Scott Brown campaigns in Middleboro MA, January 16, 2010, MA Senate race, True Republican, Videos, Youtube video, Everett Square, Spoke from the back of a pickup truck, You deserve better, Taxes, Creating jobs

From Everett News, January 17, 2010.

“Scott Brown campaigns in Middleboro on Saturday night
More than 500 supporters attend event”

“MIDDLEBORO — Scott Brown pulled into Everett Square on Saturday night and spoke from the back of a pickup truck to more than 500 supporters.

The crowd filled the Flat Iron Cafe and even spilled out into the square, filling the parking lot of the Rockland Trust Bank.

Brown spoke briefly to the crowd and was greeted with cheers and chants as he outlined his platform and said.

“You deserve better. … When I go to Washington, I will do my very best to stop backroom deals. We’ve lost our way,” he told the crowd.

Brown spent more time on the ground shaking hands with the crowd, which was a cross section of steel workers, farmers, doctors and the unemployed.

Many, like David Ng of Pembroke, had already voted by absentee ballot. Ng said his vote was against “everything the Democrats try to ram down our throats.””

“Brown’s stand on taxes and creating jobs was a high priority for Voneow. Bill is out of work, and the couple is trying to make ends meet on one paycheck.

“He stands for working like a true Republican instead of feeding special interests. He’s the guy I think can help us,” said Bill.”

“Her husband, Norman, 88, a former member of the Planning Board had already voted for Brown by absentee ballot. Their son, Douglas, said he supports Brown because “he’ll take the reigns of government back from socialist concerns.”

Many in the crowd said the election has national ramifications, calling it a vote that will be heard around the world.”

Read more:

Scott Brown in Middleboro

Part 1

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Thanks to commenter Jacqlyn Smith, et al.

39 responses to “Scott Brown campaigns in Middleboro MA, January 16, 2010, MA Senate race, True Republican, Videos, Youtube video, Everett Square, Spoke from the back of a pickup truck, You deserve better, Taxes, Creating jobs

  1. From previous thread:

    James Eckerling // January 18, 2010 at 8:20 am


    I’ve been told that if Brown wins, the house will just pass the bill the senate just passed anyway and push it through. We can’t really stop that can we?

    While I’m not familiar with the legalese associated with such a move, it will be easier said than done.

    If it so happens, the backlash will demolish the Obama agenda anyway. Obama is now stuck between a rock and hard place. He has worked hard to get there, but that is where he is.

  2. Thanks CW, I also wanted to thank Jacqlyn for the videos.

  3. Peter F: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Funny!

    SueK: Tap, tap, tap! Also very funny! My prayers are with you today.

  4. Remind everyone today that Martin Luther King was a Republican.

    Here’s an interesting graphic for you:

  5. Barry/Steve sure knows what it is like to stand in back of a truck because he campaigned for his cousin in Kenya! Remember?

  6. Uncle Sam wants you to vote for Brown pic:

  7. Everyone,

    Happy Republican Conservative MLK Day !!!
    Help push Brown to the Mountain Top so that we can continue MLK’s dream of people being judged by their character not the color of their skin.

    KEEP ON PUSHING ON…on to Victory.

  8. twe….I love it for those cops….

    Too bad they can’t wrap that up with a bow and have it delivered to the blabber mouth usurper

  9. Linda from NY


    Two great articles and one pix worth a thousand words! Thanks for sharing…

    Hope all is well with your family, especially mom. My thoughts and prayers continue for your family.

    Happy Day…Linda

  10. TO:
    twe // January 18, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Quote from above link:
    “Members of our Association have inquired and requested that we endorse Scott Brown in the upcoming election against Martha Coakley.

    Ms. Coakley along with some of her campaign workers have talked publicly about how her husband is a retired Cambridge Police Officer, giving appearances that she is being endorsed by the Cambridge Police. This may be an innocent insinuation but most do take this as our giving her our support and endorsement.

    Yesterday, the CPPOA Executive Board voted to endorse State Senator Scott Brown in the upcoming election for US Senate. In an 11 to 2 vote, the Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the endorsement.”

    Looks like the cops that “acted stupidly” now are acting SMARTLY.

  11. And, did you all notice the post yesterday that Teddy’s hometown endorsed Brown? I don’t have it here now…but it’s somewhere in the many posts from yesterday afternoon.

  12. Linda: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  13. Linda from NY

    Breaking: Scott Brown Mega Scandal

  14. Latest News, and Views, on the Brown/Coakley Contest

    By Bronwyn’s Harbor on January 18, 2010 at 12:30 AM in Current Affairs

  15. I know this is off topic, but have y’all been checking the product lot numbers for the massive recall? I went to McNeil:

    Our Motrins are okay. We don’t take Tylenol, but it also covers more things and covers Benadryl too.


  17. The Foibles Of Martha Affect Real People

    Warning: Video is disturbing…

  18. truthbetold11:

    Are you going to the Brown Rally today?

    Do I have it right; you live in MA?

    If so, please keep us posted. If not, we will all be there in Spirit.

    Happy Day…Linda

  19. FEMA calls off Texas and Vancouver search and recue teams. Had been ready to go on Thursday. (Vancouver is meantioned in comments).

    Also, don’t we have big ships that planes can land on? Rafts to take supplies to land. Why was there no tsunami following? How convenient the roads are in tact? How convenient the first thing Hillary did there is negotiate for control of the ONE airport. Apparently the death toll of 50,000 wasn’t big enough for the media coverage o was hoping for.

  20. Hello…everyone.all my nails are gone.gonna have to buy a doggy bone.
    Please consider reading this on how Palin has been handled at Fox.

    Sue…you are lucky to be where the ACTION is…tell us everything!Saw Schilling being interviewed on Fox …he said I wish her luck finding a job!


  22. i can hardly work. i’m filled with so much anticipation. I was supposed to work out of town for a few days but i must and will delay it to at least thursday. amen!

  23. It was great at the rally yesterday seeing a old friends from way back when i was a boy my babe ruth coach. and a friend i played college ball with. People are coming out of the woodworks saying enough is enough

  24. Linda from NY @ 9:56 am
    That OJ scandal was a riot. Anyone with brothers can identify. I would yell at mine, so gross.

  25. truthbetold11:

    From Scott’s Website Calendar:

    Bold New Leadership Bus Tour
    Saturday, January 16, 2010 – 8:00am – Monday, January 18, 2010 – 8:00pm

    9:30 AM Craig’s Cafe, 1354 Hancock Street, Quincy

    10:00 AM Stroll along Hancock and Temple Streets with Governor Weld with remarks and rally at Thomas Crane Public Library (40 Washington Street)

    11:30 AM Stop-By the Plymouth Campaign Office (74 Long Pond Road, Plymouth) with remarks and rally.

    12:45 PM Water Street Cafe, 25 Water Street, Plymouth

  26. truthbetold11:

    Don’t know where I read it, but there is supposed to be a rally today.

    There is a MLK Day Breakfast, but that has already passed.

    The Bus Tour ends at 8:00 PM tonight.

    Will look further unless you can get some information, too.

    Happy Day…Linda

  27. Good Morning! I little more hope to share:
    Monday, January 18, 2010
    MA Sen Moved to Lean Takeover

    While special elections often come down to turnout – and they therefore are more difficult to predict than normal elections – the combination of public and private survey research and anecdotal information now strongly suggests that Republican Scott Brown will defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in tomorrow’s race to fill the remainder of the late-Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat.

    Brown is running extremely well with Independents in the Bay State, and unless Democratic turnout exceeds everyone’s expectations, Brown is headed for a comfortable win. Move from Toss-Up to Lean Takeover.

  28. The Scott Heard ‘Round the World

    By Robert Stacy McCain on 1.18.10 @ 6:08AM

  29. **** NEW POST ****

  30. truthbetold11: See note below…

    Brown knocks Coakley for politicking at King Jr. breakfast

    “Coakley is planning stops in Newton, Pittsfield, Springfield, Framingham and Dorchester. Brown is scheduled to greet Bruins [team stats] fans outside the TD Garden and then head to North Andover, Littleton and Wrentham.”

  31. Haiti-the WORLD is trying to help. The little infrastructure Haiti had in the first place, leveled, all of their government buildings gone and many of their leaders killed. Slowly, it is turning around. The Haitian people here express so much gratitude to everyone for their help.

  32. FYI…

    Evolution of a Constitutional ‘Natural Born Citizen’

    Posted on January 18, 2010 by nobarack08

  33. FYI…

    Evolution of a Constitutional ‘Natural Born Citizen’

    Posted on January 18, 2010 by nobarack08


    The worst part of all this i sthe insult added to injury that Mr. Amirault is STILL A WALKING GUILTY MAN forced to wear an electronic bracele at a cost to him of $500/month.

    IS this Martha Coakley’s America? Is this how we treated an INNOCENT man that already suffered so much? His life and family were stolen from him for almost 20 yrs and he still has a reminder everyday on his ankle.

    Martha and Lieberals in the Justice System MAKE THINGS RIGHT WITH THIS MAN AND HIS FAMILY. You are not GOD!!

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