balanoff then described a Nov. 6, 2008 meeting he had with Rod Blagojevich to recommend Valerie Jarrett for Barack Obama’s Senate seat.

Blagojevich responded that he was in “active discussions” with the Madigans about appointing Lisa Madigan and was holding out for a legislative package with the House speaker.

“I said that could be months. He said, ‘Yeah’. I said Valerie Jarrett, I don’t believe she has that kind of time,” Balanoff testified.”

Source: SunTimes article

Friday November 7, 2008

BLAGOJEVICH: “So they met this morning. Okay. Doug called on behalf of Balanoff. Like, he’d like to see me again as soon as, you know, at my earliest convenience.”

BLAGOJEVICH: “He’s gonna resign his seat Tuesday or Wednesday. They’re gonna start puttin’ pressure sayin’ there’s an urgency for that, that, um, lame duck session”

BLAGOJEVICH: “Um, didn’t know quite what to make of my request. Uh, Barack rea-, really wants to get away from Illinois politics”

HARRIS: “Well, what also makes it important if they want her, a, a symbol of they want her, is that they, they, they took the Balanoff meeting right away.”

BLAGOJEVICH: “Right away, that’s right.”

BLAGOJEVICH: “That’s right. The very next morning.”

Harris: “Balanoff said I met and they said, okay, come on in. (Laughs).”
BLAGOJEVICH: “Correct, and here comes Alexi.

HARRIS: “With everything else goin’ on right now, this was an important, you know, to take five minutes of his time, so fast, so early, you know.”

Source: 11/07/2008  10:46 A.M. wiretap




38 responses to “Obama Quid Pro Quo timeline, IL senate seat, SEIU assisted, Valerie Jarrett, Pay to play politics, Blagojevich wiretaps, Blagojevich trial testimony

  1. Why is there so much hesitance by the prosecution to just go after everyone????

    Oh, that’s right… they want a smoking gun . I guess it’s because it’s so hard to convict anyone these days unless the perpetrator is literally over the warm body they just shot in the front of the courthouse with 100’s of eyewitnesses.


  2. CW..thank you so much for all you do. I pray this will end, and we can enjoy life again. Stay safe, God Bless.

  3. Bogus Potus has a problem with his priorities, doesn’t he? I still do not believe his Granny passed on 11/2/2008. If I recall correctly, there was a birthday bash for the Decedent that weekend in October.


  4. The Russian spies…Did Rev.manning mention Barry spending time in Russia? If his mom was an AuPair…could she have came from Russia? So many questions…..so many lies…I sure hope this is solved in my life time. We became a ball-less Nation. I am allergic to Sheep. Fight on fellow law abidding citizens…too funny pick and choose your laws too…Margie Law

  5. Philo-Publius

    Union official: Obama used me as a middleman to talk to Blagojevich about the Senate seat

  6. Breaking GAO law, OBama at great expense is moving foot and mouth germ warfare virus lab to the cattle belt, in Kansas, likely to create cause to seize US cattle industry like Chavez did. BTW Chavez has a big beef industry, and would profit from the decimation of US cattle industry.
    Dems are saying GOPs fought for it, but I don’t see a single article to that effect, and there is no reason other than to set up for an “accident” to cattle and/or people by moving it off an island (Plum Island is being sold for “only” $50 million, a bargain if you don’t mind wearing hazmat fashions)
    A 2007 outbreak of FMD from the Pirbright high-containment laboratory southwest of London again devastated the nation’s livestock industry (more below).

  7. Bill Cutting

    (Balanoff said he planned to tell Blagojevich that if he didn’t appoint Jarrett then the governor couldn’t expect future help from the union, a major Democratic contributor.

    “I was going to use our union’s influence to make a good decision,” Balanoff said)

    Can you say M O B anyone, that’s who this cat represents.

  8. Philo-Publius

    Blame the EPA: Dutch Oil Spill Response Ships Could Suck 99% of Oil From Gulf, But Can’t Get Approved, Because EPA Demands 99.9985% Purity

  9. CW,

    I’m impressed. You are one of the last outposts for the truth, don’t give up now.


  10. Philo-Publius

    Judge halts questioning on Obama

  11. Obama’s Motive for Dissing England and sending back the Bust of Winston Churchill. This explains a Lot.


    I thought Obama destroying the U.S. was about his Marxist Upbringing. This transforms him from being Dangerous to being Truly Horrifying. No Wonder this Man Hates England and the United States. Deep Set Emotional Scarring.

  12. To those who don’t think my last posted story Matters, think about this. What if a Person who’s Mother was German, and Father was Polish (Both Jews) became President of Germany. How do you think he would treat the people of East Germany?

  13. Not too difficult to connect the following dots…

    Tom Balanoff: Obama called day before election about Jarrett appointment


    Obama talked with Blago after election


  14. Validation of Barack Obama’s
    Constitutional Eligibility


  15. Atheist billboard defaced on N.C.’s Billy Graham Parkway


  16. Song – I Am America

  17. The incompetence of this admin and EPA is stunning.
    June 29th, 2010 at 8:45 pm
    admin, Ace has a great link about how the dutch, who are experts at cleaning up oil spills offered many of their ships and equipment, but that offer was refused, and now they are being taken up on their offer, ONLY if the EPA approves.
    The incompetence is just stunning.
    h/t Ace
    “Blame the EPA: Dutch Oil Spill Response Ships Could Suck 99% of Oil From Gulf, But Can’t Get Approved, Because EPA Demands 99.9985% Purity”

  18. Emudude, ^^^
    the very reason why the Constitution commands only natural born Americans are eligible to be POTUS…no foreign interests or allegiance.

    This fraud is a natural born enemy.
    Let us count the ways.

  19. CW,

    I am drooling with anticipation! Can you please check your sources and keep us updated on Kerchner v Obama?

    I just have that feeling we are very close to a major dam-break……………………..

  20. 70 Days of Dawdling
    All I can say is Obama was so critical of President Bush during Katrina at Day 2, this is Day 70 and he is still stuck. Our fellow Americans in the Gulf Coast states need our help in any imaginative way we can think of . Inventors have been diligent in alerting BP, the government etc. with what they have available. Seems like everyone is trying their level best except the Obama admin.
    70 Days of Dawdling

  21. Day 70…Good evening.

  22. I’d like to see the jurors send a note to the judge asking for more testimony about o.’s involvement, for purposes of clarification.

    If they are hard working, salt of the earth folks, they probably didn’t get the memo that o. is off limits. Since they are prepared to do their best duty, they need all the pertinent information about o.’s part in the scheme, in order to render their just verdict.

  23. I’m waiting for the Dutch ship captain, the state leaders, and all the other relief help to say, “D..n the EPA, the WH, the “administration,” and all that sorry lot! Full speed ahead!!” And then send them and BP the bill.

    If the bill isn’t paid, take o. to the world court. Make him show ID so they know by what name to sue him.

    In an emergency disaster, you don’t wait for permission. You act! A child knows that much. A kid can do a better job than o.

  24. Papoose // June 29, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Exactly. Wonder why Tim Adams doesn’t get that.

  25. Michelle // June 29, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    So, de facto, the EPA IS approving the destruction of the Gulf by the gallons and gallons of 100% oil which is 100% toxic to life in the Gulf.

    They need to change their title to the Environmental Destruction Agents.

    Petty power-brokering wannabe tyrants, dangling on the strings of their puppet master.

  26. Hey, Ol’ BO —

    You’re still there. I prayed fevently that you would be busted and barred by the 4th of July.

    Just so you know . . .

    Even though you’re still pretending to be president and wielding power like an overbearing bully, I know without a doubt that my God has already defeated your master, the father of lies.

    By His Name (Jesus, as you know) and by His authority, you are stopped, whenever He so wills.

    God remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. You can’t change or control Him ever.

    Just wanted to remind you of your actual status in the universe . . .

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  28. citizenwells

    Good morning.

  29. ‘Oppose Obama’s stroke-of-the-pen amnesty’

    ‘It’s time to step up the pressure, not ease off’


  30. Please PRAY for our Soldiers and their Families.

  31. Re: LM // June 30, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Please PRAY for our Soldiers and their Families.

    # # # #

    Now, this is my kind of video!! American Soldier’s coming home from WAR!!
    I will pray and hope they stay home in the USA! LM, thank you for posting this great & loving video!

  32. AZ-legal citizen

    Monday November 3, 2008
    BLAGOJEVICH: “Andy Stern and Tom Balanoff of SEIU…. they should be investigated. What do unions bosses have to do with a senators seat?

    George Soros and Warren Buffett were mentioned about funding a 501 for Blago to appoint Jarrett… they should be investigated too.

    George Soros should also be investigated for insider trading for his shares of Petros Oil deal in Brazil. He invested over $800 million then 2 days later Obama announces we’re going to fund Brazil BILLIONS for off-shore drilling! Obama and White House should be investigated for insider trading on this deal also!

    Isn’t that why Martha Stewart went to Jail? — securities fraud — which carried a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

    Is DOJ to busy to investigate corporate fraud cases anymore?

    Just a thought….another Chicago mobster AL CAPONE went to jail for tax evasion…

  33. From: http://www.OrlyTaitzesq.com

    “More Criminal Investigations”

    Posted on – April 27, 2010


    As the President views himself in the mirror, it is becoming increasingly difficult even for him to shake his political
    dandruff. The President’s difficulties are multiplying.

    First, there is the demand from Rep. Darrell Issa that Attorney General Eric Holder name a special prosecutor to
    investigate whether a crime was committed by the White House in
    offering a job to Rep. Joe Sestak if he abandoned his campaign against Arlen
    Arlen Specter for the Democratic nomination for Senate in Pennsylvania.

    If Holder balks, Issa has threatened to continue the investigation through his position as ranking member of the
    House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He has previously indicated that one step that may be taken next is to
    deposition Sestak himself. At that point Holder would have no choice but to name a special prosecutor.

    There is also the Colorado case of Andrew Romanoff, which is identical to that of Joe Sestak. Romanoff, an ex-State House
    speaker, is running against incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet,
    and he like Sestak was offered a job to abandon the race, which he like Sestak
    refused to do.

    But then there is Chicago.

    Last week, Rod Blagojevich filed motions in his trial, which is to begin on June 3, to subpoena Obama. Several officially
    redacted entries in the motion have now been publicly disclosed which raise the question as to whether Obama has perjured himself in denying any knowledge of or involvement in the matter for which Blagojevich has been indicted, i.e., the selection of a
    candidate to fill Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

    Then on Friday to complicate matters, Chicago’s Broadway Bank was seized by the FDIC. The Broadway Bank has been exposed for providing $20 million in loans to two convicted felons, while
    Alexi Giannoulias was the senior loan officer of the family-run business.

    Giannoulias was elected State Treasurer due to Obama’s help. He is now running for Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

    Tony Rezko was one of the Broadway Bank’s best customers until he was
    convicted of fraud.

    But Obama’s problems just won’t go away, even if he orders a new mirror.

    Still lurking just below the surface is the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board scheme of Blagojevich and Rezko, of
    which Obama was an integral part. This scheme, for which Rezko was convicted, was included in the original indictment of
    Blagojevich. It was omitted in the superceding indictment. Could the reason be that it is being reserved for another legal action?

    The Health Facilities Planning Board was a commmission whose members were appointed by the Governor. To build a hospital or other medical facility in the state required a permit from the
    Planning Board.

    In 2003 legislation was introduced to make it easier for the Governor and Rezko to control the vote on the committee in order to get bribes and kickbacks in return for a permit to build in the state.

    Obama, as chair of the state Senate Health and Human Services Committee, was instrumental in passing this legislation.

    He received contributions from several of the individuals appointed to the board by Blagojevich who were handpicked by Rezko. Two of these same individuals who contributed to Obama gave donations of $25,000 each on the same day to Blagojevich.

    At the time, Rezko was a member of Obama’s finance committee.

    Now Obama must also be wondering where Rezko is today and why he has not been sentenced after his conviction nearly 2 years ago.

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